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  1. Oh my goodness, that purple! Such a simple MOC, but I want it. This is so awesome. Now it just needs an opponent. Probably in teal.
  2. Thirdwigg

    [MOC] 3T Sport Sedan - Finished

    @zoo No worries. I'm pleased with how it turned out. Boxy works for the design, and I am happy with the resulting design, and the functions I was able to incorporate.
  3. Thirdwigg

    [WIP] Sports Car

    I don't like those little engine very much. I think I found a good solution by extending the wheelbase by a stud. I'll build it, and see if I like it.
  4. Thirdwigg

    Effe's MOC Corner

    That SNOT work is great.
  5. Thirdwigg

    [MOC] 3T Sport Sedan - Finished

    I know, I started seeing the MB 190E early in the design, and I tried to curve it up a little to move it another direction. Glad you like the boxy shape. I'm not great at curves. @tomek9210 I love the new clutch part.
  6. Thirdwigg

    [WIP] Sports Car

    @Seasider I know, I have a thing for flat engines. I guess I am making a signature for the company @letsbuild. If I move the engine back, I'll move it behind the axle. Otherwise it will be too tall, and it will look like this. No good. I guess being a 911 is not all bad.
  7. Thirdwigg

    [MOC] 3T Sport Sedan - Finished

    Glad you like it. I sent the LDD file, let me know what color combinations you came up with. I want to see something in a M3 Blue. We need more flex hose colors!
  8. Thirdwigg

    [WIP] Sports Car

    I loved the building process for the 3T Sports Sedan so much that I started another car. The 3T car needed a friend, and like every car maker who creates a competent sedan and follows it up with a CUV, I will too. Nope. I'm making a sports car. Again, this will be a mid-scale manual sports car with following features in order of priority: Suspension Rear wheel drive HOG steering Steering wheel Sequential 4 speed transmission (currently this one, thanks @Didumos69) Mid engined Flat 4 Discrete gear-change function Design language similar to the 3T Here is the first draft with a Porsche Cayman in the back of my mind, and you'll note a couple of problems already. The suspension is set, and will not change much. The hardpoints are also set, so the wheel base will not change, the rear overhang, height, and width will not change, and the seat and steering wheel placement will not change. Everything else may require some shifting, such as the length and front overhang, and internal placement of components. I do not like the HOG placement, and connecting the steering wheel is going to cause some problems at this point. So I could move the transmission back to the center of the car, and connect the steering wheel and place the HOD on the dash. I could also move the engine behind the rear axle which could lower it by one stud, and bring 6 pistons. But then there is no way this does not finish as a 911. What do you think. Move the engine to the back? Or keep the cabin of the car cluttered with steering and drivetrain parts? I do not have a solution for the changeover yet, so will be coming once I know where everything is placed.
  9. Thirdwigg

    [MOC] 3T Sport Sedan - Finished

    The car is finally finished! You can find full instructions here, and much more can be found at Lot of thanks to @Isamudyson for help with the instructions and the LDD files. The work was top notch, and the work was much better than anything I could have done on my own. The instructions were done for the car in red, but you can build it in black and orange as well. I'll build those soon. Again, I ended with the following: Four Wheel Independent Suspension 2 Speed Transmission HOG and Steering Wheel Flat 6 Engine Opening Doors, Hood, and Trunk Mostly Toddler Proof (My son has a propensity to removing the trunk) Lots of pictures can be found on my flickr site, but here are a couple I liked. The Chassis Everything Open The Chassis with seats installed. I loved this project. I'm already building more cars at this scale now.
  10. I like this little design. It has a slight rhino feel to it. Good Luck.
  11. Thirdwigg

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I'm a big fan of constrained contests. Keep a part count or a size limit or something. @Seasider sorry I made the 911 with such few pictures to go on. I guess I should make another one, and make proper instructions.
  12. Thirdwigg

    [MOC] 3T Sport Sedan - Finished

    Friends, I am ready to publish this car, but would like to make instructions for it as well. I usually do photo instructions, but I am interested in creating something a little more polished to make public for everyone, Anyone interested it making an LDD file based on the photo instructions I have? Send me a PM if you are interested in helping.
  13. Thirdwigg

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    @Seasider I guess I should have made instructions for my little 911 when I took it apart a couple of years ago. I guess it has about 1000-1200 parts based on some of my other MOCs that are about the same size. It's not out of the question for me to have 42096 have a gearbox. 42093 would be a stretch.
  14. Great MOC, and thanks for sharing. I must confess, I find the 50mm tires frustrating for the comment you share: For a 15 wide truck, I have started removing the differential and running the drive from only one side of the wheels. It's not optimal, but the wheels don't fall off. I use a 5.5 with stop axle on one side, and a 8 with stop axle with a bevel gear on the other. I have used this here, and here. These trucks need TLG to develop a 5.5 axle with stop that is 7 or 7.5 long. Here's to hoping.