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  1. Ondra

    LEGO Trains 2024

    This train reminds me a lot 7725, which was my favourite set of 12V era . Im already planning to buy two sets, and made one train longer and one small. Price is kinda ok in my country. I really hope it will be start of smaller and hand operated trains in near future.
  2. Last 4x4² variant from brand new G-Class is exactly two years old.
  3. I think 4x4 licensed behicle will be G-class from mercedes especially variant 4x4² . It makes most sense for me.
  4. I really hope its just building with some interior bits and not wasting pieces for some trees like in sets before. Notre Dame is really fascinating building, lets hope like day before release is not cancelled because "muh religion" .
  5. Ondra

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Im sorry to say, but this set is perfect tragedy. Price devastating IP, that also demolish solid locomotive design, set is full of mishaps like wrong names of cities, which is so wrong for set for 300 euro. This is L gauge but actually never intended to be driven with motor or with magnetic couplers. If I had to choose beetween Concorde and this same piece/weight range concorde is no brainer. Which is for me really sad, considering I love Orient Express trains and this looks decent actually.
  6. Ondra

    2024 Friends sets

    That mansion is something spectacular, and I never saw something similar in good meaning.
  7. Ondra

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    When I see Museum, It reminds me a lot ways Modular Town Hall. And I see Town Hall as worst modular ever and this Museum feels like it will be second one. Both building are very similar, just stacked bricks with so small amount of details into crazy amount of space. Thats very sad, because I always wanted museum as modular. 2023 is weird years for lego collecting. Every, except probably Concord, set for adults feels like they are missing some magic touch like they used to have.
  8. Ondra

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    90 dollars for this lousy ship with 400 pieces when galaxy explorer is like 100 dollars for 1200 pieces. Are they testing limits of customers or how are they blind?
  9. Seriously, whats going on with lego like last ten sets for adults are straight to the bin material. I kinda wish for Chewbacca, but not this parody for 200 euro... Bummer
  10. Ondra

    Worst City Sets?

    My opinion is hate of company, seriously get things straight. Opinion is hate, for Jesus. So we are on fan site and we will be licking lego boots till end of days. Right? That company literally doesnt care about any afol opinion, if i hate for example stickers Im allowed to do because rival companies did prints for cheaper. Is this hate, no. Please mind you own business, and dont challenge every opinion here...
  11. According to our online stores, this set is now in top ten of best selling lego sets. I see it made it on top before christmas.
  12. Lets shill for biggest toy company for doing barebone technic cars in 200 euro price point. This will fix everything! Technic used to be my GOAT, now it lost all charms for me.