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  1. Effe's MOC Corner

    Very good way to shape the angled lines of the Volvo cab! I've the same project in mind (mine will be a simple tractor), and I'm curious to see how you will make the front grille with technic elements. I already have an idea, and what about you?
  2. I also think it is 5L in the leaked image. It has a different design than the 3d posted here. But maybe the real valve now is like the 3d and the leaked image showed a previous version of the valve.
  3. Since the introduction of pneumatic system v2 last year, we don't have any new set with pneumatics? Very strange. I dream of a pneumatic flagship this year.
  4. Lego introduced the new manual pump last year in 42053, so in my opinion it will be used someway this year. From the information's we have now, could it be possible that the fire truck will have pneumatics? Or other sets?
  5. So up to now there are no pneumatics in 2017 sets?
  6. I'd like to see the preliminary images too
  7. This year we even don’t have rumors about 2h sets. I remember that last year we had specific names (volvo ew160e, class xerion, etc) in autumn…
  8. Thank you! The model is 90% complete, I will post photos and video soon.
  9. 12. Liebherr 914 Compact excavator Functions: - 3 standard digging functions of the arm (pneumatic) - 1 side shifting function of the arm (pneumatic) - raise/lower blade (pneumatic) - 2 hand pumps (one for the arm and one for the blade) to have free rotation of the superstructure - 180° opening door (manual) Photos: Link to discussion topic: Video: Good luck everybody!
  10. Right! I've already done the photo session, but I will replace them for the video. Thanks Yes other buckets are possible, I tried to give a chance to the buckets of the Arocs . Here are other photos:
  11. Hello! My model is complete, unluckily I had no time to take photos of the progress - I worked on it during the night - very short time for building and bad time for photographs. This is the first photo. Then I will prepare the video. I hope you like it!
  12. Hello, I show you some progress on my excavator. It will be definitely a Liebherr R914 Compact. I'm working very slowly, around 4-5 hours in the weekends, so I hope to complete it in time for the contest. Here is the current status: I've completed the undercarriage and added a pneumatic blade, moved by 2 small cilinders. I put a small pump to be operated manually. I preferred this solution instead of runnung an hose from the superstructure. In this way the excavator is free to rotate 360°. The arm is 90% complete, except the "hidraulic" lines. I've used the buckets from the Arocs to create a single large bucket. I had in mind also a quick coupler system to change bucket with other tools, but I think I will add it after compliting the rest of the model (if I will have some time before the deadline! ) Finally I'm working on the superstructure to try to reproduce the compact round shape Any suggestions or comments will be very appreciated
  13. [TC10] Unimog U 400

    Well you are doing an amazing job! I wish I was able to make projects virtually before than in real.