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Found 9 results

  1. This has been my main project pretty much since Rogue One came out way back last December and I'm glad to say its finally done! My main goal with this was to make a U-wing that is closer to the actual size it appears in the movie and to have a cockpit that's connected to the troop bay unlike on the Lego set. In these respects I think its successful but I think it still needs some work, especially in fixing the proportions which were off from the beginning due to the wing design I chose. However, for now at least I'm just happy to call this finished but I'll no doubt return to it sometime! I have to say a big thanks to Kit Bricksto who let me use his great cockpit area design but also gave me lots of advise throughout the build once we both realised we had been working on our own U-wings. Sadly he hasn't finished his but you can checkout a WIP photo of it here: More pictures and info about the build is up on Flickr. Any and all comments on the build are very welcome especially ideas for improvements!
  2. Most of you probably know me for building Batman themed builds, specifically Batmobiles but I do enjoy building other things as well. One of these things is Star Wars. Since I have always had a thing for tanks and since I liked Star Wars I figured that I had to try my hand at creating a minifigure scale version of the Imperial Assault Tank or as it is officially called the TX-225 GAVw "Occupier" combat assault tank from Rogue One. Several other people have already made some amazing creations of this vehicle but sadly all of them are too big. When you look very closely during the tank scenes on Jeddha you can actually see that the tank is pretty much the same height as the Stormtroopers walking besides it. An image in the Rogue One: Ultimate Visual Guide also confirms this plus in the same guide it is also stated that the tank is 1,82 metres in height, pretty close to what I would consider the height of an average Stormtrooper. Massive thanks to Inthert as his kyber krystal container actually served as a major influence for mine. Enough talk lets take a look at some images: While the drivers hatch can actually open it won't accurately recreate the look that the open hatch has in the movie so I opted to create a more accurate method in order to show the driver, basically involves swapping 2 or 3 parts. Lets take a look: As you can see I also opted to use some stickers for detailing on the back as the clean 2x4 pieces simply didn't fit in with overal look of the tank, looks pretty good to me. As stated I tried to model my tank to the movie and as a result it is pretty much as tall as a minifigure. Well, that was pretty much all. I certainly hope that you enjoyed my little tank. (how many of you can guess that reference ;)) If you did please don't hesitate to leave some feedback as it is always greatly appreciated. Thanks for watching, have a nice day :)
  3. DarthTwoShedsJackson

    [MOC] Rebel U-wing from Rogue One

    I'm currently busy collecting minifigure parts for and assembling lots of new, original Star Wars characters for a slightly fanboyish and ambitioned continuation of a certain story, leading into new stories around favored characters and lots of new ones. We'll see where this will go, if anywhere... In the meantime, I assembled a new MOC of the Rebel U-wing featured in Rogue One. I like this ship because it presents a new, sturdy and easily recognizable shape among the already established rebel ships, and because I love the idea of a troop-transport with hyperspace capability, as befits the tactics employed by the rebels. I went for stability and sturdyness - as I like to do - and getting the shapes and proportions right. A sleek appearance also was a main goal, so as to underline the straight, sharp lines defining the design of this craft. I hope you like it: The cockpit section can be removed to access the pilot seat and the (smallish) troop compartment: The wings fold back and line up perfectly with the back section of the fuselage to which the engines are attached, leaving no gap in flight mode. When in flight mode, the wings snap into place via a ball joint-connection similar to the official set. When in landing mode, the inner side of each wing is firmly attached to the side of the front part of the fuselage via two studs: The doors to each side of the troop compartment slide open and close without leaving gaps: Enjoy, comment, nitpick, or just leave a reply.
  4. I want to present you my latest MOC. It is my entry for round 3 of the “MOC Olympics” contest (German LUG: In this round we have to build a ship or scene of the upcoming STAR WARS Movie “Rouge One”. A base of 48 x 48 was the limit. As you can see I decided to build a “beach” scene on Scarif. Because of the limited space and time I build it in Microfighter-Scale. Therefore I designed two completely new Microfighter, the Tie-Striker and the U-Wing. The AT-ACTs are modifications of the original AT-AT Microfighters. I hope you like it. Bye for now Boba Rebel Attack on Scarif by Boba-1980, auf Flickr And some details: More Infos: (German LUG) Palm technique by: inspiredbrick...e-tutorial.html
  5. JamesArts2172

    Star Wars: Micro MOCs | mini kits

    Hi everyone! I'm quite new, but I build lego Star Wars MicroMOCs; in other words 'mini minikits'. I got my ideas from the Star Wars advent calendar series- style micro kits. I have built over 200 so far and I'm still going, so if you want to see any of these regularly, check out my facebook page: and my YouTube Channel "James_Arts_2172: Lego" All I did was go through every page of both DK Star Wars Visual Dictionaries and build every single ship and vehicle in them. Of course I have made many more besides (2014-present sets, Ep 7, Rogue One, Clone Wars, Rebel, Force Unleashed, Old Republic).
  6. Kaboozle

    Scarif Reference Material

    I am working on a MOC of Scarif from Rogue one but I have been unable to find any reference material for the Citadel Tower, which is sort of a key part of the Scarif base. If anybody knows anywhere were i can get good reference for the Scarif base in general, that would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. Trevpack4563

    Happy Force Friday!

    Happy Force Friday! I Hope You Like This! 75152: Imperial Assault Hovertank $30.00 75153: AT-ST Walker $50.00 75154: TIE Striker $70.00 75155: Rebel U-Wing Fighter $80.00 75156: Krennic's Imperial Shuttle $90.00 75119: Sergeant Jyn Erso $24.00 75120: K-2SO $24.00 75121: Imperial Death Trooper $24.00 Minifgure you can get Only today! Get this minifigure by get a star wars set today! plus you can get a rogue one set and get this minifigure! Thanks For Looking at this and BYEEEEEEEEEE!!!
  8. GiotarizAFOL

    REVIEW: 60048 "Rogue Hideout"

    Hello Eurobricks! First post, and first Review, hope this works ;) :classic: WARNING: lots of links. Yesterday I went to a big shopping center in Valais, Switzerland, and they had the entire 2014 line-up for City and Ninjago, so I took this set.Pics are awful because I don't have my DSLR, so I had to use my Iphone, and no white background. LET'S GET STARTED! BOX: Normal city box, we already know that one . here is the box. INSTRUCTIONS: normal city instructions, we get three of those and three numbered bags. One builds the hot rod,another the police truck and the last one the hideout. DREADED STICKER SHEET: not many stickers, only for the policeman's ride BAG ONE PARTS: nothing new, like the dark pearl engine part, love the nose part and that treasure. Only new piece is the golden tap piece (in chest in pic 2). BAG ONE BUILDS: A lovely hot rod car, very 1950s US style. Too bad it has no lights... BAG TWO BUILDS: The police SUV or dog carrying truck. Nice, but very standard. Very similar to the dirt bike transporter set, still nice looking, and the new police colors are OK. WIP shot, veeeery standard build the finished truck, once again veeery standard. not sure about it being nice. BAG THREE BUILDS: a nice hideout, with a lovely side trapdoor and a submarine sight (hm... submarine homes? ) The house could also be used in war mocs or as an abandoned house. The parts. LOTS of very cool brick-bricks, including new 4 studs long bricks! Details of the lovely brick wall, with a very pet shop-ish trapdoor MINIFIGS: 3 normal figs, nothing special or fancy. 2 dogs, and one of the new policemen, which can't go together with the old ones, thay're too different (sorry for the minifig-racism, LOL) OVERALL LOOKS: a nice set, mainly for the hotrod and the hideout. In the pic the first burglar has left the other one and ran away with the hot rod... MINIFIGS: 7/10: normal ones, nice new police guy and normal burglars. BUILDS: 7.5/10: nice for hotrod and for hideout, boring for the truck. PARTS: 8/10: new brick bricks!! yayyyyy PLAYABILITY: 8,5/10: very high playability, three vehicles. DESIGN: 7.5/10: lovely hotrod pickup, nice building, police truck is veeery repetitive. Gio's ratings: 7.5 out of 10, good but a bit expensive. Got it for 40 swiss francs, or CHF. The truck is nothing new, but the other two things are worth it, really.
  9. Rogue as she appears in the X-Men animated series. Kinda borrowed the idea from someone else, but I improved on it by giving her accurate legs, coloring in the torso and adding the belt. While I'm at it, here are some other custom X-Men: - Cyclops, Storm, and Xavier are by eclipsegrafx - Wolverine is mine -Omi