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Found 24 results

  1. Hi all, here's a quick modification I did to the Ahsoka Ghost & Phantom set. I really love this new set, it's a really well proportioned build and fairly faithful to the ship we all love, but as with most big ships it's lacking detail, the underside was ignored and wasn't keen on the look of the Phantom, so I had a go at improving things. As alwats Instructions for the modified Phantom are on Rebrickable and the 550 extra pieces will only cost about £35. Big thanks by the way to PiXEL-DAN for letting me use the stickered and printed pieces he made for his own Ghost mod, they add so much to the Studio renders! Here's some renders of the modified ship, I'll replace these with photos as soon as I can. The original structure is still in there, removing exterior parts to start the mod only takes around 15 minutes and almost everything I've added is surface detail. Several of the sections are completely rebuilt, like the docking rings and roof, and some like the main top panels just need some tiles and wedge plates to be added or rearranged. The underside of the ship has a lot of parts added, partly disguising the Technic Brick structure but mostly adding some simple slopes as well as the signature lower-body shape. I wanted to keep the main structure of the shuttle so that it still docked with The Ghost, I couldn't quite make it work without a small modification to the roof of the ship but I made that change as easy to do as possible. I've tried to improve the Phantom's overall proportions, the back half doesn't look as small compared to the front now, the top fin is two plates lower and the front end is two plates narrower to make the shuttle look a little longer. I've reused most of the stickered pieces but left off the 2x3 tiles from the back adding a larger patch of colour with wedge plates instead, however it would be easy to swap back in those original stickered tiles.The Phantom can still hold a pilot and by removing some of the brown seat pieces even Hera can squeeze in the cockpit! It remains oversized compared to The Ghost but is much smaller looking than the original build.
  2. "Chess Ko Sebulba." Anakin Skywalker, 32 BBY "Chess Ko Sebulba." Anakin Skywalker, 32 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr "Chess Ko Sebulba." Anakin Skywalker Mos Espa, 32 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr "Chess Ko Sebulba." Anakin Skywalker Mos Espa, 32 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr "Chess Ko Sebulba." Anakin Skywalker Mos Espa, 32 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  3. This is a minifig-scale model of "The Phantom", the shuttle from the TV series "Star Wars Rebels". It's about a foot long and has a full interior, with working hatches at the rear and on the underside. I re-used the cockpit and nose from goatman461's excellent design, along with elements of the sides, roof and underside hatch: and I'm grateful for his kind permission to post this model. As usual, I've documented the build as an LXF file for my own reference, and I am linking the LXF file here in case anyone else feels like building this model. The LXF is nearly-but-not-quite correct. I can't place the roof (the angled pillars at the back prevent it from attaching) and the tyre with tread at the front of the engine should be an old smooth tyre (part no. 132) - something which does not appear to exist in LDD. Update: Many, many thanks to @monkypaws for making the instrctions available for free on rebrickable - link here. This page contains both a step-by-step set of instructions and a parts list. The details section contains a list of rare parts to check before attempting a build. Before someone asks: yes, I am pondering building the Ghost in scale with this shuttle. I estimate it would be quite large - 138 studs long, 1.1 metres, or the length of a stay in a local psychiatric hospital. Here are a couple of pictures. More can be found on the flickr album: Here are some photos of the Interior. First a shot from the front of the cockpit, showing Hera and Kanan, with the rest of the crew in the background (minus Chopper, who is in his droid socket on top of the ship). The belly hatch works, i.e. it opens and closes: There are eight seats in the back (realistically, seating for six, given the width of Lego figures): Once again, more photos can be found on the flickr album There is always room for improvement: If you have any suggestions, comments or criticisms, please feel free to leave them below. Edited 16th May: added interior photos.
  4. UPDATE! (DECEMBER 2022) Version 2 has gone live (Sorry for the delay), new function video can be seen on Brickvault YT channel (Click HERE) List of changes: - Upgraded landing gear - no more tilting to the backside with Phantom II docked - Reinforced main engines - additional support to prevent the main engines from disconnecting from the fusselage - Corrected color scheme to better match one in the Rebels TV show - Reduced greebles and added slight discoluration to match better with the one in the Rebels TV show - Changed docking port design - Reinforced front mandibles using new SNOT bricks from Super Mario series - Changed engine thruster color from Transparent Light Blue to Transparent Neon Orange (Transparent Yellow color is reserved for frontal lights) - Added limiters to pilot canopy piece, to ensure that it won't close too far. (Closing the canopy fully ensured incorrect placement of the frontal roof piece) - Reworked common room layout now includes corner sofa and a smaller kitchen area - Reworked Phantom I* - Reworked Phantom II** * Not minifigure compatible ** Both Phantom older versions are still usable Everyone who has purchased the original instructions should receive the new ones for free. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After 3 years of work and 2 different iterrations I can proudly present one of my favorite SW ships - GHOST Part count - Approx. 4100 (excluding phantom) Length - 62 studs (50 cm) Width - 50 studs (40 cm) Height - 26 studs (20,5 cm) It's not a minifig scale model, but rather a playscale one - it is designed to fit the minifigures, but when corresponding to proper scale model the inner rooms are smaller and I had some artistic freedom making them to my likings and configuration. GHOST suffers from being heavy to the rear end, to prevent the model from tipping the chasis/landing gear is slightly angled forward and therfore model can stand on it's own without any additional support at the back. GHOST features modular removable sections - Phantom docking bay, top floor with the gunner position and roof sections in the front and the back. All of the removed sections reveal an interrior space that can be used by minifigures. And yes, this model is made IRL as well. It was one of those rare times that I made model with real bricks first and only then it made in digital form. Compared to the UCS Star destroyer 75252, GHOST looks rather small, but to be honest a lot of MOC's look rather small next to that thing! More photos/renders of interrior and Phantom will be added soon. Also, the instructions are being worked on right now. Update (17.08.20) Renders for the Phantom and how it fits with the ship. Also. description and top view of the accessible interrior. Main floor Top Floor Rooms as following: 1. Front gunner seat, accessible by lowering ladder 2. Pilot position, accessible from the communication room 3. Communication room and droid repair station 4. Main hallway, connects main ramp, living quarters, communication room, both airlocks* and the backside of the ship 5. Living quarters - has 3 beds, table and some basic furniture to accomodate basic minifgure needs 6. Cargo elevator. Can be used to access the lower cargo hold** 7. Right airlock 8. Left airlock and doorway to common room 9. Access to upper level, main gunner seat and Phantom docking bay 10. Armory and gunsmith 11. Dejarik and dining table 12. Kitchen area 13. Bathroom 14. Engine room, houses 2 hyperdive units and signal jammer 15. Main gunner position*** 16. Access hatch for the docking bay 17. Phantom Docking bay *Airlocks cannot be opened due to the structure of the build, they are keeping all the side connections together and play major role to make GHOST swooshable. ** Lower cargo hold access is limited, therfore it's hard tu use it for "playing" porpuses. It's possible to put some cargo and boxes while still building this MOC. Cargo will be seen through the large 8x8 grill pieces. *** Main gun on the top of the ship is fixed and can be reattached at 90 degree increments. I tried to make it freely rotateble but at this scale I didn't want to sacrifce looks for this small function. Hope to finish instructions till the end of the August for anyone who is interested in buying my playscale GHOST. UPDATE (11.09.2020) Instructions available at Daves Customs shop! Check it here - Daves Customs Shop UPDATE (23.01.2021) From now on the instructions are available on - VIDEO review here!
  5. See replies in this thread for any NEW models Models in this thread - SHADOW CASTER PHANTOM II PELTA-CLASS FRIGATE IMPERIAL GOZANTI-CLASS CRUISER QUASAR-CLASS CARRIER IMPERIAL TROOP TRANSPORT GHOST & PHANTOM INTERDICTOR CRUISER TIE DEFENDER MINING GUILD TIE FIGHER ARC CANNON AT-DP PROTOTYPE (NEW) LAAT/le PATROL GUNSHIP (NEW) SHADOW CASTER Hello again everyone This week I present the Shadow Caster a Lancer-class pursuit craft - the ship of Bounty Hunter Ketsu Onyo from the excellent (well last 3 series anyway) Star Wars Rebels animated series. I was ill a while back and my attention span at the time was only an hour or so so watching a few Rebels episodes at a time fit nicely. It made me realise that there were a lot of vehicles from the animated series, not just Rebels, that I have not built or could update form my old collection so this is the first of many from this genre so keep an eye open. This is not a very tricky build, The difficult part was getting the colour scheme right whilst not making the model too thick. The new maccaroni tile pieces and 6x3 semi circle plates certainly helped with that once I realised that they existed. I tend to find out about new parts now when my son gets a new set! I think i have the overall shape and dimensions just about right. I am surpised an official minifig scale set of this was not made. As this was not the case I have also had to build a Ketsu Onyo minifig from official parts for the display. This is not my speciality so if anyone can think of better minifigure parts let me know. Anyway, enough waffle, here is the model. Let me know what you think. Jon
  6. Lego Technic Rolls-Royce Phantom by Isaac Yaw Instructions: Full video: functions: -Fully independent suspension system-Adjustable height suspension-V12 engine with gearbox-6-speed manual transmission-working steering wheel and 'hand of God' steering system-full black and yellow theme interior-fully openable doors, hood, and trunk replicated from the original model-hidden 'umbrella' in the door dimensions: length- 57.5 cmwidth- 20.5 cmheight- 15.5 cm
  7. I am still looking to tweak a few spots (the panel at the rear window is included in this), but mostly it is finished: 20190827_134133 by Appie NL, on Flickr 20190827_134604 by Appie NL, on Flickr 20190827_135244 by Appie NL, on Flickr 20190827_134945 by Appie NL, on Flickr I don't think I mentioned this before, but the "gas" and "break" pedal function as the forward/neutral/reverse for the gearbox. If I did the math right, then the reverse gear ratio is slightly above the ratio of the 2nd, perhaps not very realistic since afaik they are usually around the ratio of the 1st, I couldn't figure out a better ratio in the space I had left for this. 20190827_134741 by Appie NL, on Flickr 20190827_135042 by Appie NL, on Flickr The white levers with silver knobs control the windows and the black one on the dash controls the airconditioning. The lever below the steering wheel is for the lights. My aim was to have the positions for these controls as close to what they would be in a real car. Despite the roof being open, the front window levers are a little hard to reach for my big hands (especially with my left as you will see in the video below). 20190827_153707 by Appie NL, on Flickr 20190827_135520 by Appie NL, on Flickr My attempt to recreate the "star filled heaven" roof lining of the real Phantom. These are "glitter bricks". They only come in weird colours like dark pink until a set of Harry Potter brought these light blues. I considered adding PF lights to this for extra effect, but it didn't have the desired result in terms of lightning and I didn't want to use 3rd party stuff on this build. 20190827_134306 by Appie NL, on Flickr 20190827_134407 by Appie NL, on Flickr 20190827_135313 by Appie NL, on Flickr Behind the back of the trunk is the gearshifter from Attika and some wires. 20190827_140703 by Appie NL, on Flickr Perhaps looks a little bright in this picture, but there's only 2 PF leds per headlight on these. 20190827_140547 by Appie NL, on Flickr And the taillights, 1 PF led each. 20190827_140944 by Appie NL, on Flickr @Attika Here's your desired belly shot I don't have the new wire holders yet from Control+ sets and not sure of these can even hold 2-3 wires in 1, so I made something myself to hold/tunnel/guide the wires. At first I wanted to completely cover up the floor and "hide" the Technic like I mostly did on the rest of the car, but decided to keep it open. And some might notice that I updated the front suspension. When I nearly finished the build it needed an upgrade to 3 hard springs, same number as the rear, since the front suspension was pretty much dead in the old configuration. And a little video to showcase the windows and airconditioning Original opening post below this point: With all the great sportcars on this forum, I felt I had to try a different approach to the "1:8 Lego supercar". Choosing this car also gave me a good excuse to add different kind of functions usually not in these kind of cars. First of all I want to say thanks to a few people on this forum for information, techniques or mechanisms they provided: @Didumos69 and @jb70 for their work on the Chiron gearbox. This model uses their efficiently build Chiron gearbox, I only tweaked it slightly further to make it shorter. Also thanks Didumos and @Erik Leppen for their information on suspension, made it easier to look for how to fix stuff. @Attika for his compact servo based gearbox stepper which I used in this model. @Jeroen Ottens for all sorts of neat techniques and tricks in his DB11. The front mounting of the suspension is very similar to his to get the engine very low like in his DB11. I am sure I forgot a few people, my apologies. So here's the current progress: WIP3Frontside by Appie NL, on Flickr WIP3RearSide by Appie NL, on Flickr WIP3Side by Appie NL, on Flickr The current features are: - 8 speed gearbox - V12 fake engine - Suspension - Electric windows - "Airco" - Lights I think, despite the outer shell being about 70% system bricks and 30% technic, the base of the car is all Technic and that it should belong in this forum and not the scale forum. This is how the car looked in the early stages: WIPRollsPhantomFront2 by Appie NL, on Flickr But if Jim or Milan thinks it should still be in the other forum, I am sure he will move it. The reason for the mostly system outer shell is because I had a hard time making all the little curves with Technic (panels) and I felt those little curves made the difference to try and capture this car. Especially at the front, after that I tried to minimize Technic panel use because it would be a breach of style at that point. Overall I am happy how it turned out so far, some parts I don't like. The windscreen being the biggest offender with how square and flat it looks, but the A-pillars being part of the structural integrity of the model made it hard to come up with something else. Stuff left to do: - Dashboard and midconsole - Front seats - Roof - Mirrors - The bottom 2 studs of the model (under the doors, bottom of front grill and the second layer of the floor to hide wires and provide more rigidity to the model)
  8. A long, long time ago I started working on a micro scale Millennium Falcon. To begin with all I wanted to do was add detail to the Microfighter but I kept tinkering and before I knew it I had a growing collection of micro Star Wars freighters and fighters, and here they are! Instructions for all these little builds are on my Rebrickable page. Since this all started with that Falcon Microfighter the cockpit piece (a light blueish-grey 2x2 truncated cone) became my yardstick for scale. Luckily trans-black 1x1 slope pieces work as fighter cockpits at the same scale so all the ships are, and will continue to be, as close to scale with each other as I can manage, at least based on these pieces and whatever reference images I can gather from Google. My Blockade Runner (April 2021) is the last ship on my micro Star Wars to-do list, although it’s hardly micro! The size and weight were a new challenge for me, I’ve never had to worry about a moc falling apart under its own weight before, but I enjoyed the challenge and managed to make it pretty easy to pick strong. I’ve put together instructions for the Tantive IV as well as the Liberator from Star Wars Rebels, which I couldn’t resist building for myself. Rather than doing new posts for each new ship I’ll edit the very long post below. All the instructions are on my Rebrickable page and there are photos and Studio renders some photos of the ships in this post, plus a few more on Flickr and Instagram. Thanks for looking!
  9. I have created some "Phantom of the Opera" minifig decals for the characters "phantom" (aka Erik) and "Christine". The design is taken from the broadway production however is not 100% stage accurate, i have changed some details in order to better fit on the minifig. The costumes included are Christine's "Think of me" dress, Christine's Dressing gown, and the tuxedo worn by the phantom during "music of the night". I have included all decals in flesh and yellow skin colour but if a transparent version is requested I can provide that. I have included The phantom's face decal both with and without his mask, these could be used double sided on the same head or on different fig's depending on preference. any additional costume suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is my first attempt at designing custom decals, so any constructive feedback on how to improve these designs would be greatly appreciated. If creating POTO Minifigs i suggest using Part 95225 in Dark Brown as a hairpiece for Christine and Part 92081 in black as a hairpiece for The Phantom Any suggestions for what minifig decals to create next would be appreciated I have the Illustrator files and will provide them if requested Thanks, and be sure to tell me what you think! http://s394.photobuc...m?sort=3&page=1
  10. Not ten months after I gave up the idea of doing a System scale Naboo queen's cruiser with space for minifigs, hachiroku24 knocks it out of the park with his excellent build, Nubian Royal Starship MOC. This video is his build: Using spare parts and wrecking my old build, I pounded my version of this MOC out last Saturday, squeezing some light grey bits from other builds. Even though I've only used about maybe 60-70% of the original build, the result is stunning. A long awaited piece for the Phantom Menace display. I am sorry that I forgot to remove the distracting blue decals from the Mandalorian speeder parts while taking these pics - will take more pictures soon of this build as I try and swap out parts to improve it over time. I was able to get the base pretty close (except the nose) and the top, but took many liberties, especially with the underside and interiors. As for the middle, the original build uses two plates for reinforcement but since I am desperately low on light grey wedges I tried to make it work with only one plate thickness. Really happy with the 4 small interiors - throne room (Queen Amidala from Gungan sub can only lie down with the lid closed), cockpit for Ric Oliee, Droid bay with a little hyperdrive build in the middle and the loading ramp. I sacrificed a bit of slope here to accommodate my interior. Still need to install some landing struts for the underside. Love hachiroku24's use of the flat 3x3 macaroni piece on top and bottom of the cockpit. It really pops from all angles and this build is swooshable as hell! Looks so great next to the N1 cruiser. This is an inspired build, and I'd like to send a special shout out to hachiroku24 for sharing this and other fine builds on his channels.
  11. Edit - Season 2 Phantom (thanks to ScottishDave's help) Star Wars REBELS - The Phantom by Goatman461 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Big thanks to ScottishDave for inspiring me to remake this ship, giving me some ideas to improve, and helping me along the way. He's a true credit to the forum. Check out my SoNE build, featuring the Phantom, here. I'm also going to keep this together for a while, so if you end up at a convention in Texas, keep an eye out for Chop. Original post/build - Phantom low angle by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Phantom back hatch by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Phantom side by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr I built this for a contest with the DFWLUG. It had to be Star Wars and on a 16x16 base. I chose to do a Rebels MOC because there are way to few out there and I thought it would be a good way to stand out. Hopefully my fellow LUG members follow the kids show, too. With the wings folded in, it just barely fits the 16x16 base. The three supports are not attached to the base; they just precariously sit on the SNOT'd top. The ship itself is minifigure scale with fold out seating for the pilot and 8 passengers. The interior is finished out, SNOT'd, and visible through a removable back hatch. The bottom should be white but I felt that the pictures allowed some leeway and I didn't have the white arches I would need to make the Ghost-Phantom access hatch. I also did not make the wings as smooth as I wanted because of the 16x16 size limit was already being tempted. Rebels Phantom 16x16 Base by goatman461, on Flickr The base is just a fun depiction of stormtroopers running in circles, Sabine ruining a perfectly good rooftop, Kanan facing off against the Inquisitor, and Zeb chasing down some bucket heads. I also wanted to add some Lothal-style greebling with a greebled Rebels "R" Thanks for looking. C&C appreciated. 5/12/15 Edit: New shots added
  12. TyGl200


    I am currently working on a Ghost MOC from Star Wars Rebels. I'm basing the design of DarthTwoShedsJackson's Ghost. I really dislike the original Lego set because its too small and has no interior. I'm making it UCS scaled and it would really help if anyone could give me some advice.
  13. TyGl200


    I am currently working on a Ghost MOC from Star Wars Rebels. I'm basing the design of DarthTwoShedsJackson's Ghost. I really dislike the original Lego set because its too small and has no interior. I'm making it UCS scaled and it would really help if anyone could give me some advice.
  14. I'm selling: 76053 Lego Batman Gotham City Cycle Chase - SOLD 70901 The Lego Batman Movie: Mr. Freeze Ice Attack - SOLD 30522 Batman in the Phantom Zone All are brand new in their factory sealed boxes/polybag. All are from a smoke-free, pet-free, mould-free, odour-free home. You can buy them separately or combined. Free UK P&P. 76053 and 70901 are £16 each (including UK P&P). 30522 is £5 (including UK P&P). And some parted out Nexo Knights vehicles and minifigures. They've never been touched. Interested in any of the above? Please PM me.
  15. I just released on Rebrickable my Lego Technic model of a Rolls-Royce Phantom II Coupe [1934] The model is fully RC controlled and has back-side suspension, functioning side-folding bonnet, trunk, suicide doors and working engine. It is operated by 2 L-motors and a servo for steering. I build it in about 40 hr. over a period of 2 weeks and made instruction of it that are free to download from Rebrickable. http://www.rebrickab...m-ii-coupe-1934 Be sure to also check out my other models on Rebrickable. Update: Just have to add these incredibly nice renderings that jesuskyr made for me at his own initative. Thanks a lot for them. More pictures are in the later postings in this topic.
  16. Hi to the Eurobrick community! I'm into spaceships, and enjoy building minifig-scale LEGO models that are both playable but also technically somewhat interesting. The Ghost ship from the Rebels series is a rather new acquaintance for an older SW fan, but as it has been said it is one of the most interesting additions to the ship spectrum of the SW world, and is suitably sized and interestingly shaped to work as a great model for building a MOC. Furthermore, as the LEGO originals have been somewhat criticized, and yet offer some interesting ideas and parts, I thought to go forward in designing a better one, more into real scale but still with some playability. As a result, I've been now putting together a minifig-scale Ghost ship for some months. It is still very much a work of progress... My progress has not been that fast as I have only limited time and energy and have to also order some parts on the way (not really yet knowing the complete list of parts), so don't hold your breath about it being completed soon. But as the work has now progressed to at least certain level that might also prove to be of interest of other builders, I thought of making this project public. Here's few pictures of the progress & status: More images of Ghost in Google folder, here: In the folder above, I'm also gonna add some photos of the plans, both on paper, and then in vector based drawing program (anyone still remember Macromedia Freehand?) just to have some record of the progress. But currently there is only one partial screenshot, due time constraints. As you can see, the main constraints of the design have been the cockpit windscreen (from model 7931 T-6 Jedi Shuttle - I think it fits well), and other parts from actual LEGO Ghost model, as well as the docking rings on both sides (hexagonal 10x10 plate with rectangle-shaped hole in center - not there yet) and the main hull as 8 studs wide (to leave proper room for interior with 6 studs hallway in cargo entrance and fit with 6 stud wide cockpit windscreen) with additional interior space on both sides that fit into the "tilted side compartments" (how should one call them?). As you notice, I wanted to fit in some spaces on both sides of the main hull, so both top floor cabins as well as cargo space on bottom floor extends from the main hull to be some 18 studs wide inside the ship. This also demanded some playing with size and structure. Also, the actual dimensions of Ghost have been considered (around 40+ meters), but this model falls short of that in being roughly 70 studs long (23 meters?), as 120 studs model would just be too much, and even this size allows sufficient interior with two-floor structure (I guess the actual Ghost has around 3-4 levels in it). And here are also images of the Phantom MOC that is supposed to dock with the ship, though no docking platform yet exists there. The LEGO official version of the Phantom is just way off from the actual looks, and also lacks the space to allow proper playability, so a MOC is a must for this one. For this build one main thing was to stick with the size of the 4-stud wide cockpit windscreen, while still allowing all the Ghost crew to fit inside the small ship as well. In the below photo it remains slightly unfinished, but I'm gonna update more revised photos a bit later. Nevertheless you get some idea of the design. More images of Phantom in Google folder, here (gonna update newest soon): Finally, while there haven't been that many MOCs of Ghost, no design emerges from nothing, and all previous designs have worked as my inspiration. Just to refer to some sources that have been helpful: First of all, DarthTwoShedsJackson has created really detailed and in all respects admirable Ghost MOC that deserves a major kudos, portrayed also here in Eurobricks: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=101530 …There cannot be enough admiration expressed of the above, but I felt that my model should have even more focus on interior, to allow playing with figures. DarthTwoShedsJackson's model is "half minifig scale" so I thought of expanding a bit from there. Also loving his speeders for the crew, hope to make similar ones for mine. The best Phantom MOC I found is definitely goatman461's here: http://www.eurobrick...ic=106806&st=50 ...But that model is far too big to dock with my Ghost (as it is in line with the actual size and not my 2/3 interpretation). Another MOC of Phantom I found had some interesting ideas, as the tilted front. Here: Finally, gavralcraw has collected several helpful exterior/interior screenshots of Ghost from the Rebels series, very useful as gradually going forward to making the interior design, here: http://starwarsrebel...s-of-ghost.html Thanks for all the sources of inspiration, also to those not mentioned above. Lastly, thanks for reading, and feel free to comment this project. I'll update progress, but as I mentioned it probably isn't that fast, looking forward to perhaps finish this by the end of this year.
  17. DarthTwoShedsJackson

    [MOD] Ghost improved

    It's been a while since I've posted here, due to a focus on other creative hobbies. But with the release of the first two Star Wars Rebels sets, it was time for me to dive into my legos again and improve on the official builds. I really dig the design of the characters and the Ghost, which once more is a spaceship with a lot of character. My goal was to keep the size and not make the model bigger, because I like the size of the official set - it's small enough to be handled but big enough to have it look like a huge vehicle. I mean, it's bigger than my modified AT AT. So, while keeping the size, I fiddled with making the plating less messy, integrating the docked Phantom more smoothly into the Ghost, and correcting some proportions - especially in the front. The latter entailed moving the gunner bubble on the nose and the cockpit canopy 2 studs forward to make the raised area between cockpit and the gun turret on top longer. This created more room in the accessible area behind the pilot seat, so that the Ghost can now transport more minifigs. Checking the first finalized renders of the Ghost on the internet, I also added a white 'ring' where the transparent front gunner bubble connects to the fuselage. I also used longer, steeper slope bricks for the geometric shapes on each side of the front gunner bubble. Last, but not least, I added fully retractable landing gear, as such a huge ship should aleays have. I hope you like it - in any way, please comment, criticise or make suggestions:
  18. McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantom II of the 38th TRS, 26th TRW, based in Rammstein, West Germany during NATO exercise Royal Flush XVI, October 1971. The model features detailed pilot and RSO cockpits with opening canopies, opening radome with antenna, opening inflight refuling receptacle on the aircraft's spine, deployable ram air turbine (RAT), retractable landing gear, and positionable leading edge flaps, airbrakes, flaps, flaperons, spoilerons, tailplanes, and tail hook.
  19. The US Navy's aerial display team the Blue Angels transitioned from the Grumman F-11F Tiger to the McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantom II in 1969. In 1974, due to the fuel crisis, they switched to the more economical McDonnell Douglas A-4F Skyhawk II, continuing in that aircraft until 1986 and the switch to their current aircraft, the McDonnell Douglas/Boeing F/A-18A/B Hornet (now C/D). The Phantom II notably was also flown by the US Air Force display team the Thunderbirds at the same time as the Blue Angels, the only time both teams have flown similar aircraft (although the Thunderbirds flew the USAF F-4E variant). The models feature detailed pilot and WSO cockpits with opening canopies, opening radome with antenna, retractable landing gear, folding wings, deployable ram air turbine (RAT) and Naval style inflight refueling probe, and positionable flaps, flaperons, spoilerons, leading edge flaps, airbrakes, tailplanes, and tail hook. See more at my Mocpages account. Blue Angels 4-ship diamond of F-4Js. The Blue Angels' F-4J solo aircraft 5 and 6 perform an "Inverted Dirty Pass", wherein the two aircraft make a formation flyby of the crowd with one aircraft inverted. The "Dirty" in the name is an aviation term that refers to the high-drag configuration of the aircraft, with the landing gear and tail hooks deployed. This maneuver is unique to the Blue Angels and not performed by the USAF Thunderbirds.
  20. Capt. Steve Ritchie and Capt . Chuck DeBellevue were 2 of only 5 aircrew in the Vietnam War to have attained the title of "Ace", having scored 5 kills in that conflict in air to air combat. Ritchie retired from the reserves in 1999 as a Brig. General. DeBellevue remained on active duty until 1998, retiring as a Colonel and the last actively serving "Ace". The Collings Foundation preserve and fly a retired F-4D Phantom II at numerous air shows yearly painted in the markings of Ritchie and DeBellevue's MiG Killer aircraft 67-0463. To date it is the only privately-owned and flyable F-4 Phantom II, and took an act of Congress to allow to be returned to flight status in private hands.
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  22. I've created many of the various variants of this phamous phighter, including the RF-4 photo reconnaissance version and the NASA research YF-4E used in the Control Configured Vehicle tests equipped with canards. I've also created some of the foreign users of the Phantom, including both major British versions, along with the Japanese Mitsubishi-built EJ model, Israeli Kurnass, German F-4F ICE, and the Greek "Peace Icarus" version. I've taken care to model them including the small variations distinctive to each version or user, so as not to simply create "repaints" and make each distinctive. I would love to hear feedback, as this project was my first attempt at large scale (approx. 1:20th) highly detailed LEGO aircraft MOCs, and a lot of the lessons learned have worked their way into my other models. Features include a detailed tandem cockpit with room for 2 minifigures and dual opening canopies, opening radome with radar antenna, fully functional landing gear, positionable tail hook, positionable emergency ram air turbine generator, positionable airbrakes, and fully poseable flight control surfaces including flaperons, spoilerons, and all moving horizontal stabilizers. Thanks for looking! US Navy / Marine Corps Phantoms; F-4H1 Phantom II carrier based fighter aircraft, pre-production version F-4A Phantom II carrier based fighter aircraft, first production version F-4B Phantom II carrier based fighter aircraft (VF-111 "Sundowners") F-4J Phantom II carrier based fighter aircraft (VF-84 "Jolly Rogers") F-4J Phantom II carrier based fighter aircraft (VX-4 "Evaluators" call sign "Vandy 1", nickname "The Black Bunny") F-4J Phantom II carrier based fighter (VF-96 "Fighting Falcons" call sign "Showtime 100") F-4N Phantom II carrier based fighter aircraft, rebuilt F-4B (VMFA-531 "Grey Ghosts") F-4S Phantom II carrier based fighter aircraft, rebuilt F-4J RF-4B Phantom II carrier based photo reconnaissance aircraft QF-4B Phantom II target drone aircraft, modified from F-4B
  23. Instead of making a load of topics, I will just post a collection of my best LEGO Star Wars MOCs and scenes. Death Watch Base: Jedi Starfighters: Palpatine's Office: The Machine (CABGO III Entry): Enjoy!