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  1. The people of the Isle of Roses Background : The isle of Roses is a far western island discovered by Faladrin during the maiden course of the Bouncing Frog. It is a rocky island covered by red roses bushes and giant red flowers. It is where a strange group of adventurers lead by Cônhardt, the barbarian king, are fighting the "Cold Bloods" to stop them producing Red Honey, a delicious beverage but with psychic effects that is slowly poisoning the high nobility of the barbarian king country. The Red Honey is made by the "Cold Bloods" by sacrificing prisoners to giant red flower monsters that suck out the soul of the poor prisoners to produce their nectar which is then gatered by hellish bees to be transformed into honey and then sold to the Barbarian king citizen to ensure the "Cold Bloods" supremacy upon the citizen of the Barbarian king. It is why Cônhardt has decided to settle a castle in the Isle of Roses to stop the production of Red Honey. Here are some people of interest in this far western island : First, the Barbarian King people in Castle Rose : Cônhardt, the Barbarian King : He is the leader of the group of the adventurers trying to stop the production of red Honey. He is a strong and rough man with the bad habit of swearing and yelling constantly. He is a very talented swordsman and enjoys to ride his battle panther to fight the "Cold Bloods" Felindra, the Cat Master : She is the intendant of the Barbarian king keep and she is in charge of the training of the battle panther and of her offsprings. She is a bad tempered girl and prefer the big cats company than the human one. Allistair, the Blue Mage : He is a noble man from the Barbarian King country but renounced to his rank to embrace the way of magic. With his power, it is possible to seal the hellish bees hives and to definitely stop the Red Honey production. Niansan, the Sword Master : He is a cat people from a distant land and joined the Barbarian King to fight the "Cold Bloods" to seek revenge for his people coldly slaughtered by the Lizard people of the "Cold Bloods". He is a master swordsman and his skills at sword are unequalled. Barbarella, the Huntress : She is the official huntress of the Barbarian King and is providing the keep of good hunting products. She is also a brilliant scout and knows the Isle of Roses like her pocket. With her, impossible to get lost on the Island. Goatyié, the Ninja : He is a Satyr people, frequently encountered in the Barbarian king country. Those goat people are normally farmers and hunters, but Goatyié is a discret and stealth well trained Ninja. He is mainly used in recon mission and to spy the "Cold Bloods". Niärl, The Beast : Also issue of the Cat people, Niärl lost his sanity when his family was killed by the "Cold Bloods". He is now a dreadful weapon at the order of the Barbarian King used to slaughter every Lizard man he can catch. Mauw, The Guard : Also known by Maurice Welligton of Lactoferis, simply shorten by Mauw, this Cow people is a rare variant from the Satyr people who are living in the Barbarian King country. They are usually peacefull land owners but Mauw is as bad tempered as Cônhardt and he decided to follow him when it appeared to Mauw he was better at weapons than at land administration. Horton, the Horse Master : He is a common people of the Barbarian King country who was send to serve as blacksmith and as horseman. He is in charge of the good health of the horses of the keep and is able to repair the horse shoes. Because riding by horse is safer than riding by Panther. Florton, the Peasant : He is the young brother of Horton and is the example of a common peasant of the Barbarian king people. They are regularly put in danger by the raids from the "Cold Bloods" but it doesn't prevent them to farm and to help Cônhardt to develop his keep. And here are the bad guys, the members of the "Cold Bloods" : Regit ,the Lizard King : He is the merciless king of the Lizard people on the Isle of Roses. He is a big fan of Red Honey and wants the production to raise in order to sell this dreadful product to farther lands. He is a dangerous warrior and loves riding his tamed Alligator. Zaira, the Lady of the Cages : She is the queen of the "Cold Bloods". She is responsible of the detention of the prisoners to sacrifice to the giant red flower monsters. She is also in charge of the security of the Hives. Her dark magic could be countered by Allistair's magic. Hisss, the Red Honey Baron : He is the intendant of the "Cold Bloods" and is in charge of tasting and selling the Red Honey production. He is a dangerous snake people which needs no weapon to harm people as he is more dangerous with words. A Red Honey servant : It is common to see servants and slaves in the "Cold Bloods" court. They are ancient prisoners the Lizard people decided to use to serve them the Red Honey. They are often brain washed by making them drink high quantities of Red Honey. A Red Honey peasant : The peasants the Lizard people are hiring or enslaved are responsible of collecting the Red Honey from the hives but are also in charge to collect prisoners to offer in sacrifice to the Red Giant Flower Monsters. A Red Flower Monster Offspring : Those devil flowers are the base of the Red Honey production. This is an example of a young offspring but the giant ones are highly dangerous. They feed on prisoner's souls the Lizard people of the "Cold Bloods" are offering to them and then are producing Red Nectar to be harvested by Hellish bees. Destroying those plants could help to stop the Red Honey production. A Hellish bee harvester : The hellish bees are gathering the Red Nectar in their hives to produce Red Honey that can be harvested by the "Cold Bloods". The Red Honey is particularly tasty and good but dangerously addictive and has Psychic effects. This is the reason of the decay of the Barbarian King country. He has to find a way to stop the Red Honey production. A Sacrified Prisoner : The "Cold Bloods" are detaining prisoners from raids they are launching in the Barbarian King country and they are sacrificing them to feed the Red Giant Plant Monsters to have Red Honey. Without soul to eat, it's impossible for the plants to give Red Nectar, and so, the production of Red Honey would stop. This is my Category B entry for the "Safe Haven" Challenge. Hope you'll like it ! It's clarifying some facts on the ongoing story of Faladrin in the Isle of Roses that began with my Cat C entry and continued with my Cat A entry. C&Cs are welcome !
  2. Here guys, I got a few of the minifigs at a convention and wanted to know if anyone has seen them before. They haven't been opened and have just been sitting at my desk, the torso doesn't appear to be a decal or anything, so I thought i'd get your opinion.
  3. Unwelcome "Adventurers"

    One of the perils of owning a golden minotaur skull, is that you tend to get "adventurers" dropping by. When someone breaks into your house and starts stealing your stuff people usually call that burglary but if you are an "adventurer" its just collecting Loot. Think about it, if a horde of Lizard men come to your village and take your livestock though that's a rampage... Double standards that's what it is..
  4. by Dathil, on Flickr LEADERS AND PROMINENT PEOPLE OF VETA, VOL. I THE TRADE IMPERIUM OF PHENIAS Phenias is built upon the islands in the Inner Sea. The main islands, Phenias, is home to the Volca, a large fortress built in a vulcano. The city expanded bigger than the island could sustain, and thus they started to build upon the water. The Pheniasi are the wealthiest faction around and dominate the free market throughout most of the continent. Their Quaestors, the tax officers, travel from market to market to collect their comissions. In return, the magistrate offers complete naval protection to everyone in the treaty. There are those, however, who suspect they might also be the ones "creating the needs of protection" theirselves, by investing their money wisely. Jovani Meci is the current magistrate of Phenias. Under his rule, the Pheniasi trade imperium has expanded vastly and has become real powerfull. He was born for this position, being a member of the wealthy Meci family, and having great economic insights. He proudly carries the Sextant Staff, a reminder of the seafaring origens of their family. However, there are those who say he has started questionable business inside the Volca,yet these sources have brought none evidence at all, and thus are these rumours not regarded as important by the Oraca. The diligent Quaestors of Phenias are often an unwelcome sight for the lords of the towns they visit. They wear the purple robes and stereotypical hat of Phenias, and have a status of immunity throughout every civilized country. They carry their sword mostly because of their noble ancestry. THE KINGDOM OF FRIKK The lands of Fríkk are inhibited by a tall and fair people, with probably some Elven blood in their pedigree. They have grown resilient against the colds and live in this lands, organizing raids, praying to their cruel gods called the Trissa, and hunting on the many kinds of prey that adapted to the cold climate. Gustolph Rekks is the current king of Frikk. In whole Veta, he is known as 'the Lion of the North', because of his sigil, the Lion. Under his reign, the country prospers. As much as the people respect his prowess in battle, they respect his wisdom. The king has some deep interests for arts and music as well, which is quite uncommon for the people in Frikk. Karl is the son of Gustolph and thus the heir to Frikk. While he is just 15 years old, he is known to be quite impatient when it comes to waiting to succeed his father. Even though he is that young, he has lead many military expeditions to success already. Karl is very religious and believes he was born to rule. THE WESTERLANDS The main power in Veta is the Imperium, currently ruled by empress Nemayra. the Imperium, Ihlrion, is divided in multiple regions, each of them gouverned by a noble family. The house of Glainthes is such a family. They control the Westerlands, on the border with the icy lands of Fríkk. Josua Glainthes is the leader of house Glainthes. After the death of his wife, he picked up his old drinking habit. Many fear that this could lead to unwanted situations, as he tends to become aggressive because of all the cider. Rachel is the oldest daughter of Josua Glainthes. Though almost as fair as her younger sister, she is not the fighter Becca is. She is a diplomat, and has read every book in her father's library. Some say she is not too happy with her younger brother standing higher in the line of succession. Becca Glainthes, the Succubus, is the second daughter of Josua Glainthes. Many call her the most beautiful woman in the country, and she is still single. However, she will only wed a man who defeats her in single combat, and many contenders have found out she is the deadliest woman in the country as well. Jona is the third child and eldest son of Josua Glainthes, and thus the heir of the house. He is a famous duelist, and his riding ability is matched by very few. Armed with his trumpet and his bow, there are little surprises that can reach the people under his protection. Robb is the most renowned cider farmer in the country. His farm, called Bunnock's Barn, stands under the protection of house Glainthes. KRYTTAN On the swampy peninsula in the north-east, the Krytt live. The Krytt look most like a cross between humans and goblins, but they are highly civilized and are no less than their human neighbours. Which does, of course, not take away that no one should try to meet them in battle... Rytan is a major Kryttan warchief. Because of him talking more with his maul than with his mouth, he has brought the Kryttan diplomacy to some dangerous levels. THE TRISSA The Trissa is the pantheon of gods worshipped by the people of Frikk. Their shrines can be found in every country throughout the continent however The most prayed-to god of the Trissa. Most prayers are meant for the enemies of the persons praying, asking for the blade of his halbard to aid their conflict. 'getting the Halberd' is a common phrase, used as euphanism of dieing. The goddess of protection has statues in many walled towns and settlements, and in every guardhouse there is a shrine to her. When praying to her, they belief nothing can happen to them. The Inquisitor is maybe even more feared than Death himself. He is believed to haunt the unfaithful and torture them while they keep living, a fate worse than getting the Halberd. MISCELLANEOUS Underneath the lands of Fríkk are the Fields of Despair. This once was the home of a mighty Elvish civilization. However, as not uncommon by elves, Hybris was their downfall as one of their ancient kings, dubbed "the purifier" intended to rid the continent of anything not-Elvish. This was the start of a series of wars, which ultimately led to a near-complete destruction of the Elves in Veta. There are still some remaining settlements, of which the inhabitants are called "Scavengers". Athon Darkeye is the leader of an Elven Scavenger tribe. His name is respected throughout the complete Fields of Despair. Garonn is a Free Sword, traversing the whole continent. 'The Eagle' is the origin for stories in many an inn. Orna is the kindest woman one will ever meet, but for sure also one of the strongest. Defying old traditions, she has become the very first female smith, yet she is one of the best in her profession. ABOUT THE AUTHOR This has been written and was signed by Horth the Half-elf, of the Tanes, Oraca in the higher arts. This manuscripts have been approved by the head of the Tanes. comments on references:
  5. BoBS CMF - Series 6

    Choo choo! The train has also passed from Breshaun, the colonial seat of power of Oleon. Picking up the glove and accepting the challenge (frankly I could build minifigs forever so thanκ you @Elostirion), we present you, BoBS CMF - Series 6 From left to right and front to back, we have: 1. Priest of Hades (OL) -> Many say Priests of Hades are the incarnation of all evil on earth. Probably they haven't met an Eslandian merchant yet. Nevertheless these priests' hands fall strong on the heathens. 2. Corlander noble child (COR) -> That spoilt little brat thinks he can take the whole world with his dad's money. Isn't he cute? (talking about the dog here, not the kid) 3. Bastion citizen (SR) -> The epitome of being cool and prepared while living on the "Den of thieves". He had his fair share of brawls so he is a survivor 4. Merchant (duuh ESL) -> The root of all evil in the BoBS universe. Despised by the Order, adored by his fellow countrymen. Call him whatever you like but one thing is for sure. He IS going to be rich regardless 5. Sailor (OL) -> A typical sailor of the Grand Fleet of Oleon. Disciplined, tidy, fearless. A true cog in a well oiled machine 6. Sailor (COR) -> Curious by nature but well disciplined, he is a true asset of Corrington's colonial fleet. Blunderbuss is his weapon of choice should things go wrong 7. Sailor (SR) -> The unruly type of sailor, the bane of each commodore and the blight of merchant ships in BoBS universe 8. Sailor (ESL) -> The greedy (and often drunk) type of sailor. If the enemies use gold coins to attack him, he is guaranteed to go after the money and not the enemy 9. King's dragoon (OL) -> The "knight" side of Oleon army, a formidable unit at the battlefield. Each dragoon is well versed in many warfare tactics and each one is capable of performing excellently as a captain of any other military unit in Oleon's army 10. Queen's dragoon (COR) -> Corrish dragoons have entirely different duties than those of Oleon's. Their the heavy hand of the Corrish queen, directly under her command and sometimes their leadership is borrowed to only the best generals of her army 11. Tavern owner (SR) -> She is literally a mother to Sea Rats, always scolding them when they drink too much and trying to prevent brawls before her tavern needs more time... 12 Gendarmere (ESL) -> Commonly known as the "golden thief" in many native languages, he is here to "befriend" natives and to plunder. Duties which he performs admirably...if paid 13. Order of Faith soldier (OL) -> The hands of the Order and the most pious people in Oleon (after the priests themselves). They are the true agents of the Order, be it for good deeds or not-so-good deeds. Regardless, they are true patriots and sometimes ears of the King... 14. Fisherman (COR) -> Ye olde fisherman one can find in each and every colony of the Brick Seas. Some say Corrish perform better at fishing than other nations but some dismiss these statements as rumors 15. Drunk Captain (SR) -> A typical captain of the Sea Rats lot. Drunk as a raisin but always capable of plundering and terrorizing a merchant fleet without a proper warship escort 16. Native (ESL) -> Don't be fooled. He is not an average native. He wears the famous Kahuna mask, a relic among the native tribes of the Brick Seas. Could he be the next "Tribe father" that will unite them all against the western nations? BoBS CMF - Series 6 front BoBS CMF - Series 6 side C&C always welcome (and wanted). Thanks for watching.
  6. [MOC]: Winterfield Academy

    Welcome to Winterfield Academy, the premier arts academy for all of your minifigs! Governed by Headmistress Elba Rieter, this academy specializes in the arts! The first floor includes a grand entrance hall with front desk and a platform for a train station (Behind the school are tracks on which the Orient Express can arrive). The first floor also contains the dining hall, a trophy room, and the grand spiral staircase that ascends three stories. The second story includes a large choir classroom, a picture-lined hallway, a store closet that I'll soon be converting into a lavatory, and Headmistress Rieter's office. And the third floor/roof contains a ballet/dance studio and classroom, as well as a large portion that I haven't decided what to do with yet. But I think it's going to end up being the dormitory. I'm also planning on possibly doing a stop motion video series set around one of my mini figures encountering mystery and murder at the school! So we'll see how that goes. This MOC is also up on LEGO Ideas gathering support! If you wish please go support it! I'm including the link here. Any ideas for the third floor, suggestions, comments on this MOC are much appreciated, thank you! :)
  7. I just opened my brick owl store, packed with a bunch of minifigures and a couple other misc items. Star Wars, Ninjago, Series, Powermineres, Batman, Lord of the Rings. Visit my store here: FIRST ORDER I GET WILL BE 20% OFF FINAL COST
  8. Hey guys, I'm selling a ton of my SW minifigs for a great price. If you wish to purchase one, please email me at or private message me with this information: What minifig/minifigs you want, and your postal code and country so I can give you a shipping quote. After I receive that message I will get back to you with the final price and shipping cost. All payments will be delivered through PayPal. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask! Thanks These are the minifigs with their prices: Greavious: $18 Obi Wan: $17 Captian Rex: $22 4 Green troopers: $29 Sensei Wu: $12 Chima Lion: $5 Mini orange snake: $8 Red Snake: $10 Jay: $16 2 grey snakes: $19 2 Power miners: $15 Arc elite clone trooper: $26 Geonosian: $6 Orange clone: $7 Jedi (Barriss offee) : $10 Dark green Clone (Commander gree) : $12 Wookie: $14 Robot: $12 501st legion Blue trooper: $19 Commando droid captain: $8 2 super battle and 2 regular and 1 blue droids: $22 barc trooper (red) : $19 DSC_1342 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1340 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1298 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1347 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1288 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1329 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1305 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1330 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1313 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1292 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1308 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1296 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1304 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1310 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1317 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1321 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1326 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1323 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1353 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1359 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1357 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1356 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr
  9. Creating an ABC with lego minifigures for my son's nursery and am stuck on "X" and need options for N (I got Nute Gunray) . The best I can come up with is X-Wing Pilot. Am I missing people with either name starting with X or a Species/Race? Examples: A - Ashoka V - Darth Vader W - Wookie
  11. paints

    what kind of paint+brush works the best to make custom minifigs, I've tried acrylic, but it didn't work so well. Please help.
  12. Hi all, perhaps this has been a topic once - since i found none, id just give this a shot and would like to hear some of your opinions and observations on this. TLG is as we know an old and awesome business and has developped rapidly since 2000s. Before that, the progress was fairly slow, yet for its time groundbreaking! It was meant (and still is) a construction toy to play with plastic scale cars (also from other brands) and also had educational sets to learn about gears, techniques etc. Therefore they introduced a number of structural parts to improve the building experience and later on (!) added the big figs and minifigs. Now what i cant help but wonder is if the whole Minifig Focus the last 10 years (Series twice a year, increasing set prices for more SW limited figs etc) has created a gap of parts that should have long made it into sets since 2000 BUT didnt, because their "moulds" are occupied and produced for minifig related stuff mainly? I especially notice the possible part gap in the "small element" fraction of tiles, plates etc. Only recently they released a 1x1 quarter circle tile, an "over the edge" element, smaller wedge plates - mainly with the SC and modular product line. Also new clips for "bar" related stuff was firstly added last year. Those parts are very simple in design and not too hard to "imagine" as a designer to be of great constructional usage. Stil there could be more! Not? Why hasnt there been a 2x3 tile earlier, why are there no 5 stud long tiles and windshields? Why did they discontinue the scala 2x2 with cutout quarter? They had ideas for sure, yet those disappeared, Its simply odd considering their possible value for any set... My Thesis here is that the Minifigs have become such a popular collectors item and economically interesting for TLG, that TLG is less interested in producing more basic elements for construction builders (because a lot of people buy primarly for figs, the "build" itself is "a nice to have option" and works if new parts are made or not) Compare how many new minifig accesories have been made over the last years (and are to be found on LDD) with the amount of tile and plate options up to 4 studs. Its a bit shocking in my opinion, considering LEGO is a construction toy. Take modulex for example - during its time, it was super advanced in slope shaping - where are those slope types in real bricks? we only have one smooth 1x2 slope - with grilles frankly Modulex has more! A trip to legoloand can be eye-opening: FIGS everywhere " create your own" - incredible huge amounts of head designs, many items for them to clutch into their tiny hands - the variety here is like paradise for LEGO fans - just not so for system stackers: most of the stuff we know (and love) from the 90ies or earlier, perhaps in new colours... And if i want to build a highly detailed minifig car using a 1x1 plate with 3 finger on it as a BMW logo to avoid stickering? Nada...hasnt been made despite its possible usefulness in the 90ies, but they made this recently (which is literally the same thing after they abandoned the finger hinges - for whatever reason i will never understand). Again, happened last year! Some clone brands (i know, you are going to kill me for mentioning this^^) are a lot more imaginative when it comes to constructional elements. There is one part that TLG released this year that has been in a similar mould on some Sets from certain brands for quite some time now. When i saw it back in a day i found it only logical to inlcude, therefore i wondered why TLG didnt have it...hence, this write up :) Now one could say "its possible to build around all these issues" - very true - but the same states for minifig accesories, does it not?! I can build a blaster or canon, yet there are 20+ diffrerent gun options avaliable. And dont make me start about swords and staffs...Also printing is getting rarer on bricks, yet super detailed on minfigs, and that aint cheap - so again, the "standard stuff" has to do with stickers. A Speedchampion car without stickers can be qutie a guessing game of who is who, since the bricks are very basic! Yet stickers on a minifig? Blasphemy Actually why not? Its the same material, yet i think the attention is clearly on the Fig industry so its worth spending the resources on. AND that is making us wait longer for new basic elements (probably longer then it should?) Concluding: Figs are nice - i really like to use them - but do we really need so many new minifig accessories over new element bricks? Where is the "building spirit" now - shouldnt limitations make us more imaginative and be educational in some way? - perhaps only when it comes to everything else in LEGO? what do you think?
  13. Lego Print Quality

    Hi fellow Eurobrick chaps! Hopefully this is the right place to start the discussion? I did this over on Flickr recently after opening a few sets at the weekend and had a fair few people agree, so I thought I'd ask it over here too! Do you think the quality of print on Lego is slipping a little recently? I haven't noticed it much in the past other than some Captain America shields being pretty light on the white print etc, but I've recently picked up a few bits and seem to find more faults recently than ever. Over the last month or so I've had issues with: IG-88's head, Captain Americas shield, Ms Marvels head and legs, Vultures helmet, Spider-Mans torso and Batgirls torso. I'm sure I'm a little bit picky compared to what a kid might think when he opens up the packet as I'm a collector for display purposes only, but we shouldn't have to put up with bad printing should we? Lego have happily replaced all parts I've had issues with recently, but the last batch were a bit more troublesome, and I had to provide numerous details, receipts etc before they would release them, but they did this pretty quick. Interested to hear from everyone else!
  14. MOC Wild West Saloon

    hey guys just finished working on my saloon i was wondering if you have any feedback? there are more shots on the ideas page not sure if im allowed to include that?
  15. Why Stephanie? Why is Stephanie the most prolific of Non-licensed* Unique minfig/mindolls, with 32?! I guess it has to do with the popularity of the theme, right? But come on. My kids and I are not big fans of Stephanie, tbh. When there are more unique versions of Stephanie then there are of Han Solo, something is wrong. I'm just saying. The next most popular non-liscended character is Jay from Nijago. Maybe with the new movie coming out, Jay will surpass Stephanie next year? We'll see... Personally, I'd like see Elves go deeper and bigger then Friends. My 6 year old has migrated from friends to Elves, so I'm biased, but.... :) *licensed character leaders include exactly whom you would expect. Batman, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo. "Clone Trooper" wins, hands down, if you want to count him as one character. :)
  16. Hello folks! I am LadyOfBrick! I recently became interested and fascinated by the world of LEGO when I started dating a LEGO fan. Never thought the LEGO world would be so fun, complex and simply awesome! A couple of months ago I had a custom made Minifig made for my boyfriend's birthday, and ever since, his Minifig has become his travel and adventure buddy. In a couple of days my boyfriend will be embarking on a backpacking trip thru Europe and unfortunately I will not be able to join him. I wanted to send him off with something special, but I thought of an even better idea... send him off and his Minifig on a special Brick scavenger hunt. I need some help, so if you or a fellow Brick fan you might know lives in any of the following European cities, continue reading below for more details on the scavenger hunt and how you can lend me a yellow brick hand! Ljubljana, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Bruges, Paris, Bilbao, Santiago de Compostela, Coimbra, Lisbon, Seville, Gibraltar, Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Figueres, Lyon, Zurich, Interlaken, Riomaggiore, Florence, Pisa, Rome, Naples, Vicenza, and Venice. If you made it to this point it means you live in one of those cities or know someone who does! YAY! Here is the gist: I want to have strategically placed LEGO base plates (small enough for a Minifig) in photo spots around the specific cities he will be visiting. Of course the spots should be central to tourist spots. For example, in Berlin a good location would be near the Brandenburg Door. The Brick helpers would leave the base plates, snap a photo (perhaps even with your own Minifig), use GPS to upload and send over exact location, and that's pretty much it on your part! Any helpers will be kindly rewarded! I will go into details and to hows, wheres and whens with each individual who is up for helping out on this special mission! Open to suggestions and thoughts! Hope to hear from everyone soon! Thanks!!! LadyofBrick
  17. [BRAINS] Cat D - Zombie Eradicators

    zombie killer squad by Terry Fay, on Flickr Member background: Ivy - Has major trust issues, back at the beginning of the Apocalypse she come home to catch her husband up to no good with their nanny, while downstairs a zombie had eaten their 2 kids. After killing them both she just started wandering the streets, slicing up all zombies she come across. Has never griefed yet for the loss of her children. DO NOT BREAK HER TRUST IF YOU GAIN wont end well. Franc - The Leader of the group, spent most of his life preparing for this moment. Has a weapon stash too start a small army and enough food stored away to last years. Lost his girlfriend before as she hated his obsession with survival. Has always been abit of a loner but asked the team to join him as he sees them as his family he never had even though he knows they are mainly there just to Survive and not for him. Alec - Living the Dream, just married, beautiful wife, just returned from their honeymoon back to their nice home to find out about the Apocalypse. Alec thought he would run to the shop and grab some supplies, on route he come face to face with his neighbour who had turned. He couldnt bring himself to kill him so just carried on running.. Upon returning home he had found his neighbour had eaten his wife. Now lives with this on his shoulders everyday. Is on the constant hunt for his neighbour for revenge. Struggles with the depression his lack of judgement has caused. Constantly drinking to numb the pain. John James - Car sales man for high end vehicles. loved the fact that when the world had gone to %$£* he could zoom off in the most expensive car and no one could tell him not too...he made it less than a mile before crashing. Saw himself as abit of a Rambo kinda a guy at the start..But once Franc had asked him to join the crew and he met Ivy he instantly became a 'TEAM' player....and has a MASSIVE crush on IVY. Has her back through thick and thin..only reason he's grown a beard is because he overheard her say to Sam he likes her men Grizzly looking. Sam - Was a cleaner at the National History museum and was bullied by the boss. Took great pleasure in slicing him down when he became a Zombie.. Picked up some Armour and weapons from the Knights of the round table section and his favourite Vikings Helmet and set out to get the Greatest Zombie kill zombieland was his favourite film.
  18. Hi! This is exactly what the title says, a topic about purist Star Wars custom minifigs. I know there was a topic like this before, but it hasn't been replied to for a while and I'm not sure if I would be allowed to bump it. This is not restricted to just minifigures, so custom droids etc, can be posted here.
  19. See my entire Toy collection come to life at
  20. What pilots appear in rogue one movie and which minifigs are not well done -In blue squadron Blue leader General Antoc Merrick (X Wing) Blue three Jadine gerams (X Wing) Blue four Barion raner (X Wing) Blue five Farns Monsbee (X Wing) Blue six Vangos Grek (X Wing) Blue eleven Larem joma (U Wing) Blue squadron pilot with Wes janson helmet (X Wing) - In red and gold scuadron the old red five (X Wing) Red leader (X Wing) Gold leader (Y Wing) Y wing pilot with biggs darklighter helmet from gold squadron (Y Wing) Pilot with no name or squadron What pilots we have: -U wing pilot, y wing pilot helmet from gold squadron - Another u wing pilot, it's ok (Paril ritta) . - y wing pilot, Barion raner's helmet (x wing pilot) and not the correct head/ face. In yavin 4 are a lot of rebel pilots and i can't see all the helmet designs. I wish a Garven Dreis minifig from lego this 2017
  21. It seemed odd to me that this record has never been featured in the Guinness book of world records, but it looks like that might be about to change. If you think you could be a contender for the record, apply here: lego® minifigures Personally I've always wanted to learn what size the world's biggest collection has. I seem to recall that there is someone who has around 10,000 figs, albeit not all of them were unique.
  22. This contest should be on a 12 by 12 baseplate. It should include at least one medieval minifig fighting another. Your baseplate should include scenery. AWARDS 1st place: Kermit the Frog meme 2nd place: Depressed emoji 3rd place: Air high five (from Colorado) All awards will be sent by email. Competion ends December 24
  23. Here are some cool minifigs! :) I will try to update this page every week! Week 1 Image url: Week 2 sorry the image just image has some sorta problem!
  24. The Bridge Battle display

    Having recently bought the Spider-Man Bridge Battle set, I thought it would be amiss not to display it and make a chaotic diorama out of it. IMG_9275 by J G, on Flickr I'm not much of a MOCer (at least not anymore), so there's not much modification apart from the Sandman's 'sand hands', taken from that awful Sandman/ Rhino set. IMG_9282 by J G, on Flickr I'm glad the bridge comes with a birds nest on top, so I could make this lame joke with the Vulture. IMG_9292 by J G, on Flickr Ben Reilly's having some trouble keeping this taxi out of the water below, though his troubles are far from over. IMG_9285 by J G, on Flickr Whilst Spider-Girl faces off against the Scorpion and Kraven, Deadpool follows in the footsteps of the Great Oily Lord Ainsley Harriott and gives his meat a good old rub. IMG_9280 by J G, on Flickr Here is an under-shot of the entire thing. I had a lot of fun putting this together, and I can't recommend this set enough. IMG_9293 by J G, on Flickr Link to the album here;
  25. Totally custom. All hand-painted with a tiny brush. Custom stickers too. I realize this isn't purist, but I'm sure you can appreciate the involvement in making these figures.