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Found 76 results

  1. Vilhelm22

    LEGO Trains 2024

    Happy 2024 everyone. I figured that as it's now three days into the New Year it's time for a new discussion thread! So here goes with the same old history of the past few years: Standardised Train Sets 2024 ? 60423 Tram & Station ? 2023 21344 Orient Express 76423 Hogwarts Express & Hogsmeade Station 2022 60335 Train Station 60336 Freight Train 60337 High Speed Passenger Train 76405 Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition* 10308 Holiday Main Street (trolley/tram) 2021 N/A 2020 10277 Crocodile Locomotive 40370 Trains 40th Anniversary Set (GWP) 60271 Main Square (tram)  2019 70424 Ghost Train Express 71044 Disney Train  2018 75955 Hogwarts Express 60197 Passenger Train 60198 Cargo Train 60205 Tracks 60238 Switch Tracks *not L-gauge  Sets with a strikethrough are retired. Italicised sets are ones with expected imminent retirement. No actual rumours or information yet on any 'standard' 2024 trains, though this should be the place to discuss them. Fingers crossed it won't be another empty year like 2021 but I guess we wait and see! I was expecting 60198 Cargo Train to be retired back in 2022, but it seems it has replaced the 3677/60098 slot as a second available cargo train to complement 60336. Bricklink Designer Program Separately, several trains-related BL Designer Program sets have been chosen for crowdfunding, some which I'm certainly looking forward to: Series 1 (Crowdfunding February 2024, Production and Shipping July 2024): Old Train Engine Shed by Mind_the_Brick Series 2 (Refining Finalist Details September 1st 2023 - May 1st 2024, Crowdfunding June 2024, Production and Shipping November 2024): Brick Cross Train Station by brickester Logging Railway by ties25 All require 3,000 preorders to be made and have a maximum of 20,000. I can't remember how successful preorders for Studgate were bur that can probably lead to some kind of predictions for this. I'm interested to see how these play out and how popular they are. I think it could be quite an interesting year. Discuss below, and @JopieK maybe pin the topic at the top?
  2. Here's the thread for any questions, concerns, comments or discussion on the Action and Adventure Themes Forum itself. Got a review or MOC you want added to the index? Want to ask a question on Past, Present or Future Action and Adventure Themes? Would you like to nominate someone for a tag for a great achievement? Have a query on if your MOC belongs in this subforum? Ask, comment and discuss all that here.
  3. Excuse my enthusiasm but I have decided that what I really want to do is talk about my absolute favourite LEGO Elements. I also want to see what parts you like and why. There are thousands upon thousands of parts out there, from big to tiny. There are no right or wrong reasons to like elements, nor do they have to be "worthy" reasons to enjoy them. I just want to spread some positive vibes. Now to bore you all with my favourites The pointed wedge. Especially in this metallic colour. They look great, they have sharp lines that look excellent in contrast to the flatter planes of the older wedge/slopes, or the curves of the alternate types. I stick them on spaceships, I put them on aircraft and I work them in to racing cars. Very basic plant/leaf. I have this and the larger version in many colours and will spend hours creating foliage. Trees, climbing plants or just some very overgrown spaces are some of my favourite things to just build; never with any goal in mind more often than not. I have not shared many of those creations as they are never a complete MOC. However, I always chase the ideal of a natural looking plant, or an alien but still recognisable arboreal build. Tail, Rounded Top - The airplane tail from my childhood. I had Baron Von Baron's Bi-Wing plane and have loved planes since I was a small child, so MOCs of planes have long featured in my creative history. This tail, either plain or the printed versions, was used in many a creation that spent an afternoon swooshing around my bedroom and the house. Favourite printed map, hands down. Maybe I will add more later. but these are the top picks. Anyone want to join in?
  4. Is Friends the new city? Is Friends now also for boys? New video on YT Youtube video
  5. And lo, another wave come-eth. Yes, it is @x105Black's nightmares come true. (All meant in good jest and humour) As it seems there will be more Nexo Knights. 72001 Lance's Hiver Jouster 72002 Twinfector 72003 Berserker Bomber 72004 Tech Wizard Showdown 72005 Aaron's X-Bow 72006 Axl's Rolling Arsenal
  6. Great Ball Contraption (GBC) - General Discussion and Index This is a topic used for GBC general conversation, questions, hints, tips, etc. This first post will be used to maintain an Index of GBCs here on Eurobricks or other websites. Eurobricks topics LEGO GBC 8 + Building Instructions (5 modules - 2 motors) New Akiyuki GBC Instruction Index Other sources
  7. Adventurers. The theme that brought us the man, myth, minifig Johnny Thunder and his fellow explorers and treasure seekers; friend and foe alike, has reached is 25th year. A Silver Jubilee. To celebrate this cornerstone theme of Action and Adventure a major contest has arrived. There are three exciting categories to this contest and you can enter all three right up until the closing date on the 18th of August at midnight GMT, members who have joined even minutes ahead of the deadline are welcome to enter. Category A - Great Adventure: Build an adventure on a maximum 48x48 footprint. This can be an epic rebuild of an old set, a new location in a past adventure or a whole new challenge for Johnny Thunder and friends. Treasures, rivals, monsters and ruins; even after 25 years, the Adventurers are ready! While original figures or the obvious callback minifigs from more recent themes are not necessary, the figures at least have to be recognisable as Johnny Thunder and co. The prize up for Grabs is 150 Euro to spend on LEGO sets on the LEGO online shop. Category B - From the office of...: On a maximum footprint of 32x32 create the home work environment of the classic Johnny Thunder characters. From Doctor Charles Lightning's study to the Library at Sinister Mansion, everyone has a space to prepare for future adventure. As with the main category, the figures have to be recognisable as the Adventurer characters as best as possible. The prize up for Grabs is 100 Euro to spend on LEGO sets on the LEGO online shop. Category C - Ride to Adventure: Some form of vehicle for an adventurer. From All terrain truck to Dog Sled, an adventurer has to get to their goal. This one allows for Digital Entries and figures that don't have to be Adventurer theme characters. The prize up for Grabs is 50 Euro to spend on LEGO sets on the LEGO online shop Rules - No clone brands but custom figure parts/prints are acceptable. Digital entries are only accepted for the Ride to Adventure category. This must be a new MOC or otherwise significantly different to previously posted builds- For example, a nice statue build already shared can form an element of the new MOC, likewise a desk/bookshelf design. As long as it is not the main or largest part of the contest entry, recycling is allowed within reason. If a vehicle is present as part of the larger categories, it cannot be entered into the Ride to Adventure category. The Great Adventure and From the Office of builds do not have to be assembled onto a baseplate, but must demonstrably be within the stipulated footprint. A scale shot has to be included extra to the entry photos that shows the footprint (ruler, plates, outline. Anything that can be used to prove the MOC sits within the required footprint for the category). Reasonable overhang is limited to incidental points no more than 4 studs over the boundary. A tree branch, flagpole or other small features. Hight limit can be defined if it must, but for now it simply has to be a stable build that does not topple. Entries are to be posted in their own thread with up to three photos to showcase the MOC, not inclusive of the scale photo if required. Further photos can be shared in the MOC thread, indicated to be extra to the chosen entry pictures. A link for the thread must then be shared in the respective Category threads in order to be considered for the contest. Entries posted until 0:00 on 18/08/2023 will be eligible to enter. Any further questions can be asked in this thread and if pertinent will be added below this line. Category A Entry Thread Category B Entry Thread Category C Entry Thread
  8. You haven't heard this? What, are you living under a rock? So a fifth Indiana Jones movie has been announced. Steven Spielberg will be returning as director, and Harrison Ford will be returning as the titular archeologist. Discuss!
  9. Hello :D I have made a few decal design I'd like to print or get printed, but I am not sure about what is the best way to do it. Is it better to do it at home? Or is there services I can use? (I live in the UK, in case you have specific services to recommend) Most services online assume you want to print a large number of the same sticker, but it's not my case. I've seen also many people use the "laser printer" technique to print their own stickers at home. Do they turn out durable? Do they have good quality, is the dithering noticeable? In the past I had stickers printed on a PVC sticker sheet, but they were too think and didn't stick enough, so over a few hours they'd just come off round surfaces like minifigure heads. Also, they were very easily scratched, which is not great... If you don't mind sharing photos of your own custom decals, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
  10. From Brickcatch: Official Name: Land Rover Classic Defender SKU : 10317 Pieces: 2336 Theme: LEGO Icons Age: 18+ Years Price: $239.99 Release Date: 1st April 2023 Hopefully it should be of the same scale as the Mustang/Camaro. It should also include the following: Opening passenger doors Steering mechanism Opening rear door/hood
  11. I noticed recently that there's been no topic for future landmark buildings (mods please merge/delete if I'm wrong) so I thought I'd better make one. There have been 6 landmark building sets made by TLG so far: 3450 Statue of Liberty (2000) 10181 Eiffel Tower (2007) 10189 Taj Mahal (2008) 10214 Tower Bridge (2010) 10234 Sydney Opera House (2013) 10253 Big Ben (2016) The Statue of Liberty is technically not part of this line but of the 'Sculptures' line that also includes 3723 LEGO Mini-Figure and 3724 LEGO Dragon, but I have included it here as the only Creator Expert set not officially of the 'Buildings' line that is a building known worldwide. The Taj Mahal was rereleased in 2018 as 10256. But the big question is.... what next? The building has to be something that can be sold and recognised globally, and would be a very large set (the smallest so far is the Statue of Liberty with 2882 pieces). It would also probably need to be something of architectural interest - not just a big glass skyscraper (the Burj Khalifa falls into this category). Towers are possible, but as the last one was a tower, I think it's unlikely. 10253 also had a large extension to the side which made it far more interesting. If you ignore the Taj Mahal entirely (or at least the rerelease) there have been buildings in 2007, 10, 13, and 16, so it would make sense to have one in 2019. The Taj Mahal rerelease is now the only one available, as Big Ben and Tower Bridge have both just been retired from LEGO’s range. It would therefore make sense to have one this year, with no others available apart from the Taj Mahal. So what is it? Share your thoughts in the comments below - but please no 'I want' or similar.
  12. Hello Eurobricks! Brandon Pea here. I'm in a good mood this morning so I thought I'd bring up a theory about my favorite Lego game of all time (Nay! My favorite PC Game of all time). LEGO ISLAND!!!!!!! This theory is basically that LEGO City is actually LEGO Island in the present day. For some reason, every time I look back at older City sets (that being ones from 2005-2009) and even recent ones, I tend to see characters that bare a blatant resemblance to characters from the Lego Island saga......and its not just in Lego City. I mean.......doesn't one of these guys look familiar to you? I know! I know! The guy in the picture is named Ronny. Sounds like Pepper's real name to me. I even see references in other sets too. Like Nubby Stevens making an appearance in the 7638 Tow Truck from 2009? Nick Brick, Laura Brick and the Brickster in 60047? Then there is the farmer from the harvester set for 2019 who bares a striking resemblance to Red Greenbase. That's just the tip of the ice berk. If I were to give all the possible examples I know of, we'd be here until summer. But I think Lego is deliberately doing this to play with the minds of Lego Island fans. We also know that throughout time, Lego Island evolved and became a much more diverse place with cities and everything (judging from the various cutscenes throughout the video games). Lego Island obviously became too diverse so the Infomaniac decided to rename Lego Island to what we now know as Lego City. Unfortunately, this theory could also be debunked pretty easily. Lego town sets came long before Lego Island was made in 1997. But as Lego's first open world video game, it certainly made a huge impact on town fans, thus why that remains the most popular theme under Lego to this very day. Perhaps Lego wanted to continue that success and decided to base some of the minifigures off of Lego Island characters. I mean, we do see it a lot in media where one movie seems too similar to another. But I love this theory and its kind fun to overthink a little. Sound off in the forum.
  13. Edit (12/01/21) 71757 Lloyd's Ninja Mech - €9.99 71760 Jay's Thunder Dragon EVO - €19.99 71761 Zane's Power-Up Mech EVO - €9.99 71762 Kais Fire Dragon EVO - €29.99 71763 Lloyds EVO Racing Car - €29.99 71776 Jay and Nya's Race Car EVO - €49.99 71764 Ninja Training Center - €39.99 71765 Ultra Combination Ninja Mech - €84.99 71766 Lloyd's Legendary Dragon - €69.99 71767 Ninja Dojo Temple - €99.99 -Ninja Training Sets Kai, Jay and Lloyd are €9.99 each!
  14. Hello everybody! According to Insta we'll get following Friends sets for the first half of 2022: 41695 4+ Vet Clinic 41697 Turtle Protection 41700 New Camping 41701 Street Food 41702 Houseboat 41703 Friendship Treehouse 41704 Apartment Building 41706 Mission Vehicle 2022 Power The Street Food set could be nice if the house would - in contrast to the 2021 Orangic Food Shop and Cinema - have sidewalls and a second floor; but honestly I doubt that. The Apartment Building sound interesting. I hope it actually will be a building with different apartments, with long enough sidewalls and no fantasy stuff like slides or so - the 2021 Hotel showed how great Friends buildings can be if they're designed this way. What do you think?
  15. I'm amazed there isn't already a discussion topic for this, but yea, let's use this thread to talk Pixar films and related things. Personally, I love most Pixar films. Y'all probably know that the Toy Story series is my favorite trilogy of films. The next Pixar film coming out is Monsters University, which is Pixar's first prequel film. There is also talks of Finding Nemo 2 coming out in the near future. But, I particularly started this topic today as news just came out that the Cars spinoff, Planes, has been announced to be released in theaters on August 9th, 2013. It's kind of ironic as this is not going to be a film produced by Pixar. I will not be looking forward to Planes after the disaster that was Cars 2. Oh, and I really wonder if they'll make Planes LEGO sets.
  16. To those not familiar, chalk art is a kind of geoglyph cut into hillsides, mostly in England. I have been trying to make one to have in a MOC landscape. However, the mosaic technique looks too flat (For context, it is something I want to put into new Adventurer series of MOCs set within exploration of ruins closer to home ) but adding a few extra layers here and there looks too blocky or a mistake. I have been playing with SNOT techniques also but have dislike the end result more. Has anyone seen a MOC of this sort of thing before? I'd like to see how others achieved it. Any tips for it? Currently google is not bringing anything handy up and it seems to no be something people have made much, mostly a confused mix of the actual real landscape art and white LEGO horses.
  17. Hello there, I've started collecting Technic from around the 42046 times and I've owned many pre-42046 sets. PDF instructions are a godsend by LEGO and all praise goes to them for this. HOWEVER - 42000 and 42009 made my eyes bleed because of the lower resolution and bad contrast of the PDF pages. Black and DBG were a real pain there, also 2L pins on black beams - boooy did I edit some steps - contrast, colours - or watch speedbuilds on YT to see it better... As I own sets like 42037 and other - the PDFs online hurt my eyes every time I try to use them for reference. My topic has the following questions: 0. Is there any HD-topic/collection with such instructions? 1. Is it LEGAL to scan your instructions and upload them or TLG can sue you as they own the rights? 2. Is it LEGAL to re-do their instructions in and upload them somewhere /like our LDD/LXF/IO topic? 3. Is there any point in doing so? 4. Are you happy with the old PDFs? If the topic isn't according to the rules you can safely delete it - I still have my instruction booklets for the sets I own.
  18. Well, the first poster for The Lego Movie 2 has officially been unveiled. Now, it could be just me, but those proportions don't look look like that of a minifigure. They seem far more reminiscent of a mini-doll. I'm also noticing that several of the main characters are getting appearance changes - Wyldstyle has new goggles molded into her hair, as well as what looks like a scarf and bow combination, while Batman has shoulder pads that look like they're made out of car wheels, and . . I have no idea what's going on with Unikitty. Also, Metalbeard look so like he's completely differently built; more streamlined and less bulky, so that'll be cool to see. I hear we're getting our first trailer tomorrow. Hopefully we'll find out whether mini-dolls are indeed the antagonists then.
  19. Exetrius

    LEGO Dots 2022

    By popular request, a new thread for a new year of Dots! LEGO Dots 2022 Lets's start with some of the new releases: 41946: Extra DOTS – Series 6 41944: Candy Kitty Bracelet & Bag Tag 41952: Large Message Board 41949: Creative keyrings Like last year, aside from the assortment of bracelets, colourful little tiles and printed decorations, the theme brings us some innovations: charm elements, keyrings and wall signs. And also: translucent quarter circle tiles! Will you be picking up any of the sets? Is the theme worth more than the sum of its parts to you? Do you think the wall signs are low-key LEGO Art sets, or are Art sets just fancy Dots sets? Discuss!
  20. Exetrius

    Lego DOTS 2021

    Welcome to the 2021 thread! This year, the DOTS line continues to bring us an array of novelties, such as 1-stud-wide bracelets, 3x3x3 bag tags, secret storage chests, cupcakes, and... dual moulded tiles?! And that's just the start of the year, so buckle up and get ready to discuss! Go!
  21. The Brick Boss

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    Since this would technically be the start of something, I thought I'd make this page. Mods, feel free to remove this if not accurate. Otherwise, speculate away
  22. Klaus-Dieter

    Friends 2021 - Rumours & Discussion

    Hello everybody! ? A list for the Winter 2021 Friends sets appeared on the usual place: 41444 Organic Cafe (30 dollars), 41447 Park (40 dollars), 41448 Cinema (50 dollars), 41449 Andrea's House (70 dollars) and 41450 Shopping Mall (100 dollars) could be interesting if the buildings were (minimum) two floors tall, had decent sidewalls and if the colors weren't too extremely girlish, don't you think?
  23. LEGO Star Wars the complete saga has a TON of pieces that LEGO has never made. Here are some example below. I know there may be some reason why LEGO mas not made these but what exactly? I think they should really make these parts in LEGO. they would be so useful for MOCs
  24. I'm curious - What stuff do you use in/for MOC-ing besides Lego? I feel it's a bit like fishing - you can do with just the bare minimum - a stick, a string and a bait, but a folding chair, a good fishing rod and a beer makes it a lot better as an experience. So, let's summarize a MOC builder's starter toolkit :) My toolkit for MOCs is the following: 0. Lego pieces - no way of skipping those 0. Organizers or big plastic trays to have the parts accessible and visible Scale model car/truck/tank/thing for referencing and proportions - I've used a VW camper van 1/32 toy for real-life measuring - saved me a lot of time. /optional/ Bunch of google images and youtube videos of the MOC's topic - to get a feel of the proportions and/or mechanisms inside. For C-models - always open tab with the set's inventory - helps fight over-committing pieces in non-essential places. PDF instructions of other MOCs or official Lego models if I need to borrow a mechanism or technique idea. Sariel's toolkit - - very good tools, honestly. The scale tool and the thumbnail generator do wonders. I'm not that advanced in Technic building to use the gears tool yet. LDD/ / LDcad / Mecabricks - if/when you go digital / or create instructions later/ Empty table, two A2 posters converted to a white backdrop, a tripod and my phone / cheap camera / for some glory shots to be shared later. 4x the time I think it should take... /Then add 2x time again for all the glory shots/videos of the mechanisms/* *Yes, time is a tool too ;) Environmentally - what helps you MOC? Separate desk? Wall of organizers? Any kind of music that helps you work better? Or podcasts? I've made my best MOCs during the night listening to Joe Rogan's podcasts. I don't feel sleepy if a podcast is running. Living on a boulevard makes day moc-ing a bit harder - night time's quietness makes me work better. I build on my work desk at home - a wireless keyboard does wonders for your space :) What software do you use? For digital building PDF editting Image editting Video editting For me it's for digital building and PDF generation. The flex tool is terrible, but the other stuff in it has a flow. I've tried LDcad but I'm lost there. LDD is clunky too, maybe they need more time to get the results I want. Mecabricks is enigma to me - I mainly use it on work pcs as a 3D model viewer. For images and video - the embedded Photos app + Paint 3D /Windows 10/ are sufficient. You can crop and adjust lighting. Not great, not terrible. The video editor is very basic but to the point. Paint 3D is actually quite capable while still being not very rich in functionality. You can copy paste the below text for your entries in this topic if you wish :) Thank you for your time
  25. DISCUSSION TOPIC (THIS IS NOT THE HALL OF FAME!) Welcome to the Technic Hall of Fame Discussion topic. Recently, we have created the Technic Hall of Fame! The Hall of Fame is used to eternalize some of the amazing MOCs created by our very own respected Eurobricks members. Criteria When will a MOC be added to the Hall of Fame? Frontpaged MOCs will be added to the Hall of Fame Contest winners Possibly some older iconic MOCs When it fits the "Could this be sitting on Blakbirds shelf?!" criterium MOC needs to have it's own Eurobricks topic MOC should have it's own Eurobricks topic submitted by the builder of the MOC MOC needs to be Technic, Model Team or Mindstorms Jury Who decides which MOCs fit the bill? Models will be elected by Technic staff members and some gifted builders (whose identities will remain unknown), known as the Chosen Ones Suggestions can be posted in this topic, but ultimately the jury decides Update frequency When will the Hall of Fame be updated? There's no fixed time frame It can take a while between updates (adding entries) How New Entries Are Added The editor will first make place holders, he adds new entry's in one big clump (when time is available). The editor prepares the new entry's in advance on a secrete part of the forum. You will be (or should be) aware that the forum has a time limit that needs to be reached in order to make a separate reply and not to merge with a existing reply if it is the same forum member , this means that each new entry gets post separate reply. This also allows the editor to link to that reply directly. Guidelines I know these guidelines might sound a bit harsh or unfriendly, but I hope you'll understand that they are necessary, in order to make this work for everyone, and for staff members in particular. So please refrain from: Sending suggestions via PM to staff members (we read the forum too, we'll see great MOCs) Elaborate debate with staff members (I like this one better than that one, so why is it not in the Hall of Fame?) Asking questions like "when will this MOC be added?" Asking questions like "why hasn't this MOC been added?" Suggesting of hundreds of old great MOCs So am I even allowed to do something in this discussion topic?! Of course you are! Have a civilized discussion with other members (and staff) Suggest MOCs for the Hall of Fame. Post ideas and suggestions about the Hall of Fame setup Hopefully we will have a great Hall of Fame for the years to come! NOTE When posting suggestions.... PLEASE ADD AN IMAGE AND LINK TO EB TOPIC TO YOUR POST!!