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  1. @Jim When do we get the results of the contest? Sorry for getting antsy, it feels like forever ago that I entered this contest...
  2. 3: 10 6: 6 9: 4 18: 3 4: 2 22: 1
  3. @Jim Man, if I had seen you weren't closing this for another couple days... I wouldn't have freaked out. But hey, I got my video edited and posted in record time! Probably took two hours. Thanks for running this contest! Really glad I finally got my entry in.
  4. 14. Hard-Knock Life A massive 6-wheeled monster of a truck... Hot-rod? ... Crane?! Either way, the wrecking ball is gonna hurt! This beast was designed to run over anything that crosses its path... Or just obliterate it with a thundering crash. [TC17] Hard-Knock Life Full RC functionality: Drive: 2 L-motors, hard coupled under the cab, final gear ratio is 1:2.917. Steering: One Servo-motor, under the fake engine. Crane Rotation: One M-motor in the back of the crane. Crane Lifting: One L-motor driving a large linear actuator. Crane Extension: One M-motor on the top of the crane. Other Functions: Suspension: All axles suspended independently, with central articulation. Wrecking Ball: Does this really need explanation...? Fake V-12 Engine: Driven by the L-motors, has exquisite detailing. Cool Stuff: Exquisite Detailing! Easy access to battery box 3 axles! 6 wheels! 12 cylinders! Complete interior, with fake steering wheel/seats Complete bodywork and truck bed [TC17] Hard-Knock Life [TC17] Hard-Knock Life
  5. Leonardo da Bricki

    [TC17] Hard-Knock Life [VIDEO!!!]

    It has officially been over one month since I last posted on EuroBricks... One month of classes and exams... One month of late nights and homework and essays and projects... And I finally have found the time to finish the video. As this is my first time making a real, edited video, I would love any and all feedback that you guys have. Please let me know how I did. I hope you like it! Thanks for watching, feel free to critique it, and my apologies it took so long. I hope it was worth the wait! Cheers, - Leonardo
  6. Leonardo da Bricki

    [TC17] Hard-Knock Life [VIDEO!!!]

    I am back from a short vacation, and I've started editing a video, which should be up within the next week, hopefully.
  7. Leonardo da Bricki

    [TC17] Hard-Knock Life [VIDEO!!!]

    Yeah, there is a lot more I would have liked to add... Sadly, no time for anymore than I did. Again, perhaps over spring break or the summer, I can add more to it.
  8. Leonardo da Bricki

    [TC17] Hard-Knock Life [VIDEO!!!]

    PHOTOS!!! High-quality, well-lit photos! Spent some time outside today filming and taking photos, so here are the final photos you have been waiting for! More photos are posted over on my Flickr account if you want to see more this beast. A video will be coming soon! Stay tuned! - Leonardo
  9. Leonardo da Bricki

    [MOC] Ford GT40 Mk1 1967

    Cool, thanks.
  10. Leonardo da Bricki

    2015 pneumatic switch vs the old style one

    It is a bit of both. The more you use them, the more the stiffness goes away. However, having both kinds of switches, the new 2015 variant is quite a lot stiffer.
  11. Leonardo da Bricki

    [MOC] Ford GT40 Mk1 1967

    Beautiful Ford GT, the livery is well done, as is the bodywork shaping. I just wish the red stripe went all the way around the car to complete the look. @JamesJT Also, your rebrickable link goes to your Flickr page.
  12. Leonardo da Bricki

    [TC17] Hard-Knock Life [VIDEO!!!]

    Hello everyone! This is my final build update: I found a spare bit of time to add some more details (lights, railings, chains, etc) and finish the wiring and controls. I'll have high-quality photos posted sometime tonight, and then a video hopefully in the next week or so. Be watching for an entry post! I had an awesome time with the build, this is by far the largest build I've ever done, and probably the coolest one aesthetically. There are things I would change, if I had the time... For example, it has some articulation in the center, between the cab and crane, but the joint is not strong enough to support the vehicle when lifted; it makes some beams flex too far for my liking. I would have liked to add some turntables, for some real support and sturdiness, but alas, no time... Same thing for the front axle, it should be better secured, and there is a lot of slack in the steering. In addition, the fake engine has been disconnected from the drivetrain as it added too much friction. Besides, you can't see the pistons move anyways... I also would have preferred to hide the IR receivers more, but I have no space to do so. in the end, I am happy with the build, especially with its completion in the time that I had. Perhaps over the summer, or even spring break, there will be more changes... Kudos to @Didumos69 for the original design front axle design, albeit modified. Thanks also to @nico71 for his inspiration with the bodywork design. Finally, thanks to those guys who gave their suggestions and comments along the way! To everyone competing in TC17, good luck and enjoy the building! - Leonardo
  13. Leonardo da Bricki

    [TC17] Hard-Knock Life [VIDEO!!!]

    Thank you, and best of luck to you! I actually use a PC that I custom built myself, but thanks for the suggestion. @Mechbuilds I'll see what I can do, but most of you out there should be able to do some reverse-engineering...
  14. Leonardo da Bricki

    [TC17] Hard-Knock Life [VIDEO!!!]

    @Mechbuilds I feel the same way, it could definitely use more detailing. I wanted to add railings and other bits... But sadly, I am out of time. I return to college tomorrow, so I will use what time I have to film my model and to pack. Sometime soon, I hope to have a video up, and then I will post my entry topic. Feel free to ask questions and such, as for instructions, should enough people desire, I will see about making an LDD or Stud.io file.
  15. Leonardo da Bricki

    [TC17] Hard-Knock Life [VIDEO!!!]

    Thanks! That means a lot coming from you. @Didumos69 I looked up the Movavi Editing Software, and it looks like I can get a free trial, or a free download of a limited suite of software. So thank you! I might PM you further questions, if that's alright with you? Thank you! I spent at least 2 hours on the exhaust piping. Surprising, the central joint is not as sturdy as I would like. It's something I want to change, but don't have time to fix. Everything else is pretty sturdy, but the cab has angles, so it is kind of fragile. As for the flames... I ran out of big ones. Thanks, glad you like them! The wrecking ball parts are from the old Hero Factory set 6203: Black Phantom.