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  1. Captain Cookie hides a treasure

    Great one !! I like captain cookie's batman and all this full brickbuilt palmtree and so the ground and the sea, nice touch, and without wedge ! Hat's off !
  2. [MMM] A merry Mokolei Merrynight

    the stilts and the juggler -> excellent the dragon -> awesome nice touche of color with the canopy
  3. [MMM] The Charity of Luna

    the oven/bbq is awesome... and what a big turkey !! nice roof !
  4. I saw that the delay reach January the 30th. I could perhaps display one more entry !
  5. [Era II - Ch I - Cat. B - nmr 4] Keep off the grass

    Merci Faladrin, j'avoue être bien plus embêté par la perte de nombreux fichiers lego que par la mort de l'ordi.
  6. Class 7 Espada de Luna

    Really beautiful... with a nice eslandolan colour scheme
  7. [Era II - Ch I - Cat. B - nmr 4] Keep off the grass

    Thanks for the kind words, I will be off delay for the cat C. built : I have to rebuild it whole to retake pics (and it was pretty huge) and I had planned one more cat. B entry (pics lost too) but I think I will rebuild them both and post them even if I am off challenge. From a Lego "bionicle" or "hero factory" set of my older son. I don't remind. No, because the builts were pretty old (I made them in september and so took the pics) I had a story arc planned in Celestia searching the orchid before the challenge was created, but my builts don't last long because my youngest son is a fierce lego raider and a rapid builder. I have to rebuilt, and I will be off delay, but I will rebuilt them however. For the computer, no way to have the pics back, it is really dead. one of the hard drive is "cooked" also seems to be the motherboard. I hope the second hard drive is not as knackered.
  8. previously Doctor's Thaum diary Jameston, January 618, the 15th Celestia Superb Orchid Search, 10th day We left the shores of Celestia and we enter the inner island fives days ago. The rank vegetation drove the Garret twins to opt for water travel, they built two basics but strongs rafts and we continue the travel through this thick jungle by the easiest way... Indeed it seems that a travel on dry land could have huge impact on the untouch flore of Celestia. I have to scold Callaghan many times to avoid the scraping of some beautiful but fragile flowers like this beautiful one - thanks to the swampy area, no doubt that we have here another kind of Arum (Fig A). We could see, a beautiful colored snake (Fig B), but we don't have many information except Iauln drawing because Callaghan refuse to help us for scientific testing like knowing if it was poisonous or if its bite was painful or if it was a constrictor one. The highlights of this swamp travel was a wonderful giant carnivorous plant like we have never seen before, once again Callaghan refuse to take part to any scientific test. Iauln made some drawings while Sven and I were starstruck by such a beauty (Fig C.) We decided to call it "hungarius uncontrollibus drosera" as it certainly use snap traps to ensure prey catching. Fig A. Arum Bromeliaceae gigas Fig B. Fig C. Hungarius Uncontrollibus Drosera C&C welcome, this is sadly my last challenge 1 built, because of the dead of my PC and so the lose of many pics (not only those of the challenge )
  9. [Era II - Ch I - Cat. B - nmr 1] Healthy shore

    Thanks, I've made this built around that crab ! He was the first built and gave me the idea. He was once designed for being caught with a net by the Andromeda near the LaCrosse wreck.
  10. BoBS CMF - Series 9

    great display of minifigs again I especially like King Philip and the smuggler with the parrot (the tail in a ninja scabbard ? right ?)
  11. That's a great one ! Very nice inn for Jameston (as already said) and a great cat A. entry
  12. [COR-CWW] ETTC Loading Station and Warehouse

    the wagon way is great so is the crane (but the pic does not show the proper render and so does not proper justice to the crane, maybe another shot from 90 angle... seems bulky like this but is not IRL) I like the wharehouse, and I'm jealous of the mass of cool parts inside... I will certainly order a raid
  13. and the third one : and a fourth entry cat. B
  14. previously Doctor's Thaum diary Celestia, North of Vanilla Bay, January 618, the 9th Celestia Superb Orchid Search, 5th day The past two days were a struggle against barren rocks, cliffs and winds of the northwestern cape of the island. We are now entering Orchid Bay, right in the very north of Celestia, we are close to the jungle but, if not rocky as the cliffs, the way must be very hard too. We may have to fight with our cutlass to pass through the rank vegetation. Luckily, the Garret twins are skilled buccaneers and theirs advices are very useful. They found a path of plants mixed with sands, were it is very easy to walk through, Iauln took advantage and unearthed a ant-hill (with some giant ants) and Sven and I enjoyed some beautiful flowers (Fig 1 and Fig 2) with one of them surely being an orchid (Fig 2) , but not The Great One I'm afraid. Fig 1 Fig 2 C&C welcome as usual, third Cat. B entry one more to come before cat. C