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  1. Like this: https://brickset.com/sets/42031-1/Cherry-Picker ? That set wasn't released that long ago, I don't see them releasing yet another small cherry picker even if the previous one is retired. Besides, they have never released a proper scissor lift platform (Apart from 8109 B, but that one is supposed to be an airport truck, so slightly different).
  2. The 42096 GT racecar has more pieces than the 42039, probably to continue the trend of increased details. On the other hand, 42094 doesn't seem very big, especially considering that it is a tracked vehicle. Nothing else out of the ordinary, really.
  3. My first though was that they would be the 2H numbers, and four sets seem reasonable for that. It would be weird to invert the numbers, though, but it won't the first time they don't follow the usual pattern (42000 and 42084 come to mind).
  4. Kaanere

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I guess it's just to stand out against the chassis and fake engine, as the classic yellow pistons are.
  5. Kaanere

    Discussion: LEGO Architecture 2018

    21026 Venice had St. Marks Basilica, though.
  6. Kaanere

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    What specifically are those spy gadgets anyway? Would they really impact the look of the car in a significant way? EDIT: after researching a bit, some functions (the machine guns, rear shield and ejector seat) seem like they could really affect the shape of the vehicle, so I hope that either TLC cuts down on those or that they manage the way to make them work.
  7. You only need to use a little imagination . For example, you could make a four output distribution gearbox operated by turning a single Bionicle tooth, which would look smoother than a classic lever solution and be simpler and more compact than one using the Porsche mechanism.
  8. There are calibers on the leaked building pictures, and it looks like the rear axle.
  9. Good catch! However, I think that the beacon controls the raising (there's indeed a shaft under it) and the small lever on the side the tilting (what else could it be for?).
  10. That's probably comming as well, but it might be manual like the wing on the Porsche
  11. Kaanere

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    This would result on too much friction between the bars and the connectors, though it's easily solved by using frictionless pins.
  12. Pneumatics would be unnecessarily complex IMHO, especially considering that a purely mechanical system could archieve the same result. TLC also seems reluctant to releasing pnematic systems in general (one set every one or two years).
  13. Sleep is for the weak .
  14. And also WeDo 2.0, wich was confirmed back in the day to preview PF2.0.
  15. Source?