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Found 11 results

  1. Sebeus I

    [CSE] Arctic Explorer

    It's been a while since I last did a contest, this one is perfect to get back into it. The Arctic Explorer, an Ice Planet MOC. It was quite challenging to be using only four colours, Especially when I realized the only transparent orange canopy I had was one from the Aquasharks. Building a Jet fighter has been on my list for some time so I decided shape my space ship accordingly. I never owned any of the Ice Planet 2002 sets though, I think I've got the minifigs' visor from a Time Cruisers set . I did get these printed blue canopies from a friend, years ago, they were excellent to hide the small vehicle and satellite. The trike folds to fit in the cargo bay. I'm not entirely happy with it though, I think the front is a bit messy, a differently shaped canopy may have been helpful here. It was a fun exercise, quite challenging. EDIT: I forgot to show off it's radar . It folds into the fuselage, though in quite a cumbersome way.
  2. HarrisBricks

    [MOC] Ice Station Icarus

    This build is Ice Station Icarus on the planet Krysto, inspired by Ice Planet 2002 but using the range of pieces and building techniques now available. The colour scheme and styling of this build will hopefully be recognisable to any fan of the original LEGO Ice Planet 2002 sets (1993-1994), though I have broadened the colour scheme ever so slightly for my post-apocalyptic Ice Planet setting. More photos can be found here:
  3. Ice Piercer LDE-1516 At last, the Ice Piercer is once again assembled. About three years ago, in the very end of 2016, I posted the finished version one of this build, the Ice Piercer LD-118. I had it shown at a exhibition in Ängelholm, Sweden but after that I dismantled it and started to redesign it, this time in Bricklink Studio instead of LDD. Between the time I started to design the first version and until it was finished I got lots of new ideas, had learned many new techniques and there were lots of new, fun parts that I wanted to use. In early 2019 I thought I had finished the redesign and started to buy new parts. In the end I think that I bought about 15.000 new parts since I sorted out lots of bad parts and had added a great deal of new parts to the build. But every day since then I got new ideas, added more parts and bought more parts. This MOC now exceeds 39.000 pieces. In late october the building started again. Due to both vacation, sickness and work it took way longer to finish than I had planned. But today is the day to reveal it all. The new Ice Piercer LDE-1516. And this time it is complete for real. There will be no more adding, removing or rebuilding. It’s time for other projects now. Hope you like it! To see more pictures, visit my Flickr-accouny. Here is a link: Kim Cefa //Kim Cefa
  4. Orange Leader

    Ice Planet 2002: SkiBot 2002

    "SkiBot 2002, at your service!" An autonomous scout robot for freezing environments where no man has gone before. Can also be used for small transport, hench the pouches it carries.
  5. Here we have Lego's Deep Freeze Defender from 1993's Ice Planet 2002, a sub-theme of the long-lasting Space theme. While not the most expensive set in the Ice Planet line, the Deep Freeze Defender has the highest part count at 420 pieces. It retailed for $45 when first introduced. It's impossible not to fall in love with the Ice Planet color scheme. White, blue, black, and trans-orange all work deliciously well together. This mighty vessel is instantly identifiable as a craft made to explore dangerously cold environments. I especially love the array of tall, trans-orange "window" elements at the rear of the ship. This frontal shot prominently displays the distinctive tandem cockpit set-up. The Deep Freeze Defender was not the first or last set to utilize this design feature, but in my opinion it remains the most iconic of those that do. The large print of the Ice Planet emblem in the center of the craft is stunning. The printed arrow tiles hint at the first of many gimmicks of this set. Both cockpit sections are connected to the main hull via a 2x2 brick with a technic-style pin. With a bit of force, each module can easily be detached from the rest of the ship. Even by themselves, the "command craft" are delightful little builds. Identical to each other, each craft features a pair of skis, a chainsaw, and a black blaster/flashlight/whatever element for the pilot to use. Of note, the white skis are elevated just slightly above the ground. The bottom of the craft is raised by four smooth inverted dish pieces, allowing it to glide along a flat surface with ease. Here the connector piece that allows the command craft to attach and detach from the bulk of the ship is clearly visible. Other elements on the main hull sandwich around the rearmost bricks of the craft, ensuring that the command craft remain aligned with the rest of the ship at all times. With the canopy open, the cockpit interior is visible. The printed 2x2 slope piece is lovely, and the pilot fits snugly and securely inside. A look at what the set looks like with a single command craft docked to the main hull. The satellite which was once in the center has been moved off to the right of the ship. A look at the set with both command craft removed. Perhaps this could be operated by the pilot of the scout craft in the rear of the ship, who we'll see more of soon. Once more, the printed arrows hint at another of the set's gimmicks. This time the main hull itself will be splitting apart into two smaller craft. To undock these two halves, simply lift two arrow-printed hinges and pull the two sections of the ship apart. Aside from the stud connections of the two hinges, the halves are joined by two blocks with technic pins, similar to the command craft. The rear section of the vessel begins at the large trans-orange "corner" pieces. The two halves of the main hull separated. Each has a unique gimmick which will soon be revealed. With both sections of the main hull separated, the two command craft can dock with the individual components, forming two unique, complimentary craft from a single large vessel. A truly wonderful gimmick and easily my favorite part of this set. In my opinion each configuration of this set looks equally impressive. While one could interpret the rocket housed within the forward hull section as a weapon, it's really intended as a launch platform for a data-gathering satellite. The rocket is loosely, yet securely mounted on a short technic axle. Lifting the bay hatch pulls the rocket with it, allowing the rocket to stand upright for blast-off. The rocket is ready for blast-off, and the satellite has been mounted and secured. In cases where the rocket can't take off directly from the ship however, the magnet hints at an alternate launch method. Visible through the slots in the rear windows is a hard-working Ice Planet astronaut. While the two pilots in front are busy maneuvering and navigating the ship, perhaps this intrepid fellow is pouring over research data. Of course, he has other duties to perform as well, when needed... Another iconic facet of this set is the launch bay, comprised of alternating white and trans-orange garage door elements. Here, the bay is securely locked. The track for the bay door is unlocked by flipping open the two hatches, made easy by the large black thruster elements. Sliding the bay door open reveals the interior, and the Ice Planet astronaut within. But with the bay door fully retracted... ...The hidden scout craft is ready to take off! Sliding the bay door back all the way presses against an arm that angles the tiny ship into launch position and locks it into place. The craft easily slides off the arm to take flight. A look at the bay with the scout craft removed. The launch arm is clearly visible. When the scout craft returns, the arm's protrusion simply slots into an empty space on the rear of the tiny ship. Sliding the bay door closed relieves pressure on the arm and lowers the scout flat inside the bay itself. A look at the scout craft by itself. A very simple build. Like the larger command craft, it features a pair of skis for its pilot, but no other accessories. As for the magnet on the left side... ...This allows the scout craft to fly off with the rocket! Perhaps the pilot has found a more suitable place to launch the satellite into orbit. The rocket has launched, and its payload has been inserted into the icy planet's orbit. When deployed, the arms of the satellite unfold as shown. Assembled here are the three minifigures included with the Deep Freeze Defender. Two can pilot the ship, while the remaining member can pilot the scout craft. The figure in the center has a unique torso print, denoting his status as leader. With their trans-orange visors flipped up, the identities of each minifigure are properly revealed! Commander Cold (known as Commander Bear in the U.K. and Japan) stands proudly in the center, flanked by unnamed male and female astronauts. Ice Planet 2002 was one of the first Space themes to include specially printed minifigure faces (narrowly beaten by Space Police II). Additionally, the female of this set is the first female minifigure in the entire Space line. Equipped with their accessories, the Ice Planet astronauts are ready for anything! Commander Cold sports a combined tool made from his black "blaster" element and chainsaw, while the female astronaut wields them separately. The male astronaut treks on only with a pair of skis. The broad, flat surfaces of the skis allow for some (carefully set) walking poses unaided by plates or other pieces. In conclusion, the Deep Freeze Defender is an absolutely phenomenal set. It's durable, stylish, fun, and loaded with interesting and well-implemented gimmicks. It is by far the best of the Ice Planet 2002 sets, and one of the best large starship builds in all of Lego history. Very highly recommended for all Lego Space fans.
  6. The Mugbearer

    [Render] Ice Planet Exploration Mech

    [Render] Ice Planet Mech by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr An Ice Planet exploration mech based off the concept art from this page. Took me about 18 hours to render this monster. :D Back view | Cockpit * * * If you like what I do and you want to see me create your OC, a favorite Bionicle Character, or something else, feel free to look up my Commission Info! I also now have a Patreon page, so please consider supporting!
  7. Elephant Knight

    SHIPtember "Icy Falchion

    My build for 2016 SHIPtember. Built over 3 days, about 12 hours total. Icy Falchion (SHIPtember 2016) by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Icy Falchion (SHIPtember 2016) by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Icy Falchion (SHIPtember 2016) by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Comments and criticism are welcome. EKnight
  8. markus1984

    ICE Planet 2002

    Hello, After the last project with Disco86 and the legendaryBlack Tron series it`s now the time to build the next theme from my childhood. ICE Planet was my absolut favorit when i was a child and only the battle of hoth flair was so great! But now the photos. All photos you found on my flickr stream Hope you like it and sorry for the bad photo quality but now it`s winter time, it`s dark an my good cam is broken. greetings Markus
  9. I recently bought a huge lot of old Lego system stuff from Ebay, consisting mostly of Space and Town Parts from around the time of my childhood. I'm still in the process of identifying what sets are buried in that lot (It contained no instructions or boxes), but one that was easy to identify, as it was still 80% intact when I got the lot, was 6973 Deep Freeze Defender. I bought the lot mostly because it had a lot of Blacktron 1 and M-Tron stuff, and originally thought I'd propably resell the Deep Freeze Defender, since Ice Planet came out when I was just losing interest in lego in my childhood. But it is missing a few parts and when I saw what low price even complete sets go for on, I quickly thought otherwise. I didn't care for the sets original design very much. The general idea is cool, but I didn't like the way its wings strut out randomly in all directions, and there are several areas throughout that seem thoughtless and unimaginative to me. So it was clear to me that I would use it as a starting point to create a ship of my own, while refering to the original plan in some parts. I took some inspiration from ships like the Futuron 200, borrowing the concept of a ship with a longer hull in the middle and two smaller cockpits at the wingtips. This is the result: A view from the back: Cockpit detail: I decided that my version of the ship would be a lot less peaceful than the original Ice Planet theme. Thus I added manned lasers on the wings that can be turned to either side to some extent. The original Deep Freeze Defender could be separated and recombined in several parts. Since I based the main hull of the ship on the original instructions, the aft section of my ship can also be separated from the rocket-holding-section. I forgot to take a picture of that, but its not that interesting anyway. I also made the wings and outer cockpits separable from the main hull, which leaves a sleek, streamlined ship: The wings and outer cockpits can be recombined to form a smaller spaceship with one laser... or two lasers in the middle! Some more detail shots: I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome, but I still have some ideas that I might add in the future: - adding a second locking mechanism on the outer side of the wing cockpits. That way, I could recombine them into a smaller ship with one cockpit in the middle and two wings with turning lasers. - creating an interlocking part that could be stored inside the back of the wing cockpits that would allow the two cockpits to be connected directly - adding a locking mechaism between the main cockpit and the rest of the ship's main body so the cockpit cound be combined with the cargo section at the back. This may prove difficult or impossible to do without harming the ships look. Tell me what you think of my creation. This is actually the biggest spaceship I ever built, and also my first big creation since I rediscovered Lego just several weeks ago.