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  1. More blue panels on the car is a good thing, no?
  2. At least we get the normal blue with the compactor...
  3. This is a fun idea for a contest. I'll make sure I make something fun, but I am so far lacking an idea for an advantage gaining function... I look forward to the fun ideas from other as well.
  4. They are the same as from 42041. The headlights are inspired from the "lightblade" theme running in most current Cadillacs. I'm not sure it works here. Styling is always something I struggle with...
  5. I spend a little more time on this for the last couple of nights. I have placed a couple more panels on the front and the rear to start some exterior shopping. The car is looking a little too much like the W124 E Class "Hammer;" too boxy for my taste. So I'll need to add a some more curves. After some more work on the roof, and the rear quarter panels, maybe I can get the desired effect. Also, this is the third design for the front bumper/grill, and I still do not like it. The rear bumper if fine, but the trunk will still take some work.
  6. Invictus V12 Supercar

    I'm impressed. This looks pretty good. I like the stance of the car, and the super wide rear. The front wheels are not too wide, but a little more coverage by the body work would serve you well. I like the short rear overhang, and the body work on the rear. Also, the air scoop on top is a great part use.
  7. I'm back at it after a little bit of time off. It's funny how life gets in the way of building. Is funny the right word? The seating is basically set, though I will make some final changes depending on how the roof connects. I may do a rear bench, though the buckets are kindof fun. It feels Panamera-y. The transmissions tunnel will need to be changed a little bit as well, as it could be a little more stiff. But again, I will wait to do this once the roof takes a little more shape. So it is time for me to start working on the body as this will start to finalize some of the chassis contact points. I'll work next on the front and rear bumpers, and the door sills. The doors may be simple #13 and #17 panels. Also, I mentioned the roof. Most sports sedans have a gentle curve to the roof, so I would like to add this feature, so I'll try a couple of options when I get some time.
  8. Thanks again for your review. These are helpful as I try to make my limited Lego budget go as far as it can each year.
  9. Thanks @Rudivdk, second color 5l beams look\ a little too much like prison stripes, but both colors are available in 5l thin liftarms, which might looks better with a thin black stripe on the LBG seats. I'll try it tonight.
  10. Yep, I try to give a little love to something other than the the two door two seat car. I did not have a lot of building time this weekend, so I did not work on the dashboard. But I did spend a little time on the seating. The size is correct for the front, though the rear bench is one stud too tall. I am not sure on the color, black has a tendency to look washed out, but it looks better with the mixture of liftarms and connectors. I find the the Dark Blueish Grey looks the best, but I cannot get the headrest part in that color, so a highlight of Light Blueish Grey or Black will be needed. Basically the center of the front seats will stay the same, but I am still trying some ideas for the bolsters. I'll leave the rear bench like this until I finalize the front seats. I might go with rear buckets as well.
  11. Glad you like it. Next up is the cabin, and dashboard. Have any good ideas for seats? I need a creative design. I'll keep the WIP pictures coming. Keeping space tight in the front is crucial for the four seats, now I need to take some more space out of the center tunnel. Maybe... Yep, all these things take space. I car can go without a transmission, but certainly not a differential, right? . Paneling is always the most difficult, so hopefully space is available for future parts. I agree with all of you, the transmission decision was the right choice. Thanks for the affirmation.
  12. OK, I'm back with some updates. The four speed transmission worked, technically. But I didn't like it. After a couple of redesigns, and replacements, I decided it was distracting from the car. So I put in a manual two speed transmission. I know, I know, it's lame, and name two cars that have a two speed transmission. The car now rolls better, is stronger, and the cabin may actually be inhabitable. I have also added the basis for the steering; both HOG and the steering wheel are working. The frame has been stiffened, though a little more around the front suspension will be worthwhile. Red 1x15 liftarms are there to keep the dimensions in mind. Here's a suspensions photo for your @tomek9210, complete with four rear shocks. Next up, the dashboard and seating...
  13. The sequential transmission is installed in the second photo, so it will fit. No changeover mechanism is installed, but currently the manual control setup used on the Porsche 919 from @steph77 is the my preferred option right now. @tomek9210, yes, I'll need to add another shock for the rear. I'll take a better picture of the suspension tonight.
  14. I have now added a transmission, a four speed sequential. It's quite big, gummy, and I do not yet have a great way to control it once the body work is installed. And I am not sure where the steering is going to go. Other than that, it's fine. I'm going to play with one more transmission design tonight, and see if I can figure out the steering issue. I learned a lot from the Porsche 964; the steering and suspension worked well, but the transmission was not worth the effort to install it. I'm pleased with the suspension, and with a little more chassis strengthening, it will be perfect for this MOC. Stay tuned.