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  1. Is Carrefour the capital town of Briolui, or just an important town? This is to complete the story. Thanks.
  2. Very good weapon with good humour. I have laughed while reading!
  3. The Brick of Nations

    Nobody has said a word about human shields as our motivation to urge our citizens about proceeding to our lines. That´s the result of a malicious interpretation. But coming from your side, I am not surprised that you said what you said. If you declare that the COAC considers that the RON can use COAC citizens as human shields, maybe it is because any of your brass hats suggested it. If you start a war, I have enough motivation to believe that your military can use such a treacherous and despicable trick. There were many ways to offer our citizens the possibility to leave Carrefour and be evacuated by the RON, but you chose the worst by speaking ill of me. After this, I reaffirm myself in urging the COAC citizens to proceed to our lines.
  4. The Brick of Nations

    Curro Jiménez, Erotema Ambassador to the Brick of Nations. The events in our island are going worse, and the battle on Carrefour will do nothing good. For all the COAC countries´ citizens still there, leave the town. You will be protected, just proceed to any of the COAC countries´ embassies and you will be evacuated. We demand to the RON not to hamper the evacuation; of course, the COAC will not take offensive actions on the RON vehicles evacuating citizens. But make no mistake: perfidy will be crushed and the perpetrators will be severely punished. War has rules. God is with us.
  5. I suggest @paintballman give the name: inspired on the one of the beer he dislikes the most (just an idea). He raised the question, he should have the right to name the town.
  6. Using criminals for the war effort! Don't feed such people because they will betray you! Apart from it, an excellent build!
  7. [GBW] - Patrol - CosT: Harbour Party

    Haha! Although I disagree with the result of the attack (we don´t know yet if the COAC won or lost), the build is superb, with good construction details and a lot of fun.
  8. Thanks to both of you, SkyPie and Paintballman! The barbed wire was taken from this video
  9. I like the vehicle, looks interesting and with a good use of cammo nets. Good!
  10. Good! Erotema rules! And when it´s needed, we send the missiles!

    Reminds me of Saving Private Ryan! Lots of good details, action...nice!
  12. [GBW CP3] Roadside slaughter

    Poor Filace soldiers!
  13. (GBW- CP3) Filace - A Walk in the Park

    Excellent urban combat scene. The broken corner of the building is magnificient.
  14. Good! I saw the pics on flickr before you posted. Many interesting details, the AAA vehicle looks very good and excellent SNOT in the street.
  15. Hell! Very big. What software did you use for the render?