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  1. Zerobricks

    [MOD] 42129 Mods and Improvements

    I think just one, still thinking if I should replace original drive motors too.
  2. Zerobricks

    [MOD] 42129 Mods and Improvements

    I don't understand the question?
  3. Looking good, the only thing I would suggest is to rotate the 9 and 11 stud long white beams under grill to be in the same orientation as the grill so you have a smoother surface.
  4. Zerobricks

    [MOD] 42129 Mods and Improvements

    Found a way to redesign the axles for following improvements: Increased ground clearance under both axles Increased steering angle (by a few degrees) Improved gear meshing on the rear axle with the use of 7x11 frames, so it shouldn't be able to slip out anymore Reduced number of gears on the rear axle drive. I already build the sketches of the axles, only waiting for the set now. And of course I will add a BuWizz 3.0 on top for more power
  5. Zerobricks

    [MOC] Remote controlled 4-speed AWD gearbox

    While it looks good in theory the differential is lacking support and where the 8 tooth gear and diff meet is a weak point which will slip at any higher torque. Did you try blocking the diff?
  6. Zerobricks

    General Part Discussion

    I think it could be useful for easier insertion from the outside inwards. Currently you have the build in correct order - beam, beam, pin,beam, but now you can just insert the pin in the end.
  7. Please understand I'm here to provide support for the issues and that I'm not the person in charge of the team. I sympathize with the issues, and as mentioned before I would like to see all the things implemented and working. Trust me, I am working hard and pushing to have them fixed almost every day, but it involves a lot of external factors we can't control. Regarding release, if we delay the product a few months to polish it, people are unhappy. If we release it without full support, people are unhappy. There is simply no way to please everyone. Regarding gamepad support, there is no gampead available which supports BLE, so we can't directly support it, but only via a third party app.
  8. Please understand that currently lots of people are on holidays, I just returned from a 2 week long work-related trip Also understand that we are a very small team trying our best, you think I as a MOC builder don't want these features and issues resolved ASAP? Personally I'm replying to this forum at this hour out of my own good will and attacking me will just push me away.
  9. PU motors have a more sensitive overcurrent/overheating protection than PF ones, so I think they are just overheating sooner due to the extra available power.
  10. As mentioned before we will be expanding the center steer module to add PID values, trim, power limit, etc. options. Currently we are working on the support for the large angular motor and gearbox module so that we can fully support the Volvo loader.
  11. As mentioned before, please send a ticked via official site for individual cases, this topic is for general chat. To explain center steering does indeed require a mechanical stop, otherwise the model can't possible know where center is. Like trying to park a car in a center of an endless parking lot, you can't center it unless you know where edges are. All official Lego sets use the same process to center and there's no avoiding it. We do plan to add more options to the center steer module on order to limit power and adjust PID parameters. Regarding servo motor oscillating, we tested it and had no such issue on BuWizz 3.0. And yes your model should have more power due to higher available voltage and current BuWizz provides.
  12. BuWizz 3.0 no long uses speed modes due to a different architecture, but we are planning to add simulations io them in the app. Current is limited by battery's hardware to around 7 Ampers. I suggest you use ramp options to reduce the current spikes generated by motors. Thank you for the praise!
  13. Zerobricks

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    I just figured out how the rear diff lock works. The 20 blue tooth clucth gear is used as a straight and a bevel gear at once. The straight part powers a 12 tooth gear which turns the wave selector. The gear itself is powered perpendiculary by a half a stud 12 tooth bevel gear. This way one of the differential outputs axles is used as axle to transfer the torque from the CV joints to the wave selector. The only thing you have to be careful is to limit the wave selector movement so the diff lock doesn't engage the 20 tooth clutch gear which would cause the wave selector to turn along with that drive side. A very smart and a brilliant solution, kudos to Grohl!