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  1. Thirdwigg

    [WIP] Ionos Sports Sedan

    Back with another little update. Build time has been a little scarce, and I’m at the point of the build that takes lot of time. Trial and error, build and rebuild, on and on.... I tried a number of different ideas, but the bumper and the quarter panels remain. I need to clean up the lights and the trunklid, but I think I have something workable here. I’ll need to work on the trunk rear/license plate mount a little more. And I’m not sure I like the bumper and diffuser as is so I’ll come back to that as well. We’ll see if I can get some more build time this week.
  2. Great little build and, like others, I'm impressed with the features added. Thanks for sending me down the Wikipedia wormhole as I couldn't believe there was a tractor with a 10 L single cylinder engine. Now I have a better understanding as to why. Again, great build.
  3. So fun, and I love the front and rear suspension. The fuzzy steering wheel is perfect as well. Great job.
  4. I voted no, but I might join. I am the most enthused about building vehicles, but who knows, you may find me in the right mood and creative space.
  5. Thanks again for another great contest. I enjoyed this one a lot; as both a participant and an observer. I'm looking forward to the next contest already. Well done to @steph77, @HorcikDesigns, and @MajklSpajkl on your podium finishes, and to others on your placings. Some great builds here.
  6. Thirdwigg

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    Ugh, such a silly spelled word. Edited. Though I might be slightly defiant about C+.
  7. Thirdwigg

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    Definitely what I did. C+ is pricing me out of new sets.
  8. Thanks for pushing this to us @Jim 1.If you could choose, what 3 IPs/Brands would you like to have in the LEGO Technic portfolio? John Deere, Unimog, Valtra 2.What types of vehicles should we do more of in LEGO Technic (ex: boats, super cars, helicopters, excavators etc.)? Helicopters, Airplanes, Row Tractors, Garbage Trucks. 3.Which LEGO Technic vehicle and which price point you would like to see (please state only one top choice) $100 Tractor 4.If not vehicles what would you like to see from the LEGO Technic platform? Bridge or Dam 10.What kind of technologies would you like to see in LEGO Technic? An electric car.
  9. Again, great contest. I am thankful for the ways it challenged me, and was fascinated by so many great designs and solutions by everyone. 5: 10 9: 6 8: 4 17: 3 6: 2 7: 1
  10. Thirdwigg

    [MOC] Unimog U500 (405.201) and U430

    Shoot, I used to live right there. I should visit and pick up a real Unimog. I’ll post the orange one here soon, and instructions when I get to them.
  11. Thirdwigg

    [WIP] Ionos Sports Sedan

    I haven't. Do you mean rotating the part 180 degrees so the point is on the bottom left (rather then the upper right as it is currently) to cover the current open black triangle void between the two doors? I'm not opposed to this, but it will take some figuring out. The two biggest issues will be trying to figure out how to mount the door on a pivot. Second, how to mount the 3x7 curved panel to keep the beltline would take some figuring out. I'll see what I can do. Thanks, for the time being I'm please with the C-Pillar. RX-8 isn't a bad car to replicate....
  12. Thirdwigg

    [WIP] Ionos Sports Sedan

    Another successful, if inefficient, build session this weekend. Below you can see the first draft of the bodywork. Below is the second draft. I tried a number of different ideas for the C pillar, and the rear bumper/quarter panel area. I worked a lot on the C-pillar which now has a flat line (psuedo-fastback, with a small deck), and a little black filler to keep the visual arch. I raised the trunk lid a stud. I like the little spoiler lip, but it's looking a little busy. I'll come back to this. The rear bumper is a hardpoint as the rear shifter for the sequential transmission chassis is at a certain elevation and position behind the rear axle. As such, the manual version (shown below) needs to fit this other version. But by fleshing this out and removing the #13 panel the rear looks considerably longer. I like this look generally, but the first version looked faster and angrier, which I liked. Part of this change was due to arching the fenders back toward the center of the car behind the rear wheel; leaving more more rubber exposed. This part is tricky for me. I want to keep the rear hips highlighted and wide looking, so I'll keep this area in "pencil" while I work on other parts. I'll try to wrap the lights around the sides a little bit, and give the underbumper a little more flash (diffuser/exhaust/lights).
  13. Thirdwigg

    [WIP] Ionos Sports Sedan

    I see. Thanks for the explanation. Something like this will work, so I'll see where it lands.
  14. Thirdwigg

    [WIP] Ionos Sports Sedan

    Not sure where you mean. The front immediately forward the tires? I'll close it up, but I need to finalize the interior a little more before I commit to too much of the bodywork. I generally do not like the fastback look for sedans. Too many of them (including the A7, but others like the Kia Stinger, Honda Accord, Taycan) look like the long front hood is dragging around a limp rump. To my eye, cars (coupes and sedans alike) that look good have a slight forward visual tilt: where the car looks like the muscular rear is pushing the rest of the car forward. However, the fastback look does translate well to LEGO as it limits and flattens the curves needed. C pillars are hard to do when they have sharp and tight curves. As I play with the rear, we'll see what fits best. The rear bumper location is now fixed, so this is the only hardpoint that restricts the design at this point.
  15. Thirdwigg

    [TC19] Wingblade R

    Like others, this turned out differently than I though it would. I looks great, and I like the future cruiser look that the moto has. I love the custom hubs as well. Well done.