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  1. Hi, since I'm relatively new here, I figured I'd post some of the stuff I've been doing during COVID lockdown (mostly Star Wars related). I don't mean to spam this forum, so I figured I'd create only a few new threads over the next days where I collect some of my designs thematically, starting with this one. I've recently started to get into Neo Classic Space. I wanted to design the sets I would have craved as a kid. The results are these Star Wars / Classic Space mesh-ups. Instructions to all of them are up on Rebrickable: PS.: If you dig Classic Space, please consider supporting my NEO GALAXY EXPLORER over on the Lego Ideas Platform. I have opened a separate thread for it over here: Galaxy Starfighter X Galaxy Starfighter A Galaxy Starfighter Y Twin Engine Laser Craft Polaris I Speeder BOW Starfighter Ice Dune Speeder All Terrain Magnetizer
  2. Hey everybody, I'm new to the community but I've been MOC designing for sometime now and I have finished my massive project. I've been working on it for just under two years, The ISD II The Eviscerator. It sits on a single removable stand measuring at 148 studs long with 19,225 pieces. I really wanted to capture that "It doesn't look like Lego" feel and try to give it a studio model vibe. One of my goals for this build was to have only one stand that the model sits on securely. This was an incredible challenge due to the size and weight of the model. In fact, it's what took the most time to develop through out the build. Overall, I'm satisfied with how the model turned out. This is more accurately representing an ISD II Destroyer. I tried to pay attention to every detail I could, based on a couple of star destroyer sources. It's a very modular build making it easier to assemble and disassemble. There is no interior in this model. Just pure structural integrity throughout the entire inside. Just the frame and stand are 6,000+ pieces, but this was my goal. Create as accurate of model as I could, displayed on one removable stand, and not having to limit detail because of weight and size. Anyways, enough rambling: You can view the rest of the photos here: Flickr Album Now here is some great news. If you want to build one yourself, you can! I have made instructions for this build that are available at
  3. Ross Fisher

    Faction: Clan Eldar (CE)

    "Brothers and Sisters; "We're done hiding. "Some say the galaxy doesn't need us any more; that the Empire did everyone a favour with its conquest of Mandalore. They say that a warrior culture has no place in a galaxy that's had enough of war. "But I say this; there will always be a place among the stars for those who are willing to fight for it. Those who aren't prepared to let someone else deny their right to exist. "So if you've got the guts to wear the armour, I say you've earned the right to be a Mandalorian. It doesn't matter who you are; where you came from; born or made. If you're willing to stand against the storm with your head held high, Clan Eldar will stand beside you." Faction: Clan Eldar (Mandalorian Remnant) Faction Leader: @n1majneb Faction Lieutenants:@Miscellanabuilds, @JetBricks Studios Members: @Merc4Hire, @SodorBricks, @Lamborghini Waffle Sauce, @jhaelego, @JShortForJay, @PandaQuil, @Moppo,@_Josh_, @Sharkbrix, @Scorch93, @Professor Thaum, @oh whale, @Darkspear, @legofro_productions Headquarters/Capital: Mandalore (O7) Planets: Mandalore and Concordia, Ordo (O7), Lantilles, Gizer, Azure (P8), Kashyyyk, Trandosha, Uyter (P9), Gigor, Ziost, Lur (R4), Atchorb, Bonadan, Kir (S3) Grid squares: P8, P8, R4, S3 NPCs: Duchess Val Eldar, Rusty Eldar Description During the Great Purge, many Mandalorian families and clans were entirely wiped out. Some members of Clan Eldar were fortunate enough to escape by fleeing their homes - a hard act for any Mandalorian. These disparate groups managed to keep in touch and, now that the Empire has fallen, are tentatively making contact again. Soldiers Clan Eldar consisted of Mandalorian warriors that donned Mandalorian armour with black, dark green, and orange color. Nonetheless, Members of Clan Eldar, and their allies, wear a wide range of different-coloured armour, and some wear no armour at all. Times have not been kind to the Clan, and many new members still need to earn their armour. Clan Eldar does not expect its members to follow The Way. Removal of your helmet does not make you any less Mandalorian. Giving up does.
  4. Yet another LEGO TIE Fighter. How far can this classic design be pushed? How many ways are there to build an eye sandwitched by hexagonal solar panels? Is there a perfect design already? This is where beauty of LEGO as form of modelling strikes with full power, as answers to these questions are: Very far, infinite ways, and no, there is no perfect design available and never will be. In 2014 I have built this: It worked, and I think for 2014 and what was available back then, it was pretty good. It had obvious flaw though: no space for a minifigure, and it was also a little too small in scale. I was limited mostly by the fact there were no proper cockpit pieces, and my attempt with literally the only other one was... not spectacular, not to mention it needed painting with A LOT patience required. The new model takes advantage of this cockpit piece, which allowed me to push that original 2014 design further. I know, I am late to the party, years - literally - behind other designers of great TIE models, like Bricks Feeder or Rebel Builder, yet I hope I can bring something new into the T/F building scene. Originally I thought I would just stretch the build here and there but no, heheh, no way. Literally the only unchanged parts are the eight quarter (or one-eighter?) dome pieces, which are to me still the only way to have smooth and roughly spherical design without holes all around. Unfortunately when we look at a closeup of a real movie-filming model of the T/F we see how far are we from true modelling but I say we're collectively inching towards it pretty nicely. I have said this plenty of times but original designers of TIE Fighters really did all they could to make them unbuildable properly, naturally unknowingly - who would think adult guys 30 years in the future would try to recreate the design using perhaps the weirdest medium available?. The T/F is just a sphere, two struts and two flat hexes. Except: 6-diameter central cokcpit piece would require a 9-diameter ball, minifig-scaled TIE would require an 8-diameter ball and don't even get me started on sources for TIEs dimensions. If you think that Illustrated Guide To Star Wars vehicles is helpful, well, not much. I dare to say this book did awfully lot of harm to LEGO Star Wars MOCing scene. So is my TIE perfect? No, not yet. I promise though, I did all I could to make it as good as possible, with no compromises made. And this time it houses a minifig! The design is super sturdy to my standards, nicely swooshable - for a reason, but I will get to that later. Naturally having a T/F built opens a way towards the Interceptor, which for me is among the best looking spaceship designs in any sci-fi. While the core design is similar, the ball has some differences, mostly to accomodate longer struts. This is because LEGO curiously didn't develop 2x9 plates and for once I was in a situation where I can't really replace 2x9 plate with anything without compromising structural integrity. Having that solved I went onto the wing design and OH GOD INTERNET WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. If anyone knows angle on the panels and can prove it, gets a free beer. With shipping. Because the wings are angled in all dimensions, good luck guessing proper values from photos. Because of the IGTSWV book, half of the models (and I don't even mean LEGO models) existing are wrong. And then because of SW animated series, the other half of the models are also wrong... my source of reference was this: Then after having all that done, I experienced another unexpected problem: The ship is top-heavy and won't stand straight. I added tiny legs on the bottom edges of wings which help a bit, and because the design is quite sturdy, the T/I requires no stand. There you have it. Yet another T/F and T/I. I hope you like the designs and I hope I managed to introduce something new to the very competitive scene. Enjoy! ...but wait, there is more! I would not build these models if not a commission request from BrickVault: Originally it was meant to be just a few TIE models based on the 2014 design I had, just LDD files, but over time we developed a much more interesting designs and... instructions for each of them! The instructions are paid and please understand, it took weeks to develop them, error-proof, make the experience enjoyable and builds sturdy enough to be handled easily. Normally I do not make instructions, as I prefer to build with real bricks than to do electronic designs. The instructions are designed to have dozens of simple to follow steps with just few pieces per step, have submodels where needed, parts list for each step and a total bill of parts at the beginning. Additionally, in few places, there are notes to watch out for some particular details. I can fully understand now what LEGO designers go through and I can imagine amount of effort required for making instructions for larger and more complicated designs. I am pretty sure it took more time to design instructions for the recent UCS Millennium Falcon than to design the model itself. Thanks for watching and Happy New Year!
  5. For ages known as Zebra (a code name before release, similar to banana for Hidden Side), TLG officially announced today (July 1st) the new LEGO Art theme, starting with four sets: 31197 Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe 31198 The Beatles 31199 Marvel Studios Iron Man 31200 Star Wars Sith Each set makes one of 3-4 mosaics, with the Iron Man and Sith sets being combinable to form a mega picture from 3 sets. With one set you can make 1 Beatle, 1 Marilyn Monroe, etc. The prices for each set are US$120/€120/£115. These will be available from August 1st everywhere excluding US and Canada for The Beatles, Marilyn Monroe and the Sith. Iron Man is available universally on August 1st. For those thinking this has been mentioned before, it has, but not in its own deserved thread, and basically only names of sets + theme. There was never the deserved own thread, and no pictures, which is why I’m creating it now! I don’t know about everyone else but I’m hyped for these - though disappointed at the price... Discuss here.
  6. Bigdwazda

    AT AT MOD 75288

    So, this is my mod based on the pictures from @Kozikyo86 I have to say that the mods to this set were easy to make and as always the only difficulty was parts. I had to take apart a good number of sets, mainly for smooth tiles. However, In my opinion it was totally worth it. First off, the head, Here i just added some parts to smooth out the jaw and the front end. I also replaced the black window with red, I am not sure why Lego went with black, red looks much more menacing for a robot dog. I also changed the canopy and increased the size as per the mod. Next, the legs, again this follows the moc, this was just a case of adding smooth tile pieces and added a few extra parts to the top of the leg to create a more bulky outline. In addition i added a few plates on the inside of the legs, to bring the depth closer to the technic beams. I tried to bring these totally level but it looked too bulky. I also tried making using 2 stud wide smooth tiles to totally cover the legs, again, this looked too bulky. Next up, the sides of the AT AT. This was an area where plates were in short supply so I had to use what I could find. I followed as closely as I could and made sure that any studs showing looked like they were purposfully placed. I still think the panel over the front leg needs adjusting slightly. I also added some small pieces on the leg joints. These look great from a distance and are easy to remove, i think they add a little extra interest. Bottoms of the legs, I added some smooth quarter pieces on top of the round circles. I also increased the height of these by one extra plate. On the (real) thing these parts are really high. I also echoed some of the detail on the outide of the legs onto the inside sections. All in all, I am very happy with the final result and I think it looks great on display with my other star wars stuff.
  7. Nuts to the Falcon. The beautiful and graceful Lambda Shuttle has always been my favourite of all the Star Wars ships, and I'm delighted to present my LEGO minifigure-scaled version of this wonder. Didn't you already make one of these, Ru? Yes I did, and well-remembered! It was ten years ago, and a large part of the reason I joined EB in the first place. You can see it here. I revised it a coupe of years later but never publicised the update; you can see it here here (link to flickr folder). I had always intended to go back and tweak the original; however this is a totally new MOC. I started working on it back in 2016, but then we moved house and the LEGO went into storage for a couple of years. front The overall scale of this version is similar to my earlier version, and like the former is based around using the 6x3 vertical windscreen also found in 2015's System-scaled Shuttle Tydirium. The other major factor is the height of the rounded sides of the body: I've used the 4-wide cylinders to give what I think is the best approximation to the real thing. These are attached via a fairly complicated variety of SNOT techniques to a ten plate-high body. Not all the parts are (yet) available in white (the macaroni tiles now are, but not the 4x4 round plates with 2x2 hole), hence the splashes of grey at the sides (or trans-clear in one spot). Starboard The wings are a composite of Technic liftarms and plates. I chose this to keep the weight of the wings down; even built like this I had to work quite hard to prevent the wings flopping down too easily. Some more views: Rear High I've tried quite hard to make this accurate to the movies. There are actually two distinct versions in the movie canon - the sleek ILM model used in the space scenes, and the shorter droopier-nosed version which featured in the Home One hangar scene. The cause of this discrepancy is apparently due to the set designers at Elstree studios in the UK having access only to a few photos of the lambda, but not the ILM model itself thousands of miles away in California. If you are interested, and for a nostalgic reminder of what the Internet looked like in the early naughties, check out Lambda-class Shuttles: the Dimorphism Blooper. I've modelled this one on the ILM studio model. Mostly, I think it is accurate, but I have had to make a few compromises. The cockpit taper - which is only about a stud-width at this scale - is impossible to render without resorting to a solid-black windscreen, and instead is implied by the exaggerated taper of the cockpit sides. The cockpit is a little deeper than the original - required to allow minifigure seating at this scale; the original Kenner toys model did something similar. High close/detail I've take a bit of a guess at the sloping vent-thing under the vertical fin; it is difficult to tell from reference pictures what this is supposed to be. Pressing the silver grille-tile just in front of this operates a latch to allow the body to open. In some places aesthetics wins over accuracy. The bulges on the side of the fuselage should rise to about half-way up the fuselage sides, and should extend back about half-way along the body, but I was so happy with the effect of the mudguard pieces here that I've left them as they are. Detail Front The seven-wide cockpit does not allow a complete set of grille tiles at the front. I may have to resort to a decal on the central tile. The technic skis at the sides would perhaps work better with the pointy-ends at the front but there was no way to attach them that way round (and they could do with being two studs shorter!). There are few canon reference images of the rear. Rather than the usual blanket trans-blue tiles, I have instead tried to show what the engines might look like under the exhaust glow - inspired by this superb render by Thad Clevenger. The vents end up looking a little square; it might be possible to improve this with decals. Rear detail The extremes of the rounded rear end look a bit square, but this is the best solution at this scale, at least until LEGO produces this piece in 2x2. Here's a view from beneath. You can see the taper of cockpit sides, and how the technic skis are a little easy to knock out of position . underside One of the major challenges I faced was attaching the rounded sides of the body SNOT to the studs-up frame. Mostly this is achieved with SNOT brackets, but there was no room for this on the forward sections, which are actually attached via an internal clip. Inside here are two very hard shock absorbers which are intended to encourage the wings to sit in either 'up' or 'down' positions; see here. The smooth sections in the middle are the landing gear doors. An essential feature of any Lambda is that it must be able to fold its wings in order to land. With this, the wing-mounted guns need to fold outwards. I've also included a chin-ramp, though it is hinged a little further back into the body of the ship than on the real thing. Landed front low As you can hopefully see, there is also landing gear, with folding flaps to cover the recesses. It is retractable, as shown below: Landing gear detail The shock-absorber parts act as a kind of suspension when the ship is landed, and provide a spring action when folding to keep the retracted gear in place. It works surprisingly well. Towards the front of the above picture, you can see the cockpit floor is mounted at a half-stud offset, which allows two figures to be seated side-by-side. Having experimented with several ways to allow the cockpit to open, I found that having the nose section slide off provided the best compromise between accessibility and strength. Cockpit interior detail As you can see, the white 4L bars that frame the windscreen are held on by droid arms, and the sloping cockpit sides held in place at the front by 1L bars with claws. It's a bit fiddly to put together. The 1x4 trans tile at the rear unfortunately exposes the asymmetry inherent in any odd stud-width construction; if it were available in trans-black the stud might be better hidden! Access to the inside is easy: the whole top slides off. The red Technic liftarm at the front is a latch to keep the roof in place; it is released by pressing down the metallic silver grille tile. I've also removed a side wall for the photo. Interior I had in mind that this is the shuttle Darth Vader uses to transport Luke from Endor to the Death Star II. It is kitted out for high-ranking officers, with an Imperial Coffee Machine and an Imperial Waffle maker. For a size comparison, here's my Lambda next to the latest official playset version. Comparison to system set I really liked that set, despite is obvious compromises of proportion (and I infinitely prefer it to the hideous UCS set). I like to think that mine is on the same approximate scale to this but more proportionally accurate. The Lambda is the end result of a long process of trial and error, and I'm pleased with the result. I hope you like it too! For more pictures see my Flickr album. C&C welcome! Rufus
  8. - A Review - Has anyone ever started a review with a picture of a mountain? The rules are a bit hazy now; I haven't been around since...well, August 25, 2012 was my last review here. You can do the math for that one. So why the mountains? Because that's where I have been for the past three years - exploring the world of the high-up, gazing upon the entire earth. It's definitely a viable excuse, albeit not exactly an honest one...point is, I've finally grabbed a gigantic set, and I'm here to review it for you, so you don't have to spend 100 big ones on it - I already did it for you! You're welcome, you're welcome. A donation box will be passed around soon, don't be afraid to put as much as you want in there - I think I deserve it. What The Kids Call It: Imperial Shuttle Tydirium Identification Number: 75094 Theme: Definitely Bionicle Year: 2015 Minifigs: 4 + Han Solo, who has surpassed minifig form in every way and become a deity in a brazen plastic form Pieces: 937 Price: £79.99 / $99.99 More Useless Facts About It Let's start, hey ho! The Imperial Shuttle is a staple in the Star Wars series, I guess. It was in Episode VI a few times, and it's been released by Lego a couple of times - the classic 2001 one, which I didn't even realize was a set; the 2005 one, which had a bunch of cool minifigs, kind of like an early-era battle pack; the UCS one, which to this day, has resulted in 42 deaths by falling and crushing people in the head; two mediocre mini ones, which I can't even create a comment about; and, of course, the brilliant mini one from 2004...ah, how I love it. Here's a hint - you'll be seeing one of these again. You can put your bets in now as to which one it is. Go ahead, I'll wait. No, I really won't wait. I've got a review to do, after all. Long story short, I had gift cards, I went to Disney World, I took advantage of the situation, and I walked out of the shop with this set. Was it the one I always wanted? Not really. Was there any particular advantage I had that caused me to buy it? Nope. Did I buy it for the hell of it? Absolutely. And, since I bought so much, they gave me a free polybag set with an astronaut! And, now...I realized I threw it out with the Lego bag. Whoops. I've got seventy-something photos here, so we're two down, let me throw another one out at you: This is the box. You can see that, but it might warrant me saying it. The top has a beheaded stormtrooper gazing into your soul, with some cracked edges and that rebel insignia painted on the right side. The box art itself has the Tydirium flying amidst explosions, shooting plastic at enemies out of sight. Remember that part in the movie? Me neither. I guess Lego doesn't need to be accurate - they just need your money. We also have our five minifigs on the bottom right - look at 'em all. The four humans have an orange fiery graphic behind them, yet Chewbacca is glowing blue. What does that imply? Does it really matter? Probably not even remotely. Ah, the sides of the box. It really hammers in the fact that this is a Lego set, nay...a Lego Star Wars set! We also get our glowing minifigs again. My theory is that Chewbacca somehow has Elvish metal in him...and orcs are nearby. Not much else to say about the sides - they make the box a box, so they're somewhat important. Let's give sides of boxes props. They do their job well. And this is our pal, the back of the box. A whole lot of graphics here, one of the whole gang, and others below it, mainly featuring Han. The Endor Rebel Troopers get a bit overshadowed, but that's what they get for not having names. Chewbacca looks so dead-eyed in this photo. It's just...why? Why do I keep making fun of Chewbacca?! Why does his new design look so stupid? Here's the open box. Yes, it still smells like fresh Lego box, in case anyone out there was wondering. This is the only bag picture you're going to get. Sorry about that, but at least now you have a new perspective with which to view them in. The instruction booklet is quite an impressive fella. He's about 160 pages thick, and perfect for hitting your dog if he urinates on the carpet, even though you've told him not to, repeatedly! Bad dog! Our friend the beheaded stormtrooper returns, in case you were feeling safe from his gaze since you opened the box. There's a fun little graphic of Mr. Fig here opening a box full of what he's made of. Don't think about that too much, or it'll be a human opening numbered bags of livers and digestive tracts. I'm pretty sure there was an episode of Hannibal about that. Behind Mr. Lecter the bag-opener, we get a layout of all our minifigs for 2015. It's quite nice to not see any of those horrid Clone Wars figures present here. I would rather tangle with Stormtrooper head again than seeing those eyes. Now, usually a review would be like this - box, booklet, minifigs, build, features, etc. But guess what I'm not doing that! I'm doing it chronologically, baby, and that means that we've got minifigs interspersed with the building steps! Hooray! Welcome to the new age! Right out of the bag, we meet up with Nameless Endor Rebel Trooper #1 and his best friend/lover, Nameless Endor Rebel Trooper #2. Don't worry if I don't know their names, by this time there are already three Star Wars books about them. In terms of design, these guys blow the last guy right out of his happy position as the most stylish Endor trooper. The tan and olive coloring mixes quite well together, and it definitely fits the scene well. Just too bad they don't have names. Backprinting is the norm for minifigs nowadays. Not much else to say, just a nice design overall. No one cares about these guys, honestly. We want the cool people! Like Han! Now, this Imperial Shuttle is quite white. Blindingly so. I took it outside once and three people ran into random objects that were clearly in its way. It reflects the Sun all too well. So, I'm switching up the background. Exciting and modern times, these are, I know. Try to contain yourself until the end of the tour. If you wanted to begin building the ship, well, you've still got to wait and build this yellow box. It hold two thermal detonators. I'm not truly sure if this is safe, but who am I to judge. If I brought grenades into my car I'd just put them in the cup-holders. Ah, right next to the box full of actual bombs, let's just throw a nice gun. There probably aren't any safety warnings about that. The little gun stand holds a backpack. Hell, there are probably thermal detonators in that, too. The Rebels seem to be a bit lax with their weapon placement. Finally! We can start building the Shuttle! Get ready, because it's a long path before it will look remotely like a big white ship. For now, it's just a technic mess. It will all come together and we will all gasp in happiness and then move right along with life. Here we have places for three of our minifigs to sit. Let's just assume Chewbacca doesn't get a chair. And Han can stand. He doesn't need a seat. In case you were wondering, no, it still doesn't look like the Shuttle. Oh? Hm, that was a quick Bag 1. Here is the beginning of Bag 2. I still have no idea what we're supposed to be building, I'm just quietly putting things where I'm told. Okay, okay, here it looks about 5% like a Shuttle. Not a great ratio, but it's definitely the closest we've gotten. And we connect the two Bag builds, and it still looks somewhat-nothing like the Shuttle. Progress? Bag 3 gives us some nice gray pieces, and a tiny bit of white. We build some guns and add more bricks. It's very elaborate. I'm sure the wings will be just as elaborate. At last, we build something familiar! That's right, we get the engine lights in there. The hyperdrive, I think it's called? The white thing with the trans-blue pieces also works as an adequate description. And Bag 3 ends here - with a structure for a nice little ceiling. Three full bags later from our Rebel friends, we finally get our fourth - Leia, ex-Princess. Does she still count as a Princess if her entire monarchy was blown up? Those rules seem to be a bit iffy. Anyway, Leia is rocking some great details, as well as generic Lego woman face #1 - the smirk. Ah, and here's generic Lego woman face #2 - the scowl. It's not that far off to suppose that 90% of Lego women have these two faces. And Leia covers up her nice detailed torso piece with a simple camo robe. Lego, just give us a plain torso next time. You've broken my heart! Leia also comes with a cookie laced with cyanide to fend off Ewoks. That's actually canon, trust me, don't look it up. The cookies had cyanide in them. It's not on the wiki, George Lucas told me personally. Welp, I'm getting tired of writing this; I need a break. You probably need a break, too, that's why Geico has been so kind as to make this minute long commercial for you to watch! What's that? You've never heard of a review with a commercial break? Well, I've never heard of people questioning a review like this. It's unacceptable, and I don't like it! Get out! Those of you with manners, thanks for staying! Bag 4 opens up to some exciting stuff. But first we have to finish up the boring old structure. And baboom! Bag 4 throws us 4,058.1 white pieces to build this gigantic fin with. Turn the fin on it's side, and you've got a free dinner plate for tonight! Just don't have soup. In Bag 5, we get to build this little no-peek flap. This way, the Empire can't look in on the Rebels as they work! And, as a bonus, it keeps the Rebels from being sucked out into the endless void of space. Double convenient, eh? And we build the other no-peek flap! I suppose that was in the budget, but damned if we're not cutting it close here. We're almost out of white pieces! Here is the, uh, right wing. I think it's the right wing. Even if you put it on the wrong side, it'll look mostly normal. Like when you put shoes on the wrong feet - people will notice, but not that many. Here's the same image, reversed left wing. I totally took the time to build and model this wing. There was definitely no easier way I could convey the fact that it's the same thing as the other wing, just backwards. What if Ned Stark were an Imperial Shuttle? That's not funny, I apologize. Han Solo and some other thing are our minifigs for Bag 6, wrapping up our minifig collection for this set. It's a sad feeling, but then you see Han, and you cheer up. And you see Chewie, and you get even more depressed than you were. As for the detailing, it's very nice. A new Han torso is always welcome Nice back printing on Han, too. His alt-face is perfect for the situation when he finds out his wife is cheating on him, but he kind of suspected it anyway. Incredibly useful in Lego form, I know. Get those MOCs ready! Ah, Eddard's head the cockpit! Remember how in Return of the Jedi, all of the main characters fit in the cockpit? Yea sorry, not this time. You only get two seats. Attach the cockpit to the body, and you get one Imperial Shuttle, to go! Look how impressive this cropped image is at conveying the magnificence of the ship as a whole! Extra pieces. There are some. Insert false enthusiasm. Ah, there is the Imperial Shuttle. Look at its wingspan and its landing gear. Truly an impressive model. I even took an outdoors shot to show that it looks good in any situation. Here's an indoor shot just for comparison. Once again, here are our minifigs. You know who they are, even if not, go scroll up and read. I'm too lazy to rewrite their names. So let's begin our comparison shots! I hinted that I'd bring out one of the older Imperial Shuttle models, and prepare to not be disappointed! That's right the 2004 mini Imperial Shuttle! Calm down, you'll get your turn to bask in the glory of it! Here's the obligatory 3/4 shot of the both of them. As you'll notice, the 2004 version is smaller. The side shot really shows that the 2004 model is superior. The wings boast a clever more amount more detail than the 2015 model could even attempt to create. A rear shot. If you didn't scream "trans-blue", then you're either in public, or you were looking at something else. Let's get a closer look at them trans-blue tiles. It's simply the best part of the ship, no contest. There are also these tiny-aѕѕ guns on the back of the ship. I don't know what their purpose is, other than to do slight damage to any ships behind it. Let's move on to features! Why? Because I won't graduate if I don't show everything the ship has to offer! We'll begin with the wingspan. As I've said at least five times by now, the wingspan is large. But did you know that the wings also fold up to reduce wingspan? Yes? That's one of the main features of the ship and is featured in the movie multiple times? Oh. Well I took a picture of it anyways. Here you can see the flap in action. It raises up and down, or down and up! The cockpit also opens up and down. This is literally my only gripe with the set - the cockpit hatch is too heavy to actually stay open on it's own, so you have to hold it up. I didn't just accidentally leave my hand in the picture. ] The landing gear, like all landing gear should, comes down to land, and goes up to fly. Of course, it doesn't do this automatically. You have to move it with your hand. Also included are flick-fire missiles! Unlike the flick fires of the 2008 era, these actually do hurt if you shoot someone in the eye. All you do is press the little lever, and out shoots a trans-green rod. I even made a video! Uh, I don't know what to put here, but here's a behind the scenes image. Now time for that poll full of random numbers that mean nothing, like 37/100! You know what, I'm doing a different grading scale. Did I like the Imperial Shuttle set that took me five hours to build? Yes, I did. It only took me four hours, though. Would I recommend this ship to people to buy and build? Again, yes. It's a pretty penny cost-wise, but it has some good minifigures and it a solid, solid build. Which is your favorite minifig? Han, obviously. Chewbacca, on the other hand, looks like a fur-covered pile of poodoo. I want to send you money! Can I? Absolutely! Please PM me as soon as humanly possible! Final Score: 37/100 Go buy it. Or don't if you don't have the money in your Lego budget. I mean, what other set can you get for $99.99/£79.99? The Ferrari F40? Hmm, wait, actually, I like that set a bit better....
  9. Finally, an official addition to your Rebel Fleet is here! After over a year of tweaks and specifics, mortesv's CR-90 Corvette is officially ready to be released to the public! The MOC itself contains 2,808 parts, and its manual is 133 pages long. The MOC is built to the same scale as the Nebulon-B, making a perfect addition to a rebel fleet. Lots of interest has been generated for this MOC, and mortesv and I are really glad to make its release to the community! Looking forward to seeing all of the improved fleets as well as those that will begin with this ship. If you would like to build this MOC, we are happy to share it with you in exchange for $30. Included is the pdf instruction manual, an xml part list, LDD files, and any help you need throughout the process of making the MOC. For more information please PM me or contact me at A rebrickable page will be available soon, but for now the xml part list will be included Here are some pictures of the MOC and of the pdf manual:–-blockade-runner-tantive-iv/
  10. Apr.14 2020 finalized Dear friends, here I would like to post my finalized LEGO Star Wars Clone Trooper BARC Speeder, as usual, previous MOC design post records had been folded at the end of this post. Since last MOC built of my BARC speeder, almost 1 year pass. Recently TCW S07 is on show and LEGO announced 75280 BARC and AT-RT battle pack as well. All these delightful things encourage me to finalize my BACR speeder MOC evolution tangle. Some time I just stared at the 3D model for quite a while, couldn’t figure out what’s myself prefer... During my MOC polish, there’s very good inspiration from Flickr ID Luca (a.k.a Luca s projects) BARC-speeder with sidecar ( ) . Especially in our domestic forum, a fan (贴吧用户_5AeVAaG) work out the front engine’s turbo feature within limited space. The key trick of front engine turbo feature, is the MF tool screw driver as below, for sure, per suitable color, 93094 Lipstick is also working fine. Since early of this year my AT-RT MOC evolution, I decide to abandon MF riding position, which need to disassemble MF legs, I knew lots fans feel bad on it, thus, now MF legs print is presentable To ref. the BARC Speeder database (by unusualsuspex, on deviantart), here I built this 15 stud length BARC speeder, if as normally count 3 stud = 1 meter, then just fit the MF scale :) Benefit from the radii of 26047 part, the sidecar is rotatable to display the scene from TCW S04E11. To duplicate myself BARC and AT-RT battle pack, here I combine it with my AT-RT MOC, and a fun of “fake news” leaking box is coming :p Also plus one more couple of BARC and AT-RT, it upgrades toward an “Kiros battle pack PLUS”, LOL With color scheme modified, easy to gain an EP3 91 Recon Corps BARC version. May.30 2019 updated Oct. 2018 modification Sept. 2018 first try
  11. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* Imperial Communique 639184.88e—CLASSIFIED Code: Endless Sun Report No: O10-029 Ambria [LSM-036] to [LSM-663] and [GA-004] High Command Regarding Project: Eclipse & LUXUM As stated in my last report: We found some remarkable crystals near Lake Natth. The Locals call them LUXUM. Powerful crystals, much stronger than we first thought. The results of first experiments look very promising. It seems they are created by immense pressure, lasting for up to hundred years. In accordance with your orders: we've occupied the affected area. Lake Naath and its surrounding land is now under Imperial Jurisdiction. Imperial Code 94364. The "redistribution" of its residents and the establishment of labor camps are in full swing. Camp 1 and 3 to 5 are set up and ready for use. Camp 2 and 6 should be ready by the next rotation. But I have to tell you, Ambria is far more hostile than we first tought. More and more troopers lose their lives to the dangerous fauna. And there is something else. The workers are talking about a strange feeling they get, when they are near Lake Natth. Like if something is watching them. Some evem refuse to continue working. I ordered immediate action against such behavior. I don't know if and how this reduce the efficient of operation. We have already lost precious time. But I assure you, sir, we will be successful. This operation is far too important to fail. Long live the Triumvirate. Rufus Calahan Captain [LSM-036] end of Report No: O10-029 Minifigless: Minigures: Greeting MAC
  12. Here is my TIE-Droid (or TIE/D automated fighter) MOD, based on set 75300. TIE/D automated fighter by Veynom, on Flickr In the Star Wars expanded universe (Legends), the TIE Droid is a cheap automated fighter developed by the Empire in the Dark Empire comics. TIE/D automated fighter by Veynom, on Flickr When the 2021 version of the TIE-Fighter was released, I was first a bit disappointed because it was no more matching in size my large collection of TIE variants. But then I considered the TIE-Droid, which I imagine to have a slightly smaller cockpit ball. As I had a few of these 2x6 modified plates with studs on the side, I started building the TIE-Droid variant. TIE/D automated fighter by Veynom, on Flickr The resulting model is sturdy, swooshable and playable (as I kept the opening cockpit feature). The wings connections are solid but still easy to assemble and remove. TIE/D automated fighter by Veynom, on Flickr A small build but worth sharing as it allows us to complete our collection of TIE variants. TIE/D automated fighter by Veynom, on Flickr Free instructions for my TIE-Droid mod are available on rebrickable. Click, download, build, enjoy, and share your completed model back! Comments welcome.
  13. There are many AT-AT mocs. Many with great interiors. Many with great exteriors. This is my attempt at integrating both into one model. The model is minifig scale, has at least 6000 thousand pieces and stands two feet tall. It is stable enough to be picked up and moved. Another rebuild(plus head redesign) in the books by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Features -Articulated head area -Removable panels to reveal interior -Lights throughout inside -Motorized deployment cables -Speeder bike garage for 4 speeders -Two floors with seeting areas -Gun/backpack racks -Cockpit area with seating for two pilots -Sliding Side Doors Side View: The complete scene has been reconstructed. by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Rear View: IMAG1033 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Head: IMAG1037 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Full Interior: IMAG1019 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Speeder Garage: IMAG1021 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Top Floor Seating Area: IMAG1023 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Bottom Floor Front Area: IMAG1026 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Bottom Floor Deployment Area: IMAG1028 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Top Floor Access Ladder: 2016-08-07_10-36-53 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Troop Deploying: 2016-08-07_10-27-42 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Cockpit Area IMAG1030 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Assault on Hoth!: Assault on Hoth by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr The AT-AT at Brickfiesta: Another brickfiesta in the books! by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr is a youtube video detailing all the features of the model, including the motorized deployment cable. Check my flickr for progress photos starting from the first LDD files. Special thanks to Cavegod and LILmeFromDaFuture. I got a lot of inspiration from their models/techniques. Let me know what you guys think. Sorry for the cell phone quality pictures. Would buy new camera but can't stop spending money on lego parts ;). I'm considering distributing/selling the LDD files for this model if there's interest. They do need some refinements, however.
  14. Hello everyone, finally after almost 10 months I can present my new MOC. This time I decided to make a risky choice and wanted to recreate a "mighty and bad" vehicle that when I saw Episode IX immediately reminded me of a snowmobile. I spent a lot of time designing the two troopers. I wanted to recreate the right anatomy and I wanted to capture the right details. Little is seen in the film but this too is a medium that deserved a UCS version. To give you an idea, the "Driver Trooper" helmet is made up of 137 bricks and the "Jet Trooper" helmet is made up of 141 bricks. Here are some info on the MOC: - 5956 bricks and 2 minifigs - lenght 80,0 cm - width 25,2 cm - height 35,2 cm Here is a small presentation teaser I really hope you like it!
  15. Hi there, Recently I've seen amazing lego build on: Lego Ideas. Unfortunately it did not come through. So I decided to build one myself. Using Icemann pictures as references and studying collectibles I've come up with somewhat different build than original Icemann's. Went through dozens of ideas how to create round probe body and head and trying to decorate it as close as possible to movie and star wars wiki designs. Drone stats: Brick count: ~950 Brick count stand: ~70 Dimensions (WxDxH): 12cm x 12cm x 10cm / 5" x 5" x 4" + arms stretch about 12cm (5") [excluding antennas] All arms can move independently - each arm joint has it's own lego-joint and whole arm is mounted on towball joint type, also head can rotate freely. Thx for all replays and for pointing out one major flaw in probe design - to small head (thx Meatcan!). Here are some new renders of the new version: I'm posting LDD file for a probe with detailed PDF manual. If you'd like to throw some money in my general direction - please do not hesitate :P [paypal] PDF (reupload): LDD (reupload): LDD stand: XML (Bricklink, parts list): Feel free to comment and have a good day :) Best
  16. Commander Aufik

    [M13-devaron-TT] An old wreckage

    *Your entry has earned 6 XP* Far from Naboo and Lemrik, ground of a jungle planet called Devaron is patroled by troopers, fighters and walkers. One of those patrols found an old wrecked interceptor, once belonging to a jedi padawan who crashlanded here during order 66. -------------- A small entry for the ltc.
  17. Every couple years I come back to see what’s going on these days in the world of Lego, something that I’ve noticed is the lack of decent sets these days. for an example, 2005(6) and 2008 saw two big sets being the Turbo Tank and MTT and Sand Crawler, these many years later were re-released as these tiny compact sets that cost just as much. In fact, it’s not with just larger sets, it’s with the medium sized sets as well like the AAT for example. Maybe I’m just cynical? It feels like back in the 2000s there were some really special things that Lego produced, such as the glow up lightsabers, and I feel bad for the group of kids growing up on this line of productions. There’s something about Lego Star Wars that has gotten worse, maybe it’s the overly compact scale downs of sets, however, it’s just very rare these days that even while looking through videos, do I see anything that compares to the days over a decade ago.
  18. *Your entry has earned 60 XP* Our missions on Ambria and Dathomir were a bit too exciting for my liking, although they had earned me a promotion and a trust very valuable to me. Our next mission would be to secure the moon of Endor, where that fateful battle, in which we lost so many, was fought. It was about time we had our revenge, and as the NR rangers suspect shady business going on throughout the galaxy, the core is conveniently in denial of our ever-growing presence. We must be patient. Our time will come. The time when we have amassed enough resources to complete our ultimate mission. The final mission… As DT-R65 walks out of the lambda class shuttle, the moist air condenses on his visors, bringing him back to when he first fought here. The objective? Acquire weapons stored since before the first battle of Endor and advise the mobilization of troops to exterminate the local fauna. It seems smugglers and bounty hunter scum had already claimed the weapons cache, and were now selling weapons to both NR and Triumvirate forces. A reminder of the accelerating chaos growing in the galaxy with the New republic regime… Lieutenant Conwick, operating number ISB-098, is in charge of one of the platoons stationed here. As we make our way towards the received coordinates fallen troopers lay scattered, impaled and beaten. Helmets pierced by pikes decorate this savage combat zone. The fauna was more intelligent than anticipated, and was quick to adapt. We do however have one advantage; brute force. Conwick approaches on an AT-RT. Haven’t seen one of those in ages… In front of him stands the presumed weapons dealer, a Duros. A Pyke stands beside him, a bounty hunter by the looks of him, no doubt connected to the syndicate. They wear imperial armor, a mockery of the uniform… Their pit droids drop off the crate filled with high standard mandalorian weapons. They will serve the empire most effectively… Lieutenant Conwick -Moff Kurath, we are honored by your presence. Moff Kurath (DT-R65) -I see your efforts here have yet to be proven… Your platoon has taken some losses. Lieutenant Conwick With all your experience in special operations, we will wipe out the remaining obstacles. Especially with the reinforcements you have dispatched. A squad of heavily equipped shock troopers march to meet the challenge. The beasts native to this moon will be burned, just like the rest of those who oppose us... AT-RT design by Inthert. Swamp speeder design by 8thbrotherbrick. AT-DT is of my own design, inspired by Sean Drews and concept art. There are 5 ewoks hiding in this MOC, can you spot them?
  19. *Your entry has earned 12 XP* Friends of droids, clankers and CIS: Please look away! There is it. * PEW PEW * Got it! And there it goes. Excellent shot, Gecko! Let's return to base. Drinks on you. What?! Wait, wait, wait, I didn't agree to it. Not my problem. You shot the droid, you have to pay for it. Those are the rules, we all agreed on. I am not entirely happy, how the MOC turned out. One of those builds, where the idea is better than the finished build. I first tried my luck with half an ARC-170, but I had the same problem as my comrade @Simulterious with his crashed TIE. The only difference he decided to stick with his plans. But I changed fighters: to a good old Vulture Droid. One of the best things to come out Episode I (with its counterpart the Naboo Fighter). I m happy over feedback. (The photo isn't the best, I know. My camera has given up, in the middle of the shot. So, not good) The next MOC(s) will have some more story. Or just a story. I can't really say, that my MOCs are story-driven. So there's that. So don't despair, I have plans. Greetings from the Empire
  20. A signal of a scout was lost near a native village. When invetigators got there, the driver was already dead. As of right now, It is still unknown weather this was a crime against the Pentastar Alignment. Report of TK-3465. Instagram:
  21. Chicken bricks

    Star Wars - Star Chicken

    I made a short animated film of lego in blender. I have used lego pieces to make everything but have a twist on the traditional stop motion movies. Hope it makes you smile. [media] [/media]
  22. A_C

    AT-ST MOC by A_C

    Hi, I've built a AT-ST MOC. It's the version appeared in the movie. Hope you like it. Some of the features are: total 716 pieces 2 seats for Minifig movable and modular head hinged roof top a bit bigger foot to increase stability leg is limited to move but can stand by its own with a simple inter-locking mechanism It's now posted on Rebrickable: Change Log: 2021-1-17 v1.5 (716 pieces) - trimmed the head a little - stronger legs - overall added more details 2020-11-28 v1.2 (729 pieces) - changed the pose of the legs - more details added to the body 2020-11-25 v1.1 (726 pieces) - hinged roof top - changed the back of the head a little - strengthened the leg a little 2020-11-18 v1.0 Initial Release (724 pieces)
  23. Hi everyone, this is my first MOC design, a minifig scale UCS style 501st Legion BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighter. The inspiration came after watching the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It was awesome to finally see the BTL-B Y-Wing in 501st colours and I knew instantly I wanted a minifig scale version to go with my other Star Wars minifig scale ships. I've been slowly chipping away at this over the last few months, and I’ve spent a lot of time finessing the shape, proportions, colouring and details to make this design as accurate as possible. I think I have found a good balance of aesthetics, ease of construction and strength, as the design is very robust and "swooshable" for a model this big. It is approximately 1800-2000 pieces (need to update the Studio model before I know for sure), 61cm long, 28cm wide and 9cm high. To keep the proportions and look of the BTL-B Y-Wing correct, the cockpit is built with removable seats to allow minifigs to be placed for display if desired, and I opted to only allow the head of an astromech droid to be added for the same reason. I've made sure to add all of the weapon detailing, including an opening bomb bay with proton bombs, and have also added folding landing gear. I’m finishing off the instructions now and should hopefully have them done in a few weeks. I'll post the link on here once they are complete. Thanks for looking! I hope you like the design and happy to hear any feedback :)
  24. My Version of a 1:40 minifigure scale T-65 X-Wing. It took a while to bring all the Angles together that make the front Body looks like it should. Unfortunatly i didn't made a better picture of the slim Front Edge of the Wing made of round Slopes. I took the Standard Turbine and turned it 90°. Guess i'm gonna show some more Pictures of the Wing Design in Time...
  25. I love the look of the Mandalorian on his speeder bike, as showcased in the Season 2 key art: This speeder appears in the new set "Trouble on Tatooine" (75299), and is a reasonably decent approximation considering it has to be sturdy and hold up to play. There are a few shaping inaccuracies, but that's par for the course. For reference, here's the official LEGO vehicle with no tweaks other than a hastily cobbled-together stand (and my unorthodox placement of the cape, with the left arm threading one of the neck holes to hold it at the desired display angle): The major downside, as with most LEGO speeders, is the scale! While it has some nice detail, it's simply much too large in comparison to the minifigure. The "foot pedals" (at least, that's what I presume the struts with the dark orange brackets are meant to be) are a case in point -- they're huge relative to the minifig, and nowhere near Mando's feet! So, despite the inevitability of loosing some greebling opportunities, I decided to take a stab at a scaled-down speeder bike for Mando to ride that would still successfully evoke the vehicle from the show. I also set myself the challenge of only using parts from 75299! Here's what I came up with: It's reasonably sturdy, fits both Grogu and Mando's Amban phase-pulse blaster, and the nose fortuitously lies at the correct angle. This design also allows Mando to sit a little more upright in his seat! But it's still not quite where I wanted it to be, so I did one final tweak with a few additional bars with clips, some swapped out colors, and a smooth base: Mando can now lean forward slightly as he does on the key art, which allows his cape to be properly affixed without getting crimped up. His hands still can't properly "grab" the handlebars, but it's close enough for my purposes. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has undertaken this challenge, so I'll probably be inspired to revisit this build in the future. For now, though, this makes me happy!