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  1. Operacion Saturno

    Classic Space Lunar Death Race

    Fantastic design! So futuristic.
  2. Operacion Saturno


  3. Operacion Saturno


    Thank you for your comment. Could be various reasons. 1 it's cheaper to use a rocket than a spaceship, maybe the base is on a low budget. 2 It's a reseach facility, so they are actually doing that, testing new rocket designs as an alternative to the use of spaceships. 3 The elevation launching platform can be used not only for launching rockets. 4 The spacecraft on the base can only fly on atmospheric altitudes. For orbital missions you need a rocket. 5 Manned rockets were one of the last achievements reached by Classic Space, so it´s an hommage to that and the Polaris Lab rocket. 6 .... Please don't forget to support!
  4. Operacion Saturno


    A couple of months ago, I share images of a personal project for a Classic Space piece pack. I send it to Lego Ideas and was rejected. So I designed in around 4 days a space design using all those pieces at once. This is a space lab base with a internal rocket launching platform. The rocket is manned and can hold a minifig inside, Includes a vehicle and a spacecraft. Please help me by supporting this base. We need more cool classic space designs and make Classic Space as great as in the 80s. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/72fff146-8452-4118-889c-72d5a879b235
  5. Operacion Saturno


    yes dark purple, typo
  6. Operacion Saturno


    Very hard or very expensive is way better than impossible. The pieces exist so is possible to build the black astronaut. Based on this judgement, the dark pink helmet is prioritary.
  7. Operacion Saturno


    Now I feel old. I purchase a bulk lot from Italy a decade ago and had several of those 1x2 bricks, so maybe that's why I didn't took that into consideration. The pack in the picture includes stickers of different size, so the logo stiker in the 1x2 cheese slope could fit the 1x2 brick perfectly. no sets, there's one black astronaut in a 5 minifig pack in 2009 with a motorcycle helmet without visor and s different smily face. The another one sold separatly in 2015 I think at Lego stores and there's even a newer one standing in a magnet, so many black guys, yes. About the helmet. we need green helmet, dark purple helmet and airtank, light bluish grey helmet and airtank. also a tan chest with classic space logo and also an air tank too. So yes, I agree 100%
  8. Operacion Saturno


    Interesting, 1x2 brick with logo already exist and there's an elusive 1x4 brick with logo too. There aren't tiles of those size. That's why I added flags to the pack. Already been a lot of those, even reissued in 2009 and 2012. I second that with an old style helmet in dark purple.
  9. Operacion Saturno


    That's correct, and that's why I called it Neo Classic Space. It has happend to me too. I'm in a random place then enter a store, turn around and there they are, a pile of new never seen before Lego space sets. I even pick up the box look at it feeling excited.like back in the good old days.
  10. Operacion Saturno


    For those Classic Space fans here, if you could make a direct request to Lego Group what would be? Maybe the restoration of one of the Space theme, maybe a remake of one of the iconic set releases of the era. Those are great requests and wouldn't mind any of those, but in my case like in most AFOLs, we design and build our own sets.For that I've been conducting polls on Lego groups about which new color pieces would you want Lego to make and so far I came with this group. Think about it, a Lego piece pack with new color elements to build Neo Classic Space sets. This is what I´ve come with so far. What piece you think I'm missing?
  11. Operacion Saturno

    Classic Space Color meanings

  12. Operacion Saturno

    The Five Visitors

    Brick separator portal. Great!
  13. Operacion Saturno


    Great designs!
  14. Operacion Saturno

    Classic Space Color meanings

    Asigning pink color for a job or divisions is a bigger problem. With my theory you could say there's women segregation, but with your option we have male astronauts forced to wear a color usually designed for girls, which I found this more denigrant thanthe only women color. This is an abstract of a study done in the matter. In many cultures worldwide, one stereotype emerges: Pink is associated with girls and blue is associated with boys. Based on the enclothed cognition theory, the present study examined the effects of men's pink clothing on gender-related self-cognition and sex-role attitudes. Male Japanese participants wore either a pink or blue coat and completed a gender stereotype Implicit Association Test, a self-rating scale, and gender attitude scales (a measure of egalitarian sex-role attitude and the Ambivalent Sexism Inventory). Results showed that among participants with low self-esteem, the implicit self–feminine association was stronger in the pink condition than in the blue condition. On the other hand, participants with high self-esteem explicitly associated themselves more with power-oriented traits compared with interpersonal-oriented traits when they wore a pink coat compared with those who wore a blue coat. Additionally, participants in the pink condition expressed stronger egalitarian sex-role attitudes and weaker benevolent sexism than those in the blue condition. We propose that men's pink clothing is a means of diminishing gender stereotypes and traditional sex-role attitudes.
  15. Operacion Saturno

    Classic Space Color meanings

    Well that's the "oficial" version of the colors. So I can't do anything about that. Jens also said that originally the WHITE ones were going to be Astronauts and the RED ones Cosmonauts, like competing factions, but with the cold war going on, the idea was discarted and they change it to Explorers and Pilots.