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  1. [MOC] Street legal buggy

    Well, you finished before me, I have work to do! I've been so busy... Good work, I like how it turned out.
  2. Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    Love the looks of that Mack truck! And the B-model is one of the best ones ever! Will definitely try to get this one. The rally car... Looks like an expensive parts pack. Nice to see the new colors and those flex axles but... Come on! Lego, add something, ANYTHING other than double-wishbone suspension! Fire truck is junk. Nothing against it, just not a good model. What the heck is the orange thing on the hovercraft/ferry?! Not worth getting this set, IMO. Though it does have that curved pipe in orange...
  3. AT-TE

    Its not an AT-AT! Great build, first one of these I have seen motorized. Good work!
  4. [MOC] Blade Runner 2049 Blaster

    Very nice, I like the shaping on the grip.
  5. [MOC] Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire...

    Really like the build, "The Hobbit" is one of my all-time favorite stories. IMO, I think you focused a little too much on the rockwork (which IS excellent!) than the rest of the build. The ground on top is nice, but there should be less of a straight line, with a bit more variance across the cliff. The trees are cool, but seem out-of-scale, almost comical, compared to the rest of it. Nitpicking aside... Good luck in the contest! Will definitely watch for the other entries!
  6. 42074 - Racing Yacht

    Looks good, neat functions. And... SPLIT instructions?! I think I will pick up one of these for sure! Interesting to note, I wasn't too fond of the sail pattern, but subtle inclusion of the gear patterns is nice.
  7. [MOC] SHERP ATV 4x4 RC

    Very cool Sherp. I like added functions, specifically the diff lock, even if it is only on the rear axle. Good work!
  8. [MOC] Class 1 unlimited buggy

    Incredible performance from that little beast! Can we have a belly shot? And what were you planning to do with the steering? I have also tried to miniaturize it, but didn't have much luck.
  9. [MOC] Mobile suit "OXON III"

    Great mech! Love the positioning you can do with it, you should make a second and have a fight! Personally, I think the wrist-mounted weapon is too bulky, perhaps a shield would work? Or maybe have it carrying a rifle of some sort. Or a machine gun.... I am way too into this, aren't I? And if you are happy with it, who should complain?
  10. [MOC] Once upon a times when master Wu was young...

    Awesome build! Very simple styling, but that brings out the details, especially the roof. Love the garden with gazebo, and the BB-9E body does make a most excellent flower pot.
  11. Compact Pneumatic Excavator + My own sketch

    Nearly every Lego excavator has been yellow. Ever. This is a pleasant change.
  12. [MOC] Tracked Dump Truck

    Nice parts use to smooth the shape! Lots of functions, works well. Can it climb much? How much travel per bogie?
  13. Compact Pneumatic Excavator + My own sketch

    Not a bad model a all. Like the simplicity of it. And most important.... IT'S NOT YELLOW!!! Nice work.
  14. Great performance from this truck! Love the simplicity of the design, it has what it needs, nothing more, and it works really well!
  15. [MOC] Truggy

    Cool build, it looks perfect! But lime is my favorite... How much travel does the suspension have?