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Found 115 results

  1. Going forward into french parade dress custom, here, french legionnaires in parade dress French foreign legion by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr French foreign legion by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr Kepis made by myself.
  2. The LEGO Minifigure Series are proving to be a great source of new minifigs and accessories relevant to the LEGO Pirate theme. Upcoming Release The Rococo Aristocrat will be released as part of LEGO® Minifigures Series 24 will be available on from January 1, 2023. Previous Releases Here is a selection of minifigures deemed most useful to Pirates: Series 10 (yet to be released - information tentative) table.minifigtable{ width: 800px; } table.minifigtable td { text-align: center; width: 33%; } Sea Captain (particularly for seagull) Revolutionary Solider (missing legs) Native American Series 9 (late 2012) Judge (nice wig!) Mermaid Series 8 (mid 2012) Pirate Captain (finally a pirate!) Conquistador The Thespian Series 7 (early 2012) Aztec Warrior Ocean King Series 5 Royal Guard Series 4 Muskateer Series 3 Hula Dancer How to suggest a Minifigure Name a minifigure from the LEGO Minifigure Series you think would be useful to the LEGO Pirates theme and explain why. If 5 other people vote for your minifigure by posting a comment it will be added to the first post of this thread. For the vote to be valid the comment must state why the minifigure is a good choice and how it can be used in the pirate theme.
  3. I recently found two torsos at Lego Stores (in the BAM section), but I'm not sure how to find them on Bricklink. I'm curious about where else they may appear or if they're exclusive BAM parts. They both seem familiar, but I don't recall from where or when. The first has a bare chest (slight pecs) on the front and a stylized rubber duck image on the back. The second is a white torso with dark blue arms in a baseball tee design with a Vitruvian Man-inspired Lego minifig on the front. On the back is printing of the shirt sleeves along the shoulders. I got several of both because they're really fun, but I can't figure out their origin.
  4. It seemed odd to me that this record has never been featured in the Guinness book of world records, but it looks like that might be about to change. If you think you could be a contender for the record, apply here: lego® minifigures Personally I've always wanted to learn what size the world's biggest collection has. I seem to recall that there is someone who has around 10,000 figs, albeit not all of them were unique.
  5. Hello There! welcome to another purist Fig entry! Sith inquisitor Zan Helios Although a devastating force on the battlefield – Manipulating the dark side of the force to brutalize enemies Zan Helios preferred more nefarious means to defeat his adversary’s using subterfuge and cunning to undermine and expose his targets before swooping in for kill or capture. Jedi Knight – Correl Azur A Jedi from Duro – a fine pilot with strong leadership skills. Killed in battle on Felucia by General Greivous during the Clone Wars. His light saber became a fine addition to the general’s collection. General Kenobi Obi-Wan Kenobi served on the Jedi High Council during the final years of the Republic Era. Kenobi served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Battling against the Separatist Droid Army. Asajj Ventris Asajj Ventress was born on Dathomir, living an extremely difficult life with many different phases, she was a slave, a Jedi Padawan, Sith Assassin, a Nightsister and even a bounty hunter. Ultimately her fatal sacrifice at the hands of Count Dooku redeemed her and saved her lover Quinlan Vos from the darkside. Aayla Secura Aayla Secura -was a Rutian Twi'lek female – Originally a padawan to Jedi Master Quinlan Vos. She became a Jedi General in the republic army, commanding the clone troopers of the 327th Star Corps. She served loyally to the Republic until her demise at the hands of Commander “Bly” during the execution of Order 66. Seen here with her trusty Saber and a Jedi Holocron.
  6. the Inventor

    [MOC] A Witcher figbarf

    From left to right, if you don't know: - Vernon Roche - Dandelion (or Jaskier) - Triss Merigold - Geralt of Rivia - Yennefer of Vengerberg - Shani - Zoltan Chivay Eagerly awaiting the lute of the new collectible minifigure series, this has to do for now. The Witcher by Ids, on Flickr
  7. Peppermint_M

    MOC: Asteroid Bar and Fuel

    In the depths of space, a rest stop is a welcome sight. The Asteroid Bar has parking, fuel, entertainment and food for anyone in the system. The bar itself is a popular haunt for travellers and locals alike. Regulars always have someone new to meet, compete with or scam! There are some familiar and not so familiar faces to spot. I built this as a display for a local Comic Con in 2019, the parking area is lit up by EL wire, with a battery box hidden under the fuel pumps. The dance floor is a construction over a grid that holds fairy lights with a few different colours and lighting patterns, I tucked that box aside as I wanted to change the pattern throughout the day. Because it was for a comic con, I wanted to build something that was fun to look at and spot characters from pop-culture and also fun aliens and robots that I made up myself. It went down very well at the con and was a fun build. However I have more SciFi plans afoot, so these photos from the day are the best I'm going to get, this is ear-marked for take-down and a new creation. Apart from the dance floor, I want to work this into future layouts (if we ever get to do them again!) Who can you spot? Do at least a few of my joke scenes and references hit?
  8. evancelt

    [MOC] Make Ready!

    Arms from Crazy Bricks, muskets from BrickArms, bayonets from BrickForge, boots from TLG Sushi Chef
  9. evancelt

    Period Imperial Heads

    Sideburns, Mustaches, and Muttonchops. To get a 1700s/1800s feel for my imperial minifigs, I like heads w/ sideburns, bushy mustaches, and muttonchops. Stubble is fine, but I'd rather they looked sharp. The soul patch head is goofy but acceptable. I like to save beards for my pirates. Are there other heads out there that you know of that I should take a look at? Given the choice, I like the ones with the white eye pupils.
  10. Just wondering if there are more people who collect battle droids? At this point I guess, I whould have around 200 of them. Let me share you, some pic's a year ago. And here as they are right now:
  11. W Navarre

    The De Cioto Family

    Hello all, here are a batch of figs. They are my family, built thanks to pressure from @Basiliscus . The De Ciotos by General 尓àvarre From left to right: Aluysio De Cioto, Arama Di Athena De Cioto (wearing her armour), Aramo De Cioto, Cetiago De Cioto, Raimonde De Cioto, and Fiorello De Cioto. (Missing member of the family: Arama's half-sister, Ercilia De Cioto, who is a character shared by me and Rogue basically, I don't know but I suspect there's already a fig for her). Aramo De Cioto: There are two heads of the De Cioto family. Aramo De Cioto handles most of the Eastern affairs, and deals with the intrigues, while his Uncle Cetiago deals with . . well, the crazy stuff out on the Western side of the island. Aramo alleges that he is a direct decedent of the legendary Aureo De Cioto, and prides himself on his long noble lineage. He has two daughters and one son, and he was nothing less than thrilled to see his oldest daughter, Ercilia, married to the Rego, viewing it as a long awaited step in the right direction. Kind and thoughtful, if devious, nothing puzzles Aramo more than his namesake, Arama, who turned out to be the wildest De Cioto in several decades. He is very fond of his wild daughter, however, and they live together in a branch of the large Amancio Mansion in Illaryian, although they have many other lands and castles throughout Eastern Varlyrio. (no picture) Ercilia De Cioto: Ercilia is a rather brilliant lady. She is the daughter of Aramo and his first wife. She was married to the late Rego, thanks to her beauty and grace, and had a very nice time, and his apparent death threw her happy life into chaos. Some whisper that she had to do with his downfall. Which may be true. Others whisper that her heart was torn in two by his death. Which also may be true. No one knows much about her, actually, although she appeared in public many times as the graceful queen. The truth is, not even her family knows her well: but it is certain that she is very close to Arama, and the two half-sisters are purported to love each other dearly. Aluysio De Cioto - deceased: Aluysio, Aramo's second eldest, was born right before the death of his mother, but oddly enough the dashing young soul turned out more like his half-sister than like his sister. Aluysio and Arama make a very deadly and clever duo, and do many things together . . . including some rather underhanded things, like taking out political enemies. Nevertheless, Aluysio is fairly staid (compared to Arama), and joined the Royal Guard, and then busily fought his way up in the ranks, until with his brilliant swordsmanship and well known good character (only because no one has caught him during his black operations with his half-sister) Aluysio almost made it to the very top rung, as Captain of the Royal Guard. Arama Di Athena De Cioto: After Aramo's first wife died mysteriously, he married again, only for his second wife to also sadly die while giving birth to Arama. Even while she was little, Arama was a feisty little girl, and not much changed, since in pity for her Aramo let her always have her way. Wild and dashing, Arama always has some mischievous (or more deadly) trick up her sleeve, and is unquestionably ambitious. Although she actually doesn't hide her attitude and the fact that she conspires and fights (like a wildcat) all day long, she does throw most people for a loop with her unexpected and unpredictably mad actions. And by always wearing her thoughts on her face she manages to hide what she's actually doing almost all of the time. Cetiago De Cioto: Aramo's Uncle, Cetiago De Cioto, is a strange wanderer of Western Varlyrio and has a passionate infatuation for gold. Nothing else shiny will do, but that glossy gold shimmer never fails to catch his eyes, and he actually occupies much of his time searching for a long famed golden dye. If he could only find it he would change his white hair to gold, and become pretty much invisible in his large goldmine near the dwarvish mountains of central Varlyrio, where he vowed to settle down as soon as he found the golden dye. Raimonde De Cioto: Unlike his rambling father, Riamonde set's his mind on something (something real, usually) and get's it. For example, he wanted an eye-patch, and he dueled like a devil with all the best archers in Varlyrio, challenging them to take out his eye until at last, a good deal of dead archers later, Raimonde got his wish while dueling with an even better archer than most, and so he quickly got an eye-patch to cover his right eye. And then he dueled with the same man again and killed him, and took all of his gold. Fiorello De Cioto: Arama's little cousin, ten-year-old Fiorello is a little brat. Not surprising, considering his father; but he is very unlike his father in at least one thing: he likes to read. On the other hand, perhaps you can guess what it is that he likes to read about . . . yes, gold. When he was little an unfortunate accident occured, and it should be no surprise that when his hand had to be cut off his father promptly arranged for a hook to be placed in it's stead. Yes, a gold hook. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- Hope you like them! Feel free to kill or rob, or blackmail, or kidnap most or all of them, but it'd be nice if some of them could last so I can continue the story . Arama Di Athena De Cioto is my main character. C&C is welcome!
  12. MarvelouslyManical

    Printing On Lego Torsos

    Is printing on Purist Lego Parts considered purist, and also putting Lego Stickers on parts that they weren't meant for?
  13. My storage boxes for minifig parts were overflowing, so I decided to put some cute ones together and package them in sets of three, with appropriate accessories, in the Build-a-Mini packs which I have also saved several of. I have eleven sets so far, some modern, some historical, some pure fantasy. I was wondering if this might be something I could actually sell on eBay. Would people be interested in Build-a-Mini packs where they don't get to pick the parts themselves but the figures all fit together in a given theme?
  14. Little Brix

    LEGO SW Minifigs Collection

    Here's a little weekly mini-series that I post on YouTube every week amongst my speed builds to show the LEGO Star Wars Minifigs that I have in my collection. Its only 2 mins so I thought you guys might like it! There are 4 episodes so far and I will be releasing a new episode every Wed/Thurs depending on your time zone. Click the pop up (i) in the top right of the screen for the link to the playlist. Comments always appreciated.
  15. Also some pirate themed shots put into a kem burned slideshow.
  16. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Planet miners

    This MOC , I built a few weeks ago. It’s a small mining vehicle, which can be used on planets for digging up some ores. The vehicle has a shovel, dril land a radar dish. Some pictures: 01_Planet_miners by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Planet_miners by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 03_Planet_miners by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr I've built the chassis with this part: I hop eyou like this MOC
  17. It is the most spooky time of the year once again! So we have a super treat for you! A chance to win either or Yep, a trick or treater, or, thanks to @Darkdragon one random series 14 figure. And one of these excellent tags: ----- What we want to see is your most monstrous minifigures. Monsters, Ghoulies, Spooks and Scaries are all welcome here. Though there are a few rules: You need to be a member of Eurobricks who joined before the 20th October 2018.. This is a fun thing, so have FUN! The Minifigure must use original Lego pieces in it somewhere, NO clone ones. Custom parts are welcome. You can build either with real parts or use LDD, MLCad etc. The figure needs to be new - no recycling here please - just fresh stuff. The entry must be posted in this thread before Midnight (GMT), on the 31st October 2018 Your entry must include one image (and only one image) and be no larger than 800x600. One entry per qualified member. All members including the Staff can join, all but me that is  Two random qualifying builds will be drawn after entry closes and the creators will win the prize! So get making a monster and have fun.
  18. craigslegostuff

    HOW TO BUILD....A drinking fountain!

    Hi everybody! I've decided to start sharing a few ideas and tips for building some of my own creations - starting with this minifig-scale drinking fountain. Why not have a go?! Uses less than 30 pcs.... (click this link, not the pic, for full instruction pics)
  19. Hi all I've started to collate a few albums for my LEGO photos., if any of you fancy having a look. Lots of random pics here from around my street/town...minifig scenes, buildings, various micro builds etc.
  20. craigslegostuff

    Some recent "taken outdoors" LEGO photos.

    More new pics, after spending a good while making albums to put everything in Here's some random shots taken in "the real world'.
  21. nixtron1

    Post your LEGO Collection here

    Aside from my minifigures collection (Batman, SW Jedis, SW Siths, SW Bounty Hunters, Space minifigs, CMS costumes, custom space minifigs), I also collect these printed minifigure helmets: Nix Antonio, on Flickr
  22. by Dathil, on Flickr LEADERS AND PROMINENT PEOPLE OF VETA, VOL. I THE TRADE IMPERIUM OF PHENIAS Phenias is built upon the islands in the Inner Sea. The main islands, Phenias, is home to the Volca, a large fortress built in a vulcano. The city expanded bigger than the island could sustain, and thus they started to build upon the water. The Pheniasi are the wealthiest faction around and dominate the free market throughout most of the continent. Their Quaestors, the tax officers, travel from market to market to collect their comissions. In return, the magistrate offers complete naval protection to everyone in the treaty. There are those, however, who suspect they might also be the ones "creating the needs of protection" theirselves, by investing their money wisely. Jovani Meci is the current magistrate of Phenias. Under his rule, the Pheniasi trade imperium has expanded vastly and has become real powerfull. He was born for this position, being a member of the wealthy Meci family, and having great economic insights. He proudly carries the Sextant Staff, a reminder of the seafaring origens of their family. However, there are those who say he has started questionable business inside the Volca,yet these sources have brought none evidence at all, and thus are these rumours not regarded as important by the Oraca. The diligent Quaestors of Phenias are often an unwelcome sight for the lords of the towns they visit. They wear the purple robes and stereotypical hat of Phenias, and have a status of immunity throughout every civilized country. They carry their sword mostly because of their noble ancestry. THE KINGDOM OF FRIKK The lands of Fríkk are inhibited by a tall and fair people, with probably some Elven blood in their pedigree. They have grown resilient against the colds and live in this lands, organizing raids, praying to their cruel gods called the Trissa, and hunting on the many kinds of prey that adapted to the cold climate. Gustolph Rekks is the current king of Frikk. In whole Veta, he is known as 'the Lion of the North', because of his sigil, the Lion. Under his reign, the country prospers. As much as the people respect his prowess in battle, they respect his wisdom. The king has some deep interests for arts and music as well, which is quite uncommon for the people in Frikk. Karl is the son of Gustolph and thus the heir to Frikk. While he is just 15 years old, he is known to be quite impatient when it comes to waiting to succeed his father. Even though he is that young, he has lead many military expeditions to success already. Karl is very religious and believes he was born to rule. THE WESTERLANDS The main power in Veta is the Imperium, currently ruled by empress Nemayra. the Imperium, Ihlrion, is divided in multiple regions, each of them gouverned by a noble family. The house of Glainthes is such a family. They control the Westerlands, on the border with the icy lands of Fríkk. Josua Glainthes is the leader of house Glainthes. After the death of his wife, he picked up his old drinking habit. Many fear that this could lead to unwanted situations, as he tends to become aggressive because of all the cider. Rachel is the oldest daughter of Josua Glainthes. Though almost as fair as her younger sister, she is not the fighter Becca is. She is a diplomat, and has read every book in her father's library. Some say she is not too happy with her younger brother standing higher in the line of succession. Becca Glainthes, the Succubus, is the second daughter of Josua Glainthes. Many call her the most beautiful woman in the country, and she is still single. However, she will only wed a man who defeats her in single combat, and many contenders have found out she is the deadliest woman in the country as well. Jona is the third child and eldest son of Josua Glainthes, and thus the heir of the house. He is a famous duelist, and his riding ability is matched by very few. Armed with his trumpet and his bow, there are little surprises that can reach the people under his protection. Robb is the most renowned cider farmer in the country. His farm, called Bunnock's Barn, stands under the protection of house Glainthes. KRYTTAN On the swampy peninsula in the north-east, the Krytt live. The Krytt look most like a cross between humans and goblins, but they are highly civilized and are no less than their human neighbours. Which does, of course, not take away that no one should try to meet them in battle... Rytan is a major Kryttan warchief. Because of him talking more with his maul than with his mouth, he has brought the Kryttan diplomacy to some dangerous levels. THE TRISSA The Trissa is the pantheon of gods worshipped by the people of Frikk. Their shrines can be found in every country throughout the continent however The most prayed-to god of the Trissa. Most prayers are meant for the enemies of the persons praying, asking for the blade of his halbard to aid their conflict. 'getting the Halberd' is a common phrase, used as euphanism of dieing. The goddess of protection has statues in many walled towns and settlements, and in every guardhouse there is a shrine to her. When praying to her, they belief nothing can happen to them. The Inquisitor is maybe even more feared than Death himself. He is believed to haunt the unfaithful and torture them while they keep living, a fate worse than getting the Halberd. MISCELLANEOUS Underneath the lands of Fríkk are the Fields of Despair. This once was the home of a mighty Elvish civilization. However, as not uncommon by elves, Hybris was their downfall as one of their ancient kings, dubbed "the purifier" intended to rid the continent of anything not-Elvish. This was the start of a series of wars, which ultimately led to a near-complete destruction of the Elves in Veta. There are still some remaining settlements, of which the inhabitants are called "Scavengers". Athon Darkeye is the leader of an Elven Scavenger tribe. His name is respected throughout the complete Fields of Despair. Garonn is a Free Sword, traversing the whole continent. 'The Eagle' is the origin for stories in many an inn. Orna is the kindest woman one will ever meet, but for sure also one of the strongest. Defying old traditions, she has become the very first female smith, yet she is one of the best in her profession. ABOUT THE AUTHOR This has been written and was signed by Horth the Half-elf, of the Tanes, Oraca in the higher arts. This manuscripts have been approved by the head of the Tanes. comments on references:
  23. minifigminute

    Happy to join the club :)

    Hi everyone! I've been a long-time lego enthusiast since I was a kid, rekindling my joy through parenthood. My son and I serve as each other's assistants when the other gets a set, which brings me so much joy! And now my wife is getting into it... 4 years ago, she never would've considered getting lego toys, but now because of me and my son, she's built quite the collection! I recently started a youtube channel with my son, on a search to unbag as many minifigs as we can! Check it out and let us know what you think! Anyway, I'm happy to find this forum and look forward to lots of idea exchanges :) Cheers! Dan P.
  24. minifigminute

    Lego Minifig photography

    I've been taking pics of the new minifigs we unbag here: Let me know what you think! So far, the hotdog vendor and the retro space hero seemed to be the most "photogenic" (ie, I think I did ok with them, the others, not so much). I'm using just my iPhone 8.
  25. The people of the Isle of Roses Background : The isle of Roses is a far western island discovered by Faladrin during the maiden course of the Bouncing Frog. It is a rocky island covered by red roses bushes and giant red flowers. It is where a strange group of adventurers lead by Cônhardt, the barbarian king, are fighting the "Cold Bloods" to stop them producing Red Honey, a delicious beverage but with psychic effects that is slowly poisoning the high nobility of the barbarian king country. The Red Honey is made by the "Cold Bloods" by sacrificing prisoners to giant red flower monsters that suck out the soul of the poor prisoners to produce their nectar which is then gatered by hellish bees to be transformed into honey and then sold to the Barbarian king citizen to ensure the "Cold Bloods" supremacy upon the citizen of the Barbarian king. It is why Cônhardt has decided to settle a castle in the Isle of Roses to stop the production of Red Honey. Here are some people of interest in this far western island : First, the Barbarian King people in Castle Rose : Cônhardt, the Barbarian King : He is the leader of the group of the adventurers trying to stop the production of red Honey. He is a strong and rough man with the bad habit of swearing and yelling constantly. He is a very talented swordsman and enjoys to ride his battle panther to fight the "Cold Bloods" Felindra, the Cat Master : She is the intendant of the Barbarian king keep and she is in charge of the training of the battle panther and of her offsprings. She is a bad tempered girl and prefer the big cats company than the human one. Allistair, the Blue Mage : He is a noble man from the Barbarian King country but renounced to his rank to embrace the way of magic. With his power, it is possible to seal the hellish bees hives and to definitely stop the Red Honey production. Niansan, the Sword Master : He is a cat people from a distant land and joined the Barbarian King to fight the "Cold Bloods" to seek revenge for his people coldly slaughtered by the Lizard people of the "Cold Bloods". He is a master swordsman and his skills at sword are unequalled. Barbarella, the Huntress : She is the official huntress of the Barbarian King and is providing the keep of good hunting products. She is also a brilliant scout and knows the Isle of Roses like her pocket. With her, impossible to get lost on the Island. Goatyié, the Ninja : He is a Satyr people, frequently encountered in the Barbarian king country. Those goat people are normally farmers and hunters, but Goatyié is a discret and stealth well trained Ninja. He is mainly used in recon mission and to spy the "Cold Bloods". Niärl, The Beast : Also issue of the Cat people, Niärl lost his sanity when his family was killed by the "Cold Bloods". He is now a dreadful weapon at the order of the Barbarian King used to slaughter every Lizard man he can catch. Mauw, The Guard : Also known by Maurice Welligton of Lactoferis, simply shorten by Mauw, this Cow people is a rare variant from the Satyr people who are living in the Barbarian King country. They are usually peacefull land owners but Mauw is as bad tempered as Cônhardt and he decided to follow him when it appeared to Mauw he was better at weapons than at land administration. Horton, the Horse Master : He is a common people of the Barbarian King country who was send to serve as blacksmith and as horseman. He is in charge of the good health of the horses of the keep and is able to repair the horse shoes. Because riding by horse is safer than riding by Panther. Florton, the Peasant : He is the young brother of Horton and is the example of a common peasant of the Barbarian king people. They are regularly put in danger by the raids from the "Cold Bloods" but it doesn't prevent them to farm and to help Cônhardt to develop his keep. And here are the bad guys, the members of the "Cold Bloods" : Regit ,the Lizard King : He is the merciless king of the Lizard people on the Isle of Roses. He is a big fan of Red Honey and wants the production to raise in order to sell this dreadful product to farther lands. He is a dangerous warrior and loves riding his tamed Alligator. Zaira, the Lady of the Cages : She is the queen of the "Cold Bloods". She is responsible of the detention of the prisoners to sacrifice to the giant red flower monsters. She is also in charge of the security of the Hives. Her dark magic could be countered by Allistair's magic. Hisss, the Red Honey Baron : He is the intendant of the "Cold Bloods" and is in charge of tasting and selling the Red Honey production. He is a dangerous snake people which needs no weapon to harm people as he is more dangerous with words. A Red Honey servant : It is common to see servants and slaves in the "Cold Bloods" court. They are ancient prisoners the Lizard people decided to use to serve them the Red Honey. They are often brain washed by making them drink high quantities of Red Honey. A Red Honey peasant : The peasants the Lizard people are hiring or enslaved are responsible of collecting the Red Honey from the hives but are also in charge to collect prisoners to offer in sacrifice to the Red Giant Flower Monsters. A Red Flower Monster Offspring : Those devil flowers are the base of the Red Honey production. This is an example of a young offspring but the giant ones are highly dangerous. They feed on prisoner's souls the Lizard people of the "Cold Bloods" are offering to them and then are producing Red Nectar to be harvested by Hellish bees. Destroying those plants could help to stop the Red Honey production. A Hellish bee harvester : The hellish bees are gathering the Red Nectar in their hives to produce Red Honey that can be harvested by the "Cold Bloods". The Red Honey is particularly tasty and good but dangerously addictive and has Psychic effects. This is the reason of the decay of the Barbarian King country. He has to find a way to stop the Red Honey production. A Sacrified Prisoner : The "Cold Bloods" are detaining prisoners from raids they are launching in the Barbarian King country and they are sacrificing them to feed the Red Giant Plant Monsters to have Red Honey. Without soul to eat, it's impossible for the plants to give Red Nectar, and so, the production of Red Honey would stop. This is my Category B entry for the "Safe Haven" Challenge. Hope you'll like it ! It's clarifying some facts on the ongoing story of Faladrin in the Isle of Roses that began with my Cat C entry and continued with my Cat A entry. C&Cs are welcome !