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Found 560 results

  1. Here is my video review on the September Promo item 40336 Newbury Juice Bar: THE GOOD: A fully enclosed juice bar! Some nice ways on creating different drinks. Easy to fit in any other settings outside Hidden Side theme. Good minifigures. THE NOT SO GOOD: The slush ice machine a bit too futuristic compare to other components of the set. Overall, this is an excellent promotion set. I really like the juice bar and it's a nice surprise it is not just a facade type build given the size of it. With modifications this can easily be updated to any food stall. I just wish this set is more widely available given the promotion has ended for a while because I think this is a much better and complete set compared to the J.B.'s ghost lab. Totally recommended if you can get hold of one from ebay or bricklink with reasonable price if you have missed out the promotion in September.
  2. LEGODrongo01

    REVIEW: Death Star 75159

    When I was a wee lad, the LEGO Star Wars Death Star 10188 was easily the set I wanted more than any other. Every time we were in Kmart or Toyworld I would gaze up at it on the shelf. I mean, it was every child's dream. A giant Lego set with a million minifigures and more play features than you can count. Even now, all these years later, I still had a distant longing for the set, despite it's play oriented design and seeming lack of displayability. So when I saw that someone on Bricklink was selling the newer and better version of the set brand new for 200 dollars off the retail price, it was on offer I couldn't turn down. Informationz Set Name: Death Star Serial Number? 75159 (I miss the days where set numbers didn't start with 75...) Piece count: Over 4000, but not that far over Release date: 2016, but the original came out in 2008. The Box Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Upon receving the set in the mail, I found that LEGO had gone for a very minimalistic design with the box art. It makes the experience that much more exciting, I'd say. Literally anything could be in this box! Maybe some Lepin! Death Star Box by Sucram H, on Flickr Opening the minimalistic box reveals that there is another box inside that box! This one has more traditional Lego style box art, with a nice gold Star Wars logo. The UCS logo atg the bottom right confirms that this set is UCS, but I would hardly consider it as one. The set doesn't even come with a UCS plaque. Well at least I can say I own 1 more UCS set than I did a week ago. One thing I hate about LEGO boxes outside of America is the lack of a piece count. Why do they even omit it? You would think a set with over 4000 pieces would want to gloat about it. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Opening the box reveals even more boxes! And some plastic bags. 2 of the boxes contain more bags, while the other houses the massive instruction booklet. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Sorry for the awful picture quality, but as you can see this thing is a beast. It has almost 300 pages, and is one those rare spiral bound booklets. I always wanted to own one of these books, so glad I do now. Good for some reading before bed. Like with all the recent UCS sets, the first few pages are all about the 'real life' version of the thing you're about to build, as well as some info about the design process. This one is particularly amusing, as the designer had all the work done for him already, thanks to the previous version of this set. So the onyl things he can really talk about are the new spring loaded gun (yawn) and the slightly redesigned mini-but-not-mini TIE Advanced. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr This is what you get when you dump all the bags on the floor. Pink lunch box not included, sadly. Enough niceties, lets get into the build!!??? The Build Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Before we crack open bag 1 and pieces go flying in every direction, we have these pieces from an no-number bag. A bunch of big plates, a long thing, and another long thing. I like the long things, and the jokes practically write themselves. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Bag 1 (or to be more specific, the 3 or 4 bags that all have the number 1 on them) introduces us to out first lot of minigures. In the older Lego sets you would get all your figures in the first bag, but in recent years Lego has started scattering them throughout the bags. Gives you more of an incentive to keep building, I suppose. Our first batch gives us Lord Vader, some random officer, a weird black C3PO wannabe, and a blue R2D2 knockoff. Darth has that fancy new helmet piece, which is cool but as everyone has pointed out, he looks like he's looking up at the twin suns. I will be switching this helmet with the classic one for sure. The highlight here is definitely the Not R2D2, which has a see through dome. Cool stuff. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr The first thing we build is... this thing. I guess it's a shopping cart? Its bright blue, so doesnt really fit in with the rest of the set, and I dont recall seeing it in the movie. It does give us some pretty unique pieces used to attach the wheels, so there's that. I think this set is worth the 800 AUD price tag for this alone. Mini? TIE Advanced by Sucram H, on Flickr Next we build the TIE Fighter. Yes, I know it's askshually called the TIE Advanced X1, but that's not important. This thing looks good and bad at the same time. The wings or radiators or solar panels or whatever they are dont have any detail at all on them, and it loks really chunky from any angle other than the front. But it can fit the 7 foot tall Darth Vader in it, so there's that. I will definitely be making some modifications to this. Or destroying it. Death Star Floor 1 by Sucram H, on Flickr Finally, we get started on the Death Star itself. This is the ground floor. Not very exciting. This pretty much only exists because it has to. Once you've finished building the set you may never look at this part of it again, unless you like barrels. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Bag 2 brings us more minigures. Han Solo, the first of three different Lukes, and 2 stormtroopers. Luke and the troopers look good, but damn. That Han Solo figure is speaking to me. The hair piece was new for this set, and is just perfect. Really detailed printing on the front and back of his jacket. This is easily my favourite fig of the set. It doesn't get better than Harrison Ford. Look at that winning grin. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr We use the pieces from bag 2 to build the iconic chasm that Luke and Leia swing over in the original film. This looks good enoug, but I'm not a big fan of the dinky railing thing that connect the 2 sections. I guess it works well enough. The use of stickers on the walls works pretty well. I also like the use of clip pieces to add detail. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr This is the other side. The conspicuous black part is where the trash compactor will be. more barrels! Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Bag 3 gives us another Luke fig and Princess Leia. Leia's torso is really well printed, and Luke can be used as another Stormtrooper since they include a helmet for him. Leia's face looks nothing like our dear Carrie Fisher. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Trash compactor. A pretty great scene, and this Lego version of it looks good to me. the door slides open. The dianoga that pulls Luke underwater is in a little hole. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr New bag new figures. Obi Wan and 2 gunner fellas. I dont like how Obi Wan is done at all, the brown printing on his legs isn't convincing at all. In the recent Death Star cannopn set we get a way better version of him. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr The mechanism for the trash compactor is finished and works well, except fopr the fact that they close on hinges so they will never fully compact whatever is inside. The fabled spring loaded gun makes an appearance! I really like how it looks, and the firing mechanism is hidden well. I have a soft spot for big Lego guns. You can also store spare laser bolts on the wall. Not sure how that works, but OK. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Here's the first of several builds that just seem like filler. A crane and an elevator. Both dont really add much other than more notes on the LEGO Shop description. I dont understand Lego's obsession with shoving cranes into every single set they make, and they're always bright yellow. Whatever, as far as cranes go this one isn't the worst. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr The next bag doesn't give us any new figures, but we do build the base for the halfway point. Not much to say here.. wait. More barrels!!! Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Here's some more minifigs. Jedi Luke, the Senate, and 2 red guys. Jedi Luke looks great, except his hair changed colour from tan to dark tan. Don't know what they's about but whatever. Finally I have Palpatine figure!. I like the ucs of tan for his skin, and the lightning pieces are coool. Royal guards are fine. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr The Emperor's throne room looks great and is probably the best part of this set. The platform near Vader can fall down to drop you down the hole. The window behind Palpatine looks really good. MORE BARRELS. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr More figs. Chewbaca looks dead inside, but his bowcaster is rad as. Another HAN SOLO, a crew member and the dynamic duo. I really do not like that Chewbacca figure. SOme kind of cross between the original and this one would be ideal for me. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr The jail cell area is pretty cramped, but works well. I'm not really a fan of how it's just a big box sitting there. Kind of clashes with the roundness of the death star. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr A sticker is used to create some forced perspective, and actually works extremely well. This is probably what impressed me most while building. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr The next bag once again doesn't have any figures, but does give us the all important planet destroying superlaser. Building the thing is a chorse but its worth it in the end. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Unfortunately the lasers that connect to make the big laser don't connect that well. It's nothing too bad though. This thing is just begging to be lit up... Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr The last bag gives us the last figures. Grand Moff Tarkin, and some guiys. The guys look really good, with their big helmets. Tarkin looks more convincing here than he does in Rogue One. The Completed Build Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Here is the finished product. You either love this thing, or you hate it. I am leanign more toward love, but the lack of panels to close it up is constantly lingering in my mind. Howver, doing this would easily add another 3 or 4 hundred dollars to the price, so it's obviously not viable. I think the set still looks good on display. The superlaser feels a bit too small, but it's nothing that major. Death Star Comparison 1 by Sucram H, on Flickr Here's a size comparison to my custom Millennium Falcon. The Falcon is not quite to scale. Death Star Comparison 2 by Sucram H, on Flickr And here it is with the glorious UCS Slave 1. The Slave 1 is once again not quite to scale. The End I think this set is one that both kids and AFOLs can get a kick out of it. Despite what people say, I think it does look good on display, and is less dull than the 10143 Death Star 2. There are some glaring issues, mainly the blockiness of the 'sphere' shape. I will definitely be making modifications to this set, and you here at Eurobricks will the the first to see it. This was my first pictorial review, I would love some feedback. I hope you got something out of this review. That is all, bye.
  3. Here is my review on 70849 Wyld-Mayhem Star Fighter. THE GOOD: Excellent Minifigures. Love this Rex's face and they also include 2 hairs for Emmet. Some interest designs on the spaceship and I personally like the colour scheme. The bomber feature is excellent and interesting way to build it. THE NOT SO GOOD: Large stickers on a curved piece. (Easy to mess up with shaky hands) The price is about $10~$15 (NZD) too high at RRP. Limited availability in asia-pacific region. I really like this set in the end. The actual product is way better than in the photo. Yes, it's a bit overpriced but because I really like the minifigures & the bomber feature, these justified it for me. This is also a spaceship that is very different compared to common planes and spaceship builds you get from other theme. However, this set is not widely available in AUS & NZ (only from with limited availability), so if you live down under like me and really want to get hold of this, be quick. The other 2 sets from this wave are already sold out for quite a while. Overall, I will still recommend this set to fans of LEGO MOVIE or anyone looking for something different.
  4. Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Thanks to Lego and EB for this review set - it's a new entry in the line of Creator licensed vehicles (Mini, VW Beetle, Mustang, etc) and I was excited to check it out. I've admired those sets but never owned any of them. More importantly, when it comes to this HD set, I had not seen any images online or had any ideas about it before it arrived - I literally only knew that it was a Harley in the Creator Expert line. Name: Harley-Davidson Set Number: 10269 Pieces: 1023 Price: unknown as of review date (July 9, 2019) but I'm guessing $100-ish (edit: confirmed to be $99.99 US, $139.99 CAD, 84.99 GBP) Minifigs: 0 Theme: Creator Expert The Box Front When I opened the shipping box and got my first look at this set, I couldn't do anything but think WOW. At a glance, this set could easily pass for a model rather than a Lego set. There's so much detail packed into this and it just looks right. The Real Thing Before we move on, here's the real 2019 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy from their online gallery. Like I said, Lego appears to have nailed the design. The dual exhausts with their taper in the middle... the solid wheels... and of course the V of the engine. (and oddly, the photo Lego used inside the manual of the real bike isn't in the "Wicked Red" color. It's "Industrial Grey Denim" instead which looks too bland on the page IMHO.) The Box Back Wait a minute - this thing has functional pistons like a Technic set? I like! And it looks good from this side too. It feels a little more Lego-ish from this side for some reason, but it's still very good looking. The Scale This will be a pretty good-sized model. It's over a foot long. And apparently they liked the 107 logo for the 1:1 image, but were afraid people couldn't put that in context, so they added the engine as well. The New Parts The only new molds that I saw are for the wheels. The front tire is the existing "Racing Tread" motorcycle tire that's been used since 2010 in Technic, Hero Factory, and Ninjago sets. The wide rear tire is new though, as are the solid wheels. And in a clever design to save on mold costs, the read tire just uses 2 of the rims instead of needing another custom part. Molds are expensive, especially for large parts like these, and since these rims are such an iconic trademark of the Fat Boy bike, I suspect Lego won't be allowed to reuse them elsewhere. It is a bit of a cheat though. The real bike doesn't have a rear tire twice as wide as the front (they're 160mm wide fronts and 240mm wide rears), and the real rear rim has a deeper recess. The Age Designing a set takes a long time. Both new molds are copyrighted 2018, even though the set isn't being released until mid-2019. The Stickers The set has some printed pieces and one small sticker sheet. It's a very chrome sheet so that the "mirror" circles are reflective. The rest of the stickers have the usual Lego hidden meanings in them. 107 is the engine size (and really printed on the real bikes). WGDLN1990 stands for Willie G Davidson and Louie Netz, who designed the Fat Boy in 1990. 41 is the highway number that runs through Milwaukee, WI, where HD is headquartered. The 1974 on the odometer is the year that Bill Davis started designing the softail style frame. (thanks to the friendly people over at /r/harley for the help getting my facts right on these!) The Build, part 1 The parts for this set come in bags numbered 1-4. Stage 1 begins with building this frame that will become the bottom of the bike. They're already using some "advanced" build techniques - that black perpendicular connector (which, believe it or not, is a new color for that part!) is not connected to an axle like it's designed for. It's connected onto an arm so that it can swing outwards to become the kickstand. The Build, part 2 I'm not doing a ton of build photos - this set is a joy to assemble and I don't want to spoil too much. The build process is very modular. There's surprisingly little building directly onto the bike. It's mostly assembling a module and then attaching it as a chunk. Here is the engine. I paused partway through to show that yes, there are pistons inside there and they really do move. It's a fun piece of building, even though it's hidden completely in the finished model. The Build, part 3 At the end of bag 1 the finished engine mounts onto the frame. Thankfully, the two stickered discs are mounted onto pins, so they can be rotated freely to be level. There are also interesting part choices that make little sense. You can see the ends of blue 3L pins there. Below them are grey 3L pin with 1L axles... but why? There was no need. There are some locations where they chose the ones with axles because they didn't want blue showing, but there are other places where there was no need for the axle version. The set also has the 2 stud Technic axles in both red and black. There's nowhere that the red is needed visually. The Build, part 4 When you reach the end of bag 2, it now looks much more like a motorcycle. Perhaps the one tedious part of the build is connecting those 43 chain links. And then you have to feed them through the frame and around the gears. I found picking the whole thing up in the air and letting gravity do most of the work was the easiest method. Again though, there's a few odd part choices. I wonder if they are trying to model something on the real bike that isn't visible - for example, there is a spot on the side that uses a 1x1x1 corner panel that is completely hidden. It's the only one of that part in the whole set, and it could easily have been replaced by a standard 1x1 brick (which are already in the set) with no visible change. Likewise, the set has a couple white Technic 2/3L Pin Connectors, but they're buried inside. It already uses black and light grey ones, so why complicate the production process that way? The Build, part 5 At the end of bag 3, a lot more of the detail has been added. Be careful putting on the speedometer sticker - its disc is attached to an axle, so the angle is fixed. Mine will now forever be slightly crooked.... Also of note is the dark red of the gas tank. In real life it doesn't look as unevenly colored as this photo. The actual color is close, but the curved pieces are glossy while the slope in the middle is a matte texture. That difference stands out in certain lighting. The exhausts have a great part usage - they use aircraft engines to form both the taper between sizes and an attachment point to the body of the bike. On the other hand, you can see the most annoying piece of the set in this photo. Just behind the engine, there's a black cone with a 1x1 round grey tile on top (it represents the suspension adjustment knob on the real bike). I find that's right where my thumb hits when I pick the bike up from above, so I've knocked that cone off so many times making this review. And once the second exhaust pipe is in the way, it's a bit of pain to reinstall. The Build, part 6 And it's complete. Bag 4 adds the second exhaust and the front wheel and fork assembly (and a simple grey stand). I personally think the front fork is the one area that feels badly out of proportion. The real bike is beefy there, but not quite this thick. Unfortunately, Lego doesn't have any 1.5x1.5 round parts. I also think the front fender is a little too short. The Front IMHO, this is the weakest angle on the set. Granted, the headlight/fork/handlebar assembly is complex and difficult to recreate, but I still think the headlight is too big and the forks too thick. I wonder if a 3x3 dish would have made a better headlight. I'm betting they went with the 4x4 though because there's no 3x3 plate to put behind the dish. I do appreciate that the handlebars attach with clips, so they're simple to pop back off if you need to store the set in a box. The Comparison Here is the Harley next to 2010's Technic 8051 set (which uses the same tires as 10269's front tire, so it's theoretically around the same scale). I built it as the B model which is closer in proportions to the Fat Boy. 8051 was a $40 set with 467 pieces, and the B model uses only about 350 parts. You can clearly see what a difference 1000 vs 350 parts makes! The Big Brother I stopped by a large Harley Davidson dealer to get their thoughts. The staff there were blown away by how good the set looked and were amazed that it actually had functional pistons and chain drive (even though the real bike is a belt drive). They couldn't point out anything that looked wrong - sure, there's minor details (no side reflectors on the front fork or at the rear, the shallow dish of the rear wheel, etc) but overall they loved it. The number of little details are what caught their attention. For a small model, it has lights, hand controls, shift and brake pedals, etc. The Size Comparison The Lego set fits nicely on the footrest of a real 2019 Fat Boy. It does show the one visual drawback to the Lego version - its not all chromed . How long until we see some custom chromed versions showing up? I think they'd look fantastic! The End This is a well-designed set and truly a joy to build. I LOVED the build process on this. It blends Technic and System magnificently both visually and in build techniques. Mike Psiaki had a tough challenge, translating the angles and curves of a modern motorcycle into Lego, but he met it. Even the staff at an HD dealer said they were looking forward to picking the set up! If you don't have around twenty thousand bucks to drop on the real thing, get the Lego version for about half a percent of the price.
  5. Due to reasons that will be revealed in the first week of October, LEGO has been kind enough to allow me to release my full 42100 Liebherr R 9800 review earlier than other authorized reviewers: Chapters for your convenience: 00:37 - box and unboxing 04:13 - new pieces 05:59 - pieces in new colors 06:28 - parts list 06:47 - speed build 23:33 - functions 32:21 - impressions 43:43 - final note
  6. Finally finished the build and here is my review on 10267 Gingerbread House: THE GOOD: The Gingerbread House looks great and it surprisingly the right size! (The photo looks a bit over sized but love the end product.) New version of the Gingerbread Minifigure. Surprisingly detailed interior, love every aspects of it. Very great use of the new glittering pieces for the windows. Love the way the star is built on the Christmas tree THE NOT SO GOOD: The roof can be a bit of a hassle to put together. I wish there is an actual gingerbread baby figure. (Still happy with a printed piece but just wanted more) Overall, this is an excellent set and is one of the best winter village sets in recent years. I totally will recommend this to everyone. I absolutely love the look of it. Seriously thinking to buy another one to make a fully enclosed gingerbread house!
  7. Yes, a long video, but 12 minutes of it is speed build and I'm including chapters below: 00:49 - box and unboxing 03:18 - new pieces 04:32 - pieces in new colors 06:11 - parts list 06:30 - speed build 18:32 - functions 21:51 - impressions 28:38 - final note
  8. Hello friends, I make this video for 42069 model B, Mobile Based Vehicle. My topic for model A RC here Another advantage of this model is that it is very easy to upgrade the RC. It only took me an evening to install 2 motor M, battery box and IR. Because of running with the chain, the battery runs out very quickly. But actually with 2 M motor it runs quite slowly, but it looks funny. If you like RC version move to 3:23
  9. Here is my video on Hidden Side 70422 Shrimp Shack Attack: THE GOOD: The brick built shrimp sign is excellent. The shack looks great too. The kitchen is actually very detailed. Excellent Minifigures. THE NOT SO GOOD: The vehicle looks bad and not really needed. I do like this set and I think the shrimp shack itself looks great and I'm surprised with level of details they put into the kitchen. Again, all hidden side sets come with excellent minifigures. I like the design of one of the action feature, it does look quite bloody depending on your imagination. The price of this set ain't that bad either. Now removing the mediocre vehicle may have give this set even a lower price tag. Overall, it's a good set but not the best hidden side set, however I will still recommend this to anyone that like Hidden Side or a haunted theme in general. Personally, the shack also ignite ideas on how different kitchen can be built.
  10. WhiteFang

    REVIEW: 21108 Ghostbusters

    Hello everyone, I am very pleased to have a chance to work on this set review and to give my take on this very exciting new iconic LEGO set that will definitely thrilled many of us out there. First of all, I will like to thank Eurobricks and TLG for giving me this opportunity for me to review the beloved 21108 Ghostbusters set. Of course, without the success of the past LEGO CUUSOO platform and now currently known as the LEGO IDEAS, Brent Waller has achieved the 10,000 votes on 14 August 2013 and his project had went through the panel review, ultimately achieved the actual LEGO Design and Production status. And, this is where it has lead to. Name: 21108 Ghostbusters Theme: LEGO CUUSOO / IDEAS / #006 Year: 2014 Pieces: 507 Minifigs: 4 minifigures Price: USD $49.99, GBP N.A, EURO N.A, SGD N.A Resources: Brickset, BrickLink An original box image of the 21108 Ghostbusters Back view of the original box image of the 21108 Ghostbusters Different side view of the original box image (1) Different side view of the original box image (2) Different side view of the original box image (3) #006 LEGO IDEAS Before we expand and touch onto the actual set review, let's take a moment to re-look the past successful LEGO CUUSOO Products and it has created many new exciting products. I had never bought CUUSOO Products before, except the recent 21103 The DeLorean Time Machine which is awesome treat for me since I love the Back To The Future movies very much. Without knowing it, we are actually at the 6th product launch of this cycle where there is a migration of branding platform from LEGO CUUSOO to LEGO IDEAS. To mark the first official LEGO IDEAS product and the sixth LEGO CUUSOO product, the 21108 Ghostbusters is the selected product to mark the current transformation as indicated in the box art. What is LEGO IDEAS? So, what is this LEGO IDEAS all about? LEGO IDEAS is pretty similar like the past LEGO CUUSOO concept. To show and establish an unified brand of LEGO Product lines, LEGO IDEAS is introduced as a full pledged theme to drive the LEGO CUUSOO concept especially since LEGO CUUSOO is no longer under beta testing or a test bed to carry out new potential LEGO trials in selected market and global market by gathering votes and undergo LEGO review panel. The whole idea proved to be successful in the LEGO and non-LEGO community with this simple formula and approach. Build an idea, share that idea of yours, gather support to reach 10,000 votes to qualify for the LEGO review panel. And, if it is successful, it will be produced as an official new LEGO Product under the LEGO IDEAS Theme. It's that simple, so if you have the aspiration, then read this link to find out the working mechanism. Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Ghostbusters - 1 June 2014 In conjunction, with the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Ghostbusters, TLG has decided to launch this LEGO IDEAS set on the 1st June 2014 to commemorate this celebration. Through Brent Waller's model, TLG designers' Marcos Bessa (Senior LEGO Model Designer) and Adam Corbally (LEGO Graphic Designer) took the lead to design this project and transform it into an actual LEGO qualified product. Marcos took care of the iconic Ecto-1 vehicle, while Adam took care of the design of the Ghostbusters' minifigures. I will have to admit that both have done a terrific job to bring this set to us. Of course, without Brent Waller's determination and perseverance, this can never be made possible and a reality. This image is similar to those LEGO Architecture Experience The content of the sealed box Within the sealed box, it comes with 6 mint packages and an instruction manual to build up the set. After the building is completed, these are the remaining spare parts inclusive of the orange brick separator. The very nicely designed instruction manual The instruction manual has a smooth finishing and it is very nice to touch and hold. It contain many interesting facts and information, such as the origin of Ghostbusters, Ecto-1 film development, nice Ghostbusters quotes from the characters and a word from the Model Designers which I enjoyed reading the most. My only complaint for this instruction manual. It is very brittle and the pages are easily torn off from the book spine, especially when I left it wide open on both ends and flipped the page after next during the building process, the pages just got off. Anyway, please be very careful with the instruction manual if you are intending to buy just only one set. A sneak peek onto the instruction manual The instruction manual highlights that each of the unique torso is specifically for individual characters. Don't mix them up wrongly and take your time to look at the torsos carefully. The official characters' names Let the fun building begin It is pretty fun and challenging to open all of the sealed packages and pour it into one building pool. Even though it increase the building time, it can be very fun to search for the elements for each step that you will encounter. Personally, the total piece count for this set is good for people who prefer to build through this approach. Exclusive printed parts This set contain zero stickers and the above parts are printed bricks and tiles. It is always a wonderful treat when we are able to see nil stickers and able to enjoy the printed parts as it is. You get a total of 2 license plates for the front and back, 4 proton packs, 4 Ghostbusters' logos and a computer terminal. Please note that the computer terminal is not an exclusive printed part. It has been existed for a few years. Presenting the Ghostbusters minifigures Have a close look on the official minifigures' naming. May I present to you from left to right, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore. These Ghostbusters are now in official LEGO minifigures' sizing and khaki brown outfit. The minifigures' appearance are remarkable and impressive. It has nailed the details very well and it is very pleased to see that lots of attention is actually given to these minifigures. You will find more exciting details in the next few sections. Back view of the unique minifigures with their names printed I did not expect to see that their names to be spelt out at the back of their torso or uniform. In this way, if you aren't sure of their initials such as E.S or R.S, then flip to the back to find the right person for it. Different unique dual facials What's best, all of them received a different set of unique dual facials which shows their 'exciting' side of their work. This is just totally brilliant. I could see these minifigures' heads to be found useful in minifigures' customisation. A closer view of the proton packs The brick built proton packs are very nicely done out and the printed part attached at the back is indeed welcoming. You can see the construction of the brick built proton packs through this image. The usage of the elastic whip is also useful to augment the aesthetics of the proton packs. Not forget to mention that the ghost trap for the Ghostbusters is also part of their weapons assortment and the ghost trap is very vital to their ghostbusters operations. Bouncing into action Aren't they look lively? You can see some good angles from the side view of the minifigure holding the proton pack and also the back view of the proton pack without the handle attached. The building process of the minifigures display stand The building of the minifigures display stand take place with the signature yellow and black to form the base of the stand. The Ghostbusters minifigures display stand With a few bricks, jumpers and tiles added all in, the lovely Ghostbusters minifigures display stand is now completed. It definitely make a fine display piece to house the Ghostbusters minifigures at a single location. It is great that the designer has given some thoughts to do up this simple and yet effective display stand. Presenting the Ghostbusters minifigures with the display stand Fully equipped and ready for actions With everything on, this fully assembled minifigures image is an eye candy! I will love to have this placed on my office desk. Back view of the fully assembled proton packs on these lovely minifigures The building process of Ecto-1 The above 2 images show the basic illustration of the building process of the Ecto-1 which has certainly involved lots of advanced building techniques to form the basis of the car. When I was attending the Eurobricks Event 2014 in Billund, Marcos Bessa was sharing with us on the design process of this Ecto-1. His main challenge is to attempt to maintain the outer facade of the original model by Brent Waller, keeping the structure tight and firm by reinforcing the sides, to achieve the realistic look of a 1959 Cadillac professional chassis, similar to an ambulance/hearse combination and ultimately achieving the LEGO qualified product. It is no easy feat to be able to keep many factors in mind. As the targeted building age group is 10+, it means builders at the above the age of 10 should be able to handle advanced building techniques unlike the much younger builders. Great pity that I didn't take a photo with him earlier, but it is definitely great to hear him share his insightful thoughts. The completed built of the highly sophisticated roof-top with some hi-tech gadgets I really never understood why the Ecto-1's roof-top siren looks ever so complicated. It looks as if it is being stuffed with some hi-tech gadgets to track or monitor. But, in actual fact, it is just a special siren that emit a very special sound when it is on the move. I tried to find some references but to no avail. Any Ghostbusters enthusiasts could help to decipher the special meaning of the Ecto-1's vehicular roof-top? Side view of the highly sophisticated roof-top with some hi-tech gadgets The finished built of the Ecto-1 Just simply brilliant! From the top to the sides till the edges, the Ecto-1 is coated with very smooth and sleek finishing. At one glance, you are able to identify and associate the built white vehicle is the iconic Ghostbusters' Ecto-1. The details are just plain amazing and it made me loss for words. The whole structure is firm and sturdy and I have positive building experience from the start to the end. Lots of amazing details ranging from the wheels, the back of the vehicle and the vehicular front. Side view of Ecto-1 You can take a look at the top side view of Ecto-1 and also in this image Front view of Ecto-1 Bottom view of Ecto-1 Back view of Ecto-1 Taking the top of the vehicle away A closer look at the interior of the vehicle You are able to see the vehicular interior contain 3 main areas. The front is the driver seat. Even though the steering wheel is placed in the middle, with some modifications and adjustments, you should be able to be place 2 minifigures at the front without the proton packs. The middle section with the computer terminal could only allow me to place 1 minifigure and I can place the last one in there, if I remove the computer terminal. The rear will be the easy storage and retrieval area of the proton packs. It is not possible to place all 4 proton packs at the rear compartment. What are they doing within the vehicle? This is the optimum arrangement without any additional modification on my part. I wonder if you guys can fit the same way as I do? Special guest in town I am very pleased to share this very exclusive coverage of a special interview with our Eurobricks Member, WetWired or also better known as Brent Waller of this original creator of the Ghostbusters. The featured exclusive and very special 'Mr Rebrick' LEGO Minifigure is used as an intended minifigure for the interviewee. How do you feel now when your design is now part of the official LEGO product line? It feels great, it's literally a childhood dream come true, I used to fantasize as a kid about becoming a LEGO designer, and although I didn't design the final product it's as close as I'll likely ever get. Not only that but as a huge fan of Ghostbusters it's a great honour to contribute to the legacy of the franchise by being responsible for the merger of 2 of my favourite things, LEGO and Ghostbusters. Why did you choose to make a Ghostbusters CUUSOO entry? I never had figures or anything like that as a kid, so whatever I was into I recreated with LEGO, the main 3 things being Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters. LEGO had already officially released sets for the first 2 so I thought I'd take a stab at Ghostbusters for my local LUG, Brisbricks. I initially created the Ghostbusters and Ecto-1 to display at their annual expo. It wasn't until a friend suggested I post it to CUUSOO that I even though about it. At the time my Batmobile Tumbler was doing reasonably well for votes but everything else I had posted was languishing so I didn't even consider it before that. Did you do something special for promoting your CUUSOO entry and making it reach 10.000 votes? There's so many things I could suggest, I've been thinking about doing a blog or video or something with tips on how to achieve 10000 votes, there's some many things. There's no magic rule to be honest though but there's a lot of small things you can do to help your project. I've found videos on YouTube showing off your project help immensely, they reach people who would otherwise not see or hear about your project, that's one of the big things you can do. On the other end of the spectrum, making sure your thumbnail image of your project is interesting and attracts people to click your project is a huge help, the biggest part of that is making sure when viewed as a small thumbnail, your picture isn't cropped or cutting off important text or parts of your creation. Care to share your new CUUSOO projects? I only just posted my follow up to Ghostbusters, The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, I have a few ideas for future projects but I've also been trying to promote some of my non-licensed projects on CUUSOO as well, in particular my Modular Costume Store and ALA-N: Astronautical Lunar Android 9. They're both projects I uploaded when I first discovered CUUSOO that I'm still proud of, being unattached to a license though they're far more difficult to generate interest in. My hats off to Peter Reid and his Exosuit being the only project thus far that has reached 10000 votes and passed review, that's a huge achievement without a license or real world object behind it. What other potential LEGO Themes will you like to see as actual LEGO products? I'd love to see some classic space reborn stuff, I've dabbled in that area for MOCs myself. But in terms of licenses, there's not much left anymore, TLG are covering all their bases pretty well themselves with stuff like Batman, TMNT, Simpsons and niche products like Back to the Future and Ghostbusters. The inception of my own Batmobile Tumbler project came from my disappointment with LEGOs own official Tumbler at the time which was simplified and aimed for a younger audience, so I'd love to see a UCS Tumbler. I've got no idea why my own didn't pass review after reaching 10000 votes but my hope is that that they've got their own one in development, if it was complete with a Heath Ledger Joker Minifig and I'd be buy it in a heartbeat. Comparisons pictures with the original model and actual model Credits to Brent Waller for the usage of the original comparison pictures. Permission is given for these pictures to be used in this review. So, after viewing the comparison, there are some distinct differences, such as the side rear of the vehicles, overall length of the vehicles, lack of chrome parts, design of the bonnets, etc. Although I never had a chance to see Brent's actual model, I personally felt that the finished product is pretty impressive and up to mark. Shall we nab that ghost? Let's catch all of them! Superb outstanding set ever To conclude, I have nothing much to add for now. Alright, I have one small feedback though, and it is the exclusion of Slimer. I really wish somehow or another, that Slimer can be included to make this set more complete. However, I guess the focus is more on the Ghostbusters theme as on its own. With a price tag of USD$49.90, there are plentiful of treats to acquire this set with no regrets. This set will definitely be popular among the LEGO Community and also to fans of Ghostbusters movies. It is certainly a great way to celebrate the 30th Anniversary with LEGO bricks. Summary review Playability: 9/10 (Fun minifigures and high playability with the Ecto-1.) Design: 9/10 (Very detailed minifigures and superb design of Ecto-1.) Price: 9/10 (Reasonably priced for all of the amazing parts and details included.) Overall: 9/10 (Get this set as soon as you can without hesitation.) I gave it a "5" based on my Review Score Card. What about yours? I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are strongly welcomed. Pictures can be found in My Flickr and My Brickshelf (When moderated)
  11. Here is my video review on 75895 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0: THE GOOD: Looks great and captures the look of 911. Great minifigure torso with a nice print. I like how they designed the tail lights build. THE NOT SO GOOD: I think Lego needs to come up with a better way for the rear windows. The gap shown by stickers is really not that good. The spoiler is a bit too thick and flat in my opinion. Overall I think this is good addition to the speed champions line. It's one of the few sets that actually capture the look of the real car well. At this price and size, I have no complains and recommend to everyone. As a bonus, you also get a nice minifigure. I still think the F40 is the best so far.
  12. Here is my video review + feel guide on series 19: 1. Video Game Champ Lovely new game controller piece. (but realise it looks great but not practical because the figure wont be able to hold it both hands XD) Very nicely printed torso. 2. Shower Guy Love the blushing facial expression. Interesting print under the bath towel. Green rubber duck is less useful than the yellow one. 3. Fright Knight Great new clear sword piece. The real gem of this figure is the printed torso underneath the armour. 4. Monkey King Excellent printing and details through out. Surprised to see 2 different facial expressions. Not sure if regions that are not familiar with Journey to West will appreciate the details put into this figure. 5. Programmer Nice easter egg on the torso print. The little robot is also interesting and useful outside CMF. 6. Mummy Queen Nice printings and the print quality is good. Accessory is a bit bland and not really that keen to have 5 of them in a box. 7. Jungle Explorer Great Chameleon! Nice to see new colour of this type of back pack. 8. Fire Fighter I like the new fire fighter cap with hair moulded to it. A big light in terms of accessory. 9. Dog Sitter LEGO POOP! love it! Not one but TWO DOGS!!! Also interesting facial expression too. 10. Pizza Costume Guy Like the new face. Will appeal to food costume collectors but other wise nothing surprising here. I guess every one saw this one coming when the water melon guy released with LEGO MOVIE 2 CMF. 11. Galactic Bounty Hunter Very detailed printing again. Love the use of clear red piece for the tablet. 12. Gardner LEGO flamengo!!! Great new torso prints and legs. Also love the new colour of this hair piece. 13. Rugby Player Love bland at first glance but the facial expressions are brilliant. Would be better to include an extra hair piece. 14. Fox Costume Girl Probably a left over from the LEGO MOVIE 2 CMF? Like the colouring. One of the face expression is really evil if you consider there is a chicken included. 15. Bear Costume Guy Like the face underneath the costume. Great rainbow piece! very useful to combine with the 1x1 square rainbow tile. 16. Mountain Biker Surprised to see a bike included. (Too easy to feel) Great new helmet with hair moulded to it. Overall, I like this series. I'm genuinely surprised on the number of double sided face and animals in this series. Some of the printings are exceptionally well done. It's great to see no more rare figure and if you are looking for the whole box, you do get 3 complete sets. And if you are just looking for individual figure, this series isn't that hard to feel either. Personally, my favourites are the Dog Sitter and the Monkey King. The fright knight's torso printing is a surprise for me, the went extra mile on that. The weakest in my opinion is probably the Mummy Queen but this is just me. It's hard for me to not recommend this to everyone because minifigures are always great. Now time for me to get more extra Dog sitter so I can make some moc heavily feature poops XD
  13. Here is my video review on 71044 Disney Train and Station: THE GOOD: The station and the train look stunning. Some very very interesting techniques in the station build. (Love the windows and the nice chairs) The 2 passenger carriages are both excellent both in terms of building experience and how they look. Excellent Minifigures. I was impressed with Mickey and Minnie. Some nice replicas of actual items in the real stations. Printed piece for the box of Disney Castle lego set! THE NOT SO GOOD: OVERPRICED! (especially for NZ, $599 is bit too dramatic) I wish they find a way to cover the wirings connecting the battery box and motor. Some nasty stickers to apply. The red bricks for the exterior are slightly too red in my opinion compare to the photos of the actual Disney Station. The included tracks unable to provide a big enough loop for a satisfied train run given this train is a bit longer and bigger than the typical lego train set. Overall, this is one stunning display model and yes, it is overpriced. I think the fair price in NZ should be just under $500. If you buy batteries and extra tracks for better experience, it will be close to $700. Having a high demand exclusive minifigure like Goofy in this set is a very very "corporate" decision XD Now I kinda relieve they didn't include Pluto. Anyway, apart from the price complain, the other only major negative is the exposed wiring. Other than that, this set is actually fun too build. Yes, the final bag could feel like hitting a wall in the final stage of marathon. However, I like they brought back multiple instruction booklets. One for each major components, this allow simultaneous building experience with your family and friends. There is a sharp contrast in terms of build techniques difficulty between the train and the station, the station is definitely for more advanced builders. In the end, I did not regret my decision to buy this and it was fun building with my wife and I like the end result. I will only recommend this set if you really like this set or a Disney fan though as the price is really a bit of a deal break if you are just looking for casual fun!
  14. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 21317 Steamboat Willie

    Finally built my steamboat willie and here is my review: THE GOOD: Interesting build and nice looking steamboat. Great metallic print on the minifigures. Nice novelty to have a mickey logo stand. THE NOT SO GOOD: My mickey mouse has a slight mis-print on the nose =( Totally recommend this to everyone even you are not a Mickey Mouse fans. I know there are feedback that you going to get similar minifigures in Disney Series 2 but this version has far superior print. Also the build experience for the steam boat is actually pretty cool. Love it!
  15. Hello everyone! If you need that "extra push" in your decision to buy the LEGO Friends boat set, take a look at the photo review i've made, just for fun! A photo-review is a kind of review that focus only on the toy photography aspect of a set, unleashing some creativity even for future MOCs! Let me know your thoughts!
  16. 31078 Treehouse Treasures Creator 3-in-1 INTRODUCTION Ooooh, a pirate boat? No, a treehouse! Wait, it's a pirate boat again... wha - it's a treasure cove now? Aaaah, it's a 3-in-1! What a lovely set, great parts, lots of play value. It immediately caught my attention when I was trodding along the aisles of my local supermarket. Who doesn't love pirates, anyway? And don't you dare to say "Nay" when I swing my rapier in your general direction... Arrrr! Having built 6289 Red Beard Runner lately, I just can't wait to get this started, so let's set sails and head over to the -> SET SPECS Number: 31078 Title: Treehouse Treasures Theme: Creator 3-in-1 Released: 2018 Part Count: 260 pieces Retail Price: DE - 29,99 € GB - 29,99 GBP US - 29,99 $ DK - 270,00 DKK With 260 pieces, the retail price of 29,99 € equates to a price of 0,12 € a piece. This is in the higher range for 2018 creator sets. In comparison, set number 31072 Extreme Engines comes down to 0,09 € per piece. And the 31074 Rocket Car is even down to 0,08 €. Well, I'm not sure the parts of latter set will be of versatile use with those strange colours... Funny enough, all 3 sets have been designed by the same person: Jeremy Luettgen. He has also been active designing some of the Mixels. Anyway, given the basic and tuned down colours of this set I think it's worth buying it for the retail price. LINKS 31078 @ 31078 @ LEGO PRODUCT SUMMARY Set out on pirating treehouse adventures! Enjoy imaginative pirate adventures with this LEGO® Creator 3in1 31078 Treehouse Treasures set, featuring a 3-level pirate ship treehouse with a ship deck, ship’s wheel, treasure chest hideaway function, bowsprit with flag and teddy bear, crow’s nest, tire swing and an upper-level den. Pirate accessories include a hat, telescope and 2 swords. This 3in1 model rebuilds into a Pirate Ship or a Skull Cave for more pirating fun, and includes 2 minifigures rigged out for pirate adventures, plus a scary spider figure. THE BOX As with all the Creator 3-in-1 sets, the front features the LEGO logo, set number and the main model in all it's glory, claiming three quarters of the available space. To the right we can have a look at the two alternative models. The age range is given as 7 to 12 years. While the lower limit seems quite fitting, the upper limit makes me wonder if I'm really too old to play with it... *makes sad face* The back shows the play features for each of the 3 sets and a link to the LEGO Creator homepage. You can also see the tabs to press in when opening the sets. I have to say that I am impressed by the simple look of the packaging. Nothing too distracting, nothing much to shift your attention away from those wonderful builds. THE PARTS After prying open the side, we have 3 bags with pieces, 1 Green plate 8x16 and 3 instruction booklets in our sweaty hands (or, hand and hook if your name is Captain Red Beard). We will get to the instructions later, so let's take a look at the pieces now. The Arch Bricks 1x5x4 in Dark Brown are nice parts for castle or ship builders. The Wedge Plate, 8x8, Cut Corner in Dark Azure is unique to this set. The Round Corner Tiles, 4x4 (called Maccaronis as I understand) in Medium Dark Flesh are also unique to this set. The wood planks are prints, overall there are NO stickers in this set. The decors are all printed. The short wood plank (1x3) together with the longer ones pictured here (1x4) can also be found in 21310 Old Fishing Store. 2x3 Tiles are quite new to me, while in fact they have first appeared in 2016. There's also a treasure chest in Medium Flesh in this set, which adds to the play possibilities. However, I do have a bit of a problem with it: You can close the lid, but as there is no resistance while closing it opens on it's own if you turn it upside down. Having some old-time sets around here and also a chest in brown (from the 80ies or 90ies?), I was wondering if they had the same problem? Well, nope. They do have a bit of a resistance while closing, maybe related to that pin on the lid, and they definitely do not open themselves without assistance. Seems LEGO employed some mold change, as the older ones are also missing those 2 ridges at the inside front. MINIFIGURES This set features 2 minifigures, a boy and a girl. Both minifigs have a single sided head, yellow arms, short legs (non-posable) and torso prints on front and back. The boy has a lime hoodie, while the girl features a white shirt with green print. It also includes one of these nice little teddybears with a torsoprint. While both minifigs are unique to this set, both torsos have seen use in other sets too - the boy's torso in 10260 Downtown Diner, the girl's one in 10261 Roller Coaster. As accessories, there is a pirate hat with a feather. 2 spare feathers are also included, which is a nice treat as those small parts have an affinity to getting lost. The plume feathers are not on a sprue, as LEGO has done in the past with Pirates or Castle sets in the 90ies, but come loose in the bag. However, there is no "normal" hair piece included for the boy, if you decide to make your place somewhat less pirat-ey. 2 pirate swords are present along with a golden telescope and a printed 2x2 tile with a treasure map pattern to complete the play experience. INSTRUCTIONS Overall, the instructions are nice and clear to follow. No printing errors or other mishaps. Instructions of the main model start with building the minifigures and continue with a somewhat ridiculous Step 1... When you are finished with building model A, the play feature is explained on the left side. On the right we have some more models available from the 3-in-1 series as house advertising (Avast ye bastards, look at that Pirate Coaster set ... ahem... Excuse me for getting a wee bit distracted here....). The parts list is in the back of model B. MAIN MODEL - TREEHOUSE Building goes along without any troubles. As stated in the last paragraph, the instructions are easy to follow. Progress goes bit by bit, sometimes only 1 or 2 bricks per page. Alas, I'm getting older and older, so I won't complain about that. There comes the day when I'll be happy about it :D What amazed me is the stability of the construction. I had the opportunity to build set 31080 Modular Winter Vacation and that thing just disassembled itself after 5 minutes of play time. In stark contrast, the Treehouse is rock solid and will surely be better suited for heavy play. Nice little details here and there, like the little rocks in the water and the spider waiting to catch those nasty little ki... err, let's just say it is waiting for prey. Here are the left-overs after building the main model: PLAY FUNCTIONS Play feature No. 1 definitely is the hidden treasure cache in the tree trunk. There is a little flap with a lock on it, which can be raised manually. The flap itselfs sits on a bar which is held in place by 2 blue technic pins. Behind that flap is space to hide the treasure chest. This chest can be ejected with the help of technic axles and axle connectors at the other side of the trunk. Other play functions are the openable top room (sides and rooftop) with crows nest atop, the tire swing and the ships bow with the steering wheel. Not to forget the slide at the side of the treehouse, which can be raised to be used as a plank. B MODEL - PIRATE SHIP A lot of parts are left unused, which could have been integrated easily. Therefore it's a pretty straightforward build experience and the B model is thus lacking a bit in play value. There is the crows nest and the lower deck with the spider in it. A posable rudder is present at the back and the steering wheel is now in the right place. I wonder why the treasure chest is placed on the deck, it may better be kept below deck. Oh well, as luck would have it our unexperienced seamen have a rather unpleasent encounter at sea. Seems someone else noticed that treasure chest too. Some useful armament wouldn't go amiss on this little bark. Maybe throw that teddybear over to soothe those angry pirates? SUMMARY & RATING PROS: + Adorable A and B models + Lots of play value + Nice, tuned down colours + 3 full grown instructions booklets + All prints, no stickers! CONS: - B model could have been better - C model does nothing to me... - Somewhat higher part price ratio Design: 8 / 10 Build: 8 / 10 Playability: 9 / 10 Minifigures: 7 / 10 Price: 7 / 10 Overall: 7,8 / 10 I couldn't be bothered assembling the C model, it's just too plain and definitely not a cave at all. But the treehouse and ship have been great fun to build and play with. While this set overall may not be outstanding to me, I would definitely put it into the "Above Average" category. It's play features and overall value due to the parts and colours and the fact that there are 3 full blown instruction booklets makes it worth. I can repeat it over and over again: All prints, no stickers! I guess that's also the reason why the price per part ratio seems a bit unfavourable. All in all a very nice set. To err is human, but to arr is pirate!!!
  17. Here is my video review on another Hidden Side set, 70423 Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000. THE GOOD: Great minifigures! (This kind of apply to all Hidden Side sets) The school bus is actually look better than in pictures. I like the front, interior and the windows. (although I don't dig the big rear wheel arch) It really gives me a zombie movies vibe. Love the Haunted Toilet's way of attack =P THE NOT SO GOOD: The toilet in non-haunted mode does look a bit incomplete from the top. This is yet another great set in the Hidden Side Theme, I would still rate the shrimp boat and graveyard a bit higher. And if you want to build a school bus, this is a good baseline to refer from. It has the right coloured parts too. Again, the minifigures are top notch. The torso for Jack will be very useful, don't forget the 2 construction workers too. I will recommend this set to you if you like haunted lego themes.
  18. My 33rd review is a wee bit scary as one scratch on the minifigure will cost an arm and a leg. These four SDCC minifigures are carrying the price of around 2 UCS Millenium Falcon (new one) and I'm risking my life playing around with them as they are loaned units from my friend Ian Ooi, taken from him in Kuala Lumpur during a fun gathering dinner. They don't come by everyday, so let's see what we have here. Overview The Collector Name: The Collector - San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive (comcon035) Theme: Marvel Super Heroes Year: 2014 Pieces: 8 Minifigures: 1 Price: USD 385 (Bricklink current lowest price) MYR 1581 Deadpool Duck Name: Deadpool Duck - San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Exclusive (comcon053) Theme: Marvel Super Heroes Year: 2017 Pieces: 3 Minifigures: 1 Price: GBP 250 (Bricklink current lowest price) MYR 1274 All New Captain America (Sam Wilson) Name: All New Captain America (Sam Wilson) - San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusive (comcon046) Theme: Marvel Super Heroes Year: 2015 Pieces: 5 Minifigures: 1 Price: USD 299.99 (Bricklink current lowest price) MYR 1232 Steve Rogers Captain America Name: Steve Rogers Captain America - San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Exclusive (comcon051) Theme: Marvel Super Heroes Year: 2016 Pieces: 4 Minifigures: 1 Price: HKD 2250 (Bricklink current lowest price) MYR 1182 The packaging is standard non sealed SDCC clear plastic with a card inside. The minifigures are clearly displayed inside the 'box' and the designs are really impeccable. 1. The Collector - San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive This card is quite special among the four as you can see the minifigure is printed inside the card. The back of the card is only printed with colourful circles on purplish black background. Taneleer Tivan is well printed with his renowned purple flowery outfit, along with a 'necklace' pinned on his pocket. The shirt design looks like Chinese traditional outfit. He comes with a White Minifigure, Cape Cloth, Serrated Edges coded 12857 which appeared in 70009 and 70011 back in 2013 Chima's sets. As exclusive as it is, the cape is quite cheap to be acquired. His legs are printed at the hip area as a continuity to his torso, and both side of his legs as a decoration to his pants maybe? He comes with dual facial expressions and 3 round plates which represents the Aether in a container that was passed to him by Lady Sif and Volstagg. Hello Brother. 'Then you are more of a fool than I took you for.' 2. Deadpool Duck - San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Exclusive The red was chosen so that the enemy won't see you bleeding. I liked the colour scheme used in this card. At the back of the card LEGO is promoting the MARVEL Super Heroes 2 game in 2017. According to marvel, this deadpool duck is actually the relative to Howard the Duck and he is from Earth 616 in the Multiverse. The history of this character is unknown but stated that he is the fusion of Howard the Duck and Deadpool. The head mold is amazing and the printings of his deadpool eyes are very nice. At the back of the head you can see the wrinkles produced by the head mask similar to human deadpool version. The legs aren't printed. The torso prints are superb front and back. The deadpool belt buckle, ammo pockets and the brown straps are very recognisable. Quack. 3. All New Captain America (Sam Wilson) - San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusive Falcon is finally the taking the helm of Captain America like what we got in Avengers Endgame. But this is the SECRET WARS version of Sam Wilson as printed at the back of the card. He looks funny with his red glasses. Does he look like that in the comic? (Tell us in the comments) He came with dual facial expressions. and the shield he is holding is not really exclusive. The blue and reds are very nicely used here especially at front and back of the torso. His jetpack was printed at the back with a star at the centre and the red coloured wings are kept inside the jetpack. At the front the uniform is very nicely designed on a white base. Comparison of Sam Wilson. Jealous White Wolf. 4. Steve Rogers Captain America - San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Exclusive This is my favourite among the four. I love the blue abstract background of the card. He is GORGEOUS! I think this is the only version of Captain America with leg printings and the prints are so detailed! The shield is also a very nice addition to this minifigure as it is not the usual round vibranium shield. Who is worthy? Group Photo. Back of the cape and shield. Alternate expressions. Review summary Design: 10/10 - I love all the designs except for Sam who looks a bit cartoonish. Minifigures: 10/10 - Impeccable. Price / Value for money: 3/10 - Very EXPENSIVE. Overall: 7.5/10 - If its not because of the price, the score would be 10/10. Thanks for reading! I hope you like this review. Do share your thoughts in the comments below!  My reviews in Eurobricks. Review: 76060 Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum Review: 60134 Fun in the park - City People Pack Review: 70911 The Penguin™ Arctic Roller Review: 70818 Double-Decker Couch REVIEW: LEGO 76051 SUPER HERO AIRPORT BATTLE REVIEW: Short comparison of various sized Antman. 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  19. Here is my review on Hidden Side set 70419 Wrecked Shrimp Boat: THE GOOD: Excellent Shrimp Boat. Both the look and the build are excellent. The details on the exterior blown me away. The minifigures! All new mould and printed torsos & legs. On top of that, it can be easily integrated in other city settings! Love the new fake glow in the dark colour. (I call it fake because it looks like those glow in the dark piece but it doesn't actually do that) I like haunted theme! THE NOT SO GOOD: This is really nip picking but I guess I would prefer to have a spare torso for Captain Jonas so I don't have to switch head. Overall, this set is excellent and I recommend this to everyone! The shrimp boat and the minifigures are just superb. The price ain't bad as well considering this is something you can easily get 20% off in most retailer. The only thing I cannot check yet is the interaction with the app but again I bought the set for the build but not the app so I don't really mind. I'm actually thinking getting most sets in this theme because I'm totally impressed with the first hidden side set I've built.
  20. Here is my video review on 70848 Systar Party Crew: THE GOOD: Stardust Benny! Can't believe they actually made it. Unikitty boa scarf, seriously I now wonder why the left out the cape for the wedding ver. Batman. Printed keyboard tiles! THE NOT SO GOOD: The speaker is a bit lame especially given just one. For people in Australia and NZ, this is pretty hard to get. This is actually a great character pack! Stardust benny itself worth the money! And this set is actually good value. On top of that you also get 2 printed keyboard tiles! Unikitty boa scarf is great too, it's unbelievably soft! (LEGO, please give us the cape for the wedding Batman!) . I actually like the dance floor too. Other accessories are kinda miss but parts are always useful. Recommend this to everyone!
  21. Finally got hold of this set and here is my video review: THE GOOD: The Sparkle Babies! Of Course! Too adorable to not like. Great alternate faces for Lucy and Emmet! Good price! Printed Everything is Awesome piece! THE NOT SO GOOD: The side build and feature is a bit underwhelming. Would like to use the clear take out cup style (the bubble tea cup from NINJAGO MOVIE CMF) instead of current brick built ones. Overall, I think this is a great minifigure pack. At this price ($18 NZD), you get 2 sparkle babies is just ridiculous in my opinion given recent price hike. (The sewer babies cost $25 NZD with less interest build) . Totally recommended to everyone especially if you are a fan of the LEGO baby figure. It's a bit of a hassle to find this set though if you are living in NZ or AUS because rumours say this set will not be available in retail stores. You have to get it from LEGO stores or shop@home (listed out of stock within a day) .
  22. Absolutely loved this new theme, here is my video review on 70420 Graveyard Mystery: THE GOOD: Excellent graveyard build, simple yet captured the vibe. Excellent minifigures again, I thought it's the same version as the shrimp boat set for Jack and Parker but no, the faces are different and great! I love the details they put into the storage. Subtle but great! THE NOT SO GOOD: The stickers are a bit easy to fall off. (You might noticed in the video) Probably just my one? Would be better if the set up of the graveyard can be adjusted in a modular way but hey, I guess I'm asking for too much and it's not hard to modify it anyway. This is yet another great set from this new HIDDEN SIDE theme. It's good value for your money too. What impresses me with this one and the shrimp boat is that they can integrate into any city-ish theme seamlessly. I do think the shrimp boat set has a better build but this one has its charm. I totally recommend this set to everyone!
  23. Here is my review on 75965 The Rise of Voldemort: THE GOOD: Great minifigures. Great simple cemetery build. I love the statue and overall vibe of it. Baby Voldemore piece =P THE NOT SO GOOD: The action feature to represent The Rise of Voldemort isn't that convincing given there isn't any depth so you cannot hide Voldemore completely underground. Overall, I think this set is great with excellent minifigures. I love the cemetery build just because I'm a fan of this type of them even though I'm not a Harry Potter die hard fans. You can easily modify it to be a part of a bigger Lego cemetery. The price isn't that bad either. So I recommend this to any Lego fans! And wow at the baby voldemort, it's cute yet creepy =)
  24. Here is my video review for 75958 Beauxbatons' Carriage: THE GOOD: Nice looking carriage with some surprising techniques! TWO Pegasus included!!!! Awesome minifigures. (I believe they are all exclusive to this set) Love the hat piece for Fleur and Gabrielle. THE NOT SO GOOD: Price is a bit high! Would love it to be $60 NZD range. Overall another MAXIMUM EFFORT set from LEGO. Great addition to the theme and actually would also well fitted in non-harry potter settings too. I'm particularly impressed with one of the technique they use to build the interior of the carriage! And the most exciting thing for me is this set includes not just one but TWO Pegasus! I actually bought this set for them =D . I would totally recommend this set to everyone even if you are not a Harry Potter fan, if you can try get it from a retailer that gives you discount!
  25. After 10 hours of heavy building, finally got his beauty done and here is my video review: THE GOOD: It looks absolutely stunning! Very very challenging build. The trunk is a absolute beast. Lots of interior details and some techniques that will blow you away. Lots of stunning exterior features as well. e.g. the stairs, the bridge, the swing. THE NOT SO GOOD: Changing season requires some effort and time. Lots of leaves are locked by other pieces so disassembly are required rather than just straight swap. The building experience on some parts can be frustrating. (Alignments!!! and getting all bricks connected perfectly is somewhat challenging) Once built, some interior features are difficult to access. Overall, this is another great sets of 2019. The looks ... well so good. There are lots of interior details as well. There are great points for you own imaginary story! (Bathroom with so many windows.... hmmm) But then the building experience is just surprising. So many interesting techniques but at times can be frustrating as well. I'm usually a minifigures person but this is a set that I don't really care much even they don't include any minifigures. The price is high but I think it's worth. I just wish they included full set to build branches with autumn leaves rather then just leaves as I estimate it will take an hour to just replace the leaves. Anyway, this set is just too good to pass on, recommend to everyone!