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  1. South Silitholina, Commonwealth Of Terraversa zone. A warehouse on a street not far from the Sil river. Dodson : Greetings doctor, and mister Callaghan, we are ready for the first delivery, please come in ! inside the warehouse Callaghan : Arg ! Goodness gracious ! A monster ! Again ! Dr Thaum : You're a bonehead Callaghan ! This is only my new star of seafood platters, you won't be afraid of food, have some sense ! The Gloubster ! Plumpy as a Gloogloo, sophisticated as a lobster, with a touch of my hallucinogenic snails, a beauty ! Callaghan : You turn everything you touch into monstrosity ! For sure you're a maniac ! Dr Thaum : The Devil take your impertinence Callaghan ! Once you've tasted it, you'll love it ! With some special carots it is wicked ! Carter : The gloubster is packed doctor, ready for departure ! Mr Troian will take care of the delivery. Dr Thaum : Fine, Mr Carter. We've got a fine operation going ! ****** Shekpoinsharley bridge, later. Troian is on board his trusty canoe... A special delivery under the bridge between sector Corrington and sector Oleon. On the bridge there are some more common goods transportation. Althought... That's my cat. D build in collaboration with @Faladrin stay tunned for his part, coming soon. some bonus shots : The warehouse could be licenced as a medium commerce if needed. C&C welcome as usual.
  2. Professor Thaum


    Nice fortress. I like this breastwork for the gun. There are some really great realisations on your instagram. May I suggest to change your pics background, a tiled wall is useful in a kitchen for sure, but a white background should give more relief to your building job
  3. Professor Thaum

    [ESL - Ch IV - Cat A] Priorities!

    Gorgeous floor.... Spoilt rich brat !
  4. This mill is a great one for sure, but this is all your brick built animals I noticed the most. The bird on the top of the mill is gorgeous !
  5. Coast of Nola Mar nowadays, a remote orphanage under Athena's gaze. It was obvious that the Doctor Thaum, well known philanthropist from Tortuga will gave some support to needy children. So some doubloons refilled the coffers of the institution after this short but intense fight. And a team of skilled workers got through together. **** On the floor below... Dr Thaum : So, Mr Johnson, you have to draw up a map of all those flooded catacombs. I know from the horse's mouth that the catacombs are linked to the city sewage network. Take your time and do a good job ! Barnet accompanies you ! Mr Johnson : You can rely on me, Oliver. C&C welcome as usual, my second CH IV entry. This cat B for the cleric of Nola Mar.
  6. Professor Thaum

    [COR - ChIVB] Nola Mar Priory

    I second @Faladrin : there's nothing more to say except a special mention to the balcony rails.
  7. Professor Thaum

    [SR - CH IV - Cat. A] A matter of hygiene

    And of course this build could be understood Pro Oldis but in fact it is not. @Ayrlego
  8. Professor Thaum

    Rebuilding Terraversa - Era II, Challenge IV

    My Cat A entry The cat B is here :
  9. King's Port, nowadays Dr Thaum : You see Mr Tripps, The small quarrel that was settled here leave its mark on the port. Tripps : Sure doctor, but I'm sorry, I don't really understand what a man of medicine has to do here, it's only a matter of workforce. All the scraps are going to be tipped into the port, there is enough water to clean the whole ! Dr Thaum : Gross Mistake, Mr Tripps, King's Port is a great city, and so it has some smart urban planning, like running water on wells and especially those sewers. But... If you dump all your scraps right into it, you will have a completely separate issue with a possible epidemic going around. Blocked sewage often leads to contamination of potable water. That's why I offer Oldis my services for cleaning the sewers. I have a very reliable team, and some small custom boats for that kind of job. **** **** LATER **** Dr Thaum : Those small skiffs were originally used for pond fishing on Tortuga...But they fit perfectly for sewage cleaning. Tripps : You are probably right doctor, so I'm going to trust you. You may consider you have a contract with King's Port for the sewers. Dr Thaum : Thanks Mr Tripps. **** Dr Thaum : OK boys, this contract is a great opportunity to develop a whole smuggling network inside the sewers of King's Port ! I want TWO maps of the whole underground area with all surface manholes and one of the map should also displays the openings inside existing buildings. Smuggler : And so you will give one map to Oldis Doctor ? Dr Thaum : You're a bonehead, Parker ! Of course not ! I'm paid by Oldis to clean the sewers, but I'm also paid to supply someone else with a map of King's Port's underground. The last map is for us, I will not miss such an opportunity. Parker : But you are double-dipping ! I'm not sure this is really fair-play ! Dr Thaum : You're a bonehead Parker ! Don't forget we are Sea Rats ! C&C welcome, that's my first build for the challenge IV.
  10. Professor Thaum

    [OL- CH IV - CAT A] Terraversan War Memorial

    A really nice idea. I love it very much.
  11. Nice work with the maps @Mesabi Will be of great use for sure !
  12. Professor Thaum

    [MOC] imperial flagship upgrade

  13. Professor Thaum

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    Welcome @omnihash_cz : did you see that I sent you a PM ? (a red tag with a white " 1 " inside at the top right corner of that page just beside an envelope and another red tag with a white "1" because I tagged your pseudo beside a bell ) You will be soon added to the Sea Rat common channel.