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    I love lego Technic, though I do like the ocassional Ideas/Architecture/Star Wars set.

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  1. Kaanere

    10318 Concorde

    Airbus holds the trademark for the Concorde.
  2. Kaanere

    10318 Concorde

    Pictures are out! From Reddit: Has a working landing gear and droop nose, plus some interior detail. Interesting to see them using the factory livery instead of Air France/British Airways.
  3. There's rumors of an space-themed CMF series and a new City space wave. Seems like space is the theme of the year.
  4. It's not like the real one has an uniform colour either.
  5. Interesting to see TLC possibly making an orrey. They're relatively popular with MOCers though earth-moon ones are rare. I found an Ideas user with two MOCs on the same concept, which might give us an idea on how they might function. Lego's version probably won't be as detailed since it's in the Technic theme, though: With that PPP they might use prefabricated sphere elements.
  6. AFAIK D2C sets usually aren't shown on these catalogs.
  7. Kaanere

    10318 Concorde

    If LEGO wants a true nation-neutral livery they could allways do the prototype/pre-production liveries: They probably won't, as the two airline liveries can act as the light customization element they add to most Icons vehicle sets.
  8. Actually 2011's 21010: Robie House is bigger in both piece count and price - so this isn't breaking any records!
  9. Ford looks good, probably one of the better cars at this scale. Plane doesn't.
  10. Kaanere

    LEGO Art - Rumours and Discussion

    Set 31208 - Hokusai – The Great Wave has been revealed: Notice the prints for Hokusai's signature and the sailor heads. So far I love it! the combination of the studded and irregular surface of the water with the mosaic background and the tiled edge/frame give the model an interesting and dynamic appearance. Overall I much prefer this (and Starry Night's) style over the simple mosaics earlier in the theme. Hope we see more like it.
  11. Not Architecture proper but set 40585 "World of Wonders" is a future GWP featuring mini models of the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, the Parthenon and Petra. Interestingly, two of those have been released in the Architecture line. Could the mistery set be the Parthenon or the Treasury of Petra?
  12. It almost looks like a Kettenrad.
  13. Not impossible, but if they want to keep the 5 blade swashplate for their next helicopter they still have a few options. From their past licenses Airbus produces the H145, H155, H160 and H225, while Bell has the 525. Plus the options of other manufacturers and unlicensed helicopters.
  14. Definitively a proper swashplate and not a tilting rotor - notice the angle between the swashplate and the rotor mast (vertical). From here it seems like the swashplate sits on another new piece - some sort of angled drum that serves as the lower swashplate. Excited for this set! Hope it isn't the last helicopter with the swashplate piece.
  15. I wonder if it will have headlight covers. Functional ones would probably be too much to ask but fixed ones would be a break from so many round headlights in this series.