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  1. Operacion Saturno

    New parts useful in Space MOCs

    Anyone can confirm if the windscreen in Set 76279 is in Trans dark blue color?
  2. Operacion Saturno


    Thanks for the comment. It missess the "legs" when firing on seige mode. If you like this, please don't let it die. Please share with fellow 80s space AFLOs. Let´s have a decent new Blacktron set! Thank you! I hope the word can be spread with all Blacktron fans outthere so Lego could take this design to the shelves!
  3. Operacion Saturno

    [MOC] - Airship Chess

    Simmilar to Last Exile ships.
  4. Operacion Saturno

    [SPC - CAT A] Piranauts and Imperatrons

    Kinnda looks like steampuck tech to me.
  5. Operacion Saturno

    [Bricklink Designer Program Series 4] Galactic City

    Like it and commented! Amazing job! Please consider supporting mine: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/fa6d0fe0-4b07-4eec-a375-ad7638975418}
  6. The most versatile unit on the Blacktron arsenal. It becomes a one vehicle army The front turns into an armored unit. The sides into track bikes Gets air support with an exploration drone The main cabin can become airborn. The turret unit deploys droid troops The Cyber Bounty Hunters are heavy armed robotic troopers. Finally, The Enforcer is a small Space Police armed vehicle. Please help me with your support to make this proyect epic! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/fa6d0fe0-4b07-4eec-a375-ad7638975418 Also check all my other Lego Ideas projects.
  7. Operacion Saturno

    Black ladder pieces

    Thank you so much.
  8. Operacion Saturno

    Black ladder pieces

    Hello. I have a question. How to restore the black color on 1x2 plate with ladder pieces 4175? It seems some of those black pieces start to look white with time. I tried soap and ithe whitening t gets worst. Thanks.
  9. Operacion Saturno

    2024 Space sets

    Yes to all that. To me, everything Looks like Lego Group is paving the way for an official Classic Space return. My glass is half full.
  10. Operacion Saturno

    2024 Space sets

    I hope so. It is more sad to see Classic Space AFOLs loosing their faith. Lego space city theme moved from NASA designs to SCI FI stuff, we got 10497 and a new Invader sets, two new color classic space astronauts and some classic space fans still want to see the glass half empty.
  11. Operacion Saturno

    [MOC] Blacktron Ballista

    Great job! I hope that the cockpit can detach too, making it more faithful to the blacktron theme.
  12. Operacion Saturno

    [MOC] 60227 station update

  13. Operacion Saturno

    Blacktron 1 Version of Gaia 72 base.

    I tought I already had posted here the Blacktron 1 version of my Lego Ideas Project, but I can't find the post here so... If you like it, please support it: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/b492b260-4b53-4328-985d-af352f203482
  14. Operacion Saturno

    2024 Space sets

    My theory is that Lego Group is experimenting on bringing back Classic Space themes. If this new line works, Lego Group would have to consider making a true new Classic Space sets. Most of this new sets are Sci fi or Nasa prototypes. They even included alien stuff. So to me, they are paving the way for new space theme sets.
  15. Operacion Saturno

    Blacktron Base 90s decade style

    Sure I agree.