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  1. RULES Build a body on the top of the predefined chassis. Instructions can be found here: You may extend or retract the cassis by 2 studs and change the type of wheels. Any other changes to the chassis are not allowed. You are only allowed to use unmodified Lego bricks and a BuWizz, no gluing or such allowed. You may use third party rubber bands or strings. Each participant is judged in for the following: 1. Aesthetics – the model with the best-looking body 2. Most epic stunts performed – a jump, drift, crash, chase, etc… Try your best to set up and record the most epic video of your creation. Contest voting will be held at here Eurobricks forums, each user can assign points to 6 competitors using the following formula: Contestant 1 : 10 points Contestant 2 : 6 points Contestant 3 : 4 points Contestant 4 : 3 points Contestant 5 : 2 points Contestant 6 : 1 points Competition start: 10.09.2018 Competition END: 10.10.2018 PRIZES: 1 st prize: 3 x BuWiz 2 nd prize: 2 x BuWiz 3 rd prize: 1 x BuWiz
  2. 50-60 meters is in ideal circumstances, but I agree you range is a bit low. Personally I use two phones and there is a world of difference, the older phones seem to have a stronger BT with higher range.
  3. Can you try with an Android based phone and see if results are same? Best regards
  4. How many and what kind of motors you use in your rally car? If Buwizz's battery is almost empty, the additional strain can reset it, explaining the loss of connection.
  5. Problem with Iphones is they have a very poor Bluetooth controller chip. Also intereference from open WiFi networks can decrease range.
  6. Zerobricks

    Zero's workshop

    You do not pair with Buwizz, you use the app. Check the tutorials I made on Buwizz's channel :)
  7. Zerobricks

    Zero's workshop

    Hi, you have to set up power level in BuWizz app and than use Sbrock :)
  8. Zerobricks

    Zero's workshop

    There are new torubleshooting vids available to help you :)
  9. Zerobricks

    Zero's workshop

    Hi everyone I have a small update which I want to share... As of today I am working for BuWizz team, where I am responsible for Technical support - helping with technical issues and tutorials Building and recording all kinds of models powered by BuWizz to show off it's performance and And finally community support and feedback So now you can expect more of my content, but not only here and on my channel, but also on BuWizz's official youtube channel.
  10. Zerobricks

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    So I finsihed this model today. Aestehtics: The car generally looks very good, most of the details are very well done, but it seems the level of details is not constant, The rear and front parts are perfect examples and contradictions in this regard. Functionality: Here's where things get tricky... While the gearbox is a marvek of engineering, it with a combination of the engine produces A LOT of friction, especially in high gears. And yes I made sure all gears are spinning smoothly. My car came with slightly different suspension arms which have a large nodge lenghtwise. They grabbed the 3L friction pins much harder than any other beams, so the friction in the front suspension is very high. Yes the car does not return to the original position, but the suspension does raise some 6mm and that is good enough for me. Construction: The model is incredibly dense and stiff. I am not sure if all the cross reinforcments and layers are really needed, have a feeling there is a current trade at work to use more pieces just to bloat the number of parts... IMO the whole model could be optimised to get rid of at least 500 pieces, while keeping the chassis stiff.
  11. Zerobricks

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Took the day today to build and stream the 42083 on my youtube. So far I finished the rear, parts of the chassis with gearbox, suspension and engine. All I can say is that it's DENSE. I do not know if all the cross reinforcing and multilayered beams are really needed, but so far this part of the chassis is very stiff and solid. Having said that, I dislike the way designer attached rear brake holders, they are not aligned with the rear hubs and they are attached with friction pins...The whole suspension has friction pins where not needed. And the one place where they could use the friction pins, to hold the springs (black part of 6,5L springs have slightly larger holes) they used frictionless ones... I am also a bit worried about the 5,5L axles sliding out of the differential when suspension is compressed, I think they could add a few bushes to hold the axles inside and just rely on the 12 tooth gears to hold the axles in place.
  12. Zerobricks

    [MOC] Dual-Driveshaft Pickup

    Your system works great for normal use, but at extreme angles there will be issues, yes. Hope you are not discouraged.
  13. Zerobricks

    [MOC] Dual-Driveshaft Pickup

    No, I mean try twisting the truck's axle 90 degrees with both driveaxles locked.
  14. Zerobricks

    [MOC] Dual-Driveshaft Pickup

    It's same sitation as the actuators used to lift the 42082, which get desynced at higher angles. Imagine one of your axle flexes 90 degrees. One of the driveshafts will gain +90 degrees and other one will lose 90 degrees. This will cause one of them to carry much higher load and othe other one can even oppose it. You can try it by fixing U joints to the frame and to the axle and trying to flex the axle.
  15. Zerobricks

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Did anyone think how increasing the angle of boom operation affects force? Let me tell you, the higher the movement angle you want to achive, the smaller the lewer, the more force its needed. That would mean that actuators would have to be fixed at a lower point of the boom, where there would be more force on them and actuators themsleves would struggle more, especially in an already difficult setup. Those +10 degrees are IMO a nice balance to ease up the lifting function. Otherwise they would have to use more actuators and lifting function would be slower and everyone, their grandma and her dog would complain about that.