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Found 9 results

  1. Moorish building The exterior is inspired by: Patio del Yeso in the Alcázar of Seville, Spain (built in the 12th century) The interior is inspired by: Great Mosque of Córdoba, Spain (built in 784 with later extensions) This building is a part of a series of 21 buildings built in different architectural styles. Each building is built on one 32x32 baseplate:
  2. Lepralego

    MOC: Boulevard des Lumières

    I'm glad to introduce Boulevard des Lumières, my very first big 'Moc'! I started this project in march 2015 and abandoned it a few months later due to professional and family reasons. Then I restarted it again last September and finished it now in January 2020. The idea was to create a building inspired in the Haussmann style present in most of central Paris, without any piece count limit that would keep the modular compatibility and the minifig scale. So this is not a direct replica of any particular one. The street name is also fictional, there is no 'Boulevard des Lumières' in Paris, but its spirit is highly Parisian. Also, I'm adding some extra info and videos in the next days in my Instagram: Any suggestions, questions or comments are welcome. Cheers!
  3. There's a new lego store in Spain, but look at the pictures! What are those models in the window?
  4. We go very far back in time with this collaborative diorama that is currently exposed in Utebo (Zaragoza- Spain ) with other wonderful works. Contrebia Leucade or Leukade was celtíbera city conquered by the Roman Empire in the first century , a siege of 44 days as Titus Livius wrote in his History of Rome In the diorama participate : Hyperion , which has been the promoter and ideologist of it and who has borne most of the construction work Praetorian Dongo Dr Who Gobernador The diorama has many details, some perhaps ... for adoult public ;) .. so I leave them in flickr gallery I put some pictures: More photos:
  5. CelceBricks

    Hello from Spain!

    Hello, My name is David and I have been a LEGO fan for years, but I just joined this great community! I am always open to discussion and making new friends that share my interests! I like pretty much every LEGO theme, but my favorite are Star Wars and City/Town! I also have a Youtube channel (CelceBricks) and a Twitter account (@CelceBricks) where you can see my MOCs and creations and I am an editor at
  6. Hi guys, I'm PROlego, an Spanish FOL who would like to know the top builders (in our forum we don't have many Technic fans, appart from Sheepo and Jorgeopesi, the first is my favorite Technic supercar builder (Porsche :drool:) and the second is also one of my favourite builders, partly because of his great MINI models and partly because of his great skills with cars like the Pagani Huayra and the Ferrari F40 and building machines. I've been playing with lego system for about 8 years and with lego technic for about 3 years. I'm (of course) not at all as good as them and still learning. Now I own this Technic things (I also own like 30 more System sets) SETS- 8839, 9398, 42010, 8406 and some other "half technic" sets like 8491, 8493, 8138. SEPARATE PF- Battery box, 2x XL motors, 2x M motors, IR V1 and "small" controller. I hope to learn many things here, because on the Spanish forum HispaLUG we don't have as many "Technicians" as here. I apologize in advance for my bad English, but well, at least is better than the average English for my age here . Have fun! PROlego.
  7. Reekardoo

    Don Quijote

    New cuusoo project!!! inspired in the book by Miguel de Cervantes :D Hope you like it and support it!!!!
  8. [pid][/pid]235D This diorama made by Pucelabricks and me, is a part from L-Evolucion Diorama, make by ALE! in the Human Evolution Museum in Burgos, Spain. You can see L-Evolucion until January. If you will pass near Burgos, I recommend so much to visit the city and the museum, where you can see the Homo Antecessor and other important fossils. The diorama represent the battle of Gamonal, in november 1808. Napoleon came to Spain to control the imperial army, and when he arrived in Burgos, a very young spanish officer commanded a small and very bad prepared army against him. Spanish army was defeated and Imperial army plundered the city, all the city except the cathedral. They burned houses and farms and steal everything who can be useful. After that, Napoleon continued his way to Madrid and his brother Jose Bonaparte stayed in Burgos. If you want to see more from L-Evolution visit or https://www.facebook...29524572&type=1 [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]
  9. mikan

    Hello from Spain

    Hello Eurobricks! I'm Mikan from Spain, an AFOL returning after his dark ages to the LEGO hobby. I had many set back in the 90's when I was a teenager (pirates, space, castle, technic) but I only keep some of them. My favorite theme is Technic (maybe because I'm a engineer :P) and I love to make things that works with a lot of gears. I'm a big fan of LEGO Star Wars too cos I think they are very well designed and looks cool! I recently bought some new Technic sets and I'm planning to make some MOC's and I feel very inspirated by the MOC's I see in this forum, so here I am!