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  1. Not impossible, but if they want to keep the 5 blade swashplate for their next helicopter they still have a few options. From their past licenses Airbus produces the H145, H155, H160 and H225, while Bell has the 525. Plus the options of other manufacturers and unlicensed helicopters.
  2. Definitively a proper swashplate and not a tilting rotor - notice the angle between the swashplate and the rotor mast (vertical). From here it seems like the swashplate sits on another new piece - some sort of angled drum that serves as the lower swashplate. Excited for this set! Hope it isn't the last helicopter with the swashplate piece.
  3. I wonder if it will have headlight covers. Functional ones would probably be too much to ask but fixed ones would be a break from so many round headlights in this series.
  4. According to Promobricks the set is not just the single pyramid, but a diorama featuring half the Cheops Pyramid, two Queen's Pyramid, a section of the Nile River and a few smaller buildings. The pyramid is represented in its historical appearance with white exterior and golden tip, and is split in half to show the interior chambers. Suposedly you can connect two sets together to form a complete pyramid; I'm not sure if that would leave you with two rivers or what. Personally a set about the Great Pyramid with only half the pyramid feels a bit odd. It's not a geometric pyramid anymore . https://www.promobricks.de/lego-21058-pyramide-von-gizeh-vorschau/142591/ Should look kinda like this (with a shorter causeway): (Rightmost)
  5. Maybe they mean that the main and tail rotors rotate at different speeds (tail rotors faster), as both real helicopters and previous Technic helicopters do. Obviously a rotor rotating at variable speeds would be unrealistic for most helicopters. Excited about the prospect of collective and cyclic pitch control .
  6. So I suppose the supercar isn't getting delayed after all? The Daytona SP3 has already been revealed.
  7. Been a long time since I voted on an Eurobricks contest! 3: 10 5: 6 7: 4 1: 3 2: 2 4: 1
  8. As another function/detail, what would you think of fake turboshafts connected to the rotor? If we can have fake piston engines, we can have fake turbines.
  9. Hopefully this means collective and cyclic control to improve on 9396. The year is looking good! Cyclic pitch works on two axis so it can't be motorized with just one function. And I don't feel like it and collective would work as a motorized function since they only have a few degrees of movement and would be hard to control precisely. Rotors, two whinches and landing gear would be the four functions I'd expect. Sliding door could also be a function if only one whinch is included.
  10. I do love my 9396, but that one only has collective control (still an improvement over most Technic helicopters). I meant one with collective and cyclic control.
  11. Would be cool to see a helicopter with an actual swashplate mechanism.
  12. Kaanere

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    The tank in The Last Crusade is a fictional tank loosely based on a WWI British Mark V. Lego has released both WWI vehicles (Sopwith Camel) and fictional Indiana Jones military vehicles in the past (7683 Flying Wing in the last IJ wave), so I wouldn't consider it entirely out of the question.
  13. Kaanere

    LEGO Videogame Tie-Ins - Rumors & Discussion

    And on Brickset: https://brickset.com/article/68175/lego-overwatch-returns!
  14. UnoFred!? How could they do this to Good Ol' Fred!? Now all the animals are gonna be strays! Any investigators here? Or anyone that can provide insight regardless?
  15. I subscribe to the theory that a first-day lynch helps no one but the mafia. With so few peope and no hints as to who could be a mafioso we're left with dumb luck. So I'll vote for no lynch. And to prevent me from disfavoring any other player, I will cast the vote for myself. Vote: Al (Kaanere) I encourage you to do the same.