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Found 114 results

  1. Model of a New Flyer XD40 transit bus in MTA livery. The model has roughly 3800 pieces. Features motorized drive, steering with working steering wheel, passenger doors, and a removable Cummins engine model with moving pistons. Functions/features: Drive Steering with working steering wheel Remotely controlled doors Removable Cummins engine model with moving pistons Instructions available on Rebrickable: Because my NJ Transit New Flyer XD60 model was a huge success, I decided to reuse my design and make another Xcelsior model - this time a XD40 in MTA colors. Unlike my NJT XD60 model which has the livery done entirely using stickers, the blue stripe livery MTA used prior to 2016 is easy to design with blue LEGO pieces. As a result, the model is recognizable as a MTA bus even without stickers, which is why I specifically included "MTA Bus" in the name. The model is not simply my XD60 model cut shorter. The chassis is redesigned from scratch. The front and rear axles are placed at a half-stud offset to allow for smaller wheel arches. The XL motor for drive is placed in front of the rear axle instead of behind it to allow space for the Cummins engine model. The battery is placed much higher and is accessible by removing the upper rear body panel. I added a switch on the roof to allow the battery to be turned on without removing the body panel, so it only needs to be removed for charging. There are also no supports in the chassis for the rear door as the rear door on MTA Xcelsiors open outwards, and the front of the chassis is redesigned to accommodate both the mini linear actuator for the front door and the connection from the steering wheel to the Servo motor for a working steering wheel. Lastly, the chassis is also designed to specifically accommodate for MTA's seating layout, most notably with only a single seat per row on one side in the low floor section. Like my XD60 model, there is also a roof frame that holds both motors for the doors as well as the rear door mechanism (which uses the same general principle as the inward-opening front door despite opening outwards). The roof frame is attached to the chassis using beams, making for a robust "skeleton" that the body is built around. The bodywork has also been redesigned in several places. The wheel arches are now smaller due to the half stud offset of the front and rear axles, although I had to use inverted slope pieces instead of arch pieces to allow the blue stripe to be built entirely in LEGO. This means the wheel arches are not perfectly curved here, but I found it to be a fair compromise for making the entire blue stripe in LEGO. The front lower body panel is one stud higher here compared to my XD60 model, although it kind of makes it look like the front of a MTA Orion VII NG (MTA Xcelsiors in the blue stripe livery have the bottom edge of the front windshield curve downward slightly, and such a curve would be very difficult to model in LEGO at this scale. The rear body panels use a simpler and more robust design, the front roofline curves are angled slightly outward (the space between them was increased by 2 studs), and the side body panels are attached to the chassis/roof frame using white 1x1 Technic bricks with axle hole and part 27940 in white. This allows for a seamless body without pins showing; part 27940 in white was not yet available while my XD60 model was being built. The roof is primarily built using 6x6 tiles this time instead of 5x11 Technic panels - because MTA's 2015 XD40s do not feature a full roofline, the transition from the side body panels to the roof is much more noticeable here which is why I went with the tiles. The model's functions all worked well. The single XL motor was more than enough to power the model, especially considering this model is lighter than my XD60 model. Although the moving pistons on the Cummins engine model are not easily visible (there's one piston visible under the last row of seats), I am happy that I was able to add some additional functionality to this model. And because the pistons are made using half bushes, the engine makes a nice sound while the drive motor is running. While designing my XD60 model I thought there was too little space in the front to incorporate a working steering wheel without compromising the rigidity of the chassis, but I was able to connect the steering wheel to the Servo motor just fine here. There is less reinforcement immediately in front of the front wheels so they don't collide with anything when steering, but the side body panels keep everything robust. I did not test the rear door mechanism before installing it on the model so I was concerned how well it will perform, but it is usually able to open the rear door fully with each door panel rotating 90 degrees. Sometimes the mechanism gets stuck while opening the door, but reinforcing the pieces a little usually solves the problem. While at first glance this MOC looks like my XD60 model shortened and without an articulation joint, it was really a new MOC from scratch. The chassis is completely redesigned and has little resemblance to the chassis of my XD60 model even without accounting for the lack of the articulation joint and a third axle. The bodywork was also improved in several places. All of the functions performed as expected, and the finished model is easily recognizable as a MTA XD40 even without stickers. Speaking of which, I decided to make my model bus 7225 operating out of Grand Avenue Depot in Brooklyn signed for route B62. Overall I am very satisfied with how my second bus MOC turned out, and I plan to continue making bus MOCs in the future, with one already in progress. Video: Photos: Brickworld Chicago Photos:
  2. Following the success of my New Flyer XD60 model, I decided to take the existing design and remake it into an XD40 in Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) livery. I am doing the 2015 model since newer ones have the new blue livery which will be much harder to build in LEGO due to the availability of dark blue pieces. The design uses my previous XD60 model as a base, but this model is more than simply my XD60 model cut down by 20 scaled feet. The chassis is redesigned from scratch, with the front and rear axles at a half-stud offset to allow for smaller and thus more realistically sized wheel arches. The body panels are also attached to the chassis using white Technic bricks with axle hole connected to a white Technic piece with axle, allowing for a seamless finish with no visible pins. A number of details have been polished up since my XD60 model, but perhaps the biggest difference is that the livery won't be sticker-dependent on this model. The simple blue stripe livery means I can easily model it with LEGO pieces, and stickers will only be used for the bus numbers/lettering. I've only modeled it in so far, but I largely know what to expect since my XD60 model so the actually building process should be pretty straightforward once the model is finished in Photos:
  3. I've yet to see an accurate moc of Chen's Chair from Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu. So using the show model and the one from Lego Dimensions as my basis. I went and made my own in LDD Pictures http://www.brickshel...ens_chair_1.png (Used Keyboard prints for the many buttons on the chair) http://www.brickshel...ens_chair_2.png (Tried to get it to look as accurate to the show model as possible) http://www.brickshel...ens_chair_3.png (Harpoon has to be there so the round part in the middle of the chair can stay in place) http://www.brickshel...ens_chair_4.png (Fits the Chen figure though he has to lean forward a little bit. Caped version should fit as well but LDD capes are not flexible
  4. Morning all, This is my first ever review, and I picked a tiny set for it! 5003082 is a promotional pirates set, with 24 pieces, one minifigure and a nice instruction booklet with a postcard. I bought this for a fiver on eBay, which seems to be the going rate. It's also available on Bricklink for a similar price. The box is sealed with a sellotape disk, and a tray slides out containing the bricks, instructions and bonus postcard. There is a nice little graphic on the box of Lego Pirates through the ages, which is shown in more detail later on. Unlike most other sets, the bag holding the bricks is glues down rather than vacuum sealed. Underneath the bricks and instructions is the postcard. The theme of this little set seems to be reflecting on the past, and it looks like they have split the theme into 1989-1993, 1994-1997, 2009-2010 and 2015. The skeleton is from the 2015 Pirates Juniors set I believe. The dotted line on the map-like background is a recurring theme in these instructions. Each of the pirates is a sticker, but I'll be keeping them on their backing for now. Finally, on the bottom of the tray is this pirate, again, I believe he is from the 2015 Pirates Junior set. Arrrrr! The instructions have the same cover design as the box, but with an old looking Lego System banner. I don't recall which era this was used in, but I feel it was before my time. There are three steps for the pirate in his barrel, two for the shark and six for the deserted island. The dotted line runs throughout the pages. But hang on, we've reached the end of the instructions, but we aren't even halfway through the booklet yet! More on that later! It wasn't until I got to this image that I realised how bad the lighting was! There are no unique parts here, except for the Pirate's torso. There are no spare pieces in this set, but you get a nice selection of piratey bits. The printed shark is nice, and is making it's Pirate theme debut, although I think it now might be included in the Pirates Junior set. It now has printed eyes and gills. Most other sets it has been included in have been expensive, so it's a nice way to get hold of one cheaply. The barrels and tan parts are always useful for MOCs, and the pirate flag is only available in this set and the aforementioned Juniors one. It's more child-like than the other versions, but has a certain charm. The chrome gold bar and coins make a welcome replacement for the pearl gold ones, and are in their own separate bag. And here is the complete assembly. The palm tree is similar, but smaller in design than the one that appears in 70412 Soldier's Fort, and suffers from the same problem with a grey hook holding it up, when either a tan or brown one would be better, and the palm tree top is in black, rather than either green or brown. Other than that, the set is very neat and useful for expanding 70411 Treasure Island, your pirate army and sea creatures. There are no play features, unless you count spinning the palm tree round and round, but a few good scenarios can be found with so few pieces: Pirate colonising new island Pirate finds treasure on new island Pirate gets drunk on rum after finding treasure on new island Shark attacks Pirate drunk on rum after finding treasure on new island Shark eats Pirate drunk on rum after finding treasure on new island Shark comes back for treasure. Here is the pirate in question. He comes with one of the new style hats and a clear bottle, which as far as I can make out are less common than green or black ones, which is nice. His torso was the main reason that lead me to getting this set though, as I do like variation in my ranks. The belt detailing is fantastic on the front, with a nice skull buckle across the chest. The back has a pouch, a letter and a coin purse. By the looks of it he has been robbed before. And that's the set! However, I promised you the rest of the instruction booklet, so here it is. A rather sweet trip down memory lane, a tribute to the Pirate theme. It's interesting to see the 4+ and Lego Movie sets included! It's lovely the way the dotted line chronologically connects the sets. In conclusion, this little set is great for the minifigure and animal, as well as pirate themed elements. It also has some sort of memorabilia or collectable status with the booklet. The only downside is the poor choice of colour on the hook and the palm tree top. It's hard to say whether it's worth the money as it's a promotional set, but for £5 this is a great little set.
  5. Now that we have a better pictures of 42039 Le Mans car, it is time to share some thoughts. ... do I see a rare 19L white flex axle in the front going to the cabin? I definitely prefer the first version of the car. The nose was so much nicer ... There seems to be yellow shocks in the front right wheel, so it seems to have a suspension. There is also HOG steering, open-able rear end, some existing parts in new colours, and that's about it ...
  6. Do you remember when Mega Bloks had a Universal license from five years ago? They've released the station wagon from 'Minions' back in 2015. I recreated this using actual LEGO! Now with the new LEGO Minions sets, this car would make a great addition! Download Link:
  7. just2good

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Leaked Image policy: 70778: Protector of Jungle 70779: Protector of Stone 70780: Protector of Water 70781: Protector of Earth 70782: Protector of Ice 70783: Protector of Fire 70784: Lewa - Master of Jungle 70785: Pohatu - Master of Stone 70786: Gali - Master of Water 70787: Tahu - Master of Fire 70788: Kopaka - Master of Ice 70789: Onua - Master of Earth 70790: Lord of Skull Spiders 70791: Skull Warrior 70792: Skull Slicer 70793: Skull Basher 70794: Skull Scorpio 70795: Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder
  8. Sir Brickalot

    Simpsons 2015 Rumors and Discussion

    EDIT; Image of 71016 The Kwik-E-Mart added. According to CM4Sci and David Thomsen, we will be getting a new minifigure series of The Simpsons next year. I expect that'll mean more sets too. Discuss!
  9. DC and MARVEL 2015 LEGO news, rumors and discussions. Edit by Cornelius: New this year, we'll try separating the Marvel and DC discussions. It's easier to do this at the beginning of the year rather than splitting it later. Green Lantern vs Sinestro 76025 $19.99
  10. With all the Ninjago polls floating around here, I thought I'd make another one. Ninjago has been around now for FIVE years! That is amazing for an action theme! To top that, Ninjago is in its prime now- sales are still strong and are even climbing from what I have seen. What do you think will happen to the Ninjago line in the upcoming years? Will it continue? If so, what will the overall theme be next year? Will it be canceled? Will it be replaced? What effect will the movie have on the theme? Post your opinions here!
  11. CURRENT BATCH: BATCH 19! Hi all! After the Best 2016 LEGO Star Wars Minifigure game, many wanted a 2015 one. So here it is Batch after batch will be shown and people will vote, and only one will survive, I wonder who it will be... As 2015 has less new Star Wars figures than 2016, each batch will have four figures only. Batch 1: Admiral Yularen - 18 votes - @Sir Gareth @Hokierespect @RetroInferno @ChristopherLee @Tariq j @scoiltreasa @JACKATTACKS @Error404 @DarthTwoShedsJackson @LOBOT-OMY @Kevii23 @Covi @starwars4ever @Gusseteer @LEGORACER1 @Sir Brickalot @JDbricks @PickleManDan Clone Pilot - 11 votes - @VaderFan2187 @Knight of Ren @FishW @KevinYoung @Ultron @JekPorkchops @jamiejme @eliminator @AgentKallus of Hydra @xSilent-Commando @Sheharan First Order Crew Member - 1 vote - @Japanbuilder Han Solo I vote for the Clone Pilot because of the helmet print. This seems rather weak. Vote below in a comment!
  12. Hi As I am a visual person I put together this image. Prices are in euros and images are not at scale. If you spot any error just say it, please At a first glance, I am frankly surprised to see so little "old" yelow, red and blue around. The main motivation was the people complaining in the 2017 thread about a dissapointing year for Technic and I wanted to see the full picture. I had the feeling that there were less sets at the mid-range price, but it is not the case. I think that people just dislike each of this year's sets over 80 € because looking twice, the overall offer looks good. A point I dislike is that we are getting more sets in the expensive side than before
  13. TheBrickPal

    Ninjago 2015

    What do you think, folks? Discuss. _____________________ Winter Wave 70745 Anacondrai Crusher 70746 Condrai Copter Attack 70747 Boulder Blaster 70748 Titanium Dragon 70749 Enter the Serpent 70750 Ninja DB X 70752 Jungle Trap 70753 Lava Falls 70754 Electro Mech 70755 Jungle Raider 70756 Dojo Showdown Video Games LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin (Spring 2015, discussion here
  14. Gilberto_Aguilera

    2015 HulkBuster redesign to be in scale.

    Hello gents, in this topic we would discuss modding options to redesign the avengers age of Ultron Hulkbuster, i would advise all those who have the model and have already modded it to thoroughly describe the process. We advide to only use pieces from the set, but if you do have to use another piece, please do specify the piece number and colour so the rest of us can then purchase it if we wish to follow your steps. Furthermore i advise please not to be greedy, this topic is about sharing, so we can all have a good definitive hulkbuster. So please if you have a good design then don't hog the design.
  15. Confirmed on the same day as the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier reveal!
  16. During a conversation I had with David Thomsen, the guy who shared the Pirates list, he mentioned this. Could it be? -Sci 41071: Aira's Creative Workshop 41072: Naida's Spa Secret 41073: Naida's Epic Adventure Ship 41074: Azari and the Magical Bakery 41075: The Elves' Treetop Hideaway 41076: Farran and the Crystal Hollow
  17. AyliffeMakit

    Bananaman Movie in 2015

    So yeah, apparently DC Thomson and Elstree Studios are making a Bananaman movie. Its due out in 2015, but a teaser poster was released recently: There's also a small teaser site, but there's nothing really on there except for the hashtag #PeelThePower. If you've never heard of it before, the intro from the 80's TV show should get you up to speed on him: So, what do you think of this fruity new hero?
  18. Takanuinuva

    Bionicle 2015 Toa Mods

    I made some much needed improvements since the original post. So I figured it warranted a new topic for them. So without further ado here they are Gali http://www.brickshel...5/Toa/gali1.jpg http://www.brickshel...5/Toa/gali5.jpg (With Kivoda and Gold Mask on stand) http://www.brickshel...5/Toa/gali6.jpg (Wearing Gold Mask and secondary weapon function) http://www.brickshel...5/Toa/gali7.jpg (Vs Skull Strika) Kopaka http://www.brickshel...Toa/kopaka1.jpg http://www.brickshel...Toa/kopaka5.jpg (With Izotor and Gold Mask on stand) http://www.brickshel...Toa/kopaka6.jpg (Wearing Gold Mask and secondary weapon function) http://www.brickshel...Toa/kopaka7.jpg (Vs Skull Warrior) Lewa http://www.brickshel.../Toa/lewa01.jpg http://www.brickshel.../Toa/lewa05.jpg (With Vizuna and Gold Mask on stand) http://www.brickshel.../Toa/lewa06.jpg (Wearing Gold Mask and secondary weapon function) http://www.brickshel.../Toa/lewa07.jpg (Vs Skull Slicer) Onua http://www.brickshel.../Toa/onua01.jpg http://www.brickshel.../Toa/onua05.jpg (With Korgot and Gold Mask on stand) http://www.brickshel.../Toa/onua06.jpg (Wearing Gold Mask and secondary weapon function) http://www.brickshel.../Toa/onua07.jpg (Vs Skull Basher) Pohatu http://www.brickshel...Toa/pohatu1.jpg http://www.brickshel...Toa/pohatu5.jpg (With Nilkuu and Gold Mask on stand) http://www.brickshel...Toa/pohatu6.jpg (Wearing Gold Mask and secondary weapon function) http://www.brickshel...Toa/pohatu7.jpg (Vs Skull Scorpio) Tahu http://www.brickshel...5/Toa/tahu1.jpg http://www.brickshel...ahu5.jpg (With Narmoto and Gold Mask on stand) http://www.brickshel...5/Toa/tahu6.jpg (Wearing Gold Mask and secondary weapon function) http://www.brickshel...5/Toa/tahu7.jpg (Vs Kulta fighting alongside Protector Mask Ekimu) Group Shot http://www.brickshel...015/Toa/toa.jpg More pictures in the gallery http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=564494
  19. Here is a quick mod to the Lord of Skull Spiders. I completely rebuilt the torso and took out the grabbing gimmick to install a stud six shooter in his mouth. Cause of this I gave him articulated legs and a small abdomen. Front http://www.brickshel...2015/loss01.jpg Side http://www.brickshel...2015/loss02.jpg Back http://www.brickshel...2015/loss03.jpg Top http://www.brickshel...2015/loss04.jpg Bottom http://www.brickshel...2015/loss05.jpg Mouth open with web shot loaded http://www.brickshel...2015/loss06.jpg Picture will all 12 Skull Spiders & Gold Skull Spider Mask (Lens gave a bit of glare to the eyes but I think it makes him look more evil this way) http://www.brickshel...2015/loss07.jpg .LXF file Comments and criticism appreciated
  20. Bit late to the party but I needed the parts of the 2016 winter sets to finish these mods. So here are my mods of the Skull Villains. (I've already made a topic for Skull Scorpio so it won't be posted here. But to make up for it. I made a Skull villain for Gali to fight All of the mods save for Skull Grinder have the trans orange removed. I just didn't like it on the others. That's just my opinion Gallery- http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=564493 First off is Skull Warrior. Not many changes to him but I did rebuild the bow so the firing gimmick doesn't turn the whole bow. http://www.brickshel...llwarrior01.jpg http://www.brickshel...llwarrior02.jpg http://www.brickshel...llwarrior03.jpg http://www.brickshel...llwarrior04.jpg http://www.brickshel...llwarrior05.jpg (Weapons stored & holding Kopaka's gold mask) http://www.brickshel...llwarrior06.jpg http://www.brickshel...llwarrior07.jpg Next is Skull Slicer. Main changes are getting rid of the chain weapon to give him a fourth sword. And armor on the trans green bones. http://www.brickshel...ullslicer01.jpg http://www.brickshel...ullslicer02.jpg http://www.brickshel...ullslicer03.jpg http://www.brickshel...ullslicer04.jpg http://www.brickshel...ullslicer05.jpg (Weapons stored & holding Lewa's gold mask) http://www.brickshel...ullslicer06.jpg Next is Skull Basher. Main changes are making the gimmick less lose. It can't swing both arms together but still allows side to side movement. I also gave him a tail and hooves to emphasize the bull aspect a bit more. He has solid purple armor so his horns don't stick out as much. http://www.brickshel...ullbasher01.jpg http://www.brickshel...ullbasher02.jpg http://www.brickshel...ullbasher03.jpg http://www.brickshel...ullbasher04.jpg http://www.brickshel...ullbasher05.jpg (Weapons stored & holding Onua's gold mask) http://www.brickshel...kullbasher6.jpg Next is the villain I made for Gail. I call her Skull Strika. She's based on Aanchir's Skull ripper design but doesn't have any trans light blue parts. Only trans dark blue. She has no legs but instead a large tail with a skull sword for stealing masks. To compensate I built her a stand. Storywise she would be a species like Skull Scorpio and attack the group when there on the way to Ekimu's forge http://www.brickshel...ullstrika01.jpg http://www.brickshel...ullstrika02.jpg http://www.brickshel...ullstrika03.jpg http://www.brickshel...ullstrika04.jpg http://www.brickshel...ullstrika05.jpg (Holding Gali's gold mask) http://www.brickshel...ullstrika06.jpg (Stand build) http://www.brickshel...ullstrika07.jpg Next is Kulta the Skull Grinder. His changes are filling in his torso a bit more. Replacing his black bones with dark grey ones. And removing the small sword he had. He never used it in the animations or book anyways. http://www.brickshel...llgrinder01.jpg http://www.brickshel...llgrinder02.jpg http://www.brickshel...llgrinder03.jpg http://www.brickshel...llgrinder04.jpg http://www.brickshel...llgrinder05.jpg (Weapon stored & holding Tahu's gold mask) http://www.brickshel...llgrinder06.jpg (Weapon stored & putting on the Mask of Creation) http://www.brickshel...llgrinder07.jpg (Posed wearing the Mask of Creation) Finally a group shot including my modded Skull Scorpio http://www.brickshel...ullvillains.jpg Comments and criticism appreciated
  21. I had a conversation with 'David Thomsen' who had more than just the Pirates names. Looks like the 2015 wave is still Fire VS Ice. -Sci 70220: Strainor’s Saber Cycle 70221: Flinx’s Ultimate Phoenix 70222: Tormak’s Shadow Blazer 70223: Icebite’s Claw Driller 70224: Tiger’s Mobile Command 70228: Vultrix's Sky Scavenger 70229: Lion Tribe Pack 70230: Ice Bear Tribe Pack 70231: Crocodile Tribe Pack 70232: Sabre Tooth Tiger Pack 30256: Ice Bear Mech
  22. The Auckland LEGO User Group (AuckLUG) is holding its annual Brick Show this weekend. Details about how to purchase tickets in advance (they are cheaper if bought online) can be found at Entry for children under 4 is free. In the meantime, here is an image of the poster we are using to advertise the show So if you are in Auckland over Labour Weekend and were wondering what to do to pass the time, visit the Brick Show and spend an hour or two (and then some?) there.
  23. 2015 LEGO City Sets Click for more high-resolution images on flickr.
  24. Top 5 Themes *In no particular order Top 5 Sets #5 - Heartlake Grand Hotel #4 - Mindstorms EV3 #3 - City Police Station #2 - Millennium Falcon And the best selling LEGO product in 2015 was..... #1 - Elsa’a Sparkling Ice Castle It seems Star Wars and Frozen are the most profitable LEGO licenses right now Surprisingly, the Superheroes theme is not in the TOP 5