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  1. CDKiii

    INDEX: Armies

    Gentlemen, i'd like to udpate the Count Valentin Ladislas Esterhazy. After somes trials , i have the pleasure to show you His highness count VALENTIN LADISLAS ESTHERAZY, owner and 1st MAISTRE de CAMP (commanding officer) of the french 3rd hussars régiment in 1764. 20230314_072702 by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr 20230314_072719 by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr 20230314_072712 by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr And the old one 20230209_212731 by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr Can you find the differences?
  2. This car is really in the mood of 50's. You manage to get the spirit of this time.
  3. thank you very much for this clear answer.
  4. Is it normal that parts exported in collada files from studi.o don't have right sizes when we print them on 3d printing? It is not to produce fake parts but to design custom parts like hats or a specific saddle, but when i print it, it does not "clip" on the horse. Is it something would by the lego group to avoid copy? I hope i was clear enough in my bad english. Thanks
  5. 12 chocobrick77 15 notmarvei 25 captain flint
  6. CDKiii

    French soldiers

    No, i order it on a french online shop which is really good. But in an attempt of pursuit of improvement, i workes again on the designs, especially on the shako to make it more hussar. They loved to comb themselves with braids ( some people say that it could avoid big injuries against a saber...) and the pelisse. So i bought a 3D printer (sorry you lost a patron) and this is the results: 20230312_001514 by Aurelien Bar, sur Flickr 20230312_001531 by Aurelien Bar, sur Flickr I redesigned the sabretache and the saber too, on a full size hussar sword copy i have at home. hussard by Aurelien Bar, sur Flickr Family picture with the old design and the newest. 20230312_004850 by Aurelien Bar, sur Flickr 20230312_004923 by Aurelien Bar, sur Flickr 20230312_001647 by Aurelien Bar, sur Flickr and the other designs for other customs (chasseur à cheval without braids, hussars with the braids). shako et colback by Aurelien Bar, sur Flickr I have just a little struggle, because for me customs should stay in the lego spirit (some key feature but not with too many details) so i can't decide if i went to far from the "toyish" spirit of the lego. what do you the community of customers think?
  7. CDKiii

    [MOC] Great Army Officer and Jäger

    Thanks. It goes really well on your minifigure with the wig.
  8. CDKiii

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    You're right, lego went to far to go back. I remenber my first star wars set, the speeder bikes on andor with yellow head of scout troopers with black ski mask to make the visor of the helmet. It was a nice set.
  9. CDKiii

    [MOC] Great Army Officer and Jäger

    Wonderful, what is the id of the head?
  10. CDKiii

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Yes, but i think it looses it charm. A pirate of caribbean boat will not be mixable with a imperial fort, or a marvel building will not takes place in a city, except if you replace all minifigures. Licensed sets become a bigger part of lego catalog and the system of lego which would be everything could fit together is a little away. It is not a huge deal but it is too bad, my opinion.
  11. CDKiii

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Hello everyone, i'd like to talk about what i really dislike about lego (except the price): Why more and more minifigures have flesh skin tone insted of classic yellow. I believe that the cool thing about lego is to simplify real life stuff in a toy aspect, trying to seize some key features to make it recognisable. Reallistic skin makes it less toyish, too close to the real world, so less "legoish".
  12. CDKiii

    INDEX: Armies

    Hi noble generals are officers the beginning of an army? LORD VALENTIN LADISLAS ESTERHAZY, 1ST maistre de camp (commanding officer) and owner of the ESTERHAZY HOUZARD regiment in 1764 20230209_212731 by Aurelien Bar, sur Flickr 3rd hussard colonel (with shako) and captain of the ELITE company (with colback from @woody64's workshop) 1812. 20230209_212637 by Aurelien Bar, sur Flickr 3rd hussard colonel 1870 (maybe is it the wrong topic) 20230209_212704 by Aurelien Bar, sur Flickr If it is the wrong topic, please tell me.
  13. CDKiii

    Pad printing

    You should be right. it is so bad that these technics are so expensives. Even a white ink printer is out of access.
  14. Hi everyone, Do you think it could work with this type of device for pad printing? It seems to be the cheapest way to print white on minifigs. Stamp maker
  15. CDKiii

    Hello i'm auré

    Nice to meet you too cousine.