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  1. piterx

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    that's a must buy
  2. piterx

    RC Cheap Baja bike

    that's nice to hear dude! i'm glad you're enjoying it I'm trying to redesign it in such a way it will have rear suspension too, i truly wanna make it go offroad, for now i'm not having too much success but it will work at some point :)
  3. Hello everyone! Two years ago I've started this journey with a dear friend of mine of making a drone racing game on unreal engine called Rotor These days I was a bit burned out for all the programming and 3d modelling so I decided to make a technic version of one of our drones to relax a bit :D Just for the sake of it I put it in the game to see it fly but i won't upload a video until i'm sure Lego won't sue my butt (it won't be in the game anyway) I hope you'll like it here it is the game counterpart as reference when i'll have more time i'd like to make a half technic and half bricks version of it that looks more like the original so i can have it hanging from the ceiling of my room
  4. piterx

    RC Cheap Baja bike

    i take no responsabilities on that ! thank you dude!
  5. piterx

    [MOC] Mechanical Calculator

    Thats crazy o.o
  6. piterx

    General RC Motorcycle Discussion

    how about something like this? cheap and easy to integrate :P
  7. piterx

    General RC Motorcycle Discussion

    my advice would be: focus only on the geometry and weight distribution of the model. Once you get something that can go at slow speed without falling down you start adding features. take this as an example, it only has the basic angle and pivot offset and it is really stable at slow speeds, you litterally push it gently and it will keep going straight. Try finding the right angle and wheelbase that gives the bike the behaviour you're looking for and then you add all the rest on top of that trying to keep the same setup as much as you can. Of course trying to keep the bike as specular on its forward axis is quite relevant for the weight distribution but the lower down you got differences the leatest impact they will have on the bike. Take the Baja bike as an example, it goes straight even tho the servo and the L motor have different weights, but they are placed at the bottom of the chassis where it doesn't affect the balance too much.
  8. piterx

    The fastest bike (?)

    I was wondering if the video was slowed down or if you just had some crazy good handling on it, turns out you are a really good pilot lol
  9. piterx

    General RC Motorcycle Discussion

    Hey guys! Awesome to see that you're having fun as much as i do with bikes :) I've got more bikes coming in a while, still need to do tweaks here and there but what i can tell you if you wanna start experimenting with big wheels you can go with an XL motor, it's better centered than the others and it has enough torque to make the bike run. On these two i'm using a chain that goes from the large gear to the second smallest one (sorry i have no idea on how many teeth they have)
  10. piterx

    RC Cheap Baja bike

    We should indeed! Ive done a lot of testing i can share many tricks with you guys and maybe some engineer can explain us why stuff works the way it does :)
  11. piterx

    RC Cheap Baja bike

    Ill dm you the 3d model ive made to render my images :) btw great job on the improvements! The golden rims look sick
  12. piterx

    The fastest bike (?)

    Hey dude thats awesome to hear! Shoot a video of it i wanna see it :) i love your design it looks better than mine :D
  13. this is pretty cool!
  14. piterx

    RC Cheap Baja bike

    the futuristic wheels work really good to be honest! the only reason why i preferred the new ones over those is that they are slightly bigger so the bike goes a little faster
  15. piterx

    RC Cheap Baja bike

    hey guys! so: - the 81.6 dont fit and you will have to widen the chassis one more stud (but i might do it for you one of these days) - it works with standard PF lithium battery and the steering doesnt get too compromised. The only problem would be the range and the speed that will make it go like the driver was drunk :D try building this one if you don't have the new wheels, it was the original model i made a while a go but i wasn't too happy with it, it was working really good but it was still bulky here and there, like the gear rack part, that sucks big time, the new one is so much cleaner :) @amorti that is cool dude! even tho i believe you dont really need to reinforce it that much, i never had the gear skipping, nor there nor on the gear rack:)