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Found 60 results

  1. Since this would technically be the start of something, I thought I'd make this page. Mods, feel free to remove this if not accurate. Otherwise, speculate away
  2. Great Ball Contraption (GBC) - General Discussion and Index This is a topic used for GBC general conversation, questions, hints, tips, etc. This first post will be used to maintain an Index of GBCs here on Eurobricks or other websites. Eurobricks topics LEGO GBC 8 + Building Instructions (5 modules - 2 motors) New Akiyuki GBC Instruction Index Other sources
  3. captainmib

    Flaperons [IDEAS]

    Flaperons are a combination of flaps and ailerons, found on various airplanes. Thanks to @MinusAndy and @Jeroen Ottens for sparking this topic. I've had the following idea for ages, but it can use some perfection. (I think I've borrowed this idea somewhere) Red - Input for flaps Yellow + Turntable - Input for ailerons Combined - Flaperons Please post your ideas, suggestions, or questions in this topic.
  4. Excuse my enthusiasm but I have decided that what I really want to do is talk about my absolute favourite LEGO Elements. I also want to see what parts you like and why. There are thousands upon thousands of parts out there, from big to tiny. There are no right or wrong reasons to like elements, nor do they have to be "worthy" reasons to enjoy them. I just want to spread some positive vibes. Now to bore you all with my favourites The pointed wedge. Especially in this metallic colour. They look great, they have sharp lines that look excellent in contrast to the flatter planes of the older wedge/slopes, or the curves of the alternate types. I stick them on spaceships, I put them on aircraft and I work them in to racing cars. Very basic plant/leaf. I have this and the larger version in many colours and will spend hours creating foliage. Trees, climbing plants or just some very overgrown spaces are some of my favourite things to just build; never with any goal in mind more often than not. I have not shared many of those creations as they are never a complete MOC. However, I always chase the ideal of a natural looking plant, or an alien but still recognisable arboreal build. Tail, Rounded Top - The airplane tail from my childhood. I had Baron Von Baron's Bi-Wing plane and have loved planes since I was a small child, so MOCs of planes have long featured in my creative history. This tail, either plain or the printed versions, was used in many a creation that spent an afternoon swooshing around my bedroom and the house. Favourite printed map, hands down. Maybe I will add more later. but these are the top picks. Anyone want to join in?
  5. Here's the thread for any questions, concerns, comments or discussion on the Action and Adventure Themes Forum itself. Got a review or MOC you want added to the index? Want to ask a question on Past, Present or Future Action and Adventure Themes? Would you like to nominate someone for a tag for a great achievement? Have a query on if your MOC belongs in this subforum? Ask, comment and discuss all that here.
  6. DISCUSSION TOPIC (THIS IS NOT THE HALL OF FAME!) Welcome to the Technic Hall of Fame Discussion topic. Recently, we have created the Technic Hall of Fame! The Hall of Fame is used to eternalize some of the amazing MOCs created by our very own respected Eurobricks members. Criteria When will a MOC be added to the Hall of Fame? Frontpaged MOCs will be added to the Hall of Fame Contest winners Possibly some older iconic MOCs When it fits the "Could this be sitting on Blakbirds shelf?!" criterium MOC needs to have it's own Eurobricks topic MOC should have it's own Eurobricks topic submitted by the builder of the MOC MOC needs to be Technic, Model Team or Mindstorms Jury Who decides which MOCs fit the bill? Models will be elected by Technic staff members and some gifted builders (whose identities will remain unknown), known as the Chosen Ones Suggestions can be posted in this topic, but ultimately the jury decides Update frequency When will the Hall of Fame be updated? There's no fixed time frame It can take a while between updates (adding entries) How New Entries Are Added The editor will first make place holders, he adds new entry's in one big clump (when time is available). The editor prepares the new entry's in advance on a secrete part of the forum. You will be (or should be) aware that the forum has a time limit that needs to be reached in order to make a separate reply and not to merge with a existing reply if it is the same forum member , this means that each new entry gets post separate reply. This also allows the editor to link to that reply directly. Guidelines I know these guidelines might sound a bit harsh or unfriendly, but I hope you'll understand that they are necessary, in order to make this work for everyone, and for staff members in particular. So please refrain from: Sending suggestions via PM to staff members (we read the forum too, we'll see great MOCs) Elaborate debate with staff members (I like this one better than that one, so why is it not in the Hall of Fame?) Asking questions like "when will this MOC be added?" Asking questions like "why hasn't this MOC been added?" Suggesting of hundreds of old great MOCs So am I even allowed to do something in this discussion topic?! Of course you are! Have a civilized discussion with other members (and staff) Suggest MOCs for the Hall of Fame. Post ideas and suggestions about the Hall of Fame setup Hopefully we will have a great Hall of Fame for the years to come! NOTE When posting suggestions.... PLEASE ADD AN IMAGE AND LINK TO EB TOPIC TO YOUR POST!!
  7. Thanks to a instagram account called "@mini_legogo" I know that lego will release more 2 (or even more) police sets . -The first set is 60273 and is probably called "Heavy Driller Pursuit" because includes a Police car and a Small Red Driller, this set have two exclusive minifigures from Lego City Adventures tv show. Sam Grizzled and Hacksaw Hank, Sam Grizzled now have a new suit that sounds strange. A new police subtheme !? -And the other set is 60274 and had an helicopter, a raft and a dockside lighthouse, but this set don't include new exclusive minifigures but includes Rooky Partnur and Vito. This set can be called "raft arrest". I don't know the release date, probably august like the avengers sets. Here is a vídeo that shows the new summer Police sets.
  8. Greetings, adventurers! As you have probably seen, the next Creator Expert set, 10273 Haunted House, was announced this morning and it features many references to Adventurers and other themes as it is designed to be a fairground ride that is modeled after the manor of the notorious villain Samuel Von Barron. There is a large haunted portrait of the baron, a sign saying "Manor Von Barron" and several stolen artifacts from the Egypt and Orient Expedition subthemes. So my question is: is this canon to the Adventurers theme? If so, that opens up a lot of questions. We don't know how accurately the fairground operators recreated Sam's manor, but assuming it is accurate, we can gleam a lot of information from it. First, let's talk about the name. Baron Von Barron's infamous name change to Sam Sinister has been confusing Lego fans to this day, and TLG is muddying the waters even more here by calling him Samuel Von Barron which seems to be a combination of the two. Is this his real full name and was "Sinister" just a nickname? The portrait has a play feature that causes Pharaoh Hotep to appear behind the baron. This suggests that the baron was cursed by the pharaoh, possibly for stealing all of these treasures. Did the baron die from this curse? On the other side of the manor, there is "strange altar" with skull candles, a chalice, and a vassal with some dark red contents. There is also a skeleton with a top hat just like the one that both Sam and Slyboots (a.k.a. the other Sam Sinister) used to wear hanging from chains from the ceiling. This has some surprisingly dark implications. Did Sam used to practice some kind of blood rituals up here? Is the skeleton meant to be him or Slyboots or someone else? Were the rituals meant to free him of the curse? There is also a red snake hiding under the table which according to a German Adventurers audio drama is venomous and killed the first people who raided Pharaoh Hotep's tomb as part of his curse, so it would make sense that Baron von Barron would suffer the same fate. There is a coat of arms over the manor that references Fright Knights, specifically set 6007 Bat Lord. Does this mean that Sam is a descendant of Basil the Bat Lord?! As a fan of both Adventurers and Fright Knights, I am absolutely fine with accepting that as canon! There is also one of Ogel's orb bombs from Alpha Team in the attic along with a rusting Junkbot. Does the baron have some kind of connection to Ogel? There might be even more interesting references that I missed, but this gives us a lot to think about. So what do you think? Do all these things mean what I think they mean? Or am I just overthinking some fun easter eggs in a silly haunted house set? It's probably the latter, but either way, discuss!
  9. Hello Eurobricks! Pooda here. I'm in a good mood this morning so I thought I'd bring up a theory about my favorite Lego game of all time (Nay! My favorite PC Game of all time). LEGO ISLAND!!!!!!! This theory is basically that LEGO City is actually LEGO Island in the present day. For some reason, every time I look back at older City sets (that being ones from 2005-2009) and even recent ones, I tend to see characters that bare a blatant resemblance to characters from the Lego Island saga......and its not just in Lego City. I mean.......doesn't one of these guys look familiar to you? I know! I know! The guy in the picture is named Ronny. Sounds like Pepper's real name to me. I even see references in other sets too. Like Nubby Stevens making an appearance in the 7638 Tow Truck from 2009? Nick Brick, Laura Brick and the Brickster in 60047? Then there is the farmer from the harvester set for 2019 who bares a striking resemblance to Red Greenbase. That's just the tip of the ice berk. If I were to give all the possible examples I know of, we'd be here until summer. But I think Lego is deliberately doing this to play with the minds of Lego Island fans. We also know that throughout time, Lego Island evolved and became a much more diverse place with cities and everything (judging from the various cutscenes throughout the video games). Lego Island obviously became too diverse so the Infomaniac decided to rename Lego Island to what we now know as Lego City. Unfortunately, this theory could also be debunked pretty easily. Lego town sets came long before Lego Island was made in 1997. But as Lego's first open world video game, it certainly made a huge impact on town fans, thus why that remains the most popular theme under Lego to this very day. Perhaps Lego wanted to continue that success and decided to base some of the minifigures off of Lego Island characters. But I love this theory and its kind fun to overthink a little. Sound off in the forum.
  10. Thought I'd make a forum about a topic like this. Note: there is no confirmation of characters here. These are just ideas. This is also not another "Ideas for sets" forum. This forum is for ideas for new LCA characters only. So without further a do, spam the forum with your character ideas.
  11. I'm amazed there isn't already a discussion topic for this, but yea, let's use this thread to talk Pixar films and related things. Personally, I love most Pixar films. Y'all probably know that the Toy Story series is my favorite trilogy of films. The next Pixar film coming out is Monsters University, which is Pixar's first prequel film. There is also talks of Finding Nemo 2 coming out in the near future. But, I particularly started this topic today as news just came out that the Cars spinoff, Planes, has been announced to be released in theaters on August 9th, 2013. It's kind of ironic as this is not going to be a film produced by Pixar. I will not be looking forward to Planes after the disaster that was Cars 2. Oh, and I really wonder if they'll make Planes LEGO sets.
  12. Brandon Pea

    Ideas for Brick Boxes

    City should release these more often. C'mon Lego! Please do a fire or medical brick box next!
  13. Brandon Pea

    MOC City Bus Terminal

    This is my MOC Bus Terminal building. I didn't really care for the half-butt bus terminal we got in 2017. Here is how I would've done it. Play-ability is still a factor. The bus terminal includes a seating area, clock tower and an office for the terminal manager to hang. I actually plan to push the baseplate out a little so there shall be enough room between the bus and the building. Part of the inspiration came from Classic Town set number 379-1 titled Bus Station. This MOC is a modern day CITYfied version of the sets.
  14. Since BrickHeadz are really hitting it off this year and with the release of Lego’s fourth cinematic movie next year, you can almost guarantee another year of BrickHeadz. Which characters are you expecting from TLM2 theme? What about other themes? Potentially Overwatch BrickHeadz?...
  15. Well, the first poster for The Lego Movie 2 has officially been unveiled. Now, it could be just me, but those proportions don't look look like that of a minifigure. They seem far more reminiscent of a mini-doll. I'm also noticing that several of the main characters are getting appearance changes - Wyldstyle has new goggles molded into her hair, as well as what looks like a scarf and bow combination, while Batman has shoulder pads that look like they're made out of car wheels, and . . I have no idea what's going on with Unikitty. Also, Metalbeard look so like he's completely differently built; more streamlined and less bulky, so that'll be cool to see. I hear we're getting our first trailer tomorrow. Hopefully we'll find out whether mini-dolls are indeed the antagonists then.
  16. Being a rather slow subforum here on Eurobricks, I thought I'd start this discussion to help liven it up, since many here I'm sure have a personal favorite as far as Brickfilmers go. If not anyone in particular, perhaps just a specific Brickfilm. There are many great Brickfilms out there, but still, my all time favorite will still be Fancy Pants's Force Unleashed Brickfilm. After seven years now, it still such a mindblowing piece of work! Now an overall great Brickfilmer who's work I thoroughly enjoy is Brotherhood Workshop, who is not only a great Brickfilmer, but a hilarious one at that! He does not resort to over the top violence or profanity, but just good old-fashioned, fast pased slapstick humor. Here are two personal favorites of mine, one done for HISHE, which both great!
  17. Good day! Sometimes I make MOCs that don't deserve a topic, or simply have WIP concepts that I don't publish . This will serve as a place where I post my WIP creations that may end being a MOC , and small sized MOCs which are too simple to post a video or create a topic.
  18. Peppermint_M

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Alrighty then, we're not finished visiting Elvendale! Discuss 41190: Emily Jones' Eagle Escape 41191: 41192: Axari and the Capture of the Pound Lion 41193: Aira and the Wind Song Dragon 41194: Noctura Tower and the Rescue of the Earth Fox
  19. And lo, another wave come-eth. Yes, it is @x105Black's nightmares come true. (All meant in good jest and humour) As it seems there will be more Nexo Knights. 72001 Lance's Hiver Jouster 72002 Twinfector 72003 Berserker Bomber 72004 Tech Wizard Showdown 72005 Aaron's X-Bow 72006 Axl's Rolling Arsenal
  20. Personally, I think a LEGO Superman movie would be good. It could be like a parody of Superman's origin, where it tries shoe-horning in as much stuff as possible like Supergirl, Doomsday, Luthor, Brainiac, Zod, obscure Silver Age baddies, etc.
  21. Pop-Up Book was approved and will be become an official LEGO set!
  22. Discuss rumours regarding 2018 Friends sets in this topic. No wish lists or "what I would like to see" please. Edit by Pandora to add High-Res pictures. 2018 LEGO Friends Sets 41327 Mia's Bedroom 41328 Stephanie's Bedroom 41329 Olivia's Deluxe Bedroom 41330 Stephanie's Soccer Practice 41332 Emma's Art Stand 41333 Olivia's Mission Vehicle 41334 Andrea's Park Performance 41335 Mia's Tree House 41336 Emma's Art Café 41338 Stephanie's Sports Arena 41339 Mia's Campervan 41340 Friendship House 41341 Andrea's Bedroom 41342 Emma's Deluxe Bedroom 41343 Heartlake City Airplane Tour 41344 Andrea's Accessories Store 41345 Heartlake City Pet Centre 41347 Heartlake City Resort 41348 Service and Care Truck 41349 Drifting Diner 41350 Spinning Brushes Car Wash 41351 Creative Tuning Shop 41352 The Big Race Day 41353 Friends Advent Calendar No pictures yet. 41346 Friendship Box Friends Juniors Sets 10748 Emma's Pet Party 10749 Mia's Organic Food Market 10763 Stephanie's Lakeside House Polybags 30403 Olivia's Remote Control Boat No pictures yet 30404 Friendship Flower 30405 Stephanie's Hockey Practice No pictures yet Pods 853774 Olivia's Satellite Pod 853775 Andrea's DJ Pod 853776 Emma's Photo Studio Pod 853777 Mia's Exploration Pod 853778 Stephanie's Pool Pod 5005236 Friends Clubhouse
  23. According to @Sir von Lego in the Architecture 2017 topic, TLG will release Las Vegas and Shanghai skylines next year.
  24. Discuss rumours regarding 2018 City sets in this topic. No wish lists or "what I would like to see" please.
  25. Discuss rumours regarding 2018 Speed Champions sets in this topic. No wish lists or "what I would like to see" please.