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  1. I saw it a while ago on your post on facebook, it's sick dude :) I love it
  2. Rake angle when you offset the pivot counts till a certain extent, you can make it straight and it works just fine. It's a matter of the mounting point of the new shocks that is weak and wobbly and that makes the bike shake and eventually flip if you go full throttle out of a turn
  3. Those FPV shots are amazing man :D I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  4. Features: - Self balancing chassis - Front and rear shock absorbers - RC motor Hi guys! I had this bike built for almost a year and i've never found the time to shoot a video of it. I still don't have the time to do a proper video but at least i managed to record some raw footage of it driving around! This is probably the bike with the best overall performance of all the ones I've done so far. I would like to make a MKII of it to be honest, the new suspensions are pretty wobbly, I'll probably swap em with the old ones with the visible spring. I hope you'll like it!
  5. i love it so much!! great job dude
  6. eheh that's a cool idea dude! i love it
  7. that's actually pretty cool! i like the way you've hidden all the electronics, plus the mecanism is clever for house playing! Good job!
  8. it looks really nice except for the price part :D seems a bit overpriced aint it? I would probably be quite annoyed if it was at 40€ but damn 74 is just crazy high
  9. ohhh dude im so hyped for this set :D I'll surely buy the set and some separate pair of wheels and shock absorbers! I'm quite confident that with the size it has it could probably fit an RC 2 speed gearbox inside. The only thing is that i need to step up my turning system This guy made a cool counter steering system like it is on real RC bikes, I'm already working on it :P
  10. I can't wait to put my hands on those new wheels and shock absorbers <3 they are big enough to probably fit an RC 2 speed gearbox too :D
  11. Hi everyone! After building some bikes me and friend (who's gonna post his entry one of these days) challenged each other to make the smallest RC vehicle possible and why not, also make it ridiculously overpowered :) So I made this little city car, it has some brutal power given by the buggy motor connected with the fast output and geared up to 1.666. It should travel at around 10kmh but given the high center of mass, like a city car thrown at 160kmh as soon as you try to make a sharp turn it rolls over... wich I admit it's pretty fun! Indoors it performs crazy drifts and it's really enjoyable to drive around, probably geared 1:1 it would be even better for indoor usage. I hope you'll like it !!! Features:- 1 Buggy motor - 1 Buwizz Measures:19.3cm x 11.8cm x 8.1cm350g weight I'll post a video as soon as it stops raining like crazy as it is these days :D
  12. That's awesome dude :) I'm looking forward to see this bike breaking the lego speed record
  13. dude that's fantastic :) i will watch the whole video later in the evening!