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  1. Everyone got the update? Cause my LDD doesnt seem to want to update...
  2. General Part Discussion

    What about the simple dog bone?
  3. Leopard 4x4

    Winch is just meant to help out, not to really pull the whole weight. There will be a video with this plus another model driving outdoors soon
  4. It's like the red color is not the cheapest and default Lego color at all!
  5. Leopard 4x4

    I wanted to use that at first, but it's not as a good combo as yellow+purple. You can see some orange, lime and purple combo here:
  6. After a few month break it's time to get back to Lego and Eurobricks, and why not do it in style I give you the leopard 4x4: The model is a combination of the following ideas and concepts: Quite some time ago I came up with double torque tube suspension idea and now it was time to use it in a real model Claas tyres were an obvious choice due to their agressive profile and massive size. With the release of the 42069 set, I was finally able to build a model with a unique and striking color combination The final model took me some 12 hours to build and the features are as following: - Powered by 4 RC motors and 2 Buwizz - Double torque tube suspension - Independent dual drivelines - Dual servo steering gemoetry - Working winch - Working lights - Openable doors - Openable hood - Openable and removable rear cover Specs: - Width: 24 cm - Height: 24 cm - Weight: 1600 grams - Final gear ratio: 1:5 from outermost RC motor output - Total power: ~60 watts Now onto the photos: The rear trunk can be opened: There is barely enough room left for seats in the interior. Notice the different springs used to potimise suspension. The before mentioned springs give the model excellent flex: There are two servo motors used in order to keep the steering system as stiff and strong as possible: Under the hood there is a hidden winch, which is strong enough to lift the car: And the final, most important photo. Notice how the left and right side wheel drive axles use different colored joiners and bushes: And finally there is a video of the model in action: Safe to say the combiantion of the four RC motors and two Buwizzes with a low gear combiantion of 1:5 results in a model with impressive performance. As seen in the video Leopard can wheelspin all 4 wheels when accelerating on flat surface, which is a first for any of my Lego offroaders. Dual servo motors provide massive steering power and rigidity and allow the wheels to be steered into obstacles with ease. Only downside to the model is it's slightly high center of gravity cause by all the added panels and detailing. P.S. It feels good to be back
  7. Here you can see, how simply skewing and slightly blurring the picture makes the panel look like a 5x11. I really do wish for new parts, but in this case I highly doubt we are gettign any new dog bones.
  8. Also one more proof. See how linear actuators are attached to the boom. There is a red T piece, which is same height as the panel above.
  9. Rener, look at your avatar. It looks like a weird elipse shaped variation of a 24 tooth gear! Its same optical illusion here...
  10. Yes, those are 5x3 dog bones in red, it would not make sense for Lego to release both 3x5 and 3x7 dog bones in same color, because they would be too easy to mix up. Also as @Bartybum mentioned, the rear panels are also curved 3x11, 3x7 types and they are same height.
  11. Would be awesome to see steering modes returning from Class.
  12. A friend of mine mentioned, the arm thing on the volvo is actually a camera, which makes total sense, seeing the wires going out of it. If this is indeed the case, we might be looking at a set, which can be remotely controlled via a phone or a tablet with actual videolink feedback. That would be an awesome upgrade to the Power Functions!
  13. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    Hi Can someone tell me what is the point of a high number of CV joints on the trailer?
  14. Axle Collection Thread

    Here's an upgrade of @Jurss 's design with a higher gear ratio and a stiffer gearbox:
  15. Axle Collection Thread

    As promised here is the photo of the idea: I am tempted to build a small tatra whit this setup