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  1. Super. I trust your measurements and decisions, as I can only see the proportions from the pictures. And like I said, the changes you made helped a lot. Mudguards will help some more. And I like the kissing forks, so don't give this feature up just because my eyes may be off a little. I'm looking forward to the bodywork now.
  2. That looks much better. But I would still go a little more if you could. Maybe trying to "skinny" the kissing fork mechanism now. This seem to be where the rest of the bulk seems to reside.
  3. Thirdwigg

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

    It looks like there is a linear clutch under the drum as well. Is this is for the rotation of the rear chute slewing? Actually, it looks like the rear chute is manual, and the clutch is for the drum rotation. I think I got confused thinking the gearbox was for two different functions, when it seems like its for connection and disconnection to the truck while driving.
  4. Thirdwigg

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

    @Erik Leppen I like the drum part. It's hard to do rotational parts well with panels, and I'm not sure what other solution could have been done for this. I don't think TLG would have done a brickbuilt drum a la @Lasse D , so I think this will be fine. Dark Blue does seem a little restrictive to me though. I like the addition of the little engine. It's a nice touch.
  5. Thirdwigg

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    It does not look like there is collective pitch adjustment on the rotors, but rather a way to make the rotors angled slightly. Also, it looks like the flaps are connected to the moving engine nacelles. Overall, it does look sharp.
  6. The front wheel looks too far backward. Can you move it forward any, or move the forks backward?
  7. This looks great. I love how it turned out with the blue, and the front loader is well integrated with the hood and front wheels. Great job. Yeah, we don't have many good colors for those 43mm rims. The fact that they came in yellow is the only reason my tractor was modeled after a Deere. Again, great job.
  8. How fun! It will be great to follow this project. I built a Kalmar 180 a couple of years ago, and this one looks to be a little bigger. Check out the Hyster from @TheItalianBrick for some more ideas at this scale. Always like seeing another forklift.
  9. 41: 10 24: 6 33: 4 20: 3 53: 2 59: 1
  10. 32: 10 41: 6 16: 4 50: 3 51: 2 40: 1 Thanks again for a great contest!
  11. 54. LMP C Turbo Race Car Features Steering Rear Wheel Drive with V-8 Opening Cockpit Doors Removable bodywork Removable engine Modular Design Topic:
  12. Thirdwigg

    [TC18] LMP C Turbo

    Cutting it a little close, but the video is ready.
  13. Thirdwigg

    [TC18] LMP C Turbo

    This project is done, with all parts ordered and applied to the MOC. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts on the color. After a lot of indecision and trying various liveries, it was clear Lime Green needed to be the highlight. No other car in TC18 has lime, and if the color can't go on a race car, where else would it go? It's not perfect, but it looks fast. Features Steering (wheel and HOG) RWD Working mini V-8 Removable bodywork Opening doors Removable engine with four pins V-8 Turbo engine Rear engine, transmission, and suspension Monocoque and rear powertrain. Uncowled Front Side Bottom Video coming soon....
  14. Thirdwigg

    [TC18] Ford GT 2005

    This turned out great. I love the details over the rear engine, and I love any MOC where you can remove the whole engine as one unit.
  15. Thirdwigg

    [TC18] Ferrari F40

    Looks great. Those wheels are perfect for this car.