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Found 58 results

  1. Two years passed since I've started to make this art. I like Warhammer Universe and fantasy, but real life leaves its mark on every aspects of our life. Hobby too. The region of Azov sea a tasty piece for the orcs. Unfortunately, after 86 days of siege the big industrial city fell. This art dedicated to all defanders of Mariupol and Azovstal plant. Fearless, and brave defenders against limitless hordes of invaders. I made a lot of test renders and sketches...
  2. Ever since the hack, Studio has been acting a little weird with colours. Building Pixel-Dan's large T6 and plagued by parts showing as unavailable in colours I know they exist in and Bricklink also confirms. The worst example being 24316 - 3L axle with stop. This is only avaiable in one colour, Reddish Brown, and yet Studio flags this as unavailable. The colour validator however does not recognise there being an unavailable colour to fix. Fortunately, if you export an XML it does import into bricklink with the correct colour without a hitch.
  3. Scenario: You are in the situation in which you miss some LEGO parts in Studio but have seen them in LDRAW (unofficial) library. Maybe you tried to resolve all the references to all sub-assembly-files once by hand or had a look at the dependencies with some other tools - as I am working in IT and love to automate things and thought "I can't be bothered with doing this manually". And as I want to contribute something back to the lovely community of people I put it online in May 2022 and gave it some little updates inbetween: The LDraw to Studio Exporter ( Description This tool is designed to import parts which are available in LDraw, but not in Studio. From the LDraw part number, it zips all relevant sub elements (there can be many!) into a part pack. Howto Visit the LDraw Parts Lookup Search for your part of choice & copy the number Enter this number into the below searchfield A list of all fitting parts from the catalogue will show up - clicking the entries will create a zip package with just the needed parts To use the packs, unzip them and place their contents in your "C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Local\\CustomParts" (Windows) The parts will then be available in Custom Parts palette of Studio Screenshots Entry-Page Example result for query "47373" Details of the zipfile structure of an example part Here is an example of the structure and the needed subparts for one Shock Absorber ("47373-f1"): Some example results as direct links of parts missing in Studio: - Technic Shock Absorber 11L Soft (Extended) - Technic Shock Absorber 11L Soft (Compressed) - Technic Shock Absorber 11L/9L (in Extended Position, not Pre-Tensioned) - Technic Shock Absorber 11L/9L (in Extended Position, Pre-Tensioned) - Technic Shock Absorber 11L/9L (in Compressed Position, not Pre-Tensioned) - Technic Shock Absorber 11L/9L (in Compressed Position, Pre-Tensioned) Updates January 2023: Fix: Nightly refresh of LDraw unofficial files working now, it was buggy before and stuck on the releases from ~August 2022 version Feature: Unofficial files may be downloaded via a new checkbox. Searches are exclusive here, so having the checkbox set means it only goes through the unofficial list (but may grab sub assemblies from the official, where needed) UI: Added Dark Mode awareness UI: Added Font-Awesome Icons for downloads UI: Some tweaks (all professional webdesigners: hush hush, nothing to see here... don't look at my nasty css quirks :P) May 2023: Fix: Textures are now included (they werent before..)
  4. Hi everyone, I've been playing with luminous materials in Studio and have tried to replicate the kind of basic global illumination style HDRI lighting I used to aim for in Cinema 4D. Below is the result, the first render is my lighting with Intensity in Studio's Render menu set to zero and for comparison below that is the standard Mechanic lighting with Intensity 2. I think that by getting rid of the default illumination and effectively turning off the HDR sky in Studio the model looks less overexposed, especially the upward facing surfaces which instantly lose the bright, sterile white reflection. The darker model means the highlights stand out a lot more, and since studs and edges are reflective there are plenty of nice highlights to look at! I also added some illumination in the scene, the white parts around the edge of the landing pad and in the upright light are luminous soft white and there is a bit of glow coming from the engines. I rendered these with transparent background and added a coloured backdrop and some noise in Photoshop. It's not a realistic image by any means but I think it'd a decent improvement, it's certainly helped my renders blend in with my photos on Instagram profile. Here's the Studio file of the lighting arrangement (_HDRI Lights by if you'd like to to give it a try, remember to turn the "Illumination" option in the Render window down to "0" before clicking render. To achieve the lighting effect I arranged a heap of large plate pieces into rings, angled them at downwards to aim at the subject positioned in the centre and positioned a few luminous panel spotlights directly above to give extra shadows and highlights. Other lights can be toggled on and off by Hiding/Showing the parts groups, so it's possible to light objects slightly differently for example all light from one side to give the impression of a bright planet. Here's how it all looks in Studio... Here's a few more examples with different models. I hope the idea is useful, any suggestions to help me improve the set up would be great, and feel free to use and abuse the lighting set up if you like it and I'd love to see other models rendered in this style.
  5. Hey guys! I have made some custom parts for which I wanted to share with you! First of all I added the connectivity to the files of the Big Ben Bricks drivers. In addition I used them as a basis to make part files for the #13 (XXL) drivers as well as thin train wheels in sizes #6, #7 and #9 (MS, M and L using the old naming convention). custom drivers for Studio by ScotNick1, on Flickr Also I created parts for the windows which are in develoment by Fx Bricks: Fx Bricks train windows for Studio by ScotNick1, on Flickr Here are the links for downloading the files: Train Wheels Train Windows Best is to download the whole folder as a package. I also included a text file with instructions how to add the parts to your custom parts library. Keep in mind that some of the dimensions might not be 100% correct, but they are pretty close and have always worked out for me so far While I didn't have any problems rendering the wheels I did run into problems rendering the glass panes of the Fx Bricks windows in trans-clear. Let me know if you run into any problems or struggle with adding the parts! Hope this will be helpful to you! Cheers, Nick
  6. Hi, I am working in Studio 2.0, and almost done with my design. But when I do the instruction, I notice that I misuse part 4459(pin with friction with central slot) for part 2780(pin with friction without central slot). So the question is, is there a easy way to replace part of one type to another type in studio? Thanks.
  7. Is there any way to rollback to a previous version of I installed the latest update (via the patcher) a few days ago and am seeing a repetitive issue, wherein if you touch any programme on your desktop that is not Studio, then Studio gets caught and hangs forever until you force it quit. Maybe it recovers the files you were working on at time of next load, maybe it doesn't. Either way, it's extremely frustrating to load the same project 20 times per hour (and some work lost along the way), and my preferred approach would be to re-install the older version without the bug, and turn off the patching tool until the bug is resolved in some future version. I run on Mac for the record. So questions; 1) Where can I find a .dmg file for a version previous to 2.22.11(4)? (Alternately, does the program itself feature steps to rollback from within?) 2) Is it possible to turn off the patch tool and stop getting the updates? 3) Where would I file a bug report?
  8. I am currently creating a project to help the whole studio community by creating parts that are not available in Studio. This list is constantly updated with new parts being added, as well as deleted once parts that get officially added later in Studio updates since they would no longer be needed to avoid duplicates. I realized that Studio is missing a lot of pieces, specifically parts in LDD that aren't in Studio such as a lot of the minifigure accessories and animal parts Some of the bricks out of many I have managed to export are this dinosaur arm and minifigure helmet So I started downloading files from the community that made sets in LDD, looking for the exclusive parts I need in the sets as I would open them in Studio and then send the part to PartDesigner. Where I need help is if someone may send a LDD file where the file includes 1 of every known part in Lego Digital Designer. This will be very helpful for the whole Studio Community thanks! I also forgot to mention that not to worry about decaled bricks since they do not export to Studio
  9. The MOC I'm trying to finish up with, the hoses are giving me trouble. Its a two part problem; they seem longer in Studio then the real ones and because of that I am having trouble putting them in place. (Don't have the real one re-built yet as I had made a number of changes as I was digitizing it) The red rigid in front is suppose to fit threw the axle holes on the front and fits nice and clean. The black ribbed rigid needs to go on the tan axle right under the door and connects inside one up and one over. How can I improve these problem or do I just keep play with them? Thank you for your time.
  10. The 10305 Lion Knights' Castle is amazing. It's also $400 plus tax. The 31120 Medieval Castle is a great castle for $100 plus tax, but it doesn't have a lot of minifigs. What if you want a really simple, classic castle? As an exercise, I built set 6073 Knight's Castle from 1984 in Studio using only parts currently available from Bricks and Pieces. The result uses 670 parts, compared to the original 408, because the panels are brick-built, and it has no horses, and the minifigs are plain, but other than that it's a pretty close copy. The render doesn't show the minifigs, shields, and weapons, but they're included in my Bricks and Pieces bag. The total cost on is $95.15 plus tax, plus whatever two horses and saddles cost from Bricklink or Bricks and Minifigs. Genuine used copies of 6073 currently go for $175 on Bricklink in the USA, or $150-200 on eBay depending on the condition. Will I go ahead and buy the parts? Almost certainly not. The 31120 is a much better castle for $100 plus tax, except for the paucity of minifigs. But it was an interesting exercise. Maybe in a few days I'll see if Bricks and Pieces can yield up a decent light gray recolor of the Yellow Castle. The horses won't be missing from that one ....
  11. Hello guys , I desperately need a expert's help : I am doing builds for Star Wars factions using LDD and and I've stumbled upon some roadblocks in my use of Namely : 1) I cannot find any way to make parts that are supposed to be dual-molded be two different colors. For example I want a minifig's legs to be tan in their upper area , with dark bluish grey as the "boots"/lower part. Another example is a doctor who sonic screwdriver - I want the "body" to be pearl grey but the "light bulb" on top to be a trans green or trans blue . Is there any way , direct or indirect , to achieve that ? 2) What I also looked for , but could not find , was a way to use my own custom decals on , say a minifig torso . Is there any way of accessing the decoration/decal database of the programm and adding my own / replacing an existing one with my own ? If this has been answered / covered elsewhere , feel free to lock / delete the topic and point me to the right direction. Thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to help.
  12. Here's what I mean (the 1x1 plate): Basically this is to make sure the user who reads instructions won't miss that part. I cannot find an option in Studio to make it stand out like that. I know how to make an arrow pointing to a piece, but I also want an image of that piece to highlight it. For example I have a modified brick in my instructions that faces away from the user - so it looks like a regular brick instread of the one with a hole - I want to make sure people know what to use and where...
  13. whitepen

    Whitepen"s Train Mocs

    I have made this topic to share my train designs with the Eurobricks community. Here is a quick Moc I made this morning in Bricklink Studio before breakfast. It is a simple diesel shunter with no motor and old style wheels. I will be making a motorized version to and will put in in this topic once completed along with more train stuff. I also will try to make the studio files for most trains available. Here are some pictures; studio file HERE.
  14. How can I add torsos, faces etc of the pirates from the set 21322 to Studio?
  15. How can I make my minifigs hold tiles, like maps for example? cannot work it out
  16. I.e. I want to put this pistol: inside this box: I can use the hinge option on pistol to make it look like it's in a natural position, but when placing it on top of the box it doesn't let me fit it there. This is how I'd like it to look:
  17. So I'm building a MOC in Studio and want to fully slide those technic pins inside the 6 x 1 brick from the bottom (image of how far the software allows me to do it should explain it below). Is there a way to do it in Studio? I'm just learning how to use it, so apologies if it's a basic thing to do.
  18. Simons Brick World

    City Update Nr.3

    Hey there, this is the 3rd update of my digital city project. Because the streets where empty all the time, I started to bring some life into the city. I added traffic lights, street lamps, trash container, bicycle stands and other cool stuff. I also created some small stories on the street like the skateboarder who's racing through the city. Some of the impressions are shown on the pictures below the video. If you're interest in watching the update video feel free to watch it on YT: I hope you like the new addings. Let me know if there are other things I can add or improve.
  19. Hello, I'd like to present one of my first attempts at a digital MOC made using Studio. How far digital building software has come since the days of LDD! It's a ferry, built in the Classic Town style using a retro pallette. It is crewed by 1 minifigure, and can be boarded from both ends by 4-wide vehicles. It can transport 2 vehicles at a time (based on 6633 Family Car), as well as approx. 4 passengers on the walkways and 2 bicycles. I based the design on this Playmobil set from a few years ago. I've never collected Playmobil but I saw a review of this set on JANGBrick's channel and thought it was quite good. Here is the ferry, docked at a small pier, unloading 6633 Family Car. And here it is, on its own. I hope you enjoyed looking at this model. It's been a long time since I've posted on Eurobricks, but I've never stopped looking at all the wonderful creations ~ A.S.
  20. Hello everyone, I ventured a bit into lately and wanted to have Technic planetary wheel hub 46490c01 from set 42099 so after some investigation and suggestions from facebook and instagram I managed to create three separate parts with all connections between them and "the outer world" as well. Feel free to check it out in my bricksafe folder. I suggest putting all three parts together and group them. The hub and the socket can be rotated independently. I hope you find it useful and would appreciate your opinions, especially if you do find any mistakes in geometry or connections. All credits for creating *.dat files for the parts for LDraw go to @Philo - thank you very much. Best regards, Miha
  21. Simons Brick World

    Another Lego city project?

    Hey there, I know there are countless posts on Lego cities. So why would you need another one? Let me explain my Plan: I started building MOC´s in 2020 and I love it. In the past, I posted some of the MOC´s here in this forum, like the pizza restaurant and die bakery & barber building: Now I had the idea to build a completely digital lego city from the individual houses. I could build an american themed city with moc buildings and digitally replicated lego sets .And because you don't need space to build, you would be unlimited in size. Why I only build MOC´s digital: I have noticed that many people are enthusiastic about Lego and would also like to build entire landscapes or cities. But since lego has now become very expensive, this is no longer possible for everyone. In addition, a Lego city requires a lot of space, which many people do not have, for example, in small apartments. I want to show these people that you can live out the Lego passion and create great things even without much money and space. You only need a PC an your imagination. For my MOC´s I always use the Studio 2.0 software from Bricklink. Can you tell me, if this is a good idea? Please give me feedback and tell me if I have not considered something. If you like this idea, I can imagine to post here regularly about the progress and also record the whole thing in videos on Youtube.
  22. It was suggested elsewhere that I share some of my models on Bricklink Studio Gallery as a way to try and draw interest to my LEGO Ideas project, but I'm running into some problems with missing parts and being unable to handle custom parts bundled as subfiles due to ignoring geometric primitives. Presumably I could move some parts into Studio's Unofficial parts folder, but it seems like that would then not visualize correctly if shared via the Gallery. Any suggestions on possible workarounds?
  23. One of my first posts on Eurobricks was of a Metroliner inspired high speed train I designed on LDD nearly 5 years ago. It has existed with minimal revisions for years, but something that always bothered me was how jagged and pointed the nose was. This actually lead me to nicknaming it "The Metro Dagger", which is a rather silly name if I'm being quite honest. Here are some before shots with the ones in actual bricks sporting some custom stickers. Either way, I felt the design needed some revision. For the moment, I just wanted to focus my attention on the locomotives, though I may change the passenger cars later on. In addition, I wanted to still keep the simplicity and durability of the locos intact, as well as use that long windscreen piece, so those would factor into the redesign as well. I think the old cars and the new locos work well together, though the club car striping could use some work, now that I'm looking at it. Also, when I've run the current full train on track, it tends to move quite slowly. I'm thinking of making a dual motor mod to the power car later on. Old design is on top, new one on the bottom. The new loco is nearly 3 studs shorter, so hopefully this fixes its ridiculous overhang on R40. I would love comments and suggestions on how to improve the locomotive, cars, (Or name!). Especially curious to hear @Murdoch17's thoughts on it as he helped me so much in my original design. If anyone wants to tinker in the file, here is the link to my folder. This file is under the name "MD21"
  24. The original Dark Side Developer Kit set (9754) came with three different booklets (1, 2, 3) with instructions to build a Droid Starfighter, a Destroyer Droid (aka Droideka), and an AT-AT. Additionally, they had pictures of the alternative builds. Among these, you could find the Armored Assault Tank (or AAT for short). I always liked this tank. I think it looked amazing, especially in Episode I’s Battle of Naboo. Thus, I was very excited to back-engineer the construction of this model. Fortunately, the booklet contained quite a few images, making the recreation a bit easier. I find the design of the build very interesting and clever: with only one motor, the AAT can move and make the turret look for a target. Overall, I am very happy with the results. I wanted other people could enjoy building this model as much as I did. You can find the actual instructions for it here.
  25. I recently installed LDD and on my new laptop and ran into issues with both - only 4.3 would install from the lego site so I tried downloading from another source, but 4.3 (I believe this was up to date around 2012) is the only version I could download. On, I had issues with connection - plates often do not align without making sure they slide completely down the studs without clashing which is annoying, and minifig arms do not connect to torsos without being aligned perfectly with the hinge tool. I believe this has only been an issue since the most recent update. Any help with either issue would be appreciated!