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  1. Good point! But look around the wheel you see some technic beams
  2. Is it black? delete my
  3. 42080 Forest Harvester

    You can see the battery box on the back, where the 11x3 lime panel leave a small hole between it and the black hood.
  4. Did you notice this kind of opening door? I suppose it works more or less like a sliding door.
  5. If somebody will motorize this thing, I think it will be an impressive machine. But manual functions, expecially with LA, are really too slow.
  6. Great! Considering it contains PF elements + new pneumatic elements, this set looks interesting in terms of price. No problem if it is ugly, it's only a part pack
  7. What are those yellow pieces with warning "!" stickers, on the sides of the loader, near the HoG knob?
  8. I suppose it is to rise/lower the back part of the loader. There was an image of this movement in the leaked image of the box.
  9. Does anybody know where those photos were taken?
  10. Yes but the 2 pins are not in the same angle as the external force works. I don't know how to explain... And of course the max weight it will rise will be polistyrene bubbles. In the meanwhile, I added the lights on the back of the cab.
  11. Yes I remember your topic. I must confess I made many and many attempts. What works on paper doesn't always work in real. This kind of linkage is only in Volvo loaders, so if your are building a Cat, it must be different. I'm sure the result will be good!
  12. Somebody has stolen them Good point! I will add them. I also forgot to say that the bucket is removable (quick change). I'll build some alternative attachments in the future.
  13. Hello! I finally completed my new Moc: a Volvo L120H wheel loader in 1:17,3 scale. I started this project about 1,5 years ago, then I had a pause during last spring/summer, and I restarted working on it on October 2017. It has 4 powered fuctions: - forward/backward (L motor) - steer (2 mini LAs powered by M motor) - rise/lower main arm (2 LAs powered by L motor) - bucket (1 mini LA powered by M motor) All the electric components are hidden inside the bonnet, except one M motor which is in the cab. The main goal was to obtain the correct movement of the arm and the bucket. I worked with the original drawings scaled to the model size. At the end, the linkage works quite well and the bucket stays parallel during the movement of the arm. The battery box is on the back and can be easily be easily removed to change the batteries. Stickers are home-made. I'd like to change the rims with the 6 pin holes rims, but at the moment I only have the 3 pin holes ones. FInally, a short video, but I'm going to make an outdoor video soon : Enjoy!