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  1. Also black 2L pins and blue 3L pins introduced this year are different from the past, and in my opinion, harder to remove from the holes.
  2. They are the only photos on my phone, I will take some photos for you in the weekend, please send me a private message as a reminder
  3. I'm a big fan of this size of trucks! You did a very good job and I'm happy to see that you used some of my models in your mocs
  4. I like the fact that a Technic set is revealed without any leaks before the reveal. It was quite unexpected
  5. Regular L motors can be used as servo motors with brickcontroller 2 app, isn't it?
  6. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I think nowadays everybody has Studio installed on their computer, so we can open the file and export to the preferred format
  7. I like the trucks in this scale, and this one is very well done!
  8. Very good design, especially the front is very recognizable. Well done!
  9. You don't, others do. They set the price and then people decide. My statement was about the neverending attempt to find the explanation/justification of the price. The answer is not (only) inside the number of parts or the number of motors.
  10. This set is very highly priced but I don't understand why people are trying to find an explanation for this price. A lot of things in our life cost much more than their value, often we pay more just for the brand (actually we pay more for Lego than for any other clone brand, and often the quality is basically the same). Marketing department decides what is the most suitable price for an object, they have the production cost and they decide the margin. The brand Cat is surely an attractive factor, I'm sure lot of people will buy the first Lego Technic Cat model and will not care about the price. The 18+ thing is only a box art style to help adults (not Afols) to identify products more suitable for them, it was explained when it was introduced.
  11. There's a promotional video on Instagram (search for dylanchow). New black actuators with DBG connectors are ridiculous, simply ridiculous.
  12. We are too used to see the wide wheels and now the new ones look too thin. But I think the proportion diameter/width is correct for truck tires.
  13. Concerning the number of votes, I wonder if the voting process is a little too complex, it requires some time to check the entries / note the assigned numbers / give the points. People generally are lazy! Maybe we could add a visual summary chart (with the photos of the entries and the assigned numbers) in the voting topic, and not just a list, but I'm afraid this is against the task to encourage people to click on WIP threads...