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Found 45 results

  1. Welcome to the wonderous world of Yesteryears' view of the future! Where the moon is being colonized, robots are commonplace in our homes, atomic power is everywhere, and outer space is the new frontier! Here we see two Retro-futuristic trains together: the longest one is the "Nucleus Express" atomic-powered express passenger train, while the shortest one is the "Astrotrain" diesel passenger four-car train set, and the middle one is the "Moon Mover" diesel-powered freight service, with all three sporting streamlined Classic Space color schemes. ASTROTRAIN I already have a real-world Aerotrain LEGO model completed, and was fiddling around while bored when I came across this Classic Space version of the train from 2018. I had to take out the upside-down slanted coach windows because the parts don't exist in trans-yellow yet. I added different windows, red and green directional lights, and a bigger horn that looks like a thruster pod. I used black wheels instead of gray ones because they are cheaper and easier to find, but you'd never know that because I hid them behind SNOT'ed panels that look more like the prototype. Then, I deviated wildly from the GM Aerotrain and added a Baldwin Sharknose type-end to the front of the engine to make it even more unique. The classic space 4 x 2 slope from Benny's spaceship goes right below the headlight, of course. Also, as a side note, a 9V motor can be added to the engine for shows alongside my CS base / vehicles. (I don't own a 9V motor or track, but some GtwLUG members do and have offered to try out my locos wit h 9V power in the past.) The engine has been thoroughly made into a futuristic space locomotive... which wasn't too hard as it was already pretty forward-thinking designed originally. The roof is now removable, with seating for a driver and dual weight bricks for adding traction to the 9v motor. (when it has one for shows) As a concession to using trans-yellow as a window color, I had to remove the original slanted GM Fishbowl-bus style windows that were used on the original Aerotrain due to lack of parts in that color. The rear of the train has no coupler as it's "supposed" to be a part of one complete train-unit. Here we can se the original aerotrain working slightly at my dads. link to video showing Aerotrain in motion at Flickr Please excuse the pineapple couch, its my dads, as is the borrowed 9v equipment. The motor sadly only can pull three cars and at full speed only or not at all. But, it is a step towards having it run at train shows! (if anyone can help me figure out how to get the motor to move more than three cars, or add the video to my actual post, please respond below! Thanks to a suggestion by @XG BC, the locomotive now has weight bricks over the (potential) motor, so it should be ready for 9v power for shows next year. NUCLEUS EXPRESS PASSENGER TRAIN Heavily inspired by @Electricsteam's long-awaited Atomic Streamliner project, (as seen here ) I have designed my own Atomic-Age wonder for my "Moon Mover" fast freight service. It is, as is Electricsteams' engine, a fission powered turbine loco with 4-4-2 "Atlantic" wheel arrangement. This engine lacks the full streamlining of other locos, but it does have the nose streamlined. This allows for easier working on the nuclear powerplant that powers the engine's movement. Unlike the slower Earth trains, the Nucleus type of space-train is super-streamlined, and can go up to speeds of up to 180 MPH on it's special track, with super-elevated curves and a long straight-away over 101+ miles, all while using Positive Train Control (PTC) on the the mostly double-track mainline, where all vehicle crossings are flyovers and switches virtually non-existent once out of the city limits. Here are the three coaches for the Nucleus train. The inside of all the cars for this train look the same - three seats for each car. This dome car features spectacular views of Earth through it's car-width rooftop window. The rearmost-car features a large observation window. ASTRO-BASE COMMUTER RAILROAD STATION This commuter station will be the departure point for my two Classic Space trains. It features a very low floor with two accessibility ramps to get at the two train tracks - one run through and one stub end. There are two benches, two ticket machines, and a single double-sided analog clock. The manned ticket booth (for those uncomfortable or unfamiliar with the electronic machines) has a sign above it saying the train terminal's name, which is named Astro-Base. This is because it is located next to my Classic Space moon-base. Here we see the other side of the run-through track. OTHER STUFF The two identical doors of the space base has been re-designed to handle train tracks so the trains can enter and exit the walled-in base and the doors still open and shut. Atlantis City (located in Copernicus crater on Earth's moon, in XL shape and yellow on the map), the great domed wonder of the solar system, has a rail system to get people to work at it's outlying un-domed facilities. The interstellar transport hub of Reinhold is the next stop, and is the terminus for all the public passengers / galactic tourists. (The Reinhold crater is in green here) The following two branch lines are for specific crewmembers only: The Lansberg line is for power / shield generation over the city and surrounding land areas. It also was where the original city was located, before the original founders relocated to Copernicus Crater and founded the Great Glass City as we know it today. (Lansberg is in violet / purple crater) The Gambart line is for military personnel only, as it where the top brass pour over charts and make way for the latest improvements in "laser scanner" technology. (This one in the Blue with yellow rim crater) Potential new tracks could be laid to the planned 100,000 seat stadium in the older Stadius crater (barely visible near Copernicus crater) for Sportsball events. New tracks could also be laid past the space hippies encampment at Hortensius Crater (small yellow crater), but has been continually voted down by protesting neo-hippies, as it would bring bad vibes to their region by the loud construction vehicles just to get to the ice mines of the Mare Insularum. (No one has managed to get through to them that there is no sound in a vacuum!) (Photo from Google Earth, with railroad lines drawn and story by me. The colorful moon landscape background is from early 1960's NASA maps that I thought were really cool. More stuff will come as I think of it, so keep your eyes peeled for updates to this thread! UPDATED 7/11/21 This Zephyr-like loco is going to replace the engine at the head of my Astro-train. I decided to do this for one reason: motorization! I will soon be able to put a 9v motor at the head of the train, running it via electricity for shows with Gateway LUG. The inter-car connection is the same as before, and most of the needed parts for the engine (plus one more passenger car!) will come from the pervious loco. Thoughts?
  2. Gotta get back, back to the past... Samurai Jack! Armed with a magic sword, a heroic samurai warrior sets out to defeat the evil demon sorcerer Aku. However, Aku transports him into the distant future, where the residents name him "Jack". Now Samurai Jack must find a way to return home to the past and obliterate Aku once and for all! Don't forget your hat, Jack! "Who dares to summon I, Aku?!" Using all the pieces to make his main form, Aku can "shape-shift" by being rebuilt into a scorpion... …or even a winged creature! Summary of Aku's rebuildable forms. What do you think of my product idea? If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding what you'd like me to improve or add to my project (bonus forms for Aku, supporting characters, enemies, etc.), I'm more than happy to take them into consideration! Link to my Product Idea
  3. This is a mini version of Captain Future's Comet/Meteor spacecraft from the famous 80s cartoon. Despite its size the construction is actually reasonably stable and the design also allows the wings to rotate freely from the rest of the spacecraft.
  4. Hi Everybody, I’d like to show you my latest MOC, regarding a post-apocalyptic house, made of smashed containers. This will be just a module of a bigger diorama set up with some afol friends. Hope you like it
  5. paokus

    The Serum Lab

    Hi!! this is my latest project "The Serum Lab" hope you like it, here the link if you want to see more pics a video and support Thank you very much!
  6. Thrice upon a Time, in a city called Hill Valley California, there was a time machine made out of a Delorean sports car. But this is not about that device and it's many adventures, but a special steam engine that could also travel in time. It was known as... THE TIME TRAIN The Back to the Future (BTTF) Time Train "Jules Verne" has been made in real bricks, and is heavily inspired by he one Team BTTF had presented in their rejected LEGO Ideas model. In BTTF part III, the engine itself was really built, but the tender was CGI animated. The engine used in the film can be seen at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida On the original model, parts of it would spin and the engine could be motorized via Power Functions. I removed those features to save money and make it weight less. I did add working pistons to the model, though. The tender of the time train. "Doc" Emmett Brown (left) and his wife Clara (right) with the time train front and center. EDIT 4/14/15: I removed the cab interior and changed the orange parts on the tender, along with refining the front end. Also, the gizmo no longer spins. EDIT 5/9/18: Added newer pictures, revised the text, and changed some parts of the model to fit into a 10 wide space. EDIT 5/14/18: All but two Bricklink orders are in my hands, with one coming tomorrow and the other on it's way. EDIT 5/20/18: Added real life pictures and revised the text. EDIT 5/25/18: Added revised picture showing the working pistons. The updated LDD file for the finished model is available at Bricksafe.
  7. bamsham363

    [MOC] Space bug/beetle

    The future version of the vw beetle, "The Space Bug", travel for the future
  8. Legochaek

    Lego board games

    So I wasn't sure where to put this, but this is a thread to talk about lego board games: your board game MOCs, whether lego will ever make any more, your collection, reviews, anything! My favourite lego board game is Lego Champion (it's got so many little sub-themes! ) or Pirate Code (I like the skill and well, pirates. )
  9. A need arose in the army of the Galenis Confederation. A war machine like none seen before, a machine that could attack swiftly, engage multiple enemies, and survive unscathed. It needed to be extensively armored, yet fast. And above all else, it had to strike fear into any who opposed it. From the twisted minds of the scientists in Tech Lab 2C came Project Machina Teneb. A hulking beast of metal, the MT-D9 was two/thirds the size of its cousin, the Sprite HK-P4. However, it packed almost four times the firepower, and was over twice as intelligent. MT-D9 Leak More will come soon... This is just a sneak peek. Instructions are now available on BrickSafe!!!
  10. Leonardo da Bricki

    Sprite HK-P4 *Now With FREE Instructions!*

    When the Late World Order collapsed in August of 2079, from the ashes of Europe rose the Galenis Confederation, a group of nations bent on control over the remains of the world. Machines were their enforcers, and there was no taking prisoners. The main weapon in their arsenal was the Sprite-class Hunter/Killer (Patrol) drone. Sprite HK-P7 Almost 14 meters tall, this machine has Level 4 AI, meaning it is autonomous, but not free-thinking, and it is tied to a central command system. It is armed with a Martek Industries cannon, capable of firing at a rate of 800 rounds per minute. A Luminaire Tech spotlight augments it's suite of visual detection systems, which include radar, lidar, infrared and ultraviolet. Contained in the body is a Martek Industries Viper Launcher. It has a magazine of 16 rounds of HERP (High Explosive Rocket Pod) missiles. Each missile bursts open to release 7 individual rockets in a dispersed pattern. The Sprite uses several gyroscopes to maintain balance, and it is capable of running at speeds of nearly 50 miles per hour. I have this model built for about two years now... It has been standing on my self, and since I got a new shelf, I had to move it. And I decided it needed some upgrades... I tweaked the head just a bit, and overhauled the feet and lower legs, which were orginnally too bulky for the spindly model. And I will let the photos take the place of words, because I have been rambling on, and no one likes that... This is the view of the oppressed: Sprite HK-P7 Side profile of the Sprite: HK-P7 Profile A view of the cannon. I am quite happy with the design, it works well and is easily side-mounted. In the future, I might try it with the 4L bars instead... Sprite HK-P7 The secret missile launcher: Fire 1! Front view of the entire machine. It is 15 inches tall. Sprite HK-P7 by Will Mood, on Flickr Comments and critiques are welcome. This was my first attempt at building a mech, so tell me how badly I screwed up. I will have another one to show tomorrow as well. Instructions can now be found on BrickSafe. - Leonardo da Bricki
  11. MovieMocs

    Monocycle M 2100

    This one of a kind Monocycle is the first to be publicly retailed. Get your Monocycle M 2100 today, with the latest features including; night vision glasses with GPS functions, auto-control driving for when you need a rest, plenty of storage room for long trips and the newest plutonium engine that can exceed 440 mph with complete stability. The future is at your doorstep but will you open the door? This completely original Lego moc took 8 hours from idea to final product and has around 200 pieces. I built it to enter in the Lego Rebrick contest, Build to the Future, sponsored by BMW. I received a runner up prize for my monocycle concept and design. I hope you like it and would like any feedback you can give. I want to improve my techniques. I hope you like my idea. - MovieMocs
  12. So I created this topic to see what future projects you might have. Hopefully this can become a source of inspiration for people that can't think of something to build or just want to find a cool idea. My future projects: Tuned Nissan GT-R Features: Lowering suspension Small scale Two speed automatic gearbox Studless body Anyone recognize the GT-R? So what future projects do you guys have?
  13. Hello all! Kinda late but better later than never. I want to present you my entry for REBRICK contest :BUILD THE FUTURE . And I built a trike :) The main feature of this model is the trazition from drive mode to fly mode . Front wheels are lowered by 2 small LAs and the rear wheel raises (by 2 small LAs) . This is done by 1 M motor. Driving works at any time and it is powered by 1 M motor. About the steering , it is powered by 1 servo motor . The handlebar is conected to the steering. When wheels are lowered they can still be sterred [it looks so cool :) ] . The last freature is working front independent suspention (works in both modes) . It was a very interesting challenge and I hope you will like it as much as I do :) My favourite shot : Rear: Posted on Rebrick :{0C2B083F-BB14-47C0-84A8-775CB958273D}&a_id=bc094429-5297-4d4f-90dc-6bad2335db1a&sortEntry=false Youtube video : More pictures here: As always a comment is much apriciated :) Btw , whould you guys like tear down photoes ? And AHF stands for Always Have Fun ;)
  14. Now I know that constraction is a thing that many people don't like, but where is it going to be in the future? The original Bionicle line did really well, and there seemed to be quite a following. Then Hero Factory came along and got less attention, but still did pretty well. It did last 4 years. Then comes Bionicle G2, something so many fans have been wanting to see for a long time. It comes out and it starts with a rocky road, but finds a stable ground. Then towards the end of 2015 massive clearances started to happen, most sets were 50% off. 2016 comes and already on Amazon you can see clearances happening, some stores, are not even caring the sets, and if they do there are not a lot of them. So where do you see the future of constraction going to? It seems to be headed on a downwards spiral, and the only real way I see of saving it is through advertising. Just, agh it is just weird to me because system has been going on a huge rise in the past few years, while constraction seems to be going in the opposite direction.
  15. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] #speechampions concept car

    Custom dark orange #speedchampions concept car moc. some pictures Thanks for watching!
  16. The Future might be a shiny modern Place with flying Cars,Robots walking your Dogs and Trashcans bringing out themselfes for emptying. But we still have a sprawling Society in Lego City and the City still has all the Problems from the ancient Past.A high Crime Rate lead to Police State like Tendencies and Pollution and Trash is still a big Problem. Minifigkind still produces a lot of Waste and some of it might even be of toxic Nature. This is where the Toxic Waste Transporter comes in handy. The Containment Unit holds back pretty much everything and you can transport the Toxic Waste safely to the next Recycling Factory....well,unless you are a carefree highschool Dropout with a Drivers License and bump into everything. Those Valves are almost indestructible...almost.So better be concerned about the green Goo coming out of the Containment Tank. Well,this looks like a responsible Guy Ah Bricks!!!Spilling some toxic Goo isn`t that good. The "Belly of the Beast",funtional but not spectacular...
  17. Good Day ! Finally got to dissasemble my 8649 and wanted to use all the beautiful lime parts for something. While searching for inspiration, I found this video about how canopies could save lives in F1 racing. After that the decision was done , I must make an open-wheel racer with canopy. Horrible driving because for not overloading the receiver I connected an m-motor with worm drive to a 9v switch , which controls the Buggy Motor (what else can be used in a race car) . The system works well apart from the fact that braking is very difficult due to slow feedback. I definetly will get a 3rd party bluetooth receiver soon, because I love using the buggy motor in my mocs. In the exterior design part , a book about F1 came very handy. I fell in love with the old panels while building this car, they are so cool For the power source, I used a 2000mah 9v battery with my custom adapter. As for the functions , I got : Working steering wheel Openable canopy Working front lights Sorry for bad quality photos , my "studio" is too small for this car and the ones that I took outside were really bad. Formula Future racer by Alaxaf, on Flickr Formula Future racer by Alaxaf, on Flickr Formula Future racer by Alaxaf, on Flickr Formula Future racer by Alaxaf, on Flickr Formula Future racer by Alaxaf, on Flickr Formula Future racer by Alaxaf, on Flickr Formula Future racer by Alaxaf, on Flickr Formula Future racer by Alaxaf, on Flickr Any feedback is appreciated; again, sorry for the crappy photos.
  18. Ron Dayes

    [MOC] "The Blacktip"

    hi fellas, This is my first Spaceship i actually got to finish, so im quite new here. I usually build cars, so im really out of my comfort zone with this one^^ Tell me what you think of it! I tried getting it a retro, near future look with edges and a beaten up/heavy duty paintjob (just like the star wars rebel ships). It fits one fig and has movable engines + engine covers. Also 4 blaster guns are included in the main frame. Overall size is left small on purpose, so it can be like a dogfighter with small area of possible impact (thats why there are no wings;) ) cheers. "The Blacktip" - Spaceship by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr "The Blacktip" - Spaceship by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr "The Blacktip" - Spaceship by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr "The Blacktip" - Spaceship by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr "The Blacktip" - Spaceship by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  19. Hello All, Today I present the teaser for my 2nd entry into the Porsche Rebrick contest, the Porsche 917 2070, from 100 years after the original 1970 Porsche 917K. More will follow this photo. UPDATE: Another photo.
  20. Recently I have been thinking about why Lego is so popular as a brand. It has so many themes and licenses underneath its belt. It lead me to wonder why is the theme so popular? Now many can say that it is because of the "nostalgia" of being a kid, and remembering of more simple times. It could also be because of the licenses that it holds, and what memories they hold for more adult fans. The simplicity could be another aspect that people enjoy, and the amount of imaginative play and experience that it holds for the people. Now these days though, it seems video games are where children attention is going to. Minecraft possibly being the largest of these, think about it though. A parent can buy their child Minecraft for around $23. This would give the child unlimited play, and best of all the parents save money. Why should a parent buy their kid a toy that they will forget about in a week, when the child can create their own world in their computers. It the begs another question. Where is the future of this beloved toy? It seems as though the adult market for these toys is increasing and could potentially dominate the market, taking kids over. Then eventually the adults will start to "go", and that leaves the company in a weird position. Do you see Lego declining in 10, 20, or even 50 years? Hopefully I can get some good responses out of this and just see, what makes the toy so great and where it will go in the future.
  21. Dose Anybody know when the next LDD update is out?
  22. As some of you may know LEGO is running a Technic Building Competition with Mercedes-Benz. I was looking forward to participate and it took me a while to understand what future truck would look like. Initial idea of building truck driven by both front and back axles was quite simple to implement. Two L-motors have been used for that. Steering is performed by Servo motor and truck is controlled remotely. Fun fact - chassis without aerodynamic cover is somewhat reversible and can be used up side down. Final model is very sturdy thanks to slick and strong body. Unfortunately, due to selected width rear axle is somewhat less reliable and has gear grinding upon start but drives normally afterwards. This is something wasn't possible to completely solve having double wheels per each side. [/url] Below you can check my vision of a truck in year 2045: Few more pictures can be found on my Flickr Stats: 2 L-motors for propulsion Servo motor for steering Small non-rechargeable battery box 44 studs long 17 studs wide 24 studs tall weights 1098g. no suspension
  23. I modded the Delorean set and added windows and made it more accurate in some places.
  24. Hi! Today i'd like to show you my version of mercedes-benz truck in 2045 Model was built for rebricks competition "Mercedes of the future" It was built by 1 month. The idea for the name "Karpaks" suggested to me by my brother which associates with strength. Functions: Remote control Opening doors with handles raising Fifth wheel rotating seats rollaway bed fake engine I'm realy happy with these photos. Thanks for watching
  25. I decided to also try the Mercedes 2045 challenge, and here's what I made so far in LDD. Its a very compact drive indepent suspension with pushrod suspension...the truck will be 4WD More info and updates soon...