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Found 14 results

  1. Since BrickHeadz are really hitting it off this year and with the release of Lego’s fourth cinematic movie next year, you can almost guarantee another year of BrickHeadz. Which characters are you expecting from TLM2 theme? What about other themes? Potentially Overwatch BrickHeadz?...
  2. just2good

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Leaked Image policy: 70778: Protector of Jungle 70779: Protector of Stone 70780: Protector of Water 70781: Protector of Earth 70782: Protector of Ice 70783: Protector of Fire 70784: Lewa - Master of Jungle 70785: Pohatu - Master of Stone 70786: Gali - Master of Water 70787: Tahu - Master of Fire 70788: Kopaka - Master of Ice 70789: Onua - Master of Earth 70790: Lord of Skull Spiders 70791: Skull Warrior 70792: Skull Slicer 70793: Skull Basher 70794: Skull Scorpio 70795: Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder
  3. You haven't heard this? What, are you living under a rock? So a fifth Indiana Jones movie has been announced. Steven Spielberg will be returning as director, and Harrison Ford will be returning as the titular archeologist. Discuss!
  4. A magical portal places a post in the thread. Confirmed pictures and information to be added as it arrives. 41181: Naida's Gondola & the Goblin Thief 41182: The Capture of Sophie Jones 41183: The Goblin King's Evil Dragon 41184: Aira's Air Ship and the Hunt for the Amulet 41185: Magic Rescue from the Goblin Village
  5. I think you might be right Jim. They clearly have something very special planned for the next year. I found this on the Swedish AFOL forum:
  6. 1H 2015 - LEGO Technic Sets 42057: Ultralight Helicopter Pieces: 199 Age: 8 to 14 Retail Price: USA: $9.99, Europe: 9.99€ B Model: 42058: Stunt Bike Pieces: 140 Age: 7 to 14 Retail Price: USA: $14.99, Europe: 14.99€ B Model: 42059: Stunt Truck Pieces: 142 Age: 7 to 14 Retail Price: USA: $14.99, Europe: 14.99€ 42060: Street Working Cars Pieces: 365 Age: 8 to 14 Retail Price: USA: $24.99, Europe: 24.99€ B Model: 42061: Telescopic Forklift Pieces: 260 Age: 8 to 14 Retail Price: USA: $24.99, Europe: 19.99€ B Model: 42062: Container Transport Pieces: 631 Age: 8 to 14 Retail Price: USA: $34.99, Europe: 29.99€ B Model: 42063: BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Bike Pieces: 603 Age: 10 to 16 Retail Price: USA: $59.99, Europe: 49.99€ 42064: Searching Ship Pieces: 1327 Age: 10 to 16 Retail Price: USA: $129.99, Europe: 119.99€ B Model: 42065: RC Tracked Racer Pieces: 370 Age: 9 to 16 Retail Price: USA: $59.99, Europe: ? B Model: 42066: Air Race Jet Pieces: 1151 Age: 10 to 16 Retail Price: USA: $119.99, Europe: 109.99€ B Model: --- 42067 ? 42068: Fire Rescue Vehicle Pieces: ? Age: 10-16 Retail Price: ? 42069: Extreme Adventure Pieces: ? Age: 11-16 Retail Price: ? B Model: 42070: 6x6 All Terrain Tow Truck Pieces: ? Age: ? Retail Price: ? B Model: Also, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of LEGO Technic, each set comes with a special commemorative brick!
  7. With all the Ninjago polls floating around here, I thought I'd make another one. Ninjago has been around now for FIVE years! That is amazing for an action theme! To top that, Ninjago is in its prime now- sales are still strong and are even climbing from what I have seen. What do you think will happen to the Ninjago line in the upcoming years? Will it continue? If so, what will the overall theme be next year? Will it be canceled? Will it be replaced? What effect will the movie have on the theme? Post your opinions here!
  8. Said by @Sir von Lego. What do you think?
  9. So with all talking about what Ninjago has planned in 2016, and nobody else having started a topic for all these questions and rumors to go I decided to make one. Please keep all comments on topic and remember to not post any pictures that are super blurry or having the confidential stamp on them (even thought it's tempting because there are so many). We can start by putting rumors about; Who is the new samurai? Who is the giant big-fig? Why are there swords with the ninja's (and sensei's) face on them? Why is Jay a pirate? Why does Cole still appear to be a ghost? Enjoy and I can't wait to see what people come up with.
  10. Hello everyone, if anyone finds out about new airport or airplane sets please post here because the last airport sets were released in 5 year intervals with cargo sets 2 years later. So is it possible that new airport sets will be coming out? Thank you in advance 7893 airport in 2006 7734 cargo plane in 2008 3182 airport in 2011 60022 cargo terminal in 2013 00000 airport in 2016?? 00000 cargo plane 2018?? P.S. Can you check out my cargo terminal mods when i have posted the images? Thank you in advance:)
  11. -Carson Haupt-

    Ch II - Prolouge - Black Crusade

    ...So you see, that is why the moon gets smaller and larger. Any more questions? Yes. Is it true that the Duke is a vampire?!? Hmm... I hadn't heard that. Tell me about it! Ok, here goes... As the civil war raged in Nocturnus, Cassius set out with a group of his most seasoned comrades. As they made their way to Abyssian, they were slowly picked off one by one, by the native tribes, hostile environment and rebel soldiers, until only the duke was left. Just when he thought all hope was lost, he came up over a ridge and there he saw it. A castle, black as night, jutting up out of the ruby sea that lat in front of him. He wasn't sure which side the mighty fortress was allied with, but he knew he had no other choice but to head towards it. Besides, they had most likely already spotted him. He paused, gathered his wits, and began the trek down to the gatehouse. When Cassius got there, he was greeted by an opening portcullis. He saw no guards, so he decided to head towards the tower. When he got to the door, it opened. Inside was a pale man, dressed in ruined court dress. Welcome to my tower. I am Lord Shirl. Come in. You must be tired. To this, Cassius replied, "Yes, and I am parched. May I please have something to drink?" Of course. Follow me. They soon arrived in a room overlooking the walls. In the center was a raised pedestal, with a plain stone cup of some strange liquid in it. Cassius suddenly realized it was blood. "I hope you don't mind, this is all I have. I'm sure you'll grow used to the taste... After all, I sure have." Cassius tried to run, but was frozen in place. The vampire lord picked up the chalice, tipped back the Avalonian's head, and poured the liquid down his throat. Cassius felt a sudden peace. All his worries and desires slipped away, like fog in the sun. Hssss he though, the sun. How he hated it. "There, isn't that better? Now, return to your pretty green country. Don't worry, thrall, your master will join you soon... And then, you will create any army for me, and I will rule again!" So there you have it. We're ruled by a vampire. That's just plain stupid. Heck, that's stupider than the myth that Mitgardian ladies have beards! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whew! Glad I got that posted. This challenge has been a blast to build for, and I really enjoyed it! I'd also like to claim the following: Forced perspective Roofing #1 C&c appreciated!
  12. HomerJSimpson

    New pirates theme- what do you want?

    This is my 3rd topic I posted here, and I was reading through some pirate topics just before writing this, and decided to make a topic about what pirate fans would want to see in the next pirate theme. I love pirates, but oddly, I only have about 4 pirate sets! I have the POTC captain's cabin and black pearl. I also have, from the 2009 pirate theme, the pirates island-hideout-thingy, with the island mold and really nice navy rowboat, and the soilder's fort. But since I was young when the '09 theme came out, I didn't really get that many sets. So, just like most of you, I want a new pirates theme. What this theme is for is so that we can list some sets you would like to see made in the next pirates theme. Not just one set, but the whole theme! Here's mine: Pirate raft: it is a wooden raft that has a small sail and lookout tower. On the raft is a treasure chest and crate with weapons. This is similar to 2009's pirate raft. It would include 2 pirate minifigures and a fish. $12 Red coat hideout: a 16x16 baseplate in blue that has some tan and green plates in the middle. Using the wall pieces from the old solider's fort, it would be a 3-story narrow building with crane and lookout telescope on the roof. There would be a small wall next to the building with cannon and ammo. There would also be a navy blue boat with red coat flag. It would include a red coat officer and 2 red coat solider's with white backpacks. $20 Pirate island: a new island mold that is bigger than the '09 one. On it is a dock with chain to tie a boat up to, and a 2-story building with walkway on the second floor. The first floor has a table with map and 2 stools, for when the captain comes to visit. The second floor has a jail cell and the outside walkway is wide enough to open the door. Outside is a small fire and some plants and a palm tree. It would include 2 pirates and a red coat. It would also include a rowboat for the pirates. $30 Small red coat ship: a small ship for the red coats. The hull will be made with 1 front and 2 mid sections. There would be a small captains cabin with table and 2 stools. The deck will have 4 cannons, 2 on each side. The sails will be similarly styled to The Lord of the rings pirate ambush set, but in white with tan-ish stripes, like the imperial flagship. It would include an imperial captain, officer, 2 soliders, pirate captain, and captain's daughter. $50 Imperial fort: it would be similar to the last one. The jail would still have a break out function, and there is still a cannon. The bridge would now be about 6 studs longer, to make it feel more like an actual bridge. Instead of the corner just being covered with nothing there, this time it would be a small building. Inside would be the captain's quarters for when he has to stay at the fort overnight. There would be a cannon on top too. The tall building will now be 8 studs wider and have on the first floor a storage room for treasure. The second floor would be the captain's daughter's quarters, and the third floor the solider's quarters. There would not only be the crane on the top, but also a cannon again. It would include the captain from the small imperial ship, his daughter, his wife, 3 soliders, and a pirate. $75 Pirate ship: it would be similar to the black pearl, because it would have the same amount of hull pieces. The cabin will have a bed and table with stool. The poop deck will have the wheel and cannon that swivels, like last time. The deck will have two cannon ports on each side, and have some crates with tools in them.the sails would be new, and nicer than the brick beard bounty ones. It would include the pirate captain, 5 pirates, and 2 imperial soliders. $100 And there's also the TRU exclusive Attack on pirate cove!: it would include a pirate hideout similar to the last one, made out of ship parts. There would be a cabin with interior details, a swaying bridge with function to break in half, not tip, break in half, and a small octangular deck with ladder to the lookout tower. The main difference here is that it would have 3 navy blue rowboats for the imperials! This would not only be different from all other sets for the boats, but because of the minifig count! It would include a pirate captain, 4 pirates, a imperial captain, and 4 imperial soliders! $50 And there would also be the big exclusive imperial ship like last time, and it would look a lot like it, with some minor differences. So, what do you want to see? Write the list below! Ps: I will post more details regarding the actual build of the sets soon- I'm obsessed with that!
  13. Ch II - Prologue - Listening In... by mpoh98, on Flickr "Feren, what about the Drow? Have you heard the rumors?” Feren, and his archer master and friend, Robin, were strolling down the street of the massive castle Marrock Fortress. Robin, always inquisitive, had heard rumors spread by the Marrock farmers, and now wondered if his Lord knows about them. Feren inclined his head thoughtfully. “Yes, in a way. I have heard from my spy agency that there are rumors about the Drow invading our land. But I have not heard them personally myself, or if they have come this far inland to our island.” Just as Robin was about to respond, their fine tuned ears heard whispering, faintly carried along by the wind. Feren scowled silently. That whispering was in no language from Avalonia, it was barely perceptible. Feren, motioning silence, slowly drew his sword, making not a sound. Quietly he and Robin inched along the wall, concentrating on following the faint murmur. Slowly they approached the corner of the building. As Feren listened, he realized it was a man, and a Drow conversing. Feren’s eyebrows drew together thoughtfully. A Drow could only mean trouble. Listening closely, he was able to catch snatches of the conversation. “…….yes, we have finally arri……Lord Terrowin, prepare your troops……….Drow…….invasi……” Feren nearly exploded with surprise. Lord Terrowin was a popular Lord among the leaders of Marrock, and one of his trusted advisors. Feren’s eyebrows clashed together in anger. This man, his friend, had sold himself over to the Drow. He could barely contain the anger inside, and, if it wasn’t for Robin restraining him, he almost dashed around the corner. Controlling himself, Feren and Robin silently ran off, back to the keep, deep in thought. ‘This news is not good,’ Feren thought, what could it mean? ‘If only I could have heard the full conversation.’ For know, all he could do was ready his men, and wait for what was to come…. but, Feren vowed, whatever was coming, he would keep Marrock safe from this evil. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4th Wall: Whew! Glad I was able to get this entry in! After I wrote the story, I had no time to build until today, so I cranked out this small build quickly for the story. I am not satisfied with the roof, as I realized I forgot to add the overhang on one side, the brown wall is meh as well. But I am glad I was able to enter. :)</i> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4th Wall: Whew! Glad I was able to get this entry in! Great challenge! After I wrote the story, I had no time to build until today, so I cranked out quickly this small build for the story. I am not satisfied with the roof, as I realized I forgot to add the overhang on one side, the brown wall is meh, etc. But I am glad I was able to enter. :) Enjoy! God's Love, ~Matthew~