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  1. Mini LEGO

    Baby T-rex Transformer Robot MOC

    This time I built Baby T-rex Transformer Robot MOC. :) This T-rex can change into a mini baby robot.
  2. Mini LEGO

    3 type changer transformer MOC

    I build 3 type transformation mini transformer robot. :)
  3. I made Dragon Knight robot MOC :)
  4. Nano transformer MOC. It has very simple transforming structure. Here is a building instruction video. I love this MOC because it looks like cute. :) This little MOC has its own film. If you concern, you click and watch the videos. #1 #2
  5. I hope you enjoy it :) And this is the first one.
  6. It is my first stop motion animation has a story. It is very short one. I hope you enjoy this :)
  7. Mini LEGO

    Tiny tiny LEGO robot and tank

    Thank you! :)
  8. Mini LEGO

    Tiny tiny LEGO robot and tank

    I am sorry. I can see dusts in my videos. I should have been careful. I made some stop motion animation in the head parts of the videos. I hope you enjoy them also.
  9. Mini LEGO

    My MOCs' stop motion animation

    Thank you! Making stop motion animation is very tough thing to me. Although those are very short.
  10. Thank you for your comment! I didn't know what is Star Trek shuttlecraft so I googled it Now I understand what you said :) I like Star Trek shuttlecraft's design.
  11. Mini LEGO

    My MOCs' stop motion animation

    You can see all my previous MOCs in this stop motion animation!
  12. This is an introduction video about how to build and transform. It includes very short stopmotion animation. :) I hope you enjoy this.
  13. My second MOC :) Nano transformer from human type to crab robot
  14. Transformable combat robot - tiny one. This is my first MOC :)