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  1. I like the overall build, with interesting and amusing details. But the Japanese-style combat gear is somewhat out fashioned (but also interesting).
  2. Minifig Contest Voting

    Entries #2 and #15.
  3. (GBW) ADAMSONS - Custom Minifig Contest

    Excellent action vignette!
  4. (GBW) BoBKiD - Custom Minifig Contest

    Very good figure and very realistic.
  5. [GBW] Leonardo da Bricki - Custom Minifig Contest

    Very good figure!
  6. (GBW) PAINTBALLMAN - Custom Minifig Contest

    Excellent figures and accesories!
  7. [GBW] Spud The Viking - Custom Minifig Contest

    Very good! The photographer's face is well chosen.
  8. For my entry in this minifig subcontest, here we find a heavy sniper of the Erotema Army. The minifig is taken from set 9489. Equipment: tactical vest, brickarms LCV recon backpack, brickarms BA16 rifle, brickarms M82A beret, standard Lego beret side gun, Glock 17 (unknown seller, bought in Ebay time ago) tactical belt, unknown seller in Ebay time ago knife, Lego Several views: FRONT by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr REAR by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr ACTION by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Enjoy!
  9. There will be a sequel. It took me a long time to prepare the pics. Although the build is not very complex, the roof held inside a battery with six small 4-stud LED lights to provide light to the scene. I had to wait for a mix of natural and artificial light; the overall scene was built for many days until I could shot the pictures. There will be a sequel!
  10. Yep! The sub is the same of other times. I had to build a platform to rise the blue plate and make it as realistic as possible. In fact, this is the Lego version of this picture: tagram.
  11. Excellent terrain, and as I told you while coordinating our builds, it looks like a Tom Clancy novel. Congratulations!
  12. The vehicle is nice. Maybe the light was too intense and probably burned the picture.
  13. Good ambush! I see action in there!