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  1. 1) Never 2) I’ll be around, but maybe not as active as I have been in the past - spring is a busy season! 3) Student loan debt I’d love to play, but if there’s a lot of signups please give my spot to someone new, since that’s what this is all about. Hey @Dragonator it might be cool if this were frontpaged... Get some new faces in here...
  2. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Got my pirates! Thanks CopMike, they are quite nice figures, especially the girl in the teal dress. Eagerly awaiting the reveal of the rest of the manatees.
  3. General Discussion and Announcements

    From Index: “If you are interested in hosting a Role-Play game, then you will need to contact the Games Moderator (Dragonator) privately. Hosting a game is a big responsibility, and permission to host will not be granted lightly. If you want to seriously be considered as a future game host, you need to have a clear understanding of the rules and the role a host plays in the game, and to have demonstrated your ability to show deep thinking and imagination in crafting a fun and exciting game to play. You then need to provide a game summary to the Games Moderator, outlining your idea in such a way that it does not give away any crucial plot details or prevents anyone who reads it from playing the game. You will be required to invest a lot of time and effort into creating character roles and building scenery and sets for the game. Lastly, the game will need to be produced in an aesthetically pleasing and professional manner. It must be carefully planned and well executed to make the game enjoyable for the players.”
  4. Trial by Jury - Conclusion

    Yes, he really was a backup doc.
  5. Trial by Jury - Conclusion

    Player Analysis: Cathy Bridger/drunknok - You started really well. You were active, focused, and engaged. I think you would have gone far if you hadn't fallen ill - though we wouldn't have gotten to experience AB's clothes tossing. I really hope you come back for some future games. Your comment about men "planting their wood" was hilarious. Jimmy Hessler/Steamdemon - Well... I must apologize, I'm afraid I was a little terse with you in PM, but I was understandably frustrated. Mafia is a big time commitment and dropping out mere hours after being subbed out is not going to win you any favors with the community. I wish you'd powered through it, you might have gotten out of the lynch with a roleclaim, though you probably would have been killed soon after anyways. Play a school before coming back... though I haven't seen any new ones since I started playing in 2015. Alan Andrews/KotZ - Ah, the classic paradox of the seasoned veteran. I'm afraid you were metagamed by a young scum team, revealing the second scum team far quicker than I anticipated. You were playing well before your untimely death, and were active on the deadboard, which is fantastic. Just make sure to stay away from any math! Harry Oldman/fhomess - You ended up in the same position as KotZ. Harry was one of the first characters I made for this game and honestly one of my favorites. You brought a great gruff veneer to your character and I wish you had lasted longer. Ah well. Please do keep signing up - I think I speak for everyone when I say we really do appreciate your participation. Dez Hunter/Forresto - You played your character very well too. The constant booze jokes were great, though we're a bit far from the prohibition era. I think you had the right idea questioning Lady K's contacts, but the wording came off as fishing and you rightfully got lynched for it. Just need to be a bit more... subtle, if you get what I mean. Amanda Callahan/Khscarymovie4 - You got off to a strong start, though inactivity in the later days really hurt you. Scum teams had you pegged for a threat, buying the town an extra day when they both targeted you Night 3. Not bad, but not great. Brock Martin/Tariq j - You were in a tough position losing your teammate right out of the gate, but you buckled down and flew under the radar. Nobody suspected you,and I for sure thought it would be you vs. Kintober vs. jluck vs. Kwatchi in the endgame. That would have been nuts. Great job Clifford Schauer/LegoMonorailFan - You were a bit jumpy Day 1 but really settled down to play a solid game. You were active and made reasoned and thoughtful posts. You did well not overreacting to a handful of votes on Day 1, when a lot of new players would have gotten really defensive. I hope you sign up for more games, you've got a future in this section of the forum! Stephanie Diaz/Lady K - Lady K... what can I say that hasn't already been said? You were active and engaged with laser-sharp focus, though that focus often was misplaced. You're a strong voice leading the town and I'd hate to play against you when you're scum. You got a bit of tunnel-vision on jluck which hurt both of you in the long run. Kintober, the only confirmed townie, voting against you pretty much sealed your fate and left the town with little hope of pulling it off, though you certainly did your part. Not bad at all. Anthony Dodson/Actor Builder - Clothes tossing was excellent. 10/10. You were in a tough spot coming in off the heels of two widely-suspected newbies but managed to weasle your way out of it. Impressive, most impressive. Tony/jluck - Your feud with Lady K really doomed the town, but you managed to stave off your lynch despite being suspected since Day 1. You were active and engaged,a nd it's too bad you didn't push harder to try and shift the train onto Kwatchi during Day 6. I'm not sure anything would happen without getting Kintober to switch first, but you never know. Tina Hooper/Umbra-Manis - Great game, you avoided suspicion almost the entire time and managed to get away with a few penalty votes. I wish you had been a little more active, but I know real life always comes first. And I can't fault you too much since you won. Jared Hartman/Kwatchi - Possibly one of the most impressive performances I've seen from a first-time player. Your fixation on Lady K may have seemed a bit odd, but you played it off well as an earnest townie. Great job not overreacting to Kintober's suspicions in-thread on Day 5 and 6, though your freakouts on the scumboard were kind of hilarious. I also don't have a clue what the hell you were trying to do with that binary thing either. Taking the software developer character to heart, I see. I think you would be do great as scum in a larger game with more teammates to bounce your ideas off of. You were the first one to put together that the kills canceled out, though UM talked you out of it. Gary Johnson/Kintober - The sole town PR. You played a solid game, and your hunch about Actor Builder really paid off Night 5, buying the town an extra day. I think it was finished when you voted for Lady K - she wasn't confirmed but without any PR's claiming it was your best chance at getting any sort of block together. The theory about Lady K buddying up for protection falls apart a but when you start to examine it more closely, though it isnt too far-fetched. That's where you need a block to bounce theories off of, though that is very difficult when you expect the game to have 1 or 2 investigative roles. By the time you realized it was too late. Still, you played well, and the town has you to thank for lasting so long. One last note: KotZ and Lady K will appreciate this... The original scum teams were Tariq and Lady K on one and KotZ and Kwatchi on the other, but I really h*cked up bad by PM'ing each the wrong scumboard links, each listing the opposing scum teams. KotZ brought this to my attention, and I went into damage control mode, deleting writeboards and editing Lady K and UM's PM's to switch their roles since they hadn't read them yet. I played off my mistake with KotZ as an Excel error. Lady K apparently recieved two PM's, but it didn't matter since I had already killed the writeboards and the scum partners weren't listed in the PM. ...that was a close one. I think Kintober will be hosting some sort of game next, which sounds great , but I'm already looking beyond that - if anyone wants to host please PM Dragonator, he's always looking for pitches! If you can commit the time to it hosting is a blast and very rewarding. I have already been tossing around some ideas in my head for a larger 1920's Titantic game over the summer, but I'd need a cohost - please PM me if you might be interested!
  6. Trial by Jury - Conclusion

    Roles: Actions: The game is based on Fire and Ice from the wiki with the addition of a backup doctor to account for the missing vanilla town. It's really designed to see if a game where scumhunting only on voting patterns can be successful - while 2 kills a night may seem high the two doctors and chance for the kills to cancel out gives the town a lot of time to analyze activity in thread. Unfortunately it's harder than it seems as evidenced by the fact town lynched only other townies. You have to give Kwatchi and UM credit though - they did a great job saying the right things at the right time to fly under the radar and turn Lady K, Kintober, and jluck against each other. Moletti's got eliminated entirely by accident, which I personally thought was hilarious. Activity was pretty good, with the exception of parts of Days 2 and 5 - people also really got into their characters, which was great, especially Actor Builder, Forresto, and Khscarymovie4. Short-lived Moletti Scumboard: Pass: ballagiosucks Ballagio Scumboard: Pass: crimeisgood Deadboard: Pass: hahaudied
  7. Conclusion A quiet day ended with the demise of Tony (jluck). The jurors seemed to be like lambs to the slaughter, falling silently into line behind Gary Johnson (Kintober). "Mama mia! You can't do this me-!" Night fell, and a dark shadow snuck out to do its dastardly business. "I was wondering when you were going to show up." With that bold statement, Gary lunged at the shadow, knocking the gun from its hand! "Now let's find out who you really are, Ballagio scum!" It was none other than Tina Hooper (Umbra-Manis)! "Tina! I trusted you! I protected you!" Tina snarled back "That was your mistake!" Gary steadied the gun and levied it at Tina's head. "I'm going to finish this once and for all." "GARY! Put the gun down!" boomed the judge, emerging from the emergency elevator access hatch. "She's too dangerous to be left alive! I have to finish this!" "Gary... if you do you're no better than them. Give me the gun." Gary sighed and passed the gun to Judge Justuss. "Thank you Gary. You're making the right choice..." **bang** "...just not for you." "Nice work Tina. That's all of them. I'm afraid we don't have enough jurors for a trial anymore, but we can still get Sleaze out. I don't care either way, as long as I get my money. Our driver is bringing the car around, you go retrieve the boss. He's in block A113 on the ground floor." "And what are you going to do?" inquired Tina. "I've got a... surprise for our friend Anthony." There was just one small problem... Chief McCain had other plans. Dawn broke over a police barricade. "Come out with your hands up! We will shoot!" The judge emerged, a gun and detonator in his hands. "Evening gentlemen... let's not make this harder than it needs to be. I'm holding here a deadman's trigger. You kill me and you, me, my colleagues, your colleagues, what's rest of the jury, and this whole city block goes up in one big fireball." The Chief let loose an exasperated sigh and turned to his officers. "Guns down men. Let them go. I want a bomb squad and SWAT team sweeping the building ASAP." Anthony Dodson (Actor Builder) was one such hostage. As a matter of fact, he was the only hostage. "Last time I was chained up to a box of explosives, it was by a group of scantily-clad Caribbean women on the island of Guetamala... I think I preferred that to a crusty old judge, but hey, I'll take what I can get." Back down at street-level, the Ballagio's driver arrived - Jared Hartman (Kwatchi)! "Get in losers, we're running from the law!" "Right on time Jared. Thank you for indulging my sense of humor, Chief. I'm sure we'll meet again." "This isn't over!" yelled the Chief through gritted teeth. "Well of course not. We're only just beginning!" Congratulations to the winners, the Ballagio Crime Family, consisting of Umbra-Manis and Kwatchi! Huge thanks to everyone for playing, I had a blast hosting. Full roles, actions, thoughts, and player analysis to follow.
  8. Trial by Jury - Confirmation and Discussion

    Hate to break my perfect streak, but today's been nuts - Day 7 should go up soon.
  9. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    Final Vote Count: 4 votes for Tony (jluck): Kintober, Umbra-Manis, Actor Builder, Kwatchi 1 vote for Anthony Dodson (Actor Builder): jluck Nonvoting (0) With 5 jurors remaining, a majority of 3 is required to lynch. With a majority of 4 votes, Tony (jluck) has been lynched. The day is now over. It is now night. Night will last 48 hours. Get those actions in!
  10. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    Vote Count: 4 votes for Tony (jluck): Kintober, Umbra-Manis, Actor Builder, Kwatchi 1 vote for Anthony Dodson (Actor Builder): jluck Nonvoting (0) With 5 jurors remaining, a majority of 3 is required to lynch. Approximately 1 1/2 hours remain in the day.
  11. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    Vote Count: 3 votes for Tony (jluck): Kintober, Umbra-Manis, Actor Builder 1 vote for Anthony Dodson (Actor Builder): jluck Nonvoting (1): Kwatchi With 5 jurors remaining, a majority of 3 is required to lynch. Approximately 23 1/2 hours remain in the day.
  12. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    The judge woke the sleeping jurors with a start by slamming his hammer against the table. (And no, that's not an euphemism for anything... ) "Damn it! Wake up! The Ballagios aren't going to serve themselves to you on a silver platter. You've got to work for it. The information you're looking for has to be here somewhere... read through all the old transcripts if you have to! See who voted for who, how people reacted, do anything but sit here! There's no room for error." You may now vote. With 5 jurors remaining, a majority of 3 is required to lynch. Approximately 48 hours remain in the day.
  13. DAY 6 The jury deliberated long and hard, finally deciding it was time for Stephanie Diaz (Lady K) to face the music. The police led her away in chains. "Good riddance" muttered Tony (jluck). Night time fell, and the citizens went about their normal routines... Anthony Dodson (Actor Builder) chased down the bus after leaving his pants there for the third time this week... ...while Gary Johnson (Kintober) went pickaxe shopping. "Welp, I guess this pickaxe is as good as the next..." Finally, the sun rose on the bedraggled jurors occupying the courthouse. "Just five of y'all left... Stephanie Diaz (Lady K) was another member of the Town. I think we're at a tipping point, and there's still a chance, however slim, to stop Sleaze from throwing this trial. Please don't screw it up again." Host (1) Neil Justuss, played by mediumsnowman - Judge, Jury and Executioner NPC's (2) Chase McCain, NPC - Police Chief Sleaze Ballagio, NPC - Crime Boss Jurors (5) Gary Johnson, played by Kintober - Mine Foreman Jared Hartman, played by Kwatchi - Software Developer Tina Hooper, played by Umbra-Manis - Receptionist Tony, played by jluck - Chef Anthony Dodson, played by Actor Builder - Athlete Dismissed (9) Cathy Bridger, played by Drunknok - Fell ill day 1, replaced by Jimmy Hessler (Steamdemon) - Alignment Unknown Jimmy Hessler, played by Steamdemon - Committed suicide Day 2, replaced by Anthony Dodson (Actor Builder) - Alignment Unknown Alan Andrews, played by KotZ - Killed Night 2 - Moletti Crime Family Harry Oldman, played by fhomess - Killed Night 2 - Innocent Townsfolk Dez Hunter, played by Forresto - Lynched Day 3 - Innocent Townsfolk Amanda Callahan, played by Khscarymovie4 - Lynched Day 4 - Innocent Townsfolk Brock Martin, played by Tariq j - Killed Night 4 - Moletti Crime Family Clifford Schauer, played by LegoMonorailFan - Killed Night 4 - Innocent Townsfolk Stephanie Diaz, played by Lady K - Lynched Day 5 - Innocent Townsfolk Rules: 1. Each player will be given a character to play, who will be aligned with either the TOWN or the MAFIA. To win the game, the TOWN must kill off all the MAFIA members, while the MAFIA needs to outnumber the TOWN and/or any other factions. Third-Party (neutral) characters and/or factions will have their own win conditions as outlined in their roles. 2. Each day you will be able to vote to lynch a player. Voting should be done in the following format; Vote: Character (Player). Similarly, unvoting is to be done in the format; Unvote: Character (Player). No other format will be accepted. A majority vote is required to lynch. You must submit a vote each day. 3. A game day will last approximately 72 hours. You may not vote in the first 24 hours. After the day has concluded, a night stage will commence, which will last a maximum of 48 hours. Night actions must be sent to the host in the first 24 hours of the night stage. 4. The alignment of lynched players, as well as those that died during the night, will be revealed at the beginning of the following day. 5. You may not quote or pretend to quote anything sent to or from you in PM with the game host, or in PM with any other players. This includes all the details of your character and role, as well as any night action results. Role claims and reporting of night action results are acceptable, but in your own words only. Do not attempt to use the structure of your role PM to your advantage. 6. Do not play the game outside the thread. Similarly, do not post out of character inside the thread; you must always play the role given to you. Game tactics and roles may only be discussed in the game thread or via PM with other players. Private discussion is done at your own risk and should be treated as part of the game. 7. If you are dead, you may not post in thread or discuss the game with any of the players. Any information you had becomes void, and may not be passed on. 8. You may not edit your posts, unless you are me. Your host often makes typos and will be compelled to correct them. 9. You must post in every day thread. 10. There probably aren't clues in the pictures or flavor text, but wild speculation is encouraged. It's fun. 11. If you encounter a problem or have a question, please contact the host via PM. 12. Violation of the above rules will result in a vote penalty of half the required majority against you on your first and second offense, and the death of your character on your third offense. Violation of rule 7 will have a heavier penalty, including suspension, made at the discretion of the Games Moderator.
  14. Trial by Jury - Confirmation and Discussion

    Thanks for playing Lady K! Great to have you, as always.
  15. Trial by Jury - Day 5

    Final Vote Count: 4 votes for Stephanie Diaz (Lady K): Kwatchi, Actor Builder, Kintober, jluck 2 votes for Tony (jluck): Umbra-Manis, Lady K Nonvoting (0) With 6 jurors remaining, a majority of 4 is required to lynch. With a majority of 4 votes, Stephanie Diaz (Lady K) has been lynched. The day is now over. It is now night. Night will last 48 hours. Get those actions in!