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  1. Zerobricks

    Tiger 6x6

    I found a nice abandoned place in the industrial zone today, where I recorded the finished model: I also took a few pictures, hope you will enjoy them: To wrap up, I'm very happy with the performance of this 6x6 version, it is one of my best offroaders to date. Even though the top speed is lower (8 km/h compared to 13 km/h of the 4x4) it more than makes up with the increased torque, much more reliable drivetrain and better offroad performance. The chassis proved very tough, with no noticable bending or loose beams observed, thanks to the use of some 18x 5x7 frames. There were no mechanical failures during the videoshoot, which is IMO a very good indicator of the improved reliability. If anyone is interested in the LDD file, I can finish the digital build and share it here.
  2. Zerobricks

    [WIP] Ute supercar

    I already found a solution by using two soft shock absorbers instead of a single hard one, which doubles my stiffness and helps balance out the force more evenly. Same concept as the double shock abosrbers in the rear, they keep the axle straight and minimize it's bending when accelerating.
  3. Zerobricks

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Yes, Porsche had VERY important new gearbox part. Here's a hint which one it is: click, click.
  4. Zerobricks

    [WIP] Ute supercar

    That's a nice idea, but a torque tube means the axle would swing and that would mess up my double shock absorber setup. I thought about using this MacPherson front setup, but the shock absorber is too bendy IRL: I would need a firmer design, or switch to a normal double wishbone setup.
  5. Zerobricks

    [WIP] Ute supercar

    It should work, but you need a spring to put the gear back when not used. 1. I'm intentionally not using the planetary hubs, because they are inefficient and don't have the high enough gear ratio for what I need. 2. I could use a torque tube, but I'm trying to avoid use of rare elements like this. 3. Since the car will not have the roof, the gear tunnel will have to support a lot of weight. The gearbox can still be made removeable as long as the tunnel is part of the unibody.
  6. Zerobricks

    [WIP] Ute supercar

    Some more progress. The rear axle was redesigned, so that the drive axle is placed higher, so that there is minimum angle difference from the gearbox: The bed is slowly taking shape, and there is enough space in the back for a spare wheel:
  7. Zerobricks

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Like a 24 tooth internal? Problem with Lego planetary gears is they are very inefficient unless they are large like those drill bits from Power Miners.
  8. Zerobricks

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I'd actually love such pieces, since purple happens to be one of my favourite colors But back to the topic, what else are we missing for our gearboxes and how can they possibly top Chiron and Defender's ones?
  9. Zerobricks

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    With every of the last 2 UCS supercars we got some new gearbox elements. I'm hoping for a 24 tooth clutch gear this time. And if it comes, it will probably be in a weird color like green, or such.
  10. Zerobricks

    [WIP] Ute supercar

    I decided to start a new supercar project and after lots of thinkign decided to make an ute just because nobody else made one yet AFAIK. For those who don't know what an ute is, it's when a pickup and a normal or sports car really like each other and end up having a child like this: For this project I set myself the following goals: Unibody construction - The model will have no chassis per-se, the body will be load carrying, something @nicjasno is really good at. Convertible - If you have a sports pickup, why not make it a convertible? This will also force me to make the unibody extremely solid, since there wont be any roof support. Motorized with gearbox - I am using a new high efficiency gearbox idea. Power will be delivered by 4 PF trains motors Realistic suspension - High-gearing solid axle in the back and McPherson suspnsnion in the front Here's the current progress: The gearbox has a total of 4 gears. Wave pieces are used to switch between them. Here's a more detailed view of the setup. As you can see, I used a tilted axle for the overdrive gear: Since the wave selector pieces can't cope with high torque, the gearbox is designed to work with high speed and low torque. That is why it will be powered by the fastest currently available motors - 4 PF train motors spinning at over 2000 RPM generating around 10Ncm of torque. The rear axle is an inverted portal design. It' made to be low as possible so that the bed can be placed nice and low. The axle has a total of 1:12 gear ratio in order to get useful torque from the fast spinning gearbox. Double 24 tooth gears are used in final drive because I expect the car to be quite heavy. So that's the basic idea for now. I will update the topic as I build.
  11. Zerobricks

    Instructions: Paper vs. Digital

    I think having an app that allows you to see the build in 3D would simplify buiding process for technic. But nothing beats physical instructions. Why now have both to complement each other? If you have a problem with physical, you can just check digital and solve your issue.
  12. Zerobricks

    42100 Liebherr R 9800 MODs

    Just leave it spinning with nothing connected to it. Or use a third party app.
  13. Zerobricks

    42100 Liebherr R 9800 MODs

    Ah, right, my bad, forgot the motor doesn't drive the 36 directly.
  14. Zerobricks

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    It's called Pulse Width Modulation and it's perfectly normal with proportional control. Here's a link to the article on Wikipedia: I get lots of questions regarding motor whine on BuWizz support too, because users are not used to proportional control, since Lego only used bang-bang controllers until now.
  15. Zerobricks

    42100 Liebherr R 9800 MODs

    Maybe TLG used a 12 and 36 tooth bevel gear combo because 12 on 12 was slipping due to poor support.