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  1. Professor Thaum

    [SR - FB sep 18] Campanas de los Infiernos

    mwarf ! Just noticed the two bricks missing at the top of two reinforcements (couldn't find the word in english for "aileron" in Sere de Riviere system brickwork ) my bad
  2. Professor Thaum

    [BTSC] Weelond Regiment FC needs pineapples!

    Mwarf !!! Excellent story and smart built of Weelond street hawker Like your team display... The idea of a different kind of pics to raise funds is so Eslandolan...
  3. Professor Thaum

    Foraleza di Montario

    Absolutely wonderful one !!! What a shape !! what a work ! Like the beams !!
  4. At the desolate point of the coast just south east of the defiled city of Charlatan Bay, a rocky cape plunging deep into the reefs surrounding the volcanic island, a fort was built. First it was called infierno's end but after the first trials of the cannons from the fort, and the assounding reverberation of the blow against the cliffs, the name was changed into : Campanas de los Infiernos... the Hell's Bells. Later, the doctor Thaum, passing through for astronomical observation, had an observation tower at the west end of the fort odered to sharpen the accuracy of the battery artillery. The south-east part of the fort is a 3 sided cannon rampart (I don't find the correct english word for "banquette d'artillerie" ) a cover for the main path to Charlatan Bay. the tower : The west side of the fort, one rampart and 3 small bastions (2 next to the tower and 1 at the groove ) could catch enfilade fire for the entire coastline from the fort to the port. a large fort for Charlatan Bay C&C welcome
  5. Professor Thaum

    [SR - FB] Bastion coast guard

    Yeah that's a nice one... well done the pier and the observation tower, the sea rats touch !
  6. Professor Thaum

    [SR - UoT Sep 18] Anatomy theatre

    So we must change it... To corrish board : please could you update your university in order that it fits with MY builts ( @Mesabi @Bregir @Ayrlego )
  7. Location: Arlinsport Type: Royal University Corrington, Arlinsport, University of Tiberia, Smythe college, Anatomy theatre, about 45 years ago. with a door for the teacher and his assistants ladder for students decomposition tank Teacher and extatic students C&C welcome, another 24x24 footprint for the University of Tiberia
  8. Professor Thaum

    [MOC] Space Fish

    Really nice !! What a shape !
  9. Professor Thaum

    To Hell (and back?)

    Just an add-on Cool shooting of the vignettes. well thought the ashes on the sea and nice window I will keep an eye on your story arc
  10. Professor Thaum

    A letter to the court

    Very nice story I'm a big fan... Clever display of cool minifigs
  11. Professor Thaum

    [SR - Era II - Ch II - Cat. C] Blut im Auge

    Thanks mates Yeah that was a good idea, thanks to @Captain Braunsfeld Stay tunned
  12. Professor Thaum

    [MOC] The Last Place on Earth

    Yeah ! That's a fantastic one !! Great to see those wonderful custom fabulands figs too !
  13. Professor Thaum

    [SR - Era II - Ch II - Cat. C] Blut im Auge

    The lab could be licenced as a small/medium (as you want) cultural/educationnal property. It is leaved to the good will of Fatu Hiva authorities, free for them to licence.
  14. Professor Thaum

    Dark Secrets on the Île d'Or - Era II, Challenge II

    My cat. C entry :