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Found 37 results

  1. Hello :D I have made a few decal design I'd like to print or get printed, but I am not sure about what is the best way to do it. Is it better to do it at home? Or is there services I can use? (I live in the UK, in case you have specific services to recommend) Most services online assume you want to print a large number of the same sticker, but it's not my case. I've seen also many people use the "laser printer" technique to print their own stickers at home. Do they turn out durable? Do they have good quality, is the dithering noticeable? In the past I had stickers printed on a PVC sticker sheet, but they were too think and didn't stick enough, so over a few hours they'd just come off round surfaces like minifigure heads. Also, they were very easily scratched, which is not great... If you don't mind sharing photos of your own custom decals, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
  2. I was just wondering if there are more people who refuses to use the orignal stickers of Lego itself, because of the bas quality (it won't last long sadly) or difference in color when apllied. In late '90's Lego changed the quality of stickers and still to this day, it doesn't look that has changed to mine opnion. So when I buy a set, when stickers are involved, I wait when Steindrucker has them available and use then in sets. It does looks better and no worries that sticker will curl and break in time. Last one depends at uv-light, humidity, temp. etc.
  3. Does anybody know the print resolution of the original LEGO stickers? (In DPI or PPI) Educated guesses are welcome. Thanks!
  4. Darth Bjorn

    Custom Stickers

    Hi guys, For some time I've been working on these sticker sheets to use in various Lego Star Wars builds. It is primarily made for the Factions RPG here on Eurobricks, but I thought I'd share them with everyone. The sheets are in A4 format, and it is very important to print the PDF sheets at 100% size, since they are exact same size as official Lego stickers... Download Misc. Sticker Sheet 1 here Download Aurebesh Sticker Sheet 1 here Download Imperial Sticker Sheet here Preview below: Let me know what you think - comments, critique, and requests for future sheets... /DB
  5. evancelt

    [MOC] Through The Pine Barrens

    A company of British march through the Pine Barrens in New Jersey looking for rebels --------------------------- Built on Duplo, including some 1x2 plates I made by cutting larger plates down. For photos you only need three good sides!
  6. I couldn't find one, so i'm looking to create a thread for "custom" lego stickers (and by custom i mean stickers on pieces other than their intended one.) I made a custom pallete of these, and thought it would be useful for others. Keep in mind, this was originally intended for personal use so some pieces may seem obsolete. But here it is anyway! If anybody else has any to share, feel free to post! LDD "Custom" Stickers Some Examples
  7. I have just released first version of Pattern Folder. It is a simple Javascript based tool to add curvature to LDraw files. See how to use it in the video below. How to get started (as shown in the video) 1) Go to and add your sticker. 2) Use a file, URL or simply paste the content of your LDraw file. Please note that only line type 0, 2, 3 and 4 are supported. Sub-files (type 1) and conditional lines (type 5) or any other digital file format are not yet supported. 3) Click on the surface of your choice (or type in your own. Click the various surfaces or see the video to learn how). 4) Download your folded LDraw file. Bonus See building instructions for the Corvette here: Building instructions for the Porsche 911 RSR is found here: (not all stickers made yet) Pattern Folder is 100% free to use, copy, improve, and eat (dietary restrictions may apply). It is also free from advertising and complies to GDPR because it doesn't track anything, nor take ownership of anything you use it for. I have added an ad to the video in order to pay for the website hosting. GitHub project: Feel free to make pull requests, raise issues, fork, clone, etc. Please feel free to post ideas, suggestions, missing patterns, bugs, ... or if you think this kind of tool is a stupid or great idea.
  8. I've noticed a few comments on the forums recently about stickers. I need to ask something though. What's wrong with stickers? Stickers are like condiments. They bring out the flavor in sets. I don't know about you guys, but I don't see the big deal. I couldn't care less if 70 stickers were on a set. What about you guys?
  9. hallonsylt

    Maintenance of UCS sets

    Hi forum, I'm a UCS collector. I collect to build and display, not to have MISB sets. Therefore I need tips to keep my collection nice and tidy. Do you have your sets with or without stickers? I'm concidering peeling of all stickers that I've applied, especially the older used sets I've bought, since they simply look worse and worse every year. How do clean off dust? I bring them outside every once in a while to blow the dust of with compressed air. Problem is that some of the dust does not come off. All tips are welcome.
  10. So what do all of you do to make the stickers on your sets stick to the bricks permanently, or at least make them last longer? I once tried a clearcoat (I cannot remember which one) but all it did was make the stickers look oily. Because these stickers were on a very curved surface, their sides lifted up and the clearcoat did not seem to help. I have read that several people cut clear tape in the shape of the sticker and apply it over the sticker, and though I have never tried this method it does not seem to be effective to me. Essentially you are putting another sticker, with a tendency to peel up over time, over another sticker. Also, because I own hundreds of sets, each with tens of stickers, cutting tape in the right size for every one of them is too big of a task. I have also read that some people use nail polish for stickered models or other toys, though I do not know if this works well for LEGO stickers. There is also the fact that acetone and ABS plastic are not the most friendly combination, though in the right concentration apparently acetone kind of binds the sticker and its colors and patterns to the ABS plastic. Also, before you add some kind of coating on these stickers, what kind of glue or adhesive would you use to flatten curled-up stickers? Please leave your thoughts and ideas or proven methods in this topic, I am very curious.
  11. Cheesemaster777


    I am new to LDD and I was wondering if you can create stickers for your model like with real LEGO sets. I fthis is possible can someone tell me.
  12. I just picked up the Boeing 787 Dreamliner (10177-1) and the Silver Champion (8458) and was wondering how I can go about adding my own livery to each of them? or if at all possible? Such as getting custom stickers created? is there a website or program that would be helpful in creating custom stickers for these sets? **UPDATE COMPARISON BETWEEN SILVER CHAMPION 8458 AND MCLAREN MP4/14, MERCEDES MGP W01, F1 CARS** LEGO F1 SILVER CHAMPION 8458 1999 MCLAREN MERCEDES F1 MP4/14 2010 MERCEDES-PETRONAS F1 MGP W01
  13. Simply put, I'd both like to print stickers that I designed (based on scans of official stickers), and copies of existing ones. (I'm not going to pay 20 dollars for a sticker sheet with a single sticker I need 5 of, so I made several scans before application.) I know about the clear background issue, and plan to print on white sticker paper. My basic question is - what kind/which brand of sticker paper should I use? It would need to be close to official stickers and Lego bricks, especially in terms of surface finish/glossiness, and in terms of not peeling over time. (My try a few years ago is peeling up now. Color matching I can deal with via photoshop adjustments.) Thanks.
  14. Hey everyone, this is my first thread on here! The LEGO bug recently bit me to the point I did a forum search for topics about self printed stickers but could not find one. So are there any good resources/tips on that? Are there Photoshop sheets to print for common brick/plate sizes? I saw a Youtube video of .svg files for brick borders and that gets picked up by a professional cutting machine? Are most "normal" folks using common paper and then wrapping that with Tesa tape top and doublesided tape bottom or are there other techniques? If sticker paper is used, are there most often used brands? what about transparent ones? (I own a Samsung color laser printer, pretty cheap model but it does its job) Also are there sites that offer sticker clipart from already existing sets? Thanks for any pointers!
  15. Hi I'm using lego digital designer and I hope I'm not the only one who does this, but I love making my own brick decals or "stickers" by using this method: or some other website I forget. But I cant add a decal to this door piece, (58381) I do what the instructions from the link above told me, It works for most pieces but not this one please help.
  16. Hello, recently I built quite a few Ninjago sets that all have a large amount of Stickers. I was wondering what your take on stickers were. I personally do not mind small stickers but I wished they would at least print pieces that require large stickers. I think a good example of this is the most recent NInjago Samurai Cave X. It has two large panels that need stickers. I also think that especially Star Wars UCS should not have stickers. That is just my opinion though. Does anyone share it?
  17. Hey guys, I just bought a used UCS Imperial shuttle from 2010 and I happened to notice that the stickers in the cockpit have the Star Wars Language (aurebesh) written on them. This is what was written in Aurebesh (Pictures, don't know if you can see the letters, I had to use a magnifying glass) But this is what the five stickers say: Sticker 1: front (Which has a picture of the ship from the front) Sticker 2: side (Which has a picture of the ship from the side) Sticker 3: Kurt was here and wrote Sticker 4: Adam made this model (Which is true) Sticker 5: Come to the dark side we got cookies
  18. Hello everyone! As this is my first real topic in this forum after a few years of reading silently, I will say the following about myself: I'm from Germany, just finished the Abitur and I love cars as well as Lego (Technic), especially Porsche, and I will probably start studying mechanical engineering this year. Sooo, this project was a pretty huge thing for me in the last few months. As a huge fan of their cars, when the Lego Porsche was announced I knew I needed it, and got it early this year. When it stood in front of me on the table, finished, I already thought about how awesome it would be to mod the sh*t out of this monster. I started with technical modifications on the gearbox, adding working door knobs, gearing the steering wheel up to have a rotation close to 900°, filling some holes in the body and including Didumos' Ackermann steering mod. After various tries, I kind of rebuilt the chassis for rc use. While the servo was pretty easy to throw in (while it was tight and a perfect fit), the whole gearbox flew out for 4 M-Motors. While at first I had one technic battery box laying on top of the rear suspension cover, I soon changed this solution to having two train bbs in the engine bay. The gear driving the differential which comes from the motors required the fake engine to be moved down as far as it goes, but this gave me the possibility to keep it inside. Next thing to do was the lighting, which I did by using the cables of broken PF motors to connect 10 white 9V LEDS from ebay. I then continued to see something new to be improved everyday and fix this one or that one, until I finally decided (about 2 months ago), that it is time to move on to the real stuff. So i bought RAL 6019 (the green one), RAL 5002 (blue) and RAL 9005 (black), 1200 ml each, and just started spray painting the parts. I did the panels and small parts laying on a metal sheet, rear side first, while I did the liftarms by putting them on a string with the middle hole so they spin when being sprayed. While the most turned out well after the first few rounds of painting, some got pretty ugly when drying, which I fixed by sanding the parts and spraying a thin layer over it. While the parts were still drying and between the paiting rounds I already did the interieur - removing the right seat, changing the seat colour to gray/black, removing the shifter knob, replacing the old dashboard, changing the steering wheel to a more GT3-style-thingy, adding a fore extinguisher and changing the orange cage to black. I also ordered the neon-yellowish headlight bricks, which looks hella awesome at night or even more in twilight. At this point, technical improvements had all been made, I solely focused on asthetics. When I was finished with the colouring, I had to decide how I would do the stickers. After I saw the extremely low prices for custom stickers on websites of printing companies (about 200€), I looked for alternatives. I saw a YT-video with a technique I didn't think of till then which worked surprisingly well. All the stickers on the car are made this way. Finally, a list of all the modifications: - Full RC, 4 M-Motors, 1 Servomotor, 2 Train BB's, 2 IR Receivers with nearly invisible placement that doesn't disturb the looks - steering wheel upgearing - several body fixes - head- and rear lights, neon headlight bricks - spray painted bricks and custom stickers - change of the mounting of the rear shocks so they are more stiff to carry the heavier weight of the engine bay - (still) working and repositioned flat 6 despite the rc mod - interieur, wheel and dashboard changes - new centerlock wheel nut bricks (no RS anymore :D) - carbon fiber covered exhaust pipes, that front thingy panels (no idea what the english word is ^^) and - diffusor - chassis changes to make rc mod possible While these were all my own mods, I also used two mods from other guys: - El Squattore's working door knob mod adapted to the large shocks - Didumos' Ackermann steering, also changed a bit because I was missing a few of the bricks. Man, I can't tell how many times I thought i just threw 200€ into the trash by f***ing up some of the bricks when painting them, but I think in the end it worked out more than just well. :) There's probably a video/car porn coming as soon as I find time and a nice location for it. Anyway, thanks for reading and let me know what you think of this thing!
  19. With the reveal of the new UCS Snowspeeder today, I saw a lot of people complaining about the inclusion of so many stickers. I began to think about it, and found it a bit strange how the Lego community so adamantly hates stickers, since in other modeling communities decals are common place and accepted parts of the model building process. I've had some model kits before which include stickers and water slide decals, and choosing either or is optional. While it could be argued that water slide decals or dry transfer decals are even more difficult to apply than stickers, when done properly the results are spectacular and can even be made to like as if the decal was "printed." While Lego is obviously meant for kids and probably won't embrace more complex decal sheets, would having them as an option be something AFOL's would want to see? I am pretty sure plenty of Lego customizers are using them already, but I mean having decals such as dry transfer or water slide in official sets as an option for a more professional look than a sticker. I don't know if they would withstand rough play, but for an AFOL looking to display the model, they would be a great alternative. For those who don't know what a dry transfer decal or a water slide decal is, here are some examples of how they work: Dry transfer: Water slide: Thoughts?
  20. I've put together some decals / stickers / decorations for the most recent Star Wars Imperial Officers. I hope they come in handy for someone out there. Clicking on each of the smaller images below should open the larger versions. Admiral Yularen (from 5002947: Admiral Yularen) POV-Ray render: Face, Front Torso, Rear Torso Decorations: Death Star Trooper (from 75159: Death Star) POV-Ray render: Face, Front Torso, Rear Torso decorations: Director Krennic (from 75156: Krennic's Imperial Shuttle) POV-Ray render: Face, Front Torso, Rear Torso Decorations: Generic Imperial Officer (from 75055: Imperial Star Destroyer) POV-Ray render: Face, Front Torso, Rear Torso Decorations: Grand Moff Tarkin (from 75159: Death Star) POV-Ray render: Face, Front Torso, Rear Torso Decorations: Imperial Army Officer (from 75159: Death Star) POV-Ray render: Face, Front Torso, Rear Torso Decorations: Stormtrooper Officer (from 75159: Death Star) POV-Ray render: Face, Front Torso, Rear Torso Decorations: Imperial Stormtrooper (from 75055: Imperial Star Destroyer, 75159: Death Star) POV-Ray Render: Front Torso, Rear Torso Decorations: The Stormtrooper decorations for the helmet are not complete. I will update this post if I end up adding them. ...and here are the high-res render and decoration albums for the Officers and the high-res render and decoration albums for the Imperial Stormtroooper. Enjoy!
  21. Hi, This is not really about minifigs, but about stickers sheets, like the ones that appear in sets, I'd like to make some customs stickers, is there someone on the web that do them?
  22. I missed out on 10194 Emerald Night when it was released back in 2009, so over the last couple of months I’ve been buying the bricks for the steam engine via bricklink. I sacrificed the gold stripe round the boiler to keep it affordable (it halved the cost!) but now I've built it, I'm finding it looks a little bland without the stickers to add details like the engine number or nameplate. I'm a bit reluctant to buy a genuine sticker sheet for the set because they're so expensive on bricklink, especially when shipping to the UK is taken into account. I have seen custom printed replacement sticker sheets for various older Lego sets on eBay though (e.g. the Star Wars UCS line, and a few of the classic 9V trains from the 90s). Do you know if anyone sells replacement stickers for the Emerald Night?
  23. My first proper go at a fully stickered GARC racer. I designed the engine first, then it took several iterations to figure out a body design that I felt suited it. The stickers took about three hours, then my eyes gave up but it's my first go so I'm really pleased with the outcome. Mostly the cut-to-size hexagon pattern from a Super Heroes Brainiac set. Here's the energy core which is mostly hidden from view. And here's the underside: There's more photos on my Flickr feed. Thanks for looking. Luc.
  24. More cars here: http://bricksetforum...custom-stickers McLAREN HONDA MP4/5 (1990) McLAREN HONDA MP4/31 (2016) Cheers by Jenson and "Magic"
  25. Hi! I hope I am posting this at the right place. I just wanted to share a project I have been working on for the Lego Beetle. Basically, I have made improved license plate stickers, because I think the ones you get with the kit just looks awful. Before I print these for myself, I wanted to see if there is interest for a bulk print of these. I did set up a micro-crowdfunding which needs at least 25 supporters here: Thank you!