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  1. This mini robot can transform into a big fighter jet. The fighter jet is half as big again as the its robot mode. It has 4 cannons on his arms and legs. The cannons' color is gray. So, that's why it's called 'Gray cannon'. in this video you can also see how I take a film for a stop motion transformation scene.
  2. Mini LEGO

    Combiner transformer robot

    This is 'Redman' transformer : Redman can power up with parts :
  3. Mini LEGO

    Triple changer MOC

    This is my first bad guy character. I think its back looks really cool. How about you? :) I used red, black and blue colors to make it look stronger than previous robots. First of all it can transform into flight vehicle. The vehicle has 2 of forms - normal and hyper mode. And it can transform into marine vehicle also. Check this video to more detailed information!
  4. Mini LEGO

    Police Combiner Transformer

    Here are a baby police robot and a small patrol drone. They are not strong at this state. But if they combine into a big police robot, it is strong and fast.
  5. This time I built yellow King Ghidorahs - the movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters.I wanted it all yellow but some of yellow bricks are rare and too expensive. :(Previously I had built Godzilla.
  6. This is another Megazord style LEGO MOC. This is an homage to original Megazord.
  7. This time I built Grimlock transformer robot. My 2nd Tyrannosaurus robot. :)
  8. This time I built a typical Japanese super robot style combine robot. If you are a big fan of Japanese robot animation, you must know red, blue and yellow vehicles combine to form one big robot in many of Japanese robot animation and Japanese super sentai TV show. I think it is interesting, weird and funny. But I like the super robot rule.
  9. Mini LEGO

    Baby Triceratops Dinosaur Transformer Robot MOC

    I am happy for that you like my baby dinosaurs. :)
  10. Mini LEGO

    Triple Changer Transformer - White Astronaut

    Definitly! I don't like some of new bricks(such as wings and horns) which take away creative chances from us. But some of them make us more creative chances :)
  11. Mini LEGO

    Baby Triceratops Dinosaur Transformer Robot MOC

    Thank you for your comment! Yes it is. I built the MOC - T-Rex. I built 3 of dinosaurs for now :) Those are all baby dinosaurs concept. (Big head and small body) I love small and cute LEGO MOCs. And transformable also. Baby Dinosaurs T-Rex(Tyrannosaurus) Baby Dinosaurs Pteranodon Baby Dinosaurs Triceratops
  12. Mini LEGO

    3 type changer transformer MOC

    Hello, LEGO Train 12 Volts. :) I am happy to see your comment here again!