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  1. goatman461

    [V8 - Malagarr - CFS] Desolate Habitat

    Thanks @BEAVeR Always great to get a unique perspective from you. Eager to see which faction you join, or create...
  2. goatman461

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    Guys, there's no formal switch between factions. If Ross says you can be in CE, you're in, there's nothing you need from MKJ or I. You can even go back and forth and build for whoever you want, whenever they the faction leader says it's okay.
  3. *Your entry has earned 7 XP* Researcher Cephas Oray Guellah continues her research with two thousand year old droid, F-5R, survivor of the massive reactor meltdown that irradiated the planet's population. Cephas hides out amongst the cogs of machinery, where local pirates, mad scientists, and Reavers have difficulty detecting her equipment. One day she hopes to unlock the secrets Malagarr's surviving crustaceans have in withstanding the planet's radiation so that she can heal so many victims across the galaxy.
  4. *Your entry has earned 12 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* Vinsoth had a long history of slavery, starting with the enslavement of the Chev species by Chevin overlords. During the reign of the Empire, slavers strengthened their ties with the criminal underworld, while appeasing half-hearted decrees from the Galactic Senate. After the Battle of Endor, economic pressure from the Confederacy of Free Systems, an amalgamation of free systems banning together to allow for free, open trade and industrial standards, made calls for Chev liberation more popular. Chevin native, Ephant Mon, uses his underworld contacts and increasingly desperate bandits to safely free any force-sensitive slaves found on Vinsoth.
  5. goatman461

    Limited Time Challenge! Updated for October

    Raiders “Oh, the stories I could tell. So many of them true.” ―Hondo Ohnaka Special challenge, from now till October 5th you can earn double XP (and double IP if built on an eligible planet). The only criteria is your MOC must include at least 5 pirates or brigands and include "Raiders" in the entry title. Pirate-retrofitted land vehicles* are also highly encouraged, but not required. No limit on number of entries, but do post quality builds. *When retro-fitting a land vehicle, we HIGHLY discourage MODing existing LEGO sets or using the design from a LEGO set. The amount of detail and often the scale in those sets is typically miserable, and we want to see your designs anyway.
  6. goatman461

    [J7 - Iridonia - CFS] Kathadi Swoop Classic

    Thanks. I'm very torn about that shot. I had something cleaner in mind, but still trying to learn some editing tricks
  7. goatman461

    [J7 - Iridonia - CFS] Intrigue on Iridonia: Swoop Slums

    @Ross Fisher he checked all the boxes for the LTC as far as I can tell. I think it should be scored as a freebuild (with the LTC bonus applying independently), but as a judge you can score it as you like.
  8. *Your entry has earned 10 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* Spoils hidden in the irradiated wastelands of Malagarr apparently are quite diverse. For researcher Cephas Oary Guellah, it was a hard case of the crabs. When the planet went to waste, persistent crabs were the only thing the radiation couldn’t comb from the landscape. Now she hopes by catching crabs and transmitting them to her secret laboratory, that she can once and for all find a way for organic life to survive constant radiation in space. The local criminal cartel has been guarding Malagarr since the civilizations death rattle years ago. Gathering the remaining droids and mining the technology left behind, they have carved out some profit, but have yet to hit it big. They know something magnanimous is lurking on the planet, but while they don’t know what that is yet, they sure as hell aren’t going to let anybody else get to it.
  9. *Your entry has earned 16 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* All eyes are on Iridonia for the Kathadi Classic and an unlikely spectacle of a man. Some call him "the Imp," "the Scout," "Traitor," "Bumbling Idiot," "Son of Iridonia," "Shame of Tython," but he merely registers as "3928," reportedly his L9 designation under the Empire. A veteran of the Tatooine Occupation, the Endor Massacre, and some business on Nar Eurbrikka, he returns to his home world of Iridonia as a prodigal son to compete in our time-honored races. Just tailing him in the first lap is a local favorite, the flighty, flightless bird-man "Flux" Horda Hoipy, flying right at you with his custom Cresent Sickle! Even though he doesn't have wings, he is known for his 3-dimensional spatial awareness, so he's the most agile racer in this circuit - with aerial acrobatics second to none. Be sure to go see him when he's not racing. He's not only a local-hero-racer, but he's also a renowned dentist in the western districts. Open on the weekends, get on down to Hiopy Dentistry; accepts all insurers.
  10. goatman461

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    You had submitted you name as "Macrpous" when you created a character, so that's fixed now and the active player list shows you at 12xp.
  11. goatman461

    Episode VI: Pyerce Rising

    “Victory! The most unlikely alliance has risen across the galaxy to respond to the common threat from the self-proclaimed Imperial Warlord Pyerce. Mandalorians, Imperial remnants, New Republic allies, smugglers, criminals, independent systems, and common folk have defeated Pyerce’s Empire, but Pyerce himself has escaped.” Episode IV: Pierce Rising has come to an end, and here are the results. Players with most XP (GMs not eligible): 1) marvelBoy123 with 31 XP, 2) Shared between ARKUM ELO, and Simulterious with 27 XP each. Factions with most XP: The Imperial Triumvirate: 164 XP/IP Confederacy of Free Systems: 119 XP/IP Clan Eldar: 112 XP/IP CorSec: 52 XP/IP Black Sun: 51 XP/IP Scores divided between episode systems: Fondor: The Imperial Triumvirate - 164, Confederacy of Free Systems - 74 Bonadan: Clan Eldar - 81, CorSec - 52, Black Sun - 51 Uyter: Clan Eldar - 21 Kril'dor: Confederacy of Free Systems - 45 Faction leaders have been notified with Holocron locations. Scores have been posted. If your build wasn't scored, there may have been an issue with your Submittal Form. PM @goatman461 if you have any questions. Thank you to everybody who came together to build this Episode.
  12. goatman461

    [Factions Ep. 6 - Cat A][S3- Bonadan - CE] Showdown on the Rock

    fantastic, organic rockwork throughout. really love the angles you got and how well you blended them together.
  13. goatman461

    Factions Ep. 6 - Cat B][S3- Bonadan - CE] Escape from Bonadan

    fantastic detailing and great designs