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  1. And one day... the strange bananas were gone... Mr Havershaw is really puzzled, perhaps a bird ?
  2. Professor Thaum

    Settlement: Tortuga, Sea Turtle Island, Sea Rats

    a small shrine for the God of Seas
  3. South shoal of Tortuga, nowadays A priest of Poseidon stands near a God of the Sea's dedicated shrine. Priest of Poseidon : Rhaaa, the COB will be tremendously mad, the chest of offering are almost gone... I need some dough, I wish this weird doctor should pay for the benediction of his innumerables ships ! Dr Genius : Tadaaaaaaaaa Priest of Poseidon : Gosh !!! Dr Genius : Some trinkets for you. C&C welcome, I finally posted the original one, with the genius (not as smart as @Capt Wolf's one) because the alternative story was a mouldy one. this si a small cultural built for Tortuga AND the bill for my extra ship levels
  4. Nice one... Great rigging ! For a topsail schooner, it is especially well rendered. I always avoid to built one just because of the topsail. I was afraid of a possible ugly rendering. Yours is impeccable. Well done !
  5. Professor Thaum

    [SR - FB] Lothario's poker lounge

    I love this one !
  6. Professor Thaum

    [COR Jan FB1/GOC] Spudkirk Armoury

    The "just ok" touch from @Ayrlego My lego bricks are burning in the garden
  7. I was just kidding... all this project is a real phenomenon
  8. Only a 34 x 34 floor ? I tought about ten times this value Your chandelier will outreach the border
  9. Professor Thaum

    I wish I had more ship levels ...

    No prob, I will post the original and the updated version (my genius is not as smart as yours)
  10. Professor Thaum

    [COR - Ship Level Increase] The time has come...

    Nice rod and curtains… an idea to borrow.
  11. Professor Thaum

    [ESL-Sistership] Third time's the charm

    Yes, very nice, now we want a full ship wraped around
  12. @Kolonialbeamter This is kolonial beamter rising fro the dead !!
  13. Professor Thaum

    I wish I had more ship levels ...

    I will change the genius by a priest of Poseidon and post it soon
  14. Professor Thaum

    I wish I had more ship levels ...

    Megablock !! I had the same idea and the same palm tree on my island !!! I hate you... now I have to change the built... and the main idea ! /boo
  15. Professor Thaum

    [OL-Ch2A] Fort in Astrapi, Île de Zeus

    You're welcome