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  1. Thirdwigg

    [MOC] John Deere 6130R with implements

    Finally made a front counterweight. I think it's only OK. Also made the power harrow for my Atos to fit, and it looks a little better on this tractor. I have modified the harrow a little bit for the three point hitch of this tractor, and the changes will allow for a seeder to be added to this harrow. I'm not done with this MOC yet. Furrow is coming next... Also a couple of trailers.
  2. Thirdwigg

    Thirdwigg's MOCs

    I lot of projects are coming to completion in Thirdwiggville lately. Here is the Porsche 911RS 964. Heavily influenced by @paaves two 911 versions. In little Porsche 911 in the scale of LEGO 42098. Features: -Steering -Flat 6 Engine -Opening Hood, Doors, and Trunk When it sits next to the car from 42098, it looks a little out of scale, but it's really close.
  3. Thirdwigg

    [TMC]8081 6x6

    Excellent, and such a fun version. I love the opening compartments with the canisters. It great how you included such a complicated suspension. Well done.
  4. Thirdwigg

    [TMC]8081 6x6

    Very awesome. I'm impressed with all the features you have packed in.
  5. My design is a little more evolutionary rather than revolutionary. The driveline is in, with 4x4, dual live axles, V8, and HOG steering. The roof is one stud higher, which looked better for the length. Hood, tailgate, and all four doors open. I need to work on the front and rear bumpers and the rear suspension is still not perfect. I'll get there. I'm still not sure about the roof rack/roll cage. When it was black, it looked a little washed out, but I am not sure I like the LBG. Whatever I end with will match the bull bar on the front. I'll keep working on it. Suggestions are welcome. I am still working on the Sport Pickup, but it is taking a backseat to this MOD right now.
  6. Looks pretty wide. Are you going to be able to fit the bodywork over it without being wider than the 17 studs the scale requires? Otherwise, cool features.
  7. Thirdwigg

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    That picture sold me. That's a pretty awesome design.
  8. This is a pretty cool opportunity @TheItalianBrick. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing.
  9. Thirdwigg

    [TMC]8081 6x6

    Great job. I'll be interested to see how you integrate the bodywork with this setup.
  10. OK, so all this activity has encouraged me to do another version. I am still working on the sport pickup, so you get two from me. At what point does a MOD become a MOC? I decided on a four door pickup, a la RR Defender 110, but I am not yet sure I like the styling. It just feels long to me. I want to move the rear axle forward and tuck it under the cab a little more, but that requires different doors and fenders which I am hesitant to do (see below). I may switch back to a single door pickup version a la RR Defender 90. I have MODed 8081 a number of times, so getting the internals to work is not a concern; 4x4, live axles front and rear, V8, four blue seats. However, getting a different shape while keeping a consistent style will be key. Here are some essential design elements that I think need to be in every 8081 MOD. Large Panel #17/#18 for hood and doors. Red trim/stripes Red Chassis Liftarm fenders Everything else is fair game.
  11. Wow, I like what you did to the front end here, and I am excited to see what you do with the back end. This does not exceed the bounds of the contest. I am glad the engineering and design of @HorcikDesigns is keeping a customer focused approach to working through all the issues of 8081. I am interested to see a four door, as one of my designs is going this route as well. How many studs is your wheelbase currently? I am at 30 studs with my four door, and it is feeling a little long. What's your wheelbase on your four door @rm8?
  12. Looking good @sirslayer, but keep the pickup bodywork. It’s the design that looks the cleanest of the three. Using that type of engine, can you get more cylinders?
  13. @Arioh Looking good. At this scale you may not need a ball joint as the MOD will be smaller. See if you can get some ideas from this or this. @Jurss I like what you got going on. I like the little fan, and the vertically oriented front shocks. Are you keeping the same SUV type bodywork?
  14. @Zerobricks I would say no to scale change. Part of the interest and challenge with 8081 is the size. So keep scale the same, though size can change due to bodystyle change. @johnnym I'll keep the pickup, but I might do something additional as well. @vectormatic let's see an entry from you. Most of the parts are common, and since it's a MOD, you do not need to be tied to the front suspension parts. Let's see something awesome.