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  1. I have prepared new update. There's nothing new but it addresses two major issues with some of my parts: unintentional disconnecting parts of some assemblies while rotating making it impossible to rotate them, LDD crashing when trying to generate instructions. Download Link
  2. I bought THIS (although S5 version) and it works.
  3. Quick fix for 90 deg rotation: https://ufile.io/z5945ojy
  4. @Jurss I didn't notice that when I made it. Piston should be able to freely rotate Edit: 90 deg fix would be easy, free rotation will require more work. Anyway, I have to update some of my bricks anyway due to some new bugs I found.
  5. It's not. There's an issue with some parts. Some of the ones I made will crash, others won't. I might investigate it once I find some will to do it.
  6. Well, unless you can measure them in real life it won't be that easy to fix. I have taken all 3 files from LDraw library, so... I'm planing on getting ferrari set once it drops at least 30% in price so I'll measure it myself, but until then I'm just letting everyone know.
  7. @Stephan You have mixed my first draft version of the new ferrari arch with new extender version converted from LDraw. These won't fit together. So if anyone wants to connect both things download and overwrite them from my last update. Also there's an issue with dimensions on either new arch or white porshe one becouse new extender should fit with it but it won't. Keep this in mind for now.
  8. To anyone who downloaded it - do it again. I have made some small fixes and added 15L alternating beam.
  9. Ok, here it is. Let me know if there are any bugs. Download Links: Update 8 ONLY
  10. @Stephan Mhm, ok. I actually didn't make 15L beam yet, I'll do it tomorrow, but I have small class tire ready instead :P. But I don't see its ID and what about that new lift arm 2x3?
  11. Flexible ones yes, for the new 2021 ones I'm still waiting for numbers. I'll prepare package.
  12. @M2m Thanks. No, they aren't available for now. I think I got attributes right, strings can be tied very tight around antena for example. I have updated 3 lengths (11, 30 and 40).
  13. Some fine-tuning is required for flex attributes but it works nice:
  14. Now that I had some free time I have made some updates to my scripts, it can now export also xml part of flexible parts. I only don't know if "flexAttributes="-0.06,0.06,20,10,10"" for ball connections is some made up data or it is calculated based on something. Updated flex rod 14 and 16:
  15. @zweifuss I'm using 3D Studio Max, I have direct import/export from/to 3dmax/lego xml/g file. For .g I'm only missing outlines now, I couldn't script it when I started this topic and haven't tried since. While I can import and combine skin/flex data from both files to get fully rigged model I didn't update my xml export yet. For fixing 19L rod I have used xml that @polymaker created and changed only 3d model and its skin data. I think the derived/original author part is required by LDraw license. I'm also using: <!-- Derived from The LDraw Parts Library Orginal Author: Gerald Lasser [GeraldLasser] Edited for LDD by Equilibrium --> And in case of creating something myself/updating existing part: <!-- Created for LDD/Updated by Equilibrium --> The Last edited by: <name> <date> could be usefull in case of fixing others bricks.