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  1. Of course! I'm already in need of but 1 stud wide so that piece will do :)
  2. And small and recent new front shocks in black.
  3. Pictures of 42153 (mainly black and white with some red and blue), 42154 (dark blue) and 42155 (black on black :p) are on instagram.
  4. @suenkachun Files for torsos: Link
  5. @BrokenEye I didn't use it for the last 2 years, sorry. @suenkachun I think I understand why they mapped uv's like this. It was made so they didn't have to make unprintable border themselves, only align more or less and it was finished. I've edited uvs on torso so decoration fills whole front and I'm not sure if it looks that good. Depends on print I guess...
  6. @Stephan, @jester, @suenkachun Image is distorted because UV mapping of this part exceeds texture bounds no matter its dimensions. Range should be from 0 to 1. @BrokenEye
  7. @astyanax It's just a render of one of my first custom bricks for LDD (1st link in my signature). Based on some chinese knock off brand. They had a nice red tractor that used it as front "grille". With Lego releasing so many new panels recently we might eventually get something similar :P
  8. Like I said - it depends on bricks category. Bestsellers are shipped from Poland while standard from Denmark. If you had pieces from both, they will be split into 2 orders.
  9. @legomanijak Don't set them all to 0s :) <Collision> <Box sX="0.01" sY="0.01" sZ="0.01" angle="0" ax="1" ay="0" az="0" tx="0" ty="0" tz="0" /> </Collision> "S"s are collision scale and can't be 0 or below. You can leave it like above, this should be small enough. Angle + "A"s are angle coords leave them like this. "T"s are position coords - 0,0,0 will place collision at bricks default point. Depending on brick and its maker it will or will not collide with anything. For example technic beams default points is mostly at bottom/top in the middle of first pin hole - collision would collide with pins/axles. For plates it's mostly bottom in the middle of a stud so it should work. It depends. These are the only values you should adjust. Try to stay inside brick bounding box. If you have enabled developer mode in LDD you can press V to show collisions. You can also try polymaker's LDD Brick Editor https://github.com/Polymaker/ldd-brick-editor @M2m wrote python script for compiling unpacked files back into one lif file which allowed to use both blueprint for instructions and bluerender(bublible also) for rendering - check my avatar.
  10. I have recently ordered some parts from both categories (bestsellers and standard). The former took 3 days since they are shipping them from warehouse within our country, and the latter exactly 3 weeks.
  11. It's not your fault. Bricks without collisions will crash building guide mode. Since not fully completed pieces are allowed there might be a lot more of them. If you want to fix it "the fast way" just add 1 tiny collision inside a brick and it will work.
  12. No chance. It will be printed.
  13. @Stephan In your latest update you are using some older versions of xml files while their g ones are up to date. The xml files from my updates - the ones that I've noticed - mostly collision fixes and category changes: 80286 80268 80267 78267 71708 70644 Can be downloaded here. And there's a missing 63037.g file where I fixed that part flexing error. Can be downloaded from older update here (in updated parts folder).
  14. @Count Sepulchure, @SNIPE Default colour of extended mode bothered me for quite a while as well so I wrote a macro to brute force through all potential "red" values... Default colour is at position: 1910678 (decimal) or 1D2796h (hex) and holds at least 2 bytes. The value is material's number from material selector. Use any Hex editor on LDD.exe to change it. UPDATE: Changing this value breaks some license responsible for flexing parts. What a bummer...