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  1. mediumsnowman

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Maybe not the most creative, but here's your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!
  2. mediumsnowman

    Kintobor's Cosplay Mafia: Sign Ups

    Very happy to see another game running, but I’ll have to sit this one out. I just don’t have the luxury of being able to commit the kind of time I have in the past. Have fun and I hope everything runs smoothly.
  3. mediumsnowman

    LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    I very much like the train, think I need two of them at minimum! Similarly impressed with the speeder set and a proper Beckett figure. I want to like the Hauler but between the odd coloring and minifigure selections I’ll probably pass...
  4. I know she was protected, so the kill would fail, but why wouldn’t the watcher see jluck targeting her?
  5. Scumboard: Pass: overthrow
  6. Thanks for the game Bob, had a blast! That was a rough game for us scum. I wish I had voted for Lady K instead of Sandy at the end of Day 2, but I didn’t have much time and it looked like I had successfully scuttled the lynch on Actor Builder - the timing there really screwed us over and made me look really bad going into Days 3 and 4. We probably would have been fine losing one, but not both at the same time. I thought I put up a reasonable defense on the last day but MT is right, my hesitation to let myself die did me in, and once the first few people voted for me nothing was going to change their minds, not even a positive cop result. I’m honestly surprised at how many people just automatically assumed I must be the Godfather. Ah well. I’ll have my vengeance in the sequel! That’s weird. Bob, can you chime in on this? I’ve never seen actions not go through if the person performing them is killed and not explicitly blocked. Not sure if it would have changed anything, but people might have been more inclined I wasn’t the scum killer on Day 4, which was true, if they saw jluck target Sandy and flip scum on a night where Sandy protected himself and there was no kill.
  7. I’m sorry it has to come to this. Your minds are shut to seeing past what lies in front of you. I fought the good fight and put it all on the line, all in the service of our glorious Empire, and this is how my steadfast loyalty is rewarded. I pray this madness ends with the death of Needa tonight. Beware the flying pumpkins and the death millers. I regret I have but one life to lay down for the good of the Empire and the Chiss Ascendency. Thrawn out.
  8. I’m adamant about surviving because if I die it means Needa gets to the night stage! We can’t risk letting him convert or whatever else he has up his scummy sleeve. All the evidence points to the fact that he’s lying, including the cop, and nobody cares! A big part of the case against me is the fact that Needa blocked me last night and there was no scum kill, right? The problem is I was also investigated last night when I was supposed to be killing! If I were the Godfather, which I am not, wouldn’t the investigation have shown Dellus I was scum? The simplest explanation is the likely one, and that’s that the doctor stopped Komec from killing last night and Needa blocked me after I hinted at having a PR yesterday. Use your heads! Turn this around! We can’t let Needa get to the night stage. Vig kill me if you have to, but lynch Needa and end this game now.
  9. I’ll implore you to change your vote to Needa one last time. There’s still time to turn it around. It’s genius what he’s done - by counterclaiming and pretending not to care about surviving he’s bought himself an extra night to do whatever nefarious things he wants - including convert, as a worse case scenario. I’m town, the investigator told you so - I simply can’t be the Godfather. It doesn’t line up with the blocks and supposed kills I was stopped from performing. Lynch Needa and end this game now. Use your heads! Doesn’t something about this feel off?
  10. If you knew Tarkin was town why didn’t you say anything yesterday when he was being lynched? Why are you voting against your own investigation result? I am continually baffled by absolutely everyone today... voting against the cop, voting against the initial claim, voting against logic and reason... what’s next?
  11. Are you all really going along with this? This is absurd, frankly. If I were scum I would have nothing to gain and everything to lose by claiming first. Needa is the last scum. Are you really going to vote against the investigator? Dellus can't be lying since there's no other way he could have known about Greer. The idea that Greer and Dellus are working with me is also ridiculous, since there's absolutely no way there are SIX scum in this game. Stop going with the flow and USE YOUR HEADS. This lynch doesn't make sense. I told you the scum were going to try and use the fact I was blocked last night to say that's the reason there was no scum kill - except Dellus investigated me and found me loyal. I can't have been carrying out the kill AND held investigation-immunity last night! If Piett and Fenton want to do mental gymnastics to figure me as the last scum, go for it, but you don't have to listen to them! Vote for Needa and end this game now. If he flips town, which he won't, kill me tomorrow! What difference does one night make when the scum are probably down 1-1-9? Listen to yourselves! Are you really going to lynch your own blocker when the truth is staring you in the face?
  12. The kills could also have been stopped by a doctor. There’s a lot to digest here, especially with the claims from Greer and Dellus. I’ll have time to come back through and reply to everything later, but here’s the most important thing: I believe Dellus since I know I’m town and there’s no way otherwise he could have known about Greer. If Fenton has a PR, he should be able to confirm that I blocked him Night 1. I don’t see how I could be both the blocker and Godfather since traditionally Godfather loses investigaton immunity if he inherits a role, as has been hypothesized here. Obviously I’ll Vote: Needa (Khscarymovie4) and should be back later for more discussion, especially on the lynch vs. vig kill discussion.
  13. Lynch Needa today. Hold off on killing me until we see the flip - hint, he’s scum. If he’s town lynch me tomorrow. If I’m the last scum what difference will one extra night make? Needa will flip scum and we’ll want my block in the unlikely case the game doesn’t end with his death.
  14. If I were scum, why would I stick my neck out by claiming first? Lynch Needa today, and lynch me tomorrow if he flips town, which he won’t. I’m hesitant to offer myself up to the vig since I know I’m town, and if there’s another scum or heaven forbid a third party the block will be a very useful night action for the town to have. I blocked Fenton again Night 3 because his vote for Tarkin seemed very weak. I expressed this suspicion in PM to Admiral Motti - he can confirm that.