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  1. goatman461

    SW Factions: Introduction and Rules

  2. goatman461

    SW Factions: Introduction and Rules

  3. goatman461

    Faction: The Chiss Ascendancy

    Non-Chiss Characters of the Chaos The planets around the Chiss Ascendancy are diversely populated by other species, not seen in the rest of the galaxy. To create these characters, we will draw from other licenses and themes. The idea is to not make them too cartoony, or recognizable as other themes. We will update this post as we create new characters that will work as the Ascendancy's neighbors. Navigators' Guild Because of the complex jumps required between stars, navi-computers were unreliable in the Chaos. Force-sensitive navigators were employed throughout the Unknown Regions to traverse the stars. This is the only non-Chiss that will be allowed on the bridge or Chiss warships (and is also an excellent way to include a non-Chiss character in your builds).
  4. The Chiss Ascendancy Faction: The Chiss Ascendancy Faction Leader: goatman461 Capital: Csilla Systems: Csilla (ice planet, home-world, capital) Rhingar (snow planet with 3 moons - one forest, one water) Grids: E9 Description "But one fact has always remained constant: The Chiss must be approached from a position of strength and respect. One must have strength, for the Chiss will deal only with those capable of keeping their promises. One must have respect, for the Chiss must believe that those promises will be kept." ―Passage from Mitth'raw'nuruodo's journal The Chiss Ascendancy sits apart from the lesser galaxy, surrounded by the Chaos - an unchartable, disastrous space isolating and hiding the Chiss people. The Ascendancy is oligarchy, presided over by the Nine Ruling Families who make up the Syndicure. Though formidable, the Chiss have chosen not to expand as an empire or conquer its few neighbors. To be welcoming towards the Chiss means you will never have to fear them, but an act of aggression will mean your complete destruction. Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet Chiss warriors are renowned across the Chaos. Concept art is scarce, so the Ascendancy needs you to help flesh it out. Standards below will be updated as new material develops. Chiss Minifigure Requirements Rematching (Joining the Chiss Ascendancy) Chiss Families (to help you create your characters) Chisstopher by @pombe Chiss Roles (& House Color) The Chiss have a highly specialized society. As you develop your characters, consider the roles below. Landscape build by Jako of Nerogue Members rank - EB username (characters) Blood - goatman461 (Iriz’iliac’sapla) Ziliac showed great promise as a cadet but chose a career in colonial affairs instead. Being a blood-born member of one of the Ascendancy's most powerful (and militaristic) families gave Ziliac the resources and clout to make his own path but saddled him with the expectations he could not fulfill for his family. Many saw the might of the CEDF and family controlled planetary defenses as the strength of the Ascendancy that would protect their people from any dangers. But Ziliac saw something else. The people were only as strong when they were fed. Their weapons only fired when loaded. Their shields only held when they were powered - and not overpowered by some new technology. The Chiss could not blast Csilla's sun to levels that would thaw their homeworld, but they could expand and innovate - explore and adapt - labor and love. Because the true strength of the Chiss comes from markets, technology, and cooperation, Ziliac has dedicated himself to opening up his xenophobic and (frankly) bigoted people to the Lesser Galaxy, braving the Chaos, and finding new markets. Merit-Adoptive - TFM Productions Merit-Adoptive - MandalorianMac
  5. goatman461

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    We're looking to start it around December when season 3 of Mando is starting, but there will be new faction descriptions and some rules trickling out over the next few months. Stay tuned Also join us on Discord - everybody is always working on something... https://discord.gg/zbdaJHpG
  6. *This entry has earned 23 XP* Overextended Triumvirate forces disappear amongst the grassland and it's carnivorous guardian flowers.
  7. goatman461

    Faction: Confederacy of Free Systems

    10 IP on Tatooine to the Black Sun 5 IP on Korriban to the Followers of the Force
  8. *Your entry has earned 16 XP (x2 LTC Bonus Applied)* Above the disaster of Korriban, an old T-4 Shuttle trudges along with supplies for the formerly Hutt owned space station - now seeing new life with visiting pilgrims. CFS ships meet secretively with the Follower crew to share intel on upcoming attacks in the New Territories.
  9. *This entry has earned 10 XP* "An invasion force of Imperial troops and mercenaries have Outer Rim worlds under siege, and it's not looking good for the locals. We'll provide all the support we can, but they--and we--need whatever help you can give." "General Syndulla, the Red Moon spy network is vast within the New Territories. We will send what intel we can to the Clan Eldar strike forces, but other resources are thin. We'll need the full support of the New Republic, and any who will stand against tyranny." "Thesa Gungan Army is strong..." "And the Queen has authorized the Royal Squadron to fly escort to Kowak..." "May the Force be with us..." click through to IG for WIP and column mounting technique
  10. goatman461

    [K5 - Mygeeto - PA] Not a bad sacrifice...

    My thought is that Kanan's lightsaber is very attached to him being a Jedi. It is what he hid, but still kept with him at all times, then how he chose to reveal himself and start his journey towards the last scene. The practical side of it is that I wanted a stand for the RebelLUG collab, and I thought there was some particular poignant poetry between those two scenes. Plus, Mygeeto... and clones...
  11. goatman461

    [K4 - Muunilinst - PA] Bad Plans, Just Desserts

    what else would an imp be besides a thug?
  12. *Your entry has earned 32 XP* [Mandalorian and Clone Jetpack Special Forces fly overhead] "Master, your robes...?" "Sacrificed for the greater good." "Well, as sacrifices go..." "Indeed." "But remember, Padawan, not all sacrifice is as easy to dismiss..." "I understand." "Do you? There will be loss--inevitable loss, painful loss." "But that must not prevent the true Jedi from taking risks..." "...from surrendering oneself to a higher purpose." "I don't... I don't understand..." And yet I'm confident child, that someday you will." The laser sword of Caleb Dume, a.k.a. Kanan Jarrus Follow RebelLUG for more lightsaber builds this week https://www.instagram.com/rebellug/
  13. goatman461

    EP 8, imperial base, triumvirate

    Please post your factions builds to the factions forums with the appropriate titles. Ask you Faction Leader for help.