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  1. [COR] Museum Of Natural Sciences, Jameston

    You're right... That fits to those greenhouses... But I will borrow tge concept for a more modern use
  2. [COR] Museum Of Natural Sciences, Jameston

    Really nice one Perhaps a little bit too modern ?
  3. Thoses ships are really great !! Special bow to the vomiting man and the officer tied to the mast !!
  4. Nowadays, port of Tortuga : : That's really a nice schooner, you're going to entrust to me, Oliver. A perfect one for privateering, strong hull, swift and maneuverable !! Can't wait to sail ! : but just a question, Oliver, why these wooden guns ? For template ? : No, for my boys safety of course ! : Eh ??!! : You will not fire real guns with my boys on board, Antonio ! : Errr... what are we supposed to fire with... wooden guns ?? : potatoes my friend ! Antonio Feliciano Trezalez y Tondoz y Gazon : Potatoes ??!! Doctor Thaum : yes, and salpetre instead of black powder ! Voices : Billions of Blue Blistering Barnacles ! Ten thousand thundering typhoons ! Ahoy ! Bashi-bazouks ! Antonio F. T. y T. y G. : Uh ? What are these voices ? Doctor Thaum : Your crew my friend ... Kids : YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH ! Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles in a thundering typhoon !! We are the pirates ! Doctor Thaum : Here you are, boys, this is your ship ! And your captain, Antonio Feliciano Trezalez y Tondoz y Gazon ! Kids : YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ! Kid : look at this double barreled gun !! Top notch !! Another kid : Wooohoooo !!! This mega gun is going to kill it !!! Antonio F. T. y T. y G. : Oliver, you expect me to sail with a crew of tyke, and this with no real guns !!! You're yanking my chain, right ? Doctor Thaum : Absolutely not ! These kids are orphans of this awful Juniper War, I took care of them, have them raised and now they are going to have some good times All kids have the dream of being pirates on the brick seas ! But in total safety this time ! A kid : Guys !! Here comes our flag !!! Doctor Thaum : That's a very clever one, Buddy ! You can heave it ! Buddy : Billions of blue blistering boiled and barbecued barnacles !! Doctor Thaum : Here's a bag with maps, and letters, you will find a list of ship you are allowed to attack (some captains owe me some favors and are perfectly aware of this ship) and a list of island where are burried some chests full with pirates devices... My kids should enjoy their trip and get out in one piece ! It all depends on you Antonio ! Antonio F. T. y T. y G : I will do my best Oliver, but you're the strangest man I've met on the brick seas ! Doctor Thaum : Have a nice trip, kids !! You have all my trust Antonio, have a nice trip too ! Kids : Billions of billious barbecued blue blistering barnacles !! Bye bye doctor, we will comeback full of moneys and with numerous bottles of rhum, zounds !! Jolly Rogers, a class 5 schooner, bonus pics under the spoiler, thanks for reading. C&C Welcome
  5. [SR - FB] The Alois Forever

    another wonderful microbuilt !
  6. And so finally ? How does gentlemen from Corrington dress ? I wish we could have same thread from Oleon and Eslandola
  7. [TSotEP] 4 - Hiring the Crew

    your port is fantastic, and I think I'm well aware of your source of inspiration
  8. [SR - MCRA Mar] On Trial Again

    The gate is just awesome, with thoses pillars and 3 imbricated arches !
  9. [Prologue] The Return of Sister

    Great microbuilt Pombe ! The dynamite for the wings !! I like the GATE vortex effect
  10. Three Little Subs

    Great ones for sure, I like the second too which fits better with your colors !
  11. So Far Away From Home

    That's a great manor house...
  12. [SR - FB 1 - MAR 18] A Smoking Room

    a postcard is set behind the windows for those who ask Thanks all for the comments
  13. Eslandolean Black Suede Shoes

    Excellent !!! I will afford me a pair !!
  14. A classy smoking room