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  1. Hidronax

    LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    I see, thank you for the first-hand information! :)
  2. Hidronax

    LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    I took a look at his deviantART page, it looks very plausible (the style is very similiar). Thank you :)
  3. Hidronax

    LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    Hello! I thought I might as well ask it here before opening a topic: Does anyone know who is the artist who made the promotional art for LEGO Elves? I wasn't able to find the name on the internet. Thanks!
  4. The eyes of the Battle Dwarf look bigger than normal, he seems to have smaller eyes in the CGI promo pictures.
  5. I don't know why everybody hates the dwarf, I like him, he's got that "berserker" vibe. I don't really care if it isn't the first dwarf we get. Also, I'm really happy we get an elf maiden to go with the elf, I wish LEGO made more "elven hair" pieces. Other minifigs I'll surely buy are the retro space guy (he looks like the villain from a cheap sci-fi tv series), and the gladiator, as well as the corn cob guy and the strongman. The Highwayman might be interesting, we'll see. The Youppie minifigure reminds me of the protagonist from GTA Vice City, I might get him just for that reason I love the french bulldog, the question is: do I love him enough to buy the french guy?
  6. Hidronax

    Medieval Market Village

    I love it! It really adds to the original set, it gives the idea of those fantasy games in which you could encounter anyone at the market. Thieves, mages, elves, dwarves, bards... your future awaits! I should definitely make some market stalls like those for my medieval village. Also, who thought the hobbit hair could work so well with a bearded face? I think I spotted a drow in the top view picture, can I get a closeup please? :D
  7. Hidronax

    [Request] Axl's Torso Piece

    Well that is kinda disappointing The fact that you can see the neck stud means that the torso isn't attacked through that, either. Glue seems to be the only solution. I wish they made the outer torso as an indipended part that clips on a standard minifigure torso (complete with arms). I hoped the inner torso had a complete printing cause I'd like to make A normal-sized version of Axl, but I'm afraid that will never happen... Oh well, thanks for your help!
  8. Hidronax

    [Request] Axl's Torso Piece

    Glue doesn't seem much LEGO style, I'm afraid the torso might be clipped to both the arm holes of the traditional torso. I'd be curious to see if the printing on the minifig torso is complete or not.
  9. Hello! I hope this is the right section. Yesterday I noticed that the new version of Axl from Nexo Knights has the lower torso in a different color than the upper part. Does that mean that Axl's torso contains a normal minifigure torso? If yes, would it be possible to separate the two parts? I do not own Axl and I can't check myself, can anyone post a picture of the interior of the piece (seen from the bottom)? Thanks
  10. Thanks, I will take a look. I'm fairly sure the Toa Mata foot and leg are present in LDD.
  11. Thank you for your extensive response! :) I don't intend to use MLCad as building tool, I just want to get my hands on the models. I've checked the LDraw parts library, but some of the parts used in the video are missing (I can't seem to find any of the Kanohi masks for example). I'm sure LDView will prove most useful for exporting the models (not only Bionicle-related), thank you!
  12. Hello! Recently I've come across this video (which got me really hyped BTW). In the description the author states he got the models from MLCad and modified them to be low poly. I tried downloading MLCad, but the link to the parts database seems to be broken. If I got it right, MLCad uses the parts database of another program (LDraw if I recall correctly). I want to get the models, I don't care if they are from MLCad or from another program. I'd like to use them to make some animations with the Toa Mata. Can anyone help? Thanks :)
  13. The gold pieces of my Bionicle sets from 2003-2005 in time "tarnish" and I don't know what to do to stop or revert the process. I tried bicarbonate, lemon juice, ammonia, peroxide, soap, salt, leaving a piece in the sun for a couple of hours, casting it in boiling water, putting it in a peroxide glass and leaving it in the sun. No results at all. I was considering painting my Avohkii, but I don't know how to achieve the perfect color. Do you know what paint/dye I might use? I want the piece to match the original 2003 gold from LEGO. Thank you :)
  14. Hidronax

    Request: Elves hair on minifigures

    These are wonderful, thank you Vorkosigan & Iria! :D I thought the boy's hair would look like the Sleepyhead's ones plus the ears, but they're somehow thicker. Interesting. Skyra's hair look nice on Galadriel, I hope we'll see them in another color. And you work sure looks interesting Dorayki, even though I'm not a big fan of Friends and Elves I couldn't help from wondering what minidolls would look like as minifigures.
  15. I hope this is the right section. I wanted to ask someone who owns the LEGO Elves sets to take some pictures of the hair on some minifigures. I'd love to see what this hairpiece looks like on a minifig. Thank you! :)