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  1. Leonardo da Bricki

    Do you take care of your Technic parts and pieces?

    I keep my parts almost always sorted out into bins (liftarms in bags due to size and quantity) to protect them. They are stored out of direct light on shelves or in a closet when not in use, and I never have models on display. Some parts have minor damage (scratches, rubbed edges, a nick or two...) from my crawlers/buggies being driven outside. I almost never put stickers on, sometimes a few small ones are used, but never the large ones.
  2. Leonardo da Bricki

    [MOC] Unimog 437

    Great work! I like how you made all the different options and combos possible. Especially like the idea for raising the tipper bed, that's genius!
  3. Leonardo da Bricki


    Beautiful design. I cannot believe how well you capture these organic flowing lines in Lego. Well done.
  4. Leonardo da Bricki

    [MOC] Desert Skidoo

    Nice work! This is a cool model. I'm glad Lego has been introducing Technic in camo colors, I've been wanting to see it happen for years! Except ow all my money is going to college....
  5. Leonardo da Bricki

    [MOC] McLaren P1 hypercar 1:8 w/ instructions

    *Appropriate comment lavishing praise will be posted as soon I re-attach my jaw and find my eyes...*
  6. Leonardo da Bricki

    Best tires for drift cars?

    Any balloon tire. It has less surface area in contact with level pavement at any given time.
  7. Leonardo da Bricki

    [MOC] 3T Sport Sedan - Finished

    Well done! I like the new chassis and body, though you appear to be missing some doors... Not to mention the hood and trunk. That's why it's only "toddler resistant," right?
  8. Leonardo da Bricki

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Dang. We only just got the wave 2 sets, maybe 2 weeks ago, and already we're speculating about the next ones to come out? Relax guys, enjoy the expensive-as-heck sets you just purchased, take the time to revive your wallet, and then, maybe, we can speculate about possible new sets and think about blowing more money on even more Technic. All I'm gonna say for now is that I hope some of these cars have decent shaping, and there had better be a gearbox in there SOMEWHERE!!! And NOT for changing functions!
  9. Leonardo da Bricki

    Campaign 8- The Space Race - 7/25 - 9/13

    It appears the fever of micro-scale building is spreading... I hope I can put together a build. I'm currently on vacation, and will have a very busy two weeks before I leave for college...
  10. Leonardo da Bricki

    Hummer H1 Wagon

    Nice build! Personally, I would be worried about hard coupling the thin tan gears with the XL-motors. I tried that once, and had to order new gears...
  11. Leonardo da Bricki

    [MOC] Tatra T815 1:20 - added Video and LDD

    Great little Tatra, it has a clean and, dare I say, rather elegant design. I'm hoping for a video from the competition, good luck to you!
  12. Leonardo da Bricki

    Mclaren 570s - Bugatti B Model + Instructions

    Dang! This is a masterpiece! You guys nailed the rear lights! Knowing this is a B-model just takes it to another level.
  13. Leonardo da Bricki

    [GBW - CP7] Toohati - There Is No Escape! Or Is There...?

    Thank you, judges! You have no idea how hard it was to design those little vehicles... I spent more time on the one tank then the whole terrain.
  14. I saw the video a few days ago, and was looking for this topic to show up! It's a great MOD, I personally like the expedition version the most!
  15. Leonardo da Bricki

    [MOD] RC Koenigsegg Agera RS1 Megacar 1:10

    Beautiful MOD (?), I love the color combo you used! The blue really pops, and it adds spectacular flair! What gear ratio did you use? I'm guessing 12/20 and then a diff. Any way you did, it has great performance!