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  1. Healthy competition does wonders.
  2. Thank you :) Thanks to Christmas break I've finally managed to make instructions. Published for free on rebrickable for anyone interested - https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-168217/ABC_Przyrody/mini-8446-crane-truck/
  3. @Stephan Well, I told you how I do it over a year ago :D
  4. @macouso xD You won't get far with this childish "I know everything better" attitude. And how's supposedly faster to create multiple UV cords for complicated geometry, creating dozens new decorations, assigning everything, and telling users they can't use paint tool anymore becouse YOU want to paint parts with decors? And what if user wants to create color combination you didn't think of? And how do you think - what is surfaceID? There's a reason for splitting .G and it's pretty good one once you try to think about it. Maybe becouse it is public forum? And it is completely normal for people to answer others posts? Did it occur to you by any chance? ^^ Maybe check who's an author of the topic you are posting in. A bell might ring. While at it you can check if what you see on the screen shoots seems familiar when building in LDD. Modified part on the left, fixed normals 5 min ago on the right. Go figure ;) Although I might admit it might be error on however you guys export models into Brick Editor. I made my own tools and I'm using BE only for outline generation so it's not a problem with BE directly. I glanced over that part straight to photo which focuses attention more. It's not like everyone reads every post and remember same photo used twice somewhere. And like I said above don't be surprised an author responds ^^ UPDATE: So I made fast check regarding normals. I've exported my fixed part model into .OBJ format from 3D Studio Max and imported it into BE and normals are ok. STL format doesn't work, DAE on the first try also - might need tweaking some options.
  5. Doing them like this will prevent decoring and coloring different areas of the same part. Just fix normals instead. I've updated/fixed flex rods years ago. Unless it has been messed with it's issue on your side.
  6. Looks very nice :) I'm glad you managed to enter. I kept this browser tab open whole time and was looking forward it. As for the headlights they look good, not as accurate but better than simple 1x1 round plate (wonder how such details will be treated).
  7. I'm afraid it looks a lot better than the original Man that side profile shot is great
  8. 8446 Crane Truck In 1:1.5 scale or around 66% of its original size. With all functions of an original set. Functions: Double front axle steering via HoG (with first axle steer angle being slighty larger than 2nd) Cabin opening by pushing spring-loaded mechanism at the front Crane superstructure rotation (360 degrees) via side knob Crane arm control via side knob Spring-locked grapple controlled via knob Original model: Pictures (all pictures are clickable for higher resolution - once clicked -> right click -> open picture in a new tab): Video: Thread:
  9. I've made some cosmetic changes; 1x2 plate replaced with 2x 1x1 round plate, cabin opening mechanism, stopper for crane structure for lowered resting position. And took some proper pictures with uniform background for the first time... I have to say I'm astonished how much of difference does it make. Pictures are clickable for larger resolution. Now the hardest part left - video. And original set wheel for scale:
  10. @1gor Thanks :) Grappler is rather chunky in original as well but picture angle doesn't help either :P I was checking proportions by rotating crane super structure 180 deg. and it does fit behind steering like in a set (albeit it is tight fit :p). Big shock absorber will also affect size perception for sure. At first I wanted to use smaller shock absorber but it was limiting graple opening angle so much it was unplayable so I stayed with the large one. I'm able to lower a bit resting position by not sure if it makes it look better:
  11. I'm pretty much done and quite happy with the result. I was afraid how cabin front will look like once build since in LDD it was so-so but it came out rather nice. The scale is around 1:1.5 and I managed to incorporate all features of the original set after all. Cabin is mounted on small shock absorber and can be opened by pushing yellow connector at the front.
  12. @Jundis There is a slight angle difference: Steering works by rotating middle connector which forces others to slide along axle in opposite directions moving steering liftarms. Second axle has a stop using 1L beam which limits a bit angle compared to the front one: @SaperPL I think I've found a solution. I'm waiting for remaining BL order to fully build it.
  13. Ok, I didn't write that clear enough - it will be openable since it can open wide but without damping/spring. Right now it's on an axle, not sure about friction pin. Though, i do have that axle housing piece used mostly in system sets for keeping booms up but I'm not sure if I can fit it in there.