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Found 232 results

  1. Hello everyone! After a long absence I'm finally back. Today I present to you my new creation, a military mecha, I hope you like it! Special thanks to Instagram user m1ndxbend3r for the inspiration. The Mechanized Mobile Combat System Mk. III, abbreviated MeMoCS, is a state-of-the-art multi-role military platform designed to operate in any modern battlefield and conditions, from open spaces to urban combat. It's an anthropomorphic mecha with 6 limbs, 4 upper and 2 lower. Has an armor in composite materials and new ultra-resistant alloys was made to protect against a wide range of threats (mines, RPGs, IEDs, heavy calibers, and some types of cannon shells), also has active contermeasures. New and more powerful miniaturized servomotors and servomechanisms have been used to guarantee unprecedented smoothness of movement. Power is guaranteed by a hydrogen fuel cell battery. The cockpit can accommodate a single pilot who maneuvers the MeMoCS safely. The MeMoCS Mk. III is equipped with numerous sensors: high definition optical viewer, high sensitivity thermal viewer, laser warning system, radar, jammer, and is equipped with an advanced radio, satellite and GPS communication system, plus a modern situational awareness system that, together with its powerful computer, makes it a fearsome weapon, versatile and adaptable. Given its multirole nature, it can be equipped with a wide range of weapons: rifles, CROW systems, missile pods (both ATGM and surface-to-air), sidearms and shields.
  2. alantsao

    [MOC] Orca

    The render images are generated by Studio, I didn't take pictures because I was too tired after finished the instruction.... The tail is movable.
  3. il brovia

    [MOC] my WH40K Warlord Titan

    I'm quite new to Eurobricks Community, so I'd like to start presenting my MOCs with my biggest one so far: it's a Warlord Titan from Warhammer 40000. IMG_20190407_171303-01 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr FB_IMG_1565485466005 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr warlord titan 2 definitivo_2 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr 4966 pieces, about 56 cm tall, designed entirely with LDD (then rendered in Stud.IO) and then built in real pieces. It was a real challenge to design it, in order to make it sturdy enough to let it stand by its own (a must for me),even tough it is still poseable, can rotate the waist, the legs, the arms, the head (a little) and the shoulders cannon. I think that there is no need to describe from which LEGO theme inspired me the color scheme and Heraldry ;-)
  4. I present to you, the first gundam of Allelujah Haptism in the series : Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Type: Lego Gundam Name: Gundam Kyrios Code: GN-003 Size: 1/60 Pilot: Allelujah Haptism Team: Celestial Being Series: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 ( 機動戦士ガンダム00 Kidō Senshi Gandamu Daburu Ō? ) Reference: _Non-Grade 1/100 _High Grade 1/144 _Anime This is my Facebook page: Flickr album: DevianArt album: You can also check this video for full gimmick and articulation :) These are more image LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr With weapon LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr Since this is a transformable Gundam , I also implement the Flight mode for this Kyrios LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr With a team: Gundam of Celestial Being by Demon1408, trên Flickr Thumbnail by Demon1408, trên Flickr
  5. Hey everyone, This is my first real Monkie Kid MOC Our heroes receive help from the Great Master Korin Mech, to stop Scream, the Evil Warlock Mech Rat from poisoning the land! Check out the Flickr album for more pictures: Monkie Kid and the Legend of Korin
  6. The mechanical detail is more aesthetic than plausible. Yet, there are elements taken from what an early steam walker should have looked like, besides the vibrant colours. Most of its inhards are shown, there are very few largue pieces of metal, structural elements take over shape design. It is somewhat outlandish, taking a mechanical shape similar to that of many tin toys. Even if it seems to be something rather decorative, there are a few tricks to make it more resistant than it seems. Legs rest directly over the axle pillar and the superstructure it hides. Feet are also anchored to the base to avoid deformation.
  7. M'Kyuun

    Classic Space Koenig Monster

    Back in 2017, I finished my second version of the Koenig Monster from the Macross anime series. My first version was about another third larger, but the joints just couldn't handle the weight, and I subsequently decided to downsize and try again. Fortunately, I was able to make it work. Initially, I wanted to use a two-tone tan with red accents as the color scheme, based upon some art I found online, but as I worked on fleshing out ideas in LDD, I discovered to my dismay that a number of the parts I needed weren't available in the tans at the time, and having accumulated a lot of blue and gray, decided, like my first attempt, to just build it in Classic Space colors and styling. It stands about 15 and a half inches tall to the tips of its cannons, transforms without removing parts between all three modes, is fully articulated, and features retractable landing gear in shuttle mode. Since these pics were taken, I've since updated the canopy section with a more line-art accurate access panel using the 4x4 trans-yellow dish from last year's Batcave set. Eventually I'll take some pics. Hope you like.
  8. I’ve always been a fan of battlemechs, spending hours playing mech warrior followed by trying to build them from classic Lego in the mid to late 90s and needless to say, they weren’t good. Fast forward 20 years and with new parts and me being (slightly) better at building I’ve given it another try and made my own, which is more like a Warstrider from the book series of the same name rather than a battletech mech. I first build this around a year ago but didn’t get as far as posting it and since then I’ve tinkered and changed it as everyone does. Rather than just post the current build I thought I’d post the first iteration for completion and so that my thought process can also be seen The HK-55 barracuda, twin laser cannons, missile racks and a chin mounted particle cannon. I tried to upload the images rather than just a link but they were too large. Its a fairly standard mech, bird legs, two arms and shoulder missiles. The series Warstrider describes them as looking like an aircraft fuselage with arms and legs attached and that’s what I was going for, and the pilots lie in a small coffin sized space where the neural link is complete, the pilot ‘becoming’ the strider as opposed to a battletech cockpit. In that series the striders are also 5m tall at most rather than the 10m mechs from battletech. It fits a fig, with feet ‘standing’ on a snot plate just at the join of the main body to the nose, and the interior of the nose is a trans orange piece to represent the reactor which itself is covered by further modified snot bricks for the sideways and upside down building. Early on when building, I had ideas for several mechs and they were going to follow a deep sea naming convention, so I’ve tried to keep dark colours on top, light on bottom. I’ve also tried to build compact so that it did not end up being massive. I also tried to get a suggestion of gills along the side of the nose, which in universe would be heat sinks. The reverse legs look cool but they weren’t good at keeping it stable and it was hard to pose so I had a rethink and I’ve rebuilt it as such: The new legs are a huge improvement, it looks menacing and it’s easier to pose and handle. My previous idea of marine creatures being represented has now been transferred over to dinosaurs, and ‘heavy claw’ is the name for baryonyx. I’ve got several more planned that need just a bit more tinkering before showing off, and who knows I may start working on a completely different tangent altogether! This still has a few adjustments I’d like to make, most around the thighs. I’m happy with the proportions it’s more the detailing. I’ve also tried to make these as smooth as possible, with as few studs showing as I can manage. Another important factor for me is an actual element of play, hence the spring and stud shooters, I like to incorporate these where I can. Comments and critique welcome and if you’ve got some different mech builds aside from the typical giant mech warrior then put them up! More mechs and battle suits to come, hopefully along the same dinosaur theme! P.S if you like sci fi and mechs I do recommend the book series ‘Warstrider’.
  9. Mini size Combiner Transformer Robot. I think if I try to build full version combiner mech (6 vehichles), it would be too big one and need to many bricks. So I built this combiner made with just 3 heavy vehicles.
  10. My new moc... Name : Justice gundam Code : ZGMF-X09A Series : Mobile suit Gundam Seed Pilot : Athrun Zala ***Check this link to see Finished version : Full video : Built to fight side by side with Freedom gundam : Stand alone with Fatum-00 unit and the Fatum and be attached on its back or this style... but need support base I will finished this moc soon, hope you like it ! ***Check this link to see Finished version : My previous moc : Thanks for visiting !
  11. A mecha moc I made in LDD a while ago that I decided to create for real.
  12. Mehul


    The troso is super fragile but worth it for the shape. The articulation is alright
  13. Gun Turret Transformer Robot (similar with Overwatch Torbjörn Turret)
  14. I tried to build a combiner robot which doesn't include 1x1 handles (26047), 1x1 clips (15712) and 1x1 brackets(36840, 36841) this time.
  15. It is a transformer robot which can turns into scorpion-shaped robot mode.
  16. Yes! this my 3rd rendition of LEGO Snapdragon since the very first one made I about 15 years ago (when I first rekindled my passion with LEGO as an adult) VERSION 1 (2004) Back then most of the parts I used came from LEGO sets so I just make do with whatever colors I had. More photos here: Snap Dragon: A LEGO® creation by Yap Alan : VERSION 2 (2012) Leaps and bound improvement over v1. I was pretty satisfied with the outcome then. I even cloned 2 extra copies of this creation to be displayed in a LEGO exhibition in 2015 .. so visitors can see all 3 modes More photos here: Fall of Cybertron Snapdragon Triple Changer: A LEGO® creation by Yap Alan : On retrospect, I found version 2 to be pretty dated now with a few design glitch > like protruding robot head on the jet undercarriage > weak jet nosecone design that tend to detach easily > shoulders too wide (think "ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime") > robot back kibble jutting out at a weird angle. VERSION 3 (2019) What meant to be a quick 1 week project , dragged on to about 2 weeks: My overzealousness got the better of me. Part of the long list of to-fix's: > Every nooks and corners were rebuilt to strengthen weak hinges > Rounder/more cylindrical arms. > Nosecone-kibble tucked in more neatly to the robot's back. > beast head too funny-looking. off with the buck teeth! > narrower shoulders. ..and of coz... a color scheme closer to his G1 toy version. more photos here: Alanyuppie's LEGO Transformers: LEGO Triple Changer Snapdragon version 3 Alan Yap (@alanyuppie78) • Instagram photos and videos Alanyuppie's Brick Adventures Alan Yap's LEGO Transformers
  17. This mini robot can transform into a big fighter jet. The fighter jet is half as big again as the its robot mode. It has 4 cannons on his arms and legs. The cannons' color is gray. So, that's why it's called 'Gray cannon'. in this video you can also see how I take a film for a stop motion transformation scene.
  18. ZCerberus

    [MOC] Blacktron Harvester

    The terror of it! The mechanical grinding of its gears and hissing of its hydraulics send shivers down the spines of even the most veteran, harden soldier. This is the Blacktron Harvester!
  19. Mini LEGO

    Combiner transformer robot

    This is 'Redman' transformer : Redman can power up with parts :
  20. Exetrius

    [MOC] EVA Unit 02 & Tokyo-3

    Introducing the worlds largest and most accurate LEGO EVA Unit 02, complete with a detailed Tokyo-3 diorama! I'm sure a number of you have already seen this build (partly or as a whole) featured on The Brothers Brick or Oficina dos Baixinhos (among others) - I'm very thankful to these blogs for putting my creation in the spotlights - but in this topic I'm going to give a in-depth look into the entire build process and dive further into the details of the build. Let's get started! Introduction & Motivation EVA Unit 02 is a mecha from Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995), one of the most popular/debated anime classics of all time. To give a little bit of background: teenage pilots working for a mysterious mega-corporation (NERV) battle a variety of gigantic aliens (the Angels) in colourful, gigantic mecha (the EVAs)... The mecha and their pilots, from left to right: Unit 02 with Asuka Langley, Unit 01 with Shinji Ikari, and Unit 03 with Rei Ayanami. The sinister-looking guy is the CEO of NERV. So, why did I choose to build EVA Unit 02? Firstly, I'm not remotely the biggest Evangelion fan out there, but at the very least I think the mecha designs and setting in the series is amazing. Between the three units above, I think Unit 02 gets the most spectacular and iconic action sequences in the show. Also, from a builder's perspective, all units have gotten multiple MOC renditions, but I feel like those of Unit 2 have been the least successful in accurately capturing the head. That, in great contrast to Unit 01 - which has been captured close to absolute perfection by Moko (see here), a great inspiration of course. In addition, Unit 02 is mostly red, meaning a colour with a very broad range of LEGO elements I could work with and one that was already abundant in my collection. Bearing those things in mind, I was confident I could be done and would end being something unique. Reference material I choose to stay true to the design as seen in the TV series, as opposed to the variations that appeared in the several movies that followed. I used the action figure below as my main reference standard for the body measurements and shaping, and screenshots from the episodes for the rear and the head. I got the idea to make a base diorama from a huge and beautiful display model by Prime 1 Studio, below. Unlike Unit 02 itself, my Tokyo-3 diorama is not a one-on-one recreation of any specific part of the city as seen in the anime. I paid close attention to the civil infrastructure, though. Build process I made the head (well, the first of many) first, as a proof-of-concept. This is the part with the highest density of details and colour blocking, and is therefor critical in choosing the scale, or so I found out. Though that first head wasn't perfect, it showed me that the scale was right. I measured its height, and together with my main reference printed out on A4 I determined which length in cm and studs every body part should get, with the help of Sariel's unit converter. Later I realised that the chosen scale was quite close to nanofig scale, very convenient! I started building mid-January and I finished at the end of September, though I set it aside for a few months to work on other builds. The collage above is arranged in chronological order, time passes from left to right and top to bottom. After making the head, I experimented with the shoulders and spine, essentially with how to maximize friction, also a bit of preliminary breastplate work. Then I realised that it would be better to start from the hips. Then upper leg, lower leg, ankle and foot (tough!). Then upwards: pelvis segment, second segment (front), third segment (front) and breastplate version 2, with increasing difficulty. After that, the rear: pelvis spine plate, second spine plate, and third spine plate. That's when the most difficult part started: the upper torso. It's where the breastplate, shoulders, spine, neck, power plug, entry plug and plug cover hatch have to connect, while also retaining the odd angles that they are required to have. At this point I sure wished I had chosen a bigger scale, so that I would have had more inside space to solve these problems. In the end though, I found a solution to everything, quite rigid as a whole, too. Here an insight into how it fits together: Green = clips Yellow = technic pins Aqua = hinges Blue = bars Pink = click hinges After the torso was done, I did the hands, upper arms, shoulder blades, and lower arms. Then head version 2, Spear of Longinus, head version 3. Started the base: foundation, street, pavement, traffic lights and street lanterns. Cars, vending machines, raised pavement. Then the main building: inner structure, front, then lock-down doors, roof and greebles. Next, secondary building: ground floor with garage, open staircase and hardware store, then second floor and roof. Then the elevated railway bridge, large stairs and railway platform. Tertiary buildings with vending machines. Finally, head version 4 and head version 5. The completed model I must say, I'm very satisfied with the end result. The iteration on the head definitely paid off and the base, despite not initially being planned, was a creative adventure in itself. The most fascinating thing about the nanofig scale is how it transformed the meaning of various parts, but mostly the printed ones. For example, I have used different 1x2 smartphone tiles to represent vending machine interfaces. Also, a partially covered 2x2 plate from Star Wars turns into a road sign. But my favorite is the 1x2 console from Back to the Future, which I used here for the arrival and departure clock at the railway platform! List of features Although it could be deduced from the images, I will list the features of this build. All limbs of Unit 02 can be articulated, as well as the neck, jaw, shoulder blades and spine (lean to the front and lean to the back, but it's tricky). Unit 02 has an opening hatch under which the entry plug can be inserted or taken out (see the third image down from the second column in the WIP collage). Tokyo-3 features a large office building, of which the facade can be closed off by lock-down doors. The doors slide in from above, which does require the edge of the roof to be temporarily be removed. Tokyo-3 features a smaller building, the hardware store. The first floor can be removed to show the ground floor, which has an opening garage door, a store interior with some electronics, and a staircase. For emergencies, all windows on the first floor can be sealed with hatches. The diorama features numerous small details such as lampposts, traffic lights, a parking sign, graffiti, vending machines (six of them), trees, benches, dustbins and a road map. Additionally, there are three hatchback/SUV cars, an MPV and a TV broadcast truck. Reception, recognition & events Though I would not normally write about this, unlike my previous builds this was really my first full-blown recreation an existing (licensed) thing. I created this with the idea of taking it to comic cons and possibly other events, not only to LEGO conventions. Thus, I was curious what the response would be from within and from outside the LEGO community. I will use this paragraph to keep track of my experiences, if I feel like it. Blog posts, articles and other coverage: Oficina dos Baixinhos: ArchBrick Daily: The Brothers Brick: Lega Nerd: BrickVault: ToyPro: (Also available in other languages here) Events: Comic Con Antwerp 2019: Very limited response. The audience, whether that were general visitors, cosplayers from American/European franchises, or even anime/manga cosplayers, hardly paid attention to the creation. Occasionally, someone stopped and stared, but an appreciative look, let alone a look of recognition, was rare. Over the weekend, I spoke to around six people who were really enthusiastic about it. Two of those were vendors with products of the same franchise, and one was genuinely a big Evangelion fan. LEGO World Utrecht 2019: Strong positive response! The creation was only on exhibit for a day, but there were reportedly more than 11.000 visitors, if I remember correctly. From the first few minutes till the last few, kids were running up the creation and expressing their wonder. I've spoken to about 7 Evangelion/anime fans, and a number of others. Greatest of all: LEGO Star Wars Designer and Gundam/anime hobbyist Kurt Kristiansen was very much impressed with it, and there was just enough time to tell him all about the model. That made my day, my week, my month, of course!
  21. charlesp1138

    [MOC] 01.Svardstaf Mecha

    Recently, I started building mecha and robots because I find it very relaxing. I really like the flexibility and feel like it kinda forces you to think up new parts usage. This is the first one I'm willing to share publicly. 01.SvardStav Medium Combat Mech. Svardstav has a basic, lightweight frame and a single vectored fusion jump jet mounted on its rear. It carries a dual bladed sword on its right hand, and is equipped with an advanced sensor suite and long-range antenna in its head. The model is well-liked by techs for its reliable and robust communications, control and weapons systems.
  22. syclone

    [MOC] Touron Exos

    Good Day! New to this sub-forum (technic main) and very inexperienced in studded building as well as parts limited, but nonetheless really wanted to build a mecha after rewatching "Darling in the Franxx". Having a few Exo-force minifigs I set on an orange colour scheme belonging to Ryo. All came around the steering bars used as shoulder pieces and the cockpit piece. Tauron Exos - 1st generation mecha, mainly used in security purposes due to it's small size and lightweight construction. Features rocket boosters for faster movements as well as extended jumps. Overall I'm unhappy with how the legs ended up, but there were no more orange parts to work with as well as clips so it was a compromise. Cya!
  23. About this LEGO Creation This took me about 2 weeks to complete.. with large part of the time without a confirmed color scheme (I usually prototyped with random colored LEGO parts) . I initially thought dark gray would be nice.. then changed my mind by week 2. Robot Mode Hero's landing Here's the twist! yet another tankhead mode from his robot mode. Quad-blasters mode shooting simultaneous laser beams When Not on Active Duty When the legs ran away, no biggie... here's a puppy mode. Titanic is a transformer too!! Hanging out with the boys at a local car wash. More photos here! For more frequent updates on what I'm up to, follow my instagram and fb page! Thanks guys!