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  1. BrickbyBrickTechnic

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Wip pictures would be amazing if possible.
  2. BrickbyBrickTechnic

    [LB-X18] Collaboration/Group Project

    I can work on changing it in the next few days.
  3. BrickbyBrickTechnic

    [TC14] Typhoon

    Both look really good IMO. But if I had to pick, v1.
  4. BrickbyBrickTechnic

    [TC14] 3D DIZZY

    Awesome! I assume you used some sort of programmed cycle to control the movement?
  5. BrickbyBrickTechnic

    [MOC] Pneumatic Side Loading Forklift

    Ohhhhhhh. I thought you meant to increase the downward range. That would have required extra cylinders. Yes I can, though I would need an extra t-piece. Sorry about that
  6. BrickbyBrickTechnic

    Technic Hall of Fame Discussion

    Plus one as well. It's so beautifully done.
  7. BrickbyBrickTechnic

    [TC14] Typhoon

    Darn, you have "taken" my idea! (haha, not really- I was planning the same thing and started to lay some stuff out, but whatever, it's for fun.) Yours already looks better than anything I could build with my pieces, so I think I will reconsider what my idea will be. I am intrigued as to how you will do the pendular motion motorized. Following with interest
  8. BrickbyBrickTechnic

    [MOC] Pneumatic Side Loading Forklift

    Thanks! 1. No, there is not. I tried the 42043's wheel but it was too big and I forgot to look for an alternative 2. I think it would take some extra cylinders that aren't in 42043, but it should be. Thanks. I agree, the forks' range is probably the worst part of this MOC (IMO).
  9. Sure looks deadly, but really cool project. I wonder how you will control the actuator going up & down (regular IR vs. some sort of cycle where it reaches max height then goes down automatically).
  10. BrickbyBrickTechnic

    [MOC] Pneumatic Side Loading Forklift

    Thank you! I had never heard of them until 2 weeks ago. Thanks very much Thanks a lot! Thanks! They are quite interesting.
  11. Interesting concept, but why is such a small weight difference so important? If you want to save 0.3oz, just remove 5 parts, instead of building your entire MOC black?
  12. BrickbyBrickTechnic

    [MOC] Telescopic crawler crane

    Not bad. I find the idea of mounting the crane on turntables interesting.
  13. Hey everyone, Presenting my latest MOC, the side-loading forklift. It is a C model of 42043 with 3 manual functions and 3 pneumatic functions. HoG steering Live-axle suspension Outriggers Opening doors + bonnet Sliding forklift Raising lift Spreading pallets This one was quite a challenge to build, mainly because there was no space for real mechanism due to the fact that I had to put a U-shaped hole in the chassis for the authenticity (Here's an image for those who don't know what a side-loading forklift is). That also meant I had to make a really strong, 2-stud wide connection between the rear and front of the chassis, which was a pain given that an axle for outriggers had to run through that joint. Here are some pictures: Thanks for reading! All comments are much appreciated. BbBT
  14. BrickbyBrickTechnic

    [LB-X18] Collaboration/Group Project

    Are 9l links possible? If so, there should be enough room to stick in the shifter. EDIT: I checked the renders again and using 9l links means ample space for the shifter. If that fails, I have 1 more idea.
  15. BrickbyBrickTechnic

    [TC14] Catapultanium

    This is a pretty simple, ingenious mechanism! I wasn't sure where this was going at first, but now I think this is really nice! Do you plan on coupling the ratchets?