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  1. BuWizz 3.0 can drive/read 4 PU/Boost/Spike, etc... devices and has 2PF ports to drive PF motors/Leds, etc... All the detailed info is in the tech specs:
  2. Wow, the amount of work and dedication that went into this is just amazing. Thank you for this book, I will enjoy my time going through it.
  3. Zerobricks

    BuWizz Motor

    That's the plan.
  4. Zerobricks

    BuWizz Motor

    This is the BuWizz motor thread. The motor should be shipped in April, yes.
  5. Zerobricks

    BuWizz Motor

    April, the mould is currently being produced.
  6. Zerobricks

    BuWizz Motor

    Thank you, interestingly it works normally on my PC, seems to be a mobile bug. We will lok into it.
  7. Please use website contact form for such questions.
  8. Zerobricks

    BuWizz Motor

    No, it's not, can you show me where exactly it states that?
  9. Was about to comment something in that manner, the Volvo and the 42070...or anything else that uses 2 or more diffs.
  10. Zerobricks

    42124 Off-road Buggy MODS & FIXES

    No, 1x3 tile: Held by 2 half-pins:, Pin 1/2&category=[Technic, Pin]#T=C
  11. I know, I have the same parts at home. But still as a whole it's really hard to combine with other systems.
  12. I meant system, yes not Lego, bad choice of words on my part. But still there is nothing "Technic" about that model IMO and it seems like a very closed and limited system.
  13. I know about these, but I wouldn't consider the Outdoor Challenger (lime) as a proper Lego set, more like a modular RC car. It used totally different materials (softer bricks) building system, etc...
  14. Won't happen, cause than kids would complain when the bricks would inevitably break outside. You can't compare open plastic-only mechanical Lego assemblies with proper RC ones which have bearings, enclosed lubricated systems, etc... That's why almost every Lego RC model has indoor only usage smybol.
  15. Zerobricks

    42124 Off-road Buggy MODS & FIXES

    Regarding axle slippage. A somple 1x3 tile held by 2 half pins covering the axle should do the job.