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  1. I'll discuss it with Eric.. The modularity of this model should make the instructions process a bit easier...
  2. Thanks my man.. If you wouldn't mind sharing (Privately of course) I would be very interested in how you did your lever HOG shifter in your recent manual AMG model..
  3. I'll try and come up with something new and exciting for the next model.. And it will probably have some type of Ackermann steering...
  4. Volcano RS Supercar

    Nice looking car..! I did a gearbox based on a similar principle a few years ago(built entirely different of course)... One problem was that because there was play in the driving rings, it was possible to engage 2 gears at the same time... As long as the user shifted it properly, there wasn't an issue, but it still existed.. I had since added a white clutch gear as a safety net..
  5. There were several sets that used those dampened shocks for opening functions.. I was referring to regular or standard shocks being used like that...
  6. Many people(including Lego) who build manual models include HOG steering because it is fairly easy to implement and a necessity to easily operate the model.. Including in car steering is actually not the norm anymore in most Lego sets (like the 8070 for example) It's kind of hard to drive a car around using the in car steering wheel(especially pulling the car backwards because the wheel comes off too easily) I mainly include the in car steering just so people can say "Wow, the steering wheel also moves when the car steers" To me the in car steering wheel is more of an after thought since it is never used if there is HOG steering.. My last car had a center console shifter that worked rather flawlessly and I wanted to do something completely different this time...
  7. Milan did an excellent job with this... Jim, I do have one question, the LBG shocks that spring the doors open, I assume they are compressed when the door is shut, correct..? I was always under the impression that this was something kind of taboo from Lego.. Of course when a model is sitting on the ground the shocks are compressed a little anyways... I don't know why, but I could have swore I heard somewhere(may have been in a thread long ago) that this was something that Lego wouldn't do with one of their official models... But now seeing this is in fact ok by Lego standards(at least with the weak spring LBG ones), it gives me some ideas that I normally would have dismissed... Have there been any other sets that used regular shocks like this..? I can see yellow ones cracking from being under constant compression as I already have some cracked just from normal use...
  8. That's an interesting concept having all of those functions with one stick... It would probably be difficult to do, but not impossible.. I have an idea already of how it could be done, but if I couldn't do it in a "legal" way, I would most likely abandon the idea... I also probably would not even bother including a HOG shifter if I already had a remarkable console shiftier that performed all of those functions... It's not unreasonable for people to always expect more, but I did think that I had quite enough interesting things packed into this model already...
  9. Yes, mainly as a simulator that is easy to play with along with also making it very easy to see the current gear that you are in.. One complaint that I had received many times by people that had built my models was that shifting was frustrating because the shifter was hard to get at, so I wanted to do something different.. This new R-N-D center stick isn't too difficult to position because it just moves forward and backwards..
  10. Yes, it turns basically the same way as the 42056 does.. It works pretty much like every other system.. The buttons are the the only real unique part of the module, in fact, these were what brought this idea to a halt(then moved on to the Scoirpion chassis) last year because I could not figure out how to get them to work properly and I wanted the shifter to be it's own unit so the chassis would be modular.. I had posted about the idea of doing a push button HOG system a couple years ago in the "What function doe a supercar need?" thread.. I have no idea how brunojj did the HOG shifting in his car... I've seen his video of it, but it's difficult to really tell what is happening because everything is covered up... I am sure his switchers are designed completely different...
  11. I took some pics yesterday of the little fellow all broken down.. Yes, the 1:10 scale wheels would probably be too small..
  12. Here is the video of all of the inner working mechanisms along with the Hand of God shifting system... There is also a part that shows the full assembly of the 5 modules that make up the chassis..
  13. I am going to get pics and vid of the car/chassis tomorrow, and I'll take the bird with me and break it down and get pics of it.. Should be easy to replicate.. I'll post a link for the pics in this thread or PM them to you..