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  1. dude that's some top quality performance right there! outstanding job!
  2. lovely model dude! I saw it earlier on youtube, you did a great job with the axles too!
  3. i agree! even tho, you can mount a 2x3 liftarm as a chain tensioner, the reason why it comes off is because when the suspension compresses there's no chain tensioner still, it's not the best bike to build for it's handling
  4. yeah that was more or less the idea at the beginning... then i struggled with the rounded shapes at that small scale and i gave up completely thanks guys i'm glad you like it! Every now and then I still have some time to get back at building, hopefully I'll have more time soon!
  5. I saw it the other day on youtube! It's incredible! Great job dude!
  6. dude this truck looks so good!! I love it
  7. Hey guys! I've recently made this buggy! I'm not too satisfied with the looks of it, i might change the body with something else but the chassis has probably one of the best handlings of all the vehicles I've made so far. I'll update this post when I'll shoot a video or when i'll build a different body, hopefully soon! Hope you'll like it!
  8. Awesome model dude! I truly apreciated the rear suspension design! That's really clever!
  9. Awesome entry! I love it, the amount of functions is stupidly high for that scale, now I have to put myself at work to get on pair with my wrecker ahah Well done!
  10. How did you get a reference image directly in stud.io? 😮
  11. I might actually try to make two versions of it, one with functions and one with pullback, at the end of the day the end of the contest is still very far away :) I kinda doubt there's gonna be space to fit both steering and a working fake engine together with the pendulum front axle as it has now but I'll try my best :)
  12. Thank you! yeah unfortunately yes but i guess it could be linked to the rear axle if I removed the pullback motor
  13. Alright, I'd call it finished Now it's time for the presentation, I have something special in mind but I won't spoil it until Im 100% sure I can do it :)
  14. That is indeed a good hint, i had the same doubt about it, it looked good but too many tiles, how about something like this? it looks a bit bulkier but probably closer to the original bulkiness of the rebel wrecker update n5 I had to remake the chassis because it was too much of a mess, now it's way cleaner and I'm starting to test the fake engine and how to mount it
  15. Update n3 Sooo, apparently there's no way i can make something that looks good and steers at the same time, so i guess i will just go for a fake engine If you guys have any suggestions they'd be much apreciated! :)