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  1. ScotNick


    Here's how I did the pantograph, maybe this helps: The same thing can be built in black and grey.
  2. ScotNick

    A3 'Humorist' (Unspecific Pacific V3.0)

    Hmm, not sure if you really wanna do those tender frames. I myself am still puzzled if the tender frame was the right way to go (I've been building a different engine with this tender frame). Although it does goes through switches and curves without any real problem, the downside is you can't power the engine with the "traditional" train motor AND it does cause a bit (meaning quite some bit) of friction. At least the way I have it right now (the 4 wheels are rigid, they only move sideways but won't turn in curves). Ohhh nooo. Not the Terrier! At least you have to build her in a livery she hasn't been built in!
  3. ScotNick

    A3 'Humorist' (Unspecific Pacific V3.0)

    Hmm, sadly I don't think there's anything slightly bigger than the 4x4 round dish for the smokebox door It might not be too easy to see, but I used plates with clips facing outwards held together by 2x2 tiles forming the outer wall.
  4. ScotNick

    A3 'Humorist' (Unspecific Pacific V3.0)

    Very lovely engine, the proportions and all the details look great! However I do think the front section is a bit too long. Really like the tender you chose, did try my hands on this tender as well, I used a different way to attach the grill tiles though. The powering seems great, the slipping really is top notch!
  5. ScotNick

    BBÖ ET10 / ÖBB 4041 railcar

    Hey everyone! Didn't want to create a new thread for this, but I tried my hands on a new "working" overhead line with the relatively new part 27965. Here's a video of the topic's railcar, proofing the concept idea "working" overhead line by ScotNick1, on Flickr The part's material is different from normal Lego, much softer. So it's easily bendable for curves and works well with the relatively sturdy pantograph design. At first I was worried about the distance between the masts being too short, so I made a middle section (even looking a bit prototypical) to connect two sections together.
  6. ScotNick

    Chances of an Emerald Night re-release?

    I think a re-release is not as easy as it might seem. I think I remember some Lego staff stating somewhere that each year or so only some parts are produced - this is necessary to keep production cost as low as possible. Producing every part in every colour the whole time wouldn't be possible - even for Lego. There just is a limited amount of machines that fill the molds with plastic, changing the colour of a mold takes a long time so this has to be justified as well. This explains some odd colours in areas of models not seen from the outside. The parts and colours produced each year just changes, which makes re-releases quite expensive, if crucial parts of the model aren't produced for other sets as well
  7. ScotNick

    Brick built bogie details

    I did design a bogie about 2 years ago, this is what it looks like built (sorry, don't have a pic from a better angle right now) Teaser by ScotNick1, on Flickr However the bogie is built totally with snot. The shown coach is actually a power coach with an XL motor powering each bogie. I would've been much more happier with just using Lego's original motor, but it has so few attachment points to fix the details to, plus the bogie plate in the middle adds a plate in height. Hope this might help Cheers, Nick
  8. Oh, what an interesting prototype you chose! Living in the city they drive around I see them everyday and have often ridden them. I think I've seen the wheels once (the tram had some kind of problem) and as far as I remember the engine was mounted upwards. Yes, the inner walls probably should be further apart, but the articulation on the prototype isn't very wide on the inside either... Looking forward to how this progresses. If you need any pictures I might be able to take some ;)
  9. ScotNick

    Building BMR Freight cars

    Actually just ordered at bricks'n'pieces and they are available in reddish brown for 11c/piece Just wanted to let you guys know. Cheers, Nick
  10. ScotNick

    SJ Da 939

    Really lovely model there, especially the transmission through the coupling rods is a nice touch! Though you could've waited till your engines are full of dust before taking pictures, just to give them a more realistic look ...
  11. ScotNick

    2018 Lego Trains

    Hmm, I just realized, would it be possible to use the colour sensor as a distance sensor as well? The idea would be to run more than one train on the same track in the same direction. Place the colour sensor in the cab of each engine and when the sensor "sees" an obstacle/train ahead it slows down or stops, depending on how dark it is (the closer the back engine to the front engine, the darker it is for the sensor). Or you could place the colour sensor pointing on the track and use differently coloured tiles as signals - that way it would be possible to run a whole layout with signals. You could also use the colour sensor to detect the engine and turn a switch accordingly... I don't know how feasible this is and if it makes sense, all just ideas that came into my head :)
  12. ScotNick

    Fixing the Wiener Linien Tramway

    I think the wheels are too small so the the toothed gear will touch part of the rails when running over switches...
  13. ScotNick

    ScotNick's revised and new models

    Thanks! Well it has too look good altogether, right? Ohh, bogies can be quite challenging, good luck! :) Thanks! Hopefully I'll have it built soon!
  14. ScotNick

    ScotNick's revised and new models

    Thanks guys! I'm afraid I'm not very much into giving away instructions or files, hope you understand that! Thanks! The P2 will hopefully be done by the end of the year, will see what I can do (she's already 90 % done). The colour of the B1 is medium nougat, but I think the colour fits much better in real than on the render. Haha, about the narrow gauge engines, the advantage they have is that I wouldn't need many parts... Not sure though, maybe only as a load for my well wagon
  15. ScotNick

    SNCF Class X73500

    Wow, really love this model, quite something different to what we've seen here! You really managed to get the look, the curves are especially well done! The only thing I might note is that it sits a bit low at the ends, but besides that a great model!