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  1. Sometimes the final design is not as good as we may expect, and that could be for many reasons we don't know. But the question here is: with the same amount of parts, with the same production cost, could have it been done better? Better shapes, better proportions, better resemblance to the real one? Yes and yes and yes, it could.
  2. Are we missing 42165 in January wave?
  3. This, without wheels, looks nice (not resembling the real one but at least it is nice) so I think the main issue with this model is about the wheels.
  4. The January wave looks very poor in terms of design. Nothing to compare with the small sets of January 2023. The Mack is the best but the cab design is very crude. The JD is a city set. In general I was expecting for some recolors of the small panels but it looks we only have DBG as a new color in the bike. Still no white. Disappointed 😞
  5. Ok but why are the March sets revealed and the January sets not yet?
  6. I find gobricks parts on aliexpress, but it's almost impossible to find these "special" parts because you don't know what code/number they are. Look very useful indeed!
  7. You've added so many details in such a small model. Well done!
  8. There are a lot of space sets scheduled for 2024, that's what I mean. It's not a bad thing if they make something new, but if they make 4 or 5 sets based on space, there will be 4 or 5 sets less for other different themes.
  9. According to instagram, 42182 should be "1970 moon rover" priced 250$ and released in June. If that's true, we have left the year of repetitive cars and we are going into the year of repetitive space sets.
  10. 2023 official reveal was on 2 december...
  11. Love the New Holland and the Steyr! Now missing a John Deere and a Fendt
  12. The stickers add a lot of details, this model is awesome! I hope you will make the instructions... I'd love to have it in my collection (and many other mini-sized sets of the contest)
  13. I like the turret and the arm. And also pneumatic hoses placement doesn't look bad at all. I feel that the bonnet on the truck is a little too long?