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  1. Kaanere

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    +12,000 pieces and a price of $629.99 according to one Instagram leaker. So is TLG going to outdo its largest set record every few months now? It's only been a few months since the World Map.
  2. Whoah, I was way off with my theory... Congrats to @JintaiZ for having much better predictive powers than mine!
  3. For fun. Maybe they also want to lengthen the game, since these are so rare to begin with. Quoting myself: Tomorrow I expect half the town to be death without a single night kill, so I can totally see this strategy work.
  4. I'm not sure how that relates to my point: that the scum is trying to avoid night kills as a challenge. The fact that there are less scum that town is where their hypothetical challenge is. Earlier this morning ye were trying hard to gain insight on my theory (quoting my first post up to four times asking for more). Now it seems like you're trying to steer away from the point, instead of trying to gain further insight. Suffice to say this doen't give me much confidence in your allegiance: Vote: Noah "The Map" Nelson (JintaiZ) A protector instead of a blocker would explain why no blocker has shown up, but it still is extremely unlikely that the target would be protected three times in a row (about 1/294 chance). some of the nights not having assasination attempts improves the chances of course, but it's not something I'd wager on.
  5. If only one traitor can kill and the blocker has blocked it three times, there's no risk in revealing his name. If more than one traitor can kill, the blocker and the killer would have to coincide three times, which is practically impossible and would give the blocker the identities of the scum. Unless there are three traitors, he can just give the names and he will be proven right on the next death (once the alignment is revealed; can be the blocker's too). That's the point, you have no proof that all they want is to "win the game". They might want to win the game in a different way, which would explain the lack of kills better than your blocker theory.
  6. (Continuing) Mr Nelson, I noticed that you keep saying that my theories make no sense, while not acknowledging my rebuttal of your theory nor giving any alternative theories. Can you elaborate why my theory is more unlikely than the blocker one? Good to know.
  7. So you think that the blocker correctly guessing the killer three times and not mentioning it is more likely?
  8. As for why the traitors would sit three nights out, I see two scenarios: The traitors are taking this as a challenge: Highjacking a crew with direct and indirect kills? Done an infinite amount of times (87 to be exact). Highjacking a crew only by convincing the town to lynch themselves? Will easily put them in the history books and sea ballads for generations. What I mean to say is that these traitors don't want the gold, they want the fame and the glory. The traitors simply can't kill: Whoever sent them ordered them not to kill directly to keep their hands clean. Maybe they sent more traitors to compensate for their handicap, like three instead of two. (Somewhat out of character but with clearer points:) I find the theory of the blocker extremely unlikely (in a numerical sense), as he would need a great luck to correctly guess the killer every night, and I don't think that the scum would have a single player with the ability to kill so the blocker blocking the same player multiple times isn't an explanation either. In either case, the blocker would know by now the identities of the killer/s, so why wouldn't he tell? He's certainly had multiple opportunities to do so by now. As for voting, I have some suspicions but no confidence on any. I will wait a few hours to see if I'm convinced.
  9. Well g'bye all! I guess it was to be expected to be lynched whith the vote penalty and all! Tomorrow you'll wake up to another townie killed, and the scum will have managed to kill half the town without a single night kill. And if they do kill someone directly (assuming two scum members), there will be a 2v2 situation, where the town can't posibly win. Assuming three scum members, you lose tonight. So I think it's safe to hand the scum the win just now.
  10. Mr Lawson, I see that yer warmin' up to my theory of the traitors sittin' the night out! No blocker/protector could guess the killer/target three nights straight, and doin' so would practically give him the identities of all the traitors. In which case, why wouln't he tell us? That's why I belive that the scum won't begin their own killings 'till they see one of their own at a serious risk of being lynched; in the meantime they will wait for us, loyal pirates, to thin our numbers through lynchings. There be even less risk now that the self-proclaimed investigator is dead. I be interested in what everyone else thinks of this here theory.
  11. For one I'll join the bandwagon and vote for our smooth talker, Mr. Wembley: Vote: Douglas "No Hook" Wembley (Darkdragon) Now @KotZ Mr. Milford, you are the last one to vote. Will you secure the lynching, or will we enter into our second lynchless day? Keep in mind that this night we might not be as lucky as last.
  12. Watch yer forks and torches! Just because I was hittin' the bottle all day doen't mean I'm a traitor! Respect to the supposed blocker, the fact that he still hasn't come out, even when all the crew has shown up within the last few hours, makes me think that there was no blocking and that the scum sat the night out for some reason. Maybe they wanted extra time to evaluate the crew (since there were no lynchings and thus no risk), and pick out who might be an investigator, who might be blocker, who behaved the most erratically, etc. Or maybe they just were as drunk as me last night and couldn't perform the kill.
  13. Nothin' to report here, just glad that the bandwagons didn't lead anywhere. Though I'm interested in what Mr. Blake has to say. After all, he started yesterday's bandwagon and might try the same today.
  14. Arr ye all! Got stuck in a barrel last night. But from what I heard ye all seem to be following Blake's first vote against Nelson with no real reason to. He just got nervous because he was falsely accused, could happen to anyone. This all seems like a plot by the imperials to sow resentment and uncertainty among the crew. And who started it? That's right, Murphy "Bad-Eye" Blake! Hereby... Vote: Murphy "Bad-Eye" Blake (Duvors)
  15. Kaanere

    LEGO Creator Expert 10271 Fiat 500

    Probably some kind of market research. They probably want to compare sales of the recolour to the original, so as to evaluate the posibility of releasing future sets in multiple colours. They're also doing the same with a Creator 3-in-1 set.