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  1. ScotNick

    Bricksby station - starting a layout [WIP]

    @kiwinewt Haha, had to get my hands on those brown fence pieces as soon as I saw them - I knew I'd put them to good use @Pdaitabird Thanks! I'll see how this will develop... @Roadmonkeytj Thanks, seems like I got the style right
  2. ScotNick

    Bricksby station - starting a layout [WIP]

    Ohh, which ones!?
  3. ScotNick

    Bricksby station - starting a layout [WIP]

    Thanks guys! @zephyr1934 @NotToScale Yes, agree with you about the sign! I do intend to make the platform modular with the signs on a different part of the platform. Here is a render from 2 years ago (can't believe I didn't post this) Bricksby Station by ScotNick1, on Flickr Interesting what you say about the colour of the signs though, never thought about making them black - will think about that. The bridge and a bit of the platform in the upper pic is already built on the way by ScotNick1, on Flickr But just recently redid the front of the station to have a larger canopy that makes some nice use of parts, created some new benches and planted some flowers to add some green Thoughts on the changes?
  4. ScotNick

    [MOC] Small Train Depot

    Really like this! The building fits perfectly in the layout and the style of the building itself is great too! Especially like what you've done to make it modular, similar to what I'm aiming eith my soon to be buult buildings.
  5. ScotNick

    [MOC] Vintage passenger car

    Very nice design, really like it!
  6. ScotNick

    MOC, WIP, Catenary for rail yards

    Not sure about those - while I really like the idea and am all for unusual part usages I can't but think they are a little bit too chunky. Right now I don't know of a better (and sturdy) way to build one though. Regarding overhead lines in general I did some try with the new zip lines from Lego some time ago which works with the pantograph actually touching the lines Have a look in thisvideo if you're interested: "working" overhead line by ScotNick1, on Flickr
  7. ScotNick

    Bricksby station - starting a layout [WIP]

    Been some time since I last posted in this topic (can't believe it's been 4 years!) As I've now built my platform bridge some time ago I thought I'd finally give it a go and want to build that station building too. But before that, I made some changes and wanted to ask you what you think Changed the back door entrance to pop out a little bit more and make it less plain. Also added the 3 tall windows at the left and a rain gutter drainage (and LDD went crazy as I wanted to bend it at the bottom ). What do you think of the changes? Any suggestions?
  8. ScotNick

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I could do that, the picture shown isn't very up-to-date though - my current version uses 3D-printed drivers and I'm not sure if that is allowed on Lego ideas. Does anyone know more about that or can check that out? I don't actually have a pic with the details I added recently, but here's how it looks with 3D-printed drivers: LBSCR E2 - finally done by ScotNick1, on Flickr
  9. ScotNick

    The DUPLO 10874 Steam Train

    Can't say very much, only thing I heard is that some parts aren't produced every year - so sometimes designers have to stick to specific parts for their models and have to give up on others. So I assume that with Duplo it's the same, that they have one production run which can last for some time, and after that they stop. It's probable that they might do a 2nd run or more if it proofs to be a good runner in stores...
  10. ScotNick

    [WIP] Hogwarts Express Custom Carriage

    Really great work here, this definitely looks more like the prototype! Also like the that you labeled the 1st class coach. Any chance of seeing this built in the future? Are you going to redo the engine as well?
  11. ScotNick

    Custom rods on shapeways

    I myself don't have any experience with but I did order Shupps wheels from shapeways some time ago. While the designs are great, the tolerances differ quite a bit: some axle holes are rather firm, while others slide off easily. As @Tenderlok shared his experience I thought this might be worth to give a shot. I have to admit that the price of the customs and postage has always held me off from buying your rods - even though I really would like to have them. What program do you use to design them? Not sure how much you're willing to give away, but if we can adjust the length of the rods digitally on our own this could also save you some time.
  12. ScotNick

    Custom rods on shapeways

    As @Tenderlok mentioned - I don't have any experience with said site, but have a suggestion: I don't know how happy you would be with it, but would there be a way to make some files available so one could upload them and print them there? Not sure if you'd like that though!?
  13. ScotNick

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    Looks like a very nice set, although a bit pricey. Some things I realized: I think this is the first time that Lego officially produced an 8 wide train! The last car has two red train doors (only two left ones though, rather than one left and right version) The two domes use 2 red technic train wheels The new wheelset uses red wheels: (images are courtesy of NewElementary, check out their review of the set) Also did anyone else find it strange in Lego's official statement, how much they highlighted, that the train comes with magnetic buffers? Like that's something special rather than how it should be...
  14. The fact that it says "Raumfahrt" in the product description, which means aerospace doesn't get my hopes very high for a train...
  15. ScotNick


    Here's how I did the pantograph, maybe this helps: The same thing can be built in black and grey.