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  1. Supporting the Resistance, Western France 1944 Supporting the Resistance, Western France 1944 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Supporting the Resistance, Western France 1944 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Supporting the Resistance, Western France 1944 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Supporting the Resistance, Western France 1944 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Supporting the Resistance, Western France 1944 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Supporting the Resistance, Western France 1944 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  2. Hello! this is my first actual moc post here, and hopefully far from the last. I hope you all enjoy this Resistance A-Wing design! I must give a big shoutout to Gumbinger, as a few elements are lifted from his RZ-2 design. I borrowed the general dimensions, the conical-shaped front deflector shield generators, but most notably the engine designs are almost exactly the same. I lowered the height of the top fins, but otherwise, I thought everything about his engine design was too good not to use. This design was the result of about a few weeks worth of first building in and then some back and forth of testing in real bricks and revising. Compared to the RZ-1, the RZ-2 has a lot more subtle, smoother and straighter angles. The angles coming from the front of the RZ-1 are slightly curved and round out at about the front of the cockpit, with the top and bottom surfaces becoming seemingly parallel with each other. With the RZ-2, the angles taper back from the front very evenly back past the cockpit, without ever really rounding out. This gives the side silhouette a very sharp triangular look, and it's one of the things I wanted to capture most. I feel like it turned out pretty well! The green markings on the red one stick out in an unfortunate way, I really had no idea how to incorporate them more smoothly into the design. They sit right on top of the old style 1x2 finger hinges. If I liked it less, it would be easy to remove the markings and just continue the white tiling. A small thing but I'm only just now noticing that the red 1x1 tile on the ship's left lower fin should be dark red, not white There are definitely a few areas that really could use improvement. Ideally, the panels on the middle sides of the ship could be stronger and easier to put together. It's not totally fragile or unswooshable but I don't love that area's construction either. There's also a good few gaps here and there, I feel like the part directly behind the windscreen could be more smoothly rounded, that area was surprisingly hard. I'm happy to accept all these flaws and just call this a version 1. After a while I'd like to come back and try to revisit all the problem areas in a version 2. Hope you enjoyed the model! If you're interested in buying instructions and parts lists, check out this flickr post for details.
  3. Gumbinger


    I LOVED building Jerac's A-wing so much that decided to give a go at the Resistance RZ-2 A-Wing. I chose dark blue, because a few crucial pieces were not made in the regular blue color, and I still feel it works. I tried to be as accurate as possible, while sticking to mini-fig scale, without using stickers. No real play features, as I was going for accuracy, but it's durable and swooshable. I'm really pleased with how the "humps" on the hood, and the red lines, or "call-sign" on the wing turned out. As you can see in the pictures you can change the number of red lines to your liking - and they fit snuggly and wont fall out. Let me know what you think! RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr
  4. This will begin to make things right (or maybe not -- you have to find out). Here is my 8th RA review ready to take off, 75149: Resistance X-Wing Fighter. Overview Name: 75149: Resistance X-Wing Fighter Theme: Star Wars / The Force Awakens Year: 2016 (2H) Pieces: 739 Minifigures: 3 (+1 astromech droid) Price: USD 79.99 / EUR 89.99 / GBP 84.99 / SGD 179.90 / MYR 449.90 Resources: Brickset and Bricklink Introduction Whenever I tell people that I like Star Wars, it's hard not to blurt out Millenium Falcon or X-Wing because it is almost impossible to not know what an X-Wing is unless you are living under a rock. The shape of the starfighter always gives it away. According to Star Wars databank, the Incom T-70, most commonly known as X-wing, is the latest incarnation of a classic design and the signature combat craft of the Resistance’s Starfighter Corps. It is faster than the Alliance-era T-65s which makes Resistance X-wings manoeuvrable enough to engage TIE fighters in dogfights, but powerful enough to take down capital ships. As for the official dimension, we only know that it's official length in-universe is 12.48m. Now, I shall dispense all pleasantries so that we can scrutinise the box and all its contents. As described in the official set description, Lor San Tekka is being attacked by a Flametrooper. Poe is supposed to help him fight against the bad guy but it looks like Poe Dameron is targeting Lor San Tekka with the flick missile instead. Just look at the missile trajectory. Even the stud shooter won't hit the Flametrooper. Thankfully the back panel of the box shows Poe directly engaging the Flametrooper with his blaster. He also carries a fire extinguisher to put off the fire this Flametrooper started. As with any LEGO sets, the back panel shows off the play features of the set. The side panels show the minifigures included. LEGO does not count astromech droids as minifigures because they are obviously not minifigures but I think Bricklink and Brickset count them as minifigure for the sake of convenience. Therefore, in the official description you'll see that LEGO describes the set having only 3 minifigures but in Bricklink and Brickset you'll see they count astromech droids as minifigure. Most people will remember that this set was released after Poe's X-Wing Fighter with only 10-month lag in between. The build is 99% identical except the price of the Resistance X-Wing is a little bit higher. To justify this, apart from adding a few more bricks, the box size of set 75149 was also made slightly bigger. I refuse to think that the marketing team believes they can convince the buyers it's worth the extra price margin just by changing the size of the box. I think LEGO enthusiasts are way smarter than that. Build Moving on, inside the box, there are 5 numbered bags, and 1 plastic bag without a number that contains an instruction manual and a sticker sheet. As with my every other review, I will not put on stickers on this set. Unboxing content Sticker sheet I won't elaborate the detail of the sticker sheet because you'll see towards the end that you really don't need the stickers on this set because the set looks just as nice without it. Instruction Manual The instruction manual is quite big. It has the same width as A4 size paper and just a couple of centimeters shorter in length. I noticed that the quality of the perfect binding (adhesive binding) used in the manual is far from perfect. Look at the picture below. There are some pages that are quite difficult to unfold completely. You can force unfolding the pages but you risk damaging the bindings. I reviewed the First Order Transport which is an older Star Wars set. Its instruction manual didn't have this issue even though the binding technique used is the same. Maybe I'm just splitting hairs here but that's something I observed. Bag #1 contents Somehow when I took the picture below, I forgot to include the brick separator. As seen in the earlier photo, the brick separator was inside bag #1. It also contains Lor San Tekka and FO Flametrooper. I'll skip the minifigures for now as I will dedicate a section for that later. One of the outputs of the first bag is a small build -- a moisture vapourator with 2 crates. The fire elements suggest that the damage was done by the Flametrooper. As the moisture vapourator is on a hinge, you can also tilt it down like it has already been destroyed due to attack. Here's another angle of the small build. The rest of the bricks went to the build of the inner core of X-Wing frame which includes the inner mechanism that makes the S-foils open and close. Bag #2 contents In the middle of building bag #2, I thought that I was making chopsticks. Apparently it is the exact same technique used in 9493 X-Wing so this is not new. Bag #3 contents After completing bag #3, the cockpit is already fully built. The new cockpit window is a great addition but it is still not fully accurate simply because the side should be angled a bit. Not complaining, just saying. Bag #4 contents Bag #4 adds the left wing. Now it is starting to look like the X-Wing that we are all familiar. The bag also contains BB8 and Poe Dameron with both his white/blue helmet and hairpiece. Bag #5 contents Finally, bag #5 completes the build with the addition of right wing as well as the 4 thrust engines. Below is the cruise mode of Resistance X-Wing with the S-foils closed. Side note: there is a little bit of slack on the lower wings because I did not put two rubber bands on the wings. Cruise mode Below is the Attack mode of Resistance X-Wing with its S-foils open. This is done by twisting the black knob or what LEGO calls "Technic angular wheel" on top. Attack mode Front view The front view is just gorgeous. I purposely removed the flick missiles because it is entirely optional. I think it looks great without it. When you load the flick missiles while swooshing the X-Wing there is a tendency to flick it by accident. Stray missiles will just launch when touched by mistake, so either the kids lose the missiles or hurt someone -- totally not recommended for younger kids. Back view Showing the back of the Resistance X-Wing the blue rubber bands looks quite obvious. Not as bad as 75102 Poe's X-wing Fighter but the blue rubber bands could have been just black to conceal its presence more easily. Side view Bottom view With all the anti-studs underneath, it makes you wonder why even bother attaching the bottom wings upside down. Frankly, no one will enjoy looking at this angle. I've seen modifications to replace the wings so that the studs are on top instead of at the bottom to get a more consistent look when viewed from the top. Going back to the blue rubber bands, when you replace them with black hair rubber bands, it really looks more presentable and less obvious. If you do this minor adjustment, apart from the bottom view, all angles will be camera friendly. Here's the bonus part. Let's talk about scale. I put the microfighter Resistance T-70 next to the system-scale T-70 just for fun. Comparing the in-universe length of T-70 at 12.48m with the length of the system scale T-70 at 37cm, the scale used in this set is 1:34. If you consider that a minifig is 5 feet human, then the scale must be 1:38. In that case, the length of the T-70 should be 33cm only. If you consider that a minifig is 6 feet human, then the scale must be 1:44. In that case, the length of the T-70 should be only 27.7cm only If you consider that 3 studs = 1 meter then the scale must be 1:42 so the length of the T-70 should be only 29.7cm. Either way, the Resistance X-Wing is slightly bigger than it should be. However, I don't mind this because I think the system scale is quite close to minifig scale even with the limitation of the LEGO system. Just look at the chibi version of X-Wing. At 8cm long, the scale works out to be 1:156 and it looks okay albeit totally out of proportion. Parts Surprisingly, the parts used in X-Wing is quite common. Except for the cockpit canopy, the rest are easily available from Bricklink. This makes it easy to make different variants of X-Wing. Here are some of the notable parts: Sand Blue Slope 45 2 x 1 with 2/3 Cutout is not common. It only came out in 4 sets. The Blue hinge plate only came out in 4 sets too. The shovel is very common in City but it does not normally appear in Star Wars. This is the 5th time it appeared in any Star Wars sets. The printed tile 2X2 "No.231" (element 6078936) came out in Sandcrawler first and it's the first time it was reused. That's all. Like I mentioned, there is no spectacular LEGO element in this set. Of course, I need to show spare parts left after building the entire set. Minifigures The line up of minifigures are quite modest in this set with Poe Dameron with a subtle smile and jacket, the ubiquitous BB-8, a slightly happy Lor San Tekka who enjoyed as much as 1:45 minutes screentime in the movie (same duration as Captain Phasma), and a lonesome First Order Flametrooper. Here's the view of the minifigures' back. I am not really sure where is BB-8's back because he is a spheroid. Below is how they look without any accessory and hairpiece/helmet. Surprise! Angry clone trooper face again. Without the hairpiece and helmet, we see the dual face printed. Poe has a serious but slightly worried look while Lor San Tekka has "I am doomed" face. Poe Dameron comes with a different helmet -- the one that he wore in Jakku before being captured by the First Order. Below is the comparison of Poe's helmet against the helmet of Temmin "Snap" Wexley: On the right side of the helmet, Poe's helmet has roæhal written while Temmin's helmet has popsæboo written in Aurebesh. If you know the meaning of these words, do let me know. I can't find any information what's the significance of this Blue Squadron(?) helmet. We know that Poe has a black helmet because he is the Black Squadron leader so perhaps the other helmet is the older version before he eventually became the Black leader? You have to hide. You need to leave. Conclusion I still enjoyed putting together all the pieces needed for Resistance X-Wing even though it is almost a copy of Poe's X-Wing. One may ask why TLG released 2 X-Wings back-to-back. In my opinion, the marketing genius in TLG sees the opportunity to capitalise on diorama builders who wants to build multiple copies of X-Wings. If the LEGO Star Wars team designed only Poe's X-Wing then there will be opportunity cost as there are more blue and grey T-70 X-Wing in The Force Awakens. Making a diorama of many black T-70 X-Wing is not acceptable. Frankly, I like this regular Resistance X-Wing version more than Poe's black X-Wing. Sometimes that moment when you wish you could run and hide is when you find you need a new hyperdrive. I have a bad feeling about this Review summary Playability: 9/10 - It is an X-Wing. It's fun and easy to swoosh around. The small moisture vapourator build allow kids to re-enact the scene in TFA Design / Building Experience: 9/10 - I enjoyed the same old build and techniques used. New owners of X-Wing will enjoy building it. Minifigures: 8/10 - Lor San Tekka is the minifigure-of-interest in this set. Poe's blue squadron helmet is a cool addition. Getting another BB-8 is also welcome. Price / Value for money: 8/10 - I feel that I could have scored this a little higher if the price stayed the same as Poe's black X-Wing Overall: 8.75/10 - This could have been a solid 9 but with a slightly higher price I have to slightly reduce the rating. Apart from that, a great set to play or collect. Thanks for reading. As always, wubba lubba dub dub.
  5. gudetamago

    [MOD] B/SF-17 Heavy Bomber

    Hi ! Here's a few mods I've made to 75188 Resistance Bomber in the last few days. I first changed the engines to blue (I swear it seems like blue and orange are ALWAYS reversed on Star Wars vehicles!) I'm not a big fan of stud shooters in most contexts, so I switched the rear cannons out for display ones. I also wanted them to rotate together, which took some figuring out. I couldn't find a way to use friction pins to hold both cannons so I put another axle in with a little gear system like in Slave 1. I went through a few different iterations but this was the most compact solution I could find. I transferred the stickers in the bubble canopies to clear 2x2 slopes, and switched the brackets and tiles for a little more visibility. Shorter wings to be a little more in proportion. The interior was already great, but I tiled over the floor and added a weapons rack. I added a small ladder up to the gunner position and added in some more details and stickered controls by the gunner's hands. You can't really see them in this picture, though. The exterior of the turret is mostly the same but it was a great design to start with! For the cockpit I used a bunch of stickered elements from 75105 (getting slowly disassembled in preparation for the big one!) Snap is piloting for the moment, until we find out what the whole crew will be (probably not a bunch of X-wing pilots !) The rest of the changes are just minor cosmetics all over the hull, but I've already made this too long so here's just two more pictures. I didn't capture everything, of course ! This is a really great set! It looks beautiful and is so much fun. As an AFOL I tend to just display things but it's impossible not to fly this around the room ! Thank you :^)
  6. Kit Bricksto

    [MOC] T-70 X-Wing

    This has been up on Flickr for a few weeks now but I thought I'd share it here anyway, telling those interested a bit more about the build. The T-70 X-Wing is one of my favorite vehicles from The Force Awakens and even of the whole Star Wars universe. As the LEGO set was no more than your average stud shooting playset I quickly decided to build my own version of the starfighter. Originally I didn't really like Poe Dameron's repainted version very much but since I didn't have that many grey parts available for experimenting due to my Millennium Falcon project I still went with this colour scheme for the first design and really grew to like it. For the build design I wanted to borrow a few small elements from Mike Psiaki's fantastic T-65 X-Wing and combine them with my own style and that of the newer design for the fighter itself. X-Wing Attack on Starkiller Base by Kit Bricksto, on Flickr I really wanted to make sure that the fighter wasn't just in scale with minifigs but also incorporated all the important features and details of the real thing. This meant that the wings had to open and close smoothly and the landing gear had to fold into the hull nicely in order to not disturb the overall sleekness of the ship. Black One T-70 X-Wing (1) by Kit Bricksto, on Flickr Once I had finished the Black Leader version of the X-Wing I realized that it didn't take that many special parts to complete it and that I'd probably manage to build a blue and grey one too. Although I had to change some parts on this version I still think that the second one looks equally good. This isn't the greatest picture of the grey X-Wing, sorry. Look at it more as a teaser.. T-70 X-Wing by Kit Bricksto, on Flickr Anyway, I'd love to hear your opinions on my interpretation of the T-70! Constructive criticism is always very welcome, too.
  7. Hi everyone, About a year ago I was inspired by @obijon’s amazing and very extensive collection of micro builds to start working on my own micro versions of my favourite Star Wars ships. I think I have enough of them now to get all cocky (what’s that Han?) and start sharing instructions on Rebrickable so here’s the first wave, the Rebel Starfighters. Update: I’ve thrown together some Resistance variants too! The X-Wing, A-Wing and B-Wing are fairly solid little builds, at this scale one-stud connections are inevitable but luckily these are still kind of swooshable, as long as you’re careful! The A-Wing is my favourite, I went through so many real and prototypes trying to get the shape, fins and connections right that I’m so pleased I finally ended up with a strong and recognisable build. The Y-Wing is the most fragile of the group, it’s almost all one-stud connections, particularly to the centre of the hull, so unfortunately it’s only suitable for display. I’m aiming to build several of each fighter as part of a micro Rebel hangar display and with that in mind I tried to stay away from rare/expensive parts. Having said that I couldn’t resist using the skate helmets on the Y-Wing and my liberal use of those little curved slopes with notches pushes the cost up a bit too. Oh well, you can’t build a rebellion on peanuts! Back in the spring my first attempt at making instructions in was actually this U-Wing. I managed to build the rear of the ship so that the wings fold out but there are so many weak connections that it means the wings are very fragile. I also have to admit that I cheated when connecting the engines, to keep those wheel pieces in place I wrapped a layer of tape around the internal 3L bars and pushed the wheels on. I’m still on the hunt for a better (and legal) solution and I’m open to suggestions! Update: I’ve just finished a few Resistance variants of the Starfighters, almost in time for The Rise of Skywalker. The B-Wing involved a lot of guesswork as it’s only very briefly seen in the film and trailers, but it was the same with the old B-Wing and Return of The Jedi so I suppose it’s a Star Wars tradition that’s been upheld. Overall I’m really pleased with how all these little ships have turned out and especially how they look together as a group. I’ll share more micro starfighter instructions (the next is the Millennium Falcon) when I can and if we get a good look at the new B-Wing in TRoS I’ll be able to finish the Resistance version of the starfighter group too. All my MOC and MOD instructions so far are here, I’m always grateful for any comments and criticisms. Thanks for looking and down with the space nazis!
  8. Hello again everyone Finally, the house is decorated and I have managed to dig out my LEGO from storage and finish this little model – the Ninka which is one of the capital ships chased down by the First Order in The Last Jedi. The Ninka is a Free Virgillia-class Bunkerbuster. There were a couple of tricky parts to this model. Firstly how to attach the front side sections and to get the shape. I settled with the 1x1 round plates without a stud and a couple of grey bars to attach the side parts into some bricks with holes. Secondly the engine section. There should be six engines on each side but it took me a while to arrange the parts in such a way so that I could have six engines and keep the shape and most importantly be able to attach them to the main hull! The first couple of versions only had 3 engines and while this looked good was not accurate. I am really pleased with how this model turned out. The few orange parts really make it look cool in my opinion. Anyway here is the model and let me know what you think. More MINIs soon. Jon
  9. marcanadell4

    T-70 X-WING

    This is a MOC of the T-70 X-Wing from the Resistance, in both Poe Dameron's Black Leader (black and orange) and the generic fighter version (blue and grey). This MOC has been inspired not only on one but by several others creations i've found on the internet. Though i've combined several elements from these builds, most of the design is mine. Anyone willing to build this MOC or to know more about it please contact me through the comments. The main pages about this MOC are on the following links: I might post other low-resolution images in the replies. The rendered images are can be seen and downloaded on the links that I've given in the description.
  10. Finally got around to uploading this here, my Resistance Ski Speeder. Inspired by the micorfighter set, I decided to go for a blue colour scheme as I kinda prefer it to the reddish orange colour seen on most of the craft. It was certainly interesting to build as I've never made a real-world aircraft before (or rather, anything so close to one) so it was strange to find myself building corsair-like wings and a tubular fuselage with a tail/rudder. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out in the end though A big thanks to majortom on Flickr whose Ski speeder inspired quite a few bits and pieces of my own including: fence pieces on the engine section, technic wheel rim for the tail and of course the outline of his cockpit area which was the basis of my design. And thanks to my buddy Kit Bricksto (active here and on Flickr) who kindly gave his opinion on the model during its construction :) A few more images are up on Flickr for those interested Resistance Ski Speeder (1) by Inthert, on Flickr Resistance Ski Speeder (2) by Inthert, on Flickr
  11. gudetamago

    [MOC] Resistance Ski Speeder

    Hello ! This is my first topic so I hope I got everything right in terms of format and stuff ! I'm working on a first draft of the Resistance's Crait speeder with my super limited parts collection. This isn't final (I've already changed up the cockpit since these photos) but I was hoping someone could give me advice about how to construct the hull surfaces around the technic beams connecting the 3 sections ? I don't have much experience using lift arms in builds but wanted this MOC to be able to bounce around and drop on the ground without falling apart ! Thanks !
  12. I was not interested in this set until I saw it half priced. I intended to buy it as a cheap source of pieces but I ended liking it a lot and spending time modifying it to make it cooler. Yes, it is that good. Most of the changes were done for aesthetic reasons, like filling gaps, adding tiles or the steering bar for the pilot. Changing how the top part opens was a must because the original hinges took away too much of the interior space. I will let the pictures speak by themselves. The mods are not too difficult to replicate, but let me know if you would like to see more pictures or further explanations. I hope you liked it.
  13. rx79gez8gundam

    Incom-FreiTek T-70 X-Wing

    Adaptation of my Incom T-65B X-Wing model. Features the same geared S-Foil mechanism, working landing gear and opening canopy. LDD does not yet have parts from the Force Awakens sets, so I substituted an R2 astromech and Rebel pilot for now. Will post pics of real model once I've collected the parts.
  14. After building Chenonceau, I was in a bit of a micro mood, and thought it would be fun to try my hand at a micro siege workshop. The whole build is only 8×8, and includes four micro siege weapons: one ballista, two catapults, and one siege tower. Dwarves in Mitgardia have long been masters of creating devastating siege weapons. With new demand for armament to battle the Spire, these Dwarven craftsmen have put their forges to work forging powerful ballistas, catapults, and more. Thanks for looking, comments and suggestions always welcome
  15. Agent Kallus

    MOC: Scavenging on scarif

    This is my first moc topic here on eurobricks even thought I joined a while ago, I hope I am doing this right also if you want to understand why the resistance exists and isn't just the new republic I recommend the book Bloodline cause episode 7 does a bad job explaining it plus its a great read. 'Astounding, what are the chances of finding a moron stupid enough to think its worth while to kidnap a broken droid ,well about 0.5%' yes I know k-2s0 should be dead and exploded but just ignore that :P
  16. Umbra-Manis

    [Bk.II.5 Cat.A] Air Mail

    For the Resistance! In Nocturnus, there are places in-acessible to even the most agile of land messengers. As all forces are needed to overthrow the spire, messengers have taken to the skies. I had better plans for this category, but a computer death threw that plan out the window. C&C Welcome! I'm also on flickr now.
  17. Lord Vladivus

    Of Kazzar and Witches

    It is a well known fact that the Kazzar are not particulary enamoured of the Witches of the Moruth Swamps. At least, since the witches have started to steal valuable Kassava claws from the various tribes, to make drugs that are much sought after by the Black Spire. So, when a travelling Swamp Witch reaches a Shadowmere Guard encampment at the base of Shadowwmere's great black walls, the grizzled Kazzar Blackcloak commanding the small detachment of veteran zombie warriors is swift to react. Only a swiftly barked command from an inspecting Fenrir Bloodcloak saves the witch from a gruesome disembowlment by a Kassava lance. The witch arrives. The Kazzar Blackcloak. The Witch herself, apparently of Mitgardian descent. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C+C welcome! I'm not too sure on the style of pictures, was fiddling around with some editing software.
  18. Lord Vladivus

    The Fell Company of Nocturnus

    The Fell Company is a bit of a misnomer, being but two warriors strong, but one that is carefully cultivated. Our story finds them leaving their Rakath Mountain hideout. A Knight in dull armour, astride a mighty black steed inclines his head towards the zombified squire next to him. "Come. It is time we find my son. We ride for Shadowmere." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm still alive, honest! C+C welcome.
  19. No one spoke as they entered Lord Vladivus' throne room. Each of the six men raced through thoughts of the tremendous task that lay before them. To the outsider, this meeting would have appeared unexceptional, perhaps no different than one of the usual economic or political conferences held here. But to the trained eye, the identity of the men in this meeting place indicated something more serious was underway. Besides Lord Vladivus, the leaders of most of Free Nocturnus were present: Anzar of the Dragon Masters; Lord Jorrith, the vampiric warlord; Osric the Rat, fresh from his victories fighting for the Desert King in Kaliphlin; Gal-Turok, Lord of the Reach; and the Black Spire defector Anfauglir. Getting these leaders together had been no easy task. These six men stood as the bulwark between Raavage and the complete enslavement of Nocturnus. As host to these disparate commanders, the task of creating a unified resistance fell on Lord Vladivus' shoulders. Vladivus surveyed the group and spoke. "Gentlemen, you have all heard the rumors: the forces of the Black Spire are again marching to war. But these are more than rumors. Reports from the frontier suggest the Black Spire is raiding our lands, enslaving our people and killing any who resist. They seek to crush the last holdouts of resistance to Raavage's domination. Unless the forces of Free Nocturnus unite, I'm afraid we are doomed." Several figures in the room shifted and mumbled. Although they could all agree that Raavage was the biggest threat facing Nocturnus, they shared little else in common. Trust was a hard thing to come by these days, when betrayal and treachery were everywhere. Gal-Turok was the first to speak up. "Aye, on this point I won't disagree. But how do you expect us to stop Raavage when you invite the enemy into our planning?" He turned and glared at Anfauglir. Vladivus held up his right hand. "I will attest to Lord Anfauglir, a guest invited freely into my home, just like yourself, Gal-Turok. He no longer shares fealty to the Black Spire." Anzar stepped forward. "Gal-Turok, let me also attempt to ease your doubt. It was Anfauglir who saved me at Lagash-Ur, and he took great risk in doing so. He seeks to topple the Obsidian Spike, as we all do." Another voice rose up. "Ha! It was only recently that your mouth no longer tasted Raavage's largesse." It was Osric, who had remained silent until now. He wore a golden shied and sword given to him by the Desert King for his victories in Kaliphlin. "Word I've heard suggests members of your family - your brother, Tanzar, in fact - still fight for the Black Spire. What say you to this?" Anzar turned to glare at Osric. "To think I journeyed this far to explain myself to a rat! But to address your allegations, I would say what you hear is wrong. The truth is, our relationship deteriorated after the death of our father. It has been many months since we have spoken, but I know he would never pledge allegiance to that dog Raavage. The Dragon Masters will never forget Raavage's trickery. Nor we will stop fighting until his head is on a pike outside my father's castle." Vladivus shook his head. The resistance was threatening to crumble before it even formed. "The fight is out there, not in here! If we do not stop the Black Spire, the other Guilds will invade Nocturnus and attempt to do so themselves. We cannot let that happen." The room fell silent as Vladivus spoke. "Perhaps there is one thing that will help you make up your minds. It is why I asked you to temporarily leave your lands and meet here in person. Anfauglir has shared with me some grave news that you must all know." Vladivus motioned for Anfauglir to address the others. Anfauglir scanned the room before speaking. "Even before the events of Lagash Ur, I had learned that Raavage was seeking an immensely powerful artifact. After defecting I received information no the location of the map. My lieutenant, Samarkand, left some weeks ago to retrieve it. During his absence Lord Vladivus and I believe we have discovered the nature of this artifact. The revelation is most concerning." Everyone had their eyes locked on Anfauglir. Raavage sought any vile creation he could use to his advantage. What had he found now? "We believe he is looking for the Necromancer's Helm." Gal-Turok threw his head back and laughed. "Now you've really gone mad, believing in bedtime stories!" Anfauglir continued. "I wish it was true, but this is no wild guess. You all know the stories: the Elemental Helm was found and nearly brought all of Historica under Raavage's rule. Now he seeks the Necromancer's Helm, which potentially wields much greater power… the power to raise a legion of undead soldiers." Again Gal-Turok objected. "Although I trust Lord Vladivus' judgement and I accept this alliance, I have trouble believing such fancies. I for one cannot waste time here talking any longer when we must bring battle to Raavage. He can raise his undead army if he wants to, it will be more foes for my men to crush!" Vladivus spoke before Anfauglir could respond. "You are right, Gal-Turok, the time to wait is over. We must retaliate now and everywhere we can. If Raavage thinks he has found the Necromancer's Helm, we must stop him before he gets to it. The most important thing is that we fight together, a resistance united against Raavage." Osric turned to the group. "My sword fights with Lord Vladivus and you, leaders of Free Nocturnus. Together we shall drive Raavage back to the netherworld!" Vladivus looked at Anfauglir. "You must find out what happened to Samarkand and the status of the map." He then turned towards the others. "And you, leaders of Free Nocturnus, you must leave here and continue to build the resistance. The people of Nocturnus must know they do not fight alone."
  20. Darkness, growing ever blacker, falling ever deeper, consuming ever more. In Nocturnus, there is no escaping it. The light grows dimmer, the darkness more encompassing. These lands have never known true peace. War and death are staples here. Since the Obsidian Spike rose in the East, Nocturnus has bathed in the blood of its own. From its gates the Black Spire lord, Raavage, unleashed his army across Nocturnus. His quest for power and the resulting Civil War cleaved Nocturnus in half. Father was pitted against son, sister against brother, countryman against countryman. The conflict speeds to all corners of the land, and few escape its brutality. In recent times the war had slowed to a stalemate. Lord Ssilyrrlith, the nominal leader of the Nocturnian Resistance, remains holed up in the capital, Abyssian, besieged by a Black Spire army. Leadership of the resistance has fallen to Lord Vladivus of Shadowmere and an assortment of commanders united in their hatred of Raavage. Bravely they hold the line, attacking the Black Spire where it is weak and falling back only when they must. Allies in other Guilds send what they can to bolster the Resistance armies. Shamans, wisewomen, sorcerers and witches offered blessings for the Resistance troops and provided safe places of worship. But now the resistance lines are beginning to weaken while the Black Spire's grow stronger. Despite setbacks, and there were many - the treachery of the Drow and the Valyrian, Count Basil; the Zugal's turn against the Black Spire; the failed trap at Lagash Ur; and the defection of Anfauglir from Raavage's Covenant allies - the Black Spire has shown no signs of faltering. New armies are emerging from the Obisdian Spike's gate to bring Raavage's rule to the remaining Resistance enclaves. Raavage is clever and merciless, his armies powerful and numerous. With help from new allies, Raavage threatens to crush all in his way. Senurhem Nogad, the Covenant lord, continues to support the Black Spire with his powerful armies and dark magic. Other new and fearsome allies arrive from far off lands to assist the Dark Lord. The power of the dark spirits are not lost by Raavage's forces. They, too, seek divine assistance and to curse their foes. Futhermore, rumors spread among the Resistance leadership that Raavage seeks a mysterious and powerful artifact to aid his conquest. Such power threatens the precarious balance of forces. Failure to stop him would allow Raavage to spread his influence to all of Nocturnus and possibly beyond. The leaders of Historica's other Guilds watch with despair the events in Nocturnus. Kingless and without a united front, Historica holds its breath and prays for Raavage's defeat. What this renewed war will mean for Nocturnus, no one is sure. But one thing is certain: the bloodshed is only just beginning.
  21. Building for the Spire read first: For days now they had been marching through the mountains. Yvern had found a pretty large group of Bulls willing to join them, after talking to Davok. Now the expedition, under formal lead of Thornn and Spyrus, and Davok and Yvern, was crossing the Kyrrath Mountains. Tonight they could rest in the ruins of an ancient abandoned Orc fortress, Khazrat. Yet when they came closer, there was an unusual stench in the air. Spyrus and Davok went on, while the rest halted. When they neared the entrance to the fortress, Spyrus said: "This is Orc-scent. That would be that Resistance regiment. See? He didn't wipe them out, filthy Yudha. "How did you call me?" An unwelcome but familiar face appeared above them, just outside the gate the ruins of Khazrat Spyrus: "Why... what... what are you doing here?" Yudha: "Easy...helping my new friends to prevent some impetuous young men from assisting the spire... They pay me well enough" Davok: "Treacherous scum... Is mony indeed all you are after?" Yet Yudha disappeared through the gate. Davok: "The fortress will be occupied. Yet there is no way back now. The fortress doors have rotten away over time, so our best chances are to rush in..", and he shouted a signal. Immediatly the whole expedition started to run, with their weapons ready, not knowing where the enemy might appear... the ruins of Khazrat the ruins of Khazrat the ruins of Khazrat the ruins of Khazrat So, I have been working on this for a pretty long time: I wanted to hit some birds with one stone: I wanted to make ruins, and to make a round tower. I am pretty happy with the architecture of the (front) wall and the tower, yet they don't really get the attention they deserve in this build, I think. The tower has an half collapsed part, and the wall has some chunk out of it, made with different slope bricks.
  22. First off, thanks for checking out my build! This MOC originally involved a few mini-scale resistance X-Wings on display, but then I encountered Jason Allemann's (JK Brickworks)'s video on his kinetic sculpture of Sisyphus endlessly pushing the boulder up the mountain. This is where my inspiration to make a moving vignette came from. The terrain on the top of the gear box is supposed to represent any number of desert planets you want it to be, most likely Jakku though. ;) Anyways, three's a link to a video of the thing in action right below the first picture, the font is huge you can't miss it. Once again, thanks for checking this out! If you have any constructive criticism don't hesitate to comment, hope you like it! :) -Alec DSC_0460 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr CLICK THE LINK TO SEE IT IN ACTION! DSC_0457 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0451 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0449 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0456 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0459 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr
  23. Junior Shark

    [MOC] Resistance Speeder Bike

    So I built a speeder bike. It's currently decked out in Resistance livery. Yes, I know this belongs in the pantheon of TFA MOC gods. Please, hold your applause. Resistance Speeder Bike by Junior Shark, on Flickr Comments, Criticism, Questions, Gripes and Complaints all welcome. Update! Additional views. Resistance Speeder Bike by Junior Shark, on Flickr Resistance Speeder Bike by Junior Shark, on Flickr Resistance Speeder Bike by Junior Shark, on Flickr "Let's just say we'd like to avoid any First Order entanglements...." Nope, it just doesn't sound as cool. But it looks really cool: First Order Entanglements by Junior Shark, on Flickr
  24. Jacob Nion

    Three Ravens

    Finally the next chapter of my story in the Nocturnus Resistance. Make sure to read this one first: Glance into the future "Our board council prefers to keep a sceptical attitude towards your youngest plans, my lord." So many words for so less content. Osric wondered if the Strigoi enjoyed steeling time of their mortal clients by pointless statements. "These plans are yet not firm. The situation is changing from day to day. But we must take action soon." Osric could see the lifeless eyes of the vampire lurking out of their deep and dark holes:"Time lessens indeed for your cause. And so does any confidence. Our institute demands securities. While your success in the Kaliphlin war was with no doubt highly gratifying, this campaign offers very few capital gains." The rat's tail was winding in anger by that last comment:"It is not about profit. My cause is nothing other than the survival of the east. And for your business' sake this should be your request as well. What future will your it be for the Royal Bank of Nocturnus when the Spire triumphs? Do not forget that.". The Strigoi began to stare in a menacing way at the lord of Skavenport. His voice was now unconcealed in its snarling nature:"My lord... the Bank of Nocturnus has seen countless dynasties rise and fall. We have outlived wars like rainy seasons. We were always there. We have always been. Doubtless there could be found an agreement with lord Raavage. We are not bound to every day politics. For now, we rate your credit worthiness higher than that of the Black Spire. But evaluation can be changed. You better do not forget this. I will report your request to our council. Good even, my lord rat." It was late in the night, when Aethelrat and Dunstan arrived in the council chamber, finding their lord in deep thoughts. "I greet you, my bolt captains." Osric enjoyed the presence of these two, although not the reason for it. "My lord, whatever your decision may be, our men can be ready for march within two days." The man with the harsh lineaments stood ready to attention, as always. "I still haven't decided now, Dunstan. Things have changed as you will be aware soon." Osric went to the end of the long table, and made a gesture to follow him near the fireplace: "Three ravens, three messages. One is bad, one is good, and one is probably worse than the first. I haven't decided on this as well. Choose what comes first!". Dunstan was a soldier as loyal and brave as the most honoured Avalonian knight, but he jsut was a soldier. He could easily be overwhelmed by too much choices. "May I suggest, my lord, to act chronological." Aethelrat was more of a gambling nature. He loved to act in a posh attitude, but nonetheless as reliable as Dunstan. Osric tried to remember which raven had arrived at first. He was sure it had been the one carrying the bad news:" So be it. This one arrived in the morning. It came from a spy in Port Wrath. He reports the death of Lord Vladivus." His captains didn't seem surprised too much. Aethelrat spoke first: "I hear this rumour in every tavern from the Northern gate to the harbour. Our spy probably spent his pay on a beer in Port Wrath and picked it up from someone." The rat captain looked pitying:" I still don't believe it, my lord. How often did one hear word on the street that Raavage had been seen plugging your head on a pike. And you are still enjoying our company." "Our spy reports he saw one of Vladivus' own men selling his master's skull to a witch clan." It took his captains a moment to digest. "It...could still be anyones skull. It is said that most skulls in Historica are nearly identical." Aethelrats voice proved his self confidence a liar. "Perhaps. But it is fact that the lord of Shadowmere vanished, and until his return, may it be from exile or grave, he cannot help us. And this questions our whole campaign." Osric took the second letter, when Dunstan finally had found words to comment on the first one: "Lord, even if we lost lord Vladivus, there is still Shadowmere. We have pacts that must be fulfilled. I can not counsel you to remain in Skavenport." "Then hear now the second message, from Sultan's Gate: Pharao Ankh Mora'Raa gathers his forces in Kaliphlin and prepares for a march to the Darklands. He calls for every loyal man in the South to join in our fight." "Wonderful words, in my ears, although I wonder how many 'loyal' men he may find in his own realm." Aethelrat had found back to his regular cheerfulness. Lord Osric knew he now had to destroy this silver lining with the last raven: "I made a decision. After discussing the first two messages I am now certain that I find this last one even worse than the first one. While the lost of lord Vladivus is a great tragedy for Nocturnus, he is at last only one man. And this letter is about armies. The Drow have returned. In inestimable numbers. A plague upon these lands, they are spreading out of the ground from Scarborough to the Claw Breakers, And from the eastern sea to the Rakath." The two captains of Skavenport stood there with aghast faces, struggling for words. This time, Dunstan was the first ready to reply: "Is there any sign that these hordes are an ally to the Black Spire? Unlikely that so many of them would care about what is going on on the surface." "No, we have no information about their intentions yet. But there has never been something other than the lust for war. You know my position in this. There is no peace with the Drow. No coexistance. Only a decision: freedom or slavery. Survival or Extinction. Anyhow, we must..." "Mylord!". Osric was abruptly interrupted by an entering rogue and the impact of the door. For a second one could have seen the exp<b></b>ression of astonishment on Osric's face. But it changed immediately in calculated disapproval: "It seems that I missed out the council meeting that declared council meetings open for everyone to rush in and interrupt. What is this all about?" The rogue seemed embarrassed, struggling where to begin: "My is your law that every wizard, mage, sorcerer, witcher...every harnesser of magic must be recorded and reported to you." "So it is. I demand a weekly report. Weekly, soldier. So, for your own sake explain what makes this wizard such a special being that you felt the necessity to interrupt my small council? And unless it is Victor Revolword himself milking ale out of a two headed unicorn, I will be hard to convinced." Dunstan and Aethelrat had bother to hide their smirking. The poor rogue was certainly sure that he had done his duty exemplary. He responded: "I know, sire, but that wizard... when we found him, he immediately demanded being brought to you. He tells many weird things. About the Black Spire, lord Vladivus, and things about your fate." __________________________________________________________ As always, thank you very much for having a look. And of course for reading! Oh, and for those of you who did read all of it, here are overall pics!
  25. Picardsbricks

    [MOC][LDD] Resistance X-Wing Fighter

    Time for a creation I am very proud of - the Resistance X-Wing from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The goal of this moc was to replicate it as faithfully as possible and still have some functionality. With that in mind, enjoy my rendition of the Resistance X-Wing! The wings and gear each move, as well as I could have hoped. One of my favourite angles. Note the targeting computer - I have no reason to assume that the X-Wings still carry these, but I added it nontheless! I built a display stand, for the hopeful day I might assemble this with real bricks. If you want to see more check out my photostream over at flickr! Thanks for taking a look!