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  1. [COR FB] Thanksgiving in Elizabethville

    Great great ideas for the food...sandwich, cookies... well done !!
  2. [MOC] Blow, Harry, Blow!

    This is awesome ! The monster is really great, especially with the nice touches of the island wiith skeleton and the harpoons sticked in it ! The blowing Harry exceptionnal
  3. Arrival at King George's Cove

    Yes, we like it !! And yes we want more pics !! The tower is beautiful ! So are the three islands !
  4. Er... Should we understand that you chop down rares species only to avoid some rain drops ? or that in this island they are very few trees to make descent shelters ? that's to say if you are exploring like a wiseman with the british touch as expected for a gentleman of Corrington or like an american prospector (damn' it !! where is the dough ! Holy bishop shit !)
  5. Captain Whiffo's Duel...

    Wow, this inn is really nice with numerous lovely curves !... the furniture are masterpieces (so are the stairs !! )
  6. [SR - AMRCA - Doctor Thaum] The hunt for Red Oktober

    Carloni worked hard a part of the night to finish the doctor's order... and finally on the deck of the Andromeda : Capt. B. Wolf : Another blasted thing on my ship, Oliver... What's hell is that ? Dr Thaum : That's my secret, but you will have to take a special care of this crate, put it with the ropes and lock it well, Barney Capt. B. Wolf : Yes, we will be carefull, Oliver, and... Iauln : CAAAST OOOOOFF !!! Dr Thaum : please my boy, only the captain or the bosun could order maneuver on a ship, and that's not under complain ! Thanks Carloni, your price will be mine. Carloni BENEDETTO : You'll fix it with my brother Doctor. Allways a pleasure working for some aesthete. ALL IS READY LET'S ADVENTURE BEGIN !
  7. [SR - AMRCA - Doctor Thaum] The hunt for Red Oktober

    some gun are loaded in the frigate
  8. Just other pics, the Andromeda with full sails and some rigging :
  9. [SR - FB2 Nov] 3rd Fort of Bastion

    a shaft / ball 22484 in dark bluish grey Here on Brickowl My 8 years old son has numerous of them as ammunition in trans neon orange for his Lego Nexo Knight
  10. Really nice ! the leaved one is beautiful ! And the shinny colors reflect the paradise style of the island.
  11. [OL - FB] Learning Navigation from Natives

    I like how the sun shine in the blue sky, just beghind the palm leaves roof That's a nice marquee !
  12. [SR - FB2 Nov] 3rd Fort of Bastion

    When you're receiving distinguished guests... you have to upgrade the town, the yacht club, cricket ground and night clubs will follow also in micro built
  13. @Bregir : could we have the Era II Orchid challenge pinned please... to have easiest access.
  14. [COR - Cruisers of Terra Nova] HMS Wentham - Class 5

    That's a great LDD one... with full details You're ready to have one brick built !