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  1. Leonardo da Bricki

    [MOC] RC 1/11 Autozam AZ-1

    I'm always impressed by the fact that every time I log into this site, another car or vehicle I have never heard of is built for me to examine and admire. Excellent work, especially with the small scale.
  2. Leonardo da Bricki

    Order parts for a MOC or set via bricklink

    Damn, that's a beautiful collection, Berthil. Did you do the display cases custom? @Good old Lego builder I just recently ordered a lot of parts from Bricklink. The best thing, in my opinion, is to first narrow the list of stores to just your country (I am in the U.S. so I never ship from Europe, it's too expensive). After this, look up each part and see where it is cheapest. Do your best to limit the number of stores you order from, but sometimes it just isn't possible. Good luck!
  3. I saw this got posted over The Lego Car Blog, congrats! Those new tires are perfect for Tatra suspension, but honestly, I think the best part of the truck is the excellent rendition of the front grille, your shaping is spot-on.
  4. 17: 10 8: 6 3: 4 37: 3 44: 2 11: 1 This was a fun competition, I really enjoyed seeing how people overcame some of the challenges of switching from bricks to beams, especially with some of the more complicated models. Good work by everyone, and congrats to the (soon-to-be) winners!
  5. Leonardo da Bricki

    Short Ball Pump Mechanism

    I would suggest that you check out this topic, and perhaps you will find what you are looking for: Cheers, - Leo
  6. Leonardo da Bricki

    BMW M3 (E30)

    Just saw this while browsing on The Lego Car Blog! Congrats on making an appearance over there! I really like the shaping of this car, especially the grille and headlights. But the best part is that you went so far as to include the entire exhaust system, all the way along the underside! Kudos for that. :)
  7. Leonardo da Bricki

    [TC20] 8408 Desert Ranger

    Finally got around to taking some good photos. Here they are. I might make some more adjustments to the model in the future, but for now, with the contest closed, I'm gonna wait. [TC20] 8408 [TC20] 8408 [TC20] 8408
  8. 47. 8408 Desert Ranger Revamp Original Name: Lego Technic 8408 Desert Ranger Features: HoG steering Rear differential V2 engine driven by rear axle Mods: Fully studless construction, with original chassis dimensions Replaced a few old rare colors with black/dark gray parts New blue panels for seats. Photos: Original Model [TC20] 8408 Revamped Version [TC20] 8408 [TC20] 8408 [TC20] 8408 Link to Discussion Topic:
  9. Leonardo da Bricki

    [TC20] 8408 Desert Ranger

    Thanks @Maaboo35, I'm still trying to work on the fenders, but not much so far... Might go back to the first idea, and add a couple cheese slopes. These fender panels don't work well in the space on this model.
  10. Leonardo da Bricki

    [TC20] 8408 Desert Ranger

    Alright, got a few tweaks in... Added some headrests, and started playing around with the fenders (these are my only yellow panels btw). Also fixed the rollcage. [TC20] 8408 Revamp [TC20] 8408 Revamp
  11. Leonardo da Bricki

    [TC20] 8408 Desert Ranger

    Thanks! I also miss the triangle shapes, but I don't have any yellow panels that would even out the shape. I'm gonna work on the flex axles' shape, I wish I had longer ones... If I had those, I would use them. Also, on this model, the fenders are already very close to the tires, anything larger would end up touching. It was not me you suggested this set to, but I'm glad you like it. I wish I could do the front fenders better, I might have to cave and use a few cheese slopes... The flex axles have a planned fix, and so do the headrests. More photos will come after some updates. Cheers! - Leo
  12. Just gonna throw this out there... Anyone can say anything, that doesn't mean you have to listen to it, or take it to heart. I was bullied all through high school by everyone on my sports team, and I had to ignore it, let it slide, or use it to goad myself into working harder and to make myself a better player. The same goes for everything else in life. There will always be someone who hates whatever you are doing, and says it, just as there are people who offer nothing but praise. If you can't handle criticism, whether unecessary, harsh, or helpful, there is no place for you anywhere. Just take everything with a grain of salt, keep a level head, and yeah, maybe it hurts sometimes, maybe it feels good to know something was appreciated, but at least you can learn from other, more skilled people. Here, on a random online forum, it means nothing. In the workplace, this skill be comes a lot more important, because my job depends on making my customers happy (I do lawn/garden/tree care). I've had to redo entire jobs because the customer wasn't pleased with the effort I put in, and how it turned out. The difference is that online, it means nothing, has no effect, and is simply words that you can scroll past and ignore if they displease you. In real life, you can't skip past it, there is no EDIT button, no delete key, no rewind. You have to deal with it, with whoever is criticizing you, and whatever actual ramifications this has for you.
  13. Hello! I am finally back from a long 3 year dark age... Though I will be disappearing again to finish my senior year away at university. I logged on just in time to see that I had 3 days left for this contest, so I challenged myself to a one-day build. And I think I have successfully completed the challenge! Here is my revamped take on the classic Technic 8408 Desert Racer. Clean and proper photos will be forthcoming tomorrow, with daylight, alongside an entry topic. Basic info: 1. The original model, being studfull, had a lot of half-beam differences. I have tried to replicate these as closely as possible, leaving the chassis an even width (4,6,8 studs) while the front axle has a half-stud offset, along with the fake engine, not to mention the entire steering system... 2. Some colors have been changed, including, but not limited to: the front bumper is now Dark Bluish Gray, as I don't have the cams in Light Bluish Gray, the flex axles are not black instead of Dark Gray, and all the bevel gears are now Tan instead of Light Gray. Also, the Light Gray 24-tooth crown gear that drove the engine is now replaced by the modern Dark Bluish Gray 24-tooth gear. The fake steering wheel is Dark Bluish Gray, as I apparently cannot find my Light Bluish Gray steering wheel... 3. All original functions have been kept, including rear differential, HoG steering, and fake V2 engine, driven by the rear axle. Please give feedback on this model, I would love to hear what could be improved. Photos: [TC20] 8408 [TC20] 8408 Revamp [TC20] 8408 Revamp [TC20] 8408 Revamp [TC20] 8408 Revamp Cheers! - Leo
  14. Leonardo da Bricki

    How would you steer this axle?

    I would suggest that you take at the Axle Collection Thread that exists in this forum for this exact reason.
  15. Wow. For that many gears, that is wonderfully small... I might need to go buy some parts in order to complete this, and put it to use...