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  1. Thirdwigg

    Axle Collection Thread

    How do the axles get attached? Pivots or fixed? Where do they go on the front with the sliding axle as shown? I'm still confused on the benefits over the challenges listed by @Zerobricks
  2. Thirdwigg

    [TCM1] 8081 110 Pickup

    @HorcikDesigns Thanks again. I was surprised with how clean it turned out. Taking it apart reinvigorated my interest in the sport pickup version of 8081. More on that soon.
  3. Thirdwigg

    Axle Collection Thread

    @Mechbuilds I have never heard of something like that. What kind of application would you use it in? Why does the diff need to be fixed, and the portal axles need to slide with no other movement?
  4. I think it's fair to charge a small fee. Making instructions is a lot of work, and for those who value building your MOC, it's fair to ask them to cover some of the work put into it.
  5. Thirdwigg

    Axle Collection Thread

    @Mechbuilds Is this what you are looking for?
  6. Thirdwigg

    [TCM1] 8081 110 Pickup

    @johnnym and others, instructions have been posted.
  7. Thirdwigg

    [MOC] Iveco Skip Loader

    @tom1 I'll see if I can get to them this week.
  8. Thirdwigg

    (TCM1) Lego 8081 Tarantula AWD

    Great job with your continued work on this project. You are making some good improvements, and each iteration has more connection to 8081. As much as I understand the desire to cover the holes on the liftarms, adding tiles on each section distracts from otherwise simple lines.
  9. Thirdwigg

    Thirdwigg's MOCs (Stuck on Mini Heli)

    Back for TC15, @Lipko came up with a simple idea for a variable pitch propellor. It was something I thought would be perfect for a little helicopter. I stared a little Chinook, that never really went anywhere. I didn't like the colors, and the way the panels were shaping around the rotor mounts was not right. But the idea was too good to let go, so I set it aside to come back to later. I started a small little helicopter again this week as a break from the U500 project. And again, I like the idea, but I am not too happy with where it is going. The hope to have the helicopter about the size of 42092, but it has creeped in size, so not the tail and the main rotor look too small. The helicopter has working rotors, moving landing gear, and a working swashplate. I'm stuck on the colors, stuck on the size, and stuck on the shaping. Maybe I should go back to the Chinook, or try another idea.
  10. Thirdwigg

    [WIP] [MOC] Unimog U500 (405.201)

    Just a quick update. Tipper works (bed need to be cleaned up). PTO on/off works (fuel tank, right side). Winch is routed but does not work. Pneumatic works. Those mirrors look gross. Next I'll work on the winch, and some visual details. Maybe an implement.
  11. Thirdwigg

    [MOC] Ford GT40 Mk1 1967

    Great job. The gearbox is pretty cool. I also like how the top panels fit together near the door.
  12. Thirdwigg

    [WIP] [MOC] Unimog U500 (405.201)

    @Jundis Glad you like it. Yeah, there are parts of 8110 that look a little harsh. @I_Igor I have some of the blue parts, but before I decide on the A pillar I need to determine how the mirrors are going to be added. Below is another draft, and I still don't feel great about the mirrors. The upper mount need to be lower, and the lower mount needs to be higher, so maybe some attachment on the A pillar is an option. @HorcikDesigns I now have a full set of four tires, so I looks a little better now. I had a little building time yesterday, so added in a winch and ran the pnuematic hoses. I'll need to work on the controls for both next. Also, at some point I'll need to work on the front again. And the cab.
  13. Thirdwigg

    [WIP] [MOC] Unimog U500 (405.201)

    Got it. I'll work on it. Thanks @T Lego. I'm glad you like it so far.
  14. Thirdwigg

    [WIP] [MOC] Unimog U500 (405.201)

    @I_Igor do you mean the part below the windshield or including the windshield? I still have some work to do on the bottom part, and the windshield is one of those weird ones where your eye notes the glass, but the A pillars are the only part I will build. I am interested in the 7 x 11 frames. I'll try a couple and see if they provide any benefit without compromising any of the features.
  15. Thirdwigg

    Rubber technic pieces?

    I have not tired 45803 and 45568 but the flexible rubber connector do not work for a torsion type suspension as the axle does not receive much resistance. In fact you can turn an axle around in the connector with a moderate amount of force.