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  1. Professor Thaum

    Trade MRCA Deadline October 27

    yep, but didn't show up on the thread
  2. Professor Thaum

    Trade MRCA Deadline October 27

    @Capt Wolf: the pics of New Haven Sea seems to have a deadlink
  3. Professor Thaum

    Settlement: Tortuga, Sea Turtle Island, Sea Rats

    And a large Tobacco estate
  4. Wow ! That balcony and pergola are really great, I like this guardrail (very innovative idea). That smooth green greenery fits perfect with the tan house. Colors and style very "Tuscany coast". Overall another masterpiece from you.
  5. Professor Thaum

    [OKT - Culture] "Beer Shrine"

    Yeeees, as already said excellent idea. We are now waiting for the first swimmers. Hilarious story.
  6. Go on, make some brick built sails and add some crew
  7. Professor Thaum

    [BTV1-OL] The bridge on the King's River

    To be exact, it seems that Oleanders are here to "rebuild" infrastructure for Terraversa after a cockamamie story of a shelling from ships off shore.
  8. Professor Thaum

    [BTV1-OL] The bridge on the King's River

    @Keymonus : Arg, a shame, I missed the wink to Sabaton ! A nice reference in addition of a nice story !
  9. Professor Thaum

    [BTV1-TER] Gun Placement

    Your counterscarp design is excellent ! Well done !
  10. Professor Thaum

    [OKT] Bumper Boats

    Killer ! That's killer !
  11. Professor Thaum

    [BTV1-OL] The bridge on the King's River

    Wow ! Very very nice one, with all the job detailled, well done. The job with the barrels and the ropes is killer. That's a For me. You miss the third Because the soldiers of the first pics are without theirs hats. The uniforms must be complete !
  12. Professor Thaum

    Tobacco Plantation

    This is really not my goal but you're welcome ( I don't really care of the level, but I agree, it is fun to build plantation)
  13. Professor Thaum

    Tobacco Plantation

    Wow, really nice one. What a collection of 3-leaved plants. I'm jealous. With which settlement is it linked ?
  14. Professor Thaum

    [BTV1-TER] Through The Back Door

    Sure man