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  1. goatman461

    [L13 - Teyr Vulvarch - CFS] Uncivilized Lady

    Thanks y’all I didn’t realize until we’ll after I built it how off the scale was. Might retry it again at some point Or my laundry room. Both are seedy
  2. Every hero needs some down time... and a good blaster by her side.
  3. goatman461

    Episode VI: Pyerce Rising

    Just more xp than anyone else
  4. goatman461

    Episode VI: Pyerce Rising

    Fixed. Must have been left over from shuffling planets around. Thanks. DB’s map added too.
  5. goatman461

    [K4 - Muunilinst - CFS] Rooting Out Snipers

    It was always sand green. Must have been weird lighting. thanks y’all
  6. goatman461

    Faction: Confederacy of Free Systems

    19 IP to Ubrikkia (SoNE Coversion - Dannylonglegs)
  7. goatman461

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    Nice character! I'll send you a PM with our discord channel. Also check out the general discord channel at https://discord.gg/GV2MsvC
  8. Clones rooting out snipers at the Battle of Muunilinst
  9. goatman461

    Economy Contest Voting Thread

    I vote for 6 and 9
  10. goatman461

    [Q10 - Ubrikkia - CFS] Imp Mando Coven

    Thanks. the interior is pretty rough. I think the pictures pretty much cover what’s finished out, so yeah, lots rushed building
  11. goatman461

    [Q10 - Ubrikkia - CFS] Imp Mando Coven

    @Darth Bjorn It totally was rushed, but just wondering which parts look rushed
  12. goatman461

    [Economy] Ubrikkian Valet

    Thanks. Yes. Some are quite old. There's also some BLO mixed in.
  13. goatman461

    [T-15 - Rothana - TT] Attack on Rothana

    Your minifigure game has improved. Along with your part and technique usage. I’m seeing some Ninjago City inspiration here too
  14. *Your entry has earned 16 XP* With both the fall of the Hutts and the Empire, former slums of Ubrikkia are seeing a thriving tourist market. The local valet keeps a steady flow of speeders shuttling tourist back and forth to experience everything the trendy industrial center has the offer. But hidden amongst the crowd is a secret coven of dedicated Imperial Mandalorian troopers. The tables have turned. They know there time is almost up and they stay hidden as much as they can, knowing that their Imperial Beskar has put serious bounties on their heads from all sides.