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Found 14 results

  1. Professor Thaum

    [O - F09] Just focusing

    LOCATION : Arium Minor F09 TAGS : Civilian building, Science The top of a peak somewhere on a mountain range of Arium Minor... : I've heard about a new constellation above Ertauq called the rooster... Let's have a look. C&C welcome as usual.
  2. Professor Thaum

    [O-F03] Red Bull Air Race

    LOCATION : FORRING TAGS : Airplanes, Civilian building, WWI Somewhere above white clouds of the atmosphere of Forring VRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNN GRRRROOOOAAAAAAAOOOOOOOONNNNNN Exp BC 122 : Aaaaaah !!! AAAAAH !!! AAAAHAAAAAAA !!! Why am I on this devilish plane !!! Pr. Thaum : You only have to follow Hadvice BC 122... keep calm, and keep concentrate ! Hadvice : Good BC 122, just a straight trajectory... Follow me to the first gate. Exp BC 122 : AAAAH ! Bloody controls !! AAaaAAAAH !! Pr Thaum : You're a bonehead BC 122 !!! Keep calm and concentrate !!! You're flying a great SPAD VII with the Pere Dorme colors... You should honour them. Hadvice : ...and don't push the red button on the joystick, your SPAD carries a vickers machine gun. Exp BC 122 : The first gate !! There's the first gate !! I can do it !!! Pr Thaum : Yes, you can, easy job ! Keep Hadvice right in front of you, follow his SPAD XIII. Hadvice : Stay in formation BC 122 ! Exp BC 122 : AAAAAH ! Were am I flyiiiing !!!! AAAAH !!! AAAAH !!!! AAARRGGHH !! Hadvice : The second gate is going to be a hard task for you BC 122... yaw full right BC 122 !! Exp BC 122 : F*** ! F*** ! F*** ! HOLY SH*****T !!! AAAH AAAH !!! Pr Thaum : Where are you going my little playful experiment ! Exp BC 122 : I'm flying home !!! Don't try to follow me or I'll burn you down with my vickers machine gun !!! Pr Thaum : You're a bonehead BC 122 !!! If you want to shoot, you must follow your target and be right behind and a little below... Just like I am for you... My Fokker E-III carries a spandau machine gun do you want to try a dogfight ??? Pr Thaum : You are going to miss another gate BC 122 !! Please keep concentrate !! Exp BC 122 : I'm under the weather ! Hadvice: It is a basket case Professor... What do you think about this trial ? Pr Thaum : It doesn't explode, it doesn't shot anyone, it doesn't get lost, and it doesn't crash the plane... it's half a success Hadvice, we may leave ! Hadvice : When you will be OK to come back on the ground, just push the joystick forward BC 122... See you later ! Exp BC 122 : Wait ! Wait ! WAAIIIIT !!! Sucky controls !!! WAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT !!!! Heeeeelp !!! AAAAAH !!!! *** Hadvice : Where did you get theses gates professor ? Pr Thaum : There are GARC gates Hadvice, there were onboard a supply ship en route to Sinden's Run... I just change their destination... C&C welcome
  3. Professor Thaum

    [O - G09] Thread Weaving

    LOCATION : Crofter's Ridge G09 Tags : Octan, Science, Civilian building, SPIDER On board the O.C.S. Axle cruising among Octan Fleet in orbit around Crofter's Ridge. : Since weeks I am lost in this tentacular ship, Ok Octan security is a joke, I could rest, sleep, almost in every empty room, eat in several different canteen without catching any attention... but time is running out and at last I've found it !! The professor Thaum's Lab is just behind this door. The mission is going to succeed. KZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz : Here I am ! now find the files and extraction. : Somethingf is wrong... this lab is in trompe-l'oeil style, this can be the real prof's lab... : There must be a secret door, a secret switch, or something this kind. Ah, I think I have found... : Open Sesame... : Gnerk gnerk gnerk, here I am... the lab ! <loud fall sound> Blink blank Krashhh Voice (desperate) : My stacking !!!! Oh no !!! <mechanical rattling> gzzzzzz krouuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkk tiketiketiketike Igor : What do I see !!!!! : Hu ??? Voice : My stacking !!! : What the hell ? Igor : I can't believe my eye !!! Hey you !! Vile burglar ! : Hu ? What the f*** is that !! <crushing sound> BUNK !!! **** Just a little later... Hadvice : Professor, Igor reporting that we have a guest... Pr Thaum : Yes, Hadvice, of course, we're awaiting him... And I've felt him for long. : You see, Hadvice, here he is ! : I especially see that it is really crappy in block stacking ! : This is him who overturn my blocks !!! I made a pretty good stacking !! : It is learning, Hadvice... it is learning.. : It !!!! I'm the Counsellor Thomson !! Professor for the last time ! Give me my body back !! : I have disolved and dropped it above Freegate long time ago, and you're not the counsellor Thomson anymore, you're Experiment BC 122, and you have to handle you're new robotic outfit, and succed in block stacking before I can teach you something much more difficult... Now let me work otherwise your next outfit will be a toaster one ! : Agglllp !! : Here you go again Exp BC 122 ! : Hu ? Where am I ? : In my lab Agent 47, you seeked it since you board the Axle around Kaalin... : I am locked on this table, I'm in for a torture session ? : Relax, you're here for SPIDER, to wonder about my research... and I 'm her to explain it to you... : SPIDER !! You know ? : Sure I know, it's me that asked SPIDER to send an agent... : ??? : You see, my apprentice is setting the device you're here to learn about... It will be very very interesting : If you ask SPIDER for an agent why am I locked ? : For your safety of course... : Look at that, it is like a scanner... : and there is one for you too... hin hin hin : What are you doing ??!! You will torture me !! : You're a bonehead Agent 47 !!! Just have a look my boy... don't panic ! Hadvice will soon start your cloning processus... you see this pod on the desk... Go Hadvice ! : Hop ! : Easy as a photocopier !! : Goddness !! Is it me ? : Sure, it is you... I told you it's a photocopier... : it is moving ! It is alive ! : you're moving, you are alive... and all depends on this precious little treasure I found on Illustria. : How does it works ? It is an electronic devise ? how is it made ? : How does it works ? It is an electronic devise ? how is it made ? : Hmmmm... there is something... strange.. isn't it , : Indeed Hadvice, but this more funny than strange... Anyway... now let me show you more : the real power of this artifact. And no this is nor electronic neither science... it is wisdom... : It can act as a photocopier, but, it can also be use for crossing... just have a look... : Crossing ? Me and what ? this monster in the pod ??? : Crossing ? Me and what ? this monster in the pod ??? : hin hin hin... this one you can take it with you back to SPIDER... And it will have the same problem Sal's developped clones have. : you know about Sal's research ? : you know about Sal's research ? : Of course I know ! Sal is my first apprentice, and my best pride... he is far a better scientist than I would ever be... Even if his approach seems to be a little bit to scientific and dogmatic for me. : And there ? Is him your second apprentice ? : And there ? Is him your second apprentice ? : No, Hadvice is my fourth apprentice, the second was a mistake I had to wave off and the third... the third was a failure (I hate nudist ! ) Now only one of you speak otherwise I will have to disintegrate the other... : OK : aglllllllp ! : You may proceed Hadvice... : hopla... Creature crossing... a new step... I will keep this one for me... for another testing round. Science is smoke and mirors... the truth is nor in a computer, whatever powerful it is, neither in scientific files carefully stocked in hard drives... Sapience is here, in these old books ! The Ancient had much powers and secrets, we have ever discovered ! : Err professor, what is this big eye just beside you ? : This is Igor, you have already encounter it... this is the lab's warden... : All my files are in this chip, you can take them back to SPIDER with your clone... The next time we will meet, you only have to follow the frequency I give you with the files on the chip, it will give you guidance to dock your ship just against the airlock of my lab, and please plan to use a cargo ship, I will have some device to move... : Understand professor... when will we meet next ? : I'll send SPIDER the same signal I sent to make you come... : Clear... see you later. : My stacking is over professor !!! I succeed !! I told you so ! : Congratulation BC 122, you reach the next stage ! This time it's OK... bonus later on C&C welcome HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY
  4. Professor Thaum

    [O - G10 ] Orbital Assistance.

    LOCATION : G10 - ONIX Tags : Civilian building, Spaceship. Onix low orbit. Octan shuttle : ... now you have to hide until we arrived, over and good luck Tegenaria. Kawashita Orbital station KO - 2L Onnotangu on Onix L-two Lagrange point. KO - 2L Onnotangu : Octan shuttle from KO - 2L you are on our scope, your ID match with O.C.S. Axle close escort flight... We are checking for anomaly please stand by Octan shuttle : ... KO - 2L : Octan shuttle, looks like you loose your convoy. O.C.S. Axle last position was geostationnary orbit level 3.5.8. vector 4 - 45... you may have done a parallax error on your drive... Correction course coordinates to follow. Octan shuttle : ... KO - 2L : Octan shuttle, we have informed O.C.S. Axle of your position, now we are transmitting correction course to your nav dat on board CPU please acknowledge receipt. Octan shuttle : WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! I bet I loop the loop within 2 hours !! Octan shuttle : gaaaaaaaazzz KO - 2L : Damn... Octan Shuttle, the low orbit is not a GARC raceway please acknowledge correction course and head toward O.C.S. Axle... C&C welcome
  5. Professor Thaum

    [ O - G02 ] Wonderbox

    LOCATION : FREEGATE G02 Tags : Civilian building, Spaceship, Land vehicle, Octan, science. Octan remote scientific prospecting Outpost, North pole of Freegate : Under the command of the Kharkovshanka, some prospecting, mining and drilling vehicles waiting for departure to harvest Mithril. Few times ago, the Professor Thaum landed his shuttle, arriving on the request of the head scientist of the station... the last ice boulder retrieved just arrived and according to all the sensors there's something else than mithril inside. The time has come, the harvesting procession start the engines and are going to leave the base. It's also time to rerun all the sensors actives devices, the ionisation of the northern Freegate's atmosphere, following daybreak and issuing with polar aurora will blind all MANTIS scanning possbility for 7h 58m 13s . So the base will remain hidden. <chainsaw : gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrrrrrrraing> Hadvice : the first boulder is crushed professor, and here comes the first cristal Hadvice : it's raw mithril professor, and not the best sample I've seen. <chainsaw : gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrrrrrrraing> Pr Thaum : I don't give any shit of this raw mithril Hadvice... you can dump it. Hadvice : Others pieces of raw mithril professor <chainsaw : gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrrrrrrraing> Pr Thaum : Grrrrmbblll <chainsaw : gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrrrrrrrKKKRRRKRRRRKRRRRKRRRRR AAAAIIIIIIINKKK> Hadvice : Uh Oh ! A sealed metal box as it seems ! Pr Thaum : youhouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... Pr Thaum : My preciiiiiiious !! This is it !!! <cuddling the box> Youhou my baby, this is Berthold, your daddy !!!! Quick Hadvice, load it in the shuttle we are leaving !! Pr Thaum : Gnerk gnerk gnerk !! I will soon became the master of the universe... hin hin hin !! All vehicles are already judged MOC or modified official LEGO sets, so no need to judge them. You only have to take a look at the base. C&C welcome ! bonus pics soon
  6. NB : the boat qualify easily for a SHIP built (about 2800 pieces, more than 110 studs long, about 50 high) LOCATION : F04 - Illustria TAGS : SHIP, submarine, spaceshift, exploration, Octan, civilian building Hadvice : Where shall we go professor ? Pr Thaum : We go to Illustria, Hadvice. I had great news from our research ship over there. Hadvice : Why is it a bunk only for you in this shuttle professor ? Pr Thaum : This shuttle don't need two pilots, so the other passenger don't need a seat... and why not a bunk... much more comfortable... And you're a great pilot Hadvice... Pr Thaum : ... Could you please shut off the com, I will have a small siesta... the whole path is recorded in the main computer. *** a restorative power nap later, over Illustria main ocean *** Hadvice : Professor, here we are... just over the SHIP. We are going to land. The sea is fully striped with green sargasso weeds ! Pr Thaum : Sargasso !! Yeah !! Luckily I have my special outfit !! Pr Thaum : an this outfit, is really what I need today for what is going to happen !!! That will be a great day Hadvice !!! All is already prepared, I just have to speak with professor GRANT and you could start the submarine... Hadvice : er... a submarine ? Pr Thaum : Yes Hadvice, a submarine ! *** just a few moment later *** Seaman : Hi Mr FOURFREE, your submarine will be ready to board as soon as we have dropped the pilot boat... : Glups... this... this si my submarine ? Seaman : Indeed, Sam will put it slowly on the plateform with the crane. Pr GRANT : I have prepared this lookout, as your request Berthold. And Selim will record the whole mission. Pr Thaum : Nice, Miles, I would like to see all by myself, the submarine, the sea, the sargasso, underwater... I'm very excited !! Seaman 2 : The submarine is ready Mr FOURFREE, and Youri will go with you until the submarine properly enter the water : Er... I feel ill professor, I have seasickness ! I'm not sure I can go underwater ! I'm nauseous ! : Don't forget to roll up your visor in this case ! It's OK Karl, let it go, Sam, you can lift ! Youri, ready ? deepsea diver : OK Professor ! : Have a nice trip Hadvice !! And don't worry I'd brought the freezer, Selim will protect you if it's needed. : Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!! PLAAAOUF ! Youri (deepsea diver) : Sub released, OK Sam, hook free. Pr GRANT : All the sensors are OK Berthold, sonar, radar, and the sub cams. Pr Thaum : I'm so excited !!! What a pity we don't have a rhum bottle !! Hadvice !! could you hear me ? We have locked some steel structure behind you... could you see it ? Hadvice : Yes professor, I can hear you, the fall is controlled, - 425 feet... and yes my sonar indicated that the ground is not far, and that something metallic lies just beneath I will start the flash lights. Hadvice : A ship wreck professor ! I'm just above a ship wreck ! Seems to be an old one ! : Good Hadvice !!! Good, quick, you have to stow on it and bring it back !!! I'm so excited !!! I'm so excited !!! Hadvice : Seems to be a LL 918 or a LL 924 old space classic cruiser... : We... We just received the image from your onboard cam !! That's it !! That's it !!! : Uh Oh ! : Er... professor ? : Yes ? : Seems that I'm not alone here... and I'm not sure that I'll catch your wreck safely... : Rhooo, Hadvice, what a tiny concern !! You're afraid with some littles fishes... The sonar dispalys some moving biological bugs... : The fishes seems to pilots underwater scooter and even a submarine professor, and they seems really unhappy... : Bring back the wreck up !!! I will figure the fishes problem out ! Hadvice : you're the boss, Boss... Hadvice : The wreck is fasten, I'm going up... with friends... Beware everybody... At least 4 friends going up with me ! Manta Alien : Fatghn fatghn !! sroooofff Fatghn !!! <piuuuuuuuuuuuuuwwwwwwwww> Pr Thaum (waving is lightsaber on) : <Fsssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh> Treasures everywhere !!! I'm so excited <SCHLAK - back piuuuuwwwwwwwww> Well done Hadvice !!! Selim, freeze me this one up ! Selim : Yes Professor <SHWWAAAAAP> Shark alien : Fatghn !! Gaaargllll ! Pr Thaum :♫ Here we are ♪ !!! Born to be kings ♫!!! Pr Thaum : ... ♫ We're the princes of the universe !!! ♪ Here we belong... !!! *** a one way carnage later *** Pr Thaum : Now, we can open the hold ! Quick Barney, quick, I'm so excited !!! Barney (starting the blowtorch) : Let the game begins ! Pr Thaum : Youri, take care of my new experiment living subject, please ! gnerk gnerk gnerk Otto : There's a container inside... sealed ! Pr Thaum : Please, Barney, will you... Barney : A child's play ! Barney : done... Pr Thaum : Youhouuuuuuuuuuu !!! Another one !!! That's another piece !!! hin hin hin hin bring it to my shuttle please, I will leave as soon as possible. I have to retrieve the second one from the treacherous Dr Long... Pr Thaum : Hadvice, you can load my 2 treasures into the shuttle Hadvice : sure professor... Pr Thaum : And have a particular care of the second piece.. We go back to the Axle quickly !!! *** the precious load carefully stowed into the shuttle *** Pr Thaum : I AM THE KING OF THE WORLD !!! WHOUUUU WHOUUUU WHOOOOUUUUUU !!!! Hadvice : Professor, be carefull !! I'm afraid you may have an unexpected dive ! C&C welcome... a throng of bonus pics coming soon
  7. Professor Thaum

    [O - H04] Skate or Die

    LOCATION : Crofter's Ridge TAG : Land vehicle, Octan, Civilian building, Drone On board the Axle, orbiting Crofter's Ridge VRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM Prof : Youhouuuuuuuuuuuu !!! Quick Hadvice, we're going to deck 21 !! They've found it !!! Is the shuttle ready ? Hadvice : Yes it is Professor !! Hang on ! There's a corner !! Octan security drone : Infraction, infraction ! Octan corporate code 3720 ! No Skateboarding ! Infraction, infraction... Computer: Mr. O'Reilly, the system is detecting an anomaly in the Deck 2... Jeb : yeah, I still had the drone report... pfff I wish I had a bunch of Kawa or MANTIS spy onboard the Axle instead of a throng of Octan scientist... Control, you may cancel the alert deck 2 and call back the security drone. All is norm... er... all is usual. Bonus : The "tugkart" of Hadvice the Prof and his skateboard. C&C welcome The security control room is mediumsnowman pics and the corridor is the same as "trouble and disorder" so is not to be judged again.
  8. Professor Thaum

    [O - G04] Freezing

    LOCATION : G04 - Fractor V Tags : Science, Airplane, Spaceship (micro), Land vehicle, Civilian building, Alien, Octan A shuttle is leaving the Axle heading to Fractor V Pr. Thaum : That will be some cool days off, Hadvice, you will be surprised... Fractor V is a nice planet Hadvice: Sure professor, sure... ***** On Fractor V, secret lair of Professor Thaum : Pr Thaum : What do you think about it, Hadvice, my Gotha IV looks great, isn't it !! Hadvice : It's ugly ! GZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTSHHHHHHHHHHHH Pr Thaum : Well, let me see, put it bluntly... : errr... it's wonderfull Professor, but this is a... a plane ? Pr Thaum : Yes Hadvice, a plane, what else ? A german Gotha IV bomber from world war one ! Hadvice : World War one ? Pr Thaum : you're a tyke Hadvice !!! Oh ! Aglae !!! How do you do !! Your a good little girl... I was far away for too long. Hadvice : Hi Aglae... Pr Thaum : Ah ! This is Nestor GANT, our pilot... : Welcome professor, we are almost ready, just change the plane's load. Hadvice: Professor ! My godness ! these are heavy bombs ! Just under the hull ! It's terribly dangerous Pr Thaum : You're a bonehead Hadvice, the Gotha IV is a bomber, sure it has bombs ! But you can feel reassured... these "bombs" are not actually bombs... : Pffiuuuwwwww... Pr Thaum : These are just Sarin gaz tank... <boonk> : Here are the new load, Professor, with your 3 mixtures. : Indeed, Hadvice, when your power nap will be over, could you please wear your flying suit... **** Few minuts later Pr Thaum : OK, all seems to go well... Mechanics : The twin motors are OK professor, they seems frighteningly old... prehistoric, but they are still in function. Pr Thaum : Take care of my babies, Barney. I want them as much. Pr Thaum : OK cole, you can lift the pod, we're ready to hitch it up Hadvice : The gaz valve is OK professor. Pr Thaum : Just to set up the hoover and we're ready for the test. : Everybody is OK ? : Yes, I am ! : Let's go. Gentlemen start the engine ! <flon flon flon> <roll roll rol roll roll roll roll> : Hop, that's a nice takeoff... <VraaaoooonnnnnnWAAAAOOOOOONwaaaaaooooonnnnnnWAAAAAOOOON> : Make a path just over the crew Nestor, we have to say good bye. <vraaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA> : Youhouuuuuuuu ! Bye everybody, see you later ! Aglae, be a good little Snuffling : Grooo Grooo Grooo !!! **** Later, high in Fractor V atmosphere Pr Thaum : Hadvice, you can open the valve and release the gazes !! Hadvice: Done !! Pr Thaum : I'll start the hoover <SHHHHHLLLOOOOOOOOOOORRRRP> Pr Thaum : Yes !!! the pod is full !! It tooks only a few seconds and we have a good sample of frozen bugs and atmosphere right in it !!! Ready to study !! Pr Thaum : I like that plane !!! : However, it is very noisy.... C&C welcome, bonus pics later
  9. Professor Thaum

    [O - H03] Troubles and Disorder

    This is an interlude built between the "radar campaign" and the next LOCATION : KAALIN - H03 Tags : Octan, land vehicle, Speeder, civilian building, troubles, "science" The Axle, orbiting Kaalin (after a series of Gates Jump around Octan's core planets) supply Deck 2 : WOOOSH... WAABROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Voice 1 : ... and remember, we only have 4 minutes !! No failure allowed ! Voice 2 : 4 minutes, understand ! on my way ! Just few seconds later : Pr SEETHER : allo, Dr Long, this is Pr Seether... Dr LONG : I know who you are professor, you're an endocrinologist the head of the department ! Pr SEETHER : Right ! I'd like to meet you as soon as possible, I'm appointed by mr DILBERG about your sexual troubles and I.. Dr LONG : WHAAAAAAAAAAT !!!! : VRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR Pr SEETHER : HEAVENS !!! : REUUUUAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHHH Octan security drone : Infraction, infraction ! Octan corporate code 4192 ! No speed exceeding 88 mph ! Infraction, infraction... Loudspeaker : ALERT ! ALERT ! ALERT ! Intrusion supply level 2 ! Security team live scramble !! ALERT ! ALERT ! ALERT ! Voice 1 : 1 min 27 sec !! no failure !! voice 2 : ... : WEE WOO WEE WOO !! Octan security drone : Infraction, infraction ! Octan corporate code 4192 ! No speed exceeding 88 mph ! Infraction, infraction... : IAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIK VRAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOM Cap. LEROY : FIIIRE !!! FFFFSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM CRAAAAAAAAAAAAASH BLANG BLANG BLing bong Cap. LEROY : Control ! Supply deck 2 : The threat is neutralized. Pr THAUM : WTF !!! My scientific test !! Hadvice ! The timer !!! What does it show ! Hadvice !! Voice 2 : Err... 2 min 43 s Octan security drone : Infraction, infraction ! Octan corporate code 4192 ! No speed exceeding 88 mph ! Infraction, infraction... Cap. LEROY : WHAT THE HELL GOING ON HERE !!! Professor Thaum, what about this mess with your devilish car in the supply deck 2 !!! Unbearable !!!!I will advise the second branch chief executive !!! Pr THAUM : This is a scientific test Captain ! I have to reach Shuttle deck 21 and then board within 4 minutes ! Hadvice : 3 min 12... Cap. LEROY : Hu ? Why 4 minutes ? What will happen after 4 minutes ? Pr THAUM : 4 minutes to board a shuttle and 4 more minutes to reach a secure area with the shuttle, for the bomb in my lab that will explode and destroy the Axle don't destroy the shuttle too ! Cap. LEROY : A BOMB !! Hadvice : 3 min 27 s Cap. LEROY : HURRY UP GUYS !! 4 min 30 sec to find it and remove the primer !!! : WEE WOO WEE WOO !! Pr THAUM : Quiet everybody ! This is just a test ! The bomb is not armed yet... Cap. LEROY : You're in serious trouble professor, I'm very angry !!! Pr THAUM : Pfffff, philistine ! Cap. LEROY : Allo, 2nd branch executive Long ? This Cap. LEROY head of deck 2 security, after a call of Pr Seether, I'm with Pr Thaum, for a certain kind of disorder I had to clear with you... Dr LONG : Hu ?? Security, Pr Seether, Thaum, disorder ??? !!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT !!!! : RHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !! ******* a few seconds Later : Dr Long : Where's my Chekhov Gauntlet !!! I now have to kill 'em all... ♪ Oduuuuuuus ♫ ? C&C welcome bonus pics later
  10. Professor Thaum

    [O - H03] Meeting the councellor... again

    LOCATION : KAALIN - H03 Tags: Civilian building, spaceship(micro), science I don't know if the 2 fields toolbox are considerate as land vehicles... the judge will give a ruling on it. Previously : Intro Radar : test 1 The Base 1 The Lab 1 Radar : test 2 Radar : the CBI Radar : test 3 Radar : test 4 Onboard the Axle now entering Kaalin's orbit... Councellor : Nice to meet you, Pr Thaum, you're name is not unknown to me Pr Thaum ; Nice to meet you, councellor Harden, I must confess, I don't even figure who you are. However, you're welcome in my laboratory. Here is my research assistant, Mr FOURFREE. Don't be disturbed by the all around mess, I have lot to show you. C. Harden : Just a question before we start professor, were the hell is then the councellor Thomson ? He enters your lab weeks ago never to be seen again ! All the camera of the decks and of your lab too show him entering, and when he's about leaving, he simply vanish from all the sensors. The electric supply sector core return us a 2,21 Giga Watts overvoltage release Pr Thaum : 2,21 GigaWatts ? Did the councellor Gate Jump ? Hadvice F. : Sorry councellor, but such an overvoltage make me think about a lightning strike, and we didn't notice anything, and he was in front of us when he pass the door and leave the lab. C. Harden : Anyway, it is still under investigation. It's all up to you professor, I'm listening. Pr Thaum : Allright, you can see here to the right, the radionic CPU supporting the heavy version of my new prospection radar (which qualified for the spaceships), to the left this is only the control panel of all the equipements Pr Thaum : Here, this is a field toolbox with samples of two mineral we're going to test with you. C. Harden : Nice ! Is there Awesomium, professor ? Pr Thaum : Indeed, there is a sample of raw awesomium from Fascini Cluster and a sample a raw mithril, I bringed back from Freegate... Pr Thaum : ... and there... a pure Mithril bullion, thanks to commander Brickwolf, he bring it back from Freegate too, but it is still refined. He bring back pure liquid mithril too, that is very interesting, I started to work about it... but it is not the subject today. Pr Thaum : This bullion will act has reference for the radionic CPU. It acts like a dog : the radionic CPU smell the mineral, and then search for it. Pr Thaum : Just drop the raw sample near the anticavitation area, and we start. Pr Thaum : All the system are OK, Hadvice, you may proceed... and... ABRACADABRA, Octan now owns a radar able to track Mithril whereever it lies C. Harden : Awesome professor, this is a great breakthrough. Pr Thaum : Next, we are going to test the radionic CPU with refined Awesomium direct from our new awesomium alloy factory C. Harden : It is very impressive Pr Thaum : This time I let you start the test C. Harden : like this ? Pr Thaum : ... and abracadabra² it works with Awesomimum too. C. Harden : Fantastic !! Pr Thaum : now, Mr FOURFREE is installing a lighter version, for land vehicules, off-road wheeled ones for example. C. Harden : again, it works Pr Thaum : sure Pr Thaum : Let me now introduce you the portable version, which fit well for a single man, as effective as the heavier version, but the range is much more shorter. Pr Thaum : another abracadabra... C. Harden : Good, very good, it is really impressive professor, and I am very pleased having meeting you. Congratulation for your work. Octan is really proud to rely on you. Pr Thaum : As a conclusion, here are the files for the radar, it works well with gold and copper too, and as a bonus, I offer Octan two more file with both the plans of my V3 and Quadrant Shuttle. C. Harden : Thanks a lot, I will have a look to all the plan... Consider that all your researches are, by now, gladely covered by the company. Have a good day. Pr Thaum : It was a real pleasure councellor. Somewhere, sliding around Kaalin and approaching the O.C.S. Axle... Voice : ... and remember : now failure allowed ! C&C welcome Bonus pics to come later
  11. PREVIOUSLY : Intro Radar : test 1 The Base 1 The Lab 1 Radar : test 2 Location : E11- The Fascini Cluster TAG : Octan, Spaceship, Science, land vehicle (drone ), civilian building Hadvice : We're ready Professor Pr. Thaum : Yes Hadvice, we're just waiting for Boris and the equipment container : Professor, Why are we going to the Fascini Cluster, for a trite sensor inspection... considering that the councellor was no more a problem ? : this screwball of councellor inspired my curiosity... a hidden radar in the Fascini cluster... seems interesting. : Professor, you do not attach very importance to authority, do you. but I saw you throwing yourself on your knees when the councellor talk about the CEO... You're nevertheless afraid of authority ?? : You're a bonehead Hadvice !!! I don't give a shit of any CEO or authority !!!! : you seemed very scared however... : He refered to Pombe... : You fear the CEO ? : No ! I fear Pombe !!! Nudists have always terrifying me !! Ah, Here's Boris. Hadvice : all is clear for the marshaller, Professor Pr thaum : So... here we go ! BZOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIT ! : We're approaching the fascini cluster border professor. Hadvice : I love space professor, even in the middle of an asteroid field, this is beautiful. And your V3 shuttle is very comfortable. Pr. Thaum : Thanks Hadvice, but it is just a shuttle, however I agree, it is very easy to handle and very reliable. And the space is beautiful, you're right.Take a look outside ! The views are breathtaking. Hadvice : Yes really outstanding, such a beeeeeaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOMMMM Hadvice: AAAAAAAAAaaaAAAAH *** a panic attack and an faint later *** : Hadvice !!! WAKE UP !!! Here we are. You unload the equipment with Boris, I will take a look of this hidden lair. : A CBI !!!! Rhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!! This twit wanted me to inspect... a CBI !!!! A passive detector !!!! Hadvice, will you please remind me to be especially wicked with this councellor. So, were in the place, Hadvice,take a look behind the servicing panels, me I'm going to deal with the main computer. Boris please, you have to set and adjust the sub-millimetrer domes. : Kriii sriiii triii ki ki riki ti griiiiiiiii : All seem to be at nominal value. : kriii tikitikiti piki Pr Thaum: It's all good with the computer too. Pr Thaum : OK, Hadvice, bring the special box, and Boris, you have to tuned this CBI on the awesomium crystalline frequency. Pr thaum : Good job everybody... We went not for nothing. C&C welcome, bonus pics tomorrow
  12. Professor Thaum

    [O - H06] The counsellor's meeting

    PREVIOUSLY : Intro Radar : test 1 The Base 1 Sorry for the "no built" in the middle of the pictures, but the prof's lab will be shown in 2, 3 or 4 stories (part by part) It will take the whole 48 x 48 baseplate when finished... LOCATION : H06 - Onboard the O.C.S. Axle, orbiting Farmorlis Tag : Civilian building, Octan BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT Counsellor : Ah... At last we meet professor. Here you are appearing before me. Professor : ... and you before me... here's my assistant, Mr Hadvice Fourfree. Counsellor : I don't like your tone professor, we should have meet on Forring weeks ago ! : Forring is no more concern, now, and I was busy... Idleness, cocktails... Enough is enough, professor !! You'll get back in line willingly or not ! Councellor : You go to the Fascini Cluster at once ! You have an hidden radar plant to overlook, that's your area of skill, isn't it ! And after this... if I have time to lose, we'll speak of your recent research... Professor : No kidding ! : Quiet !! I will report to the CEO Pombe if you ... Professor : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !! The terrible Pombe !!! For pity's sake !! Not Pombe !!! I accept !! I'll go to te Fascini Cluster to check the radar !! Hadvice !! Will you make us ready to go as soon as possible !!! H : euh... sure professor. C : At last you're reasonnable, allright. I'll be full of leniency if you go NOW !! P : Yes, I go, but you ! WILL WAIT FOR MY RETURN !! GZZZOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIITTT ! BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZOOT ! C&C welcome... bonus pics tomorrow
  13. Professor Thaum

    [O - G02] Laying the foundations

    PREVIOUSLY : Intro Radar : test 1 LOCATION : G02 - FREEGATE Tags : land vehicle, science, civilian building Hadvice : Professor, we should be on Forring Professor : Hadvice, don't let your mind be clouded with concern of lesser interest. Is the Mithril detector set up ? H : Yes it is. Near a crack, where a pretty strange stone is flushing... P : Mithril ? H : No, I don't think it is Professor. Otherwise the detector is defective. P : OK, bring a sample back, you may come back. H : I'm on my way Professor. H : Here I am, with the sample, professor P : OK, good stuff, we go inside to check it... and I'm a little cold outside. P : You were right, Hadvice, this is no Mithril... I don't succeed to figure this one out with such little gear, but, we will bring a sample to the Axle. The detector is set up, all is correct. Could you call the ship ? we are now leaving. C&C welcome More bonus pics this afternoon... For I have no time left now.
  14. Brickwolf

    [O - F03] Supply Chain Management

    Location: F03 Forring Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Spying, civilian Building An Octan stealth shuttle is entering the airspace over Mantis controlled territory: After being inserted by the Stealth Shuttle, Brickwolf marches to his objective, a Mantis communication tower: (Tower is not to be judged, was recycled from last week.) UPLOADING INTO LOGISTIC SYSTEM: Finished, exfiltrate and get home to a cold beer! Later: The Mantis Logistic Center and warehouse on Forring: Hello, I ´m here to pick up a shipment. Show me the documents! ... A crate of medical-grade refined Awesonium, the best of the best! Priority Shipment too! Octan must have paid dearly for this. I dunno, I´m just driving the truck. How is it, working for Octan? It´s okay, I guess it´s like everywhere, management always finds a way to xxxx you. So true man, so true. We load the crate on your truck right away, so you can be back on the road in no time.