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  1. piterx

    [MOC] Trophy Trial Truck

    that's awesome man :)
  2. that is awesome :) i thought of something like that a while ago but never had the chance to actually try it out! ill give yours a try when i can, im pretty sure that it could solve multiple problems related to auto shifting cars :)
  3. that's pretty cool dude! I hate that nobody even says "good job" after you put time and effort into explaining something they probably didnt know before... :(
  4. i wish there were more people doing the stuff you do dude! this is so interesting
  5. piterx

    BMW S1000/RR

    that is truly beautiful man!
  6. that's awesome dude :) i would definitely try making it RC it would fly :D
  7. piterx

    IDF Eitan AFV

    awesome moc :)
  8. piterx

    Fast RC Motorbikes

    i've made some instructions for those who can't be bothered with pc programs :)
  9. piterx

    Fast RC Motorbikes

    Those are flex hoses to prevent the bike from scratching when it reaches the maximum angle it can lean before the frame parts touch ground
  10. piterx

    Fast RC Motorbikes

    :) you're welcome! try building the small one it handles really well and it doesn't need a big space. i went out for another test and it looks like in ludicrous the bike needs stiffer suspensions, i believe i'll need to swap them with the yellow ones. Other than that it behaves really well!
  11. piterx

    [MOC] SUV Racer Mk II

    im not a fan of the color scheme but this car is insane! great job dude :) really relaxing video as well
  12. piterx

    Fast RC Motorbikes

    Think about the wheels of a shopping kart, they have the pivot point in front of them so when you push the kart they're (almost) always rotating in the direction you want. The pivot point of the front wheel is mounted 2 studs away from it right behind the white number plate ?
  13. piterx

    Fast RC Motorbikes

    Here they are (for 3 days only unfortunately) , you will have to use Stud.io to open them, wich by the way is an absolutely amazing software :D https://mab.to/209lFaIwq