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  1. Thirdwigg

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Perfect little MOC. Great job.
  2. Thirdwigg

    [WIP] Superbike

    Well this took a turn. I was looking forward to a street bike, but this turned out great. I was a little concerned the transmission was going to be too wide, or would not work well, so I'm happy with how this turned out. I love how the changeover is connected to the foot pedals. Again, great work.
  3. Thirdwigg

    [MOC] Unimog 437

    All, thanks for your kind words. I have enjoyed this project, and I am happy others have enjoyed it too. @I_Igor it was conscious decision not to do the portal axle or torque tubes as it would increase the size of the MOC. I was not pleased with the drivetrain of the U90 that I made, so those were the first features to go. @Doomer Tires are Fischertechnik, and you can find them here or talk to @rm8 . @Edwin Korstanje I am always happy to hear others have a soft spot for Mogs. Seeing your Mog makes me think I need a fire truck body and cab for this MOC. I'll add that to my list. @zux there are 4 studs between the SWB and LWB versions. These pictures might help the best. All versions are still built, so if you need something else, let me know. @agrof It's the details that are fun for me. Glad you like it. @steph77 Thanks again for your support and I am happy you find the design "absolutely stunning." Thanks. I have been drawn to the common platform on some of my recent builds, as it offers more playability, and can grow with ideas from the community. Getting all the attachment points consistent can be enough to kill a project, but the final design is worth it. Feel free to use the tipper bed as it works very well. It's a little long, which caused some problems in the SWB version. Correct, I think our styles are similar as find many functions (suspension, steering, control, design) work cleanest at this scale: too big and functions get gummy, and too small functions go away. I'll keep building at this scale and I hope you do to.
  4. Thirdwigg

    [MOC] Unimog 437

    Thanks, I have been building long enough that I can now recycle some good ideas.
  5. I guess you could say I couldn't make up my mind about the kind of Unimog I wanted to make next. So I decided to make a platform that would support multiple versions. Features: Interchangeable platform Long and short wheelbase options Standard and Doka cabs, removable Manual control PF control (drop in) Front and rear suspension Steering 4x4 with I-4 fake motor Opening doors and hood Tipper bed options Feel free to check out to learn more about the build. Manual SWB with tipper bed. Manual LWB Doka with tipper bed. Power Functions (XL drive, Servo steering) LWB with cover. Manual LWB with canvas bed showing the suspension travel. You can find more pictures on my flickr. I have been adding instructions for the various versions here, and more will be added over the coming weeks. Someday I'll make a camper, because, everyone needs a camper. This was a fun project, and I loved the way it turned out. I have the LWB on my desk right now, and I keep getting distracted from work. I hope to add additional options for the system at some point, and will take other suggestions for versions to add. Hope you enjoy.
  6. This might be a good place to start. It's a narrow by two studs, but might be a good jumping off point.
  7. Thanks @TechnicRCRacer and @Boulderer. @Leonardo da Bricki The doors, trunk, and hood were sitting off to the side. They are all done, though I may give the hood one more edit. The little thirdwiggs are much better as squishing the MOCs rather than disassembling them or taking the doors off.
  8. Thirdwigg

    [WIP] Superbike

    This is looking better after the second drafts. I build the same way, one model to keep the mounting points and body work, and a second to perfect the internals. I hope the transmission works with the new parts.
  9. I am now 13 months into this project, and the end is near. Two weeks ago, I finished the bodywork in a way that is acceptable to my eyes. So I decided to rebuild the chassis in a way that supports the final design rather than one that supports the creative process. The final chassis (near) is much stronger, and has added some improvements to support the final bodywork (far). It's not perfectly form locked, but it's toddler proof resistant (goal 8). All other goals have been accomplished. The final model should be presented soon (though I said that a year ago), and I might make both a black and red version.
  10. How exciting. I'm always excited about a new helicopter, and I was a fan of 8068, so an improvement on that would be great. I'm interested in the small Super Car. This could be a fun little set, but the price puts it right with 42075 which does not offer much. I'm curious... I liked 42039, so if the GT car is similar in execution, it could be interested. Hopefully it's a bright color too. Also, December 1 sounds great.
  11. Thirdwigg

    [WIP] Superbike

    Great idea, and the lime is perfect for this project.
  12. Of note, I think the 3x7 red curved panels are new color, so this would be an interesting new part for me. Otherwise, thanks for your review, I find them helpful, and the written format is easy to digest in between work.
  13. Thirdwigg

    Hummer H1 Wagon

    Thanks for this fun little MOC. The bodywork is spot on, and the mechanics are well executed. I it's OK with you, might have to try and recreate the body with a manual drivetrain, the new 1.2 tires from @rm8, and a pickup body.
  14. I love all the playability of the design. It's great it has so many options that can be added, removed, and changed. My kind of build. Again, great work.
  15. Looks great. It will be great to see how this fairs with other trucks in an outdoor environment.