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  1. here's a little test video just as a proof of concept... the bike stays up and does some kind of burnout on the floor as well xD the steering is really sensitive but i don't know how much it depends on the slippery surface if i dismount the chain and throw it straight even if it goes slowly it stays up due to the way the steering system is done. the pivot point is mounted 1 stud forward so while going straight it balances itself...the little rack moves the handlebar left and right but when it's in neutral position the handlebar has some free degrees to move freely
  2. Hi everybody! It's been a while since i posted anything... I've been building some buggys and some 4x4 but at the end, i was always unhappy with the fact that it was something i've already done in the past... so i took em apart. At some point i was: you know what? i'll get into RC bikes wich is something that technic comunity lacks more or less. So after some prototypes that didn't really work i've finally made a decent one. For now it's only a chassis but it goes straight and can lean left and right. To be honest i haven't had the chance to test it properly as it goes really fast and my appartment is too small, plus it has some kind of marble as a floor so it's kinda slippery i believe once i'll be able to test it properly i'll shoot a video of it. in the meanwhile if anybody wants to give it a go here are some pics so you can reverse engineer it :) I hope you'll like it!
  3. piterx

    Using rc buggy motors

    My lancia stratos had 2 buggy motors connected 1:1 to the wheels with two rechargeable lego batteries... It all depends on the scale and the Weight distribution... I reckon 4 buggy motors would work if u have enough space for 4 lipo batteries
  4. piterx

    Yellow fever - powered by Buwizz

    awesome little car mate!
  5. oh well.... at first i was "nah red is better" but after seeing it with the 8880 livery, well: GO FOR IT :D
  6. this is such a great project :) even if i'm not a fan of non rc models im absolutely amazed by this car
  7. piterx

    [MOC] Unimog U90

    it looks awesome :) what are those wheels?
  8. piterx

    [MOD] RC Mini Buggy

    i was thinking about making a new buggy with the same setup as the trophy truck, tubolar chassis, rc motor and differential... same wheels as well
  9. piterx

    [MOD] RC Mini Buggy

    nice :) it would get even better if u manage to give the front suspension some backward angle and add a differential
  10. piterx

    Suzuki Samurai 4x4

    dude that's amazing! i think you just made it look better :) great job! and thanks for the file! (all of this makes me so happy seriously lol)
  11. piterx

    Ford Fiesta WRC

    that's wicked!
  12. piterx

    Suzuki Vitara Instructions

    for sure! here's the part list somebody made some instructions for the fiat panda, i don't know where they are exactly tho.... about the trophy truck i might try to make instructions from pictures but i cant assure ill manage to do it...