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  1. [TC12][WIP] Overkill

    Very nice job so far. Following with interest, can't wait to see more.
  2. [WIP] Supercar chassis with 3 steering modes

    Good question. Either this will be the start of it, or I won't enter. If I do, I'll add some wacky function to it and change the title to "[TC12] Name of entry". Edit: If this becomes a [TC12] entry, I'll finish the chassis to make sure it works for a generic supercar, and make a full video for it before changing it to TC12.
  3. Thoughts on The Last Jedi Sets

    My personal favorite is without a doubt (not sure if this would count) the UCS(?) BB-8. That droid is my favorite character in all of Star Wars. I would buy the set in a heartbeat.
  4. [TC12] The Toaster

    This is some school bus. Nothing like the school buses in my area, but that makes this all the more wacky. Good luck! Will we get an opening door? It's an interesting mechanism.
  5. [WIP] Supercar chassis with 3 steering modes

    The tires are much more narrow here, so this should be less of a problem. As for the backlash, I think I have an idea, but can't try it out for a few days.
  6. [WIP] Supercar chassis with 3 steering modes

    Yes, I will be making a body. I think this is due to the backlash created by clutch gears. I have some idea of a solution, so I will try to remedy the lag. It would be better if they move proportionally.
  7. [WIP] Tigercat Skidder

    Oh, my C model was an inspiration? Thank you So far it looks really good. Following this project, hope to see more soon.
  8. [WIP] Supercar chassis with 3 steering modes

    Correct. I so far have tried to gear up specifically the rear wheel steering, which seemed to alleviate some of it.
  9. [WIP] Supercar chassis with 3 steering modes

    Well, we had the same thought, because those are the tires I wish to buy. EDIT: @Didumos69 here is the video. Hope this explains some stuff.
  10. How to spend US $800 without buying UCS MF

    42055 BWE (279.99) 42056 Porsche (299.99) 42069 extreme adventure (179.99) 42061 telehandler (39.99) Total 799.96 :)
  11. [WIP] Supercar chassis with 3 steering modes

    Oh. Well, in that case it could be better. I will be buying some bigger tires. I will post one later today (had some complications yesterday). I'll mention you so you get notified. 1. Some, but I think I can remedy it by gearing up the rear steering. 2. No, but I need to replace the engine with a mini v10. It is too big. I could try, though this may be difficult due to some space constraints. Thanks for the suggestion!
  12. [WIP] Supercar chassis with 3 steering modes

    Of course it works.
  13. @Jim's stellar review of the 42056 gave me this idea. The chassis itself is mostly done, but I wanted to create this topic to get some tips because I am no supercar expert. Here is the chassis: It has independent suspension, RWD, 4speed gearbox, and 3 steering modes: front, 4 wheels, crab steering. Shifting is the interesting part: -if gear 1 or 2 is selected, 4 wheels steering is selected. -if gear 3 or 4 is selected, crab steering is selected. -if no gear is selected, front wheel steering is selected. This is (at least somewhat) realistic because: (From Jim's review) The gearbox: So that's what it is. I will post 1 more update before putting this to rest while I wait for parts to arrive. So leave a comment! BrickbyBrickTechnic
  14. [MOC] Supercharged Muscle Car

    Awesome! Very nicely done.
  15. A baby stroller! Nice idea. Inspired by Mariokart?