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  1. mpj

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    Beautiful! What scale is the Mack, more or less? 1:20 / 1.21?
  2. Great! I like especially the shape of the bonnet and the front
  3. mpj

    [WIP] Volvo EC160e

    1:17 is also my scale, I think it is ok for medium sized machines like the EC 160 E . Linear Actuator extension is good in my opinion at this scale, and you can always work on connection point to increase the range of movement of the arms. Concerning the progress so far, my suggestion is to check gear reduction of the tracks, and also tracks tension (they look a little "soft") Keep us updated!
  4. Hello! About functions: yes, 8043 is the basic point for me, maybe you can look at the "ultimate version” which is fully motorized. But the 8043 is much smaller than the EC750D in 1:20 scale, so you should increase length/width. I think the main problem will be the arm, you must make it bigger and stronger, but the length of the linear actuator cannot be changed, and this means you will have shorter range of movement. My suggestion is to reduce a little the scale of the model, to match more or less the dimensions of the 8043. Use the body of the 8043 as a comparison factor, not the arm or the tracks because I think they are a little undersized in the 8043. Keep us updated!
  5. Excellent work, I enjoyed very much reading the full story. I also appreciate how did you scale correctly the models, following drawings of real machines.
  6. The idea is very original, I don't know if it could be possible
  7. Yes there is some space around, but the new valves could not be placed where I placed the old ones. Maybe on the top, making the control even easier!
  8. Hello everybody, during this holidays I purchased the 42081 and decided to build it a little different. First, I made some minor changes in design, to look a little more similar to the "real" Zeux. I changed some color here and there; the yellow panels in the middle are different; the placement of the "02" adhesives is on the lower DBG panels instead of the upper ones. But the biggest MOD was to add the pneumatic system, with motorized pump, instead of manual LAs. The valves are located on the sides of the loader, 2 on the left and 2 on the right. There are 2 big cilinders (to rise the arm and the rear axle) and 2 medium (old) cilinders, to operate the bucket and the counterweight. Here you can see the last cilinder, the pump and the motor, located below the battery box: And here is a short video:
  9. Finally here is the video with the excavator in action.
  10. mpj

    [MOC] Unimog 437

    Very clever, functional and nice looking job! I really like the modular concept. I think I will "stole" your idea of the 3-way tipping body What scale is the model?
  11. Yes it is interesting for me too, even if at the moment I can't understand how it will work, so I'm looking forward to see the progress
  12. mpj

    [MOC] Tracked Loader

    Very good work, I like it very much. I'm not an expert of the buwizz, does it integrate battery box+receiver?
  13. I especially like the shape of the front blade, very well done!
  14. This is really a great model. I like the design and I like how it works. I also like the idea of the company to give this model as a present, I think this is a very original present. How many models did you make? My compliments
  15. mpj

    [MOC] CAT 914k

    I've just bought them on Fischer Technik reseller : (search for tractor tyres) @Thirdwigg I like this model! Maybe I would add some panels on the back bonnet. And yes there must be some small adjustment in the Z linkage to work properly