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  1. I like the look of the winch. To me, the black and white is a little visually disruptive. Is there a certain version you are trying to replicate? What happens if you switch the black parts to white? I was thinking mounting a #21 and #22 end to end vertically to take the place of the black panel would look better, but after looking at pictures of the AW 169, why do you just mount 2 or 3 1x7 liftarms vertically to fill the gap. The side of the AW 169 does not curve much, so this may look OK. Re. the door, I would add a small panel to the bottom to fill it in a little. I would remove the vertical frame and make the door only on the bottom, like this, not like this.
  2. So excited about this. Thanks for starting another fun project. Also, I like the idea of the side controls. This allows for great playability, without cramped fingers in the cockpit. Great idea.
  3. @Seasider the 911 dimensions are 45x21x13 studs (L, W, H). I don't have instructions for the build, nor is it still built, but you should be able to get pretty close with the pictures posted. The front steering is a little complicated, but I can help you as you go through the build. PM me as needed. Yellow is doable. The only part missing (I think) is panel #21 and #22 below the front headlights, as this is not in yellow.
  4. I'm following this topic with interest, as I do the same for my desk, and like @Seasider I'm looking for something new. I thought about self-promoting my 911 (thanks @letsbuild), but I don't have instructions. It is 13 studs tall. My F1 would fit the bill, but it's a little simple (Instructions). As mentioned, the Pony Car is a great option, and I think the 919 from @steph77 would be great.
  5. This a great little build. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Is it so hard to have a set with normal blue? From these images, it seems we have to wait another year. That Mack Terrapro looks great. One other thought, with a 15 wide truck, it's hard to get in four 49mm tires per axle because there is not a great axle option to keep you from pulling the axle out. It's like we need a 7l with stop. It seems like this is not resolved in the Anthem model when viewed from the top, as a simple 7l axle is inserted directly to the differential. It would be frustrating to pull the wheel/tire off, only to pull the axle out as well, and releasing differential gears as well.
  7. [MOC] F14A Tomcat

    Stunning. That blue works better than I expected. It looks great.
  8. Farming tractor

    I love the simple features of this MOC that function well and add realism to the tractor. Yet again another great MOC that has inspired me. I look forward to more creations.
  9. The sailboat looks bigger than the first pictures. I like the color, and I’m happy to see a sailboat for once.

    I remember a few months ago when the Sherp blew up the internet. I'm happy you made a great rendition of this fun vehicle. I'm a sucker for orange as well. The MOC looks great. We are excited again for your LEGO contribution, but do what you need to stay healthy. Glad you are well now, and I hope you have the support needed for the future.
  11. 10: 10 8: 6 1: 4 15: 3 7: 2 12: 1 Again, thanks for a great contest.
  12. [TC12] The Toaster

    My childhood bus driver certainly had some character traits that were fun. Thanks so much!
  13. Maybe I should have made a city bus.
  14. [TC12] The Toaster

    Re. Stickers, I just ran out of time, and paste. Next time I'll work on my time management as well as the design. Maybe we should just assume Thirdwigg Racing really doesn't really want the other contestants to stop.
  15. Can you make all of the links direct to #22?