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  1. There is a bricklink seller that has 9 of them in stock right now.. I checked with him and he sent me a picture of all of the sets together, so it is legit... A bit pricey, but if you must have on now, HERE you go..
  2. Paul Boratko

    42083 B Model Bugatti Formula 1 Race Car

    Here is a side by side pic with the Bugatti... Probably about half.. A LOT of pins left over..
  3. Out of the dozens of cars that I have built over the years, this is my first F1 style car.. Pics HERE Functions include: 4 speed gearbox with paddle shifters on each side of the steering wheel Reverse-Neutral-Drive switch with Reverse being it's own separate gear and isn't influenced by shifting In car and Hand of God steering 4 Wheel independent suspension Fake V10 engine Opening engine cover
  4. This works wonderfully and is very simplistic and straight forward...
  5. Here is a straight forward design with true connections and some slight structural modifications.. This works perfectly and looks pretty tidy...
  6. Ok, you can probably feed and axle on the non gear side of the differential and use some cv joints to make the angle to the steering axle... It might not require as much as much reworking as I thought..
  7. It works very well and all of the axles and universal joints are correct... This mod only took about an hour to do... Looking at the undercarriage of this model, it is indeed going to require some heavy rebuilding to route the steering under the engine and differential, then some reworking on reinforcement parts that will need to be removed and replaced somewhere else..
  8. I guess as long as the differential isn't in the way, you could do that.. Will probably require much more in depth modification..
  9. A HOG Mod was very easy to do.. I modded my wife's model because it is near impossible to steer with the in car steering wheel.. I'll get some better pics later today, but you'll get the idea from these...
  10. Paul Boratko

    [WIP] Miura concept [FKA Codename Silvestros]

    I think that you're heading in the right direction.. This is a very difficult color to build in due to the limitation in Dark Azure parts..
  11. Paul Boratko

    Happy Holidays to all of my Technic brethren!

    I already have it posted twice on Facebook, and have a video on Youtube.. I don't want to "Post-Whore" it as I've seen some builders getting accused of with their models.. I might do an inside functions video soon to show how everything works.. I do have a short video HERE and the pics are HERE... If it gets enough interest, I might do instructions in the future..
  12. Paul Boratko

    Happy Holidays to all of my Technic brethren!

    No, she isn't a member here.. She thinks that we are going to the new Lego store that just opened near us at Ross Park Mall(Pittsburgh) the weekend after January 1st to get one... We are still going to go to the mall to see the new Lego store and then eat at the Cheesecake factory that is right next to it..
  13. Paul Boratko

    Happy Holidays to all of my Technic brethren!

    Santa has one of those new Porsche sets under the tree right now for my wife..
  14. I haven't been posting much here lately, but I wanted to pop in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays..! I hope to see everyone continue to build and inspire throughout the 2019 year and beyond..!