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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I think 42099 is a nice starter RC set of the PU line, so I set out to test what else can be brought out of all its parts. I'd like to share with you my set of 5 alternate builds from it. It has been a great exercise for experimenting with different options for suspensions, drivetrains and bodyworks, testing the versatility of this medium-sized set. In the end, all of the alternate models came out with quite different shapes, suspension techniques and motor/gearing setups, and I think I even managed to use those large turntables in some interesting ways. During my builds, I found that the set has a good array of structural elements, of course good drivetrain components, but is a bit limited on gears, axles and body panels. Nevertheless, once you get used to it, more configurations are possible than you would think :) Here are my builds in chronological order. Much more design details and images of each are accessible on the link behind each name. Here I shortly summarize the features and the differentiating factors of them.1) JeepyThis model was inspired by the release of the Jeep Wrangler set and its pendular suspension using the small turntables. - Pendular suspension using large turntables, both front and rear- 4WD slow drivetrain for good climbing, separate front and rear drive- Jeep-like exterior, focusing on the shape of the hood and the grill, plus the roll-cage 2) BuggyInspired by the release of the RC Buggy set, with this model the goal was to test how fast the the two XL motors can be geared up, along with creating a slick bodywork. - Independent long travel suspension with longer swing-arms both front and rear, high ground clearance- Fast up-geared rear wheel drive, independent for left and right wheel without differential- Positive caster angle at the front axle- Light-weight curvy bodywork, custom built seat 3) BeastyThis model aimed to test the possibility of building a live axle rear suspension using the large turntable, along with coupled motors for a stronger drivetrain. - Live axle rear suspension with push-rods for extreme articulation, independent front suspension- 4WD drivetrain with coupled motors driving both front and rear axles, adjustable gearing- Rough exterior, minimalistic interior 4) QuadroThe goal of this model was to build something other than a car, and to experiment with an unconventional motor setup. - Independent front suspension with positive caster angle, trailing arm rear suspension- V-engine built out of the joined drive motors, rear wheel drive- Functional steering rod- Chubby bulldog-like quad shape, bullbar 5) TrophyWith this model, I wanted to push the live axle possibilities further, creating long soft travel using only the short springs, and to find a sweet-spot in the up-gearing of the motors. At the same time aiming to create a larger-looking bodywork with the limited array of panels. - Long soft travel live axle rear suspension, independent front suspension- Rear wheel drive with motors built into the rear axle, independent left and right drivetrain without differential, faster gearing- Trophy-truck like exterior with curved front and long tail, imitated spare wheel All models can be controlled with the stock Control+ App, and the batteries can either be directly accessed from the bottom, or can be removed after detaching a few panels. All models are available separately or in a 5-in-1 pack on Rebrickable. I hope this makes you value your 42099 sets even more :) Let me know what you think!
  2. I was always dreaming for creating my own quadcotper/Drone,I am so glad to share with you my X-Drone design which I spent a lot of time to do it. The design was built in many stages to fulfil the Aerodynamics ( as shown in last picture ) and to be as light as possible. I believe a video will be much better than writing a lot :) LEGO IDEAS Link ( Please support me if you like it ) Kindly check my video on the following : I always fail to have good support in lego ideas so I really need your to give me your opinions and what i do wrong .... Your comments & Supports will help me a lot... Thanks for sharing your feedback with me. More Pics that I like :
  3. Ninjago - Cole´s "sandsquatch" ATV Whenever there are vehicles involved,the black Ninja who is also the Master of the element Earth, always seems to get vehicles for rough terrain. So what´s better for rough terrain than a menacing, fourwheeled ATV? Pretty much nothing, that´s the reason i build one using parts from the bin and from one of his newest sets (yes, that awkwardly oversized bike) IMG_20190610_164125 IMG_20190610_164100 IMG_20190610_164041 IMG_20190610_164016 IMG_20190610_163944 IMG_20190610_163909 I tried to incorporate a few design features and the color palette so it will fit his character. Hope you guys like it as much as Cole does.....
  4. Hi there, Just discovered the C-Model index, and realized that I have a few creations I could add to the list... 'cause I love C models :) Here is one I did some time ago with the 42035 set. Instructions are available on rebrickable. This is a small quad, featuring a fake engine driven by the rear wheels. The rear axle is also pendular, and the steering works. Here are a few more pictures: Any comment welcome :)
  5. After the realtive succesfull black wolf I think its time to make a new, better and cuter Technic animal. I decided to make a silverfox, since I have some 1000+ of antennas with the gray base. Compared to the black wolf, this model will have many improvments starting with total rebuild of joints. Back in 'ol 2011 the ball joints just came out and were rather a novelity. Now I have enough ball joints, and linear actuators to make a mechanical analougous of hips, shoulder and muscles. Total amount of LA's used in this model will be 10 or more, having 6 large and 4 small LAs. The number of ball joints will be 6, four for legs and 2 for head and tail. I already built a mockup both in LDD and real life. Notice that the body is quite compact even though there are 6M motors, 6LA's and some 30 gears in there. So far it may seem like a unrecognisable shape of bits, but if you looks closer you can see where the legs will attach to the body. The whole body is also double articulated in front and rear. And its articulated to the front and rear can swing not only sideways, but also up and down, so the fox will be able to bend spine in all directions.
  6. Hi. New MOC to show you. A LEGO RC quad bike. It features: 4WD with differentials Full independent suspensions Working handlebar Manually controlled headlights / taillights PF L-Motor x 2 for driving, PF Servo Motor for steering It has a compact design. This is the first time I tried to add PF switch & LED lights to a MOC. Honestly these cables are really annoying but finally get it done. More pics: A short video here: Building instructions (photo sequence in PDF format) available for FREE at Rebrickable ENJOY!
  7. Yo! With everyone building machinery and such I decided to make something a bit more...furry So I (too) combined the 9392 and 42026 sets and made this little beasty: I was actually inspired by the small orange panels, I thought to myself those are some awesome ears. Function wise foxy is quite packed: Using a special lock his rear legs can be placed in standing or sitting positon: So here's the little bugger sitting: And because his jaw is actuated by the worm gear he can also grab his favourite toy: I used the flex tubes on the tail in such way they push on the body, creating friction. This means his tail can move up and down- Tail in normal position: And raised: And now he's just being silly: I used 263 of the 307 combined parts. Total time spent on building, rebuilding, optimising, etc... was some 3 days - I'd say around 8 hours total. I think he's the first pullback motor powered quad, which is actually quite hard to make because the pullback motors are not really good for non-linear moving mechanisms. My personally favourite feature besides walking and sitting is the ear movement because it gives him an ability to express himself. All in all I am very pleased about this model because its just so different from the regular stuff. And he's cute Here's a video of the little furry beasty: I hope you guys are impressed as much as I am
  8. hi guys! im so late with the contest!!! i hope i can finish everything for sunday! my idea is to make a quad-bike wich trails a skijet...unfortunately pamela anderson won't feature in the clip im gonna make at the beach...she said it's too cold now..:P this will probably be my fastest project ever...i've started 5 hours ago lol so here's the chassis of the quad it has supensions, RTC steering...and it's tubolar of course XD there are a few beams just to simplify something here and there :) it's really light! at the state you can see in the pic it weighs 370g... i've placed the battery in the back so once i will put it in the sand it's gonna have a light front part wich is gonna prevent it from getting stuck (at least in theory XD) i hope you'll like it! i get back on building loooool