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  1. Personally, I think a LEGO Superman movie would be good. It could be like a parody of Superman's origin, where it tries shoe-horning in as much stuff as possible like Supergirl, Doomsday, Luthor, Brainiac, Zod, obscure Silver Age baddies, etc.
  2. Discuss rumours regarding 2018 Speed Champions sets in this topic. No wish lists or "what I would like to see" please.
  3. Discuss rumours regarding 2018 City sets in this topic. No wish lists or "what I would like to see" please.
  4. Great Ball Contraption (GBC) - General Discussion and Index This is a topic used for GBC general conversation, questions, hints, tips, etc. This first post will be used to maintain an Index of GBCs here on Eurobricks or other websites. Eurobricks topics LEGO GBC 8 + Building Instructions (5 modules - 2 motors) New Akiyuki GBC Instruction Index Other sources
  5. Purism

    I notice there is less resistance against using non-Lego solutions in this board than in the past. In a recent topic about pulleys for a crane,, at least three different people suggest modding pulleys by changing the axle hole, while the same problem can be easily solved by putting the wheels on a bar instead of an axle. In a recent topic about turntables,, the first suggestions are to use AFOL custom part designs. This is suggested before anyone even thinks about how this can be done in Lego. In, someone built a miniature verson of 8865 using only the springs from the shock absorber parts and the first 20 replies made no mention of that specific point. (What speaks in favor of the builder though, is that he provided an alternative solution using rubber bands.) I thought this was a forum about Lego, where people use Lego pieces to solve problems, without "cheating". I remembered the days where if you used a modified piece your MOC wasn't even considered a Lego model by many people. Nowadays, there's hardly mention on this and it sometimes feels that I'm the only person here that still cares, that can't appreciate a model if the builder copped out somewhere. My rule still is, If you can't do it in Lego, then you can't do it. And a model that doesn't do it is better to me than a model that does it by cheating. After all, if you're allowing A, then why not allow B, and then C, all the way to Z and if that happens, what are we even doing? I understand 3D printing has something to do with it, but isn't the whole sport that you have a limited set of pieces that you'll have to do with, and that that means that some things can't be done? Isn't that the whole idea? I mean, if everything can be done, where's the achievement in doing it? Having done my bit of a rant, I am curious to see how others are seeing this. Have others also noticed a trend over the years? What are your opinions on it? What are your opinions on purism vs. using non-Lego solutions? Do you use non-Lego, and if so, why? What's OK to you and what's not, and why? Custom string? Custom stickers/prints? Custom tyres? Custom coloring? Custom springs? Can you define a limit that makes clear what's within and what's outside? If it's not clear, how do you handle the gray area? If you're an extensive user of non-Lego solutions, why are you into Lego instead of scale modeling in general? What are your opinions about all this?
  6. DISCUSSION TOPIC (THIS IS NOT THE HALL OF FAME!) Welcome to the Technic Hall of Fame Discussion topic. Recently, we have created the Technic Hall of Fame! The Hall of Fame is used to eternalize some of the amazing MOCs created by our very own respected Eurobricks members. Criteria When will a MOC be added to the Hall of Fame? Frontpaged MOCs will be added to the Hall of Fame Contest winners Possibly some older iconic MOCs When it fits the "Could this be sitting on Blakbirds shelf?!" criterium MOC needs to have it's own Eurobricks topic MOC should have it's own Eurobricks topic submitted by the builder of the MOC MOC needs to be Technic, Model Team or Mindstorms Jury Who decides which MOCs fit the bill? Models will be elected by Technic staff members and some gifted builders (whose identities will remain unknown), known as the Chosen Ones Suggestions can be posted in this topic, but ultimately the jury decides Update frequency When will the Hall of Fame be updated? There's no fixed time frame It can take a while between updates (adding entries) How New Entries Are Added The editor will first make place holders, he adds new entry's in one big clump (when time is available). The editor prepares the new entry's in advance on a secrete part of the forum. You will be (or should be) aware that the forum has a time limit that needs to be reached in order to make a separate reply and not to merge with a existing reply if it is the same forum member , this means that each new entry gets post separate reply. This also allows the editor to link to that reply directly. Guidelines I know these guidelines might sound a bit harsh or unfriendly, but I hope you'll understand that they are necessary, in order to make this work for everyone, and for staff members in particular. So please refrain from: Sending suggestions via PM to staff members (we read the forum too, we'll see great MOCs) Elaborate debate with staff members (I like this one better than that one, so why is it not in the Hall of Fame?) Asking questions like "when will this MOC be added?" Asking questions like "why hasn't this MOC been added?" Suggesting of hundreds of old great MOCs So am I even allowed to do something in this discussion topic?! Of course you are! Have a civilized discussion with other members (and staff) Suggest MOCs for the Hall of Fame. Post ideas and suggestions about the Hall of Fame setup Hopefully we will have a great Hall of Fame for the years to come! NOTE When posting suggestions.... PLEASE ADD AN IMAGE AND LINK TO EB TOPIC TO YOUR POST!!
  7. And lo, another wave come-eth. Yes, it is @x105Black's nightmares come true. (All meant in good jest and humour) As it seems there will be more Nexo Knights.
  8. Being a rather slow subforum here on Eurobricks, I thought I'd start this discussion to help liven it up, since many here I'm sure have a personal favorite as far as Brickfilmers go. If not anyone in particular, perhaps just a specific Brickfilm. There are many great Brickfilms out there, but still, my all time favorite will still be Fancy Pants's Force Unleashed Brickfilm. After seven years now, it still such a mindblowing piece of work! Now an overall great Brickfilmer who's work I thoroughly enjoy is Brotherhood Workshop, who is not only a great Brickfilmer, but a hilarious one at that! He does not resort to over the top violence or profanity, but just good old-fashioned, fast pased slapstick humor. Here are two personal favorites of mine, one done for HISHE, which both great!
  9. Since various Power Functions Controllers are popping up lately, I figured it might be a nice idea to have an Index combined with a General Discussion topic. CONTROLLERS SmartBrick (SBrick) General Discussion BuWizz - High Performance LEGO Power Functions Controller BlueSmartControl INPUT DEVICES Control SBrick with Android Game Controller
  10. Said by @Sir von Lego. What do you think?
  11. Discuss rumours regarding 2018 Friends sets in this topic. No wish lists or "what I would like to see" please.
  12. Good day! Sometimes I make MOCs that don't deserve a topic, or simply have WIP concepts that I don't publish . This will serve as a place where I post my WIP creations that may end being a MOC , and small sized MOCs which are too simple to post a video or create a topic.
  13. Hello All: I'm starting this topic as a way for LEGO Train fans to ask questions about sets, track compatibility, power systems, and any other questions pertaining to LEGO Trains. All are invited to participate. Edit: Please note that set discontinuation should be discussed in the appropriate thread.
  14. Personally, I'd like to visit the UK. For one thing, I'm part-British, and I also have a lot of friends from the UK, including one of my best friend's girlfriend.. whom he hasn't seen in months, sadly.
  15. HEY All, LEGO We are two flourishing LEGO FANS who have decided to dedicate our Thesis research to an extensive study of the LEGO user's impressions on the LEGO Ideas platform and the fan contribution to TLG - basically on all of you!! SO, we would like to ask you 4 brief questions, which will be used as qualitative data in our thesis.1. How and why has the LEGO Ideas changed your perception of TLG?2. What would it take for you to feel alienated by LEGO in terms of their new ideas for co-creation? Or can LEGO do no wrong when it comes to creating with fans? 3. Would you say that LEGO co-creating with fans have made you more loyal to the brand? How? 4. Did the Lego Ideas Test Lab influence your perception of TLG? THANK YOU for any comments and responses!AND if ANY of you would like to help us even more - we would like to set up a skype-chat / informal interview with you, it will take no more than 10-15 minutes of your time It would be greatly appreciated!!
  16. The year 2017 will host some of the best SciFi movies. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, teaser. Ghost In The Shell, official trailer. Finally a teaser is up for the upcoming 'Blade Runner 2049' movie. Alien: Covenant, official trailer. Any thoughts so far? I can only think of one thing; neo-noir cyberpunk dystopian easthetics.
  17. I'm amazed there isn't already a discussion topic for this, but yea, let's use this thread to talk Pixar films and related things. Personally, I love most Pixar films. Y'all probably know that the Toy Story series is my favorite trilogy of films. The next Pixar film coming out is Monsters University, which is Pixar's first prequel film. There is also talks of Finding Nemo 2 coming out in the near future. But, I particularly started this topic today as news just came out that the Cars spinoff, Planes, has been announced to be released in theaters on August 9th, 2013. It's kind of ironic as this is not going to be a film produced by Pixar. I will not be looking forward to Planes after the disaster that was Cars 2. Oh, and I really wonder if they'll make Planes LEGO sets.
  18. LEGO DC Comics Discussion

    This is a forum where you can discuss multiple topics on DC and upload an MOCs, leaks, rumours and more. Is anyone doing the Rebrick competition
  19. Introduction Hello, I present to you, my new, first fully-finished MOC and entry to TC10: The 'pneumatic press'! About I wanted to participate in the contest, and it should not be a problem for me since i have 42043 with all it's pneumatics. I didn't want however to create another vehicle. I really like the Hydraulic press channel so i decided to make a hydraulic press, well a pneumatic press to be precise. So here it is. I am creating the discussion topic after the build but that is perfectly fine because i have progress pictures which i will show you. If you have suggestions for mods etc. you are free to suggest. There are for sure a few flaws which can be made better. so it has a few functions - You can move the platform to position your part (2 yellow knob gears). You can move it for-/backwards and sideways. - The yellow blast shield can be opened with a small pneumatic cilinder. - There is a big cilinder for pressing. All controls can be found at the front. For safety there is a blast shield, just like in real presses. Building progress I realised that i had to make progress pictures when i was here: I had then made the positioning and i added a pneumatic pump. I made the platform such that it can handle a lot of weight, well it remains ABS plastic but i made sure to build it such that it doesnt fall apart when there's weight on the platform. As said, you can move the white platform sideways and for/backwards. This is done with gear racks. one knob gear is moving with the platform (in one direction). I can make something so that it doesnt move but that would make my MOC even uglier and i don't think it is a real problem. My plan was first to put the pump in the top, so that the tubes dont have to go up the pump. Later, i realised that you need a control panel and that the switches have to be at the bottom. So i added the pneumatic pump at the bottom. I didn't like an exposed pump so i used a beam and a lever mechanism which you will see in a video further down, OR in the final entry video. My first function is the blast shield. It works pretty nice and the blast shield doesnt look that bad. What i don't like is that the supports stick out. The blast shield cant clap up 90 degrees, but i don't think that is needed and it would make it a lot more complicated. then i built the cilinder for pressing. It only has one attachment point so i had to make a frame such that it can't swing. the 4l axles, next to the pins, will later be replaced with 7l axles but you will see later on. This will be attached to the frame This cilinder also has to be connected to the switches and when all the tubing is done, the underside looks like this you can actually see that i had too little space for all the tubes so i gave him 4 feet (the LBG rims). then i need to do panels to work it off. You can see that i used some frames and beams to make the top part stiffer. between the black panels, come the grey panels which can fold out On top of that goes a cover which wont be attached with pins. This is so you can easliy see through and repair/change something. Now it is done, finished. here is one more picture The way the black panels are attached is really ugly. Then i built in in LDD, this way i can see exactly how it is made and where it is the weakest. file can be found at the bottom. While building i changed the model a bit. I replaced 2l pins with 3l pins. Red pins with axle connectors for regular pins, and added extra pins for more firmness. i also changed the way the black pannels are attached and i added a some beams. On the cover i added 2 red 5l beams so you can pick it up more easily. the final version is the one, made in LDD. Of course there are no pneumatics but it is pretty clear where they have to come. It is very good visible on the pictures. I couldnt find a few parts in LDD so i used something else. Updates/Changes Let me know what you think. What are good and what are bad things about it. Feel free to suggest changes because a MOC is never perfect. I haven't done measurements like part count weight, volume etc. but if you want to i can do that. does anybody know when i can enter my moc in the entry topic? Upgrade 1: post #13 I am not gonne upgrade the lxf file, maybe later. Here is the lxf file: pneumapress.lxf
  20. You haven't heard this? What, are you living under a rock? So a fifth Indiana Jones movie has been announced. Steven Spielberg will be returning as director, and Harrison Ford will be returning as the titular archeologist. Discuss!
  21. Landmarks Discussion

    Hello! I've created this topic to discuss about anything related to landmark sets (Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Big Ben, etc.) You can talk about what you'd like to see as far as landmarks go, ask questions, post your opinion about any set, well, anything that's related to these beauties! To start off, I'd like to ask what everyone would like the next landmark(s) set(s) to be. For me, I'd see the Arc de Triomphe as a very good candidate. Even if the build would be mostly white bricks, I think it would make for a very nice display set. I've also thought about the Rome's Coliseum, but I think the build would be too repetitive, even for a landmark set.
  22. Recently I have been thinking about why Lego is so popular as a brand. It has so many themes and licenses underneath its belt. It lead me to wonder why is the theme so popular? Now many can say that it is because of the "nostalgia" of being a kid, and remembering of more simple times. It could also be because of the licenses that it holds, and what memories they hold for more adult fans. The simplicity could be another aspect that people enjoy, and the amount of imaginative play and experience that it holds for the people. Now these days though, it seems video games are where children attention is going to. Minecraft possibly being the largest of these, think about it though. A parent can buy their child Minecraft for around $23. This would give the child unlimited play, and best of all the parents save money. Why should a parent buy their kid a toy that they will forget about in a week, when the child can create their own world in their computers. It the begs another question. Where is the future of this beloved toy? It seems as though the adult market for these toys is increasing and could potentially dominate the market, taking kids over. Then eventually the adults will start to "go", and that leaves the company in a weird position. Do you see Lego declining in 10, 20, or even 50 years? Hopefully I can get some good responses out of this and just see, what makes the toy so great and where it will go in the future.
  23. Exactly as the title says. In the wake of a lot of people being disappointed about the 42056 Porsche set, I’ve decided to create this topic so that we can discuss the ideal features of our personal greatest supercar, and see what kind of overlap there is. There are 3 major sub categories for the things wanted, so I’ve divided it up accordingly. Looks: If it’s a real car, what make/manufacturer? Or should it be something original? Full body, or 8848 style framed body? Color? 1:8 or 1:10? Large model, or smaller, dense one? Features: What kind of engine? Remote control, or no remote control? Power Functions (Lights and/or motors), or no? Which of these features matter to you? Brakes Four wheel steering Windshield wipers Active aerodynamics Adjustable seats Realistic suspension geometry, I.E. Ackerman correction, caster, kingpin inclination, a suspension type that is not double wishbone. Convertible top Locking or limited slip differentials Is a manual gearbox fine, or would some kind of sequential gearbox be preferred? Extra steering knob, or just cockpit steering? What kind of new parts would you want? Presentation: What do you want more emphasis on, looks or functions? Presentation box, or standard box? Regular manual, or one with technical info? Price Range? Advanced instructions, and non color coded parts, or is the current system okay? B model, or no B model? Going on this list, I’ve got 3 possible versions, which I will go through. #1: BMW i8 Model can be built one of 2 ways: full body, or skeletal body to show mechanics. B model is Convertible version. 1:10 scale Features adjustable seats, realistic suspension geometry, uses control arms like real thing, windshield wipers, brakes, opening hood and doors with locks. There is no gearbox, but there would be some kind of system to allow the demonstration of how the hybrid system works in an RC vehicle, and lights. New parts: Generic rims with good offset, BMW specific wheel caps, new hubs with no slop, and new large CV joints. New crankshaft pieces for the engine, and maybe a couple of new panels, and new motors, with foldable battery box, and Bluetooth/Rf based control system. White and blue. Window box showing major components. Manual is thinner, with more parts per step, and has room for convertible instructions, and some technical information. No coffee table book. No color barf, black 2l axles, black 3l axles, black 3l pins, and no yellow/red axles. #2 Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 1:8 scale with no B model Unimog tires. Features Adjustable seats, live axle suspension, Pneumatic diff locks, pneumatically adjustable ride height, 7 speed sequential gearbox, unless Lego could figure out how to make an automatic one, full interior, opening hood/ doors, sunroof,working steering wheel and brake pedals, working speedometer, removeable bodywork, brakes, remotely located controls for steering, brakes, and gearbox disguised in cargo bed, portal axles, lights. New parts: Generic rims with good offset, Mercedes specific wheel caps, printed parts for badges, reinforced U joints, spline shaft, new portal axle pieces with better spacing and kingpin inclination, new 9 volt battery box, grooved cam for gear shifting, new connectors. Metallic silver, with chromed components. Standard box. Manual is thinner, with more parts per step, and has an appendix of technical information. No color barf, black 2l axles, no color coding, and no yellow/red axles.(sense a pattern here?) #3: Original design 1:8 scale model, approx. Design is actually more like Nissan GTR, or Porsche Panemara, being a 4 seat sports wagon with trunk. Features 4 wheel steering, adjustable suspension which is not double wishbone, opening doors/hood/trunk, active aerodynamics, detailed engine, 7 speed gearbox, all wheel drive with limited slip differentials, working gauges, adjustable seats, windshield wipers, sunroof, and hideable rear seats. Black with silver highlights. New parts: New rims with good offset, swapable caps for either trucks or cars, new hubs/ suspension parts, new large CV joint parts which allow good steering angle, spline shaft, grooved cams for gearbox, new connectors, and panels. Box with window showing off new components, is otherwise standard. Manual is thinner, with more parts per step, and room for information on how the set was designed. No color barf, black 2L axles, no color coding and no yellow/red axles. (Seriously, there is no other line in Lego, not even City, that makes similar parts in different colors, especially when that would hurt the look of the model.) That’s what I’ve got, I’d like to see what you guys think.
  24. The Life of A Minifigure

    With the new baby pieces LEGO has produced in 2016, I had to wonder: How do Minifigures age? Besides their torsos and arms cracking, I mean. Do they start as baby figures and then get short legs and then get normal legs and then they're an adult? Or do the babies stay babies forever, the children stay children forever, and the adults stay adults forever? Or perhaps something else entirely. YOU DECIDE! Actually, don't. We'll all just discuss it. It's not for one person to decide.