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  1. sigpro

    [GBW] - Side - BANDAUD - Flight Test

    Tiny but powerful, very smooth lines and hard to hit. With the exception of my Su 25 :p
  2. sigpro

    [GBW] - Side - Koszmar - Assassination Escalation

    Plenty of details (the statues are superb) and a good story. Excellent!
  3. Thanks for the comments! The most powerful aircraft I have designed is the Erofighter Typhoon (not a mistake, it is Erofighter) in the previous phase of the game. 14 hardpoints to deliver love and joy to our enemies. However, it has been disassembled, but you can see it on my gallery on flickr.
  4. Wow! Very impressive load.
  5. Wow! A very complete MOC, I like it. I assume it is a more than large drone. Is it possible to display the weapons arrangement?
  6. On Erotema homeland, the Supreme Leader Paul Ratchurch, Ministry of Defence N´Dongo and Ire Nemountain are visiting the first model of the newly developed SU 25 frogfoot. This is a jet-powered for close air support, being a step ahead from the Picarón Mk2 (inspired on the Argentinian Pucará). It has 11 hardpoints (5 per wing and 1 in the belly) and can carry up to 5 tonnes. This pictures show a wide selection of weapons, with two of them I am particularly proud of: the 30-mm anti tank cannon, inspired on the Ju 87 G anti tank Stuka, and the 8-barreled 12,70x108 machine gun, nicknamed "Little Irina". Not very suitable for highly armoured targets, but will cause havoc on unprotected troops and vehicles, as well as BOS terrorists (including civilians who support them). 20210501_095032 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 20210501_095103 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 20210501_095200 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr -Good morning from EADS testing ground, this is Tonoff Stonemanoff reporting from the only TV channel in Erotema, on "Allo Supreme Leader". He is here visiting the facilities. 20210501_095808 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr -Supreme Leader, it is our pleasure to hear you speaking. What´s your opinion about this glorius artifact made by the brightest minds in Erotema? 20210501_095851 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr -This will give us the chance to break fascism, terrorist, anticommunism, the PSIC, the BOS, anti-veganists, bullfights supporters, members of the resistance, all of them. -Oh, Supreme Leader, your words inspire all of us. Later, Paul and Ire go and see a "Little Irina"... 20210501_095909 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr -It is not large enough, I will have some of the technicians sentenced to force labour. -Oh Supreme Leader, you always so munificent...
  7. sigpro

    [GBW] - Side - BANDAUD - The ROCKET

    Excellent! The concept of a rocket-driven wagon is very cool. And a fun detail also! Congratulations!
  8. Let´s loose the dogs of war! Very good details all around.
  9. Very interesting technics on the truck, I like it!
  10. Haha! VEry good details and story. Are those interrogation tactics legal?
  11. Hi Professorrrr! NIce to see another member of the glorious KLR. The details are superb, the rocks, the towers and the hall. But a principality implies the existence of a prince, that implies royalty, and we are a union of socialist republics! No royal houses But as long as you swear to have your population without any freedom, opressed and with tyrannical leaders, you will be a valuable member of the KLR, even with princes! Enjoy!
  12. sigpro

    [GBW] - Side - BANDAUD - Aroma

    Haha! Excellent details in the lab. The hazmat suits are very cool. Congratulations!
  13. Thanks! A shipment of tiles is underway!
  14. Thanks! My intention was to depict something improvised, without advanced tools or so, but your comment is completely appropriate. Vegetation is always a challenge, and internet is an excellent source of information; let´s see if I can build better ones in the future.
  15. sigpro

    [GBW] - Sidebuild - Brotherhood - Ken Send Me

    Magnificient! The dark environment of an underground party has been exceptionally depicted. Congratulations!