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  1. Thirdwigg

    [TC20] 8446 Monster Crane

    Keep the blue seats. It’s a great through line to the newer sets. I’m with you on the mini engines. Keep the cylinders parts.
  2. Thirdwigg

    [TC20] 8854 Power Crane Update

    They would be a great addition. Hopefully they will fit. And be available soon.
  3. I’m looking forward to the forklift. It always seemed like the forklift was too big for the truck. Are you going to keep the scale the same? The trailer looks very clean, but I agree about the 3x11 panel. Hopefully you can find something good. The truck still needs something above the front tires. Maybe a fender or something. Something arched would be great.
  4. Thirdwigg

    [TC20] 8446 Monster Crane

    Looks great. I love when someone uses the Visorak frame. One of my favorite parts. I like the addition of the DBG.
  5. Thirdwigg

    [TC20] 8854 Power Crane Update

    @JLiu15 Thanks, I think I may use the Batmobile tires for every build I do from now on. They're Great! Tonight everything clicked into place. All the lower mechanicals are placed and working: Rear wheel drive with portal axle, I4 engine, four wheel suspension, front steering with HOG, rear outriggers controlled HOG, crane rotation, and a stiff chassis. I'll need to rework some colors and the bodywork may change some specific parts, but for the most part, this is it. Next up a crack at the boom.
  6. This project is really coming along nicely. Very faithful to the original. If you can do the 4 way gearbox that would be great. I very much like the boom design, and may steal some ideas for my build.
  7. Thirdwigg

    [TC20] 8854 Power Crane Update

    Basically like this. The steering rack goes on the bottom.
  8. Thirdwigg

    [TC20] 8854 Power Crane Update

    So it turns out I am having little free time to spend this project. Hopefully that will change. I spent a hour tonight setting the drivetrain parameters, and this is what I have. I’ll clean it up, and then start adding the outriggers and turntable function next. I’ll need to work on the boom soon. For the time being, I am happy the steering, suspension, and I4 is all going to fit.
  9. Thirdwigg

    [TC20] 8848 Tipper Truck

    Brick built bucket for me too. I also really like the front bumper now. The panels make it look updated, and not just the old set studless.
  10. Thirdwigg

    [TC20] 8848 Tipper Truck

    I like the trans blue overlay. I’m with @I_Igor see if you use one beacon for the steering, and another for the front bucket.
  11. Thirdwigg

    [TC20] Indy Storm (8445)

    @dickylabanglad to see you are in this contest. Great set choice, and I am looking forward to the progress.
  12. Thirdwigg

    [TC20] 8854 Power Crane Update

    Oh man! The stakes are high with this set! I hope I can deliver.
  13. Thirdwigg

    [TC20] 8462 Redux

    I think that's a great choice. The wheels are a significant part of the look, so hopefully they will supplement your design well. I'm looking forward to the progress.
  14. I couldn't sit this contest out. It pulls on my nostalgic strings too much, so know I had to participate. I started with a list of 32 sets that I wanted to consider. Some were immediately thrown out for lack of interest (6537, 6615, 6524, 6590, 8836, 6698, 6669, 8835, 5541, 8286, 5935, 6331, 8839, 6646, 6334, 6670, 8840, 8872, 8280). I had a top thirteen, and started throwing more out for various reasons (How do I do the canopy of 6887, 6542 and 6541 would be too big to do them justice today, 8880 is too sacred to do well, how do I do the motorcycle of 6354 or the cars of 6337 and 6335 (I'm watching you close @mpj)). Some I would like to do at another time (6344, 8858, the helicopter of 8062). Finally I came down to three that I created a MOC up for: 6357, 8855, and 8854. I may still do one of the others at another time, but for now I am going to focus on 8854, unless I run into problems. The set is iconic, well loved, and the right size. I am going to keep the scale pretty close (1.07:1), and I'll keep all the features. At this point, I plan to add a fake engine and suspension to the features 8854 already has (steering, outriggers, boom slewing, boom lift, boom extension, winch). I was hoping to have more done by now, but I guess it took me a while to decide on which set to do. It's pretty rough right now, but I have the size set, and a schematic of where all the mechanical parts are going to go. We'll see how this goes....
  15. Thirdwigg

    [TC20] 8462 Redux

    Great set idea. What wheels are you going to use?