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  1. 42077 Mods Needed

    Here's a video tutorial on how to Motorize the Rally car with Buwizz:
  2. Axle Collection Thread

    Here's an idea inspired by the axle from G63 AMG 6x6: As you can see the axle uses brick built hubs with a combiantion of the ball joints. This setup moves the virtual steering pivot point well inside the tyre: The advantages of this setup are as following: Lower force needed to steer the wheels Reduced sensitivity to bumps The wheels naturally self-center No need for massive wheel arches More realistic And of course there are a few disadvantages: More complex than normal solution Needs more space needed More moving parts Because the hubs are brick built, they may not be as sturdy
  3. Great idea using L motors directly coupled to the wheels! I had same idea a week ago, but I used L motors coupled with power puller wheels and tyres uisng CV joints and hubs and made a VERY capable monster truck chassis. I suggest you try use the CV joints and hubs inetad of U joints. Sure the CV joints WILL suffer and get slightly flat, but they seem to hold on better than U joints and because hubs do all the weight carrying, there is less friction in the axles.
  4. Dominator TRS

    First, sorry for late reply, had abusy week. About the boom, it is suppose to look basic and utilitarian in order to contrast the detailed rest of the model. It also is made the extend out by additional 30 cm, while supporting a weight of around a kilogram. I will record the video as soon as the snow melts. The battery box was left uponed because I was in process of changing batteries didn't bother closing it. This thing drains batteries really fast, so I am thinking of using another source of power for video recording. Here are the close-ups of the rear axle subassembly: Notice anything unusual in the front axle?
  5. Sounds like he forgot to add the inner bearings to the hubs.
  6. Or use a differential instead of 16 tooth gears? EDIT, oops, already mentioned.
  7. Dominator TRS

    Very well obseerved. yes the rear two axles have lockable differentials The 5x11 panels are connected with a function nobody guessed yet And yes, universal joints allow the steering wheel to steer along with the wheels.
  8. Dominator TRS

    I used 3L axles insetad of usual 2L ones and a combination half-width levers, I will take more details picture of engine for you. It is loosely inspired by type of vehicle as seen below: And here is a challenge: Can anyone guess the functions I have not yet stated from the photo below:
  9. Reminds me of my old model built almost a decade ago: Good luck :)
  10. Dominator TRS

    Very good thinking and I agree totally. Unless you use a U-joint like this: Few more photos I took today: The engine is a 15 cylinder in an ?epsilon? configuration.
  11. Dominator TRS

    It should be possible to wedge another gear for reverse, Here is another photo of the model:
  12. Dominator TRS

    Gearbox was made to survive the torque of XL motor/3x L motors in any gear
  13. Here is a sneak peak of one of my biggest projects up to date: Project started with a new type of a gearbox, which uses only two toothgears at any time in order to transfer power from motors efficient to the wheels: Here are a few specs of the model: Length cca. 80cm when folded Width cca. 30cm Height cca. 25cm Weight cca. 4,5 cm Dual rear live axles in the back independent suspension in front 4 electrically controlled gears + 1 additional electro-pneumatically controlled gear Working towing arm in the back capable of lifting weights of over 1kg Dynamic lights All functions controlled by 3 Sbricks Currently we have snow here and I can't shoot a video as planned I will post more info as soon as I manage to take more photos and a video.
  14. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Mind sharing LXF file?
  15. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Here is how the 43,2mm rim sits perfectly in porsche's wheels and acts like a brake disc: