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Found 60 results

  1. TNTX was contracted to build a new coal processing facility for GWE (Global Warming Energy) Facility had to accommodate various types of coal cars In addition there would be an inland port for loading barges and small to medium bry bulk cargo ships. But we needed a lot of power to start construction and install equipment. A mobile sub station will supply our electrical needs Until we finish GWE's onsite Sub Station #59. Sub Station #59
  2. Both these projects were made specifically for an Xmas LEGO exhibition at all local mall that was ended middle of this month. Actually I sneaked in a bunch of my selected LEGO TF into the exhibition as well ! After my exhibition ended , I quickly took them home and snap these photos you see and some vids too. Anyhoo.... RUDOLPH For more photos... SANTA SLEIGHBOT RUDOLPH VIDEO Video of Santa Sleighbot coming soon guys . gimme a day or two more! MERRY XMAS ...!!!
  3. Blackfalcon81

    [MOC] Soundwave Transformers G1

    This is my new MOC, it is the first time one of two of my passions: Lego and Transformers. the width of the torso is 50 stud and is the first of 4 phases. 100% Bricks 0% Digital. I will update the phases in my instagram I hope you like it Thanks!!!
  4. I've been absent from here for quite a long time, so I manage to find some topic to speak and see if I'm still able to be here. Decades ago we never though TLG would try to get licesnese from television shows or video games, and they keep proving that. But for toy brands, it seems to be the biggest wall of all so far. As far as we know, the biggest factor preventing toy companies from partnership is competition. Especially in the case of TLG who's main product is brick toy, they'd conflict with other brick toy makers definitely. In the case of Hasbro, originally they're known as TLG's competitor because of their own toy brand line KRE-O and Transformers even had its own line in KRE-O. Now with their tie with TLG, it feels like Hasbro has accepted the doomed fate of KRE-O and decides to go with it..... or has they? So assume that 10302 Optimus Prime isn't an exception for one time, and it hits enough sales for the companies to go further, what else could they keep working on? Transformers I think a second robot build set can be safely considered, and maybe a BrickHeadz version of Optimus Prime. If fans are lucky enough, a minifigure-scale line tied with a new movie would be great. G.I. Joe This was the other Hasbor's own brand for the KRE-O line. G.I. Joe is definitely a big for toys, but arguable, even if TLG is able to do sets based on its film adaptions, its modern military theme might violate TLG's guideline and it's still very different from Blizzard's Overwatch which has more sci-fi in it. Board Games Several IDEAS projects already dedicate to these boards brands, and TLG's partnership with Hasbro is definitely a good news to them. I do think a CLUEDO Mansion set with character figures has good potential. My Little Pony Is it a big brand? Yes. Does it fits in LEGO? Argualy no. Despite its cartoon provides many great ideas for buildings, it's also a nightmare for precise character model builds, and core fans would rather just go buy Hasbro's own products to collect all their pony characters. The only exception could be Equestria Girls, which focuses on the human version of the characters and it seems to have potential for LEGO's minidoll line. Sadly that line is also discontinued. Mr. Potato Head And here is the nightmare for Toy Story fans. I don't know if TLG cares about it enough, but it would be a very big bless to have Toy Story return with actual Mr.&Mrs. Potato Head minifigures. Why not? Hasbro is already here with us. Aside from Mattel, I think the biggest toy mnufacturer on earth would be BANDAI from Japan, and BANDAI is best known for their Gundam toy line. But not quite sure if Gundam is as marketable as Voltron and Transformer to the western market?
  5. The incredible Allanyuppie did it first. I finished this a while back, finally got around to putting instructions together. Instructions:
  6. LEGO Fighter jet transformer mech - similar with vf 1 valkyrie It looks like the Zeta gundam also. :)
  7. Mini size Combiner Transformer Robot. I think if I try to build full version combiner mech (6 vehichles), it would be too big one and need to many bricks. So I built this combiner made with just 3 heavy vehicles.
  8. After a spark of inspiration last month, I immediately halted my project LEGO Astrotrain in favor of this one . And I vowed to complete and publish it before Xmas. So here I am. Can you guess which component/carriage took up most of my building time? You'd be surprised! One fun thing about building LEGO TF is the uncertainties and pleasant suprises along the way. I never intended this bot to have weapons or turn into war machines, but somehow... here's what mid-transformation ended up looking. Building the tree took up disproportionately longer time than the rest of the carriages and train, since the tree conceals the robot hand*. I think I revised the tree design for more than 4 times before I settled down for this one: *the hand is MORE than 2 studs wide no thanks to the protruding finger parts. This makes things much harder , than concealing a hand that's exactly 2 studs wide inside the tree. Despite the size, the Robot mode is fairly articulated and poseable, thanks to the chunky train coaches as legs For more photos, as usual... check out my blog link here: And if you got bout 16 minutes to spare....view a vid of this creation in my youtube channel too! You'll get to see how the transformation/merging goes. Merry Christmas everyone !
  9. It is a transformer robot which can turns into scorpion-shaped robot mode.
  10. This mini robot can transform into a big fighter jet. The fighter jet is half as big again as the its robot mode. It has 4 cannons on his arms and legs. The cannons' color is gray. So, that's why it's called 'Gray cannon'. in this video you can also see how I take a film for a stop motion transformation scene.
  11. Mini LEGO

    Police Combiner Transformer

    Here are a baby police robot and a small patrol drone. They are not strong at this state. But if they combine into a big police robot, it is strong and fast.
  12. This time I built a typical Japanese super robot style combine robot. If you are a big fan of Japanese robot animation, you must know red, blue and yellow vehicles combine to form one big robot in many of Japanese robot animation and Japanese super sentai TV show. I think it is interesting, weird and funny. But I like the super robot rule.
  13. DeCommander96

    Optimus Prime MOC

    Hey everyone! A while ago, I made a Lego Optimus Prime MOC. It was decent, however the head was a little big, and it didn't transform. I wasn't entirely happy with it. But I couldn't bring myself to break it, due to fear of failure. Then, last week, it fell from atop my shelf, and broke. I decided this was a good time to make a new one. I present.... Optimus Prime MKII! And yes, he can transform this time.. Forgive me if its not the best, this is my first time doing something like this. Like I said, took me a week to design and build. I didn't want to do the Bay design, so I took some inspiration from the G1 design and basically made the rest up as I went along. I don't know how many pieces were used. Optimus measures about 10 1/2 inches tall when in robot mode and 9 inches long as a semi. I used 4 pairs of ball joints on the hands, shoulders and feet. The legs were the same joints that Lego uses on their newer mechs, such as Hulkbuster 2018 and Lex Luthor. Thank you for reading this and feel free to comment your thoughts below. jason
  14. Hi guys, In between my major LEGO projects that sucked me many many weeks (months even) of time to complete .. I took a breather by grabbing a lego set and build (yet again) a LEGO Transformer. LEGO set 70842:Emmet's Couch Mech is from LEGO Movie 2 theme and only recently I managed to get it at 50% off. What a bargain! Since the set itself is officially a mech, so most of the parts are useful to build robots as well. The core design was completed by day 3... and I spent another 2 days more to refine it. A microscope mode was created purely out of experimentations since this lego set doesn't have wheels (for land based mode) or adequate number of wedge/slopes (for swooshable plane/space jet mode). Transforming between modes doesn't require reassembly of parts. I'm very pleased to discover this set has parts for me to build the robot fingers as well , compared to just knuckles with holes in them. No wheels ? No problem! here's an extra hover tank mode. INSTRUCTIONS BELOW! Note: children might require adult supervision though. If you're having problems following the building instructions above, you can pay a visit to my blog link below where I posted a detailed instructions with more detailed steps for beginners to follow: Have fun!
  15. This transformer robot's name is White Astronaut. Because the robot mode looks like astronaut. :) This mini robot is a triple changer transformer. It could change into a fighter jet and a monster.
  16. About this LEGO Creation This took me about 2 weeks to complete.. with large part of the time without a confirmed color scheme (I usually prototyped with random colored LEGO parts) . I initially thought dark gray would be nice.. then changed my mind by week 2. Robot Mode Hero's landing Here's the twist! yet another tankhead mode from his robot mode. Quad-blasters mode shooting simultaneous laser beams When Not on Active Duty When the legs ran away, no biggie... here's a puppy mode. Titanic is a transformer too!! Hanging out with the boys at a local car wash. More photos here! For more frequent updates on what I'm up to, follow my instagram and fb page! Thanks guys!
  17. Well, this year's LEGO offering has been good time me. As a starter... I immediately took a liking to LEGO Creator 31090 due to the prospect of building a LEGO TF from the parts inside. So here we are. BumbleSea is a low profile sibling of Bumblebee and he transform into an undersea sub with salvage and recovery abilities . Transformation doesn't require reassembly of parts. One of my biggest challenge was implementing the windshield on his chest (like Bumblebee), which connects pretty near to the pelvic balljoints. For building instructions, pay a visit to my blog below: For building instructions of my other LEGO Transformers ,especially those made from a single LEGO set. go here:
  18. alanyuppie

    [MOC] LEGO dragonboat-former!

    Hello everyone!!! I'm here again with something I kept under the radar for almost a month now. This dragonboat transformer was built to commemorate Chinese New Year and meant as my contribution to a CNY Oriental Themed LEGO diorama at a local mall. I never built anything with an Oriental feel before so I treated this as a challenge for me! The tail-end of the boat took me mere 1 hour or less to design while the front-end is where I faced most of the design challenges... how to convert the dragon head,neck and all to form the chest and arms and tucking in the robot head as well... That took me 2 weeks /80% of the building time there. If the dragon head looks familiar to you, that's because I plucked it off an official LEGO Ninjago set and performed fair amount of facial reconstruction on it. Transformation Robot mode One of my favorite photo from the whole lot, he's replicating a very famous Kung fu stance by a Chinese Folk hero/Martial artist . No points for guessing correctly who I am referring to! He's very well disguised in the Oriental Village scene below. Here's a nice short video on how the transformation goes... As usual, hit my blog to view more photos and writeups on this creation: Thanks guys!
  19. mandaci-customs

    [MOC] Transformers G1 Soundwave

    Hi Everybody, I want to show you my Transformers G1 Soundwave in Robot Mode:
  20. Hi Everybody, I want to show you my Tutorial, which shows, how you can build Transformers G1 Optimus Prime in ROBOT MODE:
  21. alanyuppie

    [MOC] Transformers Rodimus Prime

    This LEGO project started immediately when POTP Rodimus official photos was revealed few months back. Instead of replicating POTP Roddy design (Hot Rod merging with his trailer to form super mode) ... I have chosen to integrate all of his vehicle components in robot mode, not unlike 3rd Party version of him, DX9. Initially he would "merely" transform from vehicle to robot mode but halfway through I decided to throw in a base mode after some tweaking. I relish on giving myself extra challenge there to kinda prolong the building process. Recently I got hold of a phone that could capture decent HD vids so from now on, instead of snapping photos of the transformation.. I will capture a video showing my nimble hands transforming my LEGO TFs. Please please please please subscribe my youtube channel..!! PROMOTIONAL PIC VEHICLE MODE BASE MODE Being a fan of base mode TF... I love to arm the base mode of my LEGO creations with tons of weaponry for defensive and offensive purpose. ROBOT MODE Before I get started on my LEGO TF project, I usually set in mind a few challenges/aims for the final design of my creation. For this Roddy: - Better proportions and neater kibbles not obstructing his waist , for a sharper looking silhouette - Curvier and less blocky legs derived from a blocky trailer. - I wanted less red (and more black/gray) for the legs from the primarily red vehicle mode. This means turning the trailer panels inside out to form his legs. - getting the vehicle cockpit to fit a lego minifigure - Chest to store the matrix. A definite must! - Forearm mounted cannons. Due to design limitations... his forearm cannons doesn't come from the vehicle intakes/exhausts. The arms are concealed inside the trailer together with the cannons. I am forced to distribute the intakes to become his shoulder mounted cannons instead. As usual.... hit my blog to view more photos ! And follow me at facebook to get updates on my work in progress! Thanks guys!
  22. Hi guys! It’s been almost 9 months since I last posted something here! Been very busy with work and this is been ready for a few months but I was only able to upload it now. Loved the cartoons when I was a kid and really liked the first Transformers movie from 2007, so I decided to build bumblebee, which is by far my favourite Autobot! This was quite a cheral months as it is way out of my comfort zone. For those attending the Skaerbaeck Fan Weekend in a couple of weeks, if you would like to see it, it will be there! :) Thanks to Markus Rollbühler for the incentive and the tips :) And no, it doesn't transform into a beautiful Camaro! Hope you guys like it! Bumblebee Bumblebee Bumblebee