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  1. Yeah, I thought that more than glued, the top might attach to both the arm holes of the bottom, in a way that is not possible to separate them. This is why I was curious to see a photo from the bottom mostly. If anyone has separated the two parts, even in a distructive way, I'd be very interested to see! Even just out of curiosity.
  2. Hi everybody, Hopefully I'm in the right section. So, I don't own an Axl from Nexo Knights and after looking at the images online, it looks like his torso is made of two parts: one minifigure torso, and the top bit that attaches to it. Could anybody take a photo of the inside of the torso for me? I am very curious, I wonder if the two parts can be separated. If so, I hope the print on the bottom part covers the full torso, I'd like to use it to make a normal-sized Axl. Thanks! EDIT: Since I posted this, I have bought an Axl myself, and I can confirm that the piece does not attach through the arm holes. I believe it is glued at this point, but I am not interested in breaking it for confirmation. I can post specific photos if requested.
  3. Hidronax

    Leg printing?

    Might be worth it, it seems like they do custom legs so they have the technology for it. Alternatively have you considered stickers?
  4. Hidronax

    Leg printing?

    Hello Natant, I don't know about USA services but from the UK I saw there's this one called minifigs.me. I haven't used it personally, but the results seem quite good, and it seems like they print on legs too. Maybe it's a little bit expensive though. EDIT: Sorry, my bad. It seems like they sell custom legs but don't let you upload your own design like they do for the torso ecc
  5. Thanks for your reply! Do you mind sharing photos of your stickers? I assume you buy the PVC sheets and print them at home? When I got stuff printed on PVC, I had it printed in a print shop. It was a sticker sheet so it already had its own glue. The stickers were quite thick though, and very prone to getting white scratches, not great.
  6. Hello :D I have made a few decal design I'd like to print or get printed, but I am not sure about what is the best way to do it. Is it better to do it at home? Or is there services I can use? (I live in the UK, in case you have specific services to recommend) Most services online assume you want to print a large number of the same sticker, but it's not my case. I've seen also many people use the "laser printer" technique to print their own stickers at home. Do they turn out durable? Do they have good quality, is the dithering noticeable? In the past I had stickers printed on a PVC sticker sheet, but they were too think and didn't stick enough, so over a few hours they'd just come off round surfaces like minifigure heads. Also, they were very easily scratched, which is not great... If you don't mind sharing photos of your own custom decals, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
  7. Awesome work! I was just wondering if there was a way to add custom bricks to LDD. With Stud.io going on now, we could add some of the new parts. I've also been making some custom parts, so I'd be interested in the process to add parts into LDD. What tools and process do you follow? (I apologise if it's already been explained, I looked through some pages but I couldn't find anything related)
  8. Hidronax

    Resin casting and color matching

    I see! I would like to reproduce the Bionicle masks and pieces in the original LEGO colors though, I'm not sure how that could help... Well I am interested mainly in parts that only have axle and pin holes, nothing more complex than that... Yeah ball joints would be very tricky to obtain. Yeah, matching colors seems something that would take a very long time to fine tune, without a starting point...
  9. Hidronax

    Resin casting and color matching

    Do you mean melting the parts in an oven and have the liquid ABS to drip into the mold?
  10. Hi all! Lately I am more and more intrigued by trying to make my own silicone molds for LEGO parts (mostly Bionicle) and make resin casts. I have had a look online and there's some good tips and tutorials. This is an "old but gold" tutorial about how to make molds for lego hairpieces and helmets, I remember it from many years ago, but now sadly the images have gone missing. Has anyone tried, and has experience to share? In particular brands of silicone and resin to use. Another important thing will be trying to match as much as possible original LEGO colors. Does anyone have some experience to share on that regard? It would be very helpful! Some people got very nice results but I doubt they'd want to share their secrets :P I have never attempted silicone casting, so I only know what I could read online :) Thanks for your help!
  11. To remove decals, just use a normal eraser on the lego piece. It's mad but it does work, just be persistent. If there's elements you want to keep, mask them with some tape. I was able to remove individual small details from some lego heads.
  12. Hidronax

    Spray Paint Color Matching

    Thanks Wardancer, that's pretty much what I was hoping for. I've seen online that some people got very very good results, but I guess they all used an airbrush. Maybe I'll look into it, I'll see if a cheap airbrush can do the job, and if I need a large space to use it. Thanks for the help everybody :)
  13. Hidronax

    Spray Paint Color Matching

    I'd be doing from spray cans, because I couldn't justify the cost of an airbrush at the moment... It gets much more tricky because I can't mix colours like this. I've tried these two cans for gold and silver, the quality of the paint seems quite good (the paint covers well the base color, the coating seems quite resistant and the detail is intact), it's just the color that is a bit off. In particular the fact that they're a bit "sparkly". I'm attaching some photos of the results and of the cans. At the moment I am working with Bionicle parts, so in a way they're not subject to the same conditions as bricks, but being quite big it is easy to get scratches maybe (from the weapons held by the character etc). I'll share results if I have more, I'll probably get a clear protective spray too. Compairson Paint used
  14. Hello! I recently bought a 3D printer and I am trying to make my own custom Lego pieces. Spray paint sticks to the custom pieces quite well, but it's being hard for me to find the right colors to match the LEGO ones. Can anyone recommend brands of spray paint for specific colors? Or maybe techniques used? I'm looking in particular for Flat Dark Gold and Flat Silver, but I'd be interested in any color you have experience with, for future reference. Thanks everybody, hopefully this topic can become a little database for people in my situation.