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Found 12 results

  1. CDKiii


    ladies, gentlemen, After the hussars, i went on the chasseurs (really close indeed). I started from this picture: model and decide to go further than what i did until now. If you want to see the steps, please go on the flickr. I had to creat the eagle for the flag, and the saddle, on which i added a clip to put the rifle. escort the emperor by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr escort the emperor by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr escort the emperor by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr escort the emperor by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr The chasseur à cheval de la garde regiment was the regiment of the bodyguards of the emperor. In fact, we often see Napoléon the 1st in chasseur uniform napoléon en tenue de chasseur by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr because he is the honourable commander of the regiment. In this diorama, you can a little part of the escort which should be at least 25 chasseurs. What do you think about it?
  2. Niku

    [MOC] Napoleonic Era

    One month after Napoleon massive invading force entered a burning and deserted Moscow, the starving French army is forced to begin a hasty retreat out of Russia. Burning The Colours
  3. Defense of La Haye Sainte, June 1815 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  4. [pid][/pid] 253B Hi everyone, I have just updated my Napoleon's La Grande Armée. It contains more than 225 minifigures, including 130 regulars, hussars, grenadiers, artillery men, heavy cuirassiers etc. I hope You'll like it. More photos: jackdaw2211, on Flickr. army10 by jackdaw2211, on Flickr army4 by jackdaw2211, on Flickr
  5. Rather nice to be back in the Pirate forums, especially since I have new creations to share: British Army: Infantry (Regular Infantry and Rifle Brigade) The regular infantry is dressed in 2009 Pirates soldier uniforms with grey trousers and knapsacks, in a style reminiscent of the older Royal Regiments (Guards, Royal Fusiliers, &c). The sergeant (left-most) carries a regulation pike. The Rifle Brigade wears the constable torso from CMF Series 11, along with light grey trousers, brown epaulettes, knapsacks, and a plain black shako. Black muskets are used to represent the 1809 pattern Baker Rifles. Royal Artillery Pictured here is the Royal Artillery with a 12-pounder cannon. The uniform consists of white trousers with the cavalry torso from the Lone Ranger theme, red epaulettes, and a plain black shako. Cavalry (1st Dragoons) The 1st Dragoons were a unit of heavy cavalry, here dressed in grey-blue trousers, Classic Imperial Guards torso (gold-edged, like the Household Cavalry), blue epaulettes (representing the usual blue collar and cuffs), and bicorne. Each is armed with a straight-blade sword and carbine mounted on the saddle. Regimental Band The Regimental Band wears reverse colors in respect to their regiment. These band members wear grey trousers, Imperial Soldier torsos, white epaulettes, and 2009 Pirate shakos. British Officers (l to r: Ensign, Infantry colonel, Rifle major, Artillery captain) Last but not least are the officers. Both the Ensign and Colonel wear the POTC Royal Guard torso with bicorne, but the ensign dons blue epaulettes while the colonel wears gold. The Rifle major wears the classic Captain Redbeard torso with dark green trousers, black epaulettes, and plain shako. The Artillery captain wears white trousers with the POTC Captain Barbossa torso, gold epaulettes, and bicorne. The flag carried by the Ensign is the King's Colours for the King's German Legion. French Army: Line Infantry Here the Line Infantry is positioned in a usual French column (albeit a fraction of the actual size). The soldiers wear the 2015 Pirates uniform, with red epaulettes and plain black shako. In the rear is the Imperial Eagle bearing the flag of the 55th Line Infantry Regiment (took part in the siege of La Haye Sainte). Voltigeurs The Voltigeurs were units of light infantry that took part in skirmishes. Here the soldiers wear blue trousers, 2015 Imperial soldier torsos, yellow epaulettes, knapsacks, and plain black shakos. Here they are standing in skirmish order. French Officers (l to r: Brigadier-General, Line Infantry Colonel, Voltigeur Captain) Last but not least are the valiant officers of the French Army. The Brigadier-General, high upon his horse, is dressed as the 2009 Admiral, except with white gloves. He carries a saber and keeps a pistol mounted on his saddle. The Line Infantry Colonel wears the 2015 Admiral's uniform, with red epaulettes and decorative shako. Lastly, the Voltigeur Captain wears white trousers with the POTC Barbossa torso, yellow epaulettes, and a black bicorne. That about wraps up all there is to see. Feel free to post any comments or questions. In the mean time, seeya! Always entertaining, always inspiring, always:
  6. LEGO Mosaic - Napoleon Crossing the Alps 拿破侖翻越阿爾卑斯山 Napoleon Crossing the Alps (also known as Napoleon at the Saint-Bernard Pass or Bonaparte Crossing the Alps) is the title given to the five versions of an oil on canvas equestrian portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte painted by the French artist Jacques-Louis David between 1801 and 1805. I don't like war but I like the Arts & painting. After two hundred years an oil on canvas painted by Jacques-Louis David, I recreate it in LEGO bricks version instead of an oil on canvas. It is quite huge size but perfect mounted on wall for my home decoration or exhibition. Builder : Alanboar Cheung Size : 144 studs (L) x 128 studs (W) Pieces : 15000 pcs Ready for mount on wall in my home :P Over 15000 small pieces of plates is collected for the creation. I collected them all over a years. I bought the wooden plate for the base of mosaic. Starting the mosaic painting combined with two 48x48 baseplate. It consumed 48x48 baseplate x 6 and 32x32 baseplates x 5 Stick together using with the strong sticker. More and more , it will be completed soon. My lovely biy help me and fun together :P It is one of my creation exhibited in "Alanboar & Mythbot Bricks Exhibition @ Macau Joy 2015" Thank you for your watching! Flickr : Creator : Alanboar
  7. Gondorfan

    Lego Napoleonic Wars Stopmotion

    Here is my humble attempts at Napoleonic stopmotions. ill be adding some more soon. Tell me what you think
  8. Spud The Viking

    Histoire en Briques

    On my holiday to Germany/Netherlands I traveled three hours in the car to see the site of my favourite battle: Waterloo. In the town of Waterloo there was a small hall which had an event centred around captivating the period of Waterloo in Lego. Me being an avid Lego fan I pounced in and snapped up some photos for you lovely folks here at Eurobricks (Whether I was allowed to I am not sure but there were plenty of other people doing so and the staff looked careless anyway). Enough of my blethering, here's the link to my Flickr album. Thanks for looking!
  9. bloodnok

    Napoleonic Christmas cake

    I'm not sure where to put this or, even remotely, what the etiquette is here; but I thought some of you might like our completely historically accurate (er) Christmas cake: The inobvious features that come to mind are that Napoleon has hobbit legs (yes, I know, he was not actually short) and that I looked up the correct position to shoot a horse. Sadly, even after we bought a bigger cake tin, there was not room to fit a limber to the gun carriage.
  10. Gary The Procrastinator

    "Vive L’Empereur!" 200th Anniversary of Napoleon's R

    MOC based on painting. Hello, here's my LEGO build of Karl von Steuben’s painting, Napoleon returned from Elba, which shows an event that happened 200 years ago today: For closer view click on the picture. In Napoleon’s quest to reclaim France after being exiled to Elba, March 7th, 1815 was one of those unique moments when just one little wrong move, and modern history would have been drastically different. The 5th Regiment, supposedly loyal to newly-restored King Louis XVIII, was sent to arrest Bonaparte after his return from exile at Elba. The senior general in command, Marshall Michel Ney, promised the king that he “would bring Napoleon back to Paris in an iron cage.” Always a gambler, Napoleon deliberately presented himself a target, “Here I am,” he declared to troops formerly loyal to him, “Kill your Emperor, If you wish.” If just one soldier had pulled the trigger…but instead the emotion of the moment swept through the ranks and they surged forward to him in idolization. Thirteen days later, he would ride into Paris, beginning his last period of rule, known as The Hundred Days. The end result was the Battle of Waterloo. My build, and the orginal painting, Napoleon returned from Elba by Karl von Steuben. For closer views click on each. In celebration of the 200th Anniversary of this history-changing battle, at Brickfair Virginia this year there will be a massive collaboration to render Waterloo in LEGO, with over 1000 minifigs, terrain, La Haye Sainte farm, and hopefully Hougoumont as well. Here is our FLICKR group for the collaboration: Hope you like the build! More Napoleonic builds are on the way...
  11. [pid][/pid]235D This diorama made by Pucelabricks and me, is a part from L-Evolucion Diorama, make by ALE! in the Human Evolution Museum in Burgos, Spain. You can see L-Evolucion until January. If you will pass near Burgos, I recommend so much to visit the city and the museum, where you can see the Homo Antecessor and other important fossils. The diorama represent the battle of Gamonal, in november 1808. Napoleon came to Spain to control the imperial army, and when he arrived in Burgos, a very young spanish officer commanded a small and very bad prepared army against him. Spanish army was defeated and Imperial army plundered the city, all the city except the cathedral. They burned houses and farms and steal everything who can be useful. After that, Napoleon continued his way to Madrid and his brother Jose Bonaparte stayed in Burgos. If you want to see more from L-Evolution visit or https://www.facebook...29524572&type=1 [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]
  12. Helfy

    British Napoleonic Army

    I have been building up a decent sized Napoleonic army over the past year. I have around 120 French, 50 or 60 British, and 30 Nassau soldiers. This is my British army. Some of the decals are original customs while the others come from the forums. My British army includes a detachment of line infantry (includes a colonel, ensigns, officers, musicians, and two sergeants), 95th Rifles , a small Scottish line, and another set of line infantry.