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  1. Leonardo da Bricki

    [HELP] Panel Storage

    I also use Plano bins for my smaller parts, but they are impossible to find, and I haven't found large enough ones yet to store all my panels.
  2. Leonardo da Bricki

    [HELP] Panel Storage

    Thanks for all the input! I think for now, especially with moving from university to home and trying find my own apartment & a job, I'll be doing @langko's Ziplock bags in a tub until I have the time/space for a more permanent solution.
  3. Leonardo da Bricki

    Liebherr #42100 Speed mod video

    I just finished building this set last week, this is a very timely video. Definitely nice to see a simple mod like this that fixes the playability of a set.
  4. Hello, I recently acquired a number of new Technic sets (42100, 42128, 42125 being the largest) and I am now going through the process of parting them out into my collection. The problem I have now is that I have so many panels, most of which are quite big, I can no longer store them effectively in my current small storage bins. Before I go and upgrade my storage system, I wanted some feedback/advice from some of you that happen to have large collections, about the best way to store panels. Do you sort them out, are they all in one tub? What works best? Thanks, - Leo
  5. Leonardo da Bricki

    Great Brick War: Hot Zones- Sign Up Now!

    Nah, it's all good. Time for me to try something new! I just went to my local 3rd party Lego store and got some new parts, new figs, and other stuff to prepare for the start of Hot Zones!
  6. Leonardo da Bricki

    Great Brick War: Hot Zones- Sign Up Now!

    Well, my old nation is no longer here, so I choose to represent: Keikruk, Brochanan - (PSIC)
  7. This sounds incredible for the next contest. I would love to add functionality to a lot of Lego sets... like the Ferrari 488 I just picked up, a supercar with more space than engine under the hood.
  8. Ah, ok. I'll see if I can find them. Thanks!
  9. Wow. That looks beautiful, with the dark green body and the tan canvas roof. What wheels are those, and where did you find them?
  10. Leonardo da Bricki

    AFOL Dissertation Participants Needed!

    @Jim made me do it. Good luck with the research!
  11. Huh... Blue interior wouldn't be bad.
  12. PLEASE!!! That would at least the hideous appearance of this car. Functions sound decent, but there needs to be something original, somehow.
  13. Leonardo da Bricki

    [TC22] Ditch Witch SK-800 [WIP]

    Alright, here is tonight's update... I spent a few hours working on the arm geometry, and this is the best solution that I have come up with so far... I dislike how the small LAs can't be flipped for vertical mounting, so they will be ugly as I can't cover them and still fit the scale of the model... [TC22] SK800 [WIP] @2GodBDGlory It's pretty simple, actually. There is a diesel motor under the hood that drives the hydraulic pump for the tracks and whatever attachment is used. The operator stands on the little platform on the back and drives it around using a few joysticks, almost like a video game. These control the drive and using the attached hydraulic implement.
  14. SK800 This is the Ditch Witch SK800, one of my favorite pieces of construction equipment that I have used. It is a very reliable and durable machine that can be configured with a number of different attachments for different purposes. I have used these fun machines with augers, forklifts, grapples, bucket scoops, and pavement saws over the years while working with a number of different companies. This model will be manual. I will try to have the tracks drive a piston engine under the hood, linear actuators will drive the arms, attachment tilt, and I think I'll be adding my favorite attachment, a grapple claw. WIP photos: [TC22] WIP SK800 [TC22] WIP SK800
  15. Leonardo da Bricki

    [WIP] ROPA Tiger 6s beet harvester

    Wow. That's quite a lot of progress. I'm excited to see the harvesting head and how it functions. The brick-built color scheme is cool. Keep up the good work!