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  1. Ondra

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    So another lego supercar of 21. century, when half of price going to marketing and brochure? Lets wait for huge sales i almost every shop in my country that was going with porsche. Or no, my bricks after years are cracking and Im not too rich to buy cheaply made things... This is probably my last post on this forum, Im not happy whats going on in TLC.
  2. Czech RRP is about 160€ which is crazy, but online shops probably get these sets from Germany so i can found this set about 100 euro.
  3. Im running out of place and I want nice looking set. So question is,go for extreme adventurer?Or wait for photos of Mack Truck? I can found 42069 for pretty low price, but Mack seems to be big licensed American Truck with trailer that almost everybody wanted.
  4. This set looks like fun to build, but colours are eyesore for these type of vehicle.Functions for 140 euro set are pretty basic. Glorified parts pack in my eyes.
  5. Well first half of 2018 looks same boring as second half of 2017.I dont know if there is strategy to aiming sets mostly towards kids. Well Im not pesimistic at all, I must admit that Mack truck silhouette looks amazing.And for long time technic truck with trailer!Imagine amounts of possible trailers!
  6. Ondra

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    42069 german price is 129 € but In czech republic is priced 4500 crowns, which is about 160€. Well Im tired of your prices for my country, and now this?You are pretty bad at math dear TLC. Price for this vehicle killed potentional two buyers me and my friend, and dont tell me to go to Germany and wasting a day for buying some plastic bricks...
  7. Ondra

    CREATOR 2017

    I hope its truly minifig scale.
  8. Ondra

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    I must say Destiny bounty is great looking ship and price is good.Much better price/piece ratio than Temple of Airjitzu.
  9. Ondra

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    I predicted it few pages before, same scheme as 8297 .
  10. Ondra

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    These vehicles especially Red Mech and Dragon looks fabulous, I only hope they will not be smaller in set form.
  11. I bet that official sets doesnt include fake engine... As say last year, you are genius.
  12. Ondra

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Well this time of year is now kind of sad, few years before there were plenty of videos or photos that well presented upcoming models.I literally was in Nuremberg.This year its like some sneak peek, maybe next year banned permanently. I know time is harsh but really, this seems to me pretty strict...
  13. It seems that Creator is stepping their game a lot, not only Expert range but "normal" range seems to be every year better and better(Hello year 2017, I look at you ) .When city fails and their only budget is police, fire department or research teams, creator is going to save the day for minifigs(And buyers). What I like to see is police cruiser in 8-10 stud wide range and also in 1:16 scale or bigger to chase down these great creator cars!Also I like to see sedan, combi, muscle type of vehicle in normal creator range. Thanks for read
  14. Ondra

    42068 vs. 8454

    Well I dont want to backseat moderator, but this is friendly forum.Dont need to be rude to other in such hysterical way.
  15. Ondra

    CREATOR 2017