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  1. Alright, I had a little trouble with the instructions at the end, but I think I figured it out. The 4x4 V-8 Raptor is done. Instructions are at Rebrickable, and sorry about this paywall this time. The MOD keeps all the functions of Set 42126, but adds the following: 4x4 with three differentials V-8 engine Color matched interior Revised rear suspension When I list it that way, it doesn't sound like that much, but the chassis is all redone. The Zetros tires look great, but they do rub a little bit at slight suspension compression and full steering lock. The buggy tires work with no problems. Suspension articulation V-8 Interior changes Final Chassis Instructions available And a video if you care. I have already started on the next MOD of this set, so stay tuned....
  2. I'm never sure where to place help questions. Anyone know why my instructions from Bricklink Studio are looking fuzzy? What setting have I inadvertently checked? How do I make it looks like this again?
  3. I'm happy someone turned the Zetros into a Mog: it had to be done. @gyenesvi you did a great job with the design, and the functions works very well with the parts you had available. Thanks for the writeup as well, it was a joy to read your process.
  4. Yeah, I agree, and yeah, the wheel covers look kindof fun. I also like all the Black 2x3 panels. I seem to be using them a lot lately.
  5. I like the wheel arches in black. Seems like a no suspension set based on the ride height.
  6. I think I understand, but while this gives the ability to add another CV joint to the half shaft, I wonder if this will make the differential to 20 tooth gear connection to fragile. Have you tired this setup yet?
  7. There is room for a center differential lock, but the steering axle or frame will need to be modified. Maybe on V2…
  8. @gyenesvi, yes the front differential is held by a frame with balljoint just as @2GodBDGlory shows. My 42126 is in shipping now, so I should be able to finish this soon. The V8 is placed, the 4x4 drivetrain is working, and all the parts for the bodywork should be easy to connect. The V-8 is in, and fits cleanly. The rear axle is a little different. It has a little more clearance, and has a more realistic travel motion. Though the travel distance is the same. Also, everytime I have been under a F-150 the drive shaft is noticeable, so that had to be changed too. I have stared a Studio file, so I'll post instructions for this soon.
  9. I have not yet received the 42126 that I have preordered, but I am already working on the improvements. First up, is the front wheel drive to incorporate 4x4 into the Raptor. I'm not sure I would characterize LEGO as lazy for not adding this feature; it is possible, relatively non-complex, but requires more parts and a complicated structure. It took me a little time to figure something out that meets my expectations and another lateral brace on the bottom swingarms would be better. Getting the rigidity where I wanted it involved making a lot of changes to the frame, but I think I'm happy with what I have. A new differential is added to increase final engine speed. This is mounted into a floating ball joint frame. The rigid axle connects via CV joints to the wheel hubs that are original to 42126. A V8 is added, but is removed to see everything. I have made a new rear axle that is a little cleaner and follows the suspension movement of the F-150 a little better, and I'll show that once the rear frame is done. I am at a loss right now for how to add a working steering wheel. The front is crowded now, but I'll see what I can do.
  10. Great job, and right up my alley. I'm glad I had a little inspiration for you.
  11. Well it has been 6 months since I worked on this project, and it's time to bring it back up. I'm happy to report that Thirdwigg motors has reached an agreement with Octan Racing to provide the power packs for the Ionos Sports Sedan. The engines are final, and I'm slowing working on the rest of the studio file. Below are the Flat 6 Hybrid, V-8, and I-6 power packs.
  12. Yep, I line everything up. Slots on bushes, slots on connectors, and slots on pins, and in the case of a pin with axle connecting to an axled liftarm the slots head in the direction the liftarm is facing. I do this on MOCs and sets.
  13. Sorry to bring this MOC back up after such a long time, but I have (Finally!) finished free instructions for this MOC. Free free to go nuts a build this MOC. Free free to find them at
  14. Here you go @Seasider. It turns out I was wrong, the new wheel is just slightly more than 4 modules in diameter.