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  1. mpj

    Liebherr R 918 Litronic

    Hello! Very well done, very compact. Maybe the only part I would change a little is the counterweight, maybe it should be a little more curved
  2. @romashkaman thanks for your explanation, I understand and respect your point. I come from the scale model world (Italeri and Revell trucks) so my approach is to build "scale models" with Technic parts, and add stickers to add realism and achieve the look. The artwork is based on an existing Italian truck (search for Valcarenghi Scania S). I'm conscious the only "functional" stickers are the ones next to the doors, to simulate the rear glasses profile. All the other stickers are just for decoration. I'm not sure if I can explain my feeling: the difference between a model without stickers and a model with, is the same between a real Scania coming out of the factory and a showtruck Scania. I know I'm mostly talking about the aesthetic than the function, but functions are very basic (drive and steer), it's just an rc model. Concerning building process: I don't take many photos while building, I make and re-make many times several parts, and I don't have much time to build, so I prefer to concentrate on building than in photography. I can disassemble some parts to show more details if interested. Concerning instructions, I really don't know how to make them. But I don't know if I understood your final point
  3. Not suspensioned I was thinking on add suspensions to the cab, then I gave up... Thank you all for your appreciaments!
  4. Yes, stickers add a lot, but I think a model is done by parts + stickers. Unluckily I don't have many photos of the model total black, and they are not very good quality, but here they are:
  5. Hello! This is my new Moc: a Scania S730 tractor unit, in 1:17 scale. It was built during free time between march and october. It is full RC with an XL motor for driving, and Servo for steering, and a Sbrick to remote control. It has opening doors and detailed interior. On the rear axle there are pneumatic suspensions, controlled with a manual pump at the back of the cab. The model has a "showtruck" look when suspensions are raised: Stickers are self made, printed with different shades of white ink on black vynil. Tyre badges are directly printed. The most challenging part of the model was to create the steps to access the cabin... and the cabin itself! It is 18 studs wide (cab and front bumper), but the roof, on the front, is 17 studs. The wheelarches and sideskirts are 19 studs wide. The cab can be romoved, to access to the battery box. I'm considering put this model on Lego Ideas. I'm not able to make instructions so if somebody would like to build it, they must vote for it! (just joking ) A trailer is also under costruction!
  6. I don't like black rims in cars, and these 2 different color models are a great example, I like them much more than the original!
  7. mpj

    [MOC] Lego 42100 Mini-Replica

    Often small models are cooler than their bigger counterpart, very nice idea!
  8. Try Fishertechnic tyres! Awesome model, I like everything of this model. My compliments.
  9. no more questions by my side, I promise!
  10. Another question: your Technic arms are moved by LAs so they don't have a "return to center" mechanism? I think you should be very careful because the movement remains engaged until you drive the LAs in the opposite direction to come back to the neutral position.
  11. Genial, simply genial! Is there a specific reason you worked on a backhoe version and not a front shovel version? How long did you take to design the Technic "arms" to drive the excavator controls?
  12. Is it possible to have a written summary of the main answers? Also, has been revealed why were you allowed to publish the review before all the others?
  13. mpj

    Control + Liebherr L580 WIP

    The counterweight/bumper on the back is the largest part of the loader, maybe you can put the Hub flat there? More or less like in the 42030 Volevo loader.
  14. Thanks for the review! Are the LA's geared down only internally, or also outside? In the speedbuilding it looks that the motors are directly connected to the LA's without any reduction, so I'm not sure if the new LA's are very very slow by themselves, or the app is moving the motors very slowly. A video comparison between old and new actuators connected to a PF motor could be very helpful !
  15. mpj

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Looking at the part list I noticed there are only 4 brackets for the LAs . The 2 central LAs are connected in an unusual way, you can partially see it from this photo.