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  1. Review: 21310 Old Fishing Store

    Excellent review! This might go up there with WALL-E and the Exo-Suit as my favorite Ideas sets. I'll definitely be picking it up come holiday season. I would appreciate a size comparison with the modular buildings, perhaps the Brick Bank or Detective's Office if you have those?
  2. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    MF looks really, really, good... but it's way out of my price range. I'd rather save my money for the rumored Star Destroyer next year.
  3. [MOC] Jedi High Council

    I took a few liberties with the support beams around the windows and the statues, but it still looks close enough while not being an exact replica of the Jedi council. This composition is based off the council as seen in RotS- missing Shaak Ti, Agen Kolar, Saesee Tinn, and Coleman Kcaj, since there aren't enough seats! (and I don't own Shaak Ti or Agen Kolar, of which the latter is prohibitively expensive on Bricklink ) I plan to replace Ki-Adi-Mundi when his more realistic version comes out next year, as well. I was able to source about 20% of the parts from my own collection, and the other 80% cost about 70 USD with shipping over 3 Bricklink orders.
  4. LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    I hope the Grevious speeder set will be similar to Yoda's Starfighter in that the vehicle is based on the show but the figures are based on their more realistic movie adaptations. Mace... did not translate well into CW style.
  5. [MOC] Jedi High Council

    Clocks in at 700 pieces exactly. Parts from Bricklink are in the mail as we speak. I'll post again here when done! LDD here:
  6. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    When I voted there were 2 for Affleck and 3 for Studcille, and my swap made it 4-1. Now it's 4-3, but we're still running out of time! Your vote would be better on Studcille than Brick right now. Yet another case of you avoiding the bandwagon and staying out of the spotlight, Gopher. For the record, I think Brick has been scummier this game, but both could be a decent lynch.
  7. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    Either could be scum, I'm just as in the dark as everyone else. I think Brick Affleck is most likely to be, though I can't rule out the possibility that Studcille is, which I why I voted for him. With a majority needed to lynch either of them, my vote on Brick was useless, as the wagon was swinging towards Studcille.
  8. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    Spreading out votes like this is no, no good with not much time left in the day. Gopher and Brick seem to be doing a good job of hiding and staying out of voting patterns. Most suspicious, if you ask me. I would most like to lynch Brick, but reviewing Studcille's posts he is looking more and more suspicious, especially his outburst today following his previous inactivity. A successful lynch right now is pivotal, and splitting/spreading the votes is a great place for scum to hide and avoid lynching their own. Unvote: Brick Affleck (Actor Builder) Vote: Studcille B. DeMille (Khscarymovie4)
  9. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    Not really a fan of this bandwagon forming on Studcille... I think we're on the right track with Brick and his scum mates are trying to deflect the bandwagon on to Studcille instead. Not really any concrete evidence, just a gut feeling.
  10. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    Voting for Glenn, who delivered us our only scum so far and is practically the only "confirmed" town left, is possibly the scummiest thing you could do today. Vote: Brick Affleck (Actor Builder)
  11. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    That's... not good. I can assume William was killed by the scum and Legonardo by the vig for his odd PM to Roger the other day. I'm rather surprised to see Rosamunde turn up town, I thought her message to William was very out-of-character for a townie. Hopefully Glenn and the block have news for us.
  12. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    There's a difference between asking for reasoning and evidence to confirm a claim and fishing for concrete night action targets from confirmed roles.
  13. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    Why would you want to lynch somebody if you know they're vanilla town? I don't think we're at the point to start lynching the vanillas, and inactivity does not always equal scum.
  14. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    9 not-voting with less than 24 hours to go is highly troubling. We can't sit on our hands and wait for night action results. I think Rosamunde or Legonardo would be the best choices, but the rest of you guys really need to get involved.
  15. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    If I'm not mistaken, this seems to contradict what's William said earlier.