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  1. Yeah, I'm liking this set a lot. Thanks for the mocup @R0Sch, this is helpful to better understand the design.
  2. Great addition! The blade is totally unnecessary, and thus perfect!
  3. My favorite alt builds of yours are the animal ones. I'm always impressed (maybe jealous) at your ability to use blocked parts to create organic creatures. Great work again.
  4. Great job again. I love the net in the cockpit, and the arm linkage is well done.
  5. Those space sets are so refreshingly different! Also the Orrery is quintessential technic.
  6. I hope to, but I need to put out some other fires first. Maybe over the holiday break.....
  7. It looks like the 42168 Deere might be in the background of the 60431 photo that is floating around online right now. If so, it looks like the rear tires are 37mm, which would match well enough with the 57mm tractor tire we have had for a while. Not much else is visible other than the rear fender and the unloading auger.
  8. Yeah, the spring didn't fit. I'm glad you like it. @SaperPL Yeah, the little rubber connectors work perfectly sometimes, but only in a very specific way. I hope you are able to give them a try.
  9. Such a fun project. Keep it up...
  10. Thanks for the comment. It is not an alt model, it's stand along. The hope was for the scale to be the same, but adding features stretched it to 1:21. Generally, it's because I don't add the links, and have to add them later. You tend to find the error before I get to it.
  11. OK, time for another little addition to the Thirdwigg Farm (kindof). This little John Deere Gator is built in 1:21 scale, which is a little bigger then the Thirdwigg Farm scale (about 1:22). Instructions are available at Features: Steering with HOG Rear suspension 1 cylinder fake engine Tipping bed Opening tailgate Opening doors I love the LEGO green, so John Deere tractors are becoming a trend for me. Tipping bed. Opening doors And a little 40 second video to see what it does. Enjoy again!
  12. It's great to have you back @legomarat, and such a wonderful build for your return. I love the shaping of the body with the system bricks, and all the little details like the mirrors and light. Great job with the functionality as well.
  13. I would like to join. I'll see when I can get a build started. I love the cabin!