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  1. goatman461

    [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 26] Rough Terrain Ahead

    Thank you! That sums up everything I was hoping to achieve with this one. And, yes, I'm pretty sure he dropped it.
  2. "oh dear..." ENDOR MOUNTAIN CYPRESS by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr
  3. Movements: We want move left to Q9, than up to F9, go left to collect the bonus on F2 and use the remaining movements to go as close as possible to the Shield Generator. "It really wasn't my fault. My squad was on long range recon and they told me to find some supper. I was out for hours before I happened upon this great, fat wild boar. Only it wasn't a boar. Just a piglet. And after we cooked it up and the squad had their fill, the sounder came around looking for revenge. There's only two of us now, but it doesn't look like it'll stay that way for long. Lucky for me the other guys didn't let me eat yet, so I've been a lot faster on my feet. Right now I'm not sure which is going to be worse - this mad momma pig or reporting back to the platoon. I guess we'll see. :(" Endor Boar-Wolf by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr
  4. goatman461

    [MOC] Naboo N-1 Starfighter + Breakdown

    Fantastic work. Any shots of the underside while it's assembled? The breakdown shot is a perfect example of using every bit of the guts and building from every angle.
  5. goatman461

    Episode XVI: Amassing the Fleet

    Official scores/xp: MKJoshA - Cat. A - 17 - Cat. B - 14 brickmasterben - Cat. A - 9 Goatman461 - Cat. A - 20 - Cat B - 25 Kodan Black - Cat. A - 17 LegoRacer1 - Cat. A - 7 LucasLaughing - Cat. A - 19 Gubi0222 - Cat. A - 19 Thanks again, everybody. I think we got some really creative and interesting ships out of this Episode.
  6. goatman461

    SoNE feedback thread

    Thank you. And I can't really imagine going 3 months without building or planning a build. I'm not always productive, but with the store I'm trying to open I don't think I've spent a day without doing something LEGO for a very long time. Lucas is a bit more normal than me, though. I think you'll like the next Episode, but I don't want to give too much away. Thanks for the feedback. I know some of the Imperial builders had RL get in the way, too. It's tempting to make the Episodes super long to allow everybody time to build, but I've also noticed that a lot of people wait until the last few weeks to start and we don't want to lose any momentum in people's excitement about the prompt.
  7. goatman461

    SoNE feedback thread

    So what's everybody's thoughts on having so few builds this last Episode? I'm thinking we have a lot fewer ship-builders than I thought we did, but there were also a ton of Corellian freighters being built this month, and others that could have easily cross posted. Is the barrier for posting to one of our Episodes so high? Or are people just ambivalent about posting here? I think having a micro category might have helped to let others feel like they could commit to building, but I also don't want to have overly complex rules and micros were obviously allowed.
  8. @Kodan Black Oh can't they... I actually did give it landing gear; you can see it in the last shot. I would have just left it on it's wings if it could take the weight, but not with those angles. @MKJoshA Busted, I did get lazy with editing in the end. I thought about reshooting because I made the mistake of shooting against white, but already broke the hangar door down for a mosaic. Thanks for all the comments and for enjoying the Episode
  9. Another bold color choice and interesting design. Getting some long dark blue wedge plates should help integrate the blues a bit more. The dbg cockpit and passage don't bother me, but there could be more dbg greebling on and around those sections to integrate it better. You could also add some more machinery over the top and integrated into the wedge plate sections. More dbg greebling on the outer rim might help hide those hinges for the wedge plate sections, too. I would also sacrifice some functionality in the top gun for something that was a little sleeker and anchored to the ship. Great work
  10. goatman461

    [SoNE Ep. XVI] [Cat. B] Outfitted Republic Cruiser

    Very cool SHIP. The purple throws me a bit, but I think if you used some of the other Friends colors to blend it out some, it won't be so intense. Some more LBG tiling and greebles would be great, too. This makes me want to build something similar and just add details over a long period of time. Great work and thank you for letting me use it in the background of my shot.
  11. goatman461

    [SoNE Ep. XVI] [Cat. A] Echo Class Assault Shuttle

    We've already PM'd about saturation levels and integrating the cockpit into the side more, but I wanted to be sure to mention it here for the benefit of other builders and congratulate you on a cool ship. The war room has some great details as well, like the slopes under the screen and the curves under the table. I'll definitely be referencing this shot in future Imp builds
  12. goatman461

    [SoNE Ep. XVI] [Cat. A] LT 995 Transport Cruiser

    Very interesting design work and great ship. I especially like the landing gear and the angles you got on the front section. I probably would have sacrificed some of the interior to integrate the side weapons a little better and to allow for more interesting greebles and tile work on the side sections. Thanks for building with us
  13. goatman461

    [SoNE Ep. XVI] [Cat A.] The Sparrow

    I like the concept of your hangar. It reminds me of the Falcon's hangar on Tatooine, and others I've seen in concept art. Curving the walls would certainly help, but I don't think it's really necessary. Maybe some pillars just of the wall to make it look more urban. Definitely need to go higher or crop the picture more to keep us from seeing the top, though. The ship is cool. There are certainly places where you could have incorporated more greebling or interesting techniques for integrating your other parts. Like, the front grill could be switched out with a couple of 1x1 snot pieces with dbg greeble parts on the sides. Or, keeping the parts around your weapons lbg so they blend better into the ship.