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  1. So, how were the new valves? Did they have progressive control?
  2. They usually do a full reveal and press release a few weeks before the release.
  3. If the "main" colour scheme of the Chiron is anything to go by, I would say that dark blue would be more simillar to the colour of the real car than black would:
  4. It doesn't really look like a conventional brick on the Reddit image: the "studs" look too low in proportion to its height and have black lines across them.
  5. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    Short video of the B-model by the designer:
  6. No, that was a twitter guy joking about the looks of the Mclaren Senna.
  7. Can Jim or any other Staff member put the new set images on the frontpage? There doesn't seem to be anything under the hood, just a few gears between the engine and differential:
  8. According to: https://misterbricks.nl/lego-technic-42076-hovercraft.html The alternative model is a Jetboat ("Jetboot").
  9. Despite the fact that the truck is... much bigger?
  10. The real LR: It has, don't forget the MG Metro.
  11. In previous years, images of smaller 1H sets usually come before the ones of bigger sets, even if the sets get released together. Don't worry.
  12. The sailboat will be very interesting if it ideed has a pulley system. It also seems to be called "sailyatch", instead of catamaran like in the original rumors, and the b-model appears to be a catamaran. A possible switch of models?
  13. I think they meant the day when they did a livestream of the vault.
  14. Looks like TLC is releasing a 40th aniversaty bundle pack on S@H with the BMW bike, telehandler and ultralight helicopter (the sets that combined to form the aniversary car chassis C-model) It's availave in some countries and saves arround 16€ from the combined price of the sets. Source: Brickset