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  1. Here is the set names for Ninjago Season 9: 70644: Master of the Golden Dragon 70645: Dragon Master Cole 70646: Dragon Master Jay 70647: Dragon Master Kai 70648: Dragon Master Zane 70649: Dragon Master Nya 70650: Pursuit in the Air 70651: Confrontation in the Throne Room 70652: Stormbringer Dragon 70653: Firstborn Dragon 70654: Dieselnaut Combat Vehicle 70655: The Dragon's Den
  2. hey, been a while since i've built anything major, but i've finally figured out what i'm going to do for my next moc series. i'd like to build upgraded, full-scale versions of the crazy vehicles from the ninjago movie, as the released sets each seem to be roughly half the size of the movie versions. unfortunately i'm running into an issue in finding reference images of them. the concept art book has some good stuff in it, but stuff like cole's mech in the book isn't the final one (it has a brick built wheel) and the garma-mecha-man isn't represented in its brick form like, at all. any google searching i have done has nearly entirely lead me to pictures of the toy versions, not the movie versions. i'm looking for any screenshots, current mocs or in progress shots, or production shots that are available for these, or any tips you guys could give me on doing them. i'm starting off with the ice tank, so shots of that are the most helpful for now
  3. Hello, you might be asking yourself "what's a Star Wars Regulator doing a review of a Ninjago set for?" Well, I'll tell you. I've been a fan of Ninjago since season 2. When Ninjago first came out I thought, "what do I need a bright blue ninja for? Hiding behind bright blue curtains?" But as more sets came out and I started to watch the tv series, it began to grow on me. I'm still catching up on the episodes and haven't quite gotten to the Sons of Garmadon arc yet. So I can't tell you how they've handled the alternate Ninjago universe that is the Lego Ninjago Movie. But that also mean this review will be spoiler free, apart from some of the obvious spoilers that you can't avoid simply by looking at the box art. When the newest Ninjago line was released, the set that stood out to me the most was this one, Temple of Resurrection. Even if you aren't a fan of the Ninjago license, most of the sets are great parts packs and this one is no exception. So without further ado, here is my review. 70643 Temple of Resurrection Hopefully you can tell from the picture how thick this box is. I didn't get a tape measure out, but it seems to be about 50% thicker than your average $30-$60 set. And there doesn't seem to be an obvious reason for this. There are no large base plates or pre-fab pieces to accommodate. And the bags and instructions could have fit in a smaller box, or even a thinner one that was a little larger in surface area. Maybe Lego just wanted it to take more shelf depth. The back of the box illustrates all the play features. But it also shows off one of the main reasons I wanted this set. Each Ninjago line (as all "Adventure" themed Lego lines tend to) has a set of pieces/objects to collect. Most of the time you have to buy multiple sets to complete your collection. But recently Lego has been putting all the collectibles into one of the highest priced sets. For example, the Hands of Time sets allowed you to collect 4 Time Blades by buying 4 different sets. Or you just just buy the 2nd most expensive set and get all 4 that way. For Sons of Garmadon, you could buy 3 different sets to get all 3 Oni Masks, or you can just buy Temple of Resurrection to get all 3. Now, its time for a confession. The main reason I wanted all 3 Oni masks is because I'm a big Jackie Chan Adventures fan. One of the seasons dealt with Oni masks and seeing them re-created in Lego forum makes me geek out! Opening the box you can see that there are 6 bags and a sealed set of instructions/stickers. It's always nice to see the instructions and stickers protected and I wish Lego would do that in more sets, not just the large ones. My first reaction when I laid out the contents was "NO! The large windows are stickers not prints!" I have a love hate relationship with stickers, but it's mostly hate. If the piece I want to use in generic MOCs is stickered then I can just leave the sticker off to allow for more versatility. But if it's a piece I want to use for its intended purpose, like a decorative Asian wall panel, then I want it printed! I'll point this piece out again when we get to it in the building process. Sorry for the poor quality on this picture. I didn't go back and check my pictures before moving on to each building step, so I missed that this one didn't turn out well. It shows what things look like after Bag #1, as well as all the extra pieces. There are some unique pieces in Bag #1. We get some of the new flower molds with 5 petals, the white modified stud with shaft, and 2 printed pieces. The compass looking piece gets hidden in one of the boxes on the ground floor of the temple. I'm not sure what it's significance is, but a quick Bricklink search shows it's originally a Minecraft piece. That helps explain why it looks pixelated. Bag #2 finishes the extensions to the ground level. My guess is the red path is supposed to look like a tongue. You also get a bunch of spare parts, most of them extremely useful. You get an extra Mr. T. mohawk in red, one of each bandana style in black, a red katana (a new color for this piece), and a spare espresso lever. I find it odd that 1 set would have both styles of bandanas. The skeleton wears the new style introduced for the Ninjago line a few years back. And one of the Sons of Garmadon bad guys wears the Wild West version. Bag #3 builds the main floor of the 2nd story and achieves its stability with a lot of technic beams. The instructions have you build the entire floor before attaching it to the rest of the build. If you look at the base of the building that was built from bags 1 and 2, you can see that the connection points are on 4 different levels. The floor also had to fit around bricks already set along the edges. It was hard to line up and fit. And I assume that if I had trouble with it, the 8-14 year old this set was intended for will have even more. Something else interesting in Bag #3 was the varying shades of pearl gold. I know some colors are harder for Lego to keep consistent with every batch. But finding 2 different shades in the same bag seemed odd to me. I'd love to see the sorting process that brought this about. Was there really only 1 piece left from the previous batch that ended up in my set along with a bunch of the new batch? Or did one fall off a conveyor belt and a worker found it a week later, adding it to the batch of new ones? Who knows. Bag #3 ends very few extra pieces and now we are ready to build the 2nd floor and roof. Bag #4 has some great pieces in it. We get the oriental fence piece in pearl gold for the first time, the grooved dark red brick, some window and door pieces which are very useful for Asian style building, and an extra gold tassel. The gold tassel is in the Lego Ninjago Movie CMF, so it's not super rare any more. But it's nice to have more anyways. The lanterns are built using a Speed Champions' wheel in white which I thought was an ingenious use of that part. And Bag #4 wraps up with most of the walls being finished for the 2nd floor. There are also only 3 extra pieces in this bag. Bag #5 holds the pieces that almost made me cry when I first opened this set. Those two panels are stickers. Thankfully I was able to get them on straight enough to keep the perfectionist in me happy. But what if I had messed up? I seriously think Lego should start adding extra stickers sheets to all sets. Or at the very least, any set priced over $50. In this bag you also get some gold ingots which are used decoratively with the Oni masks and a dark pearl gray lightsaber handle. I'm not sure when Lego started doing this, but they now tell you at the beginning of a step whether you're going to need to build multiples of it or not. This saves a lot of time and frustration and I'm glad they started doing it! These revolving panels use one of the most interesting techniques in the set. By utilizing the anti-stud that is only in the middle of the window frame, the designer was able to offset two 1x2 plates. You later attached a small turntable to this spot which helps stabilize them as they turn. Bag #5 finishes off the structure of the 2nd floor and starts the roof. There are a few extra pieces shown at the bottom of the picture. Bag #6 has some great pieces! The black "L" tile has been around since 2016, but never in large quantities so every extra one is a nice addition to the collection. The red connector pin may not seem all that exciting, but this is the first year it's been produced in red. I was really hoping each Oni mask would have a matching colored helmet base. So I was very disappointed to see that all the helmet bases where black. You can't even see the black with the mask attached, but it means fewer cool helmet combos for other MOCs. With the finishing of Bag #6, the set is complete! There are some nice extra pieces like the dark bley horn and machete. Now to explore the play features! With a name like "Temple of Resurrection" it makes sense that the main play feature involves resurrecting Garmadon. You can see from the back that this is achieved with a lot of technic gears. By lifting the red arm, the gears move the roof. When it's lifted, the roof reverses direction and Garmadon is revealed. The side view shows that the build has a lot of openings. The bottom floor I understand as it allows you to position minifigures. But it would have been nice to get more windows with white panels to fill in the opening on the 2nd floor. This view is also the least flattering for the roof. It has to have gaps to be able to achieve the play feature, but this angle makes it look the most unsightly. Here's the temple with all the minifigures displayed. And in case you were wondering, minifigures can stay standing on the 2nd floor even when the roof transforms. The back shows that when the trap doors are activated the intruders are dropped into the armory. Probably not the best thought out plan. But it makes for a fun feature. And in case you were wondering, the Oni masks do not fit with the samurai helmet. Or course for many people the highlight will be the minifigures. As far as I can tell, the only minifigure you can find in another Sons of Garmadon set is Mr. E, the racer in black. Harumi, the female in green, and Hutchins, the man in green, and Garmadon are all exclusive to this set. Chopper Maroon, the man with the red mohawk, can be found in the S.O.G. Headquarters set with short legs and with the name of Nails. Cole seems to be exclusive, but he is very similar to the Ninjago movie version. Lloyd is listed as exclusive, but that's just because the other version excludes his katana holder. All minifigures have back printing. The baby does not have the new baby body mold. Instead it uses two pieces to achieve a swaddled look. I'd love to have another baby body mold, but this swaddled look works so well I can't complain. A couple more things to note about the minifigures. Harumi has some interesting printing on her lower legs. Does anyone know why those extra green belts are around her knees? Chopper Maroon has some detailed biker printing that gets covered by his bandana. And Garmadon, while looking very much like his Ninjago Movie version, is unique because of the purple "resurrection ooze." My overall thoughts? Go buy it! Or rather, find the best discount and then buy it. I got it 20% off at Target which seems to be the new normal price for this set. The minifigure selection is wonderful, the build process keeps you interested throughout, and even if you just want a parts pack, this set is a winner. So there you go. I hope you enjoyed the review as much as I enjoyed making it!
  4. Ninjago: Project Rebuild

    Hi! I didn't know where else to put this so I hope it's ok if I post this here. Hey random person on the internet reading this! Did you watch the Lego Ninjago Movie and were unable to help but feel like the trailers sold you a very different product? Did the Lego Ninjago Movie feel lacking in any way, as though many scenes were cut from the finished movie? Did you feel that the other Ninja, or anyone without “Garmadon” in their name, were given the shaft in terms of character development, or any substantial characterization? I feel you, reader. I feel you as keenly as one feels a stray, unsuspecting brick on the floor when the lights are out. Last question, are you looking for quality Ninjago content? Then look no further! I’ve got you covered! Welcome to Project Rebuild! What is Project Rebuild, you ask? It’s my script rewrite of the Lego Ninjago Movie. My goal is to condense the essence of 7 seasons of the tv show into one cohesive story, while following the basic plot of the Lego Ninjago Movie. But wait! There’s more! Tirelessly seeking out all promotional material for the movie, (i.e. trailers, junior novel, the “Making of Lego Ninjago Movie” book, etc.) I have struggled to reconstruct (pun intended) this cohesive story with as many deleted concepts as I could fit in. It’s an adaptation distillation, if you will. Oh and this just in! As an added bonus, I’ll be attempting to incorporate the toys sets into the story too. Here’s the synopsis: Lloyd Garmadon, the Chosen One, stands at the center of the battle between good and evil. As the Green Ninja, he is beloved by all as the constant savior of the city of Ninjago. But as the son of the Evil Lord Garmadon, he is hated by the very same citizens he saves. Under the guidance of the wise Master Wu, Lloyd and his team, the Secret Ninja Force, will need all the help they can get to keep it together and defend the city from Lord Garmadon and greater threats. Without any further ado, here's Chapter 1: EXT. MOUNTAIN TOP – NIGHT TWO FIGURES stand locked in combat against each other atop a tall and craggy mountain. Rain pours down heavily. Lightning crackles and thunder booms to emphasize every movement. Blow after furious blow is struck. Lightning strikes illuminate the faces of the combatants. We see a close up of MASTER WU, a wise-looking old man with a long white beard. He wears a white robe and a conical hat. His weapon is a long, wooden staff. Opposite him is his brother, LORD GARMADON, a far taller adversary owing to his towering horned helmet and double torso that sports four arms. He wears black samurai armor that matches his skin, which has been charred black due to his corruption. His red, glowing eyes are also signs of his corruption. His weapons are four katanas, one in each hand. Despite Lord Garmadon's extra arms, Master Wu defends himself well. The two appear locked in a stalemate. Lord Garmadon makes a demonic, fanged smile as he speaks. LORD GARMADON: You will never defeat me, brother. MASTER WU: It is not my destiny to defeat you. But it will be your son's. Angered, Lord Garmadon uses his swords to push Master Wu away in a burst of energy. LORD GARMADON: You leave Luh-loyd out of this! Master Wu remains calm but his eyes fixed on Lord Garmadon. His voice is resolute. MASTER WU: One day, your son, LLOYD GARMADON, will defeat you, as the prophecy foretold. I invoke it! A powerful burst of thunder and lightning strikes ominously as Wu says this. We pan up to see a large object fall from the sky. It is a non-Lego fortune cookie. It breaks apart as it crashes on the ground, revealing the fortune prophecy within written in glowing, gold ink. LORD GARMADON: Prophecy? Well, two can play at that game. One day, my son, Lloyd Garmadon will join me and my evil ways. MASTER WU: (shocked) What?! LORD GARMADON: Together, we will conquer Ninjago and we shall be unstoppable, as the prophecy foretold. MASTER WU: No! LORD GARMADON: I… MASTER WU: You… LORD GARMADON (CONT’D): …invoke… MASTER WU (CONT’D): …wouldn't… LORD GARMADON (CONT’D): …it. MASTER WU (CONT’D): …dare! Another powerful burst of thunder and lightning strikes ominously as though to punctuate the gravity of their words. Another non-Lego fortune cookie falls from the sky. It falls between the two brothers, causing them to jump away to safety. Both witness the fortune cookie splitting in half before them as the glowing prophecy fortune writes itself into existence. LORD GARMADON: Oh, I dare. I have every right to dare. Our entire realm has the power to invoke prophecies on a whim. We control the destinies of every citizen in Ninjago! We should be gods! MASTER WU: Father would not have wanted this! LORD GARMADON: Well, father is no longer here. We've squandered our potential long enough, brother, and now it is to time to re-make Ninjago in my image. MASTER WU: I may not be the one to defeat you, Garmadon. But I will make sure you don't succeed. Lord Garmadon sees something behind Master Wu. He smirks confidently knowing he has the upper hand, all four of them. LORD GARMADON: Hey, whatever lets you sleep at night, brother. A large shark-shaped flying vessel, the SKY SHARK, arrives from the clouds. It lowers its anchor, which Lord Garmadon grabs onto as it flies by. LORD GARMADON: Looks like my ride's here. Another time, brother. Garmadon leaves on the Sky Shark. His evil laughter echoes in the distance. Wu is left on the mountain but he has a determined look on his face. MASTER WU: I, Master Wu, swear the solemn oath to form a SECRET NINJA FORCE to stop Garmadon at every turn. I invoke it. Dramatic thunder strikes. Cut to black as the last fortune cookie falls from the sky.
  5. Hi! Call me Ghost Onyx! I've only been into Lego for a year (as in actually buying and building sets), and this being my first year anniversary, I decided to make an account. But I have been a huge Ninjago fan for around 5 years now. So huge, that I've been working on a script re-write of the Ninjago movie. I call it Project Rebuild! Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the movie. I just think it could have been done better and with more character development for the other characters who weren't either Lloyd or Garmadon. Once I'm done writing it, I plan to recreate scenes from the script using the Lego sets that I have. I might make Brick Comics too but I have no idea how to do stop motion animation.
  6. The recent Line of Ninjago Sets with their "Sons of Garmadon" Bikergang and the cool Colorcombos inspired me to turn one of the Sets (70640 S.O.G. Headquarters) from a chopped up Battle Arena into a small MOC. I figured all the Bits from the Set would shape up to be a formidable abandoned Subway Station with a Gate to the actual Hideout of the Bikergang. As you can see,the Subwaystation looks like it has been out of Order for a quite long Time with crooked Floortiles and weathered wooden Boards between the Rails and with Weeds poking through. The Bikers don´t really mind,all they need is a Place to hang out,and from the Grafittis you clearly can see that this is their Place. They shouldn´t make themselves too comfy because a certain green Ninja tries to sneak in to get back one of the Oni Masks.... @bricksnator IMG_20180211_210412 IMG_20180211_210418 IMG_20180211_210426 IMG_20180211_210531 IMG_20180211_210406[/url IMG_20180211_210539 IMG_20180211_210555 The last Pic shows an Idea i´m pondering about.The Subway Station was build rather rigid to support potential upper Levels that could contain several Layers of Buildings that grow on top of it. It´s an ambitious Plan,but i´m pretty sure it will work out somehow. IMG_20180211_211035 I hope you like my newest Design.
  7. Ninjas in tricked out Hotrods?Why not?This wild Ride belongs to the Ninja with the Titanium (and everything else) Heart,Zane. The loud Pipes and the growling Engine might not be very stealthy,but this hotrodded Van is definitely cool like a Ninja. Ninjago-In-ZANE-Van #2 Ninjago-In-ZANE-Van #1 I tried to incorporate some notable Parts from Zanes Bike out of the recent S.O.G. Ninjago Sets and thought about how a mean Custom Car for Zane would look. Well,the Renderings show pretty much how the final Model will look. So,what do you think of it?
  8. minifigure swap/barter

    Hi, I have Lego Ninjago LE 20 #7 and minifigure LE series 17 #2. I would like to get ninjago #12, 13, and 14. I'd like to also get the minifigure LE series 17 #7 and 13. Is there a good place to swap for these or something? I'm new to it and like the idea of having odd varieties of characters. I'd like these specific ones though. Thank you for commenting!
  9. During Bricktober Lego released the Ninjago four pack which had characters that we thought would never get a minifigure, so this thread is just to see characters that people would like to see a minifigure made of, here is my list: #1 Shadow of Ronin, Black Armor Ronin #2 Dr.Julian #3 Phantom Ninja #4 Fuchsia Ninja #5 Shark Army Narwhal Soldier Thank you Mods for fixing the title of my thread.
  10. So I finally got the 70618 Destiny's Bounty at a good discount at Big W. It's awesome, but there's one thing about it that bothers me; instead of a single, large dragon figurehead, there's two smaller dragon heads. I'd honestly prefer it to have a single figurehead like the previous two Bounties did, so; is there anyone who agrees with me who's already designed a replacement figurehead that I could replicate? Considering that the figurehead section is attached only by two female clip parts ten studs apart (that is to say, with eight between them) I think the best designs would be attached in the same way so that the two figureheads could be interchanged easily.
  11. Hey Guys, as some of you know,the new Lego Ninjago Movie Sets are out and some of them look quite neat.One of my Favorites is the smallest Set with the Rickshaw and the Piranha Walker. It just looks so dang cute with those huge yellow Feet (kinda looks like the Walker borrowed a Pair of oversized Clogs) and you easily can imagine this Thing flopping around on your Desk and desperately trying not to look adorable. But wait, shouldn´t a Walker have working Feet and Legs to walk? It should,but instead it gets a bunch of angled Technic Elements quickly thrown together to look like Legs.The little Chap is pretty stiff down there. There is an easy fix for that:remove the angled Technic Pieces,get a Pair of Balljoints with Friction Snap Pieces (Part 6628) and a handful of various Mixel Joints. Decorate those Legs to your liking and enjoy a posable and walking Piranha Walker (yes,imagine that flop,flop,flop Sound from naked Feet wearing rubber Clogs) and there you are.... You can download the LDD File below Ninjago 70629 Walker Modification.lxf Have Fun and enjoy building :D
  12. If I were to sell minifigures based off a theme I would make the Ninjago minifigure Collection Series but not the minifigures from the movie as we all know today I'm talking about the T.V. series and they are based off the Ninja suits from the show they can be seen in the Gallery of for the Gi Exhibit I posted a few pictures of them on my twitter page.
  13. Hello there, sharing my latest MOC, here is a story about young master WU and his lair. It's built on 4 pieces of 48x48 baseplate. Hope you like it. Thanks!
  14. Started work on my interpretation of a 48x48 baseplate Borg Tower MOC that I've been wanting to do since Season 3. If all goes according to plan it will be the centerpiece of a larger city layout. All except the top floor (Borg's office) and top (Borg Logo, which will be challenging) are complete in LDD. Most floors are empty interiors (for now) save for the lobby, first floor (a restaurant) and second-to-top floor (loosely modeled after the Season 8 trailer). I have plans for the middle floors (Nindroid factory, etc.) that I'll add in the future. Lobby and first floor pieces are either ready or on the way from BL and PAB. Will update over time as it builds up to hopefully more than a few feet in height.
  15. We worked hard on the past few weeks to add the new LEGO Ninjago Movie pieces in Mecabricks. We already completed the collectable minifigs as well as most sets. There is still a bit of work to get everything done, but it is coming. Hope to see some great MOCs. LEGO Ninjago Minifigs by Nicolas Jarraud, on Flickr
  16. Which set is better?

    Hi Since its 2xVIP points in Europe i decided to throw a challenge to my wife and gave her 3 sets to choose from to offer me (kinda like a surprise) Caroussel Ferris Wheel Ninjago City I love them all (although i think her favourite is the caroussel , she had this pretty cool idea of putting it a "square" surrounded by the other modulars we have) , i was wondering whats the general consenssus of which one is better? bare in mind we only have modulars (Parisian Restaurant , Pet Shop , Brick Bank , Detective´s Office , Assembly Square , Palace Cinema)
  17. To create this steampunk-like Adventurers vessel, I added six studs of length to the Destiny's Bounty (set 70618), removed the sails, lanterns, flags, plants and assorted details. I then put twin smokestacks on the deck, and dual paddle wheels amidships. I was inspired to do all this by this picture of a prototype of the Destiny's Bounty from the "Making of the Ninjago movie" book. (Pic courtesy of legozeba's Flickr page) The rear of the ship is supposed to feature "Deja Vu 2" in printed 1 x 1 tiles next to the telescope on the balcony. I'm still working on the inside details, which should hopefully have an engine room with boilers to power the paddles. I haven't thought up a backstory for this ship.... yet. (I'm still working on incorporating it into my Adventurers / Monster Fighters / Pharaoh's Quest / Alpha Team shared universe story-wise.) Any thoughts, ideas, criticism, or complaints are welcome, and are helpful in making the ship better, so please, post away!! EDIT 101/10/17: I just added restyled and enclosed ship's bridge with actual windows, plus a new name: Deja Vu 2. I bet you heard it somewhere before...
  18. Download Concept LXF File:
  19. Presenting my 10230 - Mini Modulars interpretation of 70620 - Ninjago City from The LEGO Ninjago Movie (2017). 70620 - Ninjago City (Mini Modular) by Adeel Zubair, on Flick 70620 - Ninjago City (Mini Modular) by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Full Gallery: ________________________________________________ Follow Me On... Facebook - Flickr - Instagram - Deviantart - Twitter - Youtube - LinkedIn - Behance - Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  20. Jay is the ninja of lightning and he's one of my favourite characters in Ninjago. I really hope the movie will keep the spark of genius in his character. Without further delay, I present to you my 11th RA review, set # 70614 - Lightning Jet. Overview Name: 70614 - Lightning Jet Theme: The LEGO Ninjago Movie Year: 2017 (2H) Pieces: 876 Minifigures: 6 Price: USD 59.99 / EUR 59.99 / GBP 59.99 / SGD 119.99 / MYR 299.90 Resources: Brickset Official set description Introduction Out of the 6 ninjas in The LEGO NINJAGO Movie, there are only 2 of them who operates flying robots/vehicles. Of course, there's Lloyd and then Jay. In the TV series, Jay is the one with the flying contraption when Sensei Wu recruited him to join the ninja team as the new elemental master of lightning. He is also the first one who ever had a flying jet fighter as featured in set 9442 Jay's Storm Fighter. So, needless to say, I am very pleased that Jay has a flying jet in this movie. The front panel showcases the lightning abilities of Jay and his Lightning Jet fighter -- but none of these are real. The Lightning Jet cannot electrocute you. Not even the minifigures. If it could, then it will likely get banned for being a health hazard. Thankfully, it does not generate static electricity even if the front panel makes you believe it does. False *cough* advertising *cough*. No, this is just all make-belief. Also, while Jay is shown here zapping one of the bad guys, it also shows how bad his aiming abilities are. At point-blank range, he can't even hit Crusty who operates the cute and tiny crab mech. He might even hit Edna who is being held captive. Just look at the trajectory of that missile. Joking aside, the box art grabs your attention because this is probably the best angle of the Lightning Jet. With all those pointy things protruding from its wings - it looks weird and fun at the same time. The back panel shows several play features including the stud shooters of the small crab build, the missile trigger of the Lightning Jet, the spinning mechanism on top, as well as the option to move the wings to change the shape and form of the jet by turning or twisting the wings outwards. Frankly, it looks weird when you make it like an "H" or "A" shape. Therefore, for the whole review, I am sticking with the "V" form. The side panel shows the names of the listed minifigures that come in the set. Unboxing the contents Inside the box, we get 7 numbered bags, 1 plastic bag with the instruction manual and sticker sheet inside, as well 3 big loose pieces. Instruction manual and sticker sheet The instruction manual is quite big - about the size of A4 paper. Like what I have mentioned in my Ice Tank review, the instructions are likely printed this big to make it easier for kids to follow the instructions. Then, there is the dreaded sticker sheet that I need to apply because I am using this set on exhibits organised by my local LUG... otherwise, I really won't put the stickers on this set. Anyway, let's build! Build I like to start with the preview of the each numbered plastic bag so that you know upfront how each of them contributes to the build. Do take note, that there are 3 big loose parts that are not originally part of the bags but I included them in the picture as needed in the instructions for each bags. Bag #1 content There are several elements here in sand blue colour. It's always good to parts in that colour for variety. Bag #1 build This is the small crab mech without the stickers. It looks decent enough to be sold as a stand-alone build (e.g. polybag). Somehow, this reminds me of Mixels because the build itself evokes a playful and cheeky character. It comes with 6 articulated legs, articulated pincher claw, 6-studs shooter, as well as a yellow banner/flag that is connected to a ball joint piece. Bag #2 contents There are lots of good blue parts in this set and bag #2 will just whet your appetite. Bag #2 build This is how the frame looks like so far. Bag #3 contents The best thing about bag #3 is that we finally get Ed and Edna. More about them in the minifigure section. Bag #3 build The circular structure on top is referred to as "electro-disc" in the set description so I will use that term moving forward. I think the red round bricks are meant to be imaginary missile warheads. Otherwise, what those things would rather be? Confetti canisters? Bag #4 contents Hmmm... nothing much to comment on the parts. Just look at the build progress below. Bag #4 build For a moment I had to recheck if I was still building a LEGO system set because over 80% of bag #4 are Technic parts. Just take a moment to appreciate that funky frame above. It can stand on its own! The technic frame connects with the build from bag #3 to form a blue headless, wingless bird build below. That's really what I can imagine from the build so far. Bag #5 contents Bag #5 build Now it is starting to look more like an aircraft, less of a headless blue bird. Bag #6 contents We get 4 LBG space positioning rockets in this set. There are 4 blue tail shuttle as well, which is surprisingly not common. Bag #6 build After putting all the bricks from bag #6, the Lightning Jet gets a more threatening look with turbojet engine on each wing. Bag #7 contents There are 24 LBG antennae whip in this set. Isn't that a record for the most number of antennae in a playset? Bag #7 build Here is the final build of Lightning Jet without the stickers. It looks just fine without the stickers and if I could have it my way, I would not have applied them. There is almost 100% symmetry in this build but the right tip in front of the cockpit area is a bit longer. I suppose these are imaginary turret guns for short range targets. You can see from this picture that it takes a "V" shape and it's the most camera-friendly form. As the wings are held by ratcheted joints, you can also move the wings so that it could form an "H" shape or even an "A". You can scroll up and review the back panel of the box for reference if you missed it. It looks awesome when viewed from this angle but the picture does not give justice to the actual thing. I like the trans-light blue pieces for imaginary jet propulsion engine as well as the guard flaps around it. You can sense speed and agile when you the Lightning Jet at any angle. Parts Below are the parts that are either rare because they are new colour or new print. Let's go through one by one. 85861: Plate Round 1 x 1 with Open Stud - appeared in this set in trans-light blue. The other set where it appears in this colour is just the Ninjago Dragon Forge set 88517: Wheel 75 x 17 Motorcycle - Black - the only other set that has this part in black is the BMW motorbike. There are three blue wedge parts in this set that are surprisingly rare - to think that blue is a primary colour. These parts are design # 43713, 43712, and 64225 which appears in blue colour for first time. 41751: Opaque windscreen in blue - also its first time to appear in blue! 11477: Slope Curved 2 x 1 No Studs - again, first time to appear in sand blue! 44676: Flag 2 x 2 Trapezoid - first time to appear in yellow? 18654: Technic Pin Connector Round 1L is aslo rare. Of course, there goes the minifigure parts such as 93217: Minifig Hair with Top Knot Bun which appears in dark brown for the first time. The other exclusive components of Ed and Edna minifigures are the minifigure heads, torso and legs. Minifigures Of all The LEGO Ninjago Movie sets, this has the highest number of exclusive minifigures. You get Ed, Edna and Crusty -- and you cannot get these 3 minifigures elsewhere, at least in the first wave of TLNM sets. I love oldie minifigures so getting Ed and Edna is the icing on top of the cake, so to speak. They look quite similar to the TV version and I like that. Ed has the tools on his utility vest while Edna seems to be wearing a cross between yukata and restaurant uniform. Overall, the prints for these minifigures are excellent. Crusty (the one with the crab headgear) might be a reference to Krusty Krab -- the infamous and most popular restaurant in Bikini Bottom in the world of Sponge Bob. But that's just a theory... a makoy theory. Front view with head pieces, head gears and accessories Back view with head pieces, head gears and accessories Back view without head pieces, head gears and accessories Don't get confused with the minifigure images below as they are meant for comparison only. Comparing the movie version of Jay with some TV version minifigures You can check in my Flickr album the back view of these minifigures with hairpieces and headgears, front view of these minifigures without hairpieces and headgears, and back view of these minifigures without hairpieces and headgears. Messing around with different combinations of hair pieces and head gears The picture above is just a quick take on how the classic Jay head piece looks like with the new hair piece. I like that punk rocker look (3rd from left). If nautical nonsense be something you wish! Conclusion Let me revisit the bubble graph that I used in my previous Ice Tank review. Again, different regions have different pricing strategy so if you like to see the other charts and data you can click these links: GBP chart/data, EUR chart/data, MYR chart/data. For the USD chart below, you can check out the tabulated data also. The key take away from this chart that I want to emphasise is that this set has an outstanding value. Just look at the blue bubble hiding behind the lime green and dark orange bubble. It's one of the best value set you can get from TLNM theme. For its play features, the grip of the jet reminds me of set # 70747 Boulder Blaster. I'm very glad the designers added this grip so that you can easily swoosh the jet around. It's not as posable as the Green Ninja Mech Dragon but it's definitely more playable when you hold the grip. While I like the grip, it slightly disappoints because unlike the Boulder Blaster, you cannot trigger the missile of Lightning Jet easily. When you squeeze the trigger, it turns the "electro-disc". It looks cool after a few spin but once you've spun it around several times, the replay value quickly diminishes. I wish the trigger just fire the missile. The build also has a great mass and volume that when you put it next to the more expensive Ice Tank, you would think that this set ought to be more expensive because it looks bigger and wider. It is a great looking jet which strikes a resemblance to some superhero spacecraft named after a famous actress. It's hard to think of anything negative apart from fun factor that wears off easily. With all these positive things about the set, like the great value and excellent minifigure line-up, I will be shocked if it does not sell as much as the Fire Mech. The Ninja Games: Mockingjay Review summary Playability: 8.5/10 - It is very swooshable but I don't buy the spinning 'electro-disc' on top. I wish the trigger just fires the missile. It's great to have a small Crab build for the bad guys to balance the role-playing elements. Design / Building Experience: 8.5/10 - It's challenging not to get 'pricked' by those antennae but it's part of the design that makes it unique and likable. I do have a concern losing one of those pieces while playing. Minifigures: 10/10 - Greatest selection of minifigures at this price point. I love that we finally got Ed and Edna. Price / Value for money: 9/10 - Outstanding value that blows away both Fire Mech & Green Ninja Mech Dragon. There are also great selection of parts in new colour. Overall: 9/10 - If you like spaceships, then you're going to love Jay's Lightning Jet. The Crab build is also surprisingly great for such a small build. I highly recommended this set.