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  1. I was limited by only Mack parts, I think you've found more realistic solutions especially on the sides, and now I'd like to upgrade my Volvo model too!
  2. This Volvo is perfect, I love the Mack scale trucks and this one is really well done
  3. 942! But I hope this one will be a material handler and not a common telehandler ;-)
  4. Liebherr has a lot of handling equipment...
  5. Actually there are 2 wheels and many parts, but I have no idea what trailer could I build?
  6. Hello, I show you my latest alternative model, it is a Scania XT with snowplow and salt spreader. In set 42128 there are too many colors in my opinion, so it was not very easy for me to build a truck that was not too colorful. It features several functions: - HOG steering - working foldable crane and stabilizers - liftable third axle - dump body - working snowplow - working salt spreader via truck differential The snowplow and salt spreader can be removed from the truck. No pneumatic parts are used, they were too big for the functions of the crane / the snowplow. Instructions can be found HERE I hope you like it!
  7. I don't know if it has been already pointed out, the price of this set has been increased from 149 to 169 euro in Europe. It is a very good set and it had a very good price compared to other sets... but it was too good to be true.
  8. Mercedes Actros built with only parts from the Mack truck (the trailer can be left untouched). Instructions HERE
  9. I like the color scheme, looks like a real construction vehicle with those orange and black stripes on the bumper
  10. This is one reason why I prefer small models than big ones. Very well done!
  11. Time for a Volvo control+ wheel loader.
  12. In Italy almost all the 20-25 Tons excavators have the 3 pieces boom, all the main brands do this, not only Cat and Liebherr. These booms are especially used on these short tail swing machines.
  13. I like the overall look and I would like to see a video of the model in action. Maybe is the boom a little too thin? Have you considered using a longer linear actuator for the third section of the boom?
  14. No trucks or construction machines in this first half (ok there is a small telehandler...), and very few functions, most of them activated by levers. Not a single linear actuator used in all these sets. So there must be something for my tastes in the 2h sets