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  1. Professor Thaum

    [COR-FB] Visitors for Lavalette

    you and me both
  2. Professor Thaum

    [MOC] Micro M-Tron Mining Operation

    Another great micro @pombe, the doors are a really nice touch. And this lovely digger
  3. Professor Thaum

    [SR - FB 1 Jul 18] In Flanders Fields

    @Bodi See the spoiler at the starting of the thread
  4. Professor Thaum

    [SR - FB 1 Jul 18] In Flanders Fields

    Thanks, I thought it would be boring to have a full scale field full of poppies without any other stuff, so... You're a sly old fox Glad it pleased you.. for a LDD one. I'm pretty satisfied
  5. Not far away from a water mill, there's a large field of some interesting flower which are growing thanks to Poppy Port sunlight A large black poppies plantation for Poppy Port C&C welcome... if more pics wanted, just ask
  6. Professor Thaum

    [SR - AMRCA - Doctor Thaum] The hunt for Red Oktober

    Thanks to those who commented/GMed this AMRCA
  7. The gate is very nice, and I still like your idea to use real plants in background the battling area is well rendered... and I will keep an eye on your story
  8. Professor Thaum

    [SR-Era II Challenge] The quest for the dark secret

    I like your story ! gongratz for the vignettes... very fitting The blue tassel, seems to be a very good place really great stairs
  9. A good one ! Nice sail
  10. The transcript is killer The "altar" and the surroundings are great too... nice wooden wall
  11. Mwahahahaha This thread cracks me up... More please ! More !
  12. OK we are going to release the 2 ships... but for Prince Alex we can ask for the bar tab ?
  13. Agreed !! Give some DBs to the rats (not 8000, we are low wage earner ) ten times less and we're done... that's a cheaper and faster solution than this you are suggesting
  14. A very funny thread I was away for too long I have just one little remark I just saw MAESTRO fueling Prio with 8000 Dbs to help them dealing with the rats... Mwahahahahahahaha, spoilt rich brats ! Sorry @Maxim I you're largely out of proportion, the rats just asked for about 700 DBs to close the subject... I think these 8000 are far too much... You poser with your dough. I think we are up for an arms race, all that fuss for a trivial bar tab...
  15. Professor Thaum

    [SR-FB] Bru-HaHa goes full production.

    That's a Wow !! for me... I love this victorian style Wonderful factory for our Bru Ha Ha... full of details and good stuff. With numerous good ideas... a truly amazing one.