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    Star Wars, Marvel, DC. The LEGO Batman Movie looks great as well. I love Ninjago too!


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  1. 3 years on and no vaderfan sadness goodbye to the greatest

    1. Anonknee Muss

      Anonknee Muss

      I’m shocked it’s been 3.5 years already :cry_sad:

  2. And nine days after his birthday too. :cry_sad:  Nice present guys!!!

  3. Aw man, that sucks... I hope you'll be back... :(

  4. They did you wrong man!  See ya on here again someday hopefully.

  5. Kirk: "Bones. How is he?"

    McCoy: "He's banned Jim".

  6. What happened to this chap

    1. Trekkie99


      He posted a confidential image. You can read about it here.


    2. Deathstroke77
    3. Trekkie99


      He might be back in a year or so.

  7. -

    1. FishW


      Farewell old friend, I'll miss your classic Lego minifigure competitions and some of your comical insights. Cya. I hope you continue with your blog you had quite a few nice articles on there about upcoming sets and reviews on some classics. Anyway bye.

  8. You will be missed!

  9. Where is vaderfan2187, is he safe is he all right.

    it seems like in your anger,you banned him.

    I? I couldn't have! He was online, I felt it!



    1. Trekkie99


      Dude, not funny.

      And yet, it's so funny! :iamded_lol:




      Lol nicely done!

  10. Quote

    Lol no problem, comment as many times as you want! 

    And yes, I’ve checked my profile quite regularly, it’s so heartwarming 

    I just wish I could reply and let them know I’m reading it.

    From Mr Fan2187's blog. He's reading our messages.

    Farewell Sir!

  11. Adios Vaderfan2187! Sad to see you go.

  12. Godspeed you magnificent bastard