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Found 1295 results

  1. "Commander Cody, prepare the gunships for ground assault!" Let's give the Midi-Scale treatment to another timeless ship: the LAAT Gunship or Republic Gunship from The Clone Wars. Being a fan of the sleek and flush Clone Wars era design, I thought this variant deserved more attention, especially in Midi-Scale. This Midi LAAT/i consists of 1,015 pieces, measures only 22cm (without guns), and is accurately Microfig-scaled. It features a fully SNOT look, openable front doors, and a removable stand that can be tilted to taste. Design-wise, this ship was full of challenges, with lots of subtle angles and curved surfaces everywhere. Shaping the front section wasn't an easy task at this scale, as well as adding that crucial touch of lime green without any stickers. All of this resulted in a pretty intricate structure, especially for the front section. The angled rear section of the body features other details such as missile belts, exhaust slats and tail cannon. The underside of the ship is also fully SNOT-built. Initially, all four doors could be opened, but I chose to remove the less useful rear door mechanism for a smoother, easier building process. ► Instructions for the LAAT are available at BrickVault! More pictures on my Flickr page.
  2. A small MOC scene to show off some custom minifig blasters... I got Commando Rex in there. hee hee... The bounty hunter is Ketsu Onyo from Star Wars Rebels. And, yes, I used an xacto to make her Westar-35.
  3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014 UPDATE: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi! Instructions for my Snowspeeder model are now available at Instructions are made by Eric Albrecht (Blakbird) and have 125 pages. Model itself has 2191 parts. I'll update this post with rebrickable url later when it's online. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- earlier 2014 update ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, I have updated this model: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014 UPDATE ends, original first post from now on -> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi. After my first Technic x-wing MOC I'm tryint to build the rebel snowspeeder. (T-47 airspeeder) Speeder will be roughly in the same scale with the x-wing: Here are first photos of the T-47. Feel free to point out anything that looks off. I need to get more light gray parts as I had to use dark grey in wrong places ;D My reference photos show that even the models used in movies have wings in different angles when looked from the rear. I guess I'll use wing angle that fits the best with my parts. My plan is to have two joystick in cockpit. Other one to control the "ailerons" on top of the engines and the other one to control rear "gun". Don't know yet if the cabin hatch should be motorized or not. -drakmin Drakmin's youtube
  4. drakmin

    [MOC] 1400mm X-wing

    Today I started a new model. I'll build it mainly using light bluish grey Technic parts. Here's a first sketch to plan Bricklink order:
  5. I'm absolutely delighted to present Darth Maul's Scimitar, or Sith Infiltrator - 100% minifig scale with a fully detailed interior! Build features: Semi-circular opening rear doors with a retractable boarding ramp lead into the lower floor of the main hull, where you'll find a fold-down bunk, a laser-gated holding cell and various storage compartments. A 'repulsor-lift elevator' takes you to the upper floor which is the flight deck, with passenger seating and Darth Maul's control console. From the lower floor a corridor narrows down into a maintenance crawl-space and leads through to various engineering access chambers - and eventually takes you out into the cargo hold, where the Bloodfin speeder and Dark Eye probe droids are stored. An access ramp lowers from the cargo hold (under the very front of the ship) + 2 panels under the ship's hull open for retractable landing gear with a fold-out landing pad under the main hull. The roof of the rear section is removable + the flight deck can also be lifted out to allow access to the lower floor + the whole roof of the front section is hinged to open fully, revealing some of the cloaking shield, hyperdrive and other engine components. I've designed a 306-piece tilted stand to display the ship in 'wings open' flight mode - the front of the display stand is fitted with a black 8 x 16 tile, for those who like to have custom UCS plaques on their ships. The display stand + Bloodfin Speeder + Dark Eye probe droids are all FREE downloads on my Rebrickable page :) During 18 months of it's building and design, I've spent hours studying source material for this ship, especially the floorplans - and I've put a lot of effort into keeping it as close to the original as possible without the whole ship becoming overly large. Having the correct proportions with its incredibly unbalanced front and rear sections + those large folding solar panels on the sides was very challenging - and keeping it all sturdy without any sag was quite a task, but it's turned out to be a solid build - you can swoosh this ship around until your arm hurts (I have!) and it'll be fine :) Specifications: This build uses 4244 pieces (not including the display stand, speeder or droids), is 63.4cm (25") long and 48cm (18.9") wide at the wing panels. Height is 18cm (7.1") standing on its landing gear + 42cm (16.6") high at the tip of the highest wing panel whilst in flight mode on the display stand. Weight is approximately 3.3kg (7.28 lb). TL,DR... I totally geeked out and went nuts on the details and here are a million pics of the results:
  6. BarfolomewMog

    R2-D2 Smasher class Battle Mech

    So I thought this series was finished, but apparently not haha! This is a re-colour and Mod of{"iconly":0} I bought this set for my kids when it came out and I've always admired the way it captures the stance and feel of the Hulkbuster in such a simple and efficient manner. When the - Mini polybag&category=[Star Wars][Mini][Star Wars Episode 4/5/6]#T=S&O={"iconly":0} came out I couldn't help but feel that this was a mash-up that needed to happen! He stands a touch over half the height of my other mechs but I think he fits right in with this motley crew haha! I tried to get this ready by the end of Mech-tober but ran out of time. "R2-D2, be reasonable about this!!!" by Greg Dalink, on Flickr R2-D2 Smasher Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr R2-D2 Smasher Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr I had a lot of fun building this guy and I hope you like it!
  7. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Biblo's Supply Walker

    Biblo is a droid, living on the planet Tattooine. He drives a walking unit, built by himself using several parts of wrecked AT-walkers and pieces of other vehicles. Biblo travels trough Tattooine , searching for wrecked spaceships and vehicles to collect their parts and supply's. Maybe a defective Podracer would also have his interest.. ;) Biblo isn't allied with the Republic or the Rebellion . He provides everyone with supply's and parts who needs them. Biblo isn't a combatitive droid, but he has a harpoon gun for using when he's in trouble. 01_ Biblos_Supply_Walker by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Biblos_Supply_Walker by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 03_Biblos_Supply_Walker by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Biblo's Supply Walker and Biblo are not an official Star Wars vethicle and character. It's designed by myself, inspired on the Star Wars stories. Pictures on Flickr:
  8. UCS Kintan Strider Speeder Bike As featured in the Book of Boba Fett • by Corey Schaaf | It's been fun putting this build together. I've worked with so many different people on executing this project. From working with a manufacturer for a custom case, to my signature Printed UCS Plaques, the unique serialized tiles that's different for every build, to the UCS Stickers from a company in the UK - to the final print production of my Limited Edition UCS Instruction manual — I can just about call this one complete. Pieces: 2,285 + 2 Minifigs Weight: 71.5 oz | 4.7lbs Width: 57.6 cm | 22.7 in Length: 25.6 cm | 10.1 in Height: 24.8 cm | 9.7 in Estimated Part Costs: $375-$450 My manual is built in the same way my original UCS instruction manual for the Resistance Troop Transport ship was designed but in a much smaller print run. Only 150 copies of my manual will be available. Email subscribers will be notified when the pre-sale starts, so if you're interested, I would encourage you to visit and signup via the email link at the bottom of the page. You can find all the details and specifications on my website for this build at If you have any questions, feel free to ask! You can also give me a follow me on as well. New Video of MOC Just added
  9. The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy just joined my Midi-Scale ship collection! Here comes the Millennium Falcon from Episode IV – A New Hope. Made of 2,178 pieces, measuring only 34cm and weighting almost 1kg, this compact yet dense Falcon was another unique challenge at this scale. After seeing some great-looking Figscale MOCs of this tricky ship, I couldn't resist making a Midi version. With this design, I took a different approach than most other Falcons out there, and wanted it to look as sleek and gapless as possible. This resulted in a pretty elaborate and unique mix of paneling techniques that involved a lot of SNOT building. One of my priorities was to faithfully reproduce the curved saucer shape on both sides of the ship, and not only on top. As a result, the build features all the details and shapes of the original 1977 studio model, from top to bottom. The overall thickness of the ship was another concern. I wanted it to be as thin as the original, while being able to sandwich some tasty greebles and even the hyperdrive engine bay inside the saucer. The Falcon has two display modes, "in-flight" with its canted stand, and "landed" with easy-to-install landing gear. It also includes a working ramp. ► Instructions for the Millennium Falcon are available at BrickVault. More pictures on my Flickr page.
  10. Darth Maul's modified Razalon FC-20 "Bloodfin" Speeder! Stored in Lord Maul's Scimitar front cargo area and deployed via the bow access hatch. Seen briefly in The Phantom Menace when Darth Maul attempts to intercept Padme and Qui Gonn et all as they're leaving Tatooine - with a quick try at squishing young Anakin Skywalker by riding over him - because why not? :) In screenshots from the film, the Bloodfin appears to be very dark grey in colour or dark brown, or possibly a very dusty black. Toy manufacturers and graphic designers have portrayed it as being all different colours from beige and brown to grey and many 2-tone variants... so, I included a few colour ideas for you in the photos, although in the instructions I've stuck to Dark-Bluish Grey with Reddish Brown seats. I'll be happy to see other people's ideas! Free instructions on Rebrickable!
  11. Pirean_Grammaticul


    things changed: -lowered cockpit down roughly 1 brick, changed build around cockpit region to slope into wings, taper into body, round out the rear to more accurately reflect the shape of the model in canon -filled in gaps with 1 tile width across whole body; requires some gaps in wing construction -replaced guns for accuracy; subject to further change to reduce conspicuousness -cut up stickers to apply across model -cut cockpit -nexo tile at front to hammer in the point :) working on instructions if anyone's interested. if ur curious on scale it works like this
  12. *Your entry has earned 4 XP (S:1.5, T:1, A:1.5) Layout of Ryek's Garage
  13. Hello all, I am currently working on the Malevolence as seen in the clone wars, this is the first big build I am doing. Comments and criticism are welcome!
  14. casewindu

    Lucky LEGO finds

    I have been lucky twice with lego : The first was when i was about 8 and i was walking with my dad past this charity shop by my house. When i look in i was astonnished to find a huge box with what i would later find out to be : 6376 breezway cafe 6666 ambulance (best ambulance ever) 6552 rocky river retreat 6398 central precinct HQ 6472 gas n' wash express (the one that the new garage comming out is based on) 6595 surf shack 6670 rescue rig 6593 blaze battler 6353 coastal cutter 6658 bulldozer and many more including some big truck with a space shuttle on it! and baseplates, cars, trees, and a load of figs! these sets created the best city ever made and all my friends were sooooo gelous! :-D and all for
  15. Hi everyone, I've been playing with luminous materials in Studio and have tried to replicate the kind of basic global illumination style HDRI lighting I used to aim for in Cinema 4D. Below is the result, the first render is my lighting with Intensity in Studio's Render menu set to zero and for comparison below that is the standard Mechanic lighting with Intensity 2. I think that by getting rid of the default illumination and effectively turning off the HDR sky in Studio the model looks less overexposed, especially the upward facing surfaces which instantly lose the bright, sterile white reflection. The darker model means the highlights stand out a lot more, and since studs and edges are reflective there are plenty of nice highlights to look at! I also added some illumination in the scene, the white parts around the edge of the landing pad and in the upright light are luminous soft white and there is a bit of glow coming from the engines. I rendered these with transparent background and added a coloured backdrop and some noise in Photoshop. It's not a realistic image by any means but I think it'd a decent improvement, it's certainly helped my renders blend in with my photos on Instagram profile. Here's the Studio file of the lighting arrangement (_HDRI Lights by if you'd like to to give it a try, remember to turn the "Illumination" option in the Render window down to "0" before clicking render. To achieve the lighting effect I arranged a heap of large plate pieces into rings, angled them at downwards to aim at the subject positioned in the centre and positioned a few luminous panel spotlights directly above to give extra shadows and highlights. Other lights can be toggled on and off by Hiding/Showing the parts groups, so it's possible to light objects slightly differently for example all light from one side to give the impression of a bright planet. Here's how it all looks in Studio... Here's a few more examples with different models. I hope the idea is useful, any suggestions to help me improve the set up would be great, and feel free to use and abuse the lighting set up if you like it and I'd love to see other models rendered in this style.
  16. Rustinidiel

    [MOC] Trooper Mechsuit

    Designed in Empire era, this mechsuit was built in few models and destinated to annihilate enemies on the battlefield. despite there are a few prototypes, this mechsuit gives to the trooper inside a great stength without losing agility, Mechsuit_Trooper by Rusty B., su Flickr The "Empire Trooper" mechsuit has a high powerful laser cannon mounted on one arm and the freedom to hold another weapon, or a tower shield, with the other hand. Mechsuit_Empire_Trooper by Rusty B., su Flickr the "Death Trooper" mechsuit has a high powerful laser cannon mounted on one arm and the freedom to hold another weapon, like a big trooper lightsaber, with the other hand. Also, this infiltration model is equipped with a Jetpack. Mechsuit_Death_Trooper by Rusty B., su Flickr The "Elite Trooper" mechsuit has a high powerful laser cannon mounted on one arm and the freedom to hold another weapon, like a electrostaff, with the other hand. Mechsuit_Elite_Trooper by Rusty B., su Flickr instructions of all models are avaiable here: Empire Trooper Death Trooper Elite Trooper All pictures can be found on my Flickr. i hope you like this design, i really appreciate comments and criticism
  17. May the 4th be with you. Welcome to Eurobrick's annual Star Wars contest! There are many ways to participate, and lots of ways to win! Yes, we're starting the contest a little early this year. But it goes through May 4th so that's all that counts, right!?! General Rules The contest runs April 5th through June 5th. As long as it's still June 5th somewhere in the world, you can still enter. All entries must be new builds not shown online or publicly before April 4th, 2023. Only official LEGO elements should be used. Avoid third party parts or clone bricks. Digital entries will be allowed. All digital entries must use only existing pieces in existing colors. Entries may be updated as long as the contest is still open. All entries must be posted as a new topic in the Watto’s Junkyard forum with the title prefixed by, "[M4-23 - category] - entry name". (For example, "[M4-23 - 12x12 Vignette] – Sarlacc Pit".) You may do a 'full-blown photo edit' with all the text, effects, background compositing, support erasing, and other effects on one picture. All your other pictures may have no editing other than color adjustment or background removal for a solid-color background. For obvious reasons, any photo editing that changes the shape, functionality, or color (not tint or adjustment, but actual color) of a LEGO piece is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use the Lego logo in any picture. The only size restrictions are the Minifigure Habitat and the Nature is After You categories. The other 2 categories can be any size or scale. As this is a Star Wars contest all entries need to be Star Wars related. A link should be included in this thread to ensure your entry is counted. This contest is open to all EB members, even if they joined EB after the contest has begun, with the exception of the Star Wars staff, who are not eligible to win prizes. Each contestant can only win 1 category prize and 1 individual prize, if multiple categories are won by the same contestant, he/she chooses which prize to receive and the other prizes will be awarded to the runner ups. You can use this stamp on your photos if you'd like: Judging Method There will be a team judges who will score builds based on the following criteria: Category: Pass/Fail Does your build fit the category? Majority vote of the judges decides pass/fail if the vote isn't unanimous. Storytelling ?/10 Does your build communicate a story all on it's own? Aesthetics ?/10 Detailing, build composition, and visual impact. Technical Ability ?/10 How well you use building techniques. SNOT, NPU, and movement are all elements of this category. Final Score: ?/30 Individual Awards Grand Admiral: awarded to the competitor with the highest total score combined from all entered categories. To win the Grand Admiral prize you must enter at least 3 categories. Categories Minifigure Habitat Create 3 or more purist Star Wars minifigures and a habitat for them. These minifigures should fit in context with their habitat. Maybe you create a room from the Jedi Temple with 3 Jedi. Or maybe a hanger bay with 2 mechanics and 1 pilot. The habitat should be no larger than 16x16x16. No odd combination baseplate footprints allowed. The largest a side may be is 16 studs. The tallest it may be is 16 studs. The habitat may be smaller than 16x16x16. Example: Imperial Ship Create a ship that would fit the Imperial aesthetic. You can use an existing ship design or create your own. You can create a TIE variant, shuttle variant, or something unique. Your ship must seat at least 1 human pilot and may be no larger than a Lambda class shuttle. So no Stardestroyers. A setting for your vehicle is allowed but not required. Example: Rogue Clone Show a Clone going against the norm. You can show a scene already represented in film media like Rex helping Ahsoka. Or you can create your own clone in his own scenario. Any scenario from the Clone Wars through Rebels is acceptable. Maybe the clone has "malfunctioned" and is killing Jedi before Order 66 is officially given. Or maybe your clone is refusing to obey the Empire anymore as we've seen in Bad Batch. Example: Nature Is After You! Create a scene from a jungle or forest planet and show why it's a dangerous place. You can create a scene from Felucia and show a plant eating someone. Or you can create a scene from Endor and show Ewoks eating a stormtrooper. Minimum size is 16x16. No maximum requirement. Example: Prizes Minifigure Habitat - First place wins a set or sets with an equivalent value up to 35 Euro as their prize like: Imperial Ship - First place wins a set or sets with an equivalent value up to 65 Euro as their prize like: Rogue Clone - First place wins a set or sets with an equivalent value up to 90 Euro as their prize like: Nature Is After You! - First place wins a set or sets with an equivalent value up to 140 Euro as their prize like: Grand Admiral - A set or sets with an equivalent value up to 240 Euro as their prize like: Fine Print By entering, you consent to Eurobricks reposting your entry on Eurobricks' social media channels, crediting you. Prizes are supplied by TLG and are subject to the rules below. Prize values are determined in accordance with German Shop at Home and prizes are subject to availability on the Shop at Home in the winners' local countries. Some back and forth with Eurobricks staff might be required to select an available prize. Prizes could take 8-10 weeks to arrive but we will keep you updated as much as we are able.
  18. Rapid deployment, rapid success. The Imperial Boarding Craft (Rapid Boarding) is, despite its bulk, a fairly maneuverable craft capable of delivering troops and heavy infantry equipment to almost any target. Outfitted as a small armory, it can be used to breach an enemy position, and then facilitate further troop landings with support from the weapons within. Armed with two laser cannon turrets and equipped with magnetic clamps, boarding charges, and laser cutters, along with its decent troop capacity, this vehicle can pack a punch like the warhead it resembles. Originally a way to get into the craft, the cockpit section can come off. I decided to make it able to turn into a small repulsorlift scout flyer. It's unarmed, but could be modified to carry light weapons on the side, and I was able to put some cargo on the back, although I wasn't able to put a proper 'truck bed' in the back like I wanted to because of structure necessities. Although the model only has nine Stormtroopers, you could almost double that number, and maybe even squeeze in a few more (although I couldn't in because posing a figure isn't as fine-tuned as IRL). There's an E-Web, a small power generator, a rocket launcher, a pair each of DLT-19 and T-21 blasters, thermal detonators, mortar shells, and an ion weapon; along with a couple cargo boxes. Everything can be removed, and other items placed in those spots. Unfortunately, I don't think a figure will fit along the sides, even sitting down. The landing gear work, though you have to remove some small plates from the underside to fully extend them.
  19. The Hunter has become the Hunted. The Rebels created a base within the swamps of Caligo, but the Empire has followed a team back to the planet and are looking for them. The rebels have been dealing with some subterranean nuisances, but unbeknownst to both sides, their presence has also disturbed one of Caligo's more territorial creatures, and Nature has decided to strike back. Only together can they survive. I was originally going to use the Rebel Pathfinders from Endor, but since didn't have the parts, I created my own Rebel Jungle Troopers, with a similar situation with the Rebel jet trooper. I also wanted to include a reference to the E.T. easter egg, but I didn't know if that was allowed or not, so replaced it with the underground scene shown. Wasn't sure about the trees, but I wanted to include some appropriate foliage to accompany the scene.
  20. Felucia can be a most perilous place! It's been years since my last post! I'd been considering posting again and this contest and all the entries inspired me to make the jump. Felucia is a remarkable aesthetic and very inviting for unusual parts usage. I had blast building this scene and hope you enjoy.
  21. This is my entry for the M4-23 Contest: the Eta-5 Hybrid "WarHawk" Starfighter: During the Great Jedi Purge, the Empire developed some new ship designs and upgraded some old ones, as the Darth Vader's Eta-2 Actis Intrceptor, or the Alpha-3 Nimbus-class starfighter, before reaching the "perfection" with the Tie-series. One of thoose prototype was the Eta-5 Hybrid Starfighter, codename "WarHakw", manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. This long range starfighter is basically an high-powered Hyperspace engine with a cockpit and a wing-sytem inspired by the previous Eta-2 class. The result was this hybrid ship, with a good agility in battle and the advantage of being self-contained and therefore perfect for solitary Jedi hunt. Provided with an astromech housing and a cargo-bay, the WarHawk allows to be a multi-purpose ship. I hope you like my work, all comments, suggestion and criticism are appreciated. Wish everyone good luck! P.S.: this entry is a digital one, but the ship is fully buildable and tested in real life. and sorry for my bad english (if someone has suggestion to improve my description for a better comprehension, don't hesitate to tell me)
  22. Introducing the Imperial F-DX Courier Shuttle, designed to provide necessary cargo and supplies to the front line troops. A co-production between Cygnus and Sienar, this lightly armed but well armoured and shielded shuttle is capable of withstanding heavy fire in contested arena's. I had a lot of fun putting this build together. The challenge was to build a fully studless ship with some challenging techniques. The angled pods to the sides which house the engines achieve the angles through mixel joints and minifig stands to brace. The cockpit is accessible both by opening the cockpit or by a door underneath the cockpit. In world a door at the rear of the cockpit allows access to a small internal space for pilot's quarters on long missions. To keep the Imperial aesthetic i've opted for a simple LBG colour scheme with a DBG flourish. Additional images below to examine the build, let me know what you think! -
  23. Time flies in the galaxy and children are always the future of it... In an almost lost farm of a volcanic planet in the Outer Rim Territories, a small family is celebrating a special day with some close friends with great food, drinks and gifts. This was a very fun build, trying to squeeze the scene from the Mandalorian into a tiny 16x16 build. Hope you like it!
  24. ARC-988 also known as Loot deserted the Grand Army of the Republic, after a small skirmish on Naboo. His squad was tasked, to seek and destroy any remaining Trade Federation laboratory on the planet. In. 21BBY another laboratory was destroyed, but during the process, Tau squad was killed, and only Loot survived. Thanks to the natives, his health was restored. He now lives on Naboo, hiding both from the Separatists and the Republic, scavenging and looting from battlefields and trading them, with the locals. Now, he is a simple man making his way through the galaxy... ----- See more pictures in this album: Rogue Clone
  25. When the pilots, mechanics, and other support staff of the Rebel Alliance Starfighter Corps have a some downtime from missions and maintenance, they often partake in pastimes others may find a bit unusual. One of the increasingly popular ones is the racing of modified mouse droids. Some, however, are not amused... This was meant to be in a hangar, but ended up taking inspiration from the hallway(s) of the Tantive IV instead. The door was a bit difficult to squeeze in, but I wanted to include a working one to "seal off" the back.