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  1. The General Dodonna figure is very well done. Will probably try to buy him separately. I personally think the X-Wing looks terrible, but at least it's affordable. The 4x6 curved plates behind the canopy and the 4x6 studded plates behind the engine just look terrible. The ski piece for the landing gear however is great. TIE Fighter is a little better in terms of design, but I have the Solo one so don't feel the need to grab this one too. Unfortunate it seems that the massive Stormtrooper helmet is here to stay. I get the Rogue One helmets off Bricklink as often as I see them. Mandalorian set is great since I did not get the Razor Crest, the arm printing is awesome. I am intrigued by the Lambda shuttle, but I do not have high hopes after seeing the X-Wing and TIE Fighter in this scale. Hopefully it includes a new Imperial officer rank or something similar.
  2. ATAT looks really good. Might see if it drops a bit on Amazon first though.
  3. I think a new Veers is a safe assumption for the ATAT set, and I’m curious if they’ll use the new helmet from the Solo wave for him.
  4. Huh. Ship itself looks good, but I’m disappointed by the minifigure selection. It’s clearly based on the finale, so the Mandalorian should have full beskar armor. IG-11 is a rehash, scout trooper is neat but unnecessary, and Greef Karga is inaccurate. The Child looks good though. Missed opportunity to include beskar Mando and the Client/Moff Gideon, either of who would be much more interesting figures.
  5. Something I haven't seen a lot of people discussing is the price hike for the AT-AT. The one in 2014 was $110 and the First Order one was $150. For $160 I really hope it represents a substantial improvement in size, detail, and mini-figure selection over the 2014 model.
  6. mediumsnowman

    [MOC-WIP] Hoth probably around 75098?

    Looks awesome! Love the use of the Death Star for the ion cannon. I don't think I've seen that before.
  7. Oh, oops. My memory failed me in that I thought the Nebulon-B was bigger, and similar in size to the Home One. I quick glance at their respective lengths on Wookiepedia shows me that is not in fact the case! Guess I'll build my own 75252-scaled Nebulon-B then.
  8. I voted for Nebulon-B. A new TIE Bomber and Gunship sets are hopefully coming soon, but I think they work better as System sets and a Nebulon-B would have to be UCS. Maybe in scale with the UCS Star Destroyer? I listed Mon Mothma and Jan Dodonna as the figures I would most like to see with it.
  9. mediumsnowman

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I expanded my Devastator stand to display my collection of Imperial brass, all with updated hats and boots. I know Yularen should technically have the same pants as Krennic to be the most accurate but truth be told I just think he looks better like this. Beyond that, I think I have all the "new" released grey tunic officers, as the black and light grey officers with rank plagues are very expensive and hard to find; plus they don't from together into a cohesive looking unit as well as the others. Therefore it's the five named (Krennic, Thrawn, Tarkin, Yularen, Piett), two captains from the Solo battlepack, lieutenant from the Devastator, commander from the 2014 star destroyer, and three rear admirals from the advent calendar. I got all but Thrawn and the lieutenant on the secondary market over the last three years or so - surprisingly the commander from the 2014 star destroyer was the hardest to track down. I had to get him at a local convention.
  10. mediumsnowman

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    Went to the Lego store today with the intention of buying just the boat... left with the boat and the diner.
  11. mediumsnowman

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    Definitely want to "normalize" that boat to go with the Ideas Fishing Store.
  12. I'll choose to take that as a compliment.
  13. Well. Bennett Bulldog here. I read through the deadboard, and… oh. First of all, a huge thanks to Hinckley for hosting. Pictures were great, story was engaging, and threads were always up in a timely manner. I really enjoyed myself for the first five days, and was playing what I think has been one of my best games, second only to the Convention. I was particularly happy with Day 5, turning around a 4-1 lynch to nab a Monster, and that definitely vindicated my theories going into the last day. The way Brewer and Haydn were interacting seemed incredibly scummy, especially how they seemed to come out of the gate after me together and all that voting/unvoting at the end of the day. That being said, I never considered that the scum teams might be uneven. I also didn’t consider that Brewer could have executed two actions simultaneously – after the backlash from Pirates I really didn’t think that mechanic would appear again so soon. Not lynching the last day seemed to be the only course of action since I was absolutely convinced Haydn and Brewer were on the same team and Whitby was definitely Hellion, which would have made scum killing each other in the night the only way for town to win. Only having one kill the night before wasn;t a big deal to me – it seemed perfectly reasonable that both killers could have gone after the same person, with so few people remaining. I’d also like to apologize to whoever played Haydn. By the end I was getting really irritated with you. I don’t entirely know why, but I had been suspicious of you all game and Brewer’s flip seemed to me to confirm my theory was correct. I couldn’t understand your behavior on the last day, and I really thought you must be so irritated with me as well that you would hand Whitby the win just so I couldn’t have it. You can read the day thread and the anti-Hellion writeboard, but my attitude and some of my comments directed at Haydn were definitely out of line. That brings me to proxy voting. Proxy voting makes sense in early game, maybe, when as Hinckley said people might be restricted from voting due to time zones, schedules and such, but when its down to three and it seemed to me Haydn was proxying for the sole purpose of making sure I didn’t win it really ticked me off, and I don’t think that should have been allowed. I also have a confession to make. I’m a high school senior, and I won’t turn 18 until next week, yet I’ve been active on Eurobricks for years. I’ve even hosted two mafia games. I haven’t been as active over the last year, I skipped out on Kintober’s game, and I haven’t MOC’d anything in a long time. Between my part-time job, school, sports, applying to colleges, and the general stress that comes with all the loose ends that have to tied up to finish up high school my time has been extremely limited. Yet I’ve been championing anonymous games to revive mafia for a long time, and I couldn’t not sign up for back-to-back anonymous games by Bob and Hinckley. That’s legendary. I got accepted to dual study bioengineering and pre-medicine at a school in Texas, and I will be moving there next year, but there’s a lot of stress and cost that is associated with that transition, and these last few weeks have been particularly frustrating in that arena. Add in finals and missing an entire week of class to take AP tests, and you have a recipe for disaster. I fear I may have misdirected some of that pent-up frustration into this game, especially at Haydn’s perceived obstinance, and for that I am very sorry. Hinckley can feel free to post the PM I sent him after I was lynched, and his very kind response, if he wishes, but I think I will be taking a nice long break from Mafia. I wish you all the best.
  14. Deeply saddened to hear the news. While I signed up too late and was a reserve, following Ragnorak 3 was what got me into mafia. TPRU was truly a titan of the EB community, and his presence will be missed.
  15. mediumsnowman

    The Forest 3 Mafia Sign-Up Thread

    I go by mediumsnowman in my day-to-day life.