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  1. can't wait for the new big wheels :D Rc bikes will be a lot of fun for a while!
  2. ahah absolutely true :P Unfortunately IP are a field where if you can't protect the base concept then it's just a race at who makes it better :D If tomorrow Ubisoft comes out with a drone racing game we're kinda screwed lol
  3. I gotta say that i know nothing about laws and how the whole thing works, it is just my point of view about it, I didn't mention a pirated version, it's more like "instead of buying minecraft i buy another game that looks like it". It is legal, it's just a bit meh to me, but after all as long as builders have fun and make great builds it's nobody's concern :D I can see why Lego could be upset about it tho, that's it :D I'm truly not here to judge anyone!
  4. I kinda agree but at the same time it's just like "i can't afford this videogame so ill buy the copycat of it that's cheaper" it makes sense, but surely it doesn't make sense for the original inventors of something. Lego invented a whole unique ecosystem wich took decades to develop, they should be the only ones selling it to be honest. Buwizz is a different thing, they don't copy lego design, they added a more powerful lipo battery to enhance performances, then they made the copy of an old motor that lego doesn't want to produce anymore even if the community wanted it really bad
  5. i gotta say something not too popular i believe: am I the only one who thinks that TLG is TLG and they should be the only ones selling their invention? I know brands like CADA are cool because they give builders the chance of monetizing on their creations, but still, it kinda upsets me at the same time seeing a brand stealing another brand's idea like that. Personally I support aftermarket brands such as Buwizz as they provide something that's not a rip-off of somebody else's intellectual property but they add to it.
  6. no not really, you kinda want to put it at the maximum degree the bike can lean and then get back straight on its own without you having to manually launch it again :)
  7. the torque wasn't quite enough to make it reactive how i wanted and top speed wasn't great either... it works but it's nothing special
  8. I had this early version of the bike (that i didnt like too much) wich was using an L motor and it was working fine :) maybe you can give it a try
  9. that's awesome dude! Hopefully we're gonna see more people making bikes soon
  10. Thats dumb but i understand they don't want troubles, thanks for taking the time to make instructions dude, i apreciate it a lot :)
  11. ahah yep you're totally right! ill just make something for it :)
  12. dude that color scheme rocks :D looks like a raptor i love it! im so happy you had fun with it :) thank you all guys i'm working on a new bike, i hope i can finish it soon!
  13. thanks everyone for the kind words! I wasn't expecting all of this :D
  14. this bike rips :D these wheels with the buggy motor with that weight are just perfect together I'm happy you and the guy from the video had fun with it :)