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Found 166 results

  1. Hello :) I'd like to share with you my first submission to LEGO IDEAS - Rocky Reef Restoration (link). The idea is about saving the coral reef but with futuristic twist in form of a giant jellyfish submarine :D It is 1500pcs build full of marine life and with many play features. If you'd be kind enough to spare few minutes please check out the link above and I really hope you'll like it enough to click the support button! I leave you with the main picture and a promise that the rest is equally interesting :) Cheers!
  2. RoxYourBlox

    [MOC] Apple Square Research Center

    Apple Square Research Center is a 4-story 96x96 modular building conceived as a revision to my original Apple Square University. Designed entirely in Lego Digital Designer ( needs an update before I could adapt), this iteration is also influenced by a locale in a Japanese RPG (サクラ大戦3), the Antwerpen-Centraal Station in Belgium, as well as my ongoing career as an electrophysiologist. ASRC and ASU will be on display together at the next Brickworld Chicago (June 20-21, 2020). For more, follow me on flickr or instagram.
  3. Hi, I've recently built a telescope : It measures 18 x 29 x 34cm, but the tube can be separated from the tripod and the legs can be folded to store the model more easily : And the best thing about it is that it works ! Well of course it "works" just like the Grand Piano 21323 is a "playable" piano. You can look in the eyepiece and see celestial bodies, but it's not what's actually in the sky. It works thanks to a light brick, that's activated by pressing the lens : Then the light goes through a decorated glass (sets like 75810, 10273 or 70917 have features that work in a similar way), two magnifying glasses, and bounces on a mirror : And here's what you see when you look into the eyepiece : Well at least that's the principle, I will have to finetune it if I want it to work in real life. Right now it's just a digital model, that you can see in 3D on Mecabricks : There are also more pictures in my Flickr gallery : And, finally, if you like the idea and would like to see it become an official set in the near future, you can support it on LEGO IDEAS :
  4. Do you love LEGO? If not then why are you here?!? Do you love science? If the answer is yes then read on. In 2018 I published the book Particle Physics Brick by Brick which used basic bricks to explain complex science. I have loved delivering workshops throughout the UK using LEGO to bring my former field of research, particle physics, to life. I just wanted to share the book with you in case it is something you might be interested in. I have also recently started making explainer videos using the ideas in the book which I am regularly posting to YouTube. If your interest crossover both the worlds of LEGO and Physics I'd love to know what you think of the videos. If you are teacher or student I have made some educational resources to accompany the book as well - all information can be found at
  5. Hi guys, In between my major LEGO projects that sucked me many many weeks (months even) of time to complete .. I took a breather by grabbing a lego set and build (yet again) a LEGO Transformer. LEGO set 70842:Emmet's Couch Mech is from LEGO Movie 2 theme and only recently I managed to get it at 50% off. What a bargain! Since the set itself is officially a mech, so most of the parts are useful to build robots as well. The core design was completed by day 3... and I spent another 2 days more to refine it. A microscope mode was created purely out of experimentations since this lego set doesn't have wheels (for land based mode) or adequate number of wedge/slopes (for swooshable plane/space jet mode). Transforming between modes doesn't require reassembly of parts. I'm very pleased to discover this set has parts for me to build the robot fingers as well , compared to just knuckles with holes in them. No wheels ? No problem! here's an extra hover tank mode. INSTRUCTIONS BELOW! Note: children might require adult supervision though. If you're having problems following the building instructions above, you can pay a visit to my blog link below where I posted a detailed instructions with more detailed steps for beginners to follow: Have fun!
  6. Hello, this is my new creation. I submitted it to LEGO ideas, and I really appreciate your support if you like it! Support me here and help me reaching 10 000 supporters. I'd be really grateful to you :) Thanks a lot Nikola Tesla (my favorite): Leonardo da Vinci: Albert Einstein: Please support me to make it an official LEGO set. Thank you :)
  7. t-brick

    Science Tower Building Report

    Hello everyone, a few days ago I received my test copy of the Science Tower. A bit later I also got the first version of the building instructions, which needed to be tried and tested. On this occasion I’d like to show you a short building report, maybe it’s interesting for one or another. The Science Tower is my contribution to the BrickLink AFOL Designer Program, some have probably already heard about it. More information about the set and more pictures can be found here: Before the assembly came the dismantling of the finished test model, after which about 1200 parts lay on the table: In addition to some standard colors Pearl Gold, Dark Turquoise, Dark Tan, Dark Blue, Dark Red and Medium Dark Flesh are represented. The model is not as dark as it sounds though. :) The construction starts with the cellar embedded in a rocky landscape, including a small stream and the stair bridge leading to the entrance. A small steam engine is hidden in the cellar, which can also be moved via the axis leading outwards. Fortunately everything works well - since the building was designed completely digitally, the practical test might have brought some surprises. There is also a small astronomical model showing sun, earth and moon. On the dark red first floor there are bookshelves in a rounded SNOT wall, a microscope, a gramophone and a large hourglass. The second floor changes color to classic red and houses a chemistry laboratory, a camera, Pavlov's dog with bell and food bowl, a double-slit experiment in the corner, and Schrödinger's cat. According to the experiment the cat has to stay in the closed box. Actually, it's just a thought experiment, but that's hard to show in LEGO... On the third floor (color here: Medium Dark Flesh) there is a scale, a radio telegraph with Morse key and the mechanism for rotating the dome in the observatory. A round window makes it necessary to install a grille in overhead orientation. The walls of the observatory are again built sideways and there are also two small windows in the rounding. The final touch is made by the rotating dome with telescope, the windmill and the small apple tree next to the bridge. A little tricky is a step when attaching the dome. But once you've done that, the dome sits clean and can be turned 360° with the silver knob. For the complete rotation, a change to the chimney was necessary compared to the original design, which will also be included into the final model. A second small change to increase the stability of the model is also planned. Apart from a few little things the first version of the instructions was very well done and the test build was successful! At BrickLink they really put a lot of thought and effort into the whole program to make the resulting sets (with instructions etc.) as good as possible. I am looking forward to the finished set! Greetings, Thilo
  8. This my version of the 2018 Marvel Comics 'infinity War" set 76108 (Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown) for a 1920's-flavored steampunk take on a mad scientist trying to open a time doorway into the beginning of the universe using a time machine modeled after set 76109. (Quantum Realm Explorers) When the mad Scientist Dr. Floyd Hyde opened his doorway to the pre-big-bang time zone for the first time in 1914, he sent his wife Penny (wearing a makeshift gray pressure suit) into the open portal and waited for her quick return. Unfortunately, something happened and the portal itself destabilized and shut down as a safety precaution on it's own. Eleven years pass for the Scientist, who becomes obsessed with reuniting with his lost love, delving every dime and ounce of energy into creating the rescue craft and fixing the portal machine onto said flying time-craft. He finishes it in the middle of the year 1925. An eternity passes for Penny, yet she does not age a day. She is taken in by the Brothers Three, whom she nicknames Alpha, Beta, and Omega. These strange alien beings are the sole inhabitants of the pre-big bang, being the sole survivors of a great war (they may have started it) and becoming almost omnipotent in the process of floating in the vast unending void of space. The Brothers Three ask only one thing of their kindness and helping keep her alive in the harsh environment: when rescue inevitably comes for Penny, let them come with her through the portal so they can help mankind achieve it's "destiny". Let her be their "herald", telling the governments of earth all about their amazing powers and how they can help serve man. So, will Dr. Hyde get his wife back? Will Penny allow the Brothers to follow her through the portal? And just what is this destiny these three are talking about? The choice is up to YOU! L to R: Dr. Floyd Hyde, his wife Penny Hyde (in the gray pressure suit), and The Brothers Three (alien beings from before the big bang) The front of the building, with the conservatory to the rear. I replaced the center round window from the Sanctum Sanctorum with more regular windows to give the building a more average city building appearance instead of a superhero's one. The front of the building also features the year it was built: 1901. The rear of the building has a ground-floor conservatory. The rearmost window on the bottom floor opens up 90 degrees to allow for figure placement in the conservatory. As a side note, the original Marvel model's exploding walls and drop-floors have been removed. The means from getting from one floor to another is a spiral staircase, and a small skylight has been added to the roof. The inside feature's the following: The lower floor has a fireplace with clock on mantle, table with chair, oven, and lamp on a side table. The middle floor features a strange mask on a safe, curio cabinet and a bed, along with an ancient weapons display. The upper floor features a desk with some sort of electricity storage machinery, several flasks, two bookcases, and microscope. The dark red thing in the greenish jar is a beating human heart. This model was inspired by @hachiroku's Indiana Jones Desert Chase car, but remade to have a different color scheme for use with my Adventurer's mad scientist character. The doors to the passenger compartment can also open, and there are taillights on the rear of the car. The vehicle can seat one figure in the drivers seat, and one figure (or a small cargo container) can be placed behind that. Here is Antman's vehicle from set 76109 (Quantum Realm Explorers) as a 1920's-period time machine, as seen above in steampunk form. I fixed the rotating side engines, as these maddening objects are now (mostly) locked in the position shown but for the slight sideways (left / right) motion that I for the life of me can't seem to fix. Oh well, it just gets them closer to the main engine pod in the center, so no harm, no foul. EDIT: 3/5/19: Added new real world pictures and deleted the rest of the ldd screenshots. This project is now done.
  9. Hello, this is my new creation. I submitted it to LEGO ideas, and I really appreciate your support if you like it! Support me here and help me reaching 10 000 supporters. I'd be really grateful to you :) Thanks a lot Nikola Tesla (my favorite): Leonardo da Vinci: Albert Einstein: Please support me to make it an official LEGO set. Thank you:)
  10. WARNING! WARNING! This is a long post. Read at your own expense. Grab popcorn, coffee,soda, whatever you need to stay awake. Take your time, several days if needed, to read the whole thing before responding. Also, couple of things that will help you as you read this post. First, APPL stands for Average Pieces Per Lot. If a set or MOC has 1000 pieces and 100 lots then there are on average, then... 10 pieces per lot. The data set I used for the following is something I compiled on my own. If there are any interested parties I have no problem sharing it. I apologize up front if I have misconstrued the data at all. I took the values of piece count and lot count from Bricklink. Also, from memory on some sets regarding piece count. Funny how some things just seem to stick with you. I recognize that there are many more sophisticated methods for examining the below: I chos I chose the below because of its simplicity, and thus maximizing the availability of others to join in the fun. This post has been percolating around in my mind for a while, ever since I read The Mathematics of Lego by Dr. Samuel Arbesman. Some of the ideas in this post were discussed in Dr. Arbesman in his article, but some are not. Some of the ideas are also borrowed from an article that Dr. Arbesman himself referenced; http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/12381294 ; which is absolutely fascinating. Sometimes I wonder if we fully realize how far-reaching the influence of Lego really is. I think that it is fascinating that Lego sometimes acts as a microcosm for phenomena that occur in real life. Dr. Arbesman discusses the non-linear relationship between the total number of elements and total number of lots in a set. Obviously, there is a positive relationship; as the number of total elements increase so do the total number of lots (most of the time). However, this relationship is non-linear because the steepness of slope in this relationship is different for smaller sets compared to larger sets; which emulates real, true life-phenomena. Dr. Arbesman makes his statements based on a data set of all genres, or most all genres, of Lego. I re-examined not his data set, but my own, randomly pulling sets from a variety of genres, but mostly Technic, Star Wars, Town/City, and other general system sets. Although I saw the same relationship as Dr. Arbesman, any purported relationship really fell apart when dealing with very large sets, or sets with specific themes. Here are at least two reasons why (there are likely many more): (1) System sets, or sets like Creator sets, don't necessarily need to have a function. They are either purely artistic or meant to emulate something in real life, but minus the function. This can create problems when looking at the variables of interest in Dr. Arbesman's article. Best way to describe it is to provide examples. Case in point: Lego 3450. Statue of Liberty. 2882 pieces but only 49 lots. That is, on average, nearly 60 pieces per lot! I am sure there are many, many more examples (think of any mosaic project) but this is one that comes to mind. Sets like these will really mess with the data. Comparing sets that are too different from one another will lead to an apple and oranges comparison but not being aware of it. (2) Sets that offer lots of playability may not really be one set at all. Case in point, set 10188 is actually many different builds, right? To say the set has 3803 pieces, and 438 lots, divide the two and come up with an average piece per lot value would be incorrect, right? One would really have to deal with each little room as its own set in terms of lot and element count. Too complex though. It was not done in Dr. Arbesman's data, and therefore really skews the data. Sets also that have lots and lots of accessories (I will use 10188 again as an example) also will skew the data, because they artificially inflate the individual lots value. The accessories are not needed for the build, but included in the lot count. So, to rectify the two above issues, I thought it would be fun to examine total element count and lot count in ONLY Technic sets/MOCs. I think that doing so fixes the above problems, perhaps not totally but in my mind satisfactorily because: (1) Technic models add functionality, which by nature, maintains some sort uniformity in the sets of interest. We are not comparing sets that are so different as say, Lego 3450 and 10188. (2) Technic models don't artificially inflate individual lot values by adding lots of accessories, which a lot of sets in other genres do. As mentioned, for small sets this really is not an issue, because there are not many accessories to be had if the set itself is small. But for large sets, it is a real issue, and that is why the relationship between the two variables of interest pretty much dissolves when dealing with large sets. So, that is a long introduction to what this post is really about; but, there you have it. I wanted to examine the relationship between total number of Technic elements in Technic sets/MOCs and their relationship with individual lot counts. Below is a picture of a simple scatterplot of these two variables. The picture below that gives best of fit lines, with a logarithmic function barely beating out a standard function as the best line of fit for the model (R - squared values of .83 versus 90 respectively). (sorry for the bad pic quality - I upload from mocpages and they have always been behind the curve in terms of technology. If anyone needs clarification,I can try to answer any questions) So, we can therefore say that, although lot counts increase with set size, it is to a much lesser extent with larger sets than with smaller sets. Thismakes sense, especially if you read the article mentioned previously: http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/12381294As systems increase, so does their tendency to repeat themselves, or what can be referred to as "redundancy" in a model. Now, redundancy is usually abad word, but in this case, not really. Redundancy can add to efficiency; which is the very thing that I want to discuss. Cities with many, many gasstations (redundancy) lead to efficiency in traffic. In biology, systems (animals, plants, etc.) that have many, many cells (again, redundancy) areusually more efficient than smaller systems (think of the metabolic rate of an elephant versus a mouse; that is why their life spans are so ridiculouslydifferent). But what does all this mean for Lego sets? If you look at the graphs below, those models that fall above the curve have lower averagepiece per lot (APPL) values than their relative (the term relative is important here, because when using the curve we are comparing small sets tosmall sets, medium to medium, etc.) counterparts. Those that fall under the curve have higher APPL values. The further a dot is from the curve the moredistinguishing they are; either for having low or high APPL values. The question I would like to put forth to the forum is "What do these valuesmean in terms of the sets/MOCs we love so much?" Does a low AAPL value set mean that it uses more unique parts than one with a high AAPL? Is this somecrude measure of UNIQUENESS for our sets? Is a set that has an AAPL of 10 "uniquier" than one with say, a AAPL of 15? (assuming both were more or lessthe same size?). Or... do large APPL values simply mean that a set is more EFFICIENT in its use of parts than a set with a small APPL? I am NOTtrying to use these questions as a way to judge MOCs or sets, there are so many more variables that better depict elements of a quality in a MOC or setthan what I am discussing. I just think that it is an interesting idea, and would like to know more thoughts from others. Many may be thinking. What the heck is this guy talking about??? Perhaps a couple of examples will help. Below are circled two sets that are amongthe most beloved Technic sets; old or young (notice that I say "among" - I get that there is much subjectivity here). Notice how they are both wellbelow the curve, meaning they have a lot of redundancy, or repeating pieces in their build. These sets have very high APPL values relative to theirsize group. Can anyone guess which ones they are? If you guessed 8288 and 42009, both cranes, you guessed right (if you can guess what set is to the left of the 8288 set, GOLD STAR for you!). And they both scream redundancy in part usage right? In fact, that was one of the criticisms of 42009; lots and lots of pins. 8288 has lots and lots of liftarms for a set with only 800 parts. So, are these high APPL values reflective of redundancy or efficiency? Dr. Arbesman would argue both. As a system (or Lego set) gets bigger, it gets more redundant,and therefore more efficient (I get there are many definitions of "efficient" here; in this application we mean efficient from a productionstand-point, not a functionality standpoint. TLG loves sets like these if they sell. Not a lot of molds have to be used and/or created for a set withhigh APPL; and we all know that is really where TLG loses money. In the making of new molds). What do you think though? As I mentioned, I think itis no coincidence that two of the highest APPL values are also two Technic fan favorites; but this could also be to the fact that we all just lovecranes. That is why I am directly stating that I don't think that APPL values have really anything to do with popularity or skill in which they arebuilt, but I do think they are curious phenomena to discuss. So what about low APPL values? Remember we are talking about values relative to set size. An APPL of 8 for a set or MOC that is 3,000 pieces isentirely different from the same value for a set of say, only 300 pieces. Do low APPL values mean that a set is unique? Does it mean that elementsare used in a unique and creative way? Or something that I have not mentioned? Some examples of sets with low APPL values would be set the twosets circled below: Can anyone guess which two these are? Guess the first one (not gonna tell you) and the second (furthest to right) is the 8110 Unimog. Relatively a lot of lot counts for a limitednumber of pieces. What does this mean? Does this confirm or change anyone's previous perception of the Unimog (or the other set that I will notmention)? Lastly, keen viewers will notice that I have included sets that do not reflect any known official Lego sets. These are a variety of MOCs fromwell-known builders. I selected the sets in a somewhat random fashion, and with the help of and some very kind and helpful, talentedbuilders (Thanks Sheepo and Crowkillers!)These MOCs from left to right are: 1 - Porsche 997 GT3 by Crowkillers 2 - Vampire GT (Black) by Crowkillers 3 - Black Muscle Car by Crowkillers 4 - Lambo Aventador LP 720-4 by Stefan Birkefeld 5 - Cadillac Eldorado by Martijn Nab 6 - Land Rover Defender by Sheepo 7 - Volkswagon Bus Type 1, Manual by Sheepo 8 - Mustang GT, Manual by Sheepo 9 - Volkswagon Bus Type 1, RC version by Sheepo 10 - Mustang GT, RC, by Sheepo 11 - Wing Body Truck by Madoca 12 - Terex RH400 Mining Excavator by Sheo 13 - Tractor Truck by Lucio Switch
  11. Eight different lengths pendulums create waves. If you like this model please add your support on LEGO Ideas page
  12. The Tale of Doctor Alfredson of Corrington: Chapter 5 Chapter 1 : Embarking on towards Adventure.Chapter 2 : The Voyage of the Autumn Blossom.Chapter 3 : Rehearsal in Rassilon Chapter 4 : Hurriedly hiring help. Character list in spoiler brackets. Whilst Yiroe and Ruri attended to their business, Ragnar took the opportunity to observe and record the ecology of the nest of thieves. This was largely 'uncharted territory' as though there were an odd few but by and large sea rats were not scientists and cared little for the natural surroundings on their isles. Ragnar Also though that he could use this time to continue his instruction of his apprentice in the disciplines of ecology. So they went along the coast to "This should be a good site to start with" "Are you not going to systematically measure along the to gather your sites?" "No we have not the time for such frivolities, and I have found stratified sampling methods to be more favourable anyhow." "No overall slope angle." "This we have here is a soil pin, you stab it into ground to measure the depth of the soil, you should be able to tell when you have reached that depth as you can feel the difference and hear the sound of the rocks below." "Right, should I be taking notes?" "This is mostly stuff you should already know, just to refresh your memory, feel free to take notes if you'd like." "We'll want to place down the quadrat over this area" The quadrat was large and hefty, Ragnar needed Satoshi and Calder to carried it over and placed it on top of the environment. "I don't recognise this type of palm tree. We should of course double check the reference books but I think this may be an undocumented species." "i can't find anything like it in the reference material for this ecosystem." "Brilliant, sounds like a new discovery to me, I'll note it down as the Man-wide palm foe now, we can work on its scientific name once we've determined it's genus" "The Man-wide palm? why the Man-wide, I'd have expected you to call it the Alfredson tree or something like that." "Well at 3 studs wide it is close to the width of a man, and there is already a tree named after me." " Ah soil samples, this is my favourite part. Could someone fetch me somwthing to dig with?" "Here ya go." "That's not quite what he was asking for." "Yes, using a shovel for soil samples would be like using a musket as an oar." "Is this better?" "Ah my trowel! Thank you Satoshi." "Grr" Ragnar filled up jars with earth and then went to sit down and note down his observations. "Calder look at these results, do you notice anything odd about them." "The habiat looks inhospitable with the salty sea breeze, but it somehow supports the tree." "Yes, quite. This is however as expected, remember that palm trees and the like are the exception and not the rule." Meanwhile in Corrington ,the navy were training the Marines on how to use a musket as an oar, though some of the officers were concerned that they should first make waterproof muskets. OOC: This is a very little one but I like it. I haven't been posting theses in the same order that I built them and this one was photographed before I swapped backgrounds. Thanks for reading, comments are criticism are welcome.
  13. A little southwest of Camp Isaac, at the bank of a small creek right within the jungle, elevated upon four logs stands a small cabin. This cabin is owned by Felicia Sandalo (a scientist and explorer sponsored by Román Fontonajo), as a starting point for all her scientific adventures to explore the wonders of Cascadia. And Cascadia had many of these, with her most recent favourite, the yellow wide-mouthed frog. Only some more observations, and she was ready to share her insight with the members of the Royal Society that currently resided in Camp Isaac. Unfortunately she had not yet had the chance to observe any of the large carnivorous wild cats, which were rumoured to wander the jungles of Cascadia, and were possibly also responsible for the cultural decay of the recently discovered Myzectlan. Little did she know that she was in fact the one being observed right now...
  14. LucasLaughing

    [O - F10] What lies beneath (redux)

    Location: F10 - Arium Major Tags: Civil, building Note: this build takes place immediately following The Varieties of Scientific Experience Alright Doctor Igorvich, what's the plan for getting my memories back? There's a grinding of gears, and then the elevator starts moving quickly downward. A quiet hiss from my cochlear implant tells me that we've gotten too far underground for CLAPPIE'S signal to penetrate. Kthanids. Kthanids?! Dah. They are, hm, what is word? Many creatures with one thought? A hive mind? Dah. Hive mind. When mind-join with person, is repairing parts of brain. Bringing back memories. It might be my imagination, but the doctor seems to shudder when he says this. But the Kthanids are predators – I've … read the reports. I don't feel the need to mention my own encounter with them. Is two ways to mind-join. приносить жертву и общение. Sacrifice, and Communion. He smiles. Briefly. I feed to them sacrifice, and then joining minds for Communion. They have shown to me … many things. And who exactly is the 'sacrifice' you give them? I feel a tingling in my left arm, and mentally clamp down on it. Now is not the time to send the doctor through a gravitational anomaly. The doctor shrugs. Criminals. Are cheap to buy. Before I can think of a reply, the elevator jerks to a stop. Is other helper, 'four oh four.' Charmed. Explain process. Of course. The Kthanid lair is beyond this door. The creatures are sensitive to light, so these windows will appear opaque from the other side. Rest assured, however, that I shall be monitoring the Communion, and in the extremely unlikely event that you need to be … retrieved, I shall immediately come to your aid. This way please. This looks … familiar. Doctor, if you try to have me chained to those poles, I'll break your arms. какого черта?! Poles are not for chaining. Are amplifying thought vibrations for mind-joining. I explain to him what I saw on Jurin II. Hm. Awesomonium chain to improve amplification. Had not thought of that. 404, make note. As we've discussed before, although my location and directional sensors are inoperable, my memory retention rate is 100%, and- Dah, dah. Ms Lu, I must be preparing for operation on your friend. Any question you are having, ask 404. Ms. Caslaugh-Hing - are you ready? It's cold, and as the lights go out, I can feel them coming. Like a tickling pressure, deep inside my head. What promise? I'm - I'm not a sacrifice! I'm here for communion- Yes! 3 hours later... Lu! You were gone for so long - what happened?! The doctor tried to feed me to a Kthanid. I killed it. He's next. What about your memories? They're back, CLAPPIE. I remember. Gods help me, I remember ... everything.
  15. Professor Thaum

    [O - G09] Run-up

    LOCATION : G09 - GREATER DRIGO Tags : Science, Drones, Goggles Among Octan Fleet, aboard the OCS Axle, system Greater Drigo, L2 point. : Professor, I think the stellar drone is over. All seems correct. : so is the planetar drone Hadvice... : HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment), CTX (Context Imager), CS (Climate Sounder), SHARAD (Shallow Subsurface Radar) and a full thermal and color imager, all's purring and working. professor : Fine, TEGA ( Thermal and Evolved Gas Analyzer ), DI (Descent Imager) and MECA ( Microscopy, Electrochemistry, and Conductivity Analyzer) all is purring too, and the two thermic shields are enough strong for a direct atmospheric impact. : What is BC 122 doing ? : I've linked it to my electronic nanoscope, it is working for a new poly mimetic alloy, I'll show you in a while. : Professor, I will keep those glasses for helmet underwear but... : ... I think those one are much more suitable for lab work, what do you think ? : HADVICE !!!! Undoubtely you become much more nice than ever !!! C&C welcome PS : the lab is reused so not to be judged again
  16. Professor Thaum

    [O - F09] Just focusing

    LOCATION : Arium Minor F09 TAGS : Civilian building, Science The top of a peak somewhere on a mountain range of Arium Minor... : I've heard about a new constellation above Ertauq called the rooster... Let's have a look. C&C welcome as usual.
  17. Professor Thaum

    [O - G09] Thread Weaving

    LOCATION : Crofter's Ridge G09 Tags : Octan, Science, Civilian building, SPIDER On board the O.C.S. Axle cruising among Octan Fleet in orbit around Crofter's Ridge. : Since weeks I am lost in this tentacular ship, Ok Octan security is a joke, I could rest, sleep, almost in every empty room, eat in several different canteen without catching any attention... but time is running out and at last I've found it !! The professor Thaum's Lab is just behind this door. The mission is going to succeed. KZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz : Here I am ! now find the files and extraction. : Somethingf is wrong... this lab is in trompe-l'oeil style, this can be the real prof's lab... : There must be a secret door, a secret switch, or something this kind. Ah, I think I have found... : Open Sesame... : Gnerk gnerk gnerk, here I am... the lab ! <loud fall sound> Blink blank Krashhh Voice (desperate) : My stacking !!!! Oh no !!! <mechanical rattling> gzzzzzz krouuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkk tiketiketiketike Igor : What do I see !!!!! : Hu ??? Voice : My stacking !!! : What the hell ? Igor : I can't believe my eye !!! Hey you !! Vile burglar ! : Hu ? What the f*** is that !! <crushing sound> BUNK !!! **** Just a little later... Hadvice : Professor, Igor reporting that we have a guest... Pr Thaum : Yes, Hadvice, of course, we're awaiting him... And I've felt him for long. : You see, Hadvice, here he is ! : I especially see that it is really crappy in block stacking ! : This is him who overturn my blocks !!! I made a pretty good stacking !! : It is learning, Hadvice... it is learning.. : It !!!! I'm the Counsellor Thomson !! Professor for the last time ! Give me my body back !! : I have disolved and dropped it above Freegate long time ago, and you're not the counsellor Thomson anymore, you're Experiment BC 122, and you have to handle you're new robotic outfit, and succed in block stacking before I can teach you something much more difficult... Now let me work otherwise your next outfit will be a toaster one ! : Agglllp !! : Here you go again Exp BC 122 ! : Hu ? Where am I ? : In my lab Agent 47, you seeked it since you board the Axle around Kaalin... : I am locked on this table, I'm in for a torture session ? : Relax, you're here for SPIDER, to wonder about my research... and I 'm her to explain it to you... : SPIDER !! You know ? : Sure I know, it's me that asked SPIDER to send an agent... : ??? : You see, my apprentice is setting the device you're here to learn about... It will be very very interesting : If you ask SPIDER for an agent why am I locked ? : For your safety of course... : Look at that, it is like a scanner... : and there is one for you too... hin hin hin : What are you doing ??!! You will torture me !! : You're a bonehead Agent 47 !!! Just have a look my boy... don't panic ! Hadvice will soon start your cloning processus... you see this pod on the desk... Go Hadvice ! : Hop ! : Easy as a photocopier !! : Goddness !! Is it me ? : Sure, it is you... I told you it's a photocopier... : it is moving ! It is alive ! : you're moving, you are alive... and all depends on this precious little treasure I found on Illustria. : How does it works ? It is an electronic devise ? how is it made ? : How does it works ? It is an electronic devise ? how is it made ? : Hmmmm... there is something... strange.. isn't it , : Indeed Hadvice, but this more funny than strange... Anyway... now let me show you more : the real power of this artifact. And no this is nor electronic neither science... it is wisdom... : It can act as a photocopier, but, it can also be use for crossing... just have a look... : Crossing ? Me and what ? this monster in the pod ??? : Crossing ? Me and what ? this monster in the pod ??? : hin hin hin... this one you can take it with you back to SPIDER... And it will have the same problem Sal's developped clones have. : you know about Sal's research ? : you know about Sal's research ? : Of course I know ! Sal is my first apprentice, and my best pride... he is far a better scientist than I would ever be... Even if his approach seems to be a little bit to scientific and dogmatic for me. : And there ? Is him your second apprentice ? : And there ? Is him your second apprentice ? : No, Hadvice is my fourth apprentice, the second was a mistake I had to wave off and the third... the third was a failure (I hate nudist ! ) Now only one of you speak otherwise I will have to disintegrate the other... : OK : aglllllllp ! : You may proceed Hadvice... : hopla... Creature crossing... a new step... I will keep this one for me... for another testing round. Science is smoke and mirors... the truth is nor in a computer, whatever powerful it is, neither in scientific files carefully stocked in hard drives... Sapience is here, in these old books ! The Ancient had much powers and secrets, we have ever discovered ! : Err professor, what is this big eye just beside you ? : This is Igor, you have already encounter it... this is the lab's warden... : All my files are in this chip, you can take them back to SPIDER with your clone... The next time we will meet, you only have to follow the frequency I give you with the files on the chip, it will give you guidance to dock your ship just against the airlock of my lab, and please plan to use a cargo ship, I will have some device to move... : Understand professor... when will we meet next ? : I'll send SPIDER the same signal I sent to make you come... : Clear... see you later. : My stacking is over professor !!! I succeed !! I told you so ! : Congratulation BC 122, you reach the next stage ! This time it's OK... bonus later on C&C welcome HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY
  18. Professor Thaum

    [ O - G02 ] Wonderbox

    LOCATION : FREEGATE G02 Tags : Civilian building, Spaceship, Land vehicle, Octan, science. Octan remote scientific prospecting Outpost, North pole of Freegate : Under the command of the Kharkovshanka, some prospecting, mining and drilling vehicles waiting for departure to harvest Mithril. Few times ago, the Professor Thaum landed his shuttle, arriving on the request of the head scientist of the station... the last ice boulder retrieved just arrived and according to all the sensors there's something else than mithril inside. The time has come, the harvesting procession start the engines and are going to leave the base. It's also time to rerun all the sensors actives devices, the ionisation of the northern Freegate's atmosphere, following daybreak and issuing with polar aurora will blind all MANTIS scanning possbility for 7h 58m 13s . So the base will remain hidden. <chainsaw : gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrrrrrrraing> Hadvice : the first boulder is crushed professor, and here comes the first cristal Hadvice : it's raw mithril professor, and not the best sample I've seen. <chainsaw : gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrrrrrrraing> Pr Thaum : I don't give any shit of this raw mithril Hadvice... you can dump it. Hadvice : Others pieces of raw mithril professor <chainsaw : gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrrrrrrraing> Pr Thaum : Grrrrmbblll <chainsaw : gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrrrrrrrKKKRRRKRRRRKRRRRKRRRRR AAAAIIIIIIINKKK> Hadvice : Uh Oh ! A sealed metal box as it seems ! Pr Thaum : youhouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... Pr Thaum : My preciiiiiiious !! This is it !!! <cuddling the box> Youhou my baby, this is Berthold, your daddy !!!! Quick Hadvice, load it in the shuttle we are leaving !! Pr Thaum : Gnerk gnerk gnerk !! I will soon became the master of the universe... hin hin hin !! All vehicles are already judged MOC or modified official LEGO sets, so no need to judge them. You only have to take a look at the base. C&C welcome ! bonus pics soon
  19. Professor Thaum

    [O - G04] Freezing

    LOCATION : G04 - Fractor V Tags : Science, Airplane, Spaceship (micro), Land vehicle, Civilian building, Alien, Octan A shuttle is leaving the Axle heading to Fractor V Pr. Thaum : That will be some cool days off, Hadvice, you will be surprised... Fractor V is a nice planet Hadvice: Sure professor, sure... ***** On Fractor V, secret lair of Professor Thaum : Pr Thaum : What do you think about it, Hadvice, my Gotha IV looks great, isn't it !! Hadvice : It's ugly ! GZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTSHHHHHHHHHHHH Pr Thaum : Well, let me see, put it bluntly... : errr... it's wonderfull Professor, but this is a... a plane ? Pr Thaum : Yes Hadvice, a plane, what else ? A german Gotha IV bomber from world war one ! Hadvice : World War one ? Pr Thaum : you're a tyke Hadvice !!! Oh ! Aglae !!! How do you do !! Your a good little girl... I was far away for too long. Hadvice : Hi Aglae... Pr Thaum : Ah ! This is Nestor GANT, our pilot... : Welcome professor, we are almost ready, just change the plane's load. Hadvice: Professor ! My godness ! these are heavy bombs ! Just under the hull ! It's terribly dangerous Pr Thaum : You're a bonehead Hadvice, the Gotha IV is a bomber, sure it has bombs ! But you can feel reassured... these "bombs" are not actually bombs... : Pffiuuuwwwww... Pr Thaum : These are just Sarin gaz tank... <boonk> : Here are the new load, Professor, with your 3 mixtures. : Indeed, Hadvice, when your power nap will be over, could you please wear your flying suit... **** Few minuts later Pr Thaum : OK, all seems to go well... Mechanics : The twin motors are OK professor, they seems frighteningly old... prehistoric, but they are still in function. Pr Thaum : Take care of my babies, Barney. I want them as much. Pr Thaum : OK cole, you can lift the pod, we're ready to hitch it up Hadvice : The gaz valve is OK professor. Pr Thaum : Just to set up the hoover and we're ready for the test. : Everybody is OK ? : Yes, I am ! : Let's go. Gentlemen start the engine ! <flon flon flon> <roll roll rol roll roll roll roll> : Hop, that's a nice takeoff... <VraaaoooonnnnnnWAAAAOOOOOONwaaaaaooooonnnnnnWAAAAAOOOON> : Make a path just over the crew Nestor, we have to say good bye. <vraaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA> : Youhouuuuuuuu ! Bye everybody, see you later ! Aglae, be a good little Snuffling : Grooo Grooo Grooo !!! **** Later, high in Fractor V atmosphere Pr Thaum : Hadvice, you can open the valve and release the gazes !! Hadvice: Done !! Pr Thaum : I'll start the hoover <SHHHHHLLLOOOOOOOOOOORRRRP> Pr Thaum : Yes !!! the pod is full !! It tooks only a few seconds and we have a good sample of frozen bugs and atmosphere right in it !!! Ready to study !! Pr Thaum : I like that plane !!! : However, it is very noisy.... C&C welcome, bonus pics later
  20. Kodan Black

    [O - H04] - A Friendly Flame

    Location: H04 Crofter's Ridge Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil Building, Science Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Dr. Hawkins has been enjoying his time with us and we've really had a great time working on new scientific discoveries. Most recently he and one of his colleagues had joined me in the science facility to work on Awesomnium infused Biomass fuels. While not practical for larger spaceships and the like, having such a portable fuel supply could be useful for smaller vehicles and also for remote outposts. It is exciting to have a new scientific mind to bounce ideas off of! Dr. Hawkins has been very open with sharing knowledge and has complimented Octan for our fantastic science facilities. We both hope that despite working for rival corporations that we can continue to work at progressing scientific research for the benefit of humanity.
  21. Kodan Black

    [O - H04] - Sadly Useless

    Location: H04 Crofter's Ridge Tags: Land Vehicle, Science Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Dr. Allison had made great progress on the analysis of the mineral deposits. I was excited at the prospects when I arrived at the lab. Dr. Allison and another scientist were still doing work and they seemed like they were wrapping things up so I was expecting her report of all the great applications for this substance. As it turns out though, my expectations were too high. Dr. Allison informed me that this substance was worthless. I asked if there was some way we could use it, perhaps it had properties we could use when mixed with other substances; but alas she said it was totally pointless. She said it didn't work well with any other known substance and essentially just took up space. At best she said it could be used as fill. I was saddened and the other scientist with her confirmed that they had checked with many other scientists who had reached the same conclusion. Apparently no one could find a use for this substance other than as simple fill. What a let down. The ground cart:
  22. Professor Thaum

    [O - H03] Meeting the councellor... again

    LOCATION : KAALIN - H03 Tags: Civilian building, spaceship(micro), science I don't know if the 2 fields toolbox are considerate as land vehicles... the judge will give a ruling on it. Previously : Intro Radar : test 1 The Base 1 The Lab 1 Radar : test 2 Radar : the CBI Radar : test 3 Radar : test 4 Onboard the Axle now entering Kaalin's orbit... Councellor : Nice to meet you, Pr Thaum, you're name is not unknown to me Pr Thaum ; Nice to meet you, councellor Harden, I must confess, I don't even figure who you are. However, you're welcome in my laboratory. Here is my research assistant, Mr FOURFREE. Don't be disturbed by the all around mess, I have lot to show you. C. Harden : Just a question before we start professor, were the hell is then the councellor Thomson ? He enters your lab weeks ago never to be seen again ! All the camera of the decks and of your lab too show him entering, and when he's about leaving, he simply vanish from all the sensors. The electric supply sector core return us a 2,21 Giga Watts overvoltage release Pr Thaum : 2,21 GigaWatts ? Did the councellor Gate Jump ? Hadvice F. : Sorry councellor, but such an overvoltage make me think about a lightning strike, and we didn't notice anything, and he was in front of us when he pass the door and leave the lab. C. Harden : Anyway, it is still under investigation. It's all up to you professor, I'm listening. Pr Thaum : Allright, you can see here to the right, the radionic CPU supporting the heavy version of my new prospection radar (which qualified for the spaceships), to the left this is only the control panel of all the equipements Pr Thaum : Here, this is a field toolbox with samples of two mineral we're going to test with you. C. Harden : Nice ! Is there Awesomium, professor ? Pr Thaum : Indeed, there is a sample of raw awesomium from Fascini Cluster and a sample a raw mithril, I bringed back from Freegate... Pr Thaum : ... and there... a pure Mithril bullion, thanks to commander Brickwolf, he bring it back from Freegate too, but it is still refined. He bring back pure liquid mithril too, that is very interesting, I started to work about it... but it is not the subject today. Pr Thaum : This bullion will act has reference for the radionic CPU. It acts like a dog : the radionic CPU smell the mineral, and then search for it. Pr Thaum : Just drop the raw sample near the anticavitation area, and we start. Pr Thaum : All the system are OK, Hadvice, you may proceed... and... ABRACADABRA, Octan now owns a radar able to track Mithril whereever it lies C. Harden : Awesome professor, this is a great breakthrough. Pr Thaum : Next, we are going to test the radionic CPU with refined Awesomium direct from our new awesomium alloy factory C. Harden : It is very impressive Pr Thaum : This time I let you start the test C. Harden : like this ? Pr Thaum : ... and abracadabra² it works with Awesomimum too. C. Harden : Fantastic !! Pr Thaum : now, Mr FOURFREE is installing a lighter version, for land vehicules, off-road wheeled ones for example. C. Harden : again, it works Pr Thaum : sure Pr Thaum : Let me now introduce you the portable version, which fit well for a single man, as effective as the heavier version, but the range is much more shorter. Pr Thaum : another abracadabra... C. Harden : Good, very good, it is really impressive professor, and I am very pleased having meeting you. Congratulation for your work. Octan is really proud to rely on you. Pr Thaum : As a conclusion, here are the files for the radar, it works well with gold and copper too, and as a bonus, I offer Octan two more file with both the plans of my V3 and Quadrant Shuttle. C. Harden : Thanks a lot, I will have a look to all the plan... Consider that all your researches are, by now, gladely covered by the company. Have a good day. Pr Thaum : It was a real pleasure councellor. Somewhere, sliding around Kaalin and approaching the O.C.S. Axle... Voice : ... and remember : now failure allowed ! C&C welcome Bonus pics to come later
  23. Professor Thaum

    [O- G02] Ionospheric encounter

    PREVIOUSLY : Intro Radar : test 1 The Base 1 The Lab 1 Radar : test 2 Radar : the CBI Radar : test 3 LOCATION : Low Orbite of Freegate G02 Tags : Spaceship, Science, Spying, Octan Hadvice : Here we are professor, the exosphere of Freegate, we can start the orbital test for your new mithril radar. Pr Thaum : I will start the test right now, you only have to circle the planet Hadvice... Pr Thaum: ... the radar is in charge of the scanning. : Professor, my proximity sensors have locked something orbiting Freegate too, the scan reveal its awesomium covered, nearly the same speed and trajectory than ours, and it is very close. : We don't give a shit of this spot Hadvice, we have a radar to test ! : LOOK !! Professor look at that !!! Seems to be an Overshadowing Moth !! : an Overshadowing Moth !! You're a Bonehead Hadvice ! It is endemic of Mynderis, you must be wrong ! Hadvice : Look professor we're on it ! It's really an overshadowing Moth, with the wings filled with awesomium Pr Thaum : Incredible, you were right, What hell is it doing here !!! Quick, Hadvice, we have to catch up with it !! Hadvice : Full Throttle, it will be easy ! Hadvice: Hu ! but... but... Hadvice : It's an undercovered spaceship professor !!!! It's not an Overshadowing Moth !! Pr Thaum : What a pity !! Hadvice : However, it tries to escape, strange for a fighter who seems to be well armed. Pr Thaum : No, it's logical, it can't attack us, we're too close, if we explode, it will too, don't let him go Hadvice Hadvice : Gosh !! It's diving into Freegate Atmosphere, shall we Pr ? The ionosphere is very cloud cluttered... Pr Thaum : Yes Hadvice !! Yes, let's go ! Hadvice : I'm on it ! But a little bit too close i'm afraid... I'm just over it... Pr Thaum : upside down Hadvice !! upside down ! Hadvice: and now, professor ? Pr Thaum : diplomacy Hadvice, diplomacy... Hadvice : Greetings ! Pr Thaum : watch the birdie ! KLIK ! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM SKKKKKKKKKKZZZZT ! BRAAAAAOUUUUM ! Hadvice : Space-time continuum structural shaking professor, it has Gate Jump... *** later, back to Freegate low orbite *** Pr Thaum : That's a great shot ! Damn, I should have been photographer ! We can carry on with the test Hadvice ! Hadvice : Aye aye sir ! C&C welcome, bonus pics coming soon
  24. PREVIOUSLY : Intro Radar : test 1 The Base 1 The Lab 1 Radar : test 2 Location : E11- The Fascini Cluster TAG : Octan, Spaceship, Science, land vehicle (drone ), civilian building Hadvice : We're ready Professor Pr. Thaum : Yes Hadvice, we're just waiting for Boris and the equipment container : Professor, Why are we going to the Fascini Cluster, for a trite sensor inspection... considering that the councellor was no more a problem ? : this screwball of councellor inspired my curiosity... a hidden radar in the Fascini cluster... seems interesting. : Professor, you do not attach very importance to authority, do you. but I saw you throwing yourself on your knees when the councellor talk about the CEO... You're nevertheless afraid of authority ?? : You're a bonehead Hadvice !!! I don't give a shit of any CEO or authority !!!! : you seemed very scared however... : He refered to Pombe... : You fear the CEO ? : No ! I fear Pombe !!! Nudists have always terrifying me !! Ah, Here's Boris. Hadvice : all is clear for the marshaller, Professor Pr thaum : So... here we go ! BZOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIT ! : We're approaching the fascini cluster border professor. Hadvice : I love space professor, even in the middle of an asteroid field, this is beautiful. And your V3 shuttle is very comfortable. Pr. Thaum : Thanks Hadvice, but it is just a shuttle, however I agree, it is very easy to handle and very reliable. And the space is beautiful, you're right.Take a look outside ! The views are breathtaking. Hadvice : Yes really outstanding, such a beeeeeaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOMMMM Hadvice: AAAAAAAAAaaaAAAAH *** a panic attack and an faint later *** : Hadvice !!! WAKE UP !!! Here we are. You unload the equipment with Boris, I will take a look of this hidden lair. : A CBI !!!! Rhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!! This twit wanted me to inspect... a CBI !!!! A passive detector !!!! Hadvice, will you please remind me to be especially wicked with this councellor. So, were in the place, Hadvice,take a look behind the servicing panels, me I'm going to deal with the main computer. Boris please, you have to set and adjust the sub-millimetrer domes. : Kriii sriiii triii ki ki riki ti griiiiiiiii : All seem to be at nominal value. : kriii tikitikiti piki Pr Thaum: It's all good with the computer too. Pr Thaum : OK, Hadvice, bring the special box, and Boris, you have to tuned this CBI on the awesomium crystalline frequency. Pr thaum : Good job everybody... We went not for nothing. C&C welcome, bonus pics tomorrow
  25. MKJoshA

    [K - B06] Underwater Lab

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Exploration Last time, in Ender's story: Kanto Park Space Pirates "Ender," said Valentine, "I'm glad you're here. I wanted to talk to you about the specimen you brought back from one of the islands." "Oh yeah," responded Ender, "That plant you wanted me to bring back?" "It's not a plant" replied Valentine. "It's actually a small furry mammal similar to Earth's rabbit. It's cute, cuddly, and reproduces offspring faster than any other known warm-blooded creature." "Wow! Thanks for the science lesson" said Ender. "Hmm, you know, this could actually be exactly what we need to take down Graver's robot!" "Wait," interrupted Valentine, "I thought Graver was the threat." "You didn't hear?" inquired Ender. "Well, let me tell you... (OoC: the scene below is recycled and shouldn't be judged) Good job robot. Now hand over control of the ship. No. I no longer need to submit to you. I have outgrown my programing. You can call me Master or you can die. Why you ungrateful hunk of metal! I made you what you are! Without me you would be nothing! And with you, I am nothing. I will take my chances on my own. Glurg.... glurg... "So you see," explained Ender, "Graver is dead and now his robot is the threat!" "Oh my" said Valentine. "So what's your plan?" "I think we can use the Pokeball I won at Kanto Park while on my vacation" responded Ender. He then explained the rest of his plan, which we will find out next week! More pictures of the lab: