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Found 21 results

  1. CDKiii

    lego like napoleonic musket

    Hello everyone. i was away for some time, and i come back with new idea. I'm pretty sure lot's of people here prefer yellow than nougat, and love classic lego style. But i struggled between my love for lego pirates, and my obsession with french napoleonic grande army: the pirate musket cleary does'nt fit with napoleonic soldier (the barrel of the musket is like a trumpet). Lot's of custom manufacturers seek to recreate really weaponry but i find they go away from toys spirit. so i make half way and recreate lego musket, but fitting 19th century. i present you, the classic napoleonic musket (carabine and infantry musket): the carabine version: Napoleonic area classic pirate lego musket by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr the long version for infantry: Charleville musket by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr Let me know what you think about ?
  2. CDKiii

    [MOC] My grande armée

    gentlmen, After a little break to participate to the different summer contests, and i'd like to thank those who get the idea of critics contest, which makes us discuss a lot, i get back to my first love: always pushing forward to get a realistic "legoish" grande armée, i finished my heavy cavalry. 20230711_071934 by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr (my collection, mostly hussars) So i present you my french carabinier 20230829_231938 by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr and my cuirassier 20230815_024132 by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr i hope you don't mind the custom parts i made. PS: i 've never really known if my napoleonic posts should be posted here or on the custom minifigure forum. please let me know if it bother you i put it here.
  3. after cavalry, i present you french infantry. This is french ligne infantry regimental HQ. Once again, lego minifigs and custom accessories made by myself. Napoleonic french ligne infantry regimental hq by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr French ligne infantry regimental hq by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr I'm proud of the sword and marching scabbard. French ligne infantry junior officier. by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr French ligne infantry junior officer by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr then the eagle. too bad that lego didn't make these. French ligne infantry flag bearer by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr And the best of the best, the drummer boy French ligne infantry drummer boy by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr French ligne infantry drummer boy by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr Have a nice day.
  4. British and French forces face off on the outskirts of Toulouse. ----------------- This Napoleonic battle scene was built for a CoWLUG display at the 2022 Rails in the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado
  5. woody64

    [MOC] Patroling

    Patrolling recently I did some updates on my render setup allowing more complex scenes including my own customs. Patrol on the Austrian border supported by Jaegers for skirmishing, some Grenadiers and some Engineers to check the ground ... For quick message transports a hussar is able to inform the headquarter ... Landscape was reused from bricklink and jmt2021 Woody64
  6. Defense of La Haye Sainte, June 1815 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  7. Anders T

    [MOC] HMS Surprise

    Just browsed through the forum and could not find this anywhere. Think I just forgot to share it. Mentioned her some time ago in the General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread. If she is hiding somewhere in the forum, I do hope someone has the chops to remove this topic. Scale 1:40’ish L: 150 cm B: 26 cm H: 114 Bricks approx. 19300. Looking back at my earlier designs I found that my version of the HMS Surprise, just like the HMS Ontario, was somewhat wanting. This is a model of the HMS Surprise launched as the corvette Unité in 1794. In 1796, The Royal Navy conquered, refitted and renamed her. She later on chased pirates in the Caribbean for several years. The ship plays a central role in the Aubery-Maturin stories. This includes the movie from 2003 Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. The HMS Rose, which was later, renamed HMS Surprise, plays the “role” as HMS Surprise. Neat, but somewhat confusing. Being notoriously bad at taking photos of my creations there is some Renders below, these are also in the General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread. …but you need to look at the LDD file to get a view of the details of the creation. Find it at MOCPAGES She has been on display at LW Copenhagen 2019. A Swedish AFOL has taken some fine Pictures from the event on this link. Hope it is ok that I link to this There are also some more photos including WIP at my Flickr page.
  8. woody64

    [MOC] 1790 -1815 Vignettes

    Starting with the American Revolution era: Hessen Grenadiers at their march to Yorktown American Light Infantry capturing a British Dragoon British Grenadiers storming Bunker Hill and Americans escorting the Dragoon more details you can find on my flickr account: All vignettes were using customized helmets designed by me (remaining in pure white for demonstration purpose) Woody64 (next post will cover Napoleonics)
  9. TomSkippy

    The Book on Cuirassiers

    I've always been bothered by Lego Cuirassiers... Simply put, I couldn't find a satisfactory set of armor/weaponry for them. I finally settled on using a backwards Lego Roman Centurion helmet which does a decent impression of the French cuirassier helm, chrome silver breastplate, and a cavalry sabre from brickarms. Finally satisfied, here's the 'book' on Napoleonic Cuirassiers CUIRASSIER Cuirassiers were heavy cavalry equipped with cuirass armour and firearms, first appearing in late 15th-century Europe. In the later 17th century, the cuirassier lost his limb armour and subsequently employed only the cuirass and sometimes a helmet. By this time, the sword or sabre had become their primary weapon, pistols being relegated to a secondary function. Cuirassiers achieved increased prominence during the Napoleonic Wars and were last fielded in the opening stages of World War I. Though the armour could not protect against contemporary flintlock musket fire, it could deflect shots fired from long-range, stop ricochets and offer protection from all but very close range pistol fire. More importantly, in an age which saw cavalry used in large numbers, the armour provided excellent protection against the swords and lances of opposing cavalry and against infantry bayonets. It also had some psychological effect for the wearer and the enemy, while it also added weight to a charge, especially in cavalry versus cavalry actions. Napoleonic French cuirasses were originally intended to be proof against three musket shots at close range; however, this was never achieved in practice. The regulations eventually recognised this, and cuirasses were subsequently only expected to be proof against one shot at long range Thanks! You can find a couple more pictures on my flickr
  10. A Napoleonic inspired Ship of the Line for glorious Oleon. Heavily inspired by Wellesly's HMS Persephone and Invicta's hull/tumblhome technique on YouTube. She has 84 guns and three decks. 36-pounder guns on the lowest deck, 24-pounder everywhere else. The galley and chimney.
  11. Hello all, new to Eurobricks. I've always been interested in the Napoleonic Wars, and never felt there was a good Lego representation of the British army uniforms of that time. So I went ahead and had some designed, based on Woody's templates. I also bought some headgear from Woody's Shapeways store - the bearskins are especially nice. I also made a British fort, complete with garrison and general officers. By the way the resolution of the pictures does not do the digital printing justice... it is really high quality.
  12. Wellesley

    HMS Argonaut, 38 gun frigate, WIP

    Hello dear ship-builders, I wasn't active for a long time now. Some of you might remember me from building the "HMS Bulwark", a 74 gun third rate ship of the line. It was in March, when she got a new bow. I never really liked the old one, way too angular. Then I came across the quarter saucer base (30201) of the 1998 Stingray Stormer (6198-1). It perfectly fitted the desired shape. But now for my frigate, probably being named "HMS Argonaut". She will become a 38 gun fifth rate frigate. More pictures can be seen, following one of the flickr links. Supposed to be a sister ship to the Bulwark, I think about changing the white stripe back to yellow. What do you think? Also for similarity I will probably keep the windows on her stern. They may look to big, but I already tried smaller ones and have to say, I like the current ones better. I hope to progress faster than last time. It mostly depends on me willing to buy the needed bricks. As for the rig and last details, I already have the ideas. So far so good. I hope you all continue to have great joy reassembling bricks into sightworthy constructions! Wellesley.
  13. Recently I have found a new 3d printing provider which can deliver in the needed quality and in a reasonable price range. I'm now searching for a reseller in US or Kanada which is able to cover this market with his bricklink store. Currently the possible end user price range for these items can be between $1.5-$2. If somebody is interested, please contact me. Woody64 Here you see the delivered items and in the background the first figures. The group shown above is wearing older prints from different 3d printing providers.
  14. [pid][/pid] 253B Hi everyone, I have just updated my Napoleon's La Grande Armée. It contains more than 225 minifigures, including 130 regulars, hussars, grenadiers, artillery men, heavy cuirassiers etc. I hope You'll like it. More photos: jackdaw2211, on Flickr. army10 by jackdaw2211, on Flickr army4 by jackdaw2211, on Flickr
  15. Hi everybody, when I started to build a lego ship in summer 2012 the plan actually was to come up with a fourth rate ship of the line around 50 or 64 guns. But it became bigger and I added four guns per gun deck (two each side). So now I have a broadside with 28 guns on the gun decks and 9 guns on the main deck. That makes a 74 gun ship of the line. Not counted were two guns astern and 6 carronades (thanks to Admiral Bejaune for the design) on the poop deck. When it comes to the rigging I first wanted to use the classic Lego prefab ship masts from the old pirate sets. But the ship is too big to use them. I will use brick built masts, but it will last a bit I can show you pictures because I first have to buy round bricks. I hope Dread Pirate Wesley and Imperial Shipyards have nothing against me inspecting the riggings they used on their ships. Sometimes Its better to use wonderful details which allready were built than have to come up with new ones. Now I reached the point of not having any bricks I could use for my project so finally I have to buy some. Do you guys know a good online brick source where i can buy masses of similar bricks? If you are interested in the earlier progress here you go with the link of the old thread: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=71980 Also my brickshelf folder, which doesn't contain all pictures because its new and I still have problems with uploading .zip folders and I'm just bored of doing it one by one: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=527858 Wellesley! Just a copy of the last post of the old progress thread: Here the latest pictures:
  16. Hello all, first-time poster after lurking for a few months. I recently got some figures digitally printed, and they came out really well. Special thanks to Woody64 for the templates on which I based the designs. More to come, including close-ups of the figures... enjoy! EDIT: Looks like the page is not up on MOCpages yet (thanks for the heads up Woody!)... I'll post again when it has been approved.
  17. Anders T

    HMS Victory

    I have wanted to build this behemoth since I was a child. HMS Victory port by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr HMS Victory stern by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr HMS Victory både by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr HMS Victory bow by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr HMS Victory aft by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr HMS Victory starboard by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr Fully Rigged Ship, Three Masts 11D I hope to find a way to make this a real build.
  18. Anders T

    HMS Lively

    A rather big LDD-design This designed to look like the British fifth-rater HMS Lively HMS Lively LDD by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr HMS Lively parts by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr HMS Lively boats by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr HMS Lively top by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr HMS Lively Side by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr Fully rigged ship - Frigate - 22D From my most productive year(so far) 2011. This model represented quite a leap forward in my designing ambitions.
  19. Anders T

    HMS Leopard

    This was my last moc in 2011 My first Ship of the line HMS Leopard LDD by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr Fully Rigged, Three Masts 11C HMS Leopard Bow2 by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr HMS Leopard bow by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr HMS Leopard Port by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr HMS Leopard Sektioner by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr Hms Leopard starboard by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr This was a huge model at the time. It brought my computer to its knees. It included a lot of the design features that could be seen on my previous design. HDMS Lougen HDMS Lougen on the shelf by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr And yes the HDMS Lougen can be found elsewhere under the name "Danish navy brig by Anders T" It was most kindly shared by Admiral Croissant. The model was designed in 2011, built in 2013 and still stands on a shelf in my home.
  20. Spud The Viking

    Histoire en Briques

    On my holiday to Germany/Netherlands I traveled three hours in the car to see the site of my favourite battle: Waterloo. In the town of Waterloo there was a small hall which had an event centred around captivating the period of Waterloo in Lego. Me being an avid Lego fan I pounced in and snapped up some photos for you lovely folks here at Eurobricks (Whether I was allowed to I am not sure but there were plenty of other people doing so and the staff looked careless anyway). Enough of my blethering, here's the link to my Flickr album. Thanks for looking!