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  1. [MOC] Classic Spaceheadz

    Awesome!!! Do they use the same internal structure as Lego ones?
  2. [WIP] Supercar chassis with 3 steering modes

    Interesting idea, I like the concept. Couple of questions: 1. How much backlash does this system have? 2. Did you use blueprints or a scaling mechanism? Because the engine looks like it is too tall for the car... Otherwise, cool idea, I like the direction this is heading. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  3. Is LEGO entering a Dark Age - or am I?

    Probably going to stir the pot with this... But I will add my two cents. I am (barely) old enough to remember the good old days, when creator sets where exactly that. A mess of parts that allowed you to do what you wanted. My very first Lego set was set 4026/4027. Quite small, only 100 basic elements. And it was my favorite. This was followed by sets 4096 and 4098 for Christmas. And I played with nothing else for the next four months. And then, on my 6th birthday, I received Designer Sets 4888 Ocean Odyssey and 4506 Deep Sea Predators. I got in trouble on many occasions for being put to bed, and, 15 minutes later, turning on the light to keep playing and building and having fights between submarines and sea monsters. And that is what Lego has forgotten. They have forgotten to include inspiration. The instructions of these sets have PAGES, yes, PAGES!!! that show other creations specifically to inspire you! That crucial element, inspiration, the cornerstone of Lego, has been buried, washed away, and left out of the equation in the sets of today. And thus the house will fall. Now that I am older, Technic has become my favorite theme, and from growing up building anything I could imagine, I will be going to college next year looking to earn dual degrees in aeronautical and mechanical engineering. And as I try to build my Lego collection, I am disappointed. There is too much being produced, and in poor quality. The sets I mentioned above? They have instructions for at least 5 models! Usually more! And photos of another 5 models that don't have instructions!!! Why is that still not done?! Today, I look at the Technic line on the store shelf... And I sigh, and I turn away, and I leave the store empty-handed. I want the old sets. The sets that were one color, usually red, and had three stickers maximum. The sets that were affordable and fun. Today, I shop for used Lego on ebay. I cannot afford to drop $200+ on one set. I usually don't have more than $250 a year to spend on whatever I want, not just Lego. And if there no good sets under $75.... Then I won't buy them. @The LEGO Company: You need to return to your roots. Walk the halls of your museum and your Lego House and find what you have lost. And then CHANGE YOUR WAYS. Just the way I see it as a young guy, who is not quite yet a jaded, bill-paying adult. Feel free to differ in opinion. And I apologize for opening the Technic can-o-worms...
  4. [MOC] Supercharged Muscle Car

    Pretty good Charger. The body might need a few tweaks, just to polish it, but overall, well done.
  5. Project Machina Teneb (MT-D9) *Now With FREE Instructions!*

    FREE instructions are now available on BrickSafe!!! Enjoy! @Kodan Black Now you can fix it yourself, Mr. OCD.
  6. Void Raven

    Wow! This ship has incredible shaping, the design is super smooth, and it plain looks awesome! Excellent model! Gotta say, I love the view of the engines. Those fins...
  7. Strv.-103C

    Just saw this, another excellent model. So many details, and a lot of functions.
  8. [MOC] VW XL Sport RC

    Worth it in IMO. It looks good and drives really well. The turning radius is great.
  9. Sprite HK-P4 *Now With FREE Instructions!*

    Instructions are now available! LDD file
  10. [MOC]Nissan Datsun D21 (Hardbody) 1996'

    That is really cool. Nice improvement over the older model. Video is great!
  11. So far so good. Maybe its just me, or perhaps the perspective, but the hood seems a little bit short...
  12. [WIP] Nissan Xterra

    Looks even better now. Is the performance better? I will be visiting BrickCon, but not showing anything. Cannot wait to see this in person!
  13. [WIP] Dino 246

    Nice start! Back window and fins looks perfect! Any special bits planned for the chassis? Gearbox?
  14. Project Machina Teneb (MT-D9) *Now With FREE Instructions!*

    There is just no pleasing people like you, is there?!
  15. [MOC] Liebherr 250 EC-B Towercrane 1:18

    Amazing... It huge!!! And it works great. Excellent model. 2 meters tall... That is a lot taller than I am!