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  1. All this make sense. It's a small build, and you have a lot in it already. Great job, and I look forward to seeing it in Yellow.
  2. That's fair. I wondered if maybe you could use the room for something like a HOG link or something. But if it's not limiting your, then keep it in.
  3. Cute little dumper. I like the shaping of the hood and front bumper. I'm with @Jundis, drop the center diff.
  4. Very nice Alt build of 42139.There are a lot of functions that the partlist of 42139 does not make too easy, and you designed this well with those limitations.
  5. Fantastic work, and I'm happy I was able to give a little inspiration! I like the system bricks, but only for the yellow parts. The black parts of the cab would be fine without any system bricks. I love the sliding door on the cab. The range of motion on the arm is great, and the extra feature of the side bending arm is a perfect addition. Great job!
  6. Great job, and I'm happy to provide a little inspiration. I'm glad you were able to finish this, and welcome to Eurobricks!
  7. Fair point. OK, so more than two functions.
  8. That would be nice, but then it would mean TLG would need to design a set with more than one function.
  9. Just make sure you have all those 3x3 discs. See if you can borrow them, as I'm not sure what I going to do with all of mine now.
  10. Got it. Yeah, that's a great idea. I'll see what I can do. In the meantime, I have posted free instructions for the Tandem Disc Harrow to go with the Axron tractor. Enjoy. The harrow features a pneumatic lifting, and manual disc extension.
  11. I tend to build this way too. I often find that MOCs look "undertired" when the tire size perfectly matches the scales size. As other have said, this is truly a great MOC. The colors looks great, and the shaping of the rear engine compartment is perfect. I remember through the development how you had some difficulty with the exhaust, and I think the solution you devised is perfect. While I have my issues with C+, I do think using it makes the MOC a little more future proof, so I respect your decision to use this rather than stick with PF. It's always tricky working pneumatics with motors, so well done incorporating the two. My favorite detail is the lifting rings that are on the rear bumper mounted studs sideways. It's little, but I love it. Congratulations on a great MOC.
  12. Interesting idea. What would I use the splitter for? Running a pump to the front and rear of the tractor?
  13. Thanks, yeah, the pump is a fun addition, particularly for the trailers. I have not found it too helpful for implements yet though. Thanks again, and let me know if you get a chance to build it. If green is tricky, black is a an easy solution I understand, thanks. Yep, that was the idea. Glad you like it.
  14. Thanks! Yeah a little more weight on the front axle would be great. I need to come up with a good implement for the front. Hybrid? What do you mean?
  15. Yeah, I like this one too. I love the exposed rear tires at the rear. The gentle up and down curve of the beltline is great too. Great job!