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  1. Professor Thaum

    Classic Space Era Spaceship Contest

    The rules being strict on the colour scheme, I think you may exclude custom and non-lego... they seem out of that challenge spirit.
  2. Professor Thaum

    Trade MRCA Deadline - December 6

    ouch, I completely forgot this MRCA... perhaps next time
  3. 103 guns... a first rate ship, which is not a merchant one for sure ! BUT... this ship is wonderful, a true beauty. Very nice stern. Something bother me however... so many women on that ship... a luck that pirates are less superstitious than traditionnal enlisted sailors ! So true !
  4. Professor Thaum

    [OL-FB] Some pretty large bones

    Wow ! I love that MOC very much also the story. A For me !
  5. Professor Thaum

    [MOC] Great Redoubt

  6. Professor Thaum

    José's Inn - Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    BoBS prehistory to investigate ... what a cool idea !
  7. Professor Thaum

    [MOC] The Golden Crown Inn

    Wonderful job comrade. Special mention to the stairs as roof
  8. Professor Thaum

    José's Inn - Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    redcoats working together with pirates... pffff We're touching those, okay ?! You will be punished whatever the reason !
  9. Professor Thaum

    [MOC] HMS Imperial

    Another masterpiece out of your shipyard. I love that colour scheme and I will surely borrow some rigging tip. PS : the big big fleshy minifig on the first pic (carrying the boat) is clearly off topic
  10. Professor Thaum

    [MOC] Blue Coat Fort: My First MOC at a Convention

    Very nice job mate ! So many yellow skinned pirates figs (gorgeous !!! ) Perhaps a little bit bloody.
  11. Professor Thaum

    [MOC] The Black Pearl

    An amazing ship, absolutely gorgeous ! Well done !
  12. Professor Thaum

    [MOC] Assassin's Creed - Venice 1486

    What a masterpiece ! What a job done ! This is gorgeous, really. As already said "the Devil is in the details" : each little part of that fantastic diorama is a jewel of its own. Noticed too : all the technics used to curve (bridges, towers, boats, crane... ) -> wonderful. @Barthezz Brick : you received a "MOC Expert" tag for this amazing job. Now there is only one question : where are the 3 others promised ( with that introduction, sure we won't give up until the 4 are posted ! ) Down to work !
  13. Professor Thaum

    [MOC] Great Redoubt

    This part is very cool and have a strong trench look. Can't wait to see the whole. Special mention to the wooden ramp for the guns (net technic ?) a for me !
  14. Professor Thaum

    [OL - FB] "Watching the Coastline"

    Nice little vignette. But your fig is fleshy... oueeeerk ! What a pity !