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  1. Thanks! There is another topic with better pics of the plane. The missile launcher is inspired on the Soviet/Russian models.
  2. [GBW][CP6][Tyera]-Inspection

    I agree with @paintballman , the story looks interesting but the blurry pics don´t let see everything. You can try building a king of holder with lego parts for your camera / phone and then the pics will not be blurry.
  3. Thanks! Clearing minefields require good tools, and that´s one of them. We found a WMD here!
  4. [GBW - CP6] Toohati - Assaulting Objective Hotel

    Nice combination of minifig and microscale! Good!
  5. [GBW-CP6] New Brickika - Research Plant Golf

    Wow! I see resemblances with the Jedi Duel at the end of "The REvenge of the Sith". Good details!
  6. Wow! Good SAM launcher and helicopter, along with multiple details. The VX canisters are a cylinder version of those found in the film "The Rock". Good!
  7. Wow! I like the rockwork,it is good indeed! Other good details: the safe door, the architecture of the building and the detail of the black shadow.
  8. Very good details: The humvee, the T-wall, the fountain and the machine gun in the corner. And the FAMAS!
  9. GBW - CP 6 - Balafih - For safety!

    The vehicle looks good! Nice build!
  10. Very good design, very realistic too. Reminds me of a time almost 20 years ago...
  11. [GBW - CP6] Refnor - Delta Research Centre

    The door and the terrain outside look very well finished. Good!
  12. [GBW- CP6] Plantasea - Charlie Air Force Base

    Good! The aircraft looks very interesting and with an unconventional design. Excellent landscape!
  13. The landscape is excellent! Good action also.