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Found 27 results

  1. A quick build for NoVVember, taking approximately an hour and a half to build this Ice Planet vic viper. Ice Planet - Nova Frost V11 by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Let me know what you think, C&C always welcome.
  2. admiral_typhoon

    [MOC] GS-R "Viper"

    10 years on, the fight of the Galaxy Squad Corps against the Buggoid swarm rages on. Over the years the Corps have upgraded their machinery to repel the increasing enemy forces, and in 2023 the Tech-NIK Corporation produced a brand-new upgraded line-up of vehicles to assist in their fight. NoVVember 2023: GS-R "Viper" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr The Red Squad’s speedy streak continues with the GS-R “Viper” Orbital Velocity Striker, a unique starfighter model developed for a variety of missions, ranging from rapid strikes to rescue ops, including a recovery bay behind the pilot’s seat, and clamps to secure cocoons to the lower fuselage, where cryo-plates slow the harvesting process to improve chances of survival. NoVVember 2023: GS-R "Viper" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr Tech-NIK’s U-JT joint tech is in full use here, allowing the dual engine & blaster units to rotate for maximum maneuverability & control in space. This transformative technology was developed with their biggest attempt to integrate the AI Assistant Robot drone with the new model range, as the Red AI drone is fully capable of taking control of the ship for close quarters combat, allowing the Red Squad pilot to focus on rescue missions or additional firepower support. NoVVember 2023: GS-R "Viper" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr The drone is still able to disengage from the ship and function as a speeder drone for fast retrieval or hit & run missions. I've been so busy with work that I forgot to post it here right at the end of Novvember - The Upgraded Galaxy Squad is now complete, but they still need a threat to fight soon...
  3. elfprince13

    [MOC] Seraph-ꙮ (NoVVember)

    Not sure if anyone here is familiar with the "Biblically Accurate X" category of memes where X has way more eyes than it's supposed to, but that was my main inspiration for this build (beyond just the fact that it's NoVVember).
  4. My first ever Vic Viper, in my Space Police 1 colors, dark blue, dark red, black and trans-red (see my album Space Police). Build for NoVVember 2021, in little more than 1 hour, taking pictures almost took longer, which was difficult because of the dark color scheme and reflective surface of the build, especially the cockpit.NoVVember 2021 - NCSP - Zephyr Let me know what you think.
  5. LEGO is donating 1 million sets to children in need! Just build an ornament out of LEGO and post it to social media with #BuildToGive, and LEGO will donate one set on your behalf.
  6. sheo

    [MOC] Butterfly Racer

    This is my build for NoVVember - 2019.
  7. The -Wing starfighter was an experimental starfighter which resembled the shape of the first letter in the Aurebesh alphabet "Aurek". It was an extremely fast and agile fighter with similar features to the U-Wing fighter. Its most notable feature was its prong-like retractable wings or S-foils that could split apart at the front to switch from flight to attack mode, thereby increasing the size of the ship's deflector shields and the spread of its fire, which earned it the nickname of Scissor Fighter. It also featured retractable landing gear, a central fin, laser cannons on each wing and in front of the cockpit, large engines on each side, as well as a small thruster behind the cockpit. This is my entry for the Star Wars X Building Contest on FBTB and since it's NnoVVember, I decided to make it a vic viper as well. Here is a bird's eye view where you can see the Aurek shape better:
  8. Cecilie

    [MOC] Celestial Ice Scout

    Specialized for orbiting frozen worlds, the Celestial Ice Scout collects data and pictures, searching for areas rich in resources needed for setting up a new base. Celestial Ice Scout by Cecilie Fritzvold, on Flickr My attempt at a Vic Viper (a little late for Novvember, I know, but it just took me too long to get it the way I wanted it). I chose to use the Ice Planet theme for my viper as it's a favourite of mine from my childhood, and a fun color scheme to work with. Although quite challenging at times! This started with an idea for the wings, but then as I made the body, I suddenly found out I hadn't thought of how to connect the wings, so I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do that! Hope you like it
  9. Nth_Brick

    [MOC] Vic Viper V.T.O.L. Jumpship

    Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to present the Vic Viper Vertical Take-Off and Landing Jumpship. Yes, I couldn't resist the temptation to have 3 "V"s in a row. :P I'll put some photos of it in the body of this topic later, but as is, here's a link to the MOCpages page for it. Please note, the page is still under construction, I still have to add and describe some views of the ship and I've had trouble just sitting down and doing it. However, you can pretty much get the gist from what's there. Hope you all enjoy!
  10. Cecilie

    [MOC] Vic Viper

    I recently competed in a seed part challenge called Duel of Pirates on the french forum The seed part was a modified 1x2 plate with ladder in dark tan I wanted to try doing some form of spaceship, and ended up with this vic viper. Vic viper by cecilihf, on Flickr
  11. Veynom

    [MOC] TIE Viper

    Here come finally the pictures of the my TIE Viper entry built for the NNoVVember 2014 challenge. TIE-Viper Specifications by Veynom, on Flickr The cockpit is of course a MOD of the 9492 TIE Fighter official set but the rest is 100% home made. I tried also to respect the wing style from the 9492. TIE-Viper by Veynom, on Flickr TIE-Viper Front View by Veynom, on Flickr TIE-Viper Profile View by Veynom, on Flickr With my original 9492 TIE Fighter and my TIE Interceptor (MOD), I now have 3 TIEs. What will I do next?. And on top, my TIE appears on the great NNoVVember 2014 poster. Always nice. Nnovvember 2014 by pasukaru76, on Flickr Comments are welcome.
  12. 6kyubi6

    [MOC] Nora VV

    So here is a buid a did in november for the Nnovvember on Flickr. Wanted to build something with Olive and White with orange highlights, the design is kind of classic. Hope you'll like it
  13. mpoh98

    The Viridescent Viper

    The Viridescent Viper by mpoh98, on Flickr Hey All! Well, I decided to join in Nnovvember. :) Built this little Vic Viper last night, what fun! I had a blast building it, and stickering it as well. Some areas were a pain to get the sticker to be exactly right (for example on the 2 front wings, I put 4 tiny olive-green stickers over the cracks), but the end result was satisfying. I had a lot of fun building this Vic Viper for Nnovvember, and hope to next year as well! The Viridescent Viper by mpoh98, on Flickr The Viridescent Viper by mpoh98, on Flickr The Viridescent Viper by mpoh98, on Flickr Enjoy! Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew~
  14. It's NoVVember ! I wanted a colourful spaceship for my Intergalactic Girl, and I saw NoVVember was coming, so here it is. The many colours (5 pinks, 3 purples and teal), large amount of metallic grey, reflective surfaces and transparent parts make it a bit hard to photograph correctly, so it looks much more convoluted on the pics than it actually is. Sorry about that. It's rather limited on play features: two missiles and a hook for the gun, but it's easy to handle and has a good "swoosh" factor. :) And the bonus pic:
  15. Here is my first ever VicViper. Long live Space Police I, the best (in my opinion) in the Space Police theme! I placed 8 LifeLites LEDs in the rear pods to try and make it a little more interesting. Other images, and a video of the LifeLites in action, are on my Flickr stream Thanks for looking!
  16. I haven't done a Power Miner MOC in a while. For Nnovvember, I built a Power Miners Vic Viper equiped with laser drills, bunker busting missiles, dynamite launcher and high intensity spotlights. Power Miners Vic Viper by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Bad Rock Monster Power Miners Vic Viper by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  17. vynsane

    X/T-501 "Sand Viper"

    Happy NoVVember, everyone! The X/T-501 "Sand Viper" is an experimental space superiority figther used by the Andromedan Liberation Front. While the full capabilities are unknown, it is most commonly armed with twin pulse laser cannons as well as a pair of dark energy missiles. LEGO Digital Designer File. and, of course "the shot":
  18. Devid

    Vic Vipers - Orange Judge

    For NNoVVember 2013 Link Flickr Link MOCpages Orange Judge - Vic Vipers di Devid VII, su Flickr
  19. dr_spock

    [Vic Viper] Blade Runner

    Novvember Vic Viper: Blade Runner Blade Runner by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Optional front blade. Blade Runner by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  20. Having fun with the Galaxy Squad theme. Lovin' this series of sets (and pieces!) Back at the nest bug neophytes build a new egg with crystals from the planet while more mature bugs patrol the area. Young bug posing with his new viper. "How you doin' ?" (said with thick New York accent) Bug patrol ship The landing mechanism for the bug patrol unit. Lower wings tuck back and the third leg swings down. Surprisingly stable. The angles coming off the bar frame for the wings. I've got an 2L axil going through the back of the bar frame to the plate (with holes) on the front to add some strength. In 1979 Denmark quietly launched the Earth's first deep space exploration ship. Little did they know that their first encounter would be with the bugs Yeah the hood is hard to see over but that's the price you pay when you wanna look good in your viper. Full sized photos here:
  21. Masked Builder

    [MOC] Nnovvember Is Vic Viper Month

    For the month of November, I'm going to be unveiling a new Vic Viper each day of the month. Here are the first two. Today, I'm presenting the Maroon Stripe, fighter/escort ship. Day two of 30 Days. My little brother was entranced with my VV from yesterday so I offered to build one with his parts. I'm pretty happy with this one, much different from my other VVs.
  22. My second Nnovvember, my second Vic Viper. I wanted to build something with the parts from this set and decided a VV would be great. Few more shots in the set page I am quite pleased with how it turned out. Comments/criticism welcome
  23. On its own merits, the UCS TIE Vviper is an excellent fighter that should not be overlooked. The TIE Vviper incorporates shields, boosted laser cannons, improved armor, and a hyperdrive. A powerful generator provides power to all of these systems with enough leftover to bring the Vviper's speed above that of a TIE/ln. Modified as a hybrid fighter for the Novvember Vic Viper builds! Posted November 17, 2012 Still working on it... AC
  24. Si-MOCs

    [MOC] Vic-Viper: Vic-Separator

    Swooosh! I noticed a huge uptick in really 'creative' Vic Vipers this year (including our own Masked Builder) So I decided to get this out before someone else used this idea Vic-Separator by Si-MOCs, on Flickr Vic-Separator by Si-MOCs, on Flickr
  25. AzMiLion

    [MOC] Turbo Vipers - novvember

    I recently got into building Vic Vipers and started messing around with LDD2POVRAY to render models. So far i have a set of 3 done, even though 1 technically isn't a viper, with a 4th one in the works. For the designs in this series i went with a Hotrod/Vic Viper blend. Here are my current Turbo Vipers. Lightning by AzMiLion, on Flickr Annihilator by AzMiLion, on Flickr Thunderer - Vic Viper by AzMiLion, on Flickr Feedback/criticism would be appreciated, I know I don't use legal part colours in some cases, This is because I usually work in LDD and don't often build a physical model.