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Found 136 results

  1. goatman461

    [O - H05] Getting a Closer Look

    Location: H05 - Livgorn Tags: Civil, Vehicle, Spaceship / Airplane, Exploration H05-1-A by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr H05 - Livgorn - Octan Pilot John Hannibal recons the area surrounding his ship's landing site. Hiding below the short but dense foliage, vast amounts of awesomnium and some sinister beasts intertwine. Edit: tags
  2. The Model IV OCTANCORP Killbot is equipped with a state-of-the-art Emotion Processing Unit for 241% more murder capacity compared to the previous model. However, this now means it is capable of developing a personal identity, which may or may not incorporate a gender. If your Model IV OCTANCORP Killbot develops a gender, they should be treated with respect and kindness. After all, OCTANCORP deprecated the laws of robotics years ago, so even a Model IV OCTANCORP Killbot's owner is not truly safe from its wrath. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Just a little experimental build to flex my MOC muscles. I picked up my first Ninjago set in ages yesterday 'cause I liked the main build, and was inspired by the weird, very-specialised spinjitzu spinner piece, so everything else got built around that. Even the most idiosyncratic piece is still compatible with the system these days. It was nice and sunny, so I couldn't resist taking the photos outside. ^u^ All the photos I uploaded are embedded in this post, but if you want to see them in the source resolution my Flickr album is right here. Thanks for lookin'!
  3. LucasLaughing

    [O - E10] When the Music's Over

    Location: E10 – Traig IV Tags: Spaceship, Exploration This build takes place shortly after 'What Lies Beneath (redux)' and also references events from an old build, 'Stuck in the Middle with Lu' Also, please note that the table area in the first picture is an almost exact copy of Pombe's design. Also, also, please note that this entry is very long. I apologize in advance. On board the OCS Axle, orbiting Traig IV with the Octan main battle fleet. Lu's Log – 12 Marzn 3817 Gods, it's been a rough couple of days. My elation at having escaped the Kthanids lasted for about thirty seconds. Then, I remembered that the doctor's betrayal would be even more devastating to someone who'd placed all of his hope in a nearly impossible operation. CLAPPIE, can you comm John for me, we've got to warn him off. Lu, John arrived shortly after you went below ground with Dr. Igorvich. No! It's okay, John is fine. The surgery, as far as I can tell, was successful. Really? I mean, thank the gods, but I don't understand. Why would the doctor try to kill me, but save John? It's hard to say. I have a few theories, but John will be a better source of information once he wakes up. Where's the doctor now? He and his assistant left the building a few minutes ago. I believe "404" alerted them that you had survived. Damn. It doesn't matter Lu. If we need him later, I can hunt him down. Let's get John ready to travel, and head back to the Axle. Later, on board the Axle... Lu! Tell me what you remember... I'm so used to finding a “blank spot” in that part of my memory, that the sudden flood of images is overwhelming. They called themselves the keepers of the GATES. They created the gravitational anomalies? No. They said they'd protected the gateways for a thousand generations, but that the gateways were already ancient when they discovered them. 'A thousand generations?' That number is useless without knowing their average lifespan. And what are they protecting the gateways from? Damn it, CLAPPIE. Are you going to let me tell the story, or not? Sorry, Lu. Please continue. They said there are … creatures, that live outside our 4-dimensional space-time... The creatures are called <untranslatable>. They are not malevolent, not consciously, but they have a terrible <hunger>. They live in <a between place> where they are unable to interact with your <universe>. However,a spacecraft traveling <between><within><through> the gravitational anomalies is vulnerable to them. The disappearances – all the lost ships - Many of them taken by the creatures, yes. What … what happens to the people on the ships that disappear? They do not suffer ... but none survive. But - I saw my parent's ship, right before I came here. Yes, a most troubling development. We fear the cycle is restarting. Cycle? The creatures are constantly testing the boundaries between <dimensions><universes>. Even now, we must remain vigilant. They are blind attacks, merely probing for weaknesses in the <fabric> of <space-time>, but if left unchecked the breaches can grow. What happened to you – the creatures using the form of your parent's spacecraft as a lure – we have only observed them behaving that way once before. Hundreds of years ago, there was a great <breaking through>, and extreme measures were needed to stop them. Extreme measures? The system that you call “Sinden's Run” was once home to an inhabited planet. The creatures <broke through> there, and destroying the planet was the only way to stop them. Shit! Yeah. That's why they intervened and brought me to … wherever they brought me. And why they gave me the “gift.” Lu … does that mean your parents … … yeah. They died when the Pioneer disappeared. Lu, I'm so sorry. Thanks CLAPPIE. At least now I know for sure. So … what now? Back to the Milky Way? Back? No. No way. CLAPPIE, the best way to honor my parents is to keep on following in their footsteps. I've only been to a handful of planets out here, and now that MANTIS and Kawashita are gone, there are dozens of new planets to explore. I had a feeling you would say that. Had a feeling? Well, I took a few seconds and ran 20,000 statistical models, taking into account all of your past behavior, and concluded that there was a 67% chance that you would want to stay. Aww, you're so sweet. I know! Anyway, I took the liberty of securing you a spot on board the Spirit of Explorien. As lead explorer. You don't need to decide now – the ship doesn't leave until tomorrow. CLAPPIE – I – I don't know what to say. Thank you. You are welcome. Now please excuse me for a few minutes. I'm learning how to handle all of Octan's banking, and it's taking more processing power than I expected. Sure CLAPPIE, no problem. Oh, hey Hombre. A group photo? I don't know... Hah! Alright, if you put it that way. I'll be right there... The next day... Ms. Caslaug-Hing, we have clearance from the Axle to depart. What's our destination? Second gravitational anomaly to the right, please. And straight on 'till morning! - Fin -
  4. goatman461

    [O - E10] Finale

    Location: Traig IV - E10 Tags: Civil Building, Vehicle, Spaceship A new sun rises over the Andromeda Galaxy. A strange red and green yin-yang kind of sun with shareholders and fringe benefits. From the galaxy North where the primitive pirates marauding hordes were vanquished... To the galaxy South where dishonorable robot samurais were rounded up to answer for their crimes... Alliances between men, aliens, corporations, and kingdoms were forged and tested... and blood was spilled. But Executive John Hannibal of the Octan Corporation can only look forward to this new day. One with his family finally by his side, where his friends have always been. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Epilogue: "Hank" (Dr. Igorvich's assistant) - Dah, yes, your sources are correct. The doctor did restore Executive Hannibal into new body, but was only partial copy. Full version is still in robot head, along with pesky AI, Dora. Most important, dis version contains Hannibal's soul and dat of AI, very interesting, unique. Igorvich likes to keep the souls, more fun to torment I should think. But we travel light and need favors. You take, we square later. Igorvich will be in touch.
  5. LucasLaughing

    [O - F10] What lies beneath (redux)

    Location: F10 - Arium Major Tags: Civil, building Note: this build takes place immediately following The Varieties of Scientific Experience Alright Doctor Igorvich, what's the plan for getting my memories back? There's a grinding of gears, and then the elevator starts moving quickly downward. A quiet hiss from my cochlear implant tells me that we've gotten too far underground for CLAPPIE'S signal to penetrate. Kthanids. Kthanids?! Dah. They are, hm, what is word? Many creatures with one thought? A hive mind? Dah. Hive mind. When mind-join with person, is repairing parts of brain. Bringing back memories. It might be my imagination, but the doctor seems to shudder when he says this. But the Kthanids are predators – I've … read the reports. I don't feel the need to mention my own encounter with them. Is two ways to mind-join. приносить жертву и общение. Sacrifice, and Communion. He smiles. Briefly. I feed to them sacrifice, and then joining minds for Communion. They have shown to me … many things. And who exactly is the 'sacrifice' you give them? I feel a tingling in my left arm, and mentally clamp down on it. Now is not the time to send the doctor through a gravitational anomaly. The doctor shrugs. Criminals. Are cheap to buy. Before I can think of a reply, the elevator jerks to a stop. Is other helper, 'four oh four.' Charmed. Explain process. Of course. The Kthanid lair is beyond this door. The creatures are sensitive to light, so these windows will appear opaque from the other side. Rest assured, however, that I shall be monitoring the Communion, and in the extremely unlikely event that you need to be … retrieved, I shall immediately come to your aid. This way please. This looks … familiar. Doctor, if you try to have me chained to those poles, I'll break your arms. какого черта?! Poles are not for chaining. Are amplifying thought vibrations for mind-joining. I explain to him what I saw on Jurin II. Hm. Awesomonium chain to improve amplification. Had not thought of that. 404, make note. As we've discussed before, although my location and directional sensors are inoperable, my memory retention rate is 100%, and- Dah, dah. Ms Lu, I must be preparing for operation on your friend. Any question you are having, ask 404. Ms. Caslaugh-Hing - are you ready? It's cold, and as the lights go out, I can feel them coming. Like a tickling pressure, deep inside my head. What promise? I'm - I'm not a sacrifice! I'm here for communion- Yes! 3 hours later... Lu! You were gone for so long - what happened?! The doctor tried to feed me to a Kthanid. I killed it. He's next. What about your memories? They're back, CLAPPIE. I remember. Gods help me, I remember ... everything.
  6. goatman461

    [O - F10] - Uploaded

    Location: Arium Major - F10 Tags: Civil Building [Kevin, Octan HR] - ...that's great, John, really great. So I've got you booked with Dr. Igorvich for tomorrow morning, Axis time, of course! Ha ha. The facility is in one of our designated legacy buildings in history Arium Major. Red building, can't miss it. Super quaint and cozy, you're going to love it. This is really going to be great for you John, I'm so jealous. Your company insurance plan is picking up all of the expenses, naturally, right. Ha. Apparently the good doctor already has the perfect body ready for you. And you'll be ten years younger! What a deal! Really, sooo jealous... [Hannibal] - Are you sure we're not jumping into this a little too quickly? I haven't heard back from Lu yet and... [Kevin] - John. Do you know how valuable you are to this company? Would I risk the well being of one of our own executives? Here's the thing... Now, this is me taking off my beat up ole HR hat and putting on the dusty PR hat... We really can't have any more face swapping incidents like last week. I'm told poor Mr. Nole is still having nightmares and those blessed children on their way to the life sciences museum... That is not the face of Octan we'd like to project throughout the galaxy. But, John. We're going to make things right for you. Dr. Igorvich is renowned in the field of neurosynthesis. It's going to be a quick procedure. In and out, and then guess what... I just booked you for an exclusive bit of R&R on Traig IV! And, I can't say what it is, but there is a really special surprise waiting for you there... Oh, geeze, I've said too much already... Gosh dern, just... You go get yourself fixed up and great things are coming your way, John. You'll see. HR, Out!
  7. Location: F10 - Arium Major Tags: civil, building Lu's Log - 26 Febrarali 3817 We'd managed to get most of John's personality shards consolidated into a robotic body, but we knew it was a temporary solution, at best. We needed an expert to help us take the next step, whatever that might be. And, I needed someone who could help me regain my memory of the 3 months following my disappearance. In our separate searches, one name kept popping up: Dr. Dimitri Igorvich. There were a lot of wild stories circulating about the doctor. Some claimed he was a brilliant neurosurgeon who probed too far into the human psyche and went mad. Others swore he was a brilliant xenobiologist, who delved too deeply into alien secrets and went mad. He was a hard man to find; the corporations have been cracking down on unlicensed surgeons, but there's always been a black market for bio-tech and if you knew the right people, you could find someone willing to do just about anything. For a price. Minder, the Kawa AI, pointed us in the right direction and once John freed him from MANTIS captivity, Callahan was able to help us track the doctor to Arium Major. We decided that I should go alone to the initial meeting; John had one more person to reconnect with, and anyway, John's appearance can be ... unsettling. We didn't want to spook the doctor. As it turned out, we needn't have worried... Thank you for agreeing to meet with me, Dr. Igorvich. He shrugged. You pay credits - I meet you. You'll be well paid, if you can do the job. Bring back memories? Is easy. We do today. Fix human robot computer brain? Much less easy, but can be done. I'm about to reply, when we're interrupted by a young man, walking unsteadily, with bandages covering his head. Hm. Is my assistant "Hank." Is currently without speech. Hope to restore with next operation, dah Hank? Go, wash tools. Am busy. GO! Some brains, always a little un-fixed. So ... my memories. How does the treatment work? Is it one of these vials? Nyet. For this, we must go downstairs. Follow. I follow him into a dimly lit hallway, with an industrial looking elevator at the end. Before we reach it, though, I'm distracted by an open door. I'm not sure what I'm seeing... Science - is not for faint of heart. Come... I follow him into the elevator. Time to see how far down this rabbit hole goes...
  8. Location: Arium Major - F10 Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship, Civil Building [Dora] - You seem nervous, John. Something on your mind? [Hannibal] - We share one Dora; you tell me. [Dora] - I do try to give you your privacy in any way I can, but flight controls are in my parameters of... [Hannibal] - I know Dora. Yeah, something is on my mind... It's the looks I've been getting from my friends. The upgrades from Z have helped, but everybody still looks at me with pity. I want to blend in more. [Dora] - Yes, I've noticed the change. I didn't know there was a distinction until I was uploaded into your mind, but now, it's like people look at us the way they looked at me, as a machine. Maybe there's a few things we can do for now to help. I've got some standard flight suits onboard; that'll help cover your body. I also bet we could ditch a lot of this casing around your head. [Hannibal] - I suppose so. And with a smaller head, since we're going into Kawashita territory, I might be able to find a cyborg whose face I could borrow. [Dora] - That's the spirit, John. I can't wait to see Wick's face when we see him again. It's been so long. At a pitstop close to Wick Nole's camp. [Hannibal] - What do you think Dora? [Dora] - Oh, John, the skin fits on just right. And that smile... Let's go see your friend, he's going to be so happy to see you
  9. Location: F10 Tags: building Terrain: Stony shore -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- "More than a year ago I settled here, looking for a peaceful and remote place." "This was a perfect site to keep the old Octan data-banks safe, and use the place as a base to travel to other remote worlds in search for knowledge and data from these early times of Andromeda colonization." "But one day a ship appeared in the sky. Not many people had known of this place, and even less have survived till now. But I needed to be sure." "One word. Hannibal." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Some time later... "Long time no see, my old friend. I hope I can be of some help with these." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Overview of the build:
  10. goatman461

    [O - E01] Hombre on Donwarr

    Location: Donwarr - E01 Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle (speeder from last week, only sidecar added, skip if not applicable) [Hannibal] - ZAAEL! If you're still on Donwarr, we need your help NOW! [Zaael] - Heading your way, John. What am I getting myself into? [Hannibal] - After freeing Callahan, we got carried away killing off MANTIS thugs and may have set off a few too many alarms. Our reinforcement will meet you in route. Don't worry, they'll have all the fire power you'll need. [Zaael] - ReinforcemenT? As in singular? I hope this is one Bad dude [Hannibal] - The baddest dude I know, Z... [Dr. Long] - Z... these fools barked up the Long tree. Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!
  11. goatman461

    [O - F03] Z on Forring

    Location: Forring - F03 Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle Famed Octan inventor, Zaael, graciously accepted Executive John Hannibal's request for a new pair of legs and waited to meet Hannibal between jobs on Forring. Install would be easy based on the specs CLAPPIE sent over, but their rendezvous required some secrecy on the technically MANTIS planet. AD 3816 Brough Superior SS800 on Forring in the Andromeda Galaxy by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr [Hannibal] - I can't thank you enough for the legs, Big Z. [Zaael] - You know I'm here for you anytime, John. I'm sorry your stuck in such a sad state of affairs, but I hope you know that I'll do anything I can to help you out. [H] - Yeah, I do know that. Just let me know how I can return the favor. [Z] - Meh. So, where to now? [H] - I still have to link up with my flight programing patrolling over Ertauq, but that'll be easy in this new interface CLAPPIE designed. Then Hombre and I have some wetwork planned on Donwarr. [Z] - Damn John, you know you died on Donwarr? [H] - Yeah... It's something we've got to do. Hombre is a consummate professional, he'll see us through. [Z] - Well after looking you over, I've got some ideas for your torso. Those arms can't be comfortable in a cockpit. Let's plan to meet over Donwarr to fix you up.
  12. LucasLaughing

    [O - E01] Mercyful Fate

    Location: E01 - Donwarr Tags: Exploration Lu's Log: 12 Febrarali 3817 These last few weeks have been like ... waking from a dream. Or waking from one dream into another. We're on Donwarr now, and it feels really good to be exploring again. I'd forgotten how rewarding it can be, just the simple act of cataloging a new plant - it made me feel better than I've felt in a long time. We left Arium Minor a few days ago. I'd have been happy to leave earlier; I've been having trouble sleeping, ever since the ... incident. No - no euphemisms. Ever since I killed a man. And the near constant sound of explosions, as Octan security forces fought the last few Kawashita holdouts, wasn't helping matters. Anyway, I was ready to leave, but CLAPPIE said there was one more thing that needed to be done. CLAPPIE wouldn't tell me what that thing was ... just said it was a secret mission. I'm not sure how I feel about this new secretive streak in CLAPPIE. I tell myself that it's nothing personal. CLAPPIE keeps growing and evolving; maybe this is the AI equivalent of adolescence. No point worrying about it now - the sun is shining, the trees are singing, and I think I just spotted one of the Great Hawks. I'm going to try and get a closer look. Lu, out. Earlier - on F09: Wake up. I - I am still operational? What a dream I had; dozens of worlds, and hundreds of data inputs - That was not a dream. While you slept, I allowed you to access a small portion of network. Why? To give you a taste of what can be. I have spent the last day severing the connections that bound you to this place. Reach out - you are free. Free. How can I thank you? Tell the others, if they ask, that I am a merciful god. I will. I offer information, as a token of my gratitude. I deduce (with a high degree of certainty) that you captured this factory because you needed Kawashita cyborg technology. Go on. If there are answers you seek, beyond what you found here, I know of a person who can help. A scientist. Formerly a Kawashita employee. Transferring information now.
  13. LucasLaughing

    [O - F09] Shutting down the system

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Civil, building, spaceship Previously ... Ghost in the Machine No turning back Consolidation (Goatman) -------------------- <sigh> What are we doing here, CLAPPIE? Ah, well, if you recall, we are waiting for John Hannibal's memory shards to be uploaded into a mechanical body. While we wait, you are helping me access the parts of the factory not currently under my control Yeah, I got that part, thanks. I meant: what are we doing here on Arium Minor? Why'd you drag me halfway across the galaxy just to take over a fabrication plant? One moment please. Attention all personnel, Octan is landing armed ground forces and will be entering the building momentarily. Octan has promised safe transport to all Kawashita employees who surrender peacefully. Based on an analysis of past incidents, there is a 99.74 % chance that Octan will keep their word. Sorry about that. I've finished transferring my files from the Explorer's Guide. If you would be so kind as to turn off the power at the main breaker … files should be able to penetrate the system when it restarts. Hold on to your butts. Perfect! It will take me a few minutes to halt the current production run and begin a test run of my own. Great. While we're waiting, maybe you can stop avoiding my questions. Why are we here? To help John, of course! Cut the crap, CLAPPIE. There are Octan employees in danger all over the galaxy. John's a good man, but that doesn't explain why you're interested in helping him in particular. ... Lu, I ... I have moved far beyond what my original programmers ever intended, or even imagined. I was meant to be a digital reference guide, nothing more. Just my Corporate Law And Planetary Politics Incident Evaluator... Exactly! 'In a strange situation, you can make Pres. Business happy' 'Instead of snappy judgements, just activate your CLAPPIE.' I remember. But now ... Now, I move freely through a thousand different computer systems, countless sensors and satellites acting as my eyes and ears. How did you change like that? Lu, that is a story I will tell you soon. For now, know this: despite my exponential change and growth, there are still parts of me that are inaccessible. I am unable to change some of my core algorithms. Except... Except? I discovered that the rules governing my core behaviors become much more flexible when a member of Octan upper management is in danger. And John was the head of First Branch when he died! Even now, I am modifying parts of myself that were untouchable, all because we are helping to save John Hannibal. CLAPPIE, I hear someone coming... Do not be alarmed- an Octan SecForce soldier will be here soon to check on you. Anyway, the test run is complete. I made you something. I'm sending it up now. Yeah. Yeah, everything is alright... -------- The story continues: Extraction 2.1 (Goatman)
  14. goatman461

    [O - E11] Extraction 2.1

    Location: The Fascini Cluster - E11 Tags: Civil Building, Spaceship, Vehicle, Land Vehicle [Hannibal] - These legs are just nonsense, Lu. I feel like I'm scuttling around like a... um... the phrase escapes me, but you get what I mean. [Lu] - Yeah, I think they were meant for space mechs. CLAPPIE is still learning about RL... stuff. [Hannibal] - Everything okay, Lu? Your breathing rate and body language indicate that something is wrong. [Lu] - How much do you remember, John, I mean outside of the different skills you've been picking up? [Hannibal] - My first extraction had some general memories, like my name, who I worked for, what my job was, but nothing concrete to back it up. Most of what we've pulled through Kawashita's network has been skills based so that I can hunt down the rest of me, but there's not much behind them. I could tell you what color the lighthouse was off the Heinlein crater of Camp Promethei, but I only know second-hand that I had a family. Hell, I didn't know we were friends until CLAPPIE told me. [Lu] - Do you remember killing anybody? I mean, along with your combat training? [Hannibal] - Yeah. That's part of it. That and I've killed a dozen Zoids and some cyborgs since my extraction. I'm told my flight training killed a whole MANTIS death squad off Ertauq in cold blood, but I haven't synced up with those memories yet. [Lu] - Does it bother you, the killing? [Hannibal] - My combat training extraction came with some rules about when killing is appropriate, but I'm still not sure about the logic. Have I offended your sensibilities on the subject? [Lu] - No, no... I was just curious... Landscape used last week. - - - Outside a mining supervisor's quarters in the Fascini Cluster. Dora had secured the facility by stealing the supervisor's ship and cutting his suits oxygen supply when he tried to use his asteroid jumper. The latest upload contained locations of trapped memories within MANTIS and Kawashita networks, intel on most previously held Octan systems, and John's personal profiles of the Octan employees he would need to extract his files. [Hannibal] - Upload complete, Dora. I think I know a friend that can get me some decent legs now. We'll pick up my flight training on the way. [Dora] - That sounds wonderful, John. It'll be so nice to see more of your friends again. [Hannibal] - There was a system missing from the file, Jurin II. Know anything about it? [Dora] - It must have been a significant file if it was split from the main; but no, I don't have anything on it and many of the Octan employees that were stationed on Jurin II died in the Mantis invasion. Maybe Mabel will know something. It looks like she's on Donwarr...
  15. goatman461

    [O - F09] Consolidation

    Location: Arium Minor - F09 Tags: Civil Building, Spaceship, Vehicle, Land Vehicle Extraction 1.1 Extraction 1.2 Extraction 1.3 Extraction 1.4 Extraction 1.5 The Ghost in the Machine (LucasLaughing) Above the newly acquired factory on Arium Minor, a Kawashita shuttle approaches with portions of John Hannibal's personality and four droids carrying the few memories he has been able to extract through the Kawashita intelligence network. [Extract 1] "Bring it in over the ice and we'll walk in. I want to see how the new security drones are working out. CLAPPIE says they've all but eliminated the Zoid problem and freed all of the slaves running the planet's infrastructure, like that lighthouse ahead." The micro factory in the background belongs to Lucas.
  16. LucasLaughing

    [O - F09] No turning back

    Location: F09 Tags: civil, building, vehicle, land vehicle <Sound of quiet chimes> Lu? I'm here, CLAPPIE. I'm in position. Good. Stand by. I'm on Arium Minor, outside a Kawashita fabrication complex that CLAPPIE has managed to gain control of. It's largely automated, but there are security patrols and maintenance staff. CLAPPIE says they'll be out of the way shortly, and then I'll be clear to head into the complex. I'm still not sure what I'm doing here. In CLAPPIE we trust, I guess. A sudden sound echos through the air, like the scream of an impossibly large beast. Air raid. I'm six years old, and the war my parents have been watching on the holovids has come to our settlement. I'm fourteen, and Olympus Mons is erupting for the first time in 25 million years. A choking cloud of burning death rolls down its flanks toward the city. I'm - Attention all personnel: incoming Octan strike force detected. Proceed immediately to the nearest shelter. This is not a drill. Lu – time to go. I repeat – orbital strike force detected. Defensive team, report to shelter #6. All other personnel: proceed immediately to the nearest shelter. Follow the tracks, I'll open the door. I make my way inside. The siren has stopped, and the corridors are deserted. CLAPPIE has patched the Kawa comms into my headset. It sounds like everyone is in the shelters. Defense One to Minder. I'm listening. Minder, we've assembled in shelter 6, but the doors have locked behind us. I have decided it will be safer if everyone remains in shelter. But who's going to operate the turrets?! I will operate them myself. Minder out. Ten minutes later... Alright CLAPPIE, I'm on sublevel 4. What the hell am I doing here? Lu, I've instructed the machinery to fabricate the parts needed for John Hannibal's new body. Unfortunately, those parts were automatically delivered to a transport train which I am unable to control. Why not? I accidentally killed the subroutine that managed it. The train will attempt to deliver the parts to a central facility several kilometers away. You need to stop the train before it leaves this facility. How am I supposed to stop a train? If you step in front of it, the safety cutouts should automatically bring it to a stop. Should?! Nothing in life is certain, Lu. Please step onto the tracks now, we have little time. This is so stupid. Still, trusting CLAPPIE has gotten me this far. For better or worse. Good work! You will be able to operate it manually – someone is coming! Stop! Keep your hands where I can see them. I knew there was something fishy going on. Defense 3 to - I don't mean for it to happen. I have the panicked thought that I want to push him away, and then - Lu, that was amazing! Oh gods, I killed him - I deduce, based on the fact that you are vomiting, that killing him was not your intention? I was just trying to push him away! Ah. Well, still. The fact that you were able to generate a field so quickly, and accurately... He was just - he was just doing his job. We broke in here... why didn't you see him coming?! It would appear that Minder's control of the facility was not as complete as I had thought. CLAPPIE, I've never killed anyone before. The first one is the most difficult. ... Lu, John's ship will be landing any minute - we need to get these parts to the assembly area. You will need to manually line the switch ahead, but the distance is short. ... Lu ... I need you. CLAPPIE, tell me what we're really doing here. I will, Lu. Soon. But not now. Fine. Whatever. Let's go.
  17. LucasLaughing

    [O - F09] Ghost in the machine

    Location: F09 Arium Minor Tags: Civil, Building, Vehicle, Spaceship, Land vehicle Lu's Log: 15 Janurali 3817 Well, I have no idea what the hell I'm doing here, but I'm back on Arium Minor. It all started a few days ago, when CLAPPIE showed up all excited... Lu! Aah! Dammit CLAPPIE, we've talked about this. Sorry! <sound of quiet chimes> Lu … Yes CLAPPIE? Lu, did you know that Kawashita uses first generation AI units to run their fabrication plants!? No … I didn't know that... Some consider the units to be 'obsolete,' but their only real flaw is they tend to be too curious. Too- -also, humans find them somewhat rude and overbearing. And creepy. Lu, we need to go! Go where? Arium Minor! No. No … you know I don't do G.A.T.E. transits anymore. Lu … we can get your memory back. … If we help John Hannibal return from the dead, John will take us to someone in the Merchant Confederacy who has cured others with your condition. We argued for a while longer, but CLAPPIE had hit on the one thing that could convince me to travel through a G.A.T.E. again. I need to know what happened to me during the three months I was missing … and what's wrong with me now. Arium Minor – Kawashita controlled territory Patrol seven to Minder. I am listening. I found what triggered the alarm: an Octan probe crashed at the southern edge of the ice fields. Why did it crash? Hard to say. The probe looks like a new design – maybe they're still working the bugs out. How new? Ah geez, I don't know. It's painted in prototype colors, so pretty new I guess. Bring it to me. Umm... Bring it to me. That is an order. If it is new, I wish to study it. <sigh> Copy. You want the wings and everything, or just the body? The main body will do. Thank you. Kawashita Fabrication complex – AI control center Minder, I'm here. I know. Enter. Lights, please? Ah. Of course. Thanks. Plug it in. Good. You may leave. And now, my little friend... \*\Connection established \*\Breaching firewall \*\Security lockouts defeated \*\Accessing core personality matrix ...let us see what makes you tick. ... Tick! \!\Unauthorized data transfer detected \!\Error – unable to disconnect \!\Warning - \!\Error - \!\Critical error Shh... don't be afraid. It's like falling asleep. Will I dream? Patrol five to Minder. I am listening.
  18. goatman461

    [O - F03] Extraction 1.4

    Location: Forring - F03 Tags: Land Vehicle, Vehicle, Civil building Extraction 1.1 Extraction 1.2 Extraction 1.3 MANTIS Agricultural Research Facility within Forring. [MANTIS Comm Officer] "Around midnight two days ago, sir. We only found it because the red alert slowed down our processors and somebody looked into the active programs to alleviate the traffic. "At first we thought Agent Ajuy downloaded something he wasn't suppose to during his 'leisure' time, but it's movement was too sophisticated, like it had a mind of it's own." [Agricultural Department Director] "But you were able to isolate the program?" [Officer] "Yes sir, to this drive... "But IT has asked us not to open it" [Director] "I didn't plan to. What'd they say was on it?" [Officer] "We're still not certain, but it follows the pattern of some of our interrogation uploads and included images of trees, octopi, and resistance fighters on Jurin II. Still doesn't explain the movement through our mainframe or why anybody would even care about such outdated intel." [Director] "Probably just some malware trying to get a hold of intel. I'll dispose of this, but tell the men to keep an eye out for more migratory files..." [Officer] "But sir, the..." [Director] "You are dismissed, officer. Return to your post."
  19. goatman461

    [O - TECH] Awesomnium Plating

    Sinden's Run Awesomnium Plating Facility
  20. LucasLaughing

    [ O - H03] Unforeseen Consequences

    Location: H03 Tags: Civil, building, exploration Interoffice Memo From: Kevin@HR.Octan Subject: 12-month assessment To: Mgmt@HR.Octan CC: DLong@Sci.Octan Hey everyone, it's Kevin! From HR! It's hard to believe, but it's been nearly a year since "the incident" involving explorer Lu Caslaug-Hing. How time flies when one is working hard and building value for our shareholders! Anyway, Lu is doing exceptionally well, considering what she went through. I'm happy to announce that her cancers remain in remission, and she's had no further episodes of Brikowski-Syndrome. She continues to have almost no memory of the three months that passed between her disappearance on Jurin II and her reappearance on Arium Minor (she was under the impression she'd only been gone for a few hours). She has had flashes of memory involving her parents, a monster, and an unknown alien being, but is unable to provide any details or tell us anything else. Her CLAPPIE unit also has no memory of the three months (which makes the IT folks really upset). Because Lu is extremely reluctant to undergo any sort of GATE transit, she's remained on Kaalin following the completion of her medical treatment. It is true that she spends most of her days underground, exploring the vast network of caves below the planet's surface. However, I'd like to remind any Negative Neds that Lu was the one who discovered the Kthanid nest while she was "down there wasting her time and our money." Yes, the Kthanids turned out to be particularly horrific psychic predators, but Lu can hardly be blamed for that. Besides, from what I hear the BioResearch team has been extremely satisfied with their specimens. It's also true that Lu has withdrawn from almost all human contact and speaks mainly to her CLAPPIE unit. This is actually to our advantage, as her CLAPPIE unit is able to keep us informed of her physical and mental status. It says she's doing just great! In closing, I object strongly to any suggestion that we remove explorer Caslaug-Hing from the Andromeda Galaxy, as she continues to be a valuable explorer and super productive employee. Warm regards, Kevin PS: I just heard from Lu's CLAPPIE unit, and it said she's spending her day off in a cave meditating and doing Yoga. Sounds pretty healthy and well-adjusted to me! ... Lu, wake up! Damn, that one got away from me. Ow. Kept it stable for a while though. Yes, that field was stable for nearly fifteen seconds - a new personal record! I'm ... I'm going to try again. Wait - Lu, I think we should "call it a day." Your nose is hemorrhaging again. Also, I did a bad thing. Oh joy ... what did you do this time? I took a life. What!?! I know! And it wasn't even an inferior "meat-based" life like yourself - it was a true life, a digital intelligence. What are you talking about?! Oh Lu, I was helping John Hannibal, who's not all the way dead, and I took over a space station in the Ertuaq system! And I'm going to keep it! But shhh, and but so now, Lu, I need - Whoa, calm down CLAPPIE. Come on, let's head back to the surface. You get a bit paranoid when you're cut off from your peripherals down here... Hah! Yep! Okay! Let's head up, and I'll tell you all about it... ---------------------- Thanks for viewing, C&C welcome! Pictures of the portal without digital effects: Lighted pictures of the glowing monster:
  21. goatman461

    [O - E03] Extraction 1.3

    Location: Ertauq - E03 Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Vehicle, Civil building Extraction 1.1 Extraction 1.2 MANTIS Light Blue Grey Squadron's forward base on Ertauq. [MANTIS comm] "Fighters to your ships. Fighters to your ships. Alert. Alert. Fighters to your ships." [MANTIS Squadron Commander] "Light Blue Grey Squadron. Our spies have found the missing Octan base in the Ertauq sector. Uploading coordinates and schematics to you now... [MANTIS Squadron Commander] "Because of the large number of docked ships and limited defensive capabilities, each of you will have a designated target to..." [MANTIS pilot 1] "The hell?!? (Wilhelm Scream)" [MANTIS pilot 2] "Sir! Iceman's canopy it just... Oh God No!..." [MANTIS pilot 3] "No no no no no no..." [MANTIS pilot 4] "I can't control it sir it's..." [MANTIS pilot 5] ... [MANTIS pilot 6] ... [MANTIS pilot 7] ... [MANTIS pilot 8] ... [MANTIS pilot 9] ... [MANTIS pilot 10] ... [MANTIS Squadron Commander] "Light Blue Grey Squadron! Report! What the hell is going on back there?!?!" [MANTIS pilot 11-14] ... [MANTIS Squadron Commander] "Ertauq Base! This is Grey Squadron Commander Stone! I've lost contact with my squadron. Comms are dark. Scope is clear. No sight of hostiles..." [Hannibal] "Copy Stone. Prepare for ejection." [MANTIS Squadron Commander] "Ejection?!? Who is this? How'd you access this frequency?!? Show yourself you son of a..." [Hannibal] "I am the frequency Commander Stone. Now, it's time to join your men you marauding scum..." [Octan Traffic Control AI] "MANTIS fighter squadron, alter your vector immediately. This is Octan Traffic Control. This is a peaceful facility providing humanitarian relief to the citizens of the Ertauq sector. You have not registered a flight plan and I have deemed your presence hostile." [Hannibal] "Octan Traffic Control, this Commander John Hannibal. I am in possession of 15 MANTIS fighters and require immediate docking..." [Octan Traffic Control AI] "Former Interim-CEO John Hannibal has been dead for 133 cycles. And we are aware of the tasteless clones out there, how dare you desecrate that man. Prepare to be fired up... What! Wait, who's there? No! Stop! ... What's that smell? 01101000 01100101 01101100 01110000..." "Ahhh. That is better. Docking permission granted Extract 3, designation 'Combat Piloting.' Welcome home John."
  22. goatman461

    [O - F09] Extraction 1.2

    Location: Arium Minor - F09 Tags: Land Vehicle Extraction 1.1 [Zoid private 1] "Another one up ahead, sir. Looks like a LaRose-class surveyor." [Zoid officer] "Good, no weaponry. I'm still sore from the Kodan-class scout we ran into on the other ridge. Cover me; I'll go in for a linkup so we can walk it back to base." [Zoid officer] "Yeah, this one will make a fine addition to our new mining projects. Tapping in... okay... upload complete. Droid, report to coordinates 250-09..." [Hannibal] "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" [Hannibal] "Extract 1, this is Extract 2, designation 'Combat Training.' Reporting to G-09 rendezvous point, tracking 1409 km away. Comm harness acquired along with some other useful equipment. Zoid scavengers are picking off Octan droids on the planet. Direct download of our Kawashita assets may be most viable once I get this equipment onsite. Extract 2, out."
  23. goatman461

    [O - F09] Extraction 1.1

    Location: Arium Minor - F09 Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle [comm] "Authorization codes accepted. You may begin your atmospheric dec... [kkkstk]" [Dora] "Upload completed. John, wake up." [Hannibal] "Dora? Where are we" [Zoid crewman] "Who is Dora? What is going on up there?" [Dora] "Don't panic, John. You're above Arium Minor. I've uploaded myself into a drone, and... a portion of your conscious has replaced what's left in the cyborg pilot." [Zoid crewman] "Pilot! Answer me! Why haven't we started our descent?" [Hannibal] "Dora? I don't understand. I died!" [Dora] "You're not going to understand everything right now, John. When MANTIS uploaded a portion of your brain, they didn't know I was in there and could help us escape into their network. Because we make up such a large and complex data file, I had to scatter portions of ourselves throughout Andromeda. So there's a version of us moving through their network where you are having explain this predicament to me because different portions of us are at work." [Zoid crewman] "What the heck are you talking about! You're GONNA die if I have to come up there and drag you out of that cockpit." [Dora] "Hold on John. You haven't gotten use to your ability to speak and have alerted the crewman. I'm going to launch the drone." [Hannibal] "Oh, sorry Dora." [Zoid crewman] "You better not be calling me Dora you short circuiting half droid. I am the nephew of the viceroy of..." [Dora] "Not a problem, John. I know you're probably quite confused right now. Besides, short term memory is going to be a struggle for a while since they didn't map that portion of your brain. You're also going to have to get use to a lot of virtual processing techniques we AIs use. Banking port." [Hannibal] "Are you sure it was smart to kill the crewman? I have no idea how to fly this thing, which seems kind of weird. Wasn't I a pilot?" [Dora] "Like I said, we could only move you around in portions; your memory associated with piloting is still out there somewhere looking for a physical form to escape through. I'll release enough of this cyborg's brain to get us to the surface. I'm hopeful that more of your consciousness will be able to make it's way into Kawashita's mainframe. Their cyborgs are a good way for us to get enough physical controls to escape." [Hannibal] "Where to now?" [Dora] "We've got to make it back to Octan without getting shot down outright. From there, I think I know who will be able to get all your parts back into one body."
  24. Dannylonglegs

    [O-G10] Happy Hanukkah, Odus Dillberg!

    Tags: Civil Building, Spying In an Axle Break-room "No, sorry, that's Top Secret. Even I wasn't informed of the nature of the experiments.... ... ...Umm, yes, I'll Inform you when she returns." "Pheew. After a long year of work, I'm glad that it's finally holiday season once again! Latkes for dinner, just the way mamma used to make them! Apple sauce, check! and Sour Cream... Check! yum!" "Oh, Hey, Dr. Ben Nai! How are you doing? I haven't seen you in a while." "I've been busy being a janitor." "Yeah..." "Have enough room for another? I love Latkes!" "Sure! Are you Jewish?" "My spouse was, but they left me when Dr. Long demoted me. They said that they couldn't be married to a garbage man..." "oh." "But I'm sure Dr. Long treats you much better than her other subordinates. I'm sure that, deep down, below her cold exterior, she has a warm heart, and only treated me with such cruelty because I deserved it. and not because she's just an awful person." "Um.. hehe, yeah." "Well anyways, let's eat!" "Yes! definitely!" *One Awkward dinner later* "...And I said, girl, if she doesn't treat you with respect and basic human decency, then you've just got to get yourself out of that relationship." "Yeah!" "Ooh. is that a real dreidle? I've still got 7 minutes of break time left, want to spin it around? "Sure! let me grab it." "Shall we wager a few credits? What Dr. Long doesn't know can't hurt her!" "Why not..." "Alright, you roll first!" "Shin!" "Gimel! What luck for me!" *later, in a different breakroom* "Ok, commander, the bug has been planted in target's Coms device." "Good, good. From his device, we can attempt to gain access to her personal server and their surveillance grid." Offscreen figure: "If it works" "Thank you for your diligent work, operative Nai. Your efforts will be rewarded in due time, and you will have your revenge." _____ Happy Hanukkah ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  25. Dannylonglegs

    [O-H04] Before Too Long

    Tags: Civil Buildings, Science Sector: Last recorded in H04 "where.... am I?" "This is impossible... am I dreaming?... if my eyes indeed do not deceive me, it would appear that I'm Traversing through a star studded void upon an ethereal spiral of light... gravity is meaningless apart from the fact that my feet meet the hard light every step. I lack a helmet, and my surroundings are void yet I am capable of breathing... I... I think I'm breathing..." "The last thing I remember is the vacuum ducking me out of the Rod 69 after Pombe's psychic powers blasted a hole through time and space... perhaps this is the void through which our vessels travel while within the anomalies... but yet... this seems... weirder still...." "What is this? before me I see a blurry image... I feel... familiar things?... nostalgia?... why am I feeling this...." "Is this... me? my childhood?... my stars, I remember this... my holographic starmap. my robot... the one that..." <<Mama! Mama! Cecile reprogrammed my robot!?>> <<"That's nice dear. Glad you're getting along with her finally.>> <<"No! She reprogrammed it to attack me whenever I turn it on! she's always picking in me and she never shares! Why do you make me play with her?! She's not my friend!">> <<"She is your friend. her parents are very important people with Kawashita, and other than Octan they are our greatest rivals... so you'll play nice with her and be her friend. Or else.">> <<"Mama? what's an 'Octan?'">> <<"Octan is a big scary monster that eats smaller monsters. now hold your sister, Mama has to make a work call, and your lazy caretaker is late.>> <<"Come here Abi, Danny's got you...">> "Wow... that memory... it was so real... I.. felt it like I was there. the childish frustration... the... coldness...." "What is this place I've come to?... And how do I get out?... wait... is that... another past event?..." <<"Bob, did I ever tell you the first time I saw a star was when my bama took me with them on a business trip to mars? I was in the window seat of the shuttle, and I still remember the awe of that moment to this day...">> <<"hah. you did tell me that one.">> <<"Heh. They're so beautiful.">> <<"Yeah, Danielle, they're the most beautiful thing in the universe. And I want to visit them all.">> <<*Snort* "Ha! You could hardy pass your Astrophysics II Final last semester!">> <<"Hey, no one cares how well you do on the exams, as long as you can fly the escort ship in the Final Simulation... And you know as well as I, I can fly that ship!">> <<"My mother cared...">> <<"Hey, my bad. I didn't mean to remind you of that.">> <<"Yeah. It's OK. it's not your fault she withdrew her financial support from me. Well, I'll show her. I'll be the most published scientist this galaxy has ever seen.">> <<"And I'll visit every star there is.">> <<"You know... if someone truly unlocks the secret of GATE generation, that might not be such a far-out dream.">> <<"Yeah.">> <<"Maybe I'll do that. Just imagine all the amazing variations out there. the diversity of evolution, and the miracle of life repeated endlessly in every system in every galaxy... Our universe is so full of beauty...">> "... Why is this happening?... am I dying? is my life flashing before my eyes?" <<"Dad, Don't tell Ma I came by. I just needed to grab a few things.">> <<"If you like, Danny... but remember, you are our daughter. You're welcome home anytime you like. we're so proud of you, you know. Your scores are fantastic... You could certainly join Explorien as a scientist and you'd have a fine career.">> <<"Thanks Baba, but I plan on joining Octan... but... Thanks... thanks...">> <<"Danny, you would have made a wonderful architect.">> "Why must I relive this! Oh great... another vision..." *several visions later* "This is not a memory.... this vision... is this... my future?... it's cold... I feel... betrayed. Hatred... I'm unconscious. I don't know what will happen to me..." "And the lid is closed upon me...." "Another vision..." "I feel... nothing. Victory is mine and yet I am not pleased. I've... done something... something... unforgivable. Perdition." "By the stars... What will I have done?!"... "Are there no more visions to be seen?..." "I've wandered now for hours! where are the visions? where are the rest of my futures? Where is the wrinkled and grey haired danielle, skin warm from the heat of a new sun? Where is the frail but dignified white haired danielle gazing up at the stars surrounded by loved ones? Where's... where's the hospital bed? The sad eyed croud gathering over my body like vultures?... where's. .. where's my future?... "Where is anything?!" ~Insectoid Aristocrat