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  1. I especially like the shape of the front blade, very well done!
  2. This is really a great model. I like the design and I like how it works. I also like the idea of the company to give this model as a present, I think this is a very original present. How many models did you make? My compliments
  3. mpj

    [MOC] CAT 914k

    I've just bought them on Fischer Technik reseller : (search for tractor tyres) @Thirdwigg I like this model! Maybe I would add some panels on the back bonnet. And yes there must be some small adjustment in the Z linkage to work properly
  4. Love the Volvo prototype! Now the Lego version looks a little more "ugly", I think Volvo designers made some adjustments on the final design. The Lego version will need some external review in my opinion. The top of the real version is completely flat, the back is black and not DBG, the sticker 02 is placed on another panel... I don't see the time to buy the set to make these aesthetic improvements!
  5. If this model had pnaumatics instead of LA, with arm function connected to the counterweight function, I think it would be much more playable. Maybe I'll buy 42080 to have the necessary components. Idea for a MOD
  6. It's very difficult to compare old models with current models, because 10 years ago we were 10 years younger and we had different expectations! On the aesthetic view, surely the current sets are more refined, so now I can say that current sets are the best. But I remember when I was a child I loved some spartan sets like 8862... technic sets change, and we also change
  7. I also expect a new backhoe (JCB or not), too many new pneumatic parts have been recently introduced, and still there is not a great use of them in sets (example, the new hand pump introduced in 2016 and no more used, or the thin/long cylinder introduced in the Arocs crane and no more used).
  8. Hello, I present you my latest model: Starting from the 42053 set, I decided to add some improvements and make it remote controlled with linear actuators and PF. The undercarriage is very similar to the original, with manual functions. Main mods are double wheels, and some aesthetic adjustments. The Power functions components are located in the upper-structure, except one motor which is in the boom. 1M motor for rotation of the upper-structure 1XL motor for the main boom 1M motor for the third section of the boom 1M motor for the bucket There is also a fake linear actuator to adjust the second section of the boom. I used this solution because this adjustable boom is more common in the real EW160E. Changeable buckets with quick-coupler: Access to the battery box: Power button with easy access: More photos: Video coming soon!!
  9. I love the design of this model, I really like how the panels + the flex axles + some system bricks work together. This is the kind of design I prefer. I'm not a supercar fan, so I'm happy that I can save some money. But if it was a truck that would not be so simple!! One curiosity: I have never understood what is the need of a gear box in a model without a motor. I mean, if you move gears up and down, what is the difference when you move the model manually?
  10. mpj

    Effe's MOC Corner

    I like the black front grille and white bumper and fenders. But this high roof for a day cab does not exist, so I prefer the original one, unless you make the cab longer as Milan stated.
  11. Good point! But look around the wheel you see some technic beams
  12. Is it black? delete my
  13. mpj

    42080 Forest Harvester

    You can see the battery box on the back, where the 11x3 lime panel leave a small hole between it and the black hood.
  14. Did you notice this kind of opening door? I suppose it works more or less like a sliding door.
  15. If somebody will motorize this thing, I think it will be an impressive machine. But manual functions, expecially with LA, are really too slow.