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  1. @Bublehead I'm trying to get through college, so I cannot currently add to my collection consistently in that manner. So I am stuck with building one MOC at a time.
  2. "Finished" only happens for me when I get a new idea that requires the parts used in the MOC I currently have built.
  3. [WIP] LEGO Technic McLaren P1

    In the future, try to post some progress of the model, not just announcements about what's coming. So... What scale is it gonna be in? What wheels are you using? Do you have any axle designs yet?
  4. Nice build! Are my eyes deceiving me, or did I see that truck pull a wheelie?! Good luck in the contest!
  5. [MOC] 2018 Supercar

    Cool model for sure, definitely looks like a Lambo! My only critique is that the rear looks too short, there should be some body behind the wheels to ease the transition to that massive bumper/exhaust.
  6. Bugatti Chiron 1:8

    Oh yes! I saw the video a while back, was wondering when this would be posted! Finally done, and man! This build is just mind-blowing! Lego's will most likely be rather disappointing in comparison with this beautiful masterpiece... I am amazed by the gearbox and it's ability to drive this massive model, I cannot wait for the instructions!
  7. Challenger MT865C & Kinze 1050

    @eric trax Thanks for the comparison photos! The Claas tires look awesome on those rims! I might have to get 4 of them...
  8. 1967 Eleanor Mustang

    Ah, a classic car! Another incredible build! The chrome bits add a lot to the overall appearance. I'd love to see more chrome in your next cars.
  9. The aggressive stance and curves look good, and a bit futuristic. The rollcage and engine details in the rear are cool, but some lights might be nice to have. Good luck in the contest!
  10. [MOC] Trophy Truck

    Welcome to EuroBricks @P3T3R!!! I like your MOC, its a lot better than my first Technic model. The front curves on the wheel arches look great. Lots of models focus heavily on the looks, so don't worry, it's not heresy!
  11. [WIP] 2017 Ariel Nomad Tactical [Chassis/Transmission]

    UPDATE: Gearbox Is Working! 1. I have made the gearbox work using some system parts to achieve a smooth(er) shift every 90degrees. It will work much better with the frictionless connectors once they arrive. Photos will come later tonight, or tomorrow, I need to clean up the mechanism first. 2. The parts order is being processed... And I got myself some parts not needed for this model, but a future one... While I'm doing this... Maybe...
  12. Awesome entry, good luck to you! I have to say, despite the size, the shaping is excellent! I especially like the rear of the SUV, it flows well!
  13. Challenger MT865C & Kinze 1050

    Another incredible build! The tractor is very smooth, the lines are excellent! Hard to tell that it's Lego... I did read the whole description! How much are the Claas tires stretched to fit the Power Puller wheels?
  14. @Aleh It looks great this way with the black spare! Also, it looks pretty good with the motocross tires.
  15. [WIP] 2017 Ariel Nomad Tactical [Chassis/Transmission]

    UPDATE: Gearbox Shifting Fixed 1. I am using a 1x4 L beam as a 90degree limiter currently, and it works better than previously... with the exception of the fact that the gearbox only shifts one way. However I have an idea that will hopefully work better. I'm hoping to use some connectors to get the required shift gate (?) I need for this to work and shift both up and down. 2. I'm waiting for one part to come back in stock, then I'm gonna place my parts order. Hopefully that will happen this week, and the parts will arrive the week after!