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  1. mpj

    Mini Race Truck (42041/8041)

    Very nice! I like it.
  2. Happy to be the runner-up winner! Thank you @TLCB !
  3. No obsession, just a suggestion how to improve proportions to look more like the real thing. If you are an "expert eye" you notice immediately there is something wrong in the proportions, since the first images. Of course if you like it as it is, leave it as it is, and we will be happy to mod it ;-)
  4. The model is not too different from real Volvo A60H, the cab should be lowered by 1 stud and the bonnet should be 1 stud higher on the back part. But the dump bed is 3 studs too high and 2 studs too large and 3 studs too long! I used the wheels dimensions as reference.
  5. mpj

    [MOC] Concrete Mixer Truck

    Very good looking model! Much much better than official Lego set coming in August!
  6. Yes, agreed! Thanks @arijitdas for your comment
  7. Eh eh it was my inspiration. There are no many photos of this telehandler, except the ones at the launch (like the photo you posted) so I'm not sure if is not yet on the market or not very common. If I did not have the parts limitation, I would have improved the stabilizers and the boom (with flat panels and bigger JCB logo )
  8. Hello! Recently I built an alternative model using only parts from set 42108. It is a roto-telehandler, mainly based on JCB Hydraload. All functions are manual: - boom raise/lower - fork tilt - turret rotation - 4 wheels steering - stabilizers There are 2 attachments: fork and hook. It is in the same scale as my other models (1.21) and instructions can be found here: Functions summary: I hope you like it!
  9. Mmm no, I don't think the cab will tilt. If so, they had surely shown it on the rear of the box. And I also think the engine is visible between the 2 seats exactly for this reason (no tilting cab). What is not accurate in this cement mixer is the rear "half pipe" to download cement. It looks like sliding instead of folding in the middle (never seen it in real life).
  10. mpj

    42107 - Ducati Panigale V4R

    Saving on quality will be a boomerang for TLG. The customer service will not be able to answer all the requests. Also, sending replacements to an increasing number of customers will be very expensive. I hope they will fix quality issues soon.
  11. mpj

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    I'm not interested in this model, but as mentioned before, I think it has a very good price for 1600+ parts and motor and battery box. The cement mixer is just 30 Euro less for 500 parts less and no electronics and no license.
  12. mpj

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

    Are the mudguards regular blue or dark azure?
  13. mpj

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

    It looks there is a mini fake motor inside the cab, between the 2 seats.
  14. Can they be the small turntable?
  15. Very clean design. I love it!