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  1. Professor Thaum

    [S4 - Malachor - DC] Magick meets Machine

    Nice build. The room looks very empire style. The sarcophagus is great, the choice of some colors allows a dim blue glowing effect that fits perfecty with the atmosphere. I like those children of Kreia and especially the droid !
  2. Morut Station now complete, over planet Taris :
  3. Professor Thaum

    [R6 - Felucia - DC][Clone Wars Era] The Green hell

    All those builds are wonderful. Enough to feel the atmosphere of Felucia. Special mention to all the bases and the cliff of the first pic. As already, a standing ocation for this outstanding display I have just a question : what is TT ?
  4. Professor Thaum

    FACTIONS: Bounty Board

    This poor engineer will not escape from Mandalorian trackers as it seems...
  5. Professor Thaum

    [MOC] The Fortress of Falkenholt

    That's really awesome guy ! There are so many good stuff. I love this underground cave and thoses trees but this castle is jaw-dropping ! Well done !
  6. Professor Thaum

    [MOC] A Skirmish at North Bridge

    Shhhhhh ! Quiet ! You'll get us seen !
  7. Longue vie à la compagnie Le Bellan !
  8. Over Taris, just popping out of hyperespace, the third part of the Morut station is closing to the main assembly. more close pics : main bay and living quarters, and docking control.
  9. Professor Thaum

    [MOC] A Skirmish at North Bridge

    If you're fond of history, you may join us at the Pirate MOCs forum, as our member A_Goodman did ! Have look at that beautiful battle : the skirmish at North Bridge. Don't hesitate to share your historic views with us !
  10. Professor Thaum

    [ N7 - Taris - MA ] Morut Space Station (part 1)

    Credits to @Bob De Quatre Borrowed from him and Andromeda Gates.
  11. Yog !!! Even the set is worth an order !
  12. Professor Thaum

    [Bounty] [M 17 - Ord Ibanna - MA ] Racing Day

    Let's wait for the next infos about the bounty... perhaps you will have this
  13. Professor Thaum

    [MOC] The Flying Toucan

    The bow is killer, I like those garlands !
  14. Professor Thaum

    FACTIONS: Bounty Board