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Found 21 results

  1. On the desert outskirts of the city where Johnny Thunder lives, there is an old airstrip where Johnny's old friend Harry Cane lives. In his little rundown hangar, the ace pilot maintains his biplane and prepares for the gang's next adventure. The old tin roof has patches of rust on it. The doors can be opened and closed as seen in this animation. On one side of the hangar there is a pile of crates, Harry's motorcycle, and a palm tree. On the other side of the hangar there is an old power generator. The steam powered generator chugs along, providing electricity to the building. Let's take a closer look inside the hangar. The roof can easily be removed to access the interior. This is where Harry's office desk is located. It is cluttered with a radio, maps, bills, booze, and navigation equipment. Next to it is a filing cabinet with a fan and a little easter egg. There's also a pile of cargo crates with adventuring gear, a brass fire extinguisher (the old kind which has a little rubber hose dangling from the top and which you simply tilt upside down to use), and a wall telephone. On this side there is a pinboard with a picture of Harry's friends Johnny Thunder and Dr. Kilroy, and various maps, including ones from the 2 previous adventures that Harry accompanied Johnny on. There is also Harry's workbench and tanks of oil and gas. Here is a closer look at Harry's biplane which he used during the war. The rudder can be adjusted. A small car that Harry uses to get to and from the hangar. It is designed in the style of the little impulse sets and polybags that were common for the Adventurers theme. It has a small baggage area in the back and the classic license plate with his initials. I hope you like this entry. I will leave you with a photo of Harry in front of his plane.
  2. ISD Steadfast Hangar, 3 ABY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr ISD Steadfast Hangar, 3 ABY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr ISD Steadfast Hangar, 3 ABY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  3. Legocionado

    Old Memories, New Dreams

    I was 8 years old when I got my first Lego Classic Space set LL918. I remember I spent hours with catalogs looking at LL924 and the Galaxy Explorer LL928. When I got LL928 from my grandma I was thrilled and couldn't let go. I even took it with me on holidays. Galaxy Explorer Dropship by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr A few years later I saw the Galaxy Commander in the store. At the time, due to my father's job, I was living in an a developing country in Africa, where Legos were very rare. I was gazing at the store window, nearly paralyzed and probably with a wide open mouth. I had just past my birthday and for Christmas time I would have to wait a long time. As quickly as I could I ran back home broke that piggy bank into pieces, took everything I had and ran back to the store. I still remember the feelings I had when building this spaceship and looking at every new part as if it were yesterday. Galaxy Commander Dropship_1 by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr Now, decades later, being an AFOL I still love space topics, specially neo classic space models from other Afols. A few years ago I remember seeing Wolf Leews modernized version of LL928 (and 924 and 918) in LegoIdeas and having exactly the same feelings. I tried to push it in LegoIdeas but unfortunately it did not make it to the threshold. Wolf Leews, if you see this post, thanks for sharing the instructions. I have your models in my showcase ever since. The idea of an own classic space model did not let go of me. It took me again years of thinking how to approach this topic. My problem was I wanted everything. I wanted to have a command centre, several spaceships, some robots some cool versatile and functional vehicles, a garage where the vehicles would go for repair, a habitat, a repair bay for the robots. And I wanted the antagonists as well: Blacktrons! And I wanted everybody to build up his own space station. Uff! Galaxy Explorer Commander Dropship I knew this was impossible. Then my Lego Pueblo came to mind. It was a 4in1 set proposal at LegoIdeas that you could buy multiple times and stack to each other building up your own Pueblo village. My Lego Pueblo did not make it to the threshold but if I did such a concept once, maybe I could do it again. Many months of thinking and planning what to do, which bricks to use, color scheme, how to combine classic space with Blacktron, drawing and doing research followed. Then I started building. The target was a 3in1 space creator set with three different scenarios that you could combine forming a big space centre. Each scenario should have its own theme and its own playability concept. At the same time some models of one scenario should connect to models of other scenarios, so at the end you have one big unity. I also needed a story. As I love sci-fi and astronomy this part was the easiest one for me. What came out was space station "Antares", a 3in1 space creator set, where New Classic Space searches for Legonit ressources and Blacktrons trying to steal it from them. One alternate build is the Mining Outpost, the other one is the Bot Repair Bay and one is the Galaxy Dropship. 9 Antares Classic Space3x by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr With the Galaxy Dropship I combined the features of the Galaxy Explorer and the Galaxy Commander and built a mashup that had its own look. Like the Galaxy Commander the dropship can be split into a space fighter and the cargo bay. Like the Commander it may hold a space lab. But it also may hold a space buggy like the Galaxy Explorer. Since the space buggy is from scenario Mining Outpost, I decided it may also hold the truck from its own scenario. Then I continued. The Galaxy Dropship may hold the trailer the fuel or plasma tanks or even a small space fighter which actually is the cockpit of the robot of scenario Bot Repair Bay. The set seems to be huge, too big, but actually it is only big when the set is acquired multiple times. As a single set it has less bricks than the biggest official LegoIdeas set. I hope you like it and support it at LegoIdeas. It is another attempt to bring back some space without StarWars. 5 Antares Galaxy Dropship by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr 6 Galaxy Dropship Hangar by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr Guys I do not want to bore you too much. Please take a look for yourself at LegoIdeas. Check out the three different video animations (search for "Legocionado" at YouTube) and take a look at the pics of the updates at LegoIdeas (I have made some animated gifs explaining the concept). Here are the direct links: To LegoIdeas "Antares": 2 Antares Classic Space by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr To YouTube animated video for the "Galaxy Dropship":
  4. 2800 piece Space Base The base is composed of four modules: Vehicle Hangar, Habitation quarters, Command center, Lab module. Click the link for more images. I tried to upload an image, but won't let me.
  5. sander1992

    [MOC] Pink Huntress in the hangar

    When the Pink Huntress is not scouting the galaxy for criminals, it is in a hangar. Two villains have found the base of the Pink Huntress. They want to end the Pink Huntress once and for all. For more pictures see my Flickr album. Sander
  6. S.H.A.D.O. maintenance bay With a large fleet of spaceships and many ground units like the APC mobile, the S.H.A.D.O.* agency needs a modern and well equipped bay. My latest build is the S.H.A.D.O. maintenance bay where the agency's mechanics and engineers can fix and re-fit the Interceptors and possibly the ground units. The facility is full of details and it features also a service vehicle, a forklift and an hand pallet truck. Under the wing an operator is welding a support and please take a look at the sparks A little workbench and the column drill press are positioned on the right. A spare nuclear missile is ready to be loaded. Flickr gallery. Thanks for stopping by. *SHADO (an acronym for Supreme Headquarters, Alien Defence Organisation) is a secret, high-technology international agency established to defend Earth and humanity against the mysterious aliens. SHADO was the main subject of UFO, the popular '70 British television science fiction series about an alien invasion of Earth.
  7. ikba

    [MOC] Space Mining Hangar

    A mining hangar I built in the summer and just got around to photographing There's a couple more photos on flickr if anyone is interested, I'm hoping for some feedback and constructive critisicm. Thanks!
  8. Bricktrain

    Mars Base

    Almost completed my Mars base still waiting on 10,000 1x1 round plates in lugbulk to finish the ground detailing so had to display it as is at our show last weekend. I will be showing it next year as it will be ten years since Mars Mission and will be adding more Mars Mission sets to the display, and a hanging frame so they can be suspended above it.
  9. adde51

    Classic space hangar

    A classic space hangar MOC I made recently, hope you enjoy it.
  10. Hello, this Space Tank is a "small class" unit inspired by WWI English tank Mark I. Colors and style are clearly based on LEGO Classic Space series. Named "Blue Bull" due to the stocky shape, it's equipped with a huge long-range gun and with a little gun machine right below the rotating turret. I particularly like the loader's hatch and the details featured both on the turret and the side. The crew is composed by 3 crewmen: the commander, the driver and the gunner. Here the Tank is at the maintenance hangar where the staff is taking care of it after a moon mission. Below the Space Tank in plain sight Even if Classic Space is not my comfort zone of building, and some friends of mine were surprised seeing this new build, I like this theme since I was a little boy. Moreover having in stock a lot of CS pieces pushed me to build the tank and the space hangar. It has been really funny building this MOC and for sure won't be alone for a long time. The forklift is based on Alban Nanty one. More pics and info on my flickr photostream. All the best and happy building! Andrea - Norton74
  11. After the battle in the space I finally arrived on solid ground. But I was quickly forced to leave Kuat and head to the rims around it. One of the small hangars is a base of a small group of rebel soldiers. There I got a friendly reception by their leader. Our mission is to find a skillful technician, who will crack the super-computer. Please consider, that it was raining for a couple of days and that making better photos is impossible.
  12. sander1992

    Space Police III layout

    Hi everyone, I have finished my Space Police III layout last weekend. The built started during the holidays (Christmas) and after a few months and a few bricklink orders it is finally finished. When I took some pictures, I used a black cloth to erase the cluttered background. The layout contains an old hangar from the M-Tron. Now it is used by the Black Hole Gang for criminal activities. The Space Police is invading the hangar during a arms deal between the Black Hole Gang and Blacktron Future Generation. In the layout there is a police station. In the police station is a meeting with Space Police from other systems (S.P. I & II) and with the Unitron to discuss the presence of the Blacktron II on the planet. Across the street there is a cafe. In the Cafe is a band playing. The layout contains several vehicles and references to other themes. Here is an overview of the layout. Here is another view at the overpass and landing platform. Here is the link to the flickr album. For more pictures of the vehicles, hangar and cafe. Feedback and questions are welcome. Thank you for watching. Sander
  13. Location: G10 Onix Tags: Civil Building (Spaceship Interior) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Silenia, Zakec and I were waiting in the hold. The young man from the restaurant had been brought aboard, along with the remaining speeder. "Ugh," he groaned. "Where am I?" "You are aboard the ship Variga, and I am Captain Viktor Kramer," I said coldly. "You're just in time for your trial. Get up." "Trial? What? But - you're not a judge!" "This vessel is in the employ of the Kawashita Group, or did you not know that when you attacked me earlier? As the commanding officer of a military vessel, I am authorized to conduct rials and deliver sentences in a military tribunal." "The charges are assault and kidnapping. As the evidence is overwhelming, the verdict is, guilty. You are hereby sentenced to death by beheading." "But - but - death? I thought that was outlawed!" I whirled around. "You think that I care? You kidnapped my wife, you son of a Kre-O brick! And I'll do the same to every one of your filthy friends. Silenia here is a hypnotist - we already know everything you could tell us. I could lay a hundred more charges as bad as those two if I chose, but I don't really care. You're done. On your knees." "Zakec, clean that up." "Aye, aye, cap'n. Any preference what I do with it?" "Space it if you like." "You can eat it, for all I care, so long as I never see it again." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We were making a long, and fairly complex, series of GATE jumps, and taking the slow way in on our target to avoid detection. The ship was on auto-pilot, with the robots watching and ready to wake us if anything went wrong. We would need to be well rested if we were to have a chance at surviving our next mission. I, however, was not in a mood for sleep. I was standing at the bay window to the master bedroom, on the port bow of the Variga, when RT3-KU entered. "Sir, I have an urgent message from Kawashita HQ." "Who is it?" "Executive Ender's office, sir." I sighed. "Bring it up." "Greetings, Captain Kramer." It was the Executive himself, I noted with surprise. I wondered what could be so important. "Greetings, Executive. You must excuse my appearance - I was on my way to bed." I took the holocom from RT3 and signed for him to return to his post. "What can I do for you, sir?" "I have an assignment for you, but your ship has not reported back from leave." "Apologies, sir. I'm afraid the Variga is otherwise occupied." "Otherwise occupied?" "Have you received my report of the recent incident on Greater Direstan?" "It's been a busy day. Something involving an assault?" "Assault and kidnapping, sir." "..." "The victim was my wife, Executive." "I see." "We have interrogated the captured assailant, and determined that the location to which she is being taken is on Onix. That is where the Variga is headed at this moment." "I assume you know that this is tantamount to desertion? You swore an oath -" "Sir, before I accepted the deal Kawashita offered, I swore another oath. 'To love and protect?' With all due respect, I know exactly what I'm doing." There was a moment's silence. "We have intel on a pirate base on Onix," Ender said. "You and your crew don't have a chance." "Sir, as long as my wife is in the hands of those pirates and I have the means to rescue her, my duty is clear, 'as long as we both shall live.' I will report back as soon as my mission is complete. You may then, of course, take whatever disciplinary measures you see fit to impose. Should you not hear from me within the next two months, you may conclude that I live no longer, and can offer no further services to the Kawashita Group." "Understood. The decision, and consequences, are yours. But I wish you good luck. Good night, Captain Kramer." "Good night, Executive." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Going pretty dark again. Getting to see the other side of Viktor's personality. Two scenes for this one - I just had too much story to tell this week for one build to work. I hope that my use of Ender is accurate to his character - I did my best. All those tools are Lego original - they come from the same set as the Octan blazer in "Package Retrieved." I located this build on Onix because they are in the GATE system for the duration, and so not really "on" any world - Onix is their destination. If this is not acceptable, I will select A08 Crentium as the location. Comments and criticisms welcome, of course. Apologies for the image-heavy post - so much story to tell!
  14. sander1992

    Old M Tron hangar

    Hello everyone, I have built a space creation during the holidays. I have created an hangar. The hangar is sort of an expansion of set 5980: Squidman's Pit Stop. While I was building, I started to ask myself why I was building in red and black. I got the idea that it was an old M-Tron hangar that is used by the Black Hole Gang for their business/schemes. The building contains multiple sprayers for paint and a control area for a crane. The Space Police invade the hangar to stop the Black Hole Gang and the Blacktron II during a weapons deal. Here a few pictures of the building. Here some pictures of interior and the action inside the hangar. Comments and questions are welcome. Sander
  15. [begin Transmission] [Type - Alliance Report] [security - High] [Report from: Vedauwoo (Pilot) {HV-37}] [Location: Spaceport 8 - "Bed for Spaceship," Nar Eubrikka] It cost us most of our credits and 3 astromech droids, but we've secured a small Home in the form of an abandoned Hangar deep in the swamps of Nar Eubrikka. It's actually not far from [REDACTED] which makes supply runs a breeze. It's called "bed for spaceship" in Huttese, but the official Designation was "Hangar 8." The swamps remind me of growing up on Gelgelar...but it's much warmer here... We spent the first few days checking out the surroundings, before bringing the ship down for repairs.... "The Ship" being the new HV-37 Prototype Heavy Starfighter..... We assembled her from the Remnants of an A/SF-01 "B-wing," a burned out half of a V-19 "Torrent" and an old H-60 "Tempest." The twin Slayn & Korpil JZ-5 Fusial Thrust Engine Clusters give her an incredible amount of both power and maneuverability. Needless to say, it's taken a great deal of follow up maintenance to fully integrate the systems of all the donor craft... Not to mention the repairs the Hangar itself needed.... Even with one bad circuit...we were able to get the fuel to flow.... [END TRANSMISSION] ========================================== Thanks for visiting!
  16. Location: Freegate - G02 Tags: Civil, Spaceship, Exploration Continued from last week... After introductions, Callahan turned back to the green man and barked some type of orders. What followed Hannibal surmised was a heated argument, followed by a begrudged acquiescence from the green man. Smoothly and quietly the circular formation lifted to reveal a steep tunnel down. Callahan - "The Merchant Confederation would be honored to open negotiations with one of Octan's executives. I can open a policy guaranteeing your safety for the duration of your visit, with the Octan Corporation and any of your heirs as beneficiaries. You have nothing to fear from us." Hannibal - "I did come down here to explore... "Mercy Brandy, proceed onto your next drop. I'll activate my beacon whenever I'm ready for a pick up. Out." After a longer than expected argument with his assistant, Hannibal follows the green man down the tunnel, flanked by Callahan. Along the way, Hannibal prods for more information about the Merchant Confederacy. Callahan - "We're a loose organization not unlike your corporations. Out here there is little need for such a strictly structured organization, such as yours, and we do not benefit from affiliation with any government. We've developed over time out of a mutual understanding between merchants, their markets, and their customers. We are hopeful to develop such an understanding with Octan, as well." Hannibal - "Without government affiliation, how did you acquire the technology to make the jump through the Gate?" Callahan - "Mr. Hannibal, we didn't come through the Gate. My people have been here for thousands of years. Subjugated as slaves to alien overlords. Experimented on, mutated, engineered. I may look familiar to you, and we are of the same species, but there are galaxies between us." [O - G02] Merchant Confederacy 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Hannibal's stomach sinks again and the tunnel opens up to a hangar full of aliens and humans alike. Immediately in front of him are more green men, but with elaborate red cloaks and golden weapons. Callahan - "These are our hosts. The Emboians of Freegate jealously guard any guests taken under their care, which is why they are not to happy to see you. We've got a lot of people here right now, so outsiders make them nervous." Hannibal - "Yeah, I'm not getting a great vibe from them... Why are so many of your people here as 'guests.'" Callahan - "We won't be here long, what I want to show you will require a short trip, but it will help you understand our situation, and why we need Octan." [O - G02] Merchant Confederacy 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Hannibal is unnerved by the stares of the hangar full of strange people as they make their way to the small starfighter in front of them. The Emboians are strange, as are the well dressed fish men to his right, but the more human looking aberrations are somehow more distracting. Callahan - "The M.C.S. Gadfly will take us closer to the core. I would have taken you in my own ship but it doesn't have the speed or defenses that this ship can give us, and I couldn't risk your crew following us." They board the Gadfly and leave the hangar with two humans as crew to the ship. Callahan, while open about the make up of his Merchant Confederacy, is reluctant to talk about their destination. C&C appreciated
  17. Location: F02 - Lesser Drigo Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle Back aboard the Axle, Pilot John Hannibal prepares for a new mission. As the trolley pulls in to take the pilots to their ships, he has an extra bounce in his step. The company's needs are starting to coincide with Hannibal's own ambitions and he is happy to be leaving for his last mission based out of the Axle. [O - F02] HANGAR 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr The Axle has become a great ship under Dr. Long. Ever moving, steadily humming, never boring. It was larger than most capital cities and was the heart of Octan's presence in this galaxy. Every deck was it's own community of mechanics, scientists, cooks, farmers, engineers, entrepreneurs, civil servants, firefighters, artists, teachers, mothers, fathers, drivers, pilots, barbers, tailors, dancers, bartenders, medics, tattoo artists, and the occasional special forces agent. Everything moved in complete chaos and unison. Every body had a purpose and every action a mission. But Octan would need more Axles if it was going to maintain its position in the galaxy. [O - F02] HANGAR 3 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Hannibal is dropped off at his newest delivery, a heavily armored jump ship needed by the driver crews working on F02. [O - F02] HANGAR 4 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr His next mission would depart from F02, so this was goodbye to the Axle, for now. [O - F02] HANGAR 5 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr C&C very much appreciated. Thanks.
  18. My latest MOC for a contest entry held at Legoland Malaysia this year. Feel free to comment and advice :) IMG_1072 by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_1076 by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_1080 by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_1082 by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_1083 by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_1086 by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_1089 by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_1091 by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_1093 copy by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_1097 by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_1099 by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_1103 by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_1107 by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_1110 by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_1121 by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_1125 by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_1126 copy by WingYew, on Flickr
  19. Devid

    MOC - Drone CS-1P

    This is an experiment... probably a new level of "Neo Classic Space Era", a mecha pilotated trough the ment of the pilot that it can stay in a base without any danger to die. Small drones can operate in every condition and can be replaced simply A close up of my Drone CS-1P Link Flickr Link Flickr
  20. RemtonDulyak

    Mini Fighter

    Hi All, my latest (digital) effort. The FA-3 Minifighter is the mainstay of the space fleet of Golin Inc. Extended gallery and info on my blog: http://talesfromafut...3-mini-fighter/ LEGO Ideas project pending approval (will update with the link). EDIT: Link to LEGO Ideas project page (if anyone wants to support me!)
  21. dsoffers

    [MOC] Docking Bay 723

    No, that’s not a typo in the topic title.. The Death Star has a lot of Docking Bays. In short: while this is based on Docking Bay 327, it is smaller and due to space limitations (and limited techniques) has a few different designs. Therefore I decided not to call it a DB327-moc and give it a twist of my own... I originally intended to post this about a month ago, when I finished the project in LDD. Every time I was about to start writing this post, I hesitated and backed off. I guess part of me was afraid of your comments, because imo, compared to the other amazing MOC’s on this forum and on other places of the internet, mine is a bit ’simple’. But I eventually decided that posting this is the only way to learn new tricks and improve my techniques. I guess I should also add a bit of background information about my Lego life, in case people missed my post in the SW Purchases thread: I haven’t touched a Lego brick for over 16 years, until about 2 months ago. During the summer (when I got bored with the usual videogames) I was already considering doing something with Lego again. I still had a (16y old) Technic set that I never finished and that would have been the perfect starting point. Like this topic I’ve been postponing it for a few months but occasionally browsing through the available Lego sets. Pretty quickly I decided that I’d go for the Star Wars sets as I’ve always been a fan of the movies. (Still need to watch those Clone Wars seasons..) I showed a few to my mom who immediately decided she would get me the UCS R2-D2 for Christmas and the dawn of my new Lego era had arrived (around half October). After purchasing a few sets I simply fell in love with the 7965 Millennium Falcon. It was such an amazing build (for me at least, with my inexperience) with me constantly wondering where certain pieces were going to be used.. This lasted throughout the entire build until it all fit together in the end. While the set isn’t perfect (reading reviews here showed me that), I can only dream of a UCS Millennium Falcon so this is as good as it gets for me. This MF was so cool I decided to build it a proper home. While browsing the forums, MOCpages and other websites I stumbled upon the Docking Bay 327 MOC’s and decided that would be the way to go for my MF. Incase you’ve never seen them, these are the 2 I used for inspiration: http://rebrickable.c...-for-ucs-falcon While these are awesome, I had (very) limited display space and, while I knew I would not be able to ’compete’ with the other designs, I also definately did not want to copy them. This project consisted of a lot of ’first times’ for me: First time working in LDD. First time creating something based on something ’real’ First time using Bricklink (And a few others I’m probably forgetting right now..) If you managed to read through all this text, I will now reward you with the necessary pictures (click to enlarge). Overview while still on the dining room table Luke trying to disconnect the fuel lines (Those lights look a lot better in person than in the picture..) Luke is still messing with those fuel lines... …when he’s spotted by an Imperial Officer.. (I designed this without actually using a minifigure to decide on the scale, I’m glad I can fit a minifig in there but I’ll need to increase the height on it whenever I do another Bricklink order.) Chewie has Darth Vader in his sights while Leia is aiming at someone else.. Overview in the 'display area' (which also shows who Leia was aiming at) I also made a short video showing off the Leds, I'll update this post with the Youtube link once I've uploaded it. 1 of the red wall leds arrived dead, so I need to put in a new order to replace it. I originally intended red & blue background lights for the Darth Vader/Obi Wan scene but I seem to have misplaced my 2 blue leds, so I decided on 1 red and 1 white with a transparant red plate. The effect is not really what I had in mind though so when I order new leds I'll probably replace the leds with lit up Lightsabers. *EDIT* The video's up now, sorry for the shaky camera: