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Found 21 results

  1. soccerkid6

    [MOC] Buckle’s Mining Outpost

    @LittleJohn and I collaborated on this build for the “Place of Business” category in the Wandering Skies contest. It was a challenging model due to the numerous additions off all sides meaning you couldn't simply build from the bottom up. Was a nice change of pace trying a large steampunk model though! It's complete on all sides, and through some of the doorways you can catch glimpses of interiors, though we didn't have time to fully complete all of them. R.G. Buckle’s mining outpost travels far and wide in search of valuable ores and metals on the many floating islands of Wandering Skies. The rugged and functional mobile outpost contains storage silos, a massive smelting furnace, and docks for their scouting and mining airships. Once they have collected a large supply of metals, the crew navigates back to civilization to sell their goods. Additional images on Brickbuilt.
  2. Back in the day, whilst flying you could get a real turkey carved right in front of you, stretch your legs without bothering your neighbor in front of you, and take whatever you wanted on board with you... peanut butter, toothpaste, shampoo, you name it! Need the smoking section? The whole freaking plane was the smoking section! Of course, tower radar wasn't really a thing (cockpit radar was a long way off too), flight instruments were crude, and inflight entertainment was either out your window, napping, or reading whatever book you brought with you. Crashes were also common with survivability rates poor, and there was no GPS to guide your pilot on his way.... but they did have paper maps, gut instinct, a lot of know-how and nerves of steel. (a quick silent prayer couldn't hurt either) So, buckle those seatbelts (if your plane has any!) and steady those pre-flight jitters - we're taking off! This 1936-designed Douglas Aircraft Company DC-3 was very heavily modified from limited edition Indiana Jones set 7628 (Peril in Peru, from the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull film) and my own imagination. I redesigned the passenger cabin of the DC-3 to not have any pesky stickers as in the 2008 set. Sadly, the airplane's opening door has been removed as a consequence of redesigning the airframe. The colors are based off Trans-World Airlines (otherwise known as TWA) back in the immediately post-WWII period. It's not a perfect match for the paint scheme, but it doesn't use stickers, so I'm happy. The rear of the plane. Originally I wanted to build this airplane in green for Ozark Air Lines, but limited green wedge part availability killed that idea. (Ozark was headquartered at my local major airfield - St. Louis' Lambert Airport, from the early '50's until when they merged with TWA in 1986) The two front landing gear fold up. The roof of both cabin and cockpit come off to seat six passengers and one pilot figure. Thoughts? EDIT 7/14/23: Main post updated, model finished!
  3. Welcome to Feel Good Island! This is your Captain DoubleBU speaking. Thank you for chosing Air "Feel Good Island" for your trip. We're ready for take-off in about 10 minutes, so please switch off your mobile phones and fasten your seat belts. During your flight with us you can experience and enjoy the following features: - Power Functions as well as (switchable) manual mode - Many rotating/moving elements - Detailed environment (with some Easter Eggs) for nice display - Also a stable and heavy structure for heavy play - Accessible battery box withoutdisassembling the whole island, completely hidden inside the structure - A landing mode, optionally with or without the specially designed tensegrity stand. - A tensegrity stand that very stably supports the island in a floating position but also allows you to easily pick it up for play. For further information please refer to our brochures "Feel Good Island" or "Tensegrity Stand" right in front of you. Thank you very much for your attention and I wish you a pleasant flight...!
  4. This model was heavily inspired by A Plastic Infinity / Arcane Sweetie Belle's old (2012-ish) build, as seen here on Flickr. I took the basic design of the ship seen there and added newer parts and an updated color-scheme. This Unidentified Flying Object is meant to be the space ship of two of the Unikitty! CMF Alien Puppycorn figures' species. The ship without the figures. The trans yellow cones are simple forward-fixed laser weapons, but don't be deceived: they are only part of the defense grid on this ship! The rear of the ship features two engines, while the lime green 2 x 2 round tiles on the hinged tail are supposed to have this print here for a national symbol. The cockpit can seat two pilot figures and the roof is quite tall, so their unicorn horns can fit. The cockpit hinges to allow access to the inside to place the figures at the controls. The pilots of the ship, as best I could recreated in LDD. They are supposed to be two of these figures here. As usual, any comments, questions, suggestions and / or complaints are welcome. I plan on building the ship in real life after getting my final Classic Space models in order later this year / early 2019, but the alien figures are already on the way right now.
  5. This classic-styled UFO is just a fun little project I came up with while messing around with the new slopes that came out on the London Bus / VW Beetle. I have had it pointed out to me it looks somewhat similar to the car in some cartoon TV show I don't watch called 'Rick & Morty." I don't know for sure, but looking at pictures online, it seems like I could have been subliminally influenced by those video ads on Facebook I've scrolled past recently. The ship has two engines and an opening cockpit with seating for one figure at the controls. Meet Norma Alley, who goes about everyday the same way, for her whole life. Get up alone, got to work where no-one knows you, then she gets to a bar where her crush doesn't even know you exist, and finally go to bed in your tiny apartment with your cat that couldn't care less if you came home at all... only to start thew whole process over the next day. (Man, that was the most depressing and sad thing I've ever written, and was partially inspired by the Paul McCartney song "Another Day".) LDD file included here for the ship and it's pilot figure. Any thoughts, questions and complaints are welcome, though i don't know if I will build this one in real bricks. It is possible to do so, but as this is just a table-scrap, I probably will not built it.
  6. NOTE: For those who don't know, I'm creating a little futuristic dystopia with my Space Police IV setup as seen in the Sci-Fi section of Eurobricks. Recently, I rediscovered my modified version of the 2014 SDCC "1966 Batmobile" model and decided that my futuristic SPIV dystopia needs a cosmic caped crusader hero. I then added hover pods to the car which feature this print on the bottom of the model. Batman is supposed to be this version, while Robin is here. The front of the Batmobile is something no criminal wants in there rear view mirror! Since this is the far-future, this Batmobile features a on-board Wi-Fi connection to the Bat-computer back home under stately Wayne Manor. The Dynamic Duo are supposed to wear re-breathers, as the car is not air-tight. They would not fit on the figs in LDD, but they do in real life, even with the cape and cowl on Batman. The LDD file is available here, if anyone wants to build this in real bricks as I will (eventually) be doing. Any comments, questions, and / or complaints are always welcome!
  7. This model was originally inspired by set 3817 (Flying Dutchman) from the Spongebob Squarepants theme. It has been seriously up-sized in scale, and features three and a 1/2 masts with Technic panel sails and 14 "shooting" cannons. The ship also has a crows nest and a removable rear upper deck for access to the captain's cabin. Background info: In 1699 Captain Henry Walker found a portal to another world whereupon he, his crew and his ship (the Terror) stayed for 22 days. When he returned 225 years in our time had passed in their absence. His sword came from that other world and can rip / close holes in space, letting him escape from battles quickly and find targets easily. As of early 1925, he is searching for a home for his crew where they can pillage passing ships and live in relative peace. Johnny Thunder and Lord Sam Sinister want the sword, and both are desperate to get it. Lord Sam is forging new alliances with greater evils in order to obtain it first, while Johnny is trying to locate the last known owners.... which happens to be Captain Walker and the Terror. Here is the rear of the ship featuring the captain's cabin windows and a trio of lanterns. The ship has a crows nest on the second mast, and 14 working cannons to dispatch enemies to the briny deep. The upper deck features the ship's wheel. This section is removable to get into the captain's cabin. The roof of the cabin is removable, with a table and chair for the Captain to sit at and read maps. Captain Henry Walker (in green) and his crew. Here is the older version of the ship and it's Captain, which was destroyed to make the bigger ship seen above. The LDD file for the newer version of the ship is available here. Comments, questions, and complaints are welcome, but please keep in mind I only occasionally built ships and pirates are not my specialty by any stretch of the imagination. Thanks for viewing!
  8. Lego Technic takes to the sky! This is a model of a drone which I created. It features spinning propellers and a moving camera. Watch the video for more details: More soon! Enjoy! BrickbyBrick
  9. Lance's Plane & Trike My 3rd alternate model of Lance's Mecha Horse. The plane features a spinning propeller, working missiles, opening cockpit and detachable shield. The trike rolls on the ground and uses Flamethrower's mohawk for aiming the arrow gun. Both the models are surprisingly solid.
  10. Lance's VTOL I would like to introduce my first alternate build of LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Lance's Mecha Horse 70312. The VTOL plane can tilt and spin all four engines, features opening cockpit and cargo bay, folds the weapons for mid-air jousting. Flamethrower is riding a combat scooter and Lance's bot is flying the hovershield. The building tutorial can be found in my Youtube channel. And the original model.
  11. ...well, sort of. It isn't strictly flying, just sort of spinning around in a circle but it is propelled by a propellor and with all the motors and battery boxes integrated is probably the closest Lego will ever get to flying. The original idea wasn't actually my idea but the work of ISOGAWAYoshito. He posted a video title HELIOPT3R - ROBOT REMIX#1 Yoshito (found here: ) and I thought that that looked pretty cool. It only took me 8 months to make one! Mine is a lot less complex than his and uses a RC motor for drive. The front facing propellor is for rotating it around and is geared at 1:1.6 from the RC motor's fast output. The top facing propellor is to keep the weight on the pivot point, a 3L axle with stop, to a minimum making the model more efficient. Here are some pictures of it: Here is one of the gearing/transmission between the two propellors and the RC motor. Two of the propellor. The holes you can see in the white background of the two images are from where I misjudged how close the propellor was to the backing. Whoops! And finally a video: Thanks for reading. I'm making a LDD file at the moment so that will be ready soon. Please leave any feedback or queries you have and I'll [try to!] answer them, Jim.
  12. Vaionaut

    MOC - Magical Vehicles

    Hi, as I'm going to to build some scenes from the Harry Potter movies for the Lego Fanwelt Event next year in Cologne, Germany, I began with planning these two magical vehicles: The Weasley's Flying Ford Anglia and the Knight Bus, emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard. So here's a rendering of the LDD models: Magical vehicles from Harry Potter by Vaionaut I hope you like them ;) Best Vaionaut
  13. Hi, the NC-4 was a flying boat, manufactured by the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company in Buffalo, NY. In May 1919 it became the first aircraft to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. I really like the design of this plane and so I built it in the LDD. Here are the pics: Best Vaionaut
  14. Top of the morning to y'all... New published project in for you to support should you want to :) Leave feedback and considerations regarding this MOC. Thanks! Cheers.
  15. I've seen a lot of dead topics about LEGO flight recently, but no-one has anything electrical that actually flies. I did some research, and some math. We need to strip down our 'planes' , take off the plastic motor casing and battery box casing, maybe even just homebrew a battery box. Tethered flight is possible, according to zblj''s principles, but we need to start looking at the untethered side. Maybe this is going to look like a lego-frame quadcopter, but at least we will be using a lego motor, the buggy motor. Overvolting will also be needed, and maybe a gear-down.
  16. A couple of my fantasy minifigs. I've had the Devil one for a while but the Hawkman is a new addition. He's not supposed to be the DC superhero. I imagine him belonging to a race akin to the Hawk Men in Flash Gordon but with aquiline heads and feathered lower legs for greater maneuverability. They live in a high mountain kingdom similar to the Eagle Tribe in Legend of Chima.
  17. inquisitor88

    Flying Castle

    Hi there! I made my second microscale castle. Hope You like it, enjoy! :) Set is here
  18. Click the image above to view the photo set on flickr. Here's another MOC, built in January of this year. This is Taxir, a flying warrior. Again, no real backstory, though I think of him as an Iron Tribe Glatorian (with experimental flightpack tech, of course). Feedback is appreciated.
  19. tchuk-norst

    MOC: The Unlikely Flying Machine

    Taking a break from mechs, I present the Unlikely Flying Vessel! This beauty has long-spanning origins. I originally built the pilot (Alfred Thruster) when I was going through a "figbarf" stage. Two years after having this guy staring at me from my shelf I decided it was high-time that he needed a ship to surround his character. There is something just magical for me in the dark-red/ yellow combo (I also like dark-blue/yellow which might be my next ship.) I've been looking for a use for many of the big hulking dark-red pieces found in 8097 Slave I, and this is what I ended up with! Here's what I consider to be some ingenious cockpit techniques. I was so proud when I saw that all the shapes fit together! And here is the gallant pilot himself, Alfred Thruster! For more pictures check out my Brickshelf Gallery. Please, I would love comments or criticism.
  20. Legoboy1999

    Super Fly-car 3000

    Here is my Transforming car, I made it in about 10 minutes so its just a bit of fun Car mode- Flying mode- "Roads? Where we're going, we dont need roads" Hope you like it, Comments and constructive criticism appreciated
  21. absolutelylez

    Mini-MOD - Spongebob Flying Dutchman

    I saw this llittle ship in the Lego store and just had to try to pirate-ify it. Will probably replace the plastic sail asap with that cloth sail from that old raft set. The aim of all my MODs is - to make the set in line with pirate sets of the original pirate lines - to dejuniorise them if I can - to try to expand the Pirates universe (new factions, new ideas) (bigger on Flickr - ) Wouldn't a whole ghost ship, ghost port etc line be great ???? Please criticize and comment :)