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  1. [MOC] Amsterdam Canal Houses

    It's been a while since Market Street was released and it was not done by a LEGO designer. It'd be really nice to see Jaimy's take on this in a current modular building. Having said that: great MOC! You really brought it alive by the street (and canal) scenery and the detailed interiors.
  2. Historica Guilds Glitch

    Thanks for the report. I moved them back to where they belong.
  3. MnnMtq definitely impresses with his first post on Eurobricks. He has painstakingly recreated Madrid's Metropolis building in LEGO. Check out the accuracy of the shape of the dome and all the other architectural details in the Town forum.
  4. Eurobricks moderator and Reviewers Academy Teacher WhiteFang has just completed his review of the LEGO Ninjago Movie's offering of Collectable Minifigures. Ready to explore 20 new minifigures and a load of brand new accessories? Head over to the Action and Adventure Themes forum for an in-depth analysis.
  5. Speed Champions

    Here you go.
  6. Discuss rumours regarding 2018 Speed Champions sets in this topic. No wish lists or "what I would like to see" please.
  7. Discuss rumours regarding 2018 Friends sets in this topic. No wish lists or "what I would like to see" please.
  8. Test Poll

    I've set the Technic forum to the main EB theme. Could a couple more people try to vote and report their results here? Thanks.
  9. 2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Discussion regarding 2018 City sets in this topic please.
  10. Discuss rumours regarding 2018 City sets in this topic. No wish lists or "what I would like to see" please.
  11. Test Poll

    Works as expected on my Admin account. Tried a regular member account and got the problems that most are reporting (tried both Firefox and Chrome). Edit: Account "Raccoon" was an admin temporarily and was able to vote.
  12. But seriously, Eurobricks is not comparable to local/national LUGs. I think it is safe to say it is (one of) the largest AFOL forum(s) in the world, but it is really hard to compare that to other leading AFOL sites, because their focus is completely different. So any statistics are quite hard to compare I'd say.
  13. Based on the short, steep funicular railway in his hometown of Zagreb, Sven F built this beautiful functional LEGO model. Check out more images in the Town forum. Don't forget to check out the video to see it in action.
  14. Woohoo. Manatee E has arrived and I couldn't have wished for a better prize. Thanks Mike!