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  1. This model is coming along really well... but you have reached the point of having to limit your functions over your form. At this point, you may have to sacrifice some, most, or all of an interior in order to accommodate everything. Also, how do you plan to incorporate the steering selection switch? There will be no space left with the inclusion of a paddle shifter. The project I am working on required this... In order to have a six-speed transmission in the already extremely slim body, and still have drive, steering, and a battery box, there will be no interior, except perhaps a steering wheel and the top half of a chair. If that...
  2. Good review, thanks for doing it. Definitely gonna pick this set up soon...
  3. [MOC]: Bridge Girder SLJ 500-18

    Seriously huge build! Awesome machine, I really like the control box. Welcome to EuroBricks!
  4. [MOC] Peterbilt 579

    Maybe when you release this on ReBrickAble, I could take a look, see if I could figure something out. If you don't mind. Also, congratulations on making The Lego Car Blog!
  5. Testing Poll (again)

    Voted, all it does is disappear, no results show, just says "thank you for your vote." It's still broken...
  6. [MOC] Peterbilt 579

    If you could manage to fix the rear chassis and fifth wheel, this would be perfect IMHO. I really like how you did the front grill frame, it looks just like the real thing.
  7. [MOC] JEEP Wrangler Expedition

    I really like the way this looks! The stickers are very nice. Performance is good, but I understand the issues with the CV joints. I have had a lot of trouble with them before.
  8. Generic Contest Discussion

    TC11 has to be good. The pressure is on @Jim ! This contest is the 40th Anniversary Contest! The bar has been set high... in everything but the official sets.
  9. The Technic Confessional

    I must admit, at first I was appalled when Lego began introducing color-vomit axles. However, I find myself using them to distinguish between functions: red is steering, yellow is drive. Original black and gray axles are used in some areas to avoid showing the bright colors, or for other extraneous functions.
  10. Impressive build! Very nice colors, the car looks excellent! Performance is awesome, I love the truck jump!
  11. [MOC] Jaguar D-Type 1956

    I am amazed at what you manage to do using only blue parts... I didn't think this was even possible! Excellent model, I really like the accurate suspension.
  12. Two XL-motors is usually fine for almost any model. Using an adder just complicates the whole system and is unnecessary in most cases. What scale are you hoping to build in?
  13. [MOC] FTF FS-20 Roseboom heavy haulage (1:16)

    Beautiful! The color scheme looks amazing, I wish I had that much sand green. How well does it drive?
  14. [WIP] 6x6 off-road tow truck

    If you managed to build this chassis, you are of a wonderfully high skill level. I don't know for sure how good/bad that turning circle is, but for this monstrosity, that seems to be pretty good.
  15. [MOC] Airport Refueler

    Very nice truck! Is that just piping for the tank? Only critique I have s that the sides between the wheels look a bit messy. Otherwise, great model!