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  1. Indeed. Ideas and such can go here:
  2. https://www.brickfanatics.com/we-might-first-look-90th-anniversary-set/
  3. The blue printing on the Pirelli tires indicates they are full wet tires. They were probably chosen because there are currently no slick tires in this size. The rear shot of the F1 car on the back of the box looks pretty good. I just don't like the blocky look on the rest of the car. The front suspension looks very sparse.
  4. Check out Bob De Quatre's review of LEGO Friends set 41684 - Heartlake City Grand Hotel in the Town forum.
  5. Rick

    10278 Police Station

    Let's get back to discussing the modular and not shipping issues to the UK.
  6. Rick

    Friends 2021 - Rumours & Discussion

    Here you go.
  7. Rick

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Haha, I guess it could also be a sign we're halfway. The next decade of modulars will have their pins on the left. But given the new road system that was introduced, I think this may signal the end of the baseplate for the modular line as well.
  8. Rick

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I have not built mine yet, but I cannot believe I didn't read that in any review yet. I guess it could be interpreted as a sign of Lego switching to plates for the base of the modulars after all.
  9. Rick

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    If you want a certain modular, get it within three years. Anything else seems based on commercial success or inventory. Fire Brigade was the first set to stick around much longer than it "should have" and get additional production runs, if I recall correctly.
  10. Rick

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    I've been keeping an eye on this discussion for a while and considered stepping in a couple of times when I feared it would get out of hand. You are free to share your opinions here and I by no means mean to shut anyone up or single anyone out, but please keep it civilised. It looks like there are some people with pretty strong opinions on both sides of the argument and, as an outside observer, I don't see either side convince the other. I don't think it should necessarily be the purpose of a discussion thread to make people change their mind. Please keep that in mind when replying. Anyway, enjoy the holidays everyone.
  11. Rick

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It eats up quite some parts though to make them stand-alone buildings.
  12. Rick

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Given that the road plates are supposed to tie the town together, I'm a bit surprised that so many slope pieces instead of extra 2 x 4 tiles (to connect the sets) are provided with the sets. If you own a couple of these sets, you end up with many spare slopes quite quickly.
  13. Rick

    [MOC] Vintage Police Car

    If only LEGO would have held a "build a classic police" car last year. Looks great.