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  1. Nice variant! I've bought the instructions for the wheeled version and planning to build it with some little mods.
  2. Yes I understand what you mean. Maybe a 4x4 dish inside the black rim?
  3. Yes, that's what I had in mind too. Firas often uses them in his cars.
  4. Why didn't you use a 6x6 dish to cover the rear black rims?
  5. I like small models, I think you did a good job, very recognizable. And very curious to see the whole series!
  6. Yes, wheels covers could be a realistic option!
  7. I think that we need larger rims and 43mm tires, to have the low profile look on a model of the same scale.
  8. Very good looking model, and full of functions. I especially like the snowplow + saltspreader version.
  9. Why promobricks review is out since the set has not been officially revealed yet? Should we expect also Sariel's and Racingbricks' reviews then?
  10. 49.5mm wheels trucks are more 1:21 scale because real trucks are 2500mm wide and we build the trucks 15 studs wide = 120mm. If the Unimog is 2200mm wide, should be 13 studs wide to match perfectly with the Mack scale trucks. Anyway if you are building in 1:20 the scale will be very close The start is really promising, can't wait to see the final model!
  11. The new Bugatti is leaked on Instagram... black and yellow... and lot of new minipanels there!
  12. Cute masterpiece! I highly doubt 42147 will be better than this.
  13. Very well done as usual! Looking at the photos I'm not able to understand if you can open (and how) the side walls of the tipper body, especially when tipping on the sides. I'll try to build one for myself for sure
  14. I think we cannot use a single part as an example. Maybe they have a standard quantity of prime material (lime ABS "dust") and they spread it over multiple parts / sets.