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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, I have been designing some custom LEGO stickers lately and I'm really enjoying it, I have found this place near me that prints good quality vynil stickers. The problem is that these stickers are quite thick, so they won't work for example for the legs, cause they come off when the leg bends. Same for the heads when putting on hair. Is there thinner vynil sticker paper that would work for the legs? What's your experience? I'm also considering waterslide decals, I've read the tutorials here on the forums. I couldn't find any recent example of custom minifigures made using this technique, can anybody share some hi res photos? Also, is there any way to print light colors on dark pieces with waterslide paper? Thanks! ;)
  2. Kleinschluck

    Sticker Album

    Hi there, Together with some creative people from all over the world we started a little sticker album project a while ago. Yesterday the 2nd version was released with 100 stickers of different scenes of the Haldor Comic Book series and customized characters in total. Would be highly intested to receive your thoughts / opinions about it. For the details you may want to check: Sammelalbum 100 (internationale Ausgabe) - Kleinschluck Tunichpferd ( ( or on instagram: kleinschluck Many thanks in advance an kind regards, Kleinschluck
  3. Hopefully this topic will serve as a good place to discuss stickers as they relate specifically to Technic models. Here are three thoughts from me to start off. Feel free to comment on them: 1) I like that 42042 Crawler Crane uses actual pieces for the vents on its cab, where even a set as good as 8043 has its vents only in sticker form. I think stickers should add something to the model that otherwise isn't possible in piece form in the design or the scale. The 42022 Hot Rod stickers are a good example of this. 2) I'm not yet sure how I feel about stickers with a dominant color supplanting the color of the piece that they are stuck on (transparent pieces excepted). The 42021 Snowmobile, 42025 Cargo Plane and 42040 Fire Plane are good examples of this. They all do a good job rounding out the color scheme of the finished model, but to go on to use those pieces you need to be able to live with the stickers' designs. 3) I've noticed that a few stickers, one on 42025 Cargo Plane (front landing gear), and two on 42035 Mining Truck (rear tail) contain drawings of lights. Headlights and taillights on official Technic models have typically been built from LEGO pieces, and more often than not look good and pop out nicely, yet on these models they are flat stickers. I don't have either model right now to make an in-the-room confirmation, but it feels to me to like a disappointing compromise in the appearance of the model, even if 1x1 studs are too large for the scale of the model.
  4. MarvelouslyManical

    Printing On Lego Torsos

    Is printing on Purist Lego Parts considered purist, and also putting Lego Stickers on parts that they weren't meant for?
  5. I've recently come out of my Lego "dark age" and started rebuilding some of my old sets. I was never one to keep sets together very long, so naturally i've lost a lot of stickers. One of my other hobbies is classic bicycles, which often share the dilema of missing or damaged art. This method for producing decals was taught to me by a clever artist on a popular bicycle forum, so he really deserves any and all credit. This method is simple and inexpensive and much of the materials are common. I assume the trickiest part for most people will be producing the art. I happen to have Adobe Illustrator at home, so I am able to create my own vector art files. I believe other cheap, maybe even free software exists. Sometimes high quality art can also be found as images on the web. On to the step-by-step: 1) Produce the art. Use a laser printer and any cheap printer paper. Laser printing is key... if you don't have one, you could try any of the copy shops around. As mentioned, I used Adobe Illustrator. I am replacing the decals for 6594 Gas Transit. DSC04389 by mkeller234, on Flickr 2) Cover the art with packaging tape. DSC04390 by mkeller234, on Flickr 3) Burnish the tape onto the image. I use scissor handles and rub over the tape surface. You will be able to see which areas have bonded well. It doesn't take much effort. DSC04391 by mkeller234, on Flickr 4) Cut the decals out. The closer, the better. I usually follow the shape of the art, but it doesn't really matter. DSC04392 by mkeller234, on Flickr 5) Submerge in water DSC04393 by mkeller234, on Flickr 6) Once the paper is saturated, it can be rubbed away with light pressure from your thumb. Remove as much paper as possible. DSC04394 by mkeller234, on Flickr As you can see, the decals are clear. This is both a blessing and a curse. I happen to be positioning these over white bricks, so the colors will look nice. For use with dark bricks, you will need to either paint the back with white paint, or find a printer that can print white (ALPS). DSC04395 by mkeller234, on Flickr 7) Place the decals on your model. These decals are very forgiving and can be slid around easily. They stick on their own without glue. Make sure you allow them to dry completely before really handling them. 8) Admire your work! DSC04399 by mkeller234, on Flickr DSC04398 by mkeller234, on Flickr Ahhh... the teeth marks of my youth. DSC04400 by mkeller234, on Flickr Lego trucks sure have changed since I was young. I love the detail in these new models! DSC04401 by mkeller234, on Flickr
  6. meepinater

    My decals

    Hey, all! here is my collection of decals, i will add a reply with every finished decal. These are full minifigure decals only. If you want to use them, just let me know and make sure that the width and height stick in proportion when resising, and that the width is between 3 and 4. you may need to adjust according to the computer/ document program you use. Enjoy! also, luxor, if you could add these to the database. I will give a title for these and a genre, so yu can put them in the correct spot. Thanks!
  7. nixtron1

    [MOC] Classic Spaceheadz

    I just finished doing my Classic Spaceheadz. More pictures to follow once yellow's and blue's air tanks have arrived.
  8. Hey guys, is there any set you feel was ruined by its over abundance of stickers? Mine's the F430 Challenge
  9. I missed out on 10194 Emerald Night when it was released back in 2009, so over the last couple of months I’ve been buying the bricks for the steam engine via bricklink. I sacrificed the gold stripe round the boiler to keep it affordable (it halved the cost!) but now I've built it, I'm finding it looks a little bland without the stickers to add details like the engine number or nameplate. I'm a bit reluctant to buy a genuine sticker sheet for the set because they're so expensive on bricklink, especially when shipping to the UK is taken into account. I have seen custom printed replacement sticker sheets for various older Lego sets on eBay though (e.g. the Star Wars UCS line, and a few of the classic 9V trains from the 90s). Do you know if anyone sells replacement stickers for the Emerald Night?
  10. Kristof

    [help] CIS emblem sticker

    Hello, For my recently completed MOCs of Invisible Hand and Venator, I need two emblem stickers for each one. For Venator, I found matching sticker sheet from set 75038 that fits my needs perfetcly for 'Open Circle Fleet' emblem applied on 2x2 LBG tile. However, for Invisible Hand, I need very tiny 'CIS emblem' onto blue 1x1 chese slope and I wasn't able to find any matching sticker within SW sets. Is it possible that there is some existing that I missed? If not, I'd need some advice on how to print a custom sticker. I personally do only have black laser printer but I think I could get acces to color one. Unfortunately I have no idea about what paper/foil to use, whether there are some pre-glued sticker sheets to print on... lacking any knowledge in general. Thanks for any recommendation or advice :)
  11. Hi there, I've been looking everywhere for some high quality sticker paper for customizing minifigs. I'm seeing in videos and pictures everywhere that people are using clear sticker paper on minifigs, but they're not waterslide. I've searched all over the place, and I haven't found out anything about it. Not even the Eurobricks search function can shed some light on this! Anyways, I'm hoping to find some that are reasonably priced, high quality, easy to apply, and work with an inkjet printer. I don't really like the idea of waterslide decals because it seems to take a lot of skill and time commitment, both of which I really don't have much of. While white paper seems to do well (especially since you can't print white), but I'd prefer to use transparent (obviously I'd need white paper when I would need to print bright colors also, so yes, I guess I am going to need both white and transparent). I have been hearing a lot more recently about "labels". What are they? Is it just another name for a decal or sticker? Or is it literally using the materials that were originally meant for labeling for minifigure customization? Or is it something different altogether? I've seen professionals online use transparent stickers amazingly. TheCooperWorks and those old BrickForge decals from a few years back have proven that sticker paper is a suitable alternative. So please, if there any reasonably priced, high quality, easy to apply decals that work with an inkjet printer that you know of, I'd love to hear about it.
  12. AmazingPharaoh


    Sometimes when you buy a lego model, it has stickers you need to put on pieces. I don't have any problems with them, and they go on pretty well for the most part. Sure, printed pieces are nice but stickers are the next best thing. Only they may cause a problem for some people who have allergy to glue on the inside part of the sticker, but it dries quickly once applied. Sometimes I don't like to put a sticker on that particular piece according to instructions (such as onto a raised baseplate) , so I save the sticker in shelf for later, when I find a piece that it fits perfectly.
  13. Hey guys, I was digging around a box full of souvenirs from LEGOLAND Billund and came across this half-used sticker sheet... As you can see it has some interesting prints such as UFO heads from 1998, Adventurers and Alpha Team heads from 2001, etc... Anyone know what set it came in? Here's the pic Thanks! legozebra
  14. Hi, adverts at the airport are one of the most expensive kind of promotion. So why not helping LEGO by selecting an incredible eye catching suitcase from travelmate in screaming yellow and get yourself a LEGO sticker ?! I just did: P9120004 by gerkenz, on Flickr For now I hope to pick up my luggage even quicker than before.
  15. WhoKnowPaper


    I don't like showing my official name on *le internet, but i love LEGO, and i make a lot of mocs and i'm 13. I make quite advanced mocs, when i build, i am here on Eurobricks because i thought you guys could help me when i am wondering about things. That's basically it! :D
  16. Custom Knight Sticker, cape and banners for my minifigures: Here are the ebay links for the custom sticker sets i have created.