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Found 715 results

  1. INTRODUCTION The Viking theme always captured my imagination. And after my dark ages it was one of the first themes I went and bought sets from on eBay. However, Viking Ship Challenges the Midgard Serpent, was not one of those sets. So when Lego decided to pay homage to that set in the form of a 3-in-1 Creator set I knew I had to check it out. SET INFORMATION Number: 31132 Title: Viking Ship and the Midgard Serpent Theme: Creator Released: 2022 Part Count: 1170 Box Dimensions: 48 cm x 37.8 x 7.05 cm Weight: 1840 gram Set Price (RRP): 119.99 EUR / 104.99 GBP / 119.99 USD / Price per Part: 10.1 EUR / 8.8 GBP / 10.1 USD Links: Brickset, Bricklink THE BOX The box shows off the main build of the set, the "Creator" label, and the fact that it's a 3-in-1 set. I've got to say, if I was a Lego ignorant parent buying for a kid I might assume you got all 3 builds in the set. Clearly Lego hasn't received enough complaints of that nature to change the packaging though. The back of the box gives more close-ups of the 3 different models with artistic backdrops setting each scene. The side of the box shows us one of the Viking women in official minifigure size and even more ways you could set up the models. CONTENTS OF THE BOX Inside you'll find 7 numbered bags, 1 unnumbered bag holding the flex cables, and one bag holding the instruction books. THE BUILD PART 1 I considered saving the Viking ship for building last as it's the model I want to display. But when I opened the instruction books I found this for the boat: And this for each of the other models: That meant I built the boat first as was clearly intended by how the parts were packaged. The instructions for the boat follow the standard format of opening bags in sequential order to get to the end. The other two models pull parts from all over. I find it humorous that the designers decided they should indicate one should just dump all the parts out at once to begin building the lodge or the wolf. If you've built a Lego set from the past couple years you've noticed that the instructions have star-burst animations when you finish a set. In building the boat I found that instructions added these bursts for small things like attaching a sub-model to the main model. Have we really become so dopamine addicted that we need this? The boat uses a lot of SNOT to great effect. A section that impressed me was the use of the new 6x6 curved plates offset to get the curve of the hull. Here you can see the SNOT sections coming together. The front and back sections of the hull are practically identical. Which means the build process feels very repetitive. But the end product looks good so I can't really fault that. FINISHED PRODUCT The first six bags give you the great looking boat. Bag 7 gives you the sea monster. The end result is a fantastic looking set! The boat is large and could easily host twice the number of Vikings. The brick-built sail is sturdy and looks really good. There are plenty of places to pose figures. And the Midgard serpent just begs for storytelling of epic battles on the high seas. I love how the set designers made the figurehead similar to the head of the serpent. It really feels like the Vikings had inspiration in carving the figurehead because of past encounters with the serpent. Now for a few complaints. The standard yellow is an odd choice under the dark blue sections. I wish they would have used an earth tone, flaming yellowish orange like on the figure head, or kept it dark blue. It's just too bright. The back of the sail has a lot of exposed under-studs which is unavoidable. The front looks amazing so you just need to display it from that direction. The Midgard serpent is also very bright. It's ok, but it doesn't feel necessary. It's also got unsightly hinges breaking up the flow of the body. And while the tail has a lot of movement because of those hinges, the front half of the body is very limited in movement. From the back you can see that the technic elements have gaps which are left when just a few more pieces could have covered them up. But these are small gripes. Overall the main build looks really good. I don't have the original Viking ship to compare this version to so I compared it to the Goat Boat. You can see how much bigger the Viking boat is to Thor's version. Though they aren't soo different in scale that they couldn't be seen in the same scene together. Those looking to make huge Viking layouts could add a sail to Thor's boat and have both in the same diorama. Also included in the main build are some animals. Following the Creator trend there are no molded animals forcing the designer to create brick-built designs. The crows found perched above the sail look amazing. These probably symbolize Odin's crows. But the cow, underwhelms. It's a clever way to create a cow with a minimal number of parts. And things like the legs and head look good. But the body is too angular and the lack of tail makes it feel incomplete. And now for the minifigures! All 4 are unique to this set. And 3 new torsos were designed to fit the Norse aesthetic. Lego brought back the traditional helmet mold. And while history books tell us Vikings didn't have horns on their helmets, I think Lego has been smart to keep that feature. A new mold was created for the female Viking that looks like a cross between Middle-Earth and Elsa from Frozen. But don't mistake me, it looks amazing! Here's a better shot of the torsos and heads. And the amazing torso detail continues on the back. Compared to Viking figures of days gone by these new additions fit in while maintaining a fresh look. I don't have the Series 7 Viking Woman and you'll have to excuse the green arms on my Series 4 Viking (I added those for my Mitgardians and didn't want to risk cracking the torso to switch them back out). My biggest complaint about the new Vikings is concerning shields. When I heard Lego was making this set I wished for a new set of printed shields like the Series 20 Viking had. Instead we got brick-built ones. And I actually really like how you can customize the brick-built shields with a myriad of color schemes. But it's still no substitute for the minifgure scale shield. Finishing the main build leaves you with a small selection of extra parts. THE BUILD PART 2 The next build I tackled was the lodge. It helped that I built it on the heels of building the boat so I remembered where parts were. Otherwise I would have had to completely disassemble and organize the parts to be able to find anything. I don't know a way around this, but building either of the models apart from the main model is a lot harder. The lodge has a main floor and a roof that can be removed for easy play access. Once it's finished you have a small lodge with attached anvil station, a plow attached to a cow, and a dragon attached to burning up your supply of hay. The roof has lots of gaps and would be very drafty in the winter. The plow is amazing and looks like the real thing. Easily the best sub-build of the entire set. The dragon is lack-luster. Only the head and tail can move up and down. So the wings have to remain stationary. If you don't want to lift the roof off you can raise the panels to see inside. There are shields lining the walls and small throne in front of the fire. The other side has the attached platform for using the anvil and a small stream. When all is said and done here's what you have left over. It's a tone of parts! Seems like a larger dragon could have been made and/or the unsightly gaps in the roof fixed. THE BUILD PART 3 Finally I build the wolf. The sand green pieces find their best use here in making a tree. But it's far from the best brick-built tree I've seen. And the dark blue gets used to create a giant Fenrir wolf. The size of the wolf is fine when you think of it as the mythical Fenrir wolf. But it's shaping leaves much to be desired. The legs are thin and the tail is bushy(?) and full of gaps at the same time. This is the worst of the 3 build options. The plot of ground where the Vikings have made camp includes a spot to hide some gems. And when you're done with this build you again have a ton of parts left over. In both of the alternate builds the cables, most of the yellow slopes, and most of the pieces used for the brick-built sail are never used. There's also a fair amount of technic that only gets used on the serpent and nowhere else. This begs the question, "why?" Seems like Lego could really make better use of the pieces for the alternate models. The fact that they don't leads me to believe the 3-in-1 aspect is more a gimmick than something that adds value to the set. OVERALL I'm old enough to remember when all Lego sets had alternate models advertised on the box of the box. The Creator 3-in-1 line seems to be trying to bring that feature back for a specific line of sets. But it ultimately fails for the Viking Ship and the Midgard Serpent. If all you want to do is build the main model then this set does a fantastic job! The serpent isn't as good as the original one from 7018. And there are no printed shields. But overall it's a great looking Viking boat. And the minifigures really increase the desirability of the set. SCORE How do I rate this set? DESIGN 9 If I had to rate the other two models by themselves I'd lower the score to 4. But the main ship really carries this score. It's designed well and looks good. BUILDING EXPERIENCE 7 It's a little repetitive. And there are a few fun SNOT techniques. But overall this is a fairly standard build experience. FEATURES 9 Lots of places to pose minifigures, a working ballista, the ability to customize the shield colors even within the set, and while lack-luster the addition of alternate models means this set has a lot going for it. PLAYABILITY 10 As soon as I finished building it I wanted to sail my ship across the table to hunt Midgard serpents. This set is extremely playable. PARTS 8 There are a good selection of parts. There's a good selection of newer elements like the large curved plate. And the minifigures are amazing. VALUE FOR MONEY 9 This set almost hits the 10c/piece ratio and once you're done building the main model you really feel like you got your money's worth. FINAL SCORE: 9 There are some obvious flaws with the set, but they are minor. If you like Castle themed sets, ships, or Vikings this is going to be a great buy.
  2. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 60345 Farmers Market Van

    Here is my review on 60345 Farmers Market Van: THE GOOD: Refreshing colour scheme. Nice sliding window design. Good idea on the farm section for expanding. THE NOT SO GOOD: $$$ without discount. Using a plat only for the roof feel a bit plain. Already retiring soon. I enjoyed the building and the end results of this set. I think it's good it's not just a van but also including a small section of the farm. The farm section is a great execution with its expandable design. The corn build is great and one of the reason I bought this set. There is also a pretty interesting play feature to do with carrot. The van itself is the same scale as most other vending vans in the past which is good. It's also good the overall theme is the same as the groceries store. The sliding window is really good and the same technique will be useful for any types of kiosk build. The roof can be improved as just a carrot on a plate feel a bit plain but any increase in complexities will push the price up which is already high. And this is the real big negative on this set, the RRP is very high. And even the individual parts if you buy directly from Pick a Brick is at insane price. For example, the corn piece is $7 NZD a piece, which means to build one extra set of corn would cost you close to $30 NZD each. This kinda under play the modular design of the plant section, as it's very pricey to get the extra parts, buying an extra set will make more sense. Having said that, this set is generally good and recommended if you can get a discount. And surprisingly, this set is already set to retire soon which is very short for a City set.
  3. INTRODUCTION Lego has been making Jedi Starfighters, or Delta-7 Aethersprites for the true Star Wars geek, since 2002. In 2008 Lego approached the Delta-7 design again, shrinking the proportions down. And in 2010 we even got a UCS model of Obi-Wan's Delta-7. So how does the 2022 model hold up? SET INFORMATION Number: 75333 Title: Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter Theme: Star Wars Released: 2022 Part Count: 282 Box Dimensions: 26.2 x 19.1 x 6.1 cm Weight: 2304 gram Set Price (RRP): 34.99 EUR / 29.99 GBP / 29.99 USD / Price per Part: 12.4 EUR / 10.6 GBP / 10.6 USD Links: Brickset, Bricklink THE BOX Nothing to write home about, the box showcases the Delta-7 on a Kamino backdrop. The back of the box shows the play features. And the side highlights Taun We. CONTENTS OF THE BOX Inside are 3 numbered bags and a fairly large sticker sheet for a set of this size. THE BUILD Working through the instructions, the build is pretty straight forward. Finishing Bag 1 gives us the main body of the fighter. The first bag only has 1 sticker to apply. But once you start Bag 2 the stickers start flying. I'm generally not a fan of stickers but am willing to accept them as a part of how Lego does things. But when you have to apply them in the middle of pieces all my patience goes out the window. Really Lego? This is the best you could do? The sticker only adds a little bit to the aesthetics of the model. It's a pain to place correctly. And it has almost no re-use value in MOCs. Finishing Bag 2 adds the right wing to the model. And wrapping up Bag 3 gives us the completed set. The ship is sleek and swooshable. It looks good from every angle unless you have it completely flipped upside down. And even then it's not too bad. But how does it compare to the source material? Here are a few shots from Episode 2. And here's what we got: It's ok, but only just ok. The nose isn't pointy. The wings have too much pitch to them, they should be more flat. And the cockpit is all wrong. Kids will love it, but if you're looking for a screen accurate Lego counterpart then you'll have to keep searching. So what about the minifigures? Where Lego failed on the Starfighter model they succeed with the minifigures. Obi-Wan's haircolor still isn't right, but his 2 expressions fit him perfectly. Taun We has fantastic printing and has the right height. And we get a full R4-P17 instead of just the head like on the original 2002 model. There's no back printing on R4, but both figures have it. It would have been nice to get a cape for Obi-Wan. But they settled for printing his cloak instead. The printing looks good and a cape would have been squished in the cockpit anyway. Before this set was released there was a fake leak of a Lego Kaminoan figure using a minidoll body. It look fantastic and I wish Lego would have gone that route. But as far as minifigure sized Kaminoans go Taun We looks good. Yes, the neck is thicker than I'd prefer. But that's necessary to attach it to the torso. OVERALL There are some pros and some cons to this set. It's a sturdy, swooshable model that includes great minifigures. But it doesn't do the source material justice. Lego has yet to make a really good minifigure scale Delta-7. This set captures the essence of Obi-Wan's starfighter, but not the detail. SCORE How do I rate this set? DESIGN 6 This set is not that different from previous Delta-7s. It's sturdy, but it doesn't look enough like the source material. BUILDING EXPERIENCE 6 There's nothing amazing about the building process. The best aspect was that Lego separated the right and left wings into different bags. This meant I didn't have to go searching for a right angle plate in a pile of left angle ones. FEATURES 4 You can shoot studs and swoosh it around. That's about it. PLAYABILITY 9 It plays like a $30 model. Not much too it but then again there's not much expected. PARTS 8 While certainly not a parts-pack this model still has a good selection. The new wedge slopes come un-printed in white. And you get a good selection of Dark Red. The figures are all unique. VALUE FOR MONEY 7 The set does not feel like a $30 set. It feels like a $20 one. But Lego knows collectors will want that Taun We figure so they raised the price. FINAL SCORE: 7 If you're looking for a cheaper Lego gift for that Star Wars fan in your family this set does ok. It's not the best Lego has to offer. But it's not going to break the bank either.
  4. MKJoshA

    [REVIEW] 75335 BD-1

    INTRODUCTION Large scale droids are nothing new for the Star Wars line. But a droid based on a video game? That's new territory for Lego. We've received sets from various Star Wars video games like Battlefront, Old Republic, and Force Unleashed. But this is the first time we've received a large scale display piece as our only set to represent a game. Is the set good enough to satisfy Jedi Fallen Order players even without a Cal Kestis figure? SET INFORMATION Number: 75335 Title: BD-1 Theme: Star Wars Released: 2022 Part Count: 1062 Box Dimensions: 35.4 x 37.8 x 7.05 cm Weight: 1162 gram Set Price (RRP): 99.99 EUR / 89.99 GBP / 99.99 USD / Price per Part: 9.4 EUR / 8.5 GBP / 9.4 USD Links: Brickset, Bricklink THE BOX The front shows the Fallen Order logo, the game from which this model is inspired. And on the back we see the few play features included. CONTENTS OF THE BOX Inside are 8 numbered bags (3 of which are for step 3) and a sealed instructions plus sticker. Despite being sealed, my instructions were warped and my sticker nearly so. THE BUILD We can see from the beginning of the instructions that the model is built in 2 main parts, the body and then the head. This set has some parts and recolors that are new for me. First off being this technic connector. Bricklink tells me it first came out last year, but has only been in three other sets which explains why I haven't seen it before now. It's used in BD-1 to add security for the neck connection. Next up on the new-part-list are these large click hinge attachments. It's new for this year and has been used in eight other large creature/robot sets. It's essentially a converter for the two different kinds of click hinges and adds a lot of versatility of movement in a small space. Just a little ways into the building process and BD-1 is really starting to take shape. The legs are fleshed out by attaching two different sections to the top and bottom technic beams. These are very secure and match up perfectly with each other. The technic beams remain exposed on the feet which is unfortunate as there should be more white covering that area. But overall the end result looks pretty good. Finishing the lower half we start into the head. It's a pretty hollow structure as you can see. And there is a nicely integrated drawer for the Stim Canisters. Finishing the head you attach it to the body using larger click hinges in white. It's a very simple attachment, but very effective. The end result is extremely sturdy. And here's the end result! The head can tilt left and right a little which adds emotion to this little robot. The back of the head uses light and dark blue round tiles to simulate the computer lights. The back of the feet uses the newer 2L bar and a silver candlestick to replicate a piston. From the side you can see the details on the side of the head. You can also see the negative results of how the feet and legs are built. From the front only the feet look a little bare. From the side you can see the exposed technic elements and hollow sections. A few mods would fix it and it's not glaringly noticeable. So it's a minor quibble. The legs have limited range of movement. There's a lot of versatility in the hips. But the "knees" and "ankles" are completely stationary. So this pose is about as crazy as you can get. I wish there were more options for posing. Though I understand it would have affected stability quite a bit. Of course you always have the option to do the splits. And while the posing is limited, there are a few fun ways you can arrange BD-1. Here's the droid looking embarrassed. And here's he's looking up at his owner with expectation. Around the eyes there's some really fun piece match-ups. The eyes are attached with technic pins and the flaps fold down on clip hinges. They meet up perfectly showing the genius of Lego math! If you're not careful a small gap can appear as seen above, but it's easy to push the two sections back into position as seen in the bottom half of the photo. The Stim Canister drawer opens just enough to see 3 canisters loaded. The drawer stays closed or slides open as desired. If you really move the model around the drawer might slide open unwanted, but not usually. The Stims are really hard to get out when the drawer is open. And no spring is included to recreate BD-1 launching them to you when your health is low The easiest way to get the Stims out is actually when the drawer is closed. Since the head is so hollow you can just shake BD-1 a little bit and they'll drop out the neck. The Stim Canisters themselves don't look much like their game counterpart. I'd have gone with trans-blue instead of green. And all three are attached together with the technic half-beam so you can't get a single one apart. That's good for storage and movement, but a compromise when it comes to accuracy. Here you can see the hollow inside of the head. It's only noticeable from certain angles. But when you can see the underside it looks very unfinished. Overall the model is very sturdy. Here the head is extended all the way back and the legs are still able to hold everything up. The set comes with a minifigure scale BD-1, shown on the left. Also released this year was a blue version in the Mandalorian N-1 set shown on the right. The only difference is the paint job. Red is the classic skin for BD-1 in the game so it makes sense that Lego went with that. But I know many customizers will be pleased that there's a blue version available too. It would have been fun if the set came with multiple skins for the "minifigure", but it's completely understandable that they didn't. OVERALL This is a fantastic set. The end result is well built and instantly recognizable as the BD-1 droid from Fallen Order. It's displayable in a few different, fun positions that would look great on any desk or shelf. I have a few complaints all dealing with Lego's choice to go with form over function. But if you have to choose only one of those Lego made the right choice as the end model looks great. SCORE How do I rate this set? DESIGN 9 This set is designed really well. A few areas where the technic parts show through, but overall it looks sleek. BUILDING EXPERIENCE 10 BD-1 was a lot of fun to build! The model really comes together nicely and the sub-models all fit nicely. FEATURES 9 This is a display model which is its main feature. And it does that pretty well. I wish there was a little more flexibility in the legs, but it's a minor complaint. The Stim Canister drawer is a fun addition even if it's challenging to get the canisters out. PLAYABILITY 9 This is not meant to be a play model. But because you can pose the head a lot I think it ticks a lot of the playability boxes for a set like this. PARTS 10 There is a very nice selection of parts in this set. It's not a parts pack, but you certainly get your money's worth. VALUE FOR MONEY 10 This is easily worth $100. You get over 1,000 parts and the end result feels substantial and looks great. FINAL SCORE: 9.5 BD-1 can't sit on your shoulder. I tried and couldn't get it to balance well enough to even get a picture! But you can display it on flat surfaces and it'll look fantastic. And if you don't like the classic red color scheme it's very easy to customize this set. Overall a fantastic model for any Star Wars fan.
  5. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 60347 Grocery Store

    Here is my review on 60347 Grocery Store: THE GOOD: Great exterior designs on the store front. Some nice details in the interior tool. Good side builds. Interesting build technique on the loading bay. A good selection of new parts. Love the new minifigures with the prosthetic leg. THE NOT SO GOOD: May be the road plate is not necessarily to make the set a bit cheaper? I really like this set and I truely think it's a good LEGO City set. The exterior design is really good, the use of parts to the carrot sign. Interior has some cool little details and the loading bay is one of the highlights. The side builds, EV & the lifter are also great little builds. There are good selection of new parts and definitely need to mention the new minifigures. One of my main reason I bought this set is because the figure with prosthetic leg. It's a really cool minifigure. Unfortunately, at the moment it can only be a left leg. I look forward to LEGO producing a right leg version in the future or even both! The price of this set is a bit high, I got it with 20% off so not feeling the full force of the RRP but I do wonder if excluding the road plates may have get this set to a cheaper price point or instead of road plates, I much prefer a roof. Anyway this is just my personal preference as I don't really appreciate the new road plate system. Anyway, this is a set that I would definitely recommend to everyone!
  6. Eurobricks' Holiday Gift Guide 2022 In the vein of our Revember reviewing bonanza last year, this year Eurobricks is bringing you a suite of reviews with an eye toward gift giving. Over the next five weeks, Star Wars Moderator @MKJoshA and Licensed Moderator @Clone OPatra (that's me) will be reviewing ten currently available sets across a range of themes and prices, though primarily ones in the kid-oriented side of LEGO. Look out for a new review from me each Monday and MKJoshA each Friday. We'll collect the reviews as they're posted in this topic, below. Let us know what you think of our opinions - agree, disagree, or somewhere in between. Thank you to LEGO for providing these sets at our request (besides the last set I'll be reviewing, which I paid for myself ) _____________________________________ 76400 Hogwarts Carriage and Thestrals by Clone OPatra 60299 Stunt Competition by MKJoshA 76912 Fast & Furious 1970 Dodge Charger by Clone OPatra 75333 Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter by MKJoshA 60347 Grocery Store by Clone OPatra 76989 Horizon Forbidden West: Tallneck by MKJoshA 75336 Inquisitor Scythe Transport by Clone OPatra 75335 BD-1 by MKJoshA 76403 The Ministry of Magic and 76408 12 Grimmauld Place by Clone OPatra
  7. Here is my review on LEGO Friends 41714 Andrea's Theatre School: THE GOOD: Looks great and surpasses lots of other sets in other themes. Full to build and some very interesting techniques. Brilliant idea to allow switching the stage play. Some awesome action features like closing curtains, switching the stage play, able to display an great looking exterior. THE NOT SO GOOD: With it has a roof. The sequence of building this can be further improved but this is definitely a nip pick. I'm once again impressed by a friends set. This set just look great from the front and tons of cool features integrated. The fact that you can change the play of the stage is brilliant. On top of that there are some very interesting building techniques involved and overall good building experience. If you have enough extra pieces and time you can modify this to a very impressive modular to fit into any Lego city. The price is on the higher end but it's not that uncommon to get this with a discount, in fact I bought with 30% off. It is definitely a recommendation from me and I'm all in with Friends theme now =)
  8. Here is my review on LEGO Avatar 75571 Neytiri & Thanator vs. AMP Suit Quaritch: THE GOOD: The AMP suit is a nice little build. Nice to include a small colourful terrain. THE NOT SO GOOD: Pricey. Brick built animals with moulded head looks odd. I originally bought this set for the Neytiri Minifig since I've got Jake but the Tree of Soul is just too expensive. So I was getting into this with minimal expectation plus I'm hardly recall the details of the movie. And I was surprised with this set. I think the AMP suit is fun too build and looks good as a nice little exo skeleton. The only part I wish can be improved is the knee to be movable as well but I guess with this size, the top half will cripple it. While the Thanator is a good build with great articulation joints but it just feels weird with brickbuilt animals, it looks too mechanical in my opinion. Having some additional terrain is good and it's so colourful, would be great parts to use in any fantasy jungle build. I was lucky I got some card rewards point to buy this set, otherwise it;s very pricey. I would proabably only recommend this set to people who has something they need in this set even though it's a fairly good set and if you really want a Avatar set, the RDA Samson one probably worth the price tag a bit more =)
  9. MKJoshA

    [REVIEW] 60299 Stunt Competition

    INTRODUCTION A new year, a new gimmick from Lego. SET INFORMATION Number: 60299 Title: Stunt Competition Theme: City Released: 2021 Part Count: 73 Box Dimensions: 26.2 x 19.1 x 4.6 cm Weight: 223 gram Set Price (RRP): 19.99 EUR / 17.99 GBP / 29.99 USD / Price per Part: 27.4 EUR / 41.1 GBP / 24.6 USD Links: Brickset, Bricklink THE BOX With so few pieces the box feels very light. The front shows off the play features. And that's pretty much every aspect of this set! Lots of action. Lots of gaudy colors. Which sums up the line pretty well. Also emphasized is the new Flywheel element. All(?) previous "motors" have been pull-back motors. Those require you to pull the bike back and the stored energy propels the car forward. A flywheel uses inertia to drive the bike forward. One thing that stood out to me though was the underside of the bikes. The box shows something close to the 2x2 round plate on the right. What we got is closer to a reverse jumper plate. The bikes are designed to be used as... well... a bike. So extra attachment points aren't the point. But for those who are looking for NPU opportunities you should know it's harder to attach the bike base to other pieces than the box seems to indicate. The back of the box has a cryptic "x3" message. And for those who are wondering, the QR code leads to the City page. CONTENTS OF THE BOX Inside is one numbered bag, the instructions, sticker sheet, and a few loose pieces. Which begs the question, why is there a number on the bag? Other small sets don't include numbers on their bags. Did the production process switch gears part way and they originally planned for two bags? THE BUILD With only 73 pieces there's not much of a build. However, I did find it clever that they used a large Technic tread link. The clips on these links click onto a standard 3.18mm connection but then they have a looser hold. This allows the bikes to knock it over easier. The designers also incorporated the newer Ninjago turntable piece and attached rubber tyres to them to add friction to the ramp. The added friction from the rubber makes the ramp stay in one place even if you accidentally bump it during use. A simple, but very effective, use of parts! Here's the end result. If you're a fan of aviator sunglasses then you're going to love these minifigures! The girl's biker jacket was introduced in this set, but is now also in another Stuntz set. Which means none of the minifigure parts are exclusive to this set. The guy's torso and legs are flat-silver, not grey. So his outfit has more shine to it. The guy has an alternate expression and both come with hair or helmets depending on your safety preference. The bikes are similar to the ones released a few years ago. But there are some key differences. The fairing for the Stuntz bikes only have one stud attachment point compared to the two studs from the older version. Now for the information everyone's really been waiting for. Does it work? THE PRACTICAL Short answer... YES! I assumed it would be simple to get the bike through the ring of fire. Boy was I wrong! This is why the back of the box and the instructions recommend starting with a lower hoop first and then working your way up. I also figured out what the "x3" on the back of the box meant. The more you rev the flywheel engine by pushing it forward the faster it turns. You'll need to "rev" it at least 3 times to get the bike up the ramp and through the highest hoop. And after some practice I finally succeeded in getting a bike through the highest hoop. OVERALL Lego is always trying new things. Sometimes they work, other times they don't. The Stuntz line totally succeeds. Simple, creative part usage combined with a new fly-wheel "engine" creates a very fun experience for kids and adults alike. If you're looking for a way to introduce "motorized" elements to your kids Lego collection but don't want to pay Technic prices then the Stuntz line is the perfect solution. SCORE How do I rate this set? DESIGN 9 I was surprised by the part usage in this set. For so few pieces I felt this set was very well designed. BUILDING EXPERIENCE 5 It's not a stunning experience. It's not a boring experience. FEATURES 10 This set is nothing but features! They are fun. There's challenge. Exactly what I would hope for in a set this size. PLAYABILITY 10 Same rational as the Features score. PARTS 8 The best draw of this set over other, cheaper Stuntz sets is the parts. You get a ramp, an effective hoop, and 2 bikes. VALUE FOR MONEY 6 This is a hard category to score as it depends on which country you're buying from. It's retailed at $30 in the US. Which is vastly overpriced. But at 20 Euros it feels more reasonable. You're paying more for the big ramp pieces and the new bike elements. So it's understandable that you're paying more for fewer pieces. But I'd say this is a $15 set. It's been on sale in the States as it's about to go out of production so if you can find a good deal I'd say buy it. FINAL SCORE: 8 As far as holiday gifts go this set is a decent choice. If you're in the US and you find it on sale or you're outside the States it won't break the bank. And kids will love it. All 3 of my kids have been fighting over who gets the new motorcycles since I opened the set to review it. (Thankfully I have a 3rd Stuntz set I bought myself to provide a 3rd bike and reduce the fighting).
  10. Here is my review on 71771 The Crystal King Temple: THE GOOD: Looks good and it can be a nice shelf diorama display. Interesting building techniques through out. Good selection of minifigures. Couple of cool action features integrated into the set, i especially like the moving stairs and the crystal cage. THE NOT SO GOOD: Wish LEGO included hair pieces for the ninja. I really like this one in the end. I was surprised it is actually 2 separate pieces. I enjoyed the build and I think it looks great and can be a very good shelf diorama display. I especially like the stairs and moving platform. The minifigures selection is also good, you pretty much get the whole team here except Lloyd and Nya. I do wish they come with hair pieces. Oh, and the small creature really looks like the bats from upside down from Stranger Things. This set is really for all ages with great look and plenty of play features. The price depending is slightly high but you can easily find this with discount, so I do recommend this to everyone.
  11. It's not everyday you find a USD $20 set with an identity crisis. These days, that price point will barely give you one thing let alone multiple things that don't get along. But an identity crisis is exactly what we get in: SET INFORMATIONNumber: 76400Name: Hogwarts Carriage and ThestralsTheme: Wizarding WorldReleased: 2022Part Count: 121 Minifigures: 2Set Price (RRP): 19.99 EUR / 17.99 GBP / 32.99 AUD / 19.99 USD / 24.99 CADLinks: Brickset, Bricklink INTRODUCTIONWe're going to get right into this. No box pics. No fluff. It's a small set and it is what it is. But what it is is two different things from two different scenes. We have the Thestral-borne carriage that takes 2+ Years to Hogwarts on one hand, and a representation of that weird scene where Luna is feeding a baby Thestral for some reason on the other. Do the two make for a natural pairing? Possibly. Does the pairing work? Let's find out. Thank you to LEGO for providing this set at Eurobricks' request. THE MINIFIGURESAs always I appreciate the Harry Potter team's dedication to providing ultra-specific, scene accurate Minifigures. Harry with added blue jacket and Luna in her lavender cardigan with shoulder bag perfectly match the scene where she feeds the baby Thestral (film colour-grading notwithstanding). We certainly didn't need these two variants, but they are nice. Something extra for a contingent of Gryffindors, and a multi-purpose torso from Luna. Apart from the torsos, everything else has been seen before. They include all of the accessories necessary for the scene: the shoulder bag recoloured into dark blue, an apple that the baby Thestral doesn't want, a dark red 1x1 to be the piece of meat that the baby Thestral does want, wands because every Wizard always needs a wand, and the Quibbler thrown in for Luna's introduction on the carriage (though of course her outfit doesn't match that scene). THE THESTRALSMama Thestral remains unchanged from 75951 Grindelwald's Escape, where it was introduced, while baby Thestral is brand new. The big one has a good creepy look and imposing stature, though it is a shame that it has zero articulation for the mould itself. Yes you can flap the added on wings, but that's it. The baby Thestral looks cute with its weeny little wings moulded right on. I have no complaints with the piece LEGO has created, but my nagging question is: did anyone really want this? Did anyone find the Harry Potter line sorely lacking one? It is cool to get, the mould is well done, but out of all the things this line still needs, this one feels like an odd choice. Even a new Grim within this very wave would have been a better use of a creature mould. THE TREE SCENELEGO loves little trees when they can't think of anything else. It's nothing new. Way back in my review of 4865 The Forbidden Forest eleven years ago, I deemed 2011 to be the year of the tree. At least that set went with dark shades for a spooky look. This set goes for brighter shades that don't convey the look of the forest in the slightest. It's also so darn small that the lowest branch only barely clears Harry's head, unlike all of the extremely tall trees in the film. While the attention to screen accuracy in the figures, accessories and Thestral gives the sense that real care went into recreating this scene, the tree fails. THE CARRIAGE SCENE Finally we come to the carriage, and it succeeds! Of course it's a tad too large as LEGO's renditions of small vehicles tend to be, but it has good detail all around and scales with the Thestral well enough. The carriage has plenty of space to seat four characters like it does in the film, plus has pleasant details like an opening door at the rear and a nod towards a staircase down to the ground. It works from all angles. In fact, with the carriage hitched up to the Thestral and two figures atop it, this looks like a complete $10-$15 set. THE (ACTUAL) COMPLETE SET Unfortunately, the set had to go ahead and include the tree scene. Not only does the tree not look great by itself - it looks ludicrous next to the carriage, which absolutely dwarfs it. Maybe the real purpose of the tree is to stage the scene where Harry (and co, mostly not included) flies off to the Ministry, but that's a tongue-in-cheek stretch. CONCLUSION If it wasn't already clear, 76400 Hogwarts Carriage and Thestrals is a half-good set that gets mired with its lousy half. The adult Thestral is good (though sadly lacking articulation) and the carriage is good. The baby Thestral is cute but didn't need to exist, especially before other stuff like a proper Grim or Fang. The tree sucks. Honestly if the set simply lost the tree and baby Thestral and went for USD $15, I'd call it a great set. If it had to stick to $20, throw in another adult Thestral (people can use more than one anyway), and another minifigure, and you've got a better package than this set. There's still ok value with what you DO get here, but a lackluster overall experience. SCOREHow do I rate this set? 8 MINIFIGURES They have good attention to detail and provide a couple of new prints. Nothing amazing or super desirable though. 7 PIECES There's nothing spectacular about the pieces included, besides the Thestrals themselves and a couple of small accessories. The totally static nature of the adult Thestral lets it down a bit though. 6 DESIGN I really have to go harsh on this one. The points it earns for design are all for the carriage, and the points it loses are for the tree, which is disinteresting and doesn't match the source material or the rest of the set. 9 PLAYABILITY To be fair to the set, there's plenty to do with what's included and plenty to play around with. 7 PRICE The price of $20 is to be expected of a set with the two moulded creatures, but it feels a tad high especially because the tree is such a throwaway build. For a slight discount, it would be ok. 7.4 OVERALL - A set with some good aspects, but that has been padded to meet its price point and winds up including two scenes and builds that don't go together at all. GIFT GUIDEWith the holiday gift-giving season coming up, does 76400 make a good gift compared to other sets at its price point? Looking through the 20 USD/EUR and below sets on, $20 in many other themes will get you at least one more minifigure and/or a more substantial build. Within the Harry Potter line, 76386 Polyjuice Potion Mistake is vastly superior. For a kid... the play value here is ok, but not stupendous. If they like Harry Potter and don't yet have a Thestral, it's a worthwhile thing to get, and they might not mind the silly size of the tree as much as I do. That said, kids are discerning too. For an AFOL... the minifigures have a couple of new prints, the bag is new in dark blue though available on Pick a Brick, and the baby Thestral is new. Apart from those things, there isn't much of a draw that would make this a surefire gift. For a casual LEGO fan... I wouldn't recommend this set. The scenes aren't memorable enough and there's nothing inherently charming about the set. For a Harry Potter superfan... Even to a Harry Potter superfan I wouldn't say the scenes are memorable enough to matter. Nobody would display this set to show off their love of Harry Potter and the the characters' outfits are inconsequential, so you would have to assess if this HP fan wants the Thestrals to add to their collection. If you have a friend who you just know likes Harry Potter, I wouldn't gravitate towards this set. Next Monday, it's all about family...
  12. Here is my review on 75573 Floating Mountains: Site 26 & RDA Samson: THE GOOD: Great build and great display value. The cabin of site 26 looks great. RDA Samson looks way better than the product picture. Interesting building experience through out. Great idea to be able to display the RDA Samson flying. Good minifigures selection. THE NOT SO GOOD: $$$$ very expensive in RRP. The horse doesn't have any articulation. The tank for Jake could have been using a different piece than a standard door. This set turns out to be a nice surprise. I really like the RDA Samson as I do think the product pictures do not do this build justice. The cabin is great with interior details for those who familiar with the movie. On top of that, both are interesting build. And it's great idea to allow you to connect the chopper to the terrain. With 5 excellent minifigures, I was very happy with this set in general. However, there are some small things which I reckon would be deal breaker for a lot of people. For example, I'm a bit disappointed the horse (I forgot the name) does not have articulations. Other than that I biggest hurdle will be the high recommended retail price. I would still recommend to everyone especially this will be discounted for sure. Oh more thing, the instruction booklets have photos from scenes featuring the builds and funny thing is RDA Samson uses the photo the moment this chopper is destroyed.
  13. Here is my review on 76214 Black Panther: War on the Water: THE GOOD: 5 characters and 4 are exclusive. Finally get a M'Baku minifig! The building experience on the Royal Sea Leopard is interesting. THE NOT SO GOOD: The scale is a bit off but I guess will have to watch the movie to make a final call. No legs printing for Black Panther! Lack of play features. Just studs shooters and prison cell to hold Namore... Over priced ... I have mixed feelings on this. To be honest, when this was first leaked, the build really doesn't appeal me but the minifigures does. So when the local toy store had this 30% off, I thought why not? The building experience on the boat isn't bad, in fact there are quite a few interesting techniques involved. There are lots of space to place minifigs but yet, a lot of space also wasted internally which you have no access to but I guess that's how the boat is designed. The boat so called Royal Sea Leopard, from the box art it suggests to be quite a big one but then when I think about it, it's really a speed boat type of boats then the look makes sense but really cannot put a final verdict until I've seen the movie in a few weeks time. However, it still doesn't hide the fact this build lacks features. It supposed to target younger audiences but it only has 2 stud shooters and a cell to hold Namor. It has a great selection of minifigures, Iron Heart Mk2 by far is the best and all have good torso prints too. What bother me is no leg printings on black panther yet they give you a spoiler (well we all have guessed it so I guess it's fine?) who is under the mask. Even M'Baku could be enhanced with a hood piece and some leg prints? Overall, it an overpriced set which doesn't hit the mark for Adults and may be lacking some fun for children. It's a set you can skip unless you really want the minifigures.
  14. Here is my very professional view of the Lego City 3019 "Fire Rescue & Police Chase" advertised as " Action-packed fire and police playset, overflowing with inspiration for kids and fans of the LEGO City Adventures TV-series." Ok, we will see. 2 Star of this set is "Bob" the fireman. The female police officer and the female crook remain nameless. This would be the first thing where normally you would get a report from the Union or the Gender representative. The set contains 3 bags, 3 instructions and a chasis. We are used to it, but I still want to point out that only 25-30% of the box is really needed.... And speaking of useless things: Yes I know, it is a playset for ages 6+. But really? Here are the other stars of this set (including 2 printed slopes!!) Lime Yellow is a very common colour for striping on fire trucks in Europe and Australia, not really in the US (beside the Chevrons at the back). Beside the printed slopes we also have a sticker sheet.. And dear kids: This is what Lego thinks is fire and water: 2 I must have missed a lot of things at school and the fire academy. Especially the fire looks very "duplo-ish". Lego really has better options for a fire... This is the female crook. Prisoner 50382. Its the same girl as in Set 60275 (Police Helicopter) where she as brownish pony-tail hair and tries to evade a helicopter with a jet ski. Not only she seems to have robbed somebody or something in a very obvious prisoner clothing. She just made 300 bugs and stole a trash bag. Not the bridest candle on the cake.... "What daya mean -trashbag?" Lets start with the "Crooks car" The "seat" consists of a handle bar. This is not only a comfy seat, this is very dangerous for the Minifigs backbone in case of an accident. The licence plates are stickers. But do you really think its a good idea to use your real licence plates if you are planning a crime? Yeah, I have done it! And earned 3 Stars! The car has a liitle nice trunk: And - it can hold the trashbag and the 300 bucks In overall I really like the design of the car: Somehow "FordMustanguish..." The only things I really dont like is the "seat" and the gaps around the tires: If you can see the street through your car, then you need a new car. Or a better seat... This is the female police officer with her motorbike. The bike looks indeed very fast. But it has nearly no emergency lights, just this: If you are cruising through Lego City and you have this view in your rear mirrors: you won't recognize this as a police vehicle. Very dangerous.... A lot of Lego Police Officers want their 60041 bikes back..... Next: Fire and/or Crime scene. Stickers again. At the side of the little transformator box there is a "Cat wanted"-Poster- but with a grey cat. A brown cat -like included would be a little funnier. (Hint: The gray cat can be found in 60320) Then there is this fire hydrant, which should be attached with the double sided pin. But you really dont need this... A hydant mystery! And finally there is the "Fire": I guess the idea is to hit it with the "Water shooter" and then it flips over: Flickr (Which means, that the fire isn't really extuingished, it just can't be seen anymore. A hidden fire! From a professional point of view this is very dangerous...) And here comes Bob. Its always very good to see a fire truck arriving and a firemen who first graps a remote... His helmet has a little quality problem: The lime colour is a little bit transparent, so that the black lining of the helmet shines through. The drone SUV chasis Drone landing pad. and again, the "Seat": A quick check reveaveled that at my work place the seats are black and have no dangerous bars in the back... The shooting mechanism of the drone: In a very non-scientific experiment the average range of the Drone is around 30cm excl. sliding on the table. So we all can be assured, that we will find this part very often under the sofa or in the dirt bag of a vacuum cleaner. But what really irritates me: The police bike, which has to do high speed chases through heavy traffic has only one tiny emergency light - the drone hase 4 large emergency lights all around - and mainly no traffic in the air to warn! The Fire Drone SUV, "Drone One": I like the blue fire extuinguisher as aredundacy. It seems that Lego FD doesn't trust HighTech 100%... Gaps again. grr. Mirror view I would have put the lights above the indicators. And two more blues in the fender at the empty space. Total Scene: "Dispatch from Drone One: Car vs. traffic lights, lights down, fire in a nearby transformator box, Drone is activated. Police in pursuit of the female driver. Send the Lego Lights and Energy and a tow truck." Alternativ ending No.1: While Bob is fighting fire with his old school CO² fire extuingisher Police is taking over the drone and chasing the female robber: Alternativ ending No 2.: Bob is catching the brown cat and selling it to the lady robber. ;-) The good: Nice designs of the car and the SUV. Lime Yellow as a new Collar Euro Style Fire Helmets The not so good Little - avoidable - Design flaws: Gaps, No Seats Retail price a little bit too high. Drones, Fire Trucks and helicopters shooting water. Yes, it is a 6+ set and should have "action" - but the backbone of the fire service in the whole world is a fire truck with some people (not only one), hoses and ladders like 60002 or 60280 which were great sets - for AFOL and kids. Lego should not totally forget that.
  15. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 40578 Sandwich Shop

    Here is my review on the LEGO City 40578 Sandwich Shop: THE GOOD: Looks great. The sandwich sign build. Delivery back pack also great simple build. THE NOT SO GOOD: Can't find any. I like this set more than I expected. This is actually a very nice sandwich shop. The build and colouring are both outstanding for this size of set. Now interior may be lacking but there are enough space for you to add more details. I like the fact they use green mostly and you suddenly can relate this to UBER EATS and Subway. I really like the sandwich logo/sign build and also the delivery backpack looks really. Nothing really bad about this set and I hope this set will become available outside EU and ASPAC soon. Having said that, although this is a nice GWP and is a great extra if you have something you need to buy to reach the threshold, otherwise this set can be easily built with any spare parts you have. Don't think this GWP is great enough to justify getting past the threshold for the sake of it =)
  16. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 10308 Holiday Main Street

    Here is my review on 10308 Holiday Main Street: THE GOOD: The Tram is stunning. Some cool interior details in both shops and I like the bed build. THE NOT SO GOOD: The 2 buildings are straight from typical LEGO City sets with a tough of winter. Power function compatibility is good but take away most of the interior space of the tram. Christmas Tree build not as refreshing as previous Winter Village series. This is a set I was pretty much sold when I saw the tram, in the end I do think it's a good lego set but just not a good winter village set. It's a surprising move to not include the light brick. The Tram is definitely the highlight of this set, looks great, fun to build and can fit quite a few minifigures. The 2 buildings though, while it looks good and some cool building techniques involved, it just a bit too thin and not enough depth in my opinion. Despite some cool furniture and lovely exterior designs, this is what I think took away some winter village magic. The Christmas tree also a bit boring if you have bought previous winter village set too. Having said that, I like the minifigures selection and I did have fun building this set. The price also is reasonable given it is priced the same as last year one. Now is this a set I would recommend? That will be depended on your expectation whether it's a winter village set or a regular lego set.
  17. Here is my review on 76213 King Namor's Throne Room: THE GOOD: Cool throne seat. New hair piece for shuri. Lovely printing on Namor and other minifigures too. Interesting design for the submarine. THE NOT SO GOOD: Namor is missing the goatie... A bit expensive but better than Star Wars pricing lately I like the set in the end, it's great to get new characters in the MCU as minifigure despite Namor is missing the goatie. While this set shouldn't be called a room, but the throne seat is actually pretty cool and looks good. The disc shooter doesn't work that well though unless you fully review the treasure under the throne to give it a bit more push. A good small set I will definitely recommend to anyone, the pricing is probably $10-$20 too much but it's ok once you get a discount on this. I can't wait to see the movie in a month time!
  18. Here is my review on 75336 Inquisitor Transport Scythe: THE GOOD: Looks great and great size. Cool building experience packed with details. Love the interior space. 4 excellent minifigures and pretty much all the key characters in one set. THE NOT SO GOOD: Can't notice any ... may be not including the 7th sister? XD I absolutely love this set. I'm just surprised on how big it is and how much interior space you get. Plus all the details both inside and outside and an enjoyable building experience, so difficult for me to find something I didn't like. The fact that this included all 4 key characters in the series is just great. The Grand Inquisitor probably my favourite minifigure in this set. The price ain't that bad plus this set is often discounted, so I think this is a pretty good deal. I just can't believe, me as a collector not that into spaceships have been impressed by multiple non-UCS spaceships build this year (Galaxy Explorer and the lightyear ship are both great although not Star Wars). This is definitely a set I would recommend to everyone.
  19. Here is my review on 76403 The Ministry of Magic: THE GOOD: looks good from the front. Excellent telephone box build. Excellent selection of minifigures. Ability to rearrange the set in a modular way. THE NOT SO GOOD: Flimsy ... breaks apart very easily. Interior on some sections have lots of details but not enough depth to allow more variation of play/display. $$$$$$$ It is a good set for Harry Potter fan with an excellent selection of minifigures and lots of cool reference through out the build. However, as a general lego set, the flimsiness and lack of depth really set this set back. While I appreciate the details in a few sections, it just lack the space to allow more fun. And the flimsiness makes it hard to move/relocate this set. However, the telephone box put a smile on my face. I really like the telephone box and I think is excellently done. Having said that the price tag of this set is really high. I probably wouldn't have bought this if there was no discounts nor cool GWP.
  20. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum

    Here is my review on 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum: THE GOOD: Another modular building with is the same year always a win! Looks great. Interesting building techniques and innovative use of parts for exterior especially. Back to multiple instruction booklets with each one per level to enhance experience with family. Full of MCU references beyond Infinity War & Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness. Awesome new hair piece for Mordo. THE NOT SO GOOD: Stairs to 3rd level does not exist in this build. The windows look nice but the decors can easily be misaligned. Minifigures selection can be improved, instead of spider man & iron man & Ebony Maw, may be Kacillius, Ancient One & Christine Palmer makes more sense? This is indeed somewhat a dream came true. If you tell me a year or two ago this is happening I wouldn't would have believe it. The good news, this set is good. The exterior is probably executed better than the interior. It just looks great and I really like the techniques to build the corner of the sanctum. The building experience is great, nothing felt repetitive and lots of new ways to build things. A lot of stickers but I would say it's excessive, some though I do wish it is printed. The new trees are great but the windows decor, easily to be misaligned just because the piece only secured by one stud. Interior packs in lots of details and MCU references, however I do feel space is limited because of the total depth in this design. Extend the building 6 studs more deeper might give it a bit more flexibility in this regard but even with this, I doubt they can add the stairs to the top level. This is the only issue that really bothers me. Otherwise, this set doesn't just look great but have a few play features integrated too. Those portals are really fun. Also there are tons of references to MCU that only MCU fans could spot immediately. Just by looking at some of the references, I think they should add Thor:Ragnarok to the box art too. May be also include Thor & Loki as minifigures would have made this even better. Minifigures wise, it;s great. I do wish more leg printings and characters other than iron man, spidey & ebonay maw would be more appealing to MCU fans. Having said that, both iron man and spidey are exclusive to this set and spider got additional leg prints too. I just wish getting a few characters more directly related to Dr.Strange. I also like the box art and the instruaction booklets, me and my wife had a great time building this together because it has been awhile big sets like this comes with multiple booklets allow you to build different parts simultaneosly. Also I hope Lego continue to include background info of the set going forward. This is a great set and I do recommend this to everyone, while the price is high but I think it totally worth the price.
  21. Here is my review on 76408 12 Grimmauld Place: THE GOOD: The reveal of no.12 works surprisingly well. Looks good in front. lots of minifigures with exclusive designs included new cat exclusive to this set new broom sticks (not limited to his set I guess since it's new for this wave) Some cool small builds and tons of cool graphics designs for HP fans THE NOT SO GOOD: Hermione should have been included. The triangular shape for no.11 and no.13 are needed to make the feature work but sacrifice the look from the back. The Modular style to remove to level for no.11 and no.13 doesn't seem to be necessary. $$$$$$ Overall, it's a great play set. The transition from no.12 being hidden to revealing at the centre works great and visually impressive. This set has great exterior details but because of this I think the interior and the design of no.11 and no.13 have been sacrificed. The triangular design doesn't work for me. Despite some cool small builds and lots of Harry Potter references with excellent graphics design. I like the minifigures but Hermione should have been included. I think this set is a great for Harry Potter fan but if you are not into Harry Potter, this set can be very pricey. Fortunately I bought this with a discount so it doesn't hurt the wallet as much.
  22. Here is my review on 71772 The Crystal King: THE GOOD: Awesome looking mech. Interesting build throughout, I especially enjoyed building the torso and the head. Excellent Minifigures. THE NOT SO GOOD: Not many poses you can do with limited articulations on the front legs and torso. Kids may be disappointed as play features are very limited in this one. I really like this set in the end. It really is an awesome display build in my opinion given the limited number of articulation joints and play features, for me it's ok since I buy lego to enjoy the building exp and display the build. A bit more articulations points would help to have more different pose but I guess it wouldn't help since the back legs are not strong enough to support the weight of the front. At the end of the video, you can see how menacing this is when standing next to the Dragon of the East. (However, still not strong enough to take on the Monkey King Mech it seems =P) Anyway, I really like the building experience especially the torso and the heads. The use of certain parts to create the eyes and eye brows are very interesting. The torso, particularly the cockpit can be a bit challenging to align properly but it's interesting enough to keep me engaged. One of the reason I bought this sets are the new goons minifigures, the Vengestone guard and warrior. These 2 minifigures are awesome, now I really want an army of them but B&P doesn't sell new parts anymore =(. Other minifigures are also great and surprised to see only one good guy included. The ratio doesn't look good for Lloyd XD. Does it worth the money? well, I think it does at least I didn't feel like it is a rip off in the end. I did bought this with discount but then depending on the region you live in, the timing of this release is somewhat awkward since it's the day LEGO expected to increase price. I'm pretty sure in NZ it got $20 more expensive compared to the price when it first announced in May. I will still recommend this set though since it is a really cool looking set and is enjoyable to build.
  23. Here is my review on latest LEGO Harry Potter GWP 40577 Hogwarts Grand Staircase: THE GOOD: Interesting building exp. Great desktop display sets. Very well done on the rotating stairs. THE NOT SO GOOD: Wish some improvements in terms of design the the roof/top surface. Need specific sets from the Hogwarts Castle series to make this set looks nice. Very hard to get this. Overall, I like it and I do think it is a very good GWP. Looks good, interesting build experience and fairly good volume. It's great the stair can change orientation. While not a fan of sticker, I also did find the stickers make sense in this set. Could be better if including one more minifigs. Having said that, the roof/top of this build are the weakest in my opinion. Also this set only connects well if you have a 2 storeys set from the Hogwarts Castle series. but then the most important improvement I wish Lego did , was to have this more widely available, with supply chain delay, sometimes it is hard to find items to buy to reach the high threshold for this kind of rewards. And more importantly the Harry Portter GWP I missed last year are now at ridiculous price after market =(
  24. Here is my review on 60341 The Knockdown Stunt Challenge: THE GOOD: Nice exclusive minifigure and bike body (at least for now) 7 glow in the dark star pieces and few 1x1 round tiles. THE NOT SO GOOD: Owning 2 other stunt challenges, this one just feel a bit underwhelming in terms of challenge compared to the other two I have. I'm actually happy with what I bought. Great minifigures, glow in the dark star pieces and a new stunt bike body with prints. The challenge itself is simple and does not need much practise to clear but then in comparison, the double loop and the blade challenge are a lot more fun. Make sure pay attention when building the knockdown challenge as if the pins are connected the too tightly, it's not going to move as smoothly as it can/should be. Given I bought this with 25% off, I don't feel as bad in my wallet but again, if no discount I probably won't have buy this and wait for the parts to be available later assuming they will.
  25. Here is my review on Monkie Kid 80037 Dragon of the East: THE GOOD: The dragon is looking great and bigger than I was expecting. Very cool building experience for the dragon. Love the dragon's tail movement. Excellent Minifigures. Good design on the villain's vehicle with the mouth of the manta ray the highlight. THE NOT SO GOOD: Depending on your taste, Monkie Kid's submarine ride can look a bit weird. I ended up liking this set a lot more than I originally have thought. Initially I bought this set for the Dragon of the East minifigure and this is a good set for me to get to the Forest Hideout GWP threshold since this is only available via in NZ. I'm really impressed by the Dragon build, from pictures I was worried it will be looking weird to have an UFO as a Dragon body but the way it's being designed it's clearly a saddle to host the smaller submarine then being part of a dragon mech. I had a great time building it. Especially the head and tail are amazing, the tail movement though is impressive. Now I really want a full dragon build with this techniques. Decent side builds and I really like how the villain's ride looks like a real manta ray. As usual, Monkie Kid sets come with excellent minifigure, the Dragon of the East minifigure is excellent with very cool new parts. LEGO PLEASE MAKE NEW PARTS AVAILABLE via B&P again please, I want more of this parts. Price wise, this set aint't that pricey to be honest and is a set I definitely recommend to anyone especially if you looking to build a really cool dragon!