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Found 23 results

  1. Name: Stitchmaster Motto: I came, I sewed, I conquered Faction: Decepticon Role: Master interrogator Strength: Ability to coerce captured enemies into revealing secrets by applying various torture techniques involving needles Weakness: soft spot for soft toys. Tend to be distracted to help mend them instead of going out for battles. This LEGO Transformer was built at record speed of 3 days ! Not only that, I spent one extra day to make another copy of it just for photo shoot! Hope you guys enjoy 'em. For more photos showing the transformation steps, please visit my blog link below. Thank you!! And here's a video of him in action!
  2. Hi Guys, just signed up Eurobricks, I am not new to this website though. But glad to be able to discuss and share with lego builders around the world :) Here is my recent work, a transformer (actually it is more like an animation )check out and give me some feedback :) Axcavator - Lego Transformer by David vc, on Flickr
  3. QQS

    Optimus Prime

    Hello! I'm not sure if this is the right subforum, because "Lego Action Figures" fits here quite well too. The main reason, why I've chosen "Lego Sci-Fi" is because the Universum of Transformers fits - in my opinion - much better here... and I like this subforum, don't know why :) I watched some TV shows about transformers and decided to make some of transformers I like - so I decided to start with Optimus Prime. But no, It's not the G1. That's some sort of mix: Prime from Transformers Prime + Animated Prime + WoC Prime + some details from Armada Prime + some my accents. I think that's ok, because Hasbro made many versions of Optimus too (20?). Autobots, transform and Roll out! BRICKSHELF DEVIANTART FLICKR version 1.0 (older) ROBOT-MODE Head was the hardest thing to do - in version 1.0 it was bigger and during Optimus transformation it had to be taken out. In this version, this problem doesn't exist. Front bumper transforms into some sort of machete. I think that the idea is ok, but execution could be better... And that's not Star Saber sword ... TRUCK-MODE ... and for ending: ~ QQS
  4. Happy New Year! Start at 2017, I would like to present to you the new transformer I build. The leader of Autobot: Optime Prime. Let's look at the front page of it. I build this model from 3 parts as below: Nice shape to balance the Robot mode and Truck mode-----------------------Done Smooth transform progress-----------------------------------------------------------Done Mobility------------------------------------------------------------------------------------50% So it isn't the perfect version, I believe I will make perfect at the next version. Robot Mode You can find the studless at the backside which is huge different with the available versions. Truck Mode The Accessories (Gun and Matrix) This time I didn't build the container, because I would like to build other Autobots, and hope they can be insert into the container. (Keep the nice ratio!) The small screens with Spike The final picture leaves to the Truck mode. Also I make the PDF instruction, if anyone interested, please send the email to I made a video to record the whole transform progress, enjoy it! Thanks for the watching!
  5. Lego 31034 - Macross Valkyrie Alternative build. Review and transformation video here : This design is based on fighter jet valkyrie from the Japanese Animation "Macross". I have try to design the transformation as accurate as possible. But with the limited parts and joints in set 31034, this is the best I can do. The playability of this model is almost none, it tends to break apart when I try move it. Well, at least it has the looks that I satisfy with. Let me know if you would like to build it :-) Build instruction video in LDD below: Thanks for Watching.
  6. Perijove

    [MOC] Pieceout Transformer

    Greetings! I don't post much and thought I might try to break that habit with my latest MOC, an original "hippie van" Transformers character I call Pieceout. He took quite a while to develop from concept to physical model and I couldn't be more satisfied with the results. As a typical AFOL who mostly builds and displays sets and MOCs, I have found myself spending a lot of time actually playing with this particular model as if I were a third my age (something I haven't done since I designed the Curiosity Rover, aka set #21104). Just for fun, I even ended up developing a short backstory that fits into the original G1 continuity that you can read between the images below. Check out the rest of the album on Flickr for more images, sketches, and even short videos demonstrating the transformation from vehicle to robot and back again. PIECEOUT_ROBOT_01a by Stephen Pakbaz, on Flickr Pieceout was a civilian Autobot scientist researching alternative energy on Cybertron. During this time, the Autobots were at war with the Decepticons in a conflict that had depleted most of the planet’s natural Energon resources. His best friend and mentor, Bumblebee, was an Autobot scout who joined the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, and his team aboard the Ark on a mission to find new sources of Energon. Unfortunately, both the ship and crew were lost shortly after takeoff in a surprise attack by the Decepticons. With the Decepticons now in control of Cybertron, Pieceout left with the remaining Autobots, spending the next four million years exploring new worlds and fighting for survival. Following a mysterious signal that he hoped would lead to the lost Ark, Pieceout traveled to a remote solar system. While scanning the third planet, a sudden solar storm and its interaction with the magnetosphere fouled the navigational and guidance systems of his small ship, resulting in a crash landing. His ship was beyond repair, severing all communications and hope of escape or rescue. According to the local lifeforms, Pieceout was on Earth in an area called San Francisco in the year 1968. They called themselves hippies, and welcomed Pieceout into their community. Among these beings, Pieceout rediscovered his long lost beliefs of peaceful and nonviolent solutions to problems. In order to remain with his newfound friends and avoid drawing unnecessary attention, he adopted the disguise of one of their common transportation vehicles, called a hippie van. Sixteen years later, in 1984, a volcanic eruption revealed the location of the Ark. This disturbance revived the Autobots and Decepticons on board, renewing the war between the two factions. Pieceout was once again reunited with Bumblebee and the other Autobots. However, instead of rejoining their cause, Pieceout chose to remain in a more passive role, continuing his energy research and employing nonviolent methods to assist his friends. I couldn't help including some artwork appropriate to the time period. Finally, I made some high-quality, step-by-step .pdf instructions available for purchase in my BrickLink store for just $5 for anyone interesting in building one of their own. You can see a parts list for the model on Rebrickable. - Perijove
  7. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] G1 Optimus Prime

    One year before I built a G1 Optimus Prime but it could not be transformed. This time I re-build it again and now it can be fully tranformed with out taking out any parts. Hope you all like my creation. Last Optimus Prime MOC: https://www.facebook...45470942&type=3 Since there are too many photos, you can find more photos in https://www.facebook...45470942&type=3
  8. Introducing my most popular MOC to date! Chibimus Prime! Featuring - 32 points of articulation - Facial Expressions!!! - Transforms!!! This MOC took me around a week from conceptualisation to completion. The reason to go Chibi (cute in Japanese) style for Prime was to capture the essence and look of Optimus Prime and keeping the transformation simple. As such much emphasis is placed on the retaining as much key aesthetics on Prime with a bit of artistic liberties and personal input. Please visit my Flickr album for Chibimus Prime for more pictures and detailed description! Thank you! (PS: Somehow I can't add more than one picture on the thread, not sure why)
  9. Hey folks! Let me start on how this happened: I wanted to join TC7, with a pretty viable idea in my head. But then, my older son found out, and the project got derailed. He likes mobile cranes very much, especially the tracked version. So, here's my entry, I hope you like it. Sorry for the low-quality photos, I had no other choice. Jurrasic Revenge Crane mode: It's a fully functional tracked crane, with a rather long boom that's raised pneumatically, working doors and the common blue chairs :) Back view, can you already guess what's it transforming into? Demonstration of the boom mechanisms, it can extend more than this but I had little time to take pics. Let's start transforming: it all starts in the cab, watch those chairs closely. They turn to the sides, touching the doors. Then I slowly push out 4 bush-pins, so the cab can slide to the back. The cab goes all the way back, connects with the boom base, and the hidden dino head goes out the "window". The arms are detracted from under the cab, revealing the 2nd mode: the Tyrannosaurus Rex battle machine! T-Rex can now stand up on its own 2 feet, that were hidden under the crane body. He can now stomp anyone who stays in his way! But wait, an Enforcer jumps from the bushes, aiming with his flare gun. Luckily, T-Rex extended his leg cannons, just in time. A direct hit! The enforcer lies unconscious on the ground... T-rex grabs him by his feet and tosses him up in the air! Then catches him on his way down with his ferocious jaws. There's no escape, puny Enforcer! Well, that's the story so far, I will add some lore later on, as well as the video, which needs serious editing. if you want to see higher resolution images, check out the Jurassic Revenge album on my Flickr account.
  10. Sixgun was meant to be a complementary project for my upcoming LEGO Metroplex. But I kinda got carried away and spend almost a month just to focus on him. He is designed to be able to interface with Metroplex and his various modes. Initially I planned to release Metroplex with Sixguns (and other minions) in one shot, but I think Sixgun deserves a spot on his own here. I'm excited to complete my Metroplex this weekend .. so I won't be babbling many stuff here.. hope you guys enjoyed the photos....! 2 of the guns are modelled by my LEGO Blurr with modified hands (to peg properly to these guns) The red guns/legs took most of my design time. Hours before I finalize this guy for photoshoot... I redesigned these guns from scratch after a short relevation in the bathroom before (A better technique /implementation for the knee joint). These guns were made bulkier since they become the robot's legs. ROBOT MODE JET MODE Yes.... ! I love to improvise and see what extra things I can implement into my LEGO creations. It took me a while to make sure all the 6 weapons connected firmly in this jet mode, by retooling them. I have uploaded some photos in my blog entry below ,and show how these weapons combine as well: Alanyuppie's LEGO Transformers: LEGO Sixgun , minion of Metroplex Part 1 of 2: Weapons mode Alanyuppie's LEGO Transformers: LEGO Sixgun , minion of Metroplex Part 2 of 2: Combined modes Ok. .I'm off to complete my LEGO Metroplex hopefully by this weekend!
  11. PlayerfromTaiwan


    This is TRANSFORMER GRIMLOCK G1 version however, it cannot transform into robot form. Still, hope you guys like this dinobot!
  12. MOC. Built October the 12th, 2014. Improved and partially rebuilt January the 18th-19th, 2015. THE CHALLENGE WAS TO CREATE A TRANSFORMING ROBOT USING ONLY & EXCLUSIVELY PIECES INCLUDED IN THE 31008 SET and my options were limited. The vehicle mode is a slightly futuristic military jet. The robot mode is quite similar to Generation 1 Transformers Seekers (e.g. Starscream) and to Macross Valkyrie. Legs are well poseable (thanks to the ball joints introduced few years ago) and shoulders can rotate 360 degrees (connected with wings) and tilt (left/right). The hands look like pliers, but in the set only 4 fingers (another cool piece very useful for robot models) were available. The robot mode is headless because this robot is intended as a mecha with an human pilot sitting in the cabin (like Valkyries from Macross/Robotech)... so I decided to keep this way.But with some of the small pieces I didn't use everyone could easily create an head. The orange sloped pieces were used to build a weapon... a sort of battle axe. More pics here:
  13. Devid

    MOC - Optimus Prime (G1)

    This is my first Optimus Prime (G1) transformable Link Flickr
  14. MOC. Built January the 21th-22nd, 2015. The challenge was to use ONLY & EXCLUSIVELY the Lego movie set 70813 "Rescue Reinforcements" and ONLY the pieces of the fire mech (bags 1,2 and 3). So please keep in mind that my options were limited. My inspirations were the Transformers Inferno from Generation 1, his Classics/Universe version, and the TF3 movie Sentinel Prime. The vehicle mode is a big fire truck with a ladder (360 degrees of rotation and goes up and down). Thanks to the good amount of joints the robot is well poseable. It doesn't have an head because is driven by a pilot sitting in the cabin (enough room inside for a minifigure). The transformation is simple and relatively fast. All the steps here.
  15. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] Transformer Bumblebee

    Happy new year! This is my first 2015 MOC. The design is based on 80's transformer animation toy ( I designed the car mode first and then thought about how to transform into robot mode. I make use the small ball joint to build it. Hope you all like it. Car Mode Ready to Tranform Transforming the foot Transforming the head Finished!
  16. From Power Rangers Season 3, I present to you: The Ninja Zords! Red Ape, Black Frog, Yellow Bear, Blue Wolf, Pink Crane, White Falcon. They have several hinges so that they can transform, unite and form the Ninja Megazord. This transformation, no disassembly of parts, only movements to certain parts change position and have the desired format. -Black Frog, becomes the legs and waist, lowering your hips stretching his hind legs and tucking the front inside of the knees -Yellow Bear, becomes the torso, gathering the front legs and shrinking the body -Red Ape, becomes the right arm, holding her arms in the back and shrinking back -Blue Wolf, becomes the left arm, hiding the front legs and rear -Pink Crane, transforms in the head by lifting the neck to the tail showing the face and collecting the wings. Finally the Falconzord fits in the back getting the Ninja Megafalconzord and can fly. You can suport this on Ideas! ninja zords by SergioBatista, on Flickr ninjamegazord separate by SergioBatista, on Flickr ninjamegafalconzordv2 by SergioBatista, on Flickr Im Noob on Mecha Style Mocs, please do not be severe with me :)
  17. Back in 2009 , I made LEGO Springer* (v1.00) and kept it displayed on my shelf till now. Recently I took some of my best LEGO Transformers creations to be exhibited in a local LEGO event, and cloned them to show all their modes . *Springer is a character from Transformers G1 cartoon series with the ability to convert into 2 alternate modes. I hastily spent 2 days to retool my LEGO Springer to be more stable (scaring minor tremors made from excited kids on the display table might topple my exhibits). I end up redesigning 50% of him from the waist down, making use of the stronger balljoint parts LEGO offered from recent years. I took the chance to improve his land vehicle mode to be sleeker too. So LEGO Springer v1.5 is finally born! The exhibition ended more than 3 weeks ago. Only recently I managed to sit down and find time to snap photos of him to be published online. Like most of my LEGO TF creations, Springer transforms between modes without the need to remove parts, and he is bestowed with fair amount of articulations too. For more photos, visit my blog entry below: Alanyuppie's LEGO Transformers: LEGO Springer v1.5 (updated with building instructions!) While I'm at it... I am in the mood to share the building instructions with you guys (link below) ps: I noticed the current upper body of this guy looks kinda dated . I might revisit this creation again and improve his upper body if time permits in the future (as a filler project coz 2015 will be my "year of the Transformers Combiner (MOC)" )
  18. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] Megatron

    This is my another creation of transformer - Megatron. Again it cannot be transformed. Hope you all like it.
  19. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] Optimus Prime

    HI, This is my first MOC transformer. I designed it by MLCAD first and then build it. Unfortunately it cannot be transformed to the truck. Hope you like my creation!
  20. viracocha

    MOC: Mini transformer

    Transformer Name .................................... Hunter Side........................................Autobots Height.....................................5,4 m Weight....................................1,9 t Alternative form......................SUV Speciality...............................exploration Special abilities......................Location in all ranges of the spectrum transformer by vir-a-cocha, on Flickr The transformation video:
  21. Partly in response to my friend Luc's amazing Blacktron II mech (check it out, it's much better than mine!), I built the Space Police II Planetary Protector. It's a spaceship for prisoner retrieval and transport from high-risk sectors, where surface operations may be necessary, i.e. it turns into a mech Thanks for looking! More pics on flickr.
  22. This is my first LEGO car transformer. 31007 is a good set for building transformer and mecha. The concept of my car creation is based on the Batman Tumbler. It's east to transform to robot. Hope you all like it. Start to transform~~
  23. Good day. I would like to start ... with my passion for Lego. For all the time I loved only three series: Technic, Racers and Bionicle / Hero factory. Each of them was the highlight is brought to the attention of the series. But one day I asked myself the question: what if you combine these three series into one? And after quite a long time to model off the ground. But enough introduction, initiated a review of the model. That's all. Thanks for watching!