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  1. BuWizz 2.0 has a small wire for antenna and 3.0 has antenna from metal.
  2. From my experience the PU XL motors are hughly prone to dying. It seems the electric motors no longer use carbon brushes and are therefore more sensitive to overload.
  3. I suggest you add something to stop the 3L axles with stop from sliding out of the portal hubs.
  4. That's massive indeed. Hope to see more photos, especially the hub assembly. I'd assume you are using large turntables to hold the wheels?
  5. You can connect motors driving left side to one channel, motors driving the right side to second channel, steering to third and you have a channel free.
  6. Agreed, a proper V6 or inline 4 would look more realistic and would probably work smoother. Otherwise it's a very good and unique set and a very pleasent building experience.
  7. The PF battery boxes do not provide the power BuWizz motors require for maximum performance, same issue as with using RC buggy motors with PF. The PF battery boxes have some 800 mA current limit, while BuWizz has 4.0 amp limit for 2.0 and 7.0 amp limit for 3.0. And with BuWizz you don't need the PF receiver.
  8. Also I suggest you use the biscuit piece instead of the 5L beam. This will keep the gear from slipping out sideways.
  9. Brilliant discovery! I think some smooth, slik fillament should work even better.
  10. I'm usually responding to support with technical issues and I try to respond within a day. BUT certain specific things I can't answer like function implementation dates and such are transfered to other members.
  11. Interesting, though I have a question. Why are you gearing up the motors with planetary hubs, only to gear them down again in the axles? Why not just use direct drive , or better still just place the motors inside the axles, thereby removing lots of complexity?
  12. Looks good, though I would love to see more photos of the driveline and such.
  13. Currently I have some 5,5 studs under the axles and 6,5 studs under the gearbox. I'm also thinking of raising the egarbox by a stud and using red differentials as a high gear.