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Found 7 results

  1. Sudano-Sahelian building Inspired by: Great Mosque of Djenné in Mali (built in the 13th century, but reconstructed in 1907) This building is a part of a series of 21 buildings built in different architectural styles. Each building is built on one 32x32 baseplate:
  2. Breakdown in North Afrika 1942 Breakdown in North Afrika 1942 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Breakdown in North Afrika 1942 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Breakdown in North Afrika 1942 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  3. Hello there! It's been a long time since my last post. Sharing my latest MOC~ Polar bear from Arctic & lion from Africa. I hope this Moc will make people care more about the issue of climate change on our earth. Hope you guys like it. Thank you!
  4. PlayerfromTaiwan

    Wildlife Encounters

    Living in Phoenix now make me miss grass and breeze very much. Thus, I built these animals to accompany me, to free me from the freaking hot weather. I also put this creation on the LEGO IDEAS If you like these cute animals, please give me some support!!! ======================================================================
  5. PlayerfromTaiwan


    Hippo and Croc happens to be good friends but falls out finally. The last picture indicates hippo's inside out!
  6. kinggregus

    Africa Theme

    Hello Everyone, I am wondering why, in your opinion, there has never been an Africa based theme (If we exclude Pharao’s Quest). As far as I can see, over the years, there have been theme covering Latin America (Amazon), North America (Wild West), Asia (Orient Expedition, Ninja, Prince of Persia), Europe (Do I need to specify?), and we even had an arctic theme. However, Africa seems to be forgotten. I could understand that over time, the yellow minifigs may have been contrasting with such theme, however, now that Lego started making Black minifigures, there could be room for a theme covering this continent. Furthermore, when looking at the minifigure collections that have been released over the past few years, this continent seems to have been forgotten once again. Do you think that there would not be sufficient demand for such theme to be created? Or, have we been too used to the yellow minifigs? I am curious to hear about your opinions. I personally think that there is definitely some room for some diversity. On top of that, an Africa-based theme could help us gather many new animals .
  7. Mark of Falworth

    CCCX Escaping from Africa

    Part 1. I sailed out from Genoa with a feeling I would have some adventure and excitement on my voyage to the Levant; little did I know the vessel in which I was traveling would be attacked and destroyed by a fleet of Moorish pirates! I would have most certainly have drowned like my poor companions, but I just managed to climb aboard some wreckage. I stood up and looked about to find out where I was... That was my big mistake. A pirate vessel that had obviously arrived too late to help its allies, came up to where I was floating, and then one of the crew yelled in their coarse language, "Aha! By the beard of Allah, we are too late to fight, but look! Here is a wealthy Frankish merchant judging by his fancy garments! We can secure a large ransom for his safe return!" The rest of the ruffians grunted their approval of this awful scheme. It was then that I wished I had not worn my best suit… Part 2. After three days of sailing In the hands of the Moorish pirates, I arrived on the coast of what must be Africa, however, I didn't get a long look at the place for I was swiftly thrown into a small building with barred windows. I immediately began thinking of a way to escape. So a few days later, at the time I expected my guard to enter, I placed myself next to the window and pressed my face against the bars. When the guard came in I exclaimed, "Who is that damsel there? She is very beautiful, and she passes here frequently." The guard jumped to the window and looked out, As he did so, I slipped his dagger out of his sheath and hid it in my trousers, meanwhile I said, "Do you see her just going around the corner there? Ah! She is gone..." The guard stepped back and grunted, "I never get to see any beautiful damsels about in this wretched place!" He then lurched out of the room, but not without carefully locking the door behind him. Unfortunately for the pirates, I now had the means of unlocking that door... Part 3. The lock to my cell door easily gave way, it being so old and little used. As soon as I stepped out into the street I realized my uncomfortable position, here I was stranded without a penny in a pirate-held town in deepest Africa. I figured the best way out of this scrape was to steal a boat and make for the sea, I found three small fishing boats and the pirate vessel that brought me here. I sneaked onto the pirate vessel and found that it was filled with provisions ready for departure, so I raised anchor and sailed boldly out of the bay just as the sun came over the horizon. I praised the saints for my good luck and set my course for home! I can't wait to see the look on my friends' faces when I sail into Genoa as the captain of a Moorish galley..." The End See the set on Flickr. This is my first entry to the "Daring Escape" category of the CCCX. Thanks for viewing, and have a great day!