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  1. What I especially like of this model is that you kept the "toy-like" look, as the original one. Looks like a vintage toy built with modern elements. Great job!
  2. We must consider that the cars are really small and light, the upper deck is strong enough for the purpose
  3. Clever solution! Actually I tried to simply reproduce the original set, which had a black bracket in the same position as the LA.
  4. Do you mean you prefer the actuator is more at the rear, to support the platform more at the rear?
  5. Entry Name: Indy transport, set 6335 Original Set: 6335 Link to the Topic: Original model: Technic version:
  6. Today I managed to complete the whole model, adding also custom made stickers. I don't have (or they don't exist) some green and some blue parts to make the car as close as possible to the real ones. That was my compromise. I really enjoyed the contest!
  7. It looks like a scale model. Very very very accurate. Great job!
  8. mpj

    General Part Discussion

    Surely, with shorter slots there is more strenght, my question on this parts is always the same: why they don't completely remove the slots and make it thicker? Like this one http:// but with axle hole...
  9. mpj

    [TC20] 5550 Custom Rally Van

    It's one of my favourite model team sets, but where are the work in progress pics?
  10. Super idea!
  11. I have some updates on this project: the trailer is almost done. The ramps to load cars on the first and second floor are attached by a simple 4L axle with stop. The upper deck is lowered / raised by a linear actuator. The front part of the trailer can be opened and I'd like to add some details like in the original model. I'm not sure I will be able to complete the model within the deadline, especially the 3 small cars. If not, I will enter the contest with the truck alone
  12. I like that you kept the Lego shape instead of making a design more similar to real life trucks. Lego models must have a toy-like feeling in my opinion. Good job!
  13. The Osprey was Control+ (powered up) motorized and not remote controlled. The battery box with integrate controls of the Osprey is still present in the Lego Shop and I think it will be used in a future model
  14. Yes, midi excavator is the right definition.
  15. Hello, in the past few weeks I decided to mod the Set 42121 and create a compact excavator in scale with my truck models (around 1:21). I tryed to minimize the use of extra parts, for this reason you see, for example, a clear operator seat. The movement range of the arm is improved compared to the official set, now the bucket can be closed a little more. There is also a functional blade. All functions are manual. Here you see a photo of the excavator working with my Man Tgx: Instructions for both models are available here: