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  1. Sure, but other than outer dimmensions things are still probably incorrect. So that's something to keep in mind untill someone confirms it with real bricks. I have made some more improvements with newest update to 22253 and its tyres (the ones I own) so this one is pretty close to the real brick now. What changes I made in comparison to LDraw models: 6594 - inner diameter changes, 22253 - inner/outer diameter changes, axle/pin holes offset changes, 32180 - inner/outer diameter changes, 37383 - I have moved pin connections slighty becouse I was getting uneven offset compared to the stud placement, 32057 - outer diameter changes (I have actually used modified and cut in half 32077 for this piece), 32076 - outer diameter changes, slighty changed inner shape, 32077 - outer diameter changes, 32078 - outer diameter changes, slighty changed inner shape, 32196 - outer diameter changes, updated 3D model 32197 - outer diameter changes, updated 3D model 56907 - outer diameter changes. And here's new update: I've used ball connections for the new CV joints in order to allow movement in multiple directions. Unfortunetly I had to allow for some movement along axis that doesn't have any in real life becouse LDD was getting stuck a lot without it. Download Links: All my updates combined Update 6 ONLY
  2. @zweifuss That's exactly the trick I had in mind. Although I didn't know it is possible to do it using Brick Studio - I was editing files through hex :P and wondered how am I supposed to explain that. Here are some general tips that I wrote some time ago:
  3. You are right. I forgot to update collisions after changing the model. It's fixed now - redownload from old links.
  4. Ok, so I have finished another update. It was problematic and took a lot longer than expected due to inaccurate LDraw models. I was trying to fix dimensions based on official measures, photos and offsets for connection points I was getting. So if anyone owns any of the new parts (apart from 22253 and its tyres since I own this one) chceck if connection points/dimensions match with real bricks (by stacking bushes/connectors and seeing how much they stick out of the rim for example). Download Links: All my updates combined Update 5 ONLY
  5. @zweifuss Looks very nice, I'll dig out my UFO pieces and check how it compares :) But I have to say this - there's still room for improvement modeling-wise since your bricks requre some more work :P There are some gaps in geometry, overlaping faces, unsmoothed surfaces. I'll try to write short tutorial on how to get nice outlines in certain situations. Also, I have figured a trick on how to generate outlines on low angle surfaces (UFO dishes for example).
  6. @Stephan Maybe a missprint? I'm holding one in my hand and it's DBG :P
  7. What? No. Only LBG part is front assembly. Also your github lacks my train/rails category icon fix (MainGroupDividers/274.png).
  8. @Zerobricks, @Stephan Fixed, just redownload from the same links.
  9. Interesting find. I haven't tried to do such thing. I'm not sure what causes it. I'll look into it tomorrow. Edit: Seems like it's collision issue.
  10. New update: Download Links: All my updates combined Update 4 ONLY
  11. Sure. I'll do it with another small update that I'm currently working on. @zweifuss Very nice work :) Regarding outlines on quarter disc did you try to detach these faces so each pair would be individual? If so then we would need an option to manualy adjust their drawing angle.
  12. I had some free time so here's small and fast update. Outlines, collisions and connections as always: Download links: All my updates combined Update 3 ONLY
  13. I have finished another update, main features: Improved brick outlines on pneumatics and some other bricks, 3 new parts. Download links: My old LINK refers to all my updates merged together, New LINK refers to new/changed parts only.
  14. https://github.com/Polymaker/ldd-modder/tree/develop I have downloaded MS Visual Studio to compile it, well, I can upload compiled one if you want.