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  1. Generic Contest Discussion

    Yes, please! I'd love the opportunity to build a set but not really.
  2. Technic Pub

    I assume you get them when a mod sees fit. I'm not sure how the whole thing works exactly and I guess it's not wise to bring it up because of the "unwritten rule".
  3. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    There is no visible gear so far. If there is, a gear will be sticking out the back (which is not a good thing).
  4. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    A lot fewer gaps than expected! The car looks stellar. Definitely on my list of sets that "I'll gawk at but never buy". Very nice! EDIT: PM me for the picture if you need it.
  5. Powered Up

    There are gears to be seen in that picture as well for those who are scared of gears making a getaway in the future.
  6. [MOC] Project Supercar X (DONE!)

    Wow! The car turned out really nice. Very aggressive, just as a supercar should be. I'm still not a fan of the rear, but very nice.
  7. [W.I.P] BMW i8

    Wow! When I saw the first picture I wasn't expecting much, TBH... but this is amazing! Your construction is so clean and accurate! I am following with interest.
  8. [MOC] Self-propelled Crop Sprayer

    Cool! Out of scale though
  9. [MOC] Self-propelled Crop Sprayer

    Thank you! I did take a look at reproducing those. To fit the scale, I thought 6x6 dishes would be optimal, but that's a somewhat minor detail being added, at the sacrifice of the working drivetrain. So in the end, I decided against reproducing those.40t gears were also an option, however ground clearance was the next element to go, since I have a limited number of tracks.
  10. [MOC] Self-propelled Crop Sprayer

    Thank you! I think Claas green will take a break for now... it's time for grey and yellow
  11. 42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    That original box art thing from way back. It does have an XL motor on it.
  12. Grum's Shed

    Congrats on finishing such a monstrous build! It was a pleasure to see your progress. Can't wait for more, what do you plan on building next?
  13. [LB-X18] Collaboration/Group Project

    Thanks. I hope it integrates well into the chassis.
  14. [MOC] Self-propelled Crop Sprayer

    Thank you very much! The tracks were used because of the scale f the model. I actually did a prototype bogie with the bigger tracks, but it was totally out of proportion. Glad you like it! Thank you! Thanks! Thanks, I'm glad you see the improvement. I understand why you would see the tracks as unusual, however, they were used for the reason outlined higher in this post. The original prototype was RC (i.e there is room) but when driving the tracks would slip off the bogies within a couple of seconds, which led to me scrapping that idea.
  15. Hello everyone, I believe that it was @aminnich who asked what I would change on my old crop sprayer MOC had I built it as not a C-model. Well, several months later, here is the new Crop sprayer! I changed several things. One, this uses independent suspension. 2, 4wd drivetrain. 3, 2 stage sprayer arms. 4, an actual hood. 5, TRACKS! Like the 42054 c model sprayer, this one has 2 power function operated by an M motor, lowering and opening the sprayer arms. Additionally, this model uses lots of system parts for detailing. Not like Mack-amount, but considerably more than anything I have built nonetheless. The arms are also huge. They stretch 1 meter from edge to edge. By the way, the old sprayer was based on the Amazon Pantera 4505. This is based on the Goldacres G8CT tracked variant. And of course, some more pictures: That's all for today. I hope you enjoy the MOC. C&C is much appreciated! BbBT